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  1. New Info On Dreamwave's Beast Wars Comic
  2. Updated News Regarding Upcoming Palisades Ultra Magnus Statue
  3. [Movie Rumors]Transformers the movie budget announced as well as character list
  4. New Info On Dreamwave's Micromasters Comic
  5. And the real name of the RX-8 is....
  6. Exclusive Transformers Generation One Issue #1 Covers
  7. Alternator Sunstreaker prototype surfaced?
  8. Transformers: Generations DELUXE is up for pre-ordering
  9. Diamond Comics Granted International Distribution Of Transformers Products
  10. [Rumour] Another unicron repaint?
  11. Energon Sixshot, Battle in a Box up for pre-order at BBTS
  12. Smallest TF Hot Rod, Tracks & Skids.
  13. Atari's official Prelude to Energon page
  14. Hasbro Q and A: March 1st (SPOILERS)
  15. New Energon Figure: Slugslinger
  16. Box Art And Instructions For PS2 Armada Game
  17. Micromaster Protectobots at KB Toys
  18. Transformers Armada game website (I think its new)
  19. TF Alternators for cheap!
  20. Alternator Hound Package Pics
  21. Alternators Silverstreak/Smokescreen comparisons (protos)
  22. New Energon Arcee pics
  23. New pictures of Energon Tow-Line/Downshift
  24. *SPOILERS* Info on upcoming Alternators
  25. The Origin Of The Fallen (War Within: Dark Ages Spoilers)
  26. Transformers.com release pics of Alternators Tracks and Dead End
  27. Hasbro Q and A: March 8th.
  28. Dreamwave Press release on Summer Special
  29. Energon Megatron A Wal-Mart Exclusive
  30. Pics of Hard Hero's Ultra Magnus Bust
  31. Some enlightment on the "car lincensing" deal (plus a VERY helpful customer service)
  32. Universe Battle In a Box: will contain
  33. Universe Defensor: in package
  34. New Upcoming Energon Figs *pics
  35. g1 rodimus prime is in stock TRU.com
  36. "Transformers Spring Value Pack" will not be available
  37. It's interesting... [Images of potential Binaltech items]
  38. Energon To Air On YTV Starting April 16th
  39. Hasbro Q&A Week March 15th
  40. New TF Contest From TFW2005.com
  41. Wal-mart computer list
  42. TF/GI:Joe #6 and G1 Ongoing #3 Preview (SPOILERS)
  43. Transformers: The Movie to Air on YTV in May
  44. In box pics of [Energon] Demolishor
  45. OTFCC on shaky ground?
  46. BT-03 SILVERSTREAK & BT-04 HOUND on Ebay. (News from TFW2005)
  47. Informations of World's Smallest TFs Wave 2 (from Japan)
  48. Transformers Spring Value Pack is back at TRU
  49. Smallest Transformers Wave 2 Available On Ebay
  50. Spring value pack with pictures.
  51. Energon #21 Preview
  52. Vote For The Holofoil Cover Of Micromasters #1
  53. Well, bugger me... A UK exclusive?
  54. Energon Issue 1 at walmart???
  55. OTFCC Guest list expanded..
  56. First non-Hasbro/Takara look at BT/Alt Dead End
  57. Interview with Andrew Carter, director of the Armada PS2 game
  58. Vote for the next DW mini-series! RiD or BW?
  59. Zone Fan Dub Out!!
  60. G1 Toys R Us Reissues $20 each now.
  61. New pictures of E Sharkticon
  62. Dreamwave and Transfandom.com Present...The Mega Megatron Contest.
  63. Takara reissue 14 confirmed! [Bad April Fool's Joke]
  64. RiD to be released on DVD in the UK
  65. This has probably already been reported...
  66. OTFCC Unofficial Venue Announced
  67. Last Autobot: On hold for another year...*sigh*
  68. New Guests Announced For OTFCC.
  69. Identity Of The "Matrix Guardian" OTFCC 2004 Exclusive Revealed! (Proto Pic Inside)
  70. Armada MTMTE #2/Energon # 22 Preview
  71. 2003 Trannies Are Online
  72. Information of The War Within Vol. 2 # 6
  73. Furman in Doctor Who Magazine
  74. OTFCC Hotel Prices and Updates!!
  75. Regarding Hyatt Room Reservations At OTFCC 2004
  76. toysrus.com prices update
  77. New images of Superlink Wing Saber
  78. First look at US Alternators Silverstreak
  79. In Package Pics of Energon Offshoot
  80. Armada game update with images
  81. Interview with Dropbox (the band performing the TF theme song for the video game)
  82. Transformers.com Q and A: April 5th
  83. BIG NEWS from TFW2005. [UPDATE 05/15/04: Hoax?]
  84. Shockblast/Cliffjumper Box Pics
  85. Oil Slick vs Crystal Widow Box Pics
  86. X-Entertainment covers Armada Videogame Launch Party/Transformers 20th Anniversary
  87. Parents of "Weird Al" Yankovic found dead
  88. Reissue number 14: Hound?
  89. Hot information on Transformers Armada : Prelude to Energon
  90. Stepper: Takara reissue #15?
  91. New Universe toys [Soundwave And Space Case]
  92. Further info on Dropbox / TF:A-Prelude to Energon
