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  1. Ultra Magnus
  2. I'll tell you what always looked stupid in the cartoon...
  3. [FICTION] Aftermath Chapter 12 - Death in a Distant City
  4. [RID,UT] RID Scourge PwNz j00 @ll!!!!1
  5. War Within #5 cover discrepancy
  6. [RID,UT] NEW Episodes tomarrow
  7. [JTF] So Megatron IS Galvatron in Japan?
  8. [BW,BM] How did Waspinator get back to Cybertron?
  9. [RID,UT] *shudders*
  10. [RID,UT] Cartoon/Comic Continuity
  11. What was your favorite Transformer Action-Figure?
  12. [BW,BM] Dark designs aftermath?
  13. Setting the Movie in the future - worst mistake Hasbro ever made?
  14. Anyone surprised we haven't seen a G. I. Joe and the Transformers TPB yet?
  15. [RID,UT] Should Unicron show up in the comic?
  16. Season 1 and PS2.
  17. Petition to bring the original Transformers show on The Cartoon Network
  18. Petition to bring the original Transformers show on The Cartoon Network
  19. [FICTION] [toy comics] Happy Mardi Gras
  20. [BW,BM] gap between beast wars and g1
  21. I just got the tpb for target 2006 *spoilers*
  22. [RID,UT] Sweet Jesus! Unicron is back?!
  23. [ART] FANART: My W.I.P. Soundwave and Ravage pic
  24. [FICTION] Anyone out there who is, or knows of...
  25. The Matrix? Hmmm....
  27. The busts
  28. Since I'm getting tired of all the Iraq/etc threads... lets have a TF discussion...
  29. [FICTION] The Ultimate Fanfic!!!
  30. Old but useful advice for fiction writers
  31. Why do I bother watching this tripe?!
  32. Greatest comic book story arc
  33. What is Machine Wars?
  34. Who or what is this?
  35. Primacron
  36. [ART] My Photoshopped composite cover for Aftermath Ch. 1... [Largeish image]
  37. [FICTION] Aftermath Chapter 6 - In the Shadow of the Warworld
  38. What if?
  39. [RID,UT] is it me...
  40. [BW,BM] question about bw
  41. [JTF] Beast Wars II - Movie, Convoy
  42. Who would win?
  43. Transmasters questions - alignment??
  44. [RID,UT] Wanted: Any pics of Prowl2/Side Swipe in robot mode...
  45. [FICTION] [FANFIC] Megatron's Magnificent Master Plan to Steal the Golden Disk!
  46. [FICTION] The Trials of Nebulos, pt1
  47. Rebirth - 2nd tf movie
  48. [FICTION] Trion Squadron: 12th Regiment
  49. [RID,UT] Who would Hot Shot become if he had the Matix?
  50. [RID,UT] Ep. 28 question (spoiler included)
  51. [BW,BM] Why did Beast Machines suck horribly?
  52. [BW,BM] lamens terms explanation of the energon fields
  53. Is Animorphs TF?
  54. War Within # 6 (MEGA SPOILERS HERE, FOLKS!!!!!)
  55. The Transformers Movie Score Soundtrack
  56. [JTF] Something interesting about Rebirth in the Japanese continuity...
  57. [ART] Everybody's favorite Medic (WIP - Large Image!)
  58. [JTF] Jinrai
  59. How much would you pay for this set (war within)?
  60. [FICTION] Ep.3 'calm Before The Storm'
  61. The Mystery Has Been Solved! (Who Became Cyclonus)
  62. [RID,UT] When Is The UK Going To Go Beyond Episode 24?
  63. [FICTION] How many of you actually read any of the fanfics?
  64. So who became Cyclonus?
  65. So who became Scourge?
  66. Optimus Prime on SNL!
  67. Did Wheelie just get a bad rap?
  68. [RID,UT] Armada Comics
  69. [RID,UT] Tfarchive Wants You!
  70. Hmm
  71. Mother Of All Battles
  72. What Did U think of War Within #5
  73. Tetrajets
  74. [RID,UT] Shame About Furman Really
  75. Were there 2 Cyclonus'?
  76. [JTF] Wow! Some of the BW2 guys sure are ugleeee...
