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  1. Is it true? Did Spike say a curse word?
  2. Q. re: Starscream's backstory
  3. Check the Link! What's the Difference between Transformers G1 and War Within Comics?
  4. [big bundle of eBay spam]
  5. this ultra magnus
  6. how many transformers are there?
  7. who wins?
  8. What kind of order should I get the TPB or TPB's in? Is there a beginning? End?
  9. Starscream - a child?
  10. Transformers book three Fusion (Spoilers)
  11. Transformers have tongues?
  12. Lady Starscream
  13. Oi, Titan - why no TF Universe TPB?
  14. [JTF] When and Where can we get Takara DVD Of The First season of Headmasters?
  15. Let's all write a story...
  16. [JTF] Different colors in Japan?
  17. Unicron continuity question? UK
  18. Another "oopsie" on the cartoon
  19. Comic book question
  20. [JTF] As of yet incomplete list of Japanese names
  21. [BW,BM] A intesting theory of mine
  22. [BW,BM] Why they did not turn in to transmetals
  23. Gesalt Memories/ Full List
  24. Did Carnivac kill Needlenose?
  25. Insecticons orgin
  26. Generation 2
  27. TF Archive G1 Cartoon Bios
  28. What Series is this from???
  29. [JTF] Super Link screen caps!
  30. This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!
  31. [BW,BM] What happens when
  32. Suicidal Transformers? (sorry if this is in bad taste)
  33. Who created (built) the Decepticon Cassettes?
  34. G2 trade paper backs
  35. [ART] Comments on my WIP 3D Unicron (Armada version)
  36. I need a Prime...
  37. [ART] Galvatron With Matrix
  38. [FICTION] Perpetual War [unfinished]
  39. [RID,UT] Armada MTMTE #3.
  40. Quintessential Question
  41. [RID,UT] Episode 15? *probably spoilers to follow*
  42. [BW,BM] After watching Beastwars, Which Series do I watch next? I need more cartoons!!!!
  43. Insecticons and reproduction
  44. Calling people who've bought Titan trade paperbacks reprints...
  45. New transformers
  46. The Worst Transformer Character Designs
  47. Who Is Your Favorite Transformer And Why?
  48. [RID,UT] Anyone know when new Energon episodes will be on?
  49. A more worthy adversary for Metroplex.
  50. Further proof that the comics are better than the cartoons...
  51. [RID,UT] Super Link/Energon Episode 11 *spoilers*
  52. Excellent epiosodes of the G1 cartoon.
  53. Who would win?
  54. [BW,BM] Symbolism of the Beast modes
  55. [BW,BM] Which Predacon are you?
  56. G.IJoe #138, who is Megatron tallking to?
  57. HMW Megatron vs Galvatron
  58. The Ciencin / Cian book trilogy...
  59. [JTF] Victory Fan Dub Auditions, more...
  60. [RID,UT] Starscream! Whyyyyyyyyyyy!?
  61. Favorite Transformer quotes
  62. [FICTION] Submition: The War against Terror by Morph
  63. [JTF] A Blendtron? What the hell is a Blendtron?
  64. Looking for a general summary/timeline/faq
  65. [RID,UT] Burning Megatron
  66. [JTF] To those that own Masterforce/Victory Boxsets from Japan
  67. [BW,BM] Is season 2 box set out?
  68. Preview pics for #5?
  69. [RID,UT] [Energon episode guides]
  70. completly useless alt-modes
  71. Would an Alternators show be interesting?
  72. Things Skywarp is no longer allowed to do / comedy spec mottos
  73. Introduction of New Characters on G1 Cartoon
  74. [JTF] Japanese Transformers- The Verdict
  75. [RID,UT] armada more then meets the eye
  76. [RID,UT] Armada is Horrible!!! Please read!
  77. [ART] [ART] Windcharger: Return To Sender
  78. [JTF] Trasnformers - History of Music
  79. So, what if they'd tortured Daniel...?
  80. [RID,UT] energon episodes
  81. [RID,UT] Best Armada/Energon Character
  82. [RID,UT] New Energon Episodes dates?
  83. [ART] Transformers color bars!
