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  1. Spider-Man new animated series
  2. Fantastic Five 1-5 (Spoilers)
  3. Superman: Doomsday DVD movie
  4. Your favorite non-TF moments in Marvel Comics
  5. X-Men come back more than Jesus
  6. Marvel Origins Statues
  7. Advice on comic series sought
  8. Albion Origin.
  9. To buy or not to buy
  10. FF: The End (Spoilers)
  11. Do you UKers have Avatar: the Last Airbender?
  12. Zorro, Catwoman, Transformers, Star Trek. Orci and Kurtzman now attack...
  13. Smallville
  14. Hatred for GoBots
  15. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Review)
  16. Bear with us whilst we set this up...
  18. Wolverine #58
  19. Simply Doom.
  20. [mr] Holy Crap Give Me $700 Now Bitches!!!
  21. Worst. Missle. Placement... Ever.
  22. Wow, haven't been keeping much of an eye on new Lego of late...
  23. New Captain America Unveiled.
  24. 1996 Cartoon Network Family Guy pilot
  25. What other toylines do you collect?
  26. Misty Eyed Nostalgia.
  27. Lookee what I got...
  28. Want.
  29. Your first memories of "The Killing Joke"
  30. Marvel cover dates
  31. ZOMFG - Fantasy Lego figures
  32. collections n junk...
  33. anyone collect designer vinyl?
  34. Shellshock - lego transformer
  35. Gerard Yves Martet
  36. Angel: After the Fall
  37. Manglors and Manglord Mountain
  38. [MR] Japanese Exclusive Pictures (Image-heavy)
  39. Tales of the Black Freighter: The Movie
  40. I would kill so many people to own this...
  41. Highway Robo won/Cliffy goes too far - NOW WITH ADDED 'MORE MONEY THAN SENSE'
  42. LETS DO THIS! DC = Marvel Matchup
  43. Who Would Win?
  44. [eBay]The stupidest thing you've ever done, bidding on an auction-wise.
  45. 25th anniversary Joes...
  46. Marvel's dipping its toes deeper into the digital comics business...
  47. Live Action Action Force Movie Casting [now with added SHOUTY NORTHERNER]
  48. Just when you thought Tux couldn't get any snazzier...
  49. Doom Helicarrier and Ultimate Doombot (Sigma 6 Repaints)
  50. The Death and Return of Superman.
  51. Speculation abounds: Juggernaut movie
  52. Another Robot Franchise.
  53. V-Bot
  54. General Price Query
  55. Robots & Mechs.
  56. Batman film stuff
  57. Spectacular Spiderman: Animated series
  58. The 7 Least Faithful Comic Book Movies
  59. Liiiieeefeeeellllddd!
  60. The Battle of Target-Exclusive Great Value Star Wars-ness!
  61. IC Lightan!!!
  62. AWESOME! Lego Batman
  63. New Dr Who comic and Nick Roche is doing art
  64. Random ranting about DC
  65. Oh, Preacher is so great...
  66. Simpson's Movie DVD
  67. ["X-Men Origins: Wolverine" casting news thread]
  68. Metal Joe!
  69. A John Hicklenton appreciation thread.
  70. Castle Lego [Now with larger pictures]
  71. Who do we think should play Death?
  72. micoman questions...
  73. So ummm... yeah. A new Hellboy flick!
  74. Some Star Wars Stuff
  75. LEGO Indiana Jones
  76. Wanted
  77. for all you toy boffins/collectors. help?
  78. AVP figs
  79. Micronauts
  80. Want to read Captain Britain - The Crooked World?
  81. Secret Invasion Speculation -- Who do you think is a Skrull?
  82. Gundam: Hot Or Not?
  83. Take a look at the MOC Viper I just got in the mail
  84. The Official "Cliffy witters on about Vehicle Voltron" thread
  85. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier discussion
  86. ZoMG's!! Another Lego Thread.
  87. 50th anniversary of the Smurfs
  88. Second wave of Lightan hit ebay!!!!!!
  89. Recommended TPBs and Graphic Novels
  90. Lego Trade Federation MTT
  91. God Mars/Marz next in Soul of Chogokin!
  92. Y the Last Man comes to an end....[maybe spoilers]
  94. Random Attic Oddities (updated feb 10th)
  95. Spartan down! [Kitbashers' assistance needed]
  96. Bootleg o' FUN!
  97. What Did You Call Those Toys...
  98. Recent Arrivals [Voltron/Lightan/MR etc.]
  99. Best grafic novels of all time
  100. TMNT - The Lost Episodes
  101. Gen 13 animated movie
  103. Hellboy 2 figs
  104. MIMP/M.U.S.C.L.E./Kinnikuman
  105. Captain Planet: a panel by panel analysis
  106. Oooh, a Dah Yang Kinsman...
  107. Hokuto no Ken Revoltechs
  108. [Largely off-topic spam, discussion, moderation and grandstanding]
  109. Spawn figures: what is it about them?
  110. Lego Space Sets
  111. Convertors - a bit of a plug...
  112. Custom Lego Stuff
  113. Okay, so now I've bought God Marz...
  114. What is this?
  115. Ironman and Wolverine: Marvel info
  116. your legoverse and its mythology...