  77. [RID,UT] All the G1 cameos in Armada #8
  78. [FICTION] Trion Squadron: 12th Regiment Profiles
  79. Whats in a name?
  80. [FICTION] Asking for more Ops
  81. [JTF] Headmaster - Head switch
  82. Transmasters Universe #28 [possibly spoilers]
  83. [RID,UT] Hello all, new to TF board...
  84. [FICTION] Ep.4 *nexus*
  85. [BW,BM] dying in lava?
  86. what was the worst transformers series ever???
  87. [BW,BM] beast wars fan
  88. who was your fav character and who was your most hated or dislikedof all the series'?
  89. Who thinks they should make a 2nd tf movie and if u do which series should it be for
  90. Something strange in first episode
  91. Insecticons still ALIVE! in movie but how
  92. [JTF] Japanese Translations should we do it???
  93. tf Parodies
  94. Tf Movie Mess Up
  95. [BW,BM] Who was youre fav bw character???
  96. What was ur fav episode of g1
  97. [FICTION] [The Truth / Third Coming] Anyone read em yet???
  98. [BW,BM] Pathetic???
  99. Best Transformer
  100. OPTIMUS is aiding in the Liberation of IRAQ
  101. If U Could Be Any Transformer Which One Would U Be???????????
  102. Unicron
  103. Wheeljack
  104. gen 1 too kiddy
  105. [ART] Aftermath #3 Photoshopped cover
  106. Who Would Last The Longest
  107. Found Snl Optimus Clip!!!!!!!!!!!!
  108. [BW,BM] Optimal Optimus vs TM2 Megatron
  109. What Was Best Series Of Tf
  110. [RID,UT] Armada #9
  111. Dreamwave announces new G1 Comic
  112. Whats With Reflector???
  113. Taste of the Heroic Nonsense
  114. Favourite Dreamwave series?
  115. How much of Transformers have you seen and read?
  116. Anyone have the DW G1 TPB?
  117. G1 DVD's
  118. Talking Ravage
  119. Something about Cyclonus!!
  120. More Japanese feel to the Rebirth opening credits?
  121. Transformers Re-Mastered DVD Release
  122. [ART] Gigatron and Titanus of Robocity
  123. [RID,UT] When is Unicron coming?
  124. What would be funnier?
  125. [FICTION] Rhinox fiction
  126. [RID,UT] Sideways rules!
  127. [FICTION] Rhinox fic 2
  128. G1 Transformers Game Coming Out!!!
  129. [ART] Aftermath #4 Photoshopped Cover
  130. [ART] Aftermath #2 Photoshopped cover
  131. In The National Interest
  132. R! vs R2 Transformers DVD
  133. Transformers Series on DVD
  134. Underrated Transformer.
  135. Newest TF G1 Graphic Novels
  136. The Ultimate Comic Continuity And Information List
  137. If Hot Rod hadnt gotten in the way during Prime's final battle w/ Megatron...
  138. Best looking Transformers?
  139. Cartoon Vs. Comic
  140. [JTF] A question about "Transform!"/"Henshin!"
  141. Im done buying dreamwave comics
  142. TF Reference on the Simpsons!
  143. Non-english/japanese language TF eps
  144. Which did you prefer? Autobots or Decepticons?
  145. A Tf Rpg
  146. [FICTION] Ghost of the Past
  147. Transformer with lamest name?
  148. Orion Pax, hmmm?
  149. Alternate uses for Roller...
  150. The Ark - Cartoon vs. Comic
  151. Found a TPB but dont know wot it is... Need Help
  152. Transformer with the coolest name
  153. Target: 2006 Is Confusing Me
  154. Where are they now?
  155. Parallels between Transformers and Star Wars
  156. [RID,UT] Origin of the Minicon idea?
