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  1. Alt Meister (test shot?) gallery/UPDATE: New review
  2. TFArchive, TFormers & other sites start OTFCC coverage
  3. Alt Grimlock prototype surfaced...
  4. Universe (Energon?) Seacons repaints
  5. MINI Cooper Alternator confirmed by MINI!
  6. OTFCC Hasbro panel overview
  7. Final Thought
  8. Major Takara website update...
  9. Ooh! Energon Dreadwing or Why I'm glad I waited on Mirage (whom I have yet to find)
  10. Not so good news of Rhino's possible Headmasters release
  11. Hasbro's Response to Poor Distribution
  12. Hasbro update 8/5/2004
  13. OTFCC.com Updates With New Comics Release Info
  14. New Wal-Mart Entries (En. Quickstrike, Alt. Grimlock, U. Soundwave) NEW: Alt Swindle!
  15. Takara BT Tracks is OUT.
  16. G1 & Armada Sticker (175+) at Borders Books
  17. Pics of Robot Masters Victory Saber
  18. New in-package pics of upcoming toys
  19. Store exclusive Sunstreaker in late 2004?
  20. Energon Prime and Megatron 2 pack price update
  21. Transformers Trilogy Hardcover Book
  22. Beast Wars II Movie Fandub Trailer Released
  23. Alt Silverstreak For Sale At Walmart.com
  24. i remeber
  25. UK ernergon and alternaters available at Argos
  26. TRU May sell it's core retail business
  27. Don't like your alternators? Build your own!
  28. Read what Furman and Wildman have to say about OTFCC
  29. HMV UK listing RID Vol 1 DVD
  30. Hasbro.com update for 08/13/04
  31. Bad news on the MINI Cooper Alternator...
  32. New Wal*Mart listings (four new Alternators), Universe Ultra discontinued
  33. UK Energon Toy News and RID Boxset DVD
  34. Honda S2000 Alternator prototype surfaced
  35. World's Smallest Ultra Magnus trailer?
  36. Hasbro.com update for 08/19/04
  37. Simon Furman UK Signing
  38. Pics of Red Meister, RM Star Saber & Vic Leo and Reissue Predaking!
  39. Mitsubishi Alternator?
  40. TMUK fanfic collection published for Transforce
  41. New HLJ Pre-Orders (Binaltech, Superlink, reissues) 22nd Aug
  42. New Robot Masters protos!
  43. E Mirage on Walmart.com
  44. SL Inferno Volt, Collection #15 Stepper & BT-07 Smokescreen GT out!
  45. *Cough* Tons of BT/Alt news *cough*
  46. TRANSFORMERS ENERGON product preview for the week of August 23rd
  47. Alt Meister already out?
  48. Commemorative Series IX & X
  49. Superlink Combiner names
  50. New Takara Catalog pics
  51. New Energon Episodes on Cartoon Network.
  52. Simon Furman Interview
  53. In-package pics of Energon Galvatron, Prowl repaint and Checkpoint!
  54. The status of OTFCC
  55. New Honda S2000 proto and Grimlock test shot eBay auctions (new pics)
  56. Takara update 9/3/2004
  57. e-Hobby closeups of individual SL Superion limbs
  58. UPDATE: Honda S2000 Alternator = ...Windcharger?
  59. Deadend on Walmart.com
  60. Transfans.net Simon Furman Interview Pt.2 online now
  61. SCF Unicron in the works?
  62. Energon gets a new (and a better) timeslot on CN!
  63. Lucky draw Clear Sixshot gallery up at TF @ The Moon
  64. Energon Megatron no longer Walmart Exclusive.
  65. 2 more Robotmasters released (G2 remolds)+ E Hobby Hound/Detritus
  66. Colour Alternator Grimlock prototype available on Ebay
  67. Alt Tracks remold = Battle Ravage, maybe convention exclusive/UPDATE: Pics!
  68. Gah. More weird Alternators rumors...
  69. Allspark exclusive: Unproduced OTFCC toys
  70. Binaltech Meister pre-release?
  71. Energon kickball!
  72. DeadEnd at K-Mart
  73. megatron UK availibilty
  74. First look at Takara collection #16: Insectrons!
  75. World's Smallest...est Convoy?
  76. Hasbro update 09/20/04: Alpha-Quintesson, Kicker & Highwire
  77. Hasbro.com updates on 3H situation
  78. Big fan to fan update
  79. G1 Richochet = Sunstreaker?
  80. Episode DL of Energon Available from CN
  81. In-packaging pics of new Energon toys
  82. Interview with German TF voice actor
  83. First pics of painted Honda S2000 Windcharger test shot!
  84. And while we're at it... pics of Universe Rail Racer proto!
  85. DW G1 vol. 3 #8 preview pages
  86. in and out box images of superlink superion
  87. Some Possibly Disturbing News On The Dreamwave Front
  88. Toys R Us Buy two get one free sale
  89. Alt Tracks and Meister in stock at Entertainment Earth
  90. Lots'a new releases in Japan
  91. Hasbro Alternators preview 9/30/04: Windcharger
  92. Energon Tow-Line and Downshift bios up @ Hasbro site
  93. Hasbro Alternator Tracks (blue version) now available on ebay MIB
  94. First look at TRU Japan exclusive SL Buildtron!
  95. (Some) New Hasbro Trademarks | UPDATE: What happened to them?