  93. Energon Slugslinger Prototype
  94. Prototype Pictures of Meister Alternator/Update May 4th: New pics!
  95. More Universe Cyberjets on Ebay
  96. Finnish Armada DVDs released
  97. Generation One #4 Preview Pages
  98. More Universe Cyberjet updates on Hasbro site.
  99. Takara Robotmasters?!?!?! Looks like Takara Universe to Me
  100. Transformers.com Q and A: April 19th
  101. More info on Takara Robotmasters line
  102. big convoy =universe nemesis prime
  103. Vote for the MICROMASTERS cover you want to see Cyberfoiled!
  104. Armada Jetfire/Universe repaint
  105. Armada to replace Energon on CN
  106. New Forum Created: Convention and Group Gathering Forum
  107. UK: Armada Superbase Prime less than half price.
  108. New Universe Product: Swerve w/Roadhandler
  109. Media comment on TFArmada videogame.
  110. tf game 6 days early?
  111. Transformers.com Q & A: April 26th
  112. For those who are wondering when exactly VW said they don't want to be involved...
  113. Alternators Dead End Test Shot at eBay/Update May 4th: More auctions with more pics
  114. UK: Armada PS2 Game Demo
  115. Upcoming Takara releases UPDATE 05/22/04: BT "New" Smokescreen, Meister preorder @HLJ
  116. Gamestop.com and Atari present the 2004 Transformers Sweepstakes!
  117. Alternators price drop.
  118. Hasbro Transformers Instant Answers page updated (05/05/2004)
  119. Meister Proto Gallery
  120. More screenshots of the Armada game...
  121. It's official: Ricochet is Stepper!
  122. Some minor news regarding a UK DVD relase of the Japanese G1 cartoons
  123. Video game's out in the States!
  124. Atari releases exclusive TF game video clip
  125. OTFCC 'exclusives' for up preorder at BigBadToyStore
  126. Hasbro TF sales way up
  127. eHobby reissue Hound repaint named "Detritus" UPDATE 5/22: updated character profile
  128. Energon Mirage's Origins. (*SPOILERS*)
  129. Leicester UK Finds! (and a possible price drop)
  130. War Within 3 and other Furman news from convention
  131. And the winner of the Micromasters covers poll is... (yes, there IS a god)
  132. Atari Transformers site wins Internet Award
  133. Bigger images of Takara Robotmasters!
  134. Dodge Neon Alternator? NOTE: Actually old news and unconfirmed!
  135. Energon #23 Preview
  136. Transformers.com Product Update: Powerlinx Poster
  137. Transformers.com Contest: Win PS2 Game (Among Other Things)
  138. Full transcript of Furman panel at Auto Assembly!
  139. Alt Meister, Tracks and Dead End protos at eBay w/ new pics
  140. OTFCC updates: New Deadline, plus more Lodging Info
  141. Next Alternators wave due out soon! UPDATE 05/22/04: Silverstreak is definitely OUT!
  142. New, in-depth Transformers.com feedback form
  143. updated: Current OTFCC guest list
  144. New Hasbro Q&A 5/20/04
  145. Hasbro version of World's Smallest Tansformers coming up?
  146. Magazine scans @ FantoFan (BT Dead End, RM Convoy...)
  147. Sequel To Devil's Due GI:Joe/TF Mini Confirmed.
  148. And the voice actor for Shockblast in Energon is...
  149. New reissues@Australian TRU/UPDATE: Ramjet/Trailbreaker now@Canadian TRU computers!
  150. BT Meister & Dead End test shots at eBay (plus some pics for Tracks)
  151. BT/Alt Meister and remolded Smokescreen pics/UPDATE: Multiple color variants?
  152. Can somebody tell me what I'm looking at? [G1 #8 Preview]
  153. Energon Wave 1 in UK!!!
  154. New Hasbro Q&A 05/27/04
  155. Summer Special Preview
  156. Energon Sharkticon
  157. Alternators Dead End up at eBay? NOTE: Finished colors i.e. PURPLE Decepticon logo!
  158. Alternators Wheeljack preorder... again? Or is the BBTS hoax just living on?
  159. Energon Omega Supreme MISB Available On Ebay
  160. Robotmasters story @ Fantofan
  161. UPDATED!: More Toy problems for OTFCC
  162. EN Wing Convoy/Prime Preview.
  163. Universe Devastator [with pics]
  164. New Energon Episode Airdates
  165. The name for the successor of Energon will be Transformers: Cybertron
  166. Energon #24 Preview
  167. The Next War Within Series: The Age Of Wrath (SPOILERS)
  168. First pics of WSTF special edition Hot Rodimus
  169. Palisades statues & other CyberCon coverage from TFU.info
  170. New Hasbro Q&A 06/07/04: Alternators backstory?
  171. Preview of Micromasters #1 w/Interview
  172. New Wal-Mart listings (SPOILERS)
  173. Tripitaka Toys new releases + forthcoming list
  174. Dreamwave's website hacked!
  175. BT/Alt Hound repaint... in white?!? UPDATE 06/24/2004: Proto gallery!
  176. transformers.com updated: energon is back on june 14th!
