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  1. Marvel returns to Transformers... sort of
  2. RUMOR: Devil's Due to publish Transformers comics
  3. New Palisades statues (Bumblebee & Ravage): First look
  4. First Hasbro names for Cybertron characters confirmed
  5. New GF releases confirmed, from Takara & Konami retailer showroom!
  6. New leaked in-package pics of the last carded Energon releases
  7. Takara Galaxy Force website update (sort of)
  8. BT Overdrive WILL have the long barrel!
  9. Transformers:Cybertron??
  10. New Cybertron test shots on eBay: Optimus Prime and Megatron.
  11. Prime and Megatron twin pack in the Uk
  12. Hasbro puts Energon mini comic vol 3 online
  13. Toy Fair UK report - Alternators Prowl! And Citroen as well...
  14. New Takara listings, including reissue #19 = Perceptor!
  15. Hints from complete Galaxy Force toys listing!
  16. More Hasbro Cybertron names!
  17. Next Alternator: Windcharger remold [Drag Strip?]
  18. Josh Blaylock interview
  19. "H.B.S.01 Galaxy Convoy" revealed?
  20. No new BotCon... but the Hartmans will be far from gone.
  21. Cybertron coming to Europe
  22. New Cybertron test shots surfaced
  23. New BBTS preorders for Cybertron figures
  24. New UK Alternators release dates
  25. Takara March release pics
  26. Cyclonus bust & Shockwave mini statue
  27. Australia gets MP-02 Ultra Magnus Exclusive!
  28. Dreamengine....already alive?
  29. Remolded Superlink Galvatron in Galaxy Force? (EDIT: Maybe it's a kitbash?)
  30. Petition to Hasbro for McDonough and Patyk
  31. A TF type comercial I found
  32. Korea gets Cybertron toys... well, sort of.
  33. Transformers end for good?
  34. New (unknown) Cybertron test shot surfaced
  35. BT-11 Ravage in-package
  36. DW G1 Ongoing #11 pages in print
  37. 2 new GF/Cybertron and 1 RM
  38. Cybertron Landmine (Guard Shell) test shot surfaced...
  39. Galaxy Force site updated
  40. Alternators... Swerve? Red Corvette? WTF?
  41. First Cybertron on Card pics... Now with Overhaul's bio!
  42. Takara G1 site updated
  43. Energon Built to Rule test market toys up at eBay
  44. Protectobots hit UK
  45. Galaxy Force Poster and Starscream
  46. Cybertron pricing from Target
  47. The situation of the Hasbro reissues and Energon/Universe Seacons: CANCELLED
  48. More proof that Universe isn't dead: Blastcharge surfaced in-package!
  49. Binaltech & TF Collection Guidebook announced
  50. Hasbro Cybertron press release
  51. New Cybertron-based line of PVC figures announced
  52. TF Archive American International Toy Fair 2005 coverage thread
  53. Wonder Festival Winter 2005 pics
  54. Live/Life Convoy will be "Evac" in the US
  55. Pat Lee Interview!
  56. New Hobby Japan magazine scans for March plus character descriptions from Figure King
  57. Beast Wars Returns Wave 2
  58. Hasbro.nl site updated
  59. TONS of new updates at Fan to Fan!
  60. Binaltech Ravage - you gotta LOVE that pussycat!
  61. Hasbro-Information Powerhouse
  62. Power of TF Comic Fanbase
  63. Takara website update
  64. Galaxy Force versus packs (Armada remolds) tech specs translated
  65. Cybertron TRU US SKU numbers
  66. A bit of news about Devils Due, the TF license and DW's bankruptcy...
  67. Devil's Due again, plus Cybertron voice actors, plus... an OVA?
  68. Sloppy Takara security? NEW: MP-2 Ultra Magnus and GX-01 Noise Maze in packaging
  69. First Alt Swerve robot mode pics up @ eBay
  70. UK to get Universe store exclusives under "Energon" including Battle in a Box
  71. e-Hobby with new pics of MP-2 Ultra Magnus
  72. Hasbro Universe Micromaster Sixwing coming up?
  73. Legends of Cybertron prototypes? | UPDATE: Now in color!
  74. e-Hobby updates with pics if BT-12 Overdrive... but does he have a gun barrel?