  96. Next Hasbro G1 reissue: Ramjet?
  97. 3H update from Hasbro 10/05
  98. Japanese Cybertron = "Galaxy Force" / Megatron & Optimus first pics
  99. Hasbro officially announces Energon two-packs out now.
  100. Yellow ALTERNATORS Tracks Rumor.
  101. New Alternators Gallery Of Windcharger And Ravage From Tfans
  102. War Within: Age of Wrath #2 preview + interviews
  103. Energon #28 preview + Comcast episodes on demand
  104. Newest CN Energon Promotion..
  105. Wal-Mart lowers prices on Energon Deluxes
  106. New Transformer Busts
  107. Devil's Due preview TF/G.I. Joe Vol.2 #2
  108. Energon Episodes 1-8 Out on DVD
  109. New Superlink Bruticus pics!
  110. And Takara Collection #17 is... (okay, it appears it's actually #18 now)
  111. Palisades War Within Optimus Statue
  112. Titan Reprints of Black and White Stories For 2005
  113. Blue Binaltech Tracks coming earlier?
  114. New Alternators Grimlock test shot gallery...
  115. New Hasbro listings: Alt Grimlock, Alt Swindle, Energon Treadshot
  116. Takara Robot Masters site update
  117. Rumour: Zemeckis To Direct TF Film
  118. Alt Grimlock & Swindle in box pics!
  119. Universe Cyberjets are out.
  120. Kicker/Highwire & Autobot Swat Team inbox pics + bio cards!
  121. Energon Overcast's instructions
  122. The one and only REAL Megatron is back (And the rest of the BW gang too). Yeeees.
  123. Alright. Galaxy Force news roundup - here we go:
  124. Takara BT blue Tracks comes with a flaming hood deco sticker!
  125. Cliffy, better not look at this: Pat Lee's Optimus Prime gets a toy...
  126. Hasbro update: Universe Longhaul, Bonecrusher, Longhorn, Energon Barricade
  127. Tokyo Entertainment Market 2004 pics of Robot Masters, Galaxy Force & more!
  128. TFw2005 sneak preview of Galaxy Force animation
  129. Galaxy Force Toy-shots
  130. New Takara release dates, plus next reissue is Blitzwing/Windcharger = Overdrive?!?
  131. Nemesis Prime And Strika
  132. More color Galaxy Force Pictures
  133. Takara update
  134. Dreamwave Beast Wars triple gatefold cover!
  135. galaxy force at toywiz.com
  136. Hasbro update 10/29/04
  137. OVERVIEW: Superlink and Energon Combiners names, recolors etc.
  138. Takara website updated
  139. New in-package pics: Alt Windcharger, and... Universe Spychanger reissues?!?
  140. New magazine scans up @ Fan to Fan
  141. New Galaxy Force info/pictures
  142. Energon Optimus Prime transforming pen
  143. RM-21 = Burning Convoy, RM Lio Convoy prototype pics, RM-23 = Flash Lio Convoy!
  144. bwtf got hacked
  145. Galaxy Force a different continuity from Superlink?
  146. Hasbro website update 11/10/2004
  147. Alt Windcharger's gun barrel officially removed "so it doesn't look like a weapon"
  148. e-Hobby Blitzwing in Diaclone colors "Overcharge" | OUT | First sticker sheet pics
  149. New Hasbro Transformers trademarks
  150. Cyclonus to be next Hard Hero bust... [updated: image link]
  151. Mystery UK merchandise...
  152. Alternators repro labels for Jazz & Tracks / new Canadian site
  153. [rumour] Dreamwave faltering on payments to artists/writers?
  154. Galaxy Force two-packs
  155. [news from several years ago, ignore]
