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  1. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan
  2. SWTF Millennium Falcon hi-res pics
  3. More fun with Cartoon Network: Cybertron changing time slots AGAIN
  4. G1 VA Michael McConnohie To Attend Toronto TransformersCon
  5. Ransack GTS and Giant Planet Mini-Cons in packaging
  6. Stock photos of Titanium Megatron in Club magazine [please NO SCANS]
  7. Masterpiece Starscream confirmed, "Transformer Atari", and Binaltech is "Kiss" ?
  8. Transformers for Free Comic Book Day will feature HoS and Stormbringer previews
  9. Club exclusive Landquake test shot
  10. Cybertron Prowl - April Fool's special edition!
  11. More pics of 3" Titanium War Within Prime
  12. Wave 4 Mini-Con two-packs test shots
  13. Lee Sullivan interview at Transfans.net
  14. Takaratomy Transformers website redesign
  15. Transformers Collectors' Club: New international shipping conditions!
  16. Second production run of THS-02 G1 Convoy confirmed
  17. BW 10th Anniversary TRU exclusive Optimus Primal & Megatron two-pack
  18. Scandinavian Alternators oddity
  19. New Cybertron waves listed at Entertainment Earth
  20. Another year, another Dairycon... (pics)
  21. Official Hasbro stock photos of UK releases of reissue Inferno & Prowl
  22. And you thought the UK was late with Cybertron...
  23. New Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Primal & Megatron test shots
  24. New lineup for Classics wave 1
  25. Update on TF: Hearts of Steel
  26. DD Transformers / Joes v3 #2 preview
  27. Official Hasbro stock photos for 6" Titanium Prime & Megatron
  28. 3" Titanium Starscream and Alt Jazz in packaging
  29. Masterpiece-01 Convoy... second production run!
  30. Cybertron "Mega R03" = Vector Prime repaint, Quickmix bio, plus Alt Rumble image!
  31. Alvarez answers 20 questions about Club exclusive toy (not a combiner limb)
  32. bad news for Belgian Alternators
  33. "Mayuko Iwasa" Meister at a toy show?!?
