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  1. What would you like to have happened after the events of Watchmen? (untagged spoilers)
  2. Bad, Naughty Comics
  3. Stunning Rei+Asuka in Plugsuit
  4. So...Macross Frontier totally rocks, doesn't it?
  5. Comic price guides
  6. savage dragon the movie
  7. M.A.S.K. / G.I. Joe
  8. WB sucks
  9. Captain America: Possible Actors/Rumors
  10. Masters of the Universe Classics
  11. Fantasy Revoltech Thread.
  12. Marvel Legends-Spiral
  13. Okay, I need someone who can understand Japanese, and possibly smokes crack...
  14. Marvel release 1st Wolverine:Origins trailer
  15. Gold Lightan kicks the Hell out of a girl
  16. Quick terminology question
  18. Samurai Sentai Shikenger- 33rd Sentai Series (Yes, Toy Related)
  19. Thundercats trailer
  20. Full Report - GK Winter Contest 2008
  21. Zeta Gundam
  22. Manga Suggestions
  23. Awww cute widdle Ghost Rider!!
  24. Leathermans count as toys, right?
  25. SUPER ROBOT ATTACK!!!!!!111one
  26. (FINAL CRISIS SPOILERS) Goodbye Batman.
  27. Oh dear, oh dear... Tomy Ideon...
  28. 36ème festival international de la bande dessinée
  29. Tom Strong
  30. Recommend Me Some Anime
  31. Robot Chicken
  32. A heady mix of OCD and bad photography...
  33. Zombie Obama doll!
  34. The chogokin thread!
  35. New(Old) Legos
  36. Turn A Gundam
  37. A question about Captain America/Civil War
  38. Lew Stringer and classic British comics
  39. The All Purpose Green Lantern Thread (spoilers and what nots)
  40. Ok help me find something to read quick...
  41. DC stuff
  42. does anybody know this site?
  43. What are your non-TF collecting goals?
  44. Chogokin Hyaku Shiki
  45. Your Latest Non-TF Toy Acquisitions
  46. DC Comics Movies
  47. The 08th Mobile Suit Team
  48. Exiles - let me get this straight then...
  49. My old site
  50. Can you help me identify?
  51. Gi Joe Resolute
  52. Akira DVD question
  53. so, Transmetropolitan...
  54. What Michael Bay is going to do next, according to 'The Onion'
  55. What was your most important/favorite single comic issue for 2008?
  56. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  57. Is it... Amuro Ray?
  58. 'Battle for Terra' thoughts and opinions?
  59. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century onwards
  60. Zenith
  61. Kitty Pryde art show
  62. TETSUJIN 28 vs BLACK OX!
  63. "And boom goes the dynamite... Deadpool wins!"
  64. Char's Counterattack/Counter Attack
  65. Stretchable Warrior Toys
  66. Marvel confirm Deadpool movie!
  67. The Black Bi-Stars!
  68. What in the name of Primus, have they done with NGE?
  69. Which Lantern are you?
  70. Yamato Ideon
  71. Good news, everyone!
  72. Dairugger XV KO Set
  73. Really big Gundam statue...
  74. Pluto by Naoki Urasawa
  75. Soul of Chogokin Daimos
  76. Chances are my toy collection has more awesome than yours...
  77. Green Lantern Has Been Cast
  78. Never mind all that, let's talk about a good comic! [The Muppet Show]
  80. Challenge of the Gobots: irritating
  81. Futurama Being Recast??
  82. So I was doing a google search and was excited to see this was the picture they were using for their daily name pic.
  83. Oh, thank you Robot Damashi!
  84. Kick-Ass Comic-Con footage leaked on youtube
  85. Remembering the Sectaurs!
  86. Wednesday Comics
  87. New 'ThunderCats' Movie Concept Art
  88. Halo Megabloks!
  89. CMs Brave Gokin Baldios
  90. GI Joe = rubbish [no spoilers yet]
  91. Help identifying a toy
  92. Opinions on Fafner
  93. The new Third Doctor action figure.
  94. Captain Britain and MI:13
  95. Gundam F91
  96. Jakks Pacific WWE Fury Unmatched figs on sale @ Wallyworld - 2 for 10 bucks!
  97. whatever happened to....
  98. one of the best Disney cartoons made into a statue..
  99. M.A.S.K DVDs
  100. What Staz is up to these days...
  101. Masudaya alphabots
  102. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
  103. Rebuild of Evangelion... Where are you????
  104. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers returns for 2010!
  105. I'm watching the 1990 Tintin cartoon!
  106. Planetary #27 is out
  107. Comics I want to talk about with you people...
  108. Look-In Picture Strips
  109. Comic book movies and cross-overs
  110. Thundercats DVDs @ Walmart for $20
  111. Beat this 18 day shopping spree!
  113. Transformers Universe webisode
  114. The Punisher...in film
  115. Hey, wait a minute...
  116. Strong World: One Piece Film
  117. Japanese comics translated?
  118. Revoltech: Valkyries available for pre-order on BBTS.
  119. The 25 Greatest Moments in TMNT History
  120. So they have Lego Toy Story now.
  121. MOTU 200x
  122. [Marvel] whos stronger
  123. Lego Castle Collection
  124. [The Raccoons] Bloody hell, us collectors can be obsessional...
