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  1. Classics 2.0/Universe wave 1 revealed + club Seacons!
  2. Possible UK release dates for Classics 2.0 & Animated figures/Scandinavian/ US & Canada release date for Animated
  3. Japanese Allspark Power Landmine and (black) Incinerator and first two Screen Battles sets out
  4. Transformers Amusement Park Ride
  5. BotCon 2008 registration / details and images of convention toy exclusives as they're revealed
  6. Cyber Slammers Ironhide (new mold) and Patrol Barricade (repaint) out in the USA
  7. WST Swoop and Sludge, first images/Update: in package images and release date
  8. Encore Meister (Jazz) will have head resculpt & come with bonus figure
  9. Japanese Magazine Scans For Revoltech, Encore, Trans-Scanning, Masterpiece, Henkei
  10. Hi-res stock photos of Music Label Convoy in G1 colors
  11. Leader Class Deep Desert Brawl out in the USA
  12. Transformers Animated Cybertronian Megatron detailed gallery
  13. Animated Blackarachnia in packaging
  14. Probable fan upgrade kit for Classics Magnus coming, Classics Cliffjumper one now released
  15. Movie Deluxe Stockade is out in US stores
  16. "All Hail Megatron" teasers: art, interviews, etc.
  17. Hasbro's site gets some new Transformers: Animated wallpapers
  18. Animated Voyager Optimus Prime (Earth Mode) in packaging
  19. Hasbro Incinerator out in the USA
  20. New Detailed Animated Starscream Image Gallery
  21. Europe to get new Legends as single packs?
  22. IDW TF entry for Free Comic Book Day will be Transformers: Animated
  23. Spotlight: Wheelie | UPDATE
  24. Movie merch / tat ... flypaper assortment and bye-bye boo-boo Optimus
  25. Review & Images of Animated Megatron and Bulkhead/ Video reviews of Animated Starscream, Megatron, and Lockdown
  26. Japanese Classics Astrotrain in final colors
  27. Calling all irish transfans. Well Dublin at least
  28. UK Toy Fair event report/ Updated information!
  29. Hasbro US offers money off vouchers for its toy lines with current purchases
  30. Deluxe Jungle Bonecrusher (and Overcast too) out in the US
  31. Michael Bay Talks Transformers 2 - No Dinobots?
  32. Allspark Legends 2-packs wave 3 (SCORPONOK) out! FAB wave 6 too.
  33. Perfect Transformation Powerglide Release & Wheelie Reproduction
  34. Toyfare magazine: First look at Animated Rollout Optimus Prime and Earth Mode Megatron
  35. EA acquires Hasbro license
  36. Comic-Con Exclusive Classics Nemesis Prime Confirmed
  37. Shia LaBeouf interview re TF2
  38. CybCon 2008 Announcement
  39. New Titan UK comic stories getting a TPB reprint?
  40. The New York International Toy Fair 2008 coverage thread
  41. Furman-penned Mosaic story now online
  42. Takara Encore 09 Minibots lineup revealed
  43. Lots of new official Hasbro stock photos
  44. Hasbro officially announces mass retail Premiums
  45. Official pictures of Universe/Classics 2.0 toys in packaging
  46. Hasbro issue Animated toy press release
  47. New Japanese releases: Encore Sky Lynx, Black Arcee, Stockade, Screen Battles 3 and 4
  48. Transformers Animated Voyager Bulkhead Found At Retail...?
  49. Wal*Mart exclusive "Movie" Divebomb, Jolt, Big Daddy and Grindcore out at US retail
  50. Movie Ratchet Allspark Blaster out at US retail
  51. Wonderfest 2008 Winter pics and info; G1 color Movie Arcee out
  52. 2008 Academy Awards: Transformers Won Nothing
  53. Binaltech refuses to stay dead? Behold the lamest repaints ever!
  54. Transformers Animated UK Air Dates Announced
  55. Wal*Mart exclusive Robot Heroes "Final Battle" five-pack out
  56. BotCon 2008 sets officially sold out / new figure annouced today
  57. New images of Animated Blackarachnia and Ratchet with Bios
  58. New Hasbro website update: Wal*Mart exclusives with deco design notes
  59. Movie Battle-Damaged Arcee found at retail (Single Pack Version)
  60. More Hasbro updates: Target exclusive Allspark Deluxe repaints and Premium Deep Space Starscream
  61. Transformers Animated DVD release date June 17th
  62. New Images of MP Starscream Coronation set/Now up for pre-order @ BBTS
