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  1. Rodimous Prime Is The Autobot Leader As Of 2005
  2. First Cybertron toys spotted in US retail! (Vector Prime & Crumplezone)
  3. Micromaster Trains... in Cybertron?
  4. Alternators Ironhide coming up...
  5. First Cybertron DVD announced
  6. BotCon 2005 registration form
  7. More Cybertron wave 2 toys in packaging!
  8. For anyone attending Cybercon
  9. Cybertron Mudflap in box
  10. Painted Cybertron "Black Zarak" Energon Scorponok remold
  11. Brian Savage explains cost breakdowns for BotCon and more...
  12. Australian Cybertron 15 second TV promo
  13. Hasbro has eBay crack down on stolen prototypes!
  14. Decepticon / Joint Force Magnificus and Ga'made story translated
  15. Galaxy Force Backg... BackGILD in packaging
  16. Takara website update for June
  17. "Beast Wars 10th Anniversary" in Target computers?!?
  18. Alternators Prowl cancelled IN THE UK
  19. Cybertron toys officially on order by TRU
  20. Lineup for next Cybertron wave assortments confirmed?
  21. Hasbro website update!
  22. Cybertron METROPLEX? And fully painted Galvatron...
  23. Cybertron Snarl & Sideways in packaging
  24. BT-16... BLACK WIDOW?!? (according to Zinc Panic and Ojiisan)
  25. Cybertron to air 07-02-05 in the USA
  26. "Cybertron All-Stars" in stock at BBTS
  27. New Figure King magazine scans of upcoming new Galaxy Force toys
  28. IDW preview art of #0 covers, plus new interview!
  29. Cybertron Is Out In The US
  30. Alternators Battle Ravage and Wheeljack out in Italy?!?
  31. More news (or rumors) about Metrodome's TF: TM and Headmasters DVDs
  32. New Cybertron protos surfaced
  33. Cybertron coming to Target...
  34. Universe Basic assortment 1...
  35. Cybertron coming to the Netherlands...
  36. Palisades Devastator statue?
  37. Alternators Scion (Skids, apparently) preproduction gallery/review
  38. Cybertron "Dark Scorponok" in box / new pictures
  39. New unreleased art by Don Figureoa
  40. New pics of robot masters skywarp and thundercracker
  41. LOC Skywarp???
  42. Cybertron TV commercial
  43. UNIVERSE Snow Cat!
  44. Cybertron Trainb... oops, UNIVERSE RAILBOTS confirmed as Rail Racer
  45. palisades will not produce red alert and ravage
  46. universe downshift in package
  47. Interview(s) with EJ Su!
  48. Burger King Transformers promotion for August | NEW: First look at toys
  49. alternator prowl in package
  50. Cybertron Rumble/Scrapmetal proto surfaced
  51. Galaxy Force Phase Ignition book up @ e-Hobby
  52. Small Hasbro website update
  53. e-hobby perceptor
  54. Binaltech news.. you gotta read this for yourself...
  55. More new magazine scans up at Fan to Fan... including HUGE Galaxy Force spoiler
  56. Remember that weird RiD Optimus/UM repackage? Here it is...
  57. Transformers: Cybertron toys sighted in Australia
  58. TFAuctions / new art by Guido Guidi
  59. Cybertron Overhaul repaint proto surfaced
  60. Galaxy Force wave for July up @ e-Hobby's website
  61. Exigeyser, Back Gild, First Gunner - officially romanized names!
  62. Cybertron to air July 8th on YTV
  63. Takara buys Tatsunoko Productions
  64. Fan to Fan confirms GC-23 Megalo Convoy for September
  65. Hasbro Direct Store Opens, Stocks Cybertron
  66. Takara Galaxy Force website update
  67. Cybertron Scout Class wave 3 in packaging
  68. First details about Cybertron / GF Primus (pics will wait till SDCC)
  69. Mystery Transformer to be revealed at SDCC
  70. Cybertron hits US Wal*Mart
  71. Cybertron Thunderblast (Galaxy Force Chromia) proto/test shot
  72. Hasbro product preview update
  73. First b/w pics of BT-17 SKids and BTA Alert, Sunstreaker, "Broablast"
  74. first look inside Galaxy Force Phase Ignition book
  75. New protos on eBay (SUNSTREAKER!)
  76. Cybertron just premired on YTV
  77. Burger King Cybertron toys pics.
  78. Hasbro Website Updated!
  79. UK DVD updates
  80. [Star Wars Transformers] StarFormers?
