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  1. Hasbro website instructions hint more "value" combos: Voyager w/ Bumper Battlers, store exclusive Supreme Prime combo?
  2. Photos from Wonder Festival 2008 Summer
  3. Universe Voyager Class Autobot Blades and Decepticon Dropshot out at US retail
  4. Universe Ultra Class Silverbolt out at US retail
  5. Animated Voyager Class wave 5: Skywarp and Shockwave - OUT
  6. Animated Deluxe Class wave 5: Blazing Lockdown, Swindle, Blurr - OUT
  7. Transformers Animated Season 3 officially confirmed, plus rumours related Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio's involvment
  8. Animated Activators wave 4 (Grimlock, Megatron and Bandit Lockdown) - OUT
  9. IDW Solicitations - November 2008
  10. TFClub MP Roller / Rollar available for preorder
  11. The newest TakaraTomy promo/cooperation/whatever deal: Mini-Con redecos and mini-PVCs
  12. New Costco exclusive Universe two-pack: Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime and Crumplezone in new packaging - OUT now
  13. Titanum Grimlock & Prowl (Toys'R'Us exclusives) out
  14. Legacy of Bumblebee three-pack out - in New Zealand and now also in the USA
  16. Toys'R'Us exclusive Universe Supreme Unicron out, now in the USA too
  17. Target exclusive Universe Superion and Bruticus Maximus (Energon redecos) - now in "Revenge of the Fallen" packaging?!?