  63. IDW to reprint Titan TF UK comic!
  64. Animated Activators found on well known auction site
  65. New "Reign of Starscream" movie sequel preview art | UPDATE: interview with Chris Mowry
  66. First Image of Colored Animated Grimlock/lots of new images!
  67. Transformers: Revelations date, covers + sketch! | UPDATE: Revelations/Spotlight Cyclonus line art & Script Wrap
  68. New IDW trade paperback listings on Amazon, inc. Dreamwave MTMTE reprints
  69. First wave of Henkei (Japanese Classics) released / translated Henkei manga
  70. IDW Solicitations for June: Revelations 1; Spotlight Wheelie; Movie Sequel/Prequel +
  71. Revoltech Starscream and Rodimus released in Japan
  72. First look at Animated Wreck-Gar in video advert
  73. Final wave of Real Gears out
  74. Movie Voyager Premium Series Ironhide and Blackout out at retail
  75. Encore 10 Omega Supreme Gets New Face
  76. New images of Universe Classics Figures and Botcon 2008
  77. MORE Binaltech repaints: Arcee (Windcharger/Decepticharge redeco) and unknown Optimus Prime/Convoy repaint
  78. Chevy Swerve available online!
  79. Trans Scanning Optimus Prime and G1 color Music Label Convoy out in Japan
  80. Transformers Animated Wave 1 Case Assortment Breakdown
  81. e-Hobby exclusive Encore Ironhide "Protect Black" shipped
  82. Movie sequel shooting, potential spoilers
  83. "New" Legends repackages in old Classics-style packaging out (no repaints)
  84. Movie Leader Class "premium Series" Optimus Prime and Megatron out at US mass retail
  85. Japanese exclusive "Movie Colors" variant of Henkei (Classics) Bumblebee [April Fool's joke]
  86. BotCon comic preview! [April Fool's, it's good!]
  87. Transformers Visual Works exclusive G1 Ratchet "Emergency Green" redeco shipping
  88. Universe Legends Red Alert in packaging
  89. Movie Deluxe Stealth Bumblebee, Salvage and Premium Deluxes available at US online stores
  90. Taget exclusive "Allspark Power" Movie Deluxes out at US retail
  91. The real BotCon comic preview is up
  92. Reign of Starscream (movie sequel comic) 5-page preview
  93. Universe Silverbolt revealed at Australian Toy Fair
  94. MA-21 Optimus Prime Battle Mode stock photos [full gallery online]
  95. IDW July Solicitations - Revelations 2, All Hail Megatron #1, +
  96. Animated Figures Released Early in Ohio/ Cincinnati, Ohio is a test market
  97. Encore #11 and #12: Thundercracker, Skywarp and Metroplex
  98. Spotlight: Hardhead (Revelations #2) Info Thread | Update: Coloured Preview Pages
  99. Lots of Animated news. DVD/ McDonalds toys/ Activators images
  100. C-07 and C-08 Henkei Figures Revealed: Sunstreaker and Prowl UPDATE: More Henkei Shots
  101. Botcon limiting exclusive sets to one-per-customer
  102. New Animated Clips on Nicktoons UK featuring Blurr and the Elite Guard
  103. Revoltech Ultra Magnus to be re-released in late April 2008
  104. Toys'R'Us exclusive Wingblade and Jetstorm out in the USA
  105. Voyager Animated Blitzwing now with images of toy robot mode, jet mode, tank mode, and instructions
  106. Animated Ep 18 WILL Air on YTV this Weekend, NOT Cartoon Network
  107. Transformers Crossovers- Concept Art, Official Photos and More
  108. Vince DiCola Interview
  109. New Voyager Class TRU Exclusives- Movie Inferno and Mudflap | OUT now
  110. Hasbro now Offering 20% Any Hasbro Toy Shop Order
  111. First Draft of Transformers 2 Script Completed
  112. Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive Seacons Images
  113. Ryall & McCarthy Q&A at IDW Forums
  114. Possible Lucky Draw Movie Optimus Prime
  115. Hasbro and Fun Publications threaten legal action against people selling stolen test shots
  116. "Reign of Starscream" Trade Paperback Now Available For Pre-Order
  117. Spotlight Doubledealer (Revelations #3) info thread | Update: cover
  118. New Episodes of Animated Every Saturday in May (Cartoon Network, USA)
  119. Toy Hobby Market exclusive Henkei (Classics) Seeker redeco
  120. Transformers Animated listings on Play.com
  121. Pics of Trans scanning BB
  122. e-HOBBY exclusive Cybertron Urban Defense Robot Gadep (Guardian Robot) - OUT!