  81. Transformers Movie Characters Revealed...kind of...
  83. TRU Florida TF Fan Event exclusive Cybertron Earth Planet Map preview
  84. Cosmic Rust's Preview Up
  85. More news from SDCC: TFW 2005 gallery
  86. Bit of news from IDW in ToyFare
  87. Takara website update
  88. LoC Starscream repainted as Thundercracker for BotCon?
  89. First glimpse at Giant Planet characters (Galaxy Force SPOILERS)
  90. New Japanese exclusives coming up
  91. Lots of pics from Summer K-Fes
  92. Takara reissue 21: Shockwave/Laserwave?!?
  93. IDW sneak peak of #0 issue art
  94. Dreamwave Assets for Sale?
  95. IMPORTANT FOR NOW: Image "leaks" (Primus, Soundwave, et al)
  96. Energon repackages keep coming... Universe Sharkticon.
  97. News from Tokyo Toy Show: Binaltech, Galaxy Force, reissue Galvatron | MORE pics!
  98. BotCon website update
  99. Beast Wars comic.....in January??
  100. More magazine scans of upcoming GF toys/exclusives, plus Kup/Wheelie reissue
  101. Cybertron testshots: Super Red Alert & more | UPDATE: More pics
  102. Botcon Exclusives Preview online | NEW: all the rest
  103. Transformers Fan Forum: Vector Prime answers fan questions!
  104. First *official* robot mode pic of blue BT Prowl
  105. TRU exclusive Starscream/Vector Prime two-pack preorder up @ Amazon.com
  106. Fantofan updates
  107. 'Hot Skids' alternator at Ebay
  108. Primus toy preview in new Master Collector newsletter | No links to scans PLZ
  109. If you thought the European Alternators release schedule couldn't get any weirder...
  110. images of blue rumble from galaxy force
  111. GF Sonic Bomber new pictures
  112. James and Adam Speak Out about DW
  113. TF The Movie Reconstructed Premier
  114. sonic bomber, rumble and binaltech prowl in package
  115. Win BW2 Galvatron sketch by Guido Guidi
  116. botcon exlusive figure #2: fallback
  117. first transformers battlefield statue revealed
  118. Possible Cybertron BS
  119. Transformers G1 cartoon and more back on TV... in Japan
  120. Binaltech Prowl: Lifeforce AWOL
  121. Galaxy Force Arm Bullet and Liger Megatron confirmed!
  122. galaxy force arm bullet and liger megatron revealed
  123. Takara reissue Galvatron confirmed & details | UPDATE: Movie colors, remolded face!
  124. IDW interview at Newsarama, publishing plans
  125. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan August 1 2005
  126. FINALLY! Universe Build Team Devastator!
  127. Dream Engine synopsis from LITG / Pat Lee at Newsarama: "I'm doing fine!"
  128. Cybertron Brushguard and Longrack on card
  129. Palisades Exclusive Bumblebee Statue Finds A Home!
  130. TFC-20 Cha & Wheelie color pic up @ e-Hobby
  131. The fourth Universe Micromaster combiner team: Aerialbots!
  132. Last Energon combiners finally coming to the UK?
  133. Robot Masters Thundercracker & Skywarp in package, close up pics
  134. Headmasters DVD cover artwork
  135. Cybertron Metroplex testshot pictures
  136. Botcon Test shot leaks - Busszaw Clones, Fallback, Ironhide and Ricochet
  137. Cybertron Evac, Runamuck, Street Speed Team, Blurr, Buzzsaw & Backstop in package
  138. Lots of Cybertron "Thunderblast" (Chromia) test shot pics
  139. e-Hobby upate: RM Seekers, EZ Collection sets!
  140. Official Club newsletter fan art submisisons
  141. "USA Edition" Super Starscream on TRU Japan website, will be released on August 11
  142. Cybertron Downshift | UPDATE: In packaging
  143. Takara website update 08/10/2005
  144. BT-16 (Wildrider/"Black Widow") postponed?
  145. TRU Cyb Starscream/Vector Prime two-pack | Update: Vector Prime in Takara colors?
  146. Dreamwave Productions acquired
  147. News from Fan to Fan (re: GF Soundwave, BT Wildrider)
  148. "Alignment" online
  149. Cybertron Deluxe Class Wave 3.5 to come with a DVD
  150. (Hidden) Mini-Con two-pack bios at Hasbro website
  151. First pics of Primus revealed on www.seibertron.com
  152. BotCon update: Shuttle information
  153. E.J. Su interview at Comixfan
  154. EX-01 Dark Liger Jack in packaging
  155. First new mold Mini-Con from the upcoming Battle Packs?
  156. Cybertron Wreckloose in packaging
  157. New Universe, Alternators & Cybertron assortments | UPDATED
  158. Transformers Previews Solicitations for November
  159. Semi OT: Marvel Looking to Relaunch Death's Head?
  160. Takara website update: The last (?) Robot Masters comic
  161. Pics from Chara Hobby 2005 @ Fan to Fan & Autobase Aichi
  162. Wu Tang Meets Transformers
  163. Wonder Festival pics at Fan to Fan
  164. The return of... Pepsi Prime!
  165. Rumor of Galaxy Force cancellation?!?
  166. Transformers #0 "Infiltration" - Release Date Reminder / BotCon cover
  167. Primus test shot pics!
  168. Cybertron to air in the UK beginning with episode 1!
  169. Original BW Waspinator repaint
  170. Botcon 2005 - Guests
  171. IDW Transformers: Infiltration #0 - public & 'insider' previews!
  172. "Minerva" repaint of Chromia...