  75. Belgian Easter ad features Alt Windcharger
  76. First Official Transformers Collectors Club toy preorder list
  77. Lots of new magazine scans up Fan to Fan
  78. Galaxy Force Soundtrack + exclusive Force Chip
  79. New official convention to be announced in four weeks from now!
  80. Don Figureoa & Devil's Due aim for the Transformers license, test art inside!
  81. Better late than never: Hasbro Alternators showroom update!
  82. In-package pics of Cybertron Vector Prime and Crumplezone
  83. Alternators Windcharger coming to Italy
  84. It had to happen - e-Hobby black Perceptor
  85. First look at the first part of the fanclub exclusive combiner!
  86. Alternators... DECEPTICHARGE!
  87. Cybertron in-package pics and catalog!
  88. Kabaya Micron Galaxy
  89. Rumor: Possible new "format" to TF comics.
  90. Don Figueroa interview at Transfans
  91. McDonough and Patyk to attend TransformersCon
  92. Don Murphy updates on new writers
  93. Madman Entertainment Aquire rights to Beastwars
  94. Galaxy Force vol. 2 catalog scans
  95. BWR Black Panther repaint?
  96. More in-package pics of Cybertron toys...
  97. BT-12 Overdrive in package
  98. Alt Swindle to be released in the UK in April!
  99. Toys 'R' us accepts $6.6 billion buyout
  100. Takara March update
  101. RM Lio Convoy's profile translated... with a retroactive BW II revelation!
  102. CLEAR pics of Upcoming Galaxy FOrce and Robot Masters toys!
  103. RUMOR: Hasbro signed GONZO animation studioes to do post Cybertron TF Shows and OVA?
  104. More unused Dreamwave art... this time from GUIDO!
  105. Toyfare Scan: Alt Wheeljack/Prowl
  106. Figure King scans for April 2005
  107. TF Fanclub panel at TransformersCon this weekend!
  108. Mp-02 Trailer 100% Complete !!!
  109. Potential Headmasters UK Release Date.
  110. New pic of RM-24 Reverse Convoy!
  111. Tons of newe magazine scans up @ Fan to Fan!
  112. Upcoming Takara listings | UPDATE: Lots, including NEW Binaltech!
  113. Binaltech & TF Collection guide book first look!
  114. BOTCON is back!
  115. New instructions up @ Hasbro website!
  116. New Robot Masters DVD featuring Lio Convoy and... Reverse Convoy!
  117. RUMOR: Robot Masters "Armada Convoy"?
  118. Hasbro Fall 2005 catalog
  119. Collector's Club magazine #2 overview - Voyager size Starscream confirmed!
  120. Gary Chalk and David Kaye confirmed for Transformers Cybertron
  121. Straight from Don Murphy - VW and Porsche... are INTERESTED?
  122. MINI Cooper robot... uh, not what you think.
  123. Upcoming Cybertron names!
  124. Pics from Tokyo International Anime Fair 2005
  125. Unknown Cybertron prototype "leaked"
  126. Binaltech Overdrive translations!
  127. Interviews with Corey Burton (G1 voice actor) & Cyberdramon of WPP (fansubbing team)
  128. HBS Galaxy Convoy now THS?
  129. New Universe Versus set?
  130. Legends of Cybertron wave 1 in package!
  131. ANOTHER e-Hobby Perceptor?
  132. Alternators Swerve in packaging... with a special surprise!
  133. New magazine scans from Fan to Fan
  134. MP Optimus trailer IN STOCK at ebay!!!
  135. Galaxy Force production art surfaced?
  136. Better look at Galaxy Force Chromia
  137. Seibertron rumor mill again! TF comic license goes to... Dark Horse?
  138. Simon Furman interview at TFW 2005
  139. Takara updates with new Robot Masters comic
  140. Collector's Club store ONLINE, this time for real
  141. It's official: TRU reissues are "on hiatus"
  142. Transformers Browse Products update!
  143. New Cybertron Hardtop test shot
  144. Upcoming new Robot Masters?
  145. Hasbro want to reclaim "Bumblebee" trademark | UPDATE: Looks like they won't succeed
  146. Transfans interviews Guido Guidi!
  147. Toy Fair Australia... new (OFFICIAL) Cybertron in-package pics!
  148. Dairycon 2005 recap & pics
  149. More combinations coming up in Galaxy Force? (possible SPOILERS)
  150. Liger Jack up at e-Hobby, with a little "surprise"...
  151. Reviews of Transformers Club Magazine #2 and comics #1 & 2
  152. Last remaining episodes of Energon FINALLY to air on Cartoon Network
  153. Remember Universe "Overbite & Buzzclaw"? EDIT: They're STILL Universe.
  154. Takara website update
  155. Live Convoy in full color @ HLJ!
  156. Revisiting Hydra's list...
  157. New clear color pics of RM-24 Reverse Convoy!
  158. Armada Vol. 3 out on DVD in the UK
  159. Legends of Cybertron/Cybertron All-Stars, whatever, wave 2 prototypes
  160. Alt Prowl test shot on eBay
  161. War Within Age of Wrath TPB from Dream Engine?
  162. Cybertron Scorponok? Plus DVD Exillion repaint, THS Galaxy Convoy and Korean Armada.