  123. Official Hasbro Transformers Animated News/ Sightings in South East Asia
  124. BotCon IDW panel; spotlights, Dinobots project, TF: Animated comics and more
  125. BotCon 2008 Merchandising Coverage Thread
  126. BotCon 2008- Hasbro Animated Panel
  127. EXCLUSIVE First Look Video Review of Animated LEADER Bulkhead
  128. Animated Ultra Magnus and others revealed @ hasbro.com
  129. Stealth Bumblebee, Salvage and Premium Deluxes out at US retail!
  130. Hasbro design panel report
  131. Collectors' Club panel report
  132. Classics Ultra Magnus Armor | UPDATE: Shadow Commander Armor Up For Pre-Order at BBTS
  133. Titanium Grimlock and Prowl up @ hasbro.com
  134. TF Animated images/summaries of upcoming episodes
  135. Official images of Henkei Hot Rodimus
  136. Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen - Movie News and Rumours, updated regularly [NO untagged spoilers allowed!]
  137. TF Animated DVD Hits Germany Late August
  138. Premium Series Bumblebee out at US retail
  139. New Images of Animated Soundwave & Laserbeak [toys]
  140. On Card Images of Soundwave and Jazz (TF: Animated)/ Video Review of Soundwave and Jazz
  141. Spotlight Sideswipe (Revelations #4) Info Thread | UPDATED: 5-page Preview
  142. Robot Heroes wave 6 (movie characters wave 3) sighted at US retail
  143. High Res Images of Animated Megatron, Ratchet, Blackarachnia, Leader Class Bulkhead, and Blitzwing
  144. Official SDCC Exclusive Nemesis Prime Images... In Package and Loose
  145. Upcoming Binaltech Figures Shown at Shizouka Hobby Show In Final Colors
  146. Reign Of Starscream #2 Five-Page Preview
  147. Chris Ryall Going Live on Talk Radio Show "To Be Continued"
  148. IDW Solicitations for August
  149. Animated Leader Class Megatron, and Deluxe Snarl video reviews
  150. Hasbro reacquire distribution rights to original cartoon | NEW: 2007 movie coming to Blu-ray!
  151. Three new Henkei exclusives: Crystal Convoy (out), Skywarp (out) and... THUNDERCRACKER?!
  152. Japanese Movie Premium Line Information
  153. Upcoming UK conventions w/ Simon Furman + others (24th May, 7th Jun, 2nd Aug)
  154. G1 Voice Actor Gregg Berger to attend TFcon Toronto 2008 June 21st
  155. New Wal*Mart exclusive Bumblebee three-pack (Classics, Movie and Animated)
  156. Collectors' Club exclusive Seacons and Nightbeat - shipping now
  157. Animated Supreme Roll Out Command Optimus Prime Images/Review
  158. Transformers Henkei Powerglide, Silverbolt, and Onslaught Announced, Will Have Cartoon Accurate Colors
  159. Transformers Animated Season 1 DVD Box Set Confirmed for August 19, 2008 Release
  160. Possible future G.I. Joe / TF crossovers
  161. Transformers Hispanos interview with Denton Tipton - Roche for Maximum Dinobots
  162. Animated Figures Released in Walmarts & TRU in the US
  163. Movie Target exclusive Deep Space Starscream found at retail
  164. Man threatened with arrest at Heathrow for wearing Transformers T-shirt
  165. 2007 Movie wins MTV Best Film Award
  166. Marvel Crossovers Spider-man and Venom video reviews
  167. Animated Wave 1 out in UK
  168. New Universe Legends Jazz, Hound, and G2 Megatron
  169. Target exclusive Universe comic two-packs (Dirge/Roadbuster, Springer/Ratbat) - out
  170. Transformers Animated Fruit Snacks Out At Retail...
  171. Target exclusive "Movie" Scouts get a fifth wave
  172. Wal*mart exclusive "Movie" Breakaway, Decepticon Fracture and Crankcase in packaging
  173. TF Animated DVD news, extras and Target exclusive bonus
  174. Collectors' Club Nightbeat review and gallery
  175. High-Quality Photos of Animated Deluxe Sentinel Prime..now with in package images
  176. Titan to produce new Animated Comic
  177. IDW Solicitations for September
  178. MP-07 Thundercracker, New Henkei, Alternity Nissan GT-R Convoy Pictures
  179. Target exclusive "Special Team Leaders" & "Aerial Rivals" Legends 5-packs - OUT
  180. Animated Voyager Optimus Prime, Deluxe Wave 3 and Activators Wave 1 released in US
  181. Movie Turnarounds Unleashed Barricade/Blackout and Ratchet/Jazz cancelled
  182. Official stock photos of Animated Optimus Prime Battle Blaster
  183. Collectors' Club exclusive 2008 free figure Topspin arriving
  184. Universe Legends wav 1 out in Perth, Australia (Basically Everywhere, it appears)
  185. First Photo Shoots of Transformers Animated Swoop (video review as well) and Elite Guard Bumblebee Figures