  117. Thunderbirds 2086
  118. Latest random Chogokin purchase - Abega!
  119. Dave Stevens, creator of the Rocketeer, passes away
  120. Lion Voltron
  121. The End of "The Batman"
  122. Remeber Valiant Comics? Well they're back with a movie deal!
  123. Indi spotlight
  124. G.I. Joe movie watching - casting, build-up, etc.
  125. Cool Transforming Robot!
  126. Batman Year One
  127. [1982/2012] Mysterious Cities of Gold (old and new series)
  128. Suckadelic!!
  129. Cerebus the Aardvark
  130. What we’ve all been waiting for, providing it's a hyperlink to the BBTS listing for Taters of the Lost Ark - Idaho Jones
  131. Superman #1 on ebay?
  132. I got a fever - Godaikin fever!
  133. Lego custom battleship! Well, gunboat, but still...
  134. Suggest a fun comic please
  135. Quick show of hands: do you know what the Eagle Awards are, when nominations opened, voting started, etc?
  136. Bristol Comics Expo 2008
  137. If certain gobots or joes or snakes weren't around?
  138. RoadBots
  139. ONE penny. FOUR Convertors.
  140. Random Robot Rampage!
  141. Jesus Christ, I bought a GoBot!
  142. Iron Man is awesome [non-spoiler discussion]
  143. You are all utterly unhelpful, so I went and bought Daitetsujin-17 anyway.
  144. Wolverine and the X-men Trailer
  145. Online Comics
  146. Multimedia version of Astonishing X-Men #1
  147. New Clone Wars Show.
  148. Doctor Who Toys!!!!!
  149. So, you think Sunstreaker fists can be pricey...
  150. Battle Damaged Darth Vader
  151. Latest Random Buy: Gardian
  152. Unleashed Vader (Best Buy exclusive)
  153. Black Manta
  154. "Darth Off" 2008
  155. Mini Boglins!!
  156. Uh-oh! Now I've bought a Go-Bot.
  157. Metal Gear Solid the Movie
  158. Mighty Muggs
  159. brave yuusha KO happywell toys
  160. the tick
  161. anyone shop at red5?
  162. Red vs Blue Reconstructed has started.
  163. From the guys thet made...
  164. I really should stop just buying lots of robots...
  165. Terminator 3 manga by Ark Performance
  166. More Godaikin, bitches! Daimos & Bio Man
  167. SPOILERS - About time Smallville Hung up its.... Cape?
  168. Any of you Ellis fans have read New Universal yet?
  169. Why do small-time non-superpowered criminals even bother?
  170. Questions about Ultimates 2 (spoilers if you somehow haven't read the whole thing yet)
  171. Check out my awesome new toy!
  172. WHRE MY COMIX? RAR! [Planetary, Miracleman, etc]
  173. Anyone dig Genesis Climber Mospeada, AKA Robotech: The New Generation?
  174. Macross Frontier
  175. My phone camera sucks, but here's a Mobile Suit XM-06 I'm working on.
  176. Classic X-Men story arcs: reading them for the first time
  178. Vaguely inaccurate nostalgia ahoy!
  179. Okay, it's getting to the point where I medically need the DX Voltes V...
  180. What other cartoons/anime do you guys dig?
  182. Michael Turner passed away
  183. What To Read Next
  184. New Lego for me!
  185. Lego Sith Lords
  186. Soul of Chogokin Voltes V - the most beautiful toy ever created
  187. Review: Movie Masters Joker
  188. Batman: Gotham Knight
  189. spiderman 2099/2211
  190. Question About Buffy And Angel Comics
  191. The Dark Knight Discussion
  192. Watchmen Trailer Hits
  194. Things I want to see knock-offs of
  195. You won’t believe what I found!
  196. Transformer crazy
  197. Hulk vs.....
  198. The cutest, most captialist toy I've bought for ages...
  199. Teh transforming robots of teh 80s primer!
  200. New Dr Who toys
  201. Buffy Season 8 musing [spoilery]
  202. The Prisoner- Lego
  203. Who was the most annoying one out of Gundam Wing?
  204. Does anyone follow Iron Man closely right now?
  205. cobra toys
  206. pre school gobots
  207. The Spirit movie thread
  208. What Would You Do With Superman
  209. So, I bought myself a little piece of history recently...
  211. Exosquad
  212. Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  213. When did it end for you?
  214. American and European cartoons in the middle east
  215. 12 inch Iron Man Mark II
  216. Buffy Animated presentation
  217. IDW GI Joe comic information / discussion
  218. Mobile Suit Gundam
  219. 2000 AD
  220. Know a good place for KO Legos?
  221. Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked
  222. I am full of win [Wildstorm comicccsses]
  223. How Strict Is Comic Regulation Nowadays?
  224. Yay random robot buy!
  225. Gi joe 25th ann
  226. Childhood GOBOTS treasure recovered!
  227. McFarlane Halo 3 Figures
  228. You have that Cosmic Cube thing that the Red Skull was always after in your hands...
  229. Things with LEGO that might interest...
  230. Soul of Chogokin Ideon
  231. Evangelion fans, identify yourselves so I can know you are cool! ;)
  232. TELLYformer? Outstanding!
  233. Just a reminder.
  234. Ghost World/Eightball
  235. Shonen Jump 40th Anniversary Fusion!
  236. The New Deadpool Ongoing
  237. Sooper-neat Masterpiece Two-Face?!
  238. Jack Staff.
  239. Oh my Ideon! AWESOME FAKE LEGO!
  240. Dalek helmet?
  241. Sweet!
  242. Guidebooks you liked?
  243. X-Men Evolution
  244. Preacher Movie Announced
  245. comicbook recommendations anyone?
  246. Kota the dinosaur and D-Rex
  247. Zoids
  248. So tell me what this is...
  249. Beyonce as Wonder Woman
  250. Can you buy just minifigs?