  163. Unreleased Beast Wars art from DON!
  164. A Design your own TF Competition
  165. Titan Reprints: Marvel UK - Aspects of Evil
  166. Want to buy toys directly from Hasbro?
  167. New Galaxy Force Micron campaign
  168. Hasbro successfully registered the trademark "Autobots"
  169. USA Edition Cybertron Hardtop
  170. Laserwave has returned, Megatron!
  171. New magazine scans up @ Fan to Fan
  172. Konami sells off Takara stock
  173. New Takara preorders: Galaxy Force, Binaltech, Robot Masters and reissues!
  174. Energon Snowcat repaint for Cybertron or Universe?
  175. Transformers @ The Moon launches new Hasbro trademark section!
  176. TV Magazine lucky draw special color Flame Convoy
  177. Takara Galaxy Force website update
  178. Universe Landfill/Devastator shares Seacons' fate?
  179. Annoying little prick harrassing Michael Bay (aka Michael Bay interview)
  180. Cybertron wave 2 in package
  181. Decepticharge & Cybertron Preorders available at Collector's Club Store
  182. Strange TRU listings (Cybertron Vector Prime/Starscream pack, Mega Alternators etc.)
  183. Alternators Prowl prototype gallery!
  184. G1 cartoon back on air... in Australia.
  185. Rhino's deal with Sunbow is over
  186. Madman Boxset Out Now
  187. Master Collector update (BotCon and Fan Club)
  188. Fan-made custom WSTF Ultra Magnus trailer (Japanese convention exclusive)
  189. First look at e-Hobby Magnificus & Ga'made!
  190. New Cybertron / Galaxy Force stuff, including Galvatron
  191. New Galaxy Force episode summaries
  192. Revisiting Hydra's list...
  193. Alt Meister coming to the UK?
  194. Alternators in Nordic Europe
  195. Peter Cullen added to Cybercon Expo, Auto Assembly also doing well...
  196. New Galaxy Force release dates
  197. Takara & Tomy to merge | UPDATE: comments about brandnames
  198. Universe Constructicons no longer KB Toys exclusive
  199. Starscream's Ghost statue from Palisades
  200. Transformers Universe Cyber Power Supreme Giftset 2-pack?!?
  201. New/better upcoming Galaxy Force toy photos
  202. UK Headmasters DVD coming up
  203. TF comic license picked up, says Furman
  204. First Cybertron toys out in New Zealand! Now with visual evidence!
  205. Reissue Perceptor in packaging
  206. LoC wave 2 in packaging
  207. Takara website update
  208. Japanese version of LoC/Cybertron All-Stars
  209. Two colors for BT Prowl?
  210. More about the Collector's Club esclusive's packaging
  211. Looks like Alt Swerve is out in Singapore
  212. New pics of GC-17 Autobolt & GC-18 Live Convoy
  213. First look at Cybertron Hardtop
  214. [toys] More leaked stuff
  215. New pics of Live Convoy and Autobolt
  216. Live Convoy in package
  217. Chinese bootlegs (?) of G1 toys being passed off as originals
  218. Small Takara website update
  219. Fan to Fan magazine scans May 24 2005
  220. New upcoming product pics up @ HLJ
  221. Fully painted Alt Prowl test shot on eBay
  222. Cybertron on Cartoon Network starting July 2nd
  223. Translated tech specs for Reverse Convoy
  224. Remolded Armada versus sets in Cybertron too?
  225. The Collector's Club exclusive is called...
  226. Fan to Fan magazine scans May 26 2005
  227. Reason for Cybertron being out in New Zealand and nowhere else yet
  228. Cybertron will be out in Singapore in a few hours from now
  229. Robot Master 24 Reverse Convoy Pics
  230. IDW feedback: Marvel (US & UK) Comic Question
  231. Cybertron Figures at Toys R US.com
  232. Toy's Dream Project exclusive Fang Wolf "Dark Wolf" repaint
  233. Info from the latest Club magazine & comic
  234. Mystery blue Cybertron truck identified
  235. Binaltech Wheeljack translation
  236. Live Convoy/Evac test shot
  237. June Collector's Club newsletter delayed due to printing error
  238. Reason to rejoice for Canadians: Cybertron to air on YTV in July!
  239. e-Hobby Kup & Wheelie repaints as Orion Pax & Dion UPDATE: English profile available!
  240. Transformers Armada Gift Set Part1
  241. Energon Scorponok remold to be a regular Cybertron release?
  242. Cybertron Leobreaker in box at Remy's
  243. Collectors's Club newsletter #3 review
  244. Galaxy Force DVD with Exillion repaint cancelled?
  245. Binaltech Wildrider's color scheme revealed
  246. Collectors' Club exclusive shipping! REAL name revealed! / membership cards
  247. The floodgates have opened! Cybertron wave 1 out in Hong Kong!
  248. IDW comics will update G1 alt-modes / new interview(s) with Chris Ryall
  249. Transformers The Movie Theatrical Date
  250. Takara to reissue Star Convoy