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  1. New pictures of USA Edition Alternators Prowl!
  2. Reissue Astrotrain preorder at Hasbro Toy Shop website
  3. Alternators Tracks in new packaging!
  4. Honda Binaltech fighting game
  5. IDW previews for February: Infiltration #2 and Beast Wars
  6. Cybertron Galvatron and Metroplex PUSHED BACK (NOT "cancelled"!)
  7. New Ramble repaint
  8. beast wars on hasbro website
  9. Star Wars Transformers wave 1 breakdown revealed!
  10. Walmart Speculation [Concerning Alternators Repackaging]
  11. TFC-21 Broadcast (Blaster) reissue, Galaxy Force C-00 Primus confirmed! [new pic]
  12. November Previews: New January TF releases (including new Mini-Con names)
  13. Cybertron Galvatron in box!
  14. galaxy force dvd volume 5 box art
  15. EX-02 Sonic Convoy on Takara website
  16. [unofficial] WSTF Dinobots, now with coloured Snarl proto pics!
  17. Hasbro's earnings up thanks to Star Wars and Transformers!?
  18. Pictures from Takara Hobby Style Akihabara
  19. New magazine scans & information up @ Fan to Fan 10/24/2006
  20. Reissue Astrotrain to be available this week
  21. Beast Wars cover for Previews / Furman interview / new spoilers
  22. Life-sized Autobot Matrix and Optimus Prime/Ultra Magnus heads!?!?
  23. New pictures of Binaltech Skids and BTA Broadblast: stickersheet
  24. Cybertron Deluxes + Mini-Con Tiny Tins
  25. Next Takara reissue = Battle Convoy (= G2 Laser Prime)
  26. rumor: Star Wars TF Combiners
  27. Fantofan updates
  28. Commemorative Series 8 Sideswipe at KayBee
  29. Primus On Ebay
  30. A new unofficial figure
  31. New Cybertron eps on Cartoon Network UK
  32. Cybertron Defense Scattorshot in packaging
  33. Don Fig Interview at Seibertron
  34. Knock Off G1 Prime, Buzzsaw and Frenzy coming soon
  35. New pic of "reissue" Pepsi Convoy
  36. Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Convoy & Megatron molds... from Takara!
  37. First pics of Mini-Con Class wave 2 in packaging
  38. Takara and e-Hobby website updates
  39. e-Hobby Twincast | UPDATE: Cassette revealed
  40. IDW comic previews round-up thread for Infiltration
  41. Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Dinobot prototype
  42. LoC wave 3 and Cybertron Deluxe Class wave 5 in packaging
  43. defence red alert at wal mart
  44. Takara reissue Galvatron in packaging!
  45. Death's Head 3.0 five page preview | UPDATE: first issue out now
  46. More F2F scans, inc. THS-02 G1 Convoy, Pepsi Convoy + Primus
  47. Cybertron Dark Crumplezone in packaging
  48. Play.com listings for reprints of Dreamwave's G1 series
  49. Binaltech Skids - the translations
  50. SWTF Darth Maul proto surfaced
  51. Chris Ryall interview at Transfans, talking 2006 and more
  52. BT Ginrai and BT* Black Convoy?
  53. IDW news with covers! Generations, BW #2 & TF #3
  54. Pepsi Convoy in packaging
  55. Galaxy Force Soundblaster CONFIRMED
  57. Takara website update
  58. Galaxy Force Noise Maze "production type" repaint
  59. Superdeformed Ultra Magnus
  60. TFW interview with Michael Leavey of Diamond Select Toys
  61. Dutchbotcon 2006 - finally a date!
  62. TF Attacktix protos and wave 3 of Cybertron Mini-Con versus packs
  63. Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Rhinox in packaging
  64. Seibertron interview with Earl Norem
  65. Detailed preview of EJ Su art for IDW's The Transformers / Guido art for sale
  66. First look at Cybertron Sky Shadow (formerly "Octane") and Wing Saber
  67. New TF/GIJOE Crossover
  68. Star Wars Transformers wave 2 - UPDATE: Boba Fett & Darth Maul in package
  69. First it was Canada...
  70. Cybertron Deluxe Class wave 5 case assortment
  71. e-Hobby exclusive Laser Ultra Magnus | Update: Official English bio on page 2
  72. Cybertron Lugnutz and Scrapmetal in packaging
  73. Cybertron Menasor pre-production gallery
  74. LoC wave 4: Excellion, Sunstorm, Thundercracker and Optimus Prime repaint
  75. Beast Wars 10th Anniversay wave 2 in packaging
  76. 12-page Beast Wars comic preview!
  77. New renderings of upcoming Cybertron characters/toys?
  78. Cybertron back on Cartoon Network January 2nd CONFIRMED
  79. Furman interview at Comix Fans [on Death's Head, Transformers and Marvel work]
  80. [Ask Vector Prime] Female Alternators character?
  81. new Alternator pictures- UPDATE: Optimus Prime & Shockblast (EU) in box on last page!