  18. Target exclusive Movie Screen Battles packs: "Battle Over Mission City", "Freeway Brawl" - OUT
  19. Bumper Battlers Bulkhead and Autobot Jazz out in the USA
  20. Animated Activators wave 2 (Lockdown, Optimus Prime & Autobot Ratchet) out at US mass retail
  21. Encore #11 Skywarp & Thundercracker out in Japan
  22. First photo of Street Patrol Bumblebee
  23. Another interview with Peter Cullen
  24. Photos from C3X Hobby Convention in Japan: Alternity Nissan GT-R Convoy, orange Music Label Convoy
  25. Transformers Movie (2007) on Blu-ray, released a few days early
  26. New wave of Star Wars Transformers out
  27. Animated season 3 characters and story rumors [SPOILER ALERT]
  28. Animated Leader Class Shadow Blade Megatron and Roadbuster Ultra Magnus
  29. Wal*Mart exclusive "Movie" Crankcase, Breakaway and Decepticon Fracture out
  30. Henkei Ironhide and Galvatron - OUT
  31. Hasbro website checklist reveales purpose of numerous leaked "mystery" toys
  32. Animated Deluxe Class wave 4 finally out at US retail
  33. Transformers (2007 movie) released on Blu-ray, plus new exclusive DVD variants
  34. New upcoming toys listed on Hasbro website
  35. Hasbro Canada Q&A
  36. Encore Metroflex (Metroplex) with new feature
  37. Alternity Convoy
  38. Transformers.com redesigned
  39. Universe Ultra Stormcloud (Powerglide redeco) in stock at online stores now
  40. Henkei Ratchet
  41. New Animated Shift Tech games coming?
  42. Universe Voyager Tread Bolt (Classics Jetfire redeco) now also in stock at BBTS... and out at US retail
  43. Sam's Club exclusive Universe Deluxe five-pack - OUT
  44. IDW Solicitations - December 2008
  45. Animated Activators wave 5 (2009 wave 1): Cliffjumper and Dirge
  46. Glu mobile phone game "Transformers: Awakening" available now
  47. All Hail Megatron #3 five-page preview
  48. More Animated Season Three Rumors
  49. All Hail Megatron #7 Cover Revealed
  50. Henkei Sunstreaker and Prowl and Encore Metroflex released in Japan this week
  51. Brazilian shoe comes with a Transformer? Real Gear Meantime variant... legitimate or knockoff?
  52. Marvel Crossover Transformers wave 2 out in the USA
  53. Stock photos for a lot of new upcoming Animated and Universe toys
  54. Hasbro question and answer sessions [Fall 2008]
  55. Denton Tipton blog updates | UPDATE: September release schedule
  56. Universe Deluxe Class wave 3 (Ironhide, Silverstreak, Sideswipe) out in Singapore and now also in the USA
  57. Encore Skywarp, Thundercracker & Minibots out
  58. Universe "Special Edition" Optimus Prime, Megatron, Drag Strip and Overkill - shipping now
  59. New Transformers/Disney/Mickey Mouse crossover in Japan
  60. Universe Voyager Class Inferno and Vector Prime - currently "out" online
  61. New Animated two-pack found at Toys'R'Us in the United Kingdom
  62. Universe Robot Heroes wave 3 - OUT
  63. Energon is coming to DVD / Animated Season 2 as well
  64. New preorders at Big Bad Toy Store
  65. Universe Smokescreen and more confirmed for 2009
  66. Universe Deluxe Class wave 4 (Autobot Hound, Cyclonus, Cheetor, Starscream) - OUT
  67. Universe Stormcloud out in the USA
  68. Animated Leader Class Ultra Magnus FINALLY out at US mass retail
  69. Transformers Mighty Muggs wave 1 up for preorder
  70. New Star Wars Transformers (redecos)
  71. New TakaraTomy releases (Japan): Binaltech Convoy, Henkei/Universe "USA Editions" Powerglide, Onslaught, Silverbolt
  72. New Star Wars Transformers (new molds) out: TIE Bomber/TIE Pilot and General Grievous/Starfighter
  73. New Wal*Mart exclusive Animated two-packs - OUT
  74. Animated Jetfire and Jetstorm two-pack - OUT
  75. Animated Bumper Battlers wave 4 (Soundwave and Lockdown)
  76. All Hail Megatron #5 and #6 covers [cast spoilers]
  77. Universe Legends Class wave 4 - OUT
  78. Animated Bumper Battlers wave 3 (Sting Racer Bumblebee, Nightwatch Optimus Prime) - out
  79. Universe Deluxe Class wave 5
  80. New Animated character designs
  81. G1 cartoons in DVD in Italy, with art by Emiliano Santalucia
  82. Synapse interviews Nick Roche
  83. Images of Universe Dinobot and Hot Shot
  84. Universe/Classics Legends Optimus Prime & Soundwave
  85. Transformers Animated toyline NOT cancelled in the UK!