  157. Dw V2
  158. Concessions made in later US Marvel comics?
  159. Did Rodimus Prime just get a bad rap?
  160. [FICTION] Ep 5 (Nexus Pt 2)
  161. A question about "The Master Builders"...
  162. Great Omega Supreme quote
  163. What was the funniest or dumbest moment in Transformers?
  164. The good old "was Nightbird sentient?" controversy
  165. Transformers without a leader
  166. Ironhide's head shot off.
  167. Question about the old G1 comics
  168. Fortress Maximus question
  169. Did Ultra Magnus just get a bad rap?
  170. [RID,UT] Just watched Past Part 1 [Sideswipe's a Dink]
  171. [BW,BM] BW: when you read "Megatron" (or any other character), which version do you "
  172. Comic art peculiarity...
  173. Okay, thoughts needed on Inferno's alt mode...
  174. G2 and Nucleon
  175. [ART] [ART] Shrapnel: The Body Electric
  176. Best G1/G2 Comic Artist
  177. Could The Matrix just have been an atomic bomb?
  178. [JTF] The Four Soldiers From The Sky
  179. Why Didn't Starscream's ghots Possess...
  180. [JTF] Scramble City
  181. Favorite Starscream Moment.
  182. Did Kup just get a bad rap?
  183. TWW, issue 4
  184. [RID,UT] Sideswipe
  185. What was your favorite song or score in the movie?
  186. Starscream quote in TFTM
  187. [RID,UT] Is it just me . . .
  188. My brother recently bought a DVD player...
  189. Head-, target- and powermasters, cyborgs?
  190. [JTF] Suggested translation project - is it worth me doing this?
  191. [FICTION] Aerialbot Down!!!!
  192. [FICTION] The new TF Comic: Time Traveller!
  193. comments/conversation on the generation 1 movie
  194. [ART] Fanfiction and Artwork
  195. Did Starscream just get a bad rap?
  196. this scene..where could it be from?
  197. [BW,BM] Axalon schematics from japanese TV Magazine
  198. [FICTION] 35,000 word Transformers script/novel online!!!
  199. Help With Pics Of Devastator/Constructicons?
  200. [FICTION] Aftermath Chapters 1-5 with covers online
  201. A New Transformers Movie Cast (if only in our minds)
  202. Hmm, would it be safe to say that Snarl was the most powerful Autobot
  203. [RID,UT] Armada #10 (Furman on top of his game)
  204. Who's the best Constructicon??
  205. Hate Plague
  206. Did Wheelie get a bad rap?
  207. Was Grimlock overrated?
  208. Decepticon Casettes > Autobot Casettes
  209. [RID,UT] Anyone got the Armada TPB?
  210. [FICTION] Ep.6 ' Future Past'
  211. Which Transformer did you thought was the biggest wuss?
  212. Scorponok's head
  213. Jazz = Honk Kong Phooey?
  214. Dreamwave G1 Profiles
  215. [JTF] Does Anybody know...
  216. You can't beat the Real Transformers!
  217. What was your favorate Score from the TV Show?
  218. Just got G2 5-8 in the mail...
  219. [RID,UT] My thoughts on "Sacrifice"
  220. [JTF] 1 Question
  221. What was the worst storyline for G1?
  222. New UK DVD box set!
  223. [BW,BM] New UK Beast Wars DVD!
  224. Rumble: Part comedian but total badass!
  225. What if Transformers was more than an commercial for toys?
  226. [JTF] Got two questions
  227. Has anyone preordered Season 2 Part 2?
  228. A New Movie Coming Out?
  229. Marxism in G1
  230. The Transformers #24
  231. And now for something completely different...
  232. Transformers Inconsistencies?
  233. [FICTION] Aftermath Chapter 7 - Earthforce I
  234. Desert Island Transformers
  235. [RID,UT] rofl, Jetfire pants
  236. Rhetorical question: In MTMTE trilogy, why...
  237. Did the Aerialbots die in Rebirth?
  238. TF Volume 2 #1. GO GET IT! (SPOILERS AHEAD)
  239. Q about the TWW trade paperback...
  240. Closed Caption, Subtitles
  241. [RID,UT] Minicon-based equipment
  242. [ART] [ART] Smokescreen and Spike: Friends!
  243. Earthforce factions...
  244. UK issues
  245. Sudden Appearences
  246. [FICTION] [Fanfic] GOTP: Return of a Tyrant
  247. What was the worst quote or dialogue during G1?
  248. Dan Reed (Marvel UK comic artist) interview on Steve´s Transformers site
  249. Online interviews of the authors (all medias)?
  250. [RID,UT] Armada Toys