  82. GF Primus, with Chip Square
  83. Takara website update
  84. Fantofan adds new scans - 22 Dec
  85. Cybertron Jungle Planet map
  86. First look at Pepsi Convoy
  87. F4F 2006 Sneak Peeks! BW busts coming!!
  88. Cybertron Defense Hot Shot and Scattorshot profiles
  89. Palisades Devastator statue pictures!
  90. Luke Skywalker X-Wing Transformer
  91. New magazine scans up @ Fan to Fan 12/27/2005
  92. Release dates for upcoming toys [from Club newsletter]
  93. Binaltech Ginrai and BTA Black Convoy cancelled?
  94. Transfans.net informal run-down of 2005...
  95. Alternators... 2-in-1? Swindle AGAIN?
  96. Micromaster Aerialbots headed for Europe
  97. Universe Constructicons ARE COMING!
  98. Hybrid Style G1 Convoy prototype!
  99. Newsarama G.I. Joe/Transformers preview.
  100. Lots of new Cybertron, Alternators etc. wave assortments!
  101. First it was the Constructicons, now... Overbite and Repugnus!
  102. First look at e-Hobby Galvatron II in packaging
  103. First look at Cybertron Override GTS (was: "Doubleclutch") | UPDATE: In packaging
  104. New TFU.info feature: "Stuff from Aaron's Desk"
  105. Hasbro landed the rights to Marvel toys.
  106. Matrix of Leadership replica + other Diamond Select stuff (motion globes)
  107. First image of Cybertron Menasor in final colors
  108. "Ask Vector Prime" alive and well
  109. Hasbro joins forces with G4TV.
  110. New Wal*Mart listings: Cybertron Deluxe Unicron, Skywarp? Optimus Prime repaint?
  111. Cougar has discovered a Thundercracker repaint.
  112. Official Hasbro preview images of Cybertron Defense Scattorshot and Dark Crumplezone
  113. Takara Primus now listed on e-Hobby website
  114. IDW preparing Transformers comic for Free Comic Book Day (May 6, 2006)
  115. New (?) BW 10th wave 2 in packaging pics
  116. More Cybertron repackaging fun: Target exclusives (new Deluxe two-packs)
  117. Cybertron Excellion in packaging
  118. Transformers Attacktix series 1 - setup
  119. TF fan awards (The Trannies) are back as the Golden Disk Awards -- ballot open!
  120. First storyline for IDW TF:Evolutions comics series?
  121. BW 10th Anniversary Tigerhawk? (Could be an old toy)
  122. better look at Takara's BWR pack - figures only
  123. Official SWTF wave 2 in and out of packaging pics
  124. Transformers: Infiltration #1 is out! (Jan 18th) | UPDATE: issue #2 preview pages
  125. Upcoming Alternators releases in Europe - got an hour or two?
  126. Activision may get rights to Transformers movie Videogame
  127. Beast Machines DVD boxset to come with fullscreen episodes only
  128. New Transformers listings in Target computers
  129. Hasbro website update in the works
  130. Transformers Cybertron arrives in UK at Argos
  131. BT Ginrai and BTA Black Convoy "uncancelled"?
  132. THS-02 in color & BWR 2-pack packaging at fan2fan
  133. More upcoming Cybertron toys (= repaints) confirmed?
  134. Takara's new "secret" project?
  135. Cybertron Deluxe Wave 5 Out
  136. European Toy Fair: SWTF Millennium Falcon, Alt RUMBLE! | UPDATE: Jaguar Alternator?
  137. Alternators Optimus and hound release dates?
  138. Alternators Rumble
  139. From Collectors' Club mag: New beasts, colored Mirage, Cyb Cannonball [no images]
  140. Transformers video game sort-of-news
  141. Euro bubble Shockblast and more new stuff from EasyNet
  142. More answers from Hasbro UK thanks to TFAuctions
  143. Transformers movie storyboards
  144. BT Ginrai and Black Convoy CONFIRMED cancelled
  145. Official in and out of packaging pics (Soundwave, Repugnus, Shortround)
  146. Cadillac XLR Alternator?
  147. Takara website update
  148. BWR Magnaboss reissue rumor [confirmed cancelled now]
  149. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan
  150. Hasbro announces live webcast from Toy Fair
  151. Neo-G1 to be shown at Toy Fair?
  152. Michael Bay talks Transformers!
  153. New Takara reissues to be announced soon? The wha...?
  154. Galaxy Force Toy's Dream Project exclusive Soundblaster now at Toycard website
  155. Painted Cybertron Menasor test shot
  156. Official SWTF wave 2 and LoC wave 4 pics
  157. New pics of Cybertron Deluxes Excellion and Skywarp
  158. Titanium Transformers: waves breakdown at Cybertronian Enquirer
  159. More pics of RM Black Lio Convoy
  160. Alternators Mirage listed for preorder at BBTS, no pics yet
  161. IDW Publishing site relaunched!
  162. "Get Your Key to Cybertron" - Space Camp promotion at Hasbro website
  163. American International Toy Fair 2006 coverage thread
  164. Wildman charity art exhibition and sale, including Transformers material
  165. Wave 3 Mini-Con bios
  166. Cybertronian Enquirer 2006-02-12