  156. Acura & Mitsubishi Alternators?
  157. BT Swindle bio, system description, BT story chapter 6 + Alt Swindle out in Hong Kong
  158. Good roundup of Galaxy Force images...
  159. Two new Energon DVDs slated for February
  160. TRU price cuts for Energon wave 1 & 2 toys, plus promo black Omega Supreme
  161. Mystery TF DVD by Paramount?
  162. Remember filling out the surveys at OFTCC?
  163. Takara Robot Masters site updated/UPDATE: RM Star Saber/Victory Leo OUT, package pics
  164. Dreamwave announce staff mix around... / Mick & Patyk gone in dispute
  165. Cartoon Network marathon of Energon on Thanksgiving
  166. Beast Wars Returns: show accurate Blackarachnia pic
  167. Titan release 9 limited edition hardback reprint volumes...
  168. Hasbro beginning to ship Sentinel Maximus!
  169. Repaints in Galaxy Force? [GC-08 Auto Microns and GD-05 Gasket images]
  171. New bio pics up at Hasbro.com
  172. New Hasbro product preview 11/19/04
  173. Official Takara Beast Wars Returns page
  174. CBR article about the Dreamwave/McDonough-Patyk situation
  175. Galaxy Force Catalog scans
  176. Alt Meister remold will be blue, AND... it's Shockwave?!
  177. Hasbro Transformers.com front page updated
  178. Hasbro update 11/24/04
  179. Universe Cheetor test shot pics
  180. First in-package pics of Energon Stormcloud & Terradive
  181. Final episode titles for Transformers: Superlink (possible spoilers)
  182. (unofficial) 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime trailer coming
  183. Rumor: TF movie CGI prequel?
  184. Alt Battle Ravage in package
  185. Alternator Bludgeon
  186. Grimlock remold is WHEELJACK
  187. Universe Frostbite (Jawbreaker repaint) and Night Slash Cheetor repaint pics
  188. New magazine scans up @ F2F
  189. Alt Windcharger to be released in Europe?
  190. TRU Slashes G1 reissues prices (RUMOR)
  191. Takara update!
  192. Alt Meister to be released in Europe too?
  193. Furman/Sarracini interview on current DW titles
  194. Unofficial Alternator-fest! Labels, knock-offs & parts!
  195. New magazine scans up @ Fan to Fan
  196. G1 DVDs reduced at HMV / Amazon / Play
  197. MP-02 Ultra Magnus?!?
  198. First look: Energon Sixshot in packaging... and also Galaxy Force Accelion!
  199. LitG update on convention and DW situation
  200. Beast Wars mini-series article in Newsarama
  201. RUMOR: Hasbro to reissue Artfire?!
  202. 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime in Canadian Nokia ad
  203. Reissue Predaking and BT Grimlock in-packaging pics up @ eBay!
  204. Binaltech Grimlock booklet and bio translation!
  205. i don't know if this is news
  206. Hasbro lays off employees
  207. Energon Barricade in package!
  208. Alternators UK release timetable
  209. Beast Wars Vol. 2 Out In UK In February!
  210. Rumer... eh, rumor: Takara TF CGI movie for 2006?
  211. "Transformers: First Series Complete" 21 preview pages
  212. More good news! 2003 Collector Plates shipping!
  213. There might be... Alternator Jets!
  214. e-Hobby strikes again: Ravage & Buzzsaw repaints = "Howlback" & "Garboil"
  215. Black Robot Masters magazine exclusives shipping
  216. New GF prototypes for preorder.
  217. In and Out of package Galaxy Force Figures
  218. Sarracini talks about G1 comic's future
  219. Alt Wheeljack definite, Jaguar (Ravage) magazine scan, Shockblast in package!
  220. Takara updates Robot Masters section 12/24/04
  221. Live action movie/ Lack of TF toys in OZ
  222. Takara's official Galaxy Force site is up
  223. TF Collector's Club got a new home | website now up and running
  224. First Hasbro Cybertron test shots surfaced at eBay?
  225. GD-09 is "Demolisher" | pics inside
  226. Universe Blastcharge coming up
  227. NEW at the Archive: Checklists
  228. New toys that are OUT | May 1: Movie Deluxe Protoform Optimus Prime, Starscream (USA)
  229. 1st Hebrew TF Site
  230. Energon to air on German TV?
  231. Cybertron "Gasket" test shot surfaced...
  232. [UK] Energon Sale @ Argos
  233. Official Dreamwave press release
  234. Rumor:No More Energon Downloadable Episodes ON CN
  235. Energon Micromasters? UPDATE: In European packaging, that is...
  236. Good News From Diamond?
  237. RID and Beast Wars
  238. Takara update Jan 07 2005: Reissue Blitzwing, swiss army TF tools
  239. [Fan] Transformable trailer prototype for MP-02 Ultra Magnus!
  240. More TF post-DW comic rumors
  241. Galaxy Force releases for February
  242. Diamond Select Toys signs Transformers license (merchandise, NO comics!)
  243. More on the non-payment of DW freelancers...
  244. Cybertron "King" Starscream | Update: Definitely confirmed!
  245. First in-packaging pics of E-Alpha Q, U NS Cheetor, Longhorn & Frostbite!
  246. Transformers Collectors' Club site update: Exclusive Comic preview
  247. e-Hobby black RM Victory Saber repaint
  248. Cybertron SKNs found listed in Candian TRU computers
  249. Fansub of 1st Galaxy Force ep
  250. First look at Alt Wheeljack in package!