  34. 3" Titanium Side Swipe in packaging
  35. Pics of Cybertron Ransack GTS
  36. Official Hasbro stock photos: Alt Prime & Mirage
  37. Collector's Club Panel at Toronto TransformersCon - April 29th
  38. Cybertron wave 4 Mini-Cons in packaging (bios!)
  39. e-Hobby exclusive "USA Edition" Cybertron Primus w/Unicron head
  40. Small Hasbro website update... and they goofed again.
  41. IDW art du jour: Transformers Infiltration #5 preview pencils
  42. IDW August Solicitations are Now Up
  43. Remember "Find Your Fate"?
  44. first pic of alt rumble
  45. Cybertron Deluxe Unicron
  46. Alternators Mirage: More packaging pics
  47. Details on Attacktix Transformers series 1
  48. MP Starscream news | UPDATE: New design pics
  49. Alternator Rumble
  50. Fan to Fan magazine scans update
  51. Official in and out of packaging of BW 10th Anniversary Primal & Megatron
  52. Star Wars Transformers wave 3 in packaging
  53. Hidden Hasbro website listing for "Cryo Scourge"
  54. Transformers Club exclusive announced
  55. Transformers Masterforce UK Set
  56. Seibertron spoiler review of FCBD TF | Newsarama 5-page Stormbringer preview!
  57. Titanium 3" waves 3 and 4 stock photos | UPDATE: Now in packaging
  58. Revoltech Convoy?
  59. New (?) Spacewarp test shot, plus Nemesis Breaker
  60. BotCon 2006 details announced
  61. Pics of Classics Megatron, Prime, etc. | UPDATE (2)
  62. First look at Cybertron Cryo Scourge
  63. Star Wars vs. Transformers Attacktix in packaging @ Entertainment Earth
  64. Official in and out of packaging images of Cybertron Quickmix
  65. Summary of BotCon/Collector's Club panel at TransformersCon
  66. 2nd Shangai TF meeting - pictures
  67. Draw The World Together News [7th July]
  68. Hasbro website update, sort of [mostly Alternators]
  69. Tom DeSanto video interview
  70. Hearts of Steel Preview Images+Pg7 Pencils
  71. 6" Titanium Cybertron heroes wave 1 in packaging
  72. Crosswise redeco revealed, NO Mudflap redeco, and a Classics tidbit
  73. Video interview with Jon Voight
  74. Auto Assembly Target: 2006 Podcast #3
  75. Cartoon Network.com to play all Transformers: Cybertron episodes
  76. IDW Beast Wars to have follow-up mini + profile book
  77. New photos of Cyb Unicron and BW 10th Primal - UPDATE Unicron in package
  78. New images of Kiss Convoy
  79. Binaltech story officially acknowledged in the West?
  80. IDW one-shot character focus stories?
  81. CLUB UDON offers GI Joe vs. Transformers Exclusives!
  82. Michael Bay has assimilated Digital Domain...
  83. New Wal*Mart listings
  84. IDW Stormbringer mini-series previews + discussion
  85. e-Hobby announces "USA Edition" Moledive and Blender
  86. New Hearts of Steel #1 Art Du Jour Preview
  87. BotCon Guests Announced
  88. First look at Cybertron repaint of Armada Bendy Prime since Toy Fair
  89. Lots of new Cybertron bios up @ Hasbro website
  90. First pics of "Classics" packaging mock-up
  91. Oi, idiots...
  92. Alternators #23 is an Acura RSX.. Autobot C...
  93. Multiple reports of Legends of Cybertron toys now being available at TRU stores
  94. MP-03 Starscream prototype image!
  95. Optimus Prime repaint shown at Wal*Mart website
  96. Transformers: Infiltration #5 Art Du Jour!
  97. New magazine scans up @ Fan to Fan
  98. Test shots of Cybertron Demolishor, Bendy Prime and Titanium 6" Megatron
  99. Alternators Nemesis Prime in packaging | UPDATE: SDCC exclusivity confirmed
  100. Fan convention exclusives - Golden Disks, Auto Assembly comics
  101. Masterpiece Convoy Perfect Edition?
  102. More stock photos of MP-3 Starscream
  103. The second Kiss-Play figure...
  104. BotCon exclusive leaks / official reveals
  105. Transformers: Classics toy preview photos!
  106. Shockwave One-Shot IDW Cover Art
  107. Redeco. Gasket
  108. Cybertron Leader Class GALAXY FORCE OPTIMUS PRIME
  109. Toy's Dream Project exclusive "USA Convoy"
  110. Energon Divebomb repaints, possible BotCon exclusives
  111. TF:TM 20th Anniversary Edition Announced
  112. The Transformers Evolutions: Hearts of Steel #1 Art Du Jour
  113. Rumour: design for Movie or Alt. Megatron? | EDIT: and Grimlock?
  114. Pics of Kiss-Play COnvoy at e-Hobby website, and more news
  115. New in-packaging photos of BW 10th Primal and Megatron and Cybertron Quickmix
  116. Classics wave 1 test shots and in test packaging | NEW: More toys in packaging
  117. More photos of Cybertron Bendy Prime redeco
  118. Hasbro launches Transformers Titanium Series website
  119. Collectors' Club exclusive Landquake shipping now
  120. New prototype pics of MP Starscream up @ HLJ
  121. Meister is back!
  122. New pics of Kiss-Play Convoy
  123. Citroen C4 is BACK! Ice skating, this time...
  124. Amazing and Astounding Auto Assembly News...
  125. MORE Pics of Alt Mirage in packaging (first clear pics of the underside)
  126. New pics of Cybertron Quickmix
  127. Time for another Hasbro website update...
  128. LOTS of Hasbro stock photos of new toys in and out of packaging
  129. New Wal*Mart listings
  130. MP-03 and MP-04 listed at e-Hobby website
  131. The Transformers: Infiltration #6 Art Du Jour
  132. Transformers & IGSD Attacktix Found in Japan - Spoilers!!
  133. Vector Prime repaint
  134. Unpublished Energon More Than Meets The Eye Art
  135. wow - AKA - How not to start off on the right foot here.
  136. Yellow Scrapmetal and Brakedown GTS
  137. Lots of new listings in Wal*Mart computers
  138. Hearts of Steel preview + interviews with Chuck Dixon
  139. Transformers Spotlight: Shockwave Info + Pic {Out September}
  140. Cybertron Video Game - Quest For Cybertron
  141. TF:TM 20th Ann. Fun Facts
  142. Some new info from Target
  143. Titanium Jetfire and Thundercracker now in packaging!
  144. Random rumor from some random DM board guy - Alternators Megatron coming
  145. Classics Astrotrain gallery
  146. Giant Planet Map!
  147. 2005 Golden Disk Awards Nominees Announced!
  148. Always Wanted To Ask David Kaye/Gary Chalk A Question?
  149. Pre-Registration for Iacon One Extended!
  150. Transformers.com survey
  151. Figueroa/Budiansky project to be announced at San Diego Comic-Con + Movie Panel
  152. Brakedown into Scrapmetal!
  153. Spotlight: Licensing Show Speculative/Vague Indication of TF Related Products For '07
  154. New upcoming toy information - Target two-pack, 20th Prime re-release and more
  155. The Transformers Evolutions: Hearts of Steel #2 Art Du Jour
  156. Transforming Pens
  157. New mold "Classic" Mini-Con three-packs! UPDATE: Official pics too!
  158. Stock photos of Kiss-Play Atari and Autolooper
  159. New Masterpiece Starscream prototype photos... remold!
  160. New Simon Furman Interview
  161. Official Hasbro stock photos of "Galaxy Force" Vector Prime repaint
  162. Titan To Reprint 88mph's Genesis Book?
  163. Masterforce podcast from Metrodome
  164. chat
  165. TFW 2005 toy rumors, part 2: 20th Prime re-release, SWTF, Attacktix, Cybertron
  166. New magazine scans up Fan to Fan
  167. Kiss Players (yup, that's the official name) Convoy up @ Takara website
  168. Alternators Nemesis Prime... bio!
  169. Classics bios
  170. Alt. Nemesis Prime--online Hasbro shop availability confirmed-ish!
  171. Titanium Bios
  172. That's it. Hasbro Europe is officially on crack. (Alternators distribution in Europe)
  173. Minor Hasbro website update
  174. Good UK Alternators news? New Argos catalog
  175. New Alternators listed in Wal*Mart's computers!
  176. All The Rage: New TF Cartoon Rumor
  177. Titanium 6" War Within Optimus Prime and Megatron official pics and more
  178. Hasbro website revamp!
  179. ??????