  177. EN Doom-Lock & Command Ravage in package/EN Landquake and ALT Dead End too!
  178. Tokyo Toy Show Pics: Insectron reissue, first pics of finished BT Smokescreen redux!
  179. Unicron.com reveal third accessory pack
  180. Stepper reissue as Ricochet up pre-ordering at TRU!
  181. Dreamwave.ca Updated: New Design, New Previews And Other Fun Stuff
  182. Cover Images for Devil's Due GI:Joe/TF Volume 2 Issue #1
  183. Energon Mini-Comic #2 Scans (SPOILERS)
  184. Bryan Hitch is coming to Transforce 2004.
  185. Cons
  186. Axalon down
  187. New Alternators Meister prototype/test shot gallery...
  188. Metrodome's G1 Season 1 DVD Boxset Now with Special Tin
  189. Jun 17, 2004 TRANSFORMERS product exclusives update
  190. BotCon 2004 exclusive: G2 Action Master Breakdown!
  191. G1 "reissue" Targetmaster Ricochet (Stepper) with Nightstick IN BOX @ eBay
  192. Alternators Hound (Hasbro version) finally out?
  193. Universe repaint of Arcee... real or fake?
  194. Upcoming DW Cover Images (SPOILERS)
  195. BotCon News Round-Up
  196. BT/Alt Tracks test shot up at eBay
  197. Dreamwave Artist Working On Star Wars Comic
  198. BLUE Alt Tracks is for real! (Was: Blue Tracks in this month's Previews?)
  199. New Universe/Energon Toys In Package
  200. New trademarks (re-)registered by Hasbro
  201. New Hasbro Q&A 6/24/2004
  202. Small Megatron and Optimus Prime from Japan to be released in US
  203. Hasbro reissue, *erm* AUTOBOT Skids in box at eBay
  204. Energon Protos [inc. Grimlock / Powerglide / Constructicon style designs!]
  205. Upcoming Rhino DVD Releases
  206. Can any1 sell me Transformers dvds
  207. Energon Grapple: Remold/Repaint of E-Inferno
  208. Generation One #6 Preview
  209. TWO Hasbro TRU reissue Astrotrains?
  210. FYI: Micromasters #1 & Summer Special came out today...
  211. Hasbro Signs DVD deal with Paramount
  212. New Hasbro Q&A 01 July 2004 - LOL!
  213. New magazine scans with lots of background bits from FantoFan
  214. Nominate TRANSFORMERS for the Toy Hall of Fame
  215. Some new pics of Universe Whirl & Alternators Dead End
  216. New Energon Proto (Jet)
  217. Energon (??) Grimlock & Swoop Colour Test Shots
  218. Masterforce Fansubs!
  219. Energon Repaints
  220. Dreamwave Pocket Books
  221. [Energon] Pics of what the Gestalt might look like
  222. e-Hobby strikes again: Insecticon Clone Army in Diaclone colors!
  223. Hasbro Convention Schedule Plus Special Exclusives
  224. Hasbro Transformers Energon™ Promotion At Otfcc
  225. Energon Grimlock & Swoop gallery... [new pics in package!]
  226. Colour Pics of 3 characters from the Energon/Cybertron (??) gestalt teams
  227. New auctions w/ new pics of Alt Tracks (blue) and Meister (near-final colors) @ eBay
  228. Newsarama DW TF/Gi JOE vol.2 article
  229. new energon eps in September
  230. Translabels.com and Transrepros.com to discontinue business
  231. E Superion and Bruticus up for Pre-Order.
  232. In other news... MINI Alternator = for real?
  233. No more Alternators for the UK?
  234. Finally a good table top rpg to simulate transformers...
  235. Covers for upcoming Titan TPBs
  236. Test shot of remolded Alt Hound in near-final colors!
  237. New (Hasbro?) Kicker + giant High-Wire protos
  238. White Alternators Meister test shot in near-final colors...
  239. Energon #26 Preview
  240. Images from Hasbro's SDCC showcase (Universe Landfill, BLUE Alt Tracks!)
  241. Upcoming Robot Masters
  242. Next Takara reissue = Predaking?
  243. Win VIP entry to Transforce and goodies!
  244. Predaking Reissue On Ebay!
  245. You knew it would happen, it was just a question of when...[Robotmasters repaints]
  246. Binaltech news: Swindle and Mini Cooper for real, Ford Mustang = Grimlock!
  247. Alternators Dead End Hasbro version) officially out in the USA!
  248. New pics from Tokyo Characters Show 2004
  249. TF reissues prices lowered
  250. Some Alternators news from SDCC...