  86. Stan Bush wants "The Touch" for Rock Band/Guitar Hero
  87. New Animated and Universe preorders at online retailers
  88. e-Hobby Black Megatron and Sunstorm reissues announced
  89. Encore reissues 13 and 14: Trailbreaker and Hoist - OUT
  90. New Henkeis: Cheetus (Cheetor) and Hound OUT; Cyclonus, Inferno, Hot Rod (Hot Shot), Dinobot upcoming
  91. Alternity Nissan Fairlady Z Megatron in two colors and Masterpiece Grimlock
  92. IDW Solicitations - January 2009
  93. Interview with Hasbro's Global Brand Manager for the Transformers
  94. Three new Hasbro trademark applications
  95. Massive toy factory closure in China
  96. Universe Voyager Class wave 5: Overload and Leo Prime
  97. Universe Deluxe Class wave 5: Smokescreen and Dinobot - OUT
  98. Animated Deluxe Class wave 6: Waspinator and Samurai Prowl
  99. Animated Voyager Class wave 6: Wreck-Gar and Atomic Lugnut
  100. All Hail Megatron #4 preview pages
  101. Universal Studios present: Transformers - The Ride
  102. Animated season 3 confirmed for spring 2009
  103. Wal-mart rolls back prices
  104. Impossible Toys Transformers Animated Human Character Figures
  105. Impossible Toys Spike and Daniel Transforming Exo-Suits
  106. G1 DVD vol 2 for Italy: box Art by Emiliano Santalucia
  107. Shane McCarthy Interview @ CBR
  108. Universe Legends Class wave 5: Cosmos, Wheelie, Rodimus and Warpath
  109. Marvel Transformers wave 3: Carnage, Iron Man (black), Captain America and Thor
  110. Henkei Dirge and Thrust | UPDATE: Gallery w/botcon comparisons
  111. Music Label/Crossover/whatever "Exile x Transformers" Convoy
  112. All Hail Megatron #7 cover
  113. Wonderfest Model kits
  114. Spotlight: Jazz Info Thread | UPDATE: preview line-art
  115. Simon Furman Q&A - get your questions in
  116. Writeup of Australian fans' meet-up with Eric Siebenaler
  117. Universe webisodes
  118. New upcoming TF game from Nickelodeon
  119. Animated Rodimus and Strika revealed
  120. Universe Legends three-pack out in the UK
  121. New Star Wars Transformers wave out
  122. Star Wars: Transformers wave 3 images
  123. IDW Solicitations for February 2009
  124. G1 DVD vol 3 for Italy: box Art by Emiliano Santalucia
  125. Collectors' Club magazine #24
  126. Revenge of the Fallen prequel comics - expect discussions about the covers, everything else must be spoiler-tagged
  127. All Hail Megatron #5 5-Page Preview
  128. Universe Deluxe Class wave 6: Hot Shot and... Ratchet!
  129. Walgreens 1/2 off all toys $9.99
  130. Maximum Dinobots #3 cover by Marcelo Matere [warning: big cast spoilers]
  131. Wave 1 Classics Legends Now at Dollar Stores
  132. New Robot Heroes figures
  133. Photos of Animated Bumper Battlers Workzone Bulkhead and Stealth Ninja Jazz
  134. Maximum Dinobots teasers (Nick Roche art) / Simon Furman interview at Comic Book Resources
  135. Final Collectors' Club combiner figure (torso) revealed: Heatwave (Energon Barricade redeco)
  136. Universe Ultra Class Predacon Bruticus
  137. Transformers toys... pose no health risk!
  138. Universe Mini-Con... single packs?
  139. New Target exclusive Animated Voyager redeco/Activators bonus packs
  140. Simon Furman end of 2008 Q&A, answers now up
  141. Spotlight Drift Info Thread
  142. Hasbro Q&A for December - answers from the various sites on the web
  143. Animated Hot Shot revealed!
  144. Mighty Muggs wave 2 out at retail!
  145. IDW Solicitations For March 2009
  146. Universe Wave 5 Deluxe- Ratchet w/ pics.
  147. Universe Toys'R'Us exclusive Ultra Darkwind (Silverbolt redeco) and Countdown (Cybertron Defense Red Alert redeco)
  148. Robot Heroes Victory Saber, Dessarus, Optimus Primal and Jetstorm (Pics)
  149. New upcoming Takara toys: Henkei Legends, Cassette reissues!
  150. New Transformers Universe... Fingerboards.
  151. Even more new Henkeis: Red Alert and Smokescreen
  152. BotCon 2009 thread (updated as info becomes available)
  153. New Animated Deluxes and Voyagers confirmed by the Collectors' Club magazine
  154. Universe Mighty Muggs wave 3
  155. Revenge of the Fallen toy discussion (leaks and official info)
  156. Revenge of the Fallen OFFICIAL NEWS ONLY discussion thread
  157. Revenge of the Fallen SPOILER discussion thread - expect SPOILERS inside!
  158. Page from AHM #7
  159. Animated Megatron Arm Blaster still coming?