  180. New Hasbro Transformers trademarks
  181. ComicCon Line-Up Announced
  182. Sneak Peek at Cover Art for 20th Ann. DVD
  183. Transformers Evolutions: Hearts of Steel #2 Art Du Jour
  184. RUMOR: a possible new TF cartoon show for 2007?
  185. New Hyper Hobby magazine scans at Fan to Fan
  186. Transformers: Infiltration #6 5-Page Preview
  187. Confirmation for Alternators Jaguar?
  188. classic confirmed figs according to wikipedia | LOCKED for being old news
  189. Stormbringer #2 five-page preview
  190. First pictures of 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime re-release!
  191. Tokyo Toy Show news, MP-03 Starscream + Kiss Rodimus, etc.
  192. Transformers Spotlights: Shockwave 3-Page Preview + rest of line-up revealed
  193. New Entertainment Earth and Amazon.com listings
  194. (1986) Movie adaptation comic by Budiansky / Figueroa, now with images from Comic-Con
  195. Meet TF Artist Joe Ng at SDCC this week!
  196. Classics wave 2 news and photos (NEW: Optimus Prime vs. Megatron in packaging)
  197. Alternators Nemesis Prime availability furore
  198. Cybertron Hightail and Shadow Recon Mini-Con Team
  199. New magazine scans - Convoy, Kiss-Play Autolooper in color
  200. Comic-Con coverage (galleries etc.) - Titanium Soundwave/Rodimus and more!
  201. MP-03 Starscream in color and MP-04 Convoy with trailer
  202. Costco Optimus Prime & Wing Saber two-pack
  203. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan again
  204. Hasbro Soundwave/Soundblaster reissue rumors, listings and images now in full color
  205. Tangent news: Dreamwave collapse redux?
  206. RUMOR: Six new TRU reissues, but NO Soundwave?
  207. zee bike thats red
  208. Stormbringer #1 sells out for IDW
  209. Universe Basic assortment wave 2?
  210. Bigbadtoystore Summer Clearance
  211. New Transformers Collectors' Club newsletter
  212. Masterpiece Starscream test shot?
  213. Botcon Customizing Class figures revealed
  214. Cybertron Smokescreen test shot plus BW 10th Primal and Megatron repaints
  215. Dane Cook - Cameo in Transformers?
  216. A few IDW preview bits (Escalation, Spotlight)... SPOILERS
  217. Vote for your favorite scene in TRANSFORMERS: The Movie
  218. Some new magazine scans at Fan to Fan
  219. Titanium Scourge and Optimal Optimus now in packaging
  220. MP-03, MP-04 and Kiss Autrooper pics at e-Hobby website
  221. (Official) October IDW Solicitations Now Online
  222. Interesting unproduced prototype auctions from the Hartmans
  223. Wal*Mart to get Cyb Scouts and Deluxes with bonus DVDs
  224. Simon Furman Interview [Escalation, oneshots, BW]
  225. Official Hasbro stock photos of Titanium Grimlock, Scorponok and Predaking
  226. Extremely high quality stock photos of Masterpiece Starscream
  227. Official Hasbro pics of Cybertron Smokescreen, Optimus Prime(al) and Titanium Jetfire
  228. Nick Roche interview [Spotlights, working for IDW, original-era comics]
  229. Official pics of Star Wars Transformers repaints
  230. Reissue Tracks and Skywarp, Classics Optimus Prime and Megatron in European packaging
  231. Hearts of Steel #2 five page preview!
  232. On the phone with Hasbro Germany
  233. Second Cover Art for TF:TM 20th Anniversary Edition DVD
  234. Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation #1 Art Du Jour
  235. The Hartmans to sell their entire collection at BotCon
  236. Transformers Spotlight: Nightbeat [Art Du Jour]
  237. REAL NEWS (a first from me)
  238. Photos from Chara Hobby 2006 at Fan to Fan
  239. Optimus Prime Mr Potato Head?
  240. Want Alternators box artwork?
  241. Kiss Players manga, starring "Legion"
  242. Peter Cullen will be at BotCon
  243. Vote for Favourite Line from TF:TM
  244. Those who've ordered from the fan club store, check your statements
  245. POSSIBLE listing for Alternators Cadillac at Toys'R'Us website
  246. Wal*Mart exclusive Cybertron Primus with Classics Mini-Cons
  247. Deluxe three-pack listing?
  248. New magazine scans up @ Fan to Fan August 24 | UPDATE: News scans August 25
  249. Stormbringer #3 5-Page Preview + Hot Rod Art Du Jour
  250. Kiss Players Rodimus in color