  173. Fantofan updates with magazine scans
  174. Cybertron in-package & testshots: upcoming waves
  175. Kabaya website updated with Blockformers
  176. New cybertron out in sweden
  177. Hirofumi Ichikawa clears up things on Overdrive, Wildrider and Black Widow
  178. GF Soundwave in box
  179. Cybertron moving from Toonami to Kids WB, DVD news, plus: TF Cyb moving back to CN
  180. Test shot of Hasbro version of Exigeyser (Hot Shot upgrade)
  181. Two new names from Hasbro's website...
  182. Brushguard and Wreckloose in and out of package
  183. Soundwave test shot
  184. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan for September 01
  185. Beast Machines DVD coming | UPDATE: New release date
  186. Megalo Convoy/Metroplex "smaller" robot mode
  187. BotCon guest update: Paul Dobson confirmed
  188. Hasbro website update: Cybertron episode 51!
  189. e-Hobby Orion Pax in package
  190. TV Magazine exclusive Dark Nitro Convoy in packaging...
  191. e-Hobby update: e-Hobby exclusive Galvatron in original toy colors
  192. "Rare toys" panel at BotCon UPDATE preview picture
  193. Alternators news from Wal*Mart! UPDATE: Too good to be true?
  194. GF Master Galvatron and Toy's Dream Project exclusive Dark Fang Wolf in packaging
  195. Hasbro website update
  196. New Palisades "Cliffjumper" statue
  197. BotCon panels announced
  198. new death's head
  199. Kabaya Change Galaxy
  200. Botcon encouraging TF Messageboards Meet Ups at Convention
  201. Takara website update
  202. Botcon Costume Contest
  203. Universe in package pics: UPDATE: Bonecrusher & Scavenger
  204. Alternators Prowl and Sunstreaker in new packaging | UPDATE: Autobot Skids too!
  205. Cybertron Ultra Red Alert, Crosswise, Brimstone and Thunderblast in packaging
  206. Botcon comic color preview
  207. GC-23 Megalo Convoy in packaging
  208. Wal-Mart exclusive Tiny Tins: UPDATE: out of package pics + bios
  209. Cybertron Tech-Specs
  210. IDW news from Baltimore Comic-Con | UPDATE: Some clarifications
  211. Death's Head - Furman gets the gig!
  212. BT* Alert and Sunstreaker in package
  213. Mini-Con Battle Packs
  214. Fan to fan updates
  215. Commemorative Series Astrotrain in box | UPDATE: PICS!
  216. HBS 2 G1 convoy?
  217. Official Chinese G1 cartoon 9 DVD boxset
  218. Transformers The Movie - Reconstructed
  219. That big BotCon 2005 news, updates & information thread
  220. Cybertron Sideways & Snarl up @ Hasbro website
  221. Dodge Ram Alternator... Optimus Prime!
  222. Detail pics of BTA Alert package and accessories
  223. new GF intro
  224. New Cybertron test shots
  225. Don's Beast Wars art up @ Newsarama
  226. gf soundwave galleries
  227. Fantofan updates
  228. The upcoming BW line
  229. testshot pics: new: BW anniversary Rhinox
  230. e-Hobby website updates with extensive recap of Galvatron's comic story!
  231. Simon Furman on Death's Head, IDW, DW and more...
  232. McDonald's Happy Meal Toys?
  233. Takara website update: Binaltech Asterisk
  234. Gigalonia characters in Hyper Hobby and more
  235. New Cybertron TFs in package
  236. Entertainment Earth updates on Cybertron Mini-Cons
  237. New magazine scans up @ Fan to Fan...
  238. Life-sized Binaltech Smokescreen (robot mode!)
  239. New product listings on Hasbro website
  240. wallpapers on O2
  241. GF GX-03 Soundwave [UPDATE: FAKE]
  242. Beast Wars 10th Anniversary wave 1 | UPDATE: In and out of the box pics
  243. Interview with James Raiz
  244. Alternators wave 1 (new assortment) listed at Casefresh
  245. Newsarama reports strong retailer interest in IDW TF #0
  246. Covers to INFILTRATION #1, inc. exclusive by Don Figueroa
  247. Star Wars Transformers: new pictures
  248. A new Cybertron episode every day this week! UPDATE: Next week too!
  249. Transtech revealed - NEW: Optimus and Silverbolt concepts!
  250. TF Wire (fan podcast)