  160. Maximum Dinobots #2 preview
  161. Italian box art vol 4 for G1 DVD edition
  162. New Encore: Combaticons box set
  163. Encore 17 Revealed!
  164. Images of Star Wars Transformers Shock Trooper/V-19 Torrent and more.
  165. Marvel Crossovers Spider-Man/Iron Man combiner
  166. Shane McCarthy All Hail Megatron series mid-point interview
  167. IDW Solicitations For April 2009
  168. Universe Leo Prime and Overload now out
  169. Animated Wreck-Gar and Atomic Lugnut Out
  170. Possible Animated PVC Figures on the way?
  171. New WST's from JustItoys (New images of Blaster)
  172. Universe/Classic Prime Trailer!
  173. Robot Heroes picture book from IDW
  174. All Hail Megatron #10 Preview Line Art
  175. All Hail Megatron #7 5-Page Preview
  176. City of Fear #3 cover - Trypticon!
  177. TFC-004 Gear of War Accessory Set
  178. Activators Soundwave revealed.
  179. HasbroToyShop UK Shut Down.
  180. New York Comic Con 09 Coverage Thread
  182. IDW convention news, including All Hail Megatron Coda, Spotlight Cliffjumper & Spotlight Metroplex
  183. Henkei Strafe and Minicons club exclusives
  184. New Robot Heroes sighted in Singapore.
  185. Transformers at Toy Fair 2009 Coverage Thread
  186. All Hail Megatron #11 cover revealed
  187. Interview with Blu Mankuma [voice actor] and BWTF.com returns
  188. All Hail Megatron #9 Cover Art (Lined and Colored)
  189. G1 DVD vol 5 for Italy: box Art by Emiliano Santalucia
  190. Henkei Gentei Ghost Starscream Mail-Away
  191. Maximum Dinobots #3 / Alliance #3 previews
  192. New Star Wars Crossovers Toys--Ahsoka, Kit Fisto, Battle Droid and MagnaGuard
  193. IDW May solicitations are up!
  194. e-Hobby (re)releases Sunstorm and Black Megatron
  195. Animated Deluxe Waspinator & Samurai Prowl Released At Retail
  196. Hybrid Style Dinorobots (Dinobots)?
  197. Alternity website and video review
  198. Unicron.com Accessory Pack #6
  199. Not the end of Animated toys, new figures announced!
  200. Transformers RotF: Defiance #2 five page preview
  201. TFcon Toronto 2009 Powered Commander Exclusive Revealed
  202. Transformers: Generation 1 Season 1 Getting a 25th Anniversary USA Release.
  203. AHM #8 Preview pages
  204. New Transformers Titanium!
  205. Animated Ironhide?
  206. G1 DVD vol 6 for Italy: box Art by Emiliano Santalucia
  207. Target Exclusive Animated 2 packs released at retail!
  208. AHM #12 Variant Cover
  209. Defiance #3 five-page preview
  210. Hearts of Steel Commander to see mass production
  211. Interview with Henkei Designers
  212. Bumblebee Mini Series Forthcoming From IDW
  213. Transformers 3 [spoiler] news/rumours
  214. IDW previews of AHM #8, Spotlight: Jazz, Alliance #4
  215. The Touch: Free Guitar Hero download
  216. An Interview with Cory Burton
  217. RotF prequel book 'The Veiled Threat' Excerpt online
  218. Listings for New Animated Figures Found in Wal-Mart Computers
  219. IDW Solicitations for June
  220. Maximum Dinobots #4 Preview
  221. Derrick J. Wyatt's April Fools Cybertron Cityscape
  222. Spotlight Drift Preview
  223. DEFIANCE #4 Preview
  224. San Diego ComicCon 2009 Exclusive Revealed...
  225. Frank Springer's dead
  226. All Hail Megatron #10 Preview
  227. Max Dinos #5 Preview
  228. Hasbro's classic G.I. Joe and Transformers animated series coming to DVD
  229. Spotlight Metroplex Info Thread | Preview Art
  230. RUMOR: Transformers Origins coming to Xbox Live Arcade?
  231. Device Label Revealed
  232. "New" Universe Scouts: Cybertron repacks
  233. New Figure Oh! scans
  234. Translated interview with Takaratomy marketing staff
  235. July Solicitations
  236. Don Figueroa's AHM #13 cover
  237. New Fansproject releases
  238. AHM #14 (possible spoilers)
  239. TF-Conversions, Transformers Convention to be held in the Netherlands.
  240. RotF new miniseries: "Tales Of The Fallen"
  241. AHM #11 Preview
  242. Another DJ Wyatt interview
  243. Stan Bush touches The Touch, loses the touch
  244. punsteal: "holy quack!", for donald duck disney label
  245. Deluxe ROTF toys out today in UK!
  246. Transformers RotF Movie Adaptation #2 Preview
  247. It's Official: Animated Show Ends
  248. IDW Botcon News
  249. Botcon toy panel roundups...
  250. AHM 13-15 Covers @ Ryalltime