  125. My Delorean!
  126. Name this (car) toyline
  127. I bought a Beetras figure...
  128. Clay tosses you Brits a bone
  129. TMNT 2003 Season 7
  130. Widdle Cuddly Spirit Of Vengeance!
  131. Oh yes, GET IN!
  133. X Men where to start? Too much input...
  134. Iron Man 2
  135. Can you help me identify a non-TF toy?
  136. Lee's Guide to Gobots
  137. First foray into Marvel Universe
  138. Question about The Super Hero Squad Show
  139. The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye
  140. Nintendo GoBots?
  141. Hugo Weaving confirmed as "Red Skull" and first pics of "Thor"
  142. Marvel G.I. Joe.
  143. Bandai teach kanji the only way they know how - with transforming robots!
  144. G Gundam Thoughts
  145. Marvel to milk the hell out the movie franchise
  148. Smallville to actually finally eventually die
  149. General LEGO discussion (inc. collectible minifigs)
  150. Nathan Fillion as 'Ant Man' GEEKGASM POTENTIAL OVERLOAD!
  151. TRACTOR ROBOT!!!!!!
  152. Toilet Reading
  153. The Complete Big Dave
  154. Still no Thundercats movie, but new tv series...
  155. DCU Reading Recommendations
  156. Heroic Age, anyone else picked up these new books at all?
  157. Computer game Pre-order/special edition merchandise
  158. Alan Moore's collaboration with Gorillaz falls through.
  159. [G.I. JOE] FULL FORCE!
  160. "Oh God, not more GI Joe pictures!"
  161. Ed Norton off The Avengers.
  162. Dragon Ball Z Kai
  163. Traditional animation, it's pretty. @Frog Princess' aside do you miss it?
  164. Old Lego Castle set
  165. CLiNT
  166. LEGO Vampire's Tomb custom
  167. @Cliffy: Gundam?
  168. Batman: The Brave And The Bold recommendations?
  169. What exactly makes Mercer so much more awesome than the other two?
  170. Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes
  171. Choose My Lady Jaye!
  172. *NERGASM*
  173. Comic recommendations for a newly enthralled novice?
  174. 3.75" Marvel Legends
  175. Pursuit of Cobra: OMFG!
  176. Was Marvel UK Transformers uncommonly good at this?
  177. Lego Custom Forestmen Castle
  178. Lego Blacksmith Shop
  179. My Lego Collection
  180. Lego Custom Scorpion Fortress
  181. My anime revival
  182. I've never wanted a SoC toy before...
  183. Gundam Bearbricks
  184. Help identifying old toy I had...
  185. Fully articulated Revoltech T-Rex
  186. The Final End for What Little's Left of Marvel UK?
  187. Selling/Trading Comic Stores in Cambs/East England?
  188. Anyone remember me buying SoC Xabungle?
  189. Voltron opinion
  190. Ultimate Marvel reread
  191. Mech Warrior
  192. 8th Annual Canadian Action Figure Expo - October 30th 2011
  193. The state of the X-men
  194. Lego sort and store
  195. Lord of the Rings Toys
  196. VAF-6Z Alpha fighter.... after years of searching.....
  197. A Picture's worth a thousand... OMG is that a gold Fitor!?
  198. TRIPLE JIM!
  199. Any online shops that sell Power Rangers toys
  200. *gurgles*
  202. Ideon!
  203. Alan Moore's Captain Britain
  204. The Legend of Korra
  205. what is the email adrees of the hub ?
  206. Questions about Batman toys
  207. GI Joe from the late 80s
  208. I think I'm into anime...
  209. Can anyone recommend a website / forum for superhero research?
  210. Advice on Star Wars Comics
  211. Batman comics
  213. Ideon! Finally!
  214. My collection (as much as I can fit on shelves, anyway)
  215. Castle Grayskull, Yo! [time-sensitive]
  216. Happy Holidays! Lego Style!
  217. Any of you collect Marvel Universe/Legends figures?
  218. DiaRobo
  219. Do you see yourself in cartoon characters?
  220. Keeping up with comics digitally
  221. A nice Dalek toy?
  222. Slightly OT, But Nick Roche is Doing Death's Head. / Marvel Legends Death's Head figure previewed
  223. Challenge of the Go-Bots
  224. KIMOTA! Miracleman to return in 2014!
  225. Anybody know this one? TransTruck Engineering Titan
  226. New cartoon?
  227. Alan Moore stops being polite
  228. Revolutionary War
  229. Star Fleet / X Bomber: new Big Dai X from Dynamite
  230. Who wants some DRM-free comics on a pay-what-you-want basis?
  231. Franchises--other collecting hobbies you've just dropped over the years?
  232. The X-men: Astonishing, Uncanny, Amazing Failures, or Regular, Run-of-the-Mill Failures?
  233. Thor, Post-Original Sin (Spoilers Ahoy)
  234. Toy collecting questions
  235. Any Visionaries fans here?
  236. [UK] Judge Dredd partwork
  237. Knightmare
  238. Wolverine in the future in the X-Men 1990's cartoon.
  239. Toy Soldiers: War Chest
  240. Dragonball and its many sequels
  241. Freakiest comic you've ever read!
  242. Mattel's picked up the Thundercats licence
  243. Fables is over
  244. 1 On 1 Mech Fite Arcade Game.
  245. Top 10 Graphic Novels or collections of completed work
  246. Books and magazines about retro toys/cartoons/comics
  247. Humble Bundles
  248. Voice tropes or Voice actors we fell in love with.
  249. Who wants to see a RC Macross Valkyrie that's aerodynamically viable?
  250. Who wants some wooden transforming robots?