  186. Transformers Henkei and MP-07 Solicitations with Images
  187. New toys out in Japan June 25: Encore Omega Supreme, Henkei Hot Rodimus, Binaltech Bluestreak & Argent Meister
  188. First Images of Animated Legends & Universe Storm Cloud & Treadbolt
  189. Reign of Starscream #3 five-page preview
  190. Universe Deluxe, Legends and Robot Heroes wave 1 out at US retail
  191. universe voyager and ultra toys available at hamleys in london
  192. Universe Onslaught in and out of packaging
  193. First review/gallery of Universe Classic Deluxe Acid Storm in and out of packaging
  194. Animated Leader Class Megatron & Bulkhead, Supreme Roll Out Command Optimus Prime out at US retail
  195. The Ark II (animation models) book preview
  196. Universe Deluxes: Sideswipe, Silverstreak and Ironhide
  197. Universe/Classics Blaster and Heavy Load out at US retail
  198. Video Review/New photos of Animated Leader Class Ultra Magnus
  199. McDonald's Animated promotion starts Saturday, July 5
  200. Transformers Universe Mighty Muggs
  201. Universe Unicron (new clearer image)
  202. Henkei Skyfire and Ramjet test shots
  203. Henkei Ratchet prototype and Masterpiece Thundercracker depicted in solicitations
  204. Upcoming Animated and Universe toys listed in Wal*Mart computers and at Wal*Mart website
  205. Animated Bumper Battlers Jazz and Bulkhead in packaging
  206. New photo galleries of Universe Ultra Powerglide and Silverbolt
  207. Binaltech Arcee in and out of packaging
  208. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen footage to be shown at San Diego Comic-Con
  209. tf animated wave 3 available for pre order at play.com
  210. Binaltech BT-22 Convoy
  211. Argos(UK) slash prices on selected TFs
  212. Titanium 6" Grimlock, Prowl and Skywarp in packaging
  213. Transformers Spotlight: Blurr info thread | UPDATE: covers revealed!
  214. New photos of Universe Deluxe Galvatron
  215. Toys'R'Us exclusive Animated Leader with Activators "Super Value" packs (OUT)
  216. Kmart exclusive Universe Mini-Con Class 12-Pack - out now!
  217. Transformers Animated...Waffles
  218. New toys out in Japan tomorrow (which is today): Binaltech Arcee, Henkei Skyfire and Ramjet, Encore Minibots
  219. Animated Activators Wave 2 (Lockdown, Optimus Prime and Autobot Ratchet)
  220. Universe "Battle Pack" listed in KB Toys computers
  221. More new toys listed *somewhere*
  222. Binaltech story translations from BT-19, BT-20, BT-21 and BT-22
  223. Marvel Crossovers wave 2 (grey Hulk, black Spider-Man, Wolverine, Human Torch)
  224. Hasbro reapplies for trademark "Sideswipe"
  225. Masterpiece MP-7 Thundercracker - OUT
  226. "Universe" 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime reissue - OUT in the USA now!
  227. Universe Voyager Tread Bolt (Classics Jetfire repaint)
  228. Marvel Crossover Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and Venom out at US retail
  229. Universe Ultra Class Stormcloud (Powerglide repaint)
  230. Universe Ultra Class wave 1 (Powerglide and Onslaught) out at US retail
  231. Encore Skywarp and Thundercracker in packaging
  232. Alternity Nissan GT-R Convoy control drawing, plus exclusive "Wildrider" redeco of Henkei (Classics) Rodimus
  233. Animated Activators wave 3: Thundercracker and Patrol Bumblebee - out now
  234. That huge San Diego Comic-Con 2008 coverage thread [IDW comics, toy line news, etc.]
  235. Masterpiece Ultra Magnus is being re-released!!!
  236. Transformers Animated Nintendo DS First Screen Shots
  237. IDW Solicitations - October 2008
  238. Universe Legends Class wave 2 (Autobot Jazz, Autobot Hound, "G2" Megatron) out at US retail
  239. Universe out in UK?
  240. SDCC Exclusives online now!
  241. Universe Deluxe Class Galvatron and Acid Storm out at US retail
  242. Animated Optimus Prime Battle Blaster (role play weapon) out at US retail
  243. Animated Power Bots Cyber Speed Bumblebee out at US retail
  244. New Henkei! Henkei! (Japanese Universe/Classics) toys (entire batch out now)
  245. Universe Robot Heroes wave 2 OUT
  246. Universe Robot Heroes wave 2 out
  247. Universe Legends Class wave 3 (Animated Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Prowl) - OUT
  248. Auto Assembly Stuff
  249. Animated Voyager Class wave 4 (Blitzwing) out at US retail
  250. Target exclusive Animated three-packs (Deluxe redecos with two bonus Legends figures)