  167. Target exclusive Universe toys "almost out"
  168. SWTF wave 3 listed at Entertainment Earth
  169. Binaltech update from Ichikawa
  170. New SKNs from TRU
  171. TRU Japan lists Primus and BWR-01
  172. Takara reissue Battle Convoy (= G2 Laser Optimus Prime) in packaging
  173. Blaster reissue delayed? THS-02 too?
  174. Official Cybertron metroplex pics
  175. Cybertron Repugnus and Shortround bios
  176. Toronto TransformersCon 2006 Preregistration Online
  177. Transformers Attacktix Battle Figure Game
  178. Beast Wars 10th Anniversary new Optimus primal and Megatron molds coming to Japan?
  179. Alternators listings from Wal*Mart computers - Ford Mustang re-release? Redeco?
  180. IDW TF #1 Comic Sales
  181. Remy's been shopping - got Takara Primus early
  182. Pics of THS-02 from Wonder Festival 2006 Winter
  183. Italian Decepticharge release
  184. New Target listings
  185. Takara website update for... March
  186. IDW Publishing summer teaser! / What's 'Stormbringer'?
  187. US Primus pack-in bonus update: Image is public now
  188. More unpublished art from Dreamwave G1 #12
  189. Transfans interview with Tim Seeley
  190. Transformers art posts in IDW "art du jour" section
  191. New Japanese magazine scans & info @ Fan to Fan
  192. Hasbro's all-new, all-different Alternators and Beast Wars pages
  193. LOTS of new Hasbro toy listings
  194. Does anyone Know if there will be another Transformers console game coming out at all
  195. Pics and info on the new Club exlusive: Landquake
  196. Transformers Fan Awards reminder -- only a couple of days left to vote
  197. New episodes of Cybertron finally coming to the US?
  198. Optimus Prime needs help
  199. Target exclusive Cybertron repackages arriving at stores
  200. Titanium Unicron, WW Optimus Prime, Starscream, BW Megatron, Alt Jazz
  201. TakaraTomy's new frontpage
  202. Sam Goody going out of business sale!
  203. Remember "bubble" Swindle? Well, he's out. You'll NEVER guess where.
  204. Hasbro stock photos for Cybertron Menasor at Entertainment Earth
  205. BotCon 2006 location and details
  206. New Magazine scans @ Fan to Fan
  207. IDW "Hearts of Steel" mini-series announcement + Guido on art!
  208. DD "Art of War" Joe/TF crossover 5-page preview
  209. Some new photos of previously seen test shots
  210. Takara will NOT re-release MP-01!
  211. Hybrid Style THS-02 G1 Convoy in and out of packaging
  212. IDW TF TPBs and more listed at Amazon
  213. New photos of Cybertron Repugnus and Shortround
  214. Cartoon Network Cybertron section updated
  215. Looks like Europe will get the new Micromasters first again.
  216. Pictures of the new mincons, 6" Titanium figures - more War Within designs!
  217. Transformers: Generations retro series due to start this month
  218. Lots of new Wal*Mart website listings
  219. New Cybertron Metroplex test shot
  220. Seibertron interviews G1 box designer Richard Marcej
  221. Alternators Nemesis Prime? UPDATE: Rumored to be an SDCC exclusive
  222. Pics from Toy Fair Australia
  223. Casefresh has upcoming waves of Titaniums listed
  224. Cybertron Cannonball in packaging!
  225. Cybertron Skywarp in packaging
  226. New pictures of Alt Optimus Prime in packaging! MOTTO!
  227. Cyberton Minicon Thrust vs Anti-Blaze: new pics
  228. MP-03 Starscream designs - UPDATE: better picture
  229. IaconOne update with unreleased Universe Menasor character artwork
  230. IDW July Solicitations are up!!! (New--Transformers: Stormbringer #1)
  231. Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron test shot
  232. Cybertron Excellion and Override GTS preview pics from Remy (and Downshift too)
  233. More in-packaging pics of Cybertron Skywarp and Cannonball, Skywarp bio!
  234. Hasbro Primus in packaging
  235. First look at Cybertron Optimus Prime repaint
  236. Classics Astrotrain prototype
  237. UK: 20th Anniversary Prime May Release TRU Exclusive
  238. New in package pics of 2 Primes: Alt & Titanium (mini)
  239. Reissue Broadcast in and out of packaging
  240. More Cyb Repaint pictures
  241. Transformers featured in Japan Times article
  242. Chinese TF convention photos
  243. Transformers The Movie Playing At Clinton St. Theatre In Portland, OR
  244. Menasor and Nemesis Breaker in packaging (Official Hasbro stock photos)
  245. Some info about the Israeli TF meeting
  246. Cybertron cartoon cancelled in the UK
  247. First4Figures - Waspinator Sneek Peak
  248. Red Armada Powerlinx Thrust out! - In the UK
  249. 2006 Convention Exclusive Comic at Toronto TransformersCon
  250. [IDW comic previews + more Draw the World Together news!]