  84. [FICTION] "Writer's Workshop" - How to describe expressions of emotions
  85. [ART] TF Flash movie
  86. [ART] Anyone miss their fan art? (i.e. stolen art)
  87. Targetmasters and such...
  88. G1 #3 cameo help
  89. Dreamwave letters pages make me sick...
  90. Need help with season 2
  91. Several questions from newbie on G1 series: HELP!
  92. So, how warm are Transformers?
  93. Transformers vs. the Yuuzhan Vong
  94. When is G1 #5 coming out??
  95. Soundwave Heroes of Cybertron question
  96. Dinobot question
  97. Essay: Hasbro SUXX!
  98. [RID,UT] Energon 23
  99. question about Transformer history :g2 spoilers:
  100. [ART] Arctos Prime
  101. [ART] Transformer art
  102. Optimus Primes Final Form
  103. [ART] I made a music video
  104. [JTF] writing credits
  105. If the Transformers had pets...
  106. [FICTION] Big Project
  107. Seven Deadly Sins
  108. Silver Snake?
  109. [RID,UT] finally saw energon
  110. which transformer has the best "helmet"
  111. Star Wars Transformers Movie on YTV Today....
  112. [FICTION] Filk fun!
  113. Why should they even care about humans?
  114. [ART] [ART] "Genesis" artbook portraits (used & unused)
  115. [ART] "Soundwave's Menagerie" (The Decepticon Cassettes Song)
  116. Anyone else find THIS strangely sexual, too?
  117. I started to read alingment, couldnt finish it
  118. "Only Human" screen caps?
  119. [ART] Cybertron Warrior update!
  120. Carnage in C-Minor in all its (un)glory!
  121. [ART] What is allowed here ??
  122. Spotlight on BRUTICUS!
  123. Every time i see Rack'n'Ruin i think about Andy Capp
  124. [FICTION] The three stooges!!!!
  125. Season two part two
  126. [FICTION] anyone wants to help me on an alternators fanfic?
  127. [JTF] Super Link Ep. 20 *SPOILERS*
  128. Uk # 259 Cover Question (link inside)
  129. [ART] Flash animation find
  130. [ART] "Young Screamer"
  131. [JTF] beast wars neo fansub
  132. TF Movies!?
  133. [ART] Crit my pencil sketch...?
  134. Who should do Starscream's voice in the new movie?
  135. How do they "see"?
  136. [ART] AAUUUGGGHHH!!!! Insecticon attack!!
  137. G1 characters
  138. Nightbeat question
  139. On early DW issues....
  140. [RID,UT] Energon Airs In The UK Tomorrow
  141. So...... (Unicron vs. Death Star)
  142. Galvatron in the movie
  143. [RID,UT] Energon Replaced on CN?
  144. Transformers Marathon
  145. [RID,UT] Energon Megatron box
  146. [BW,BM] Beast Wars 2/Beast Wars neo?
  147. [BW,BM] possible beast wars error(Code of Hero)
  148. [BW,BM] So I'm watching Beast Wars for the first time...
  149. Transformer weapons
  150. which tf has the best voice
  151. Quick comic guide question...
  152. Transformer classifications
  153. US #80 farewell from Furman
  154. Comic scans questions...
  155. Transformers: The Ultimate Guide by Simon Furman
  156. [ART] Vid find [3D Soundwave!]
  157. good fight or slaughter?
  158. [RID,UT] The true origin of Kicker
  159. Transformers you like that no one else seems to...
  160. Question about Optimus AFTER the Movie
  161. Aah my foot!
  162. The Decepticon Matrix of Conquest
  163. Glavamius Prime?
  164. [RID,UT] Tidal Wave. HOLY ****
  165. Chronicling the Transformers
  166. [ART] Awsome Transformers Animation!
  167. Y Arnt we getting any thing
  168. [ART] Henshin!
  169. [JTF] As I was flipping through my TF manga book today...
  170. wich tf do you hate
  171. [ART] Fan art find (too hilarious not to share)
  172. 'The Touch' - TF Movie song
  173. The Matrix Of Leadership
  174. Grimlock hmm
  175. [ART] My french G1 episode
  176. [BW,BM] More characters
  177. Tortures all the kids in tf deserved
  178. I need Squawktalk!!!!!!!!!!!
  179. [RID,UT] Whoa..???
  180. [RID,UT] Energon 24
  181. [ART] 20th Anniversary Optimus - some SERIOUS CG skills at work!
  182. New Movie Soundtrack
  183. stupid question...about the autobots in cartoons...
  184. Cover for G1 #7
  185. [RID,UT] New forms (spoilers)
  186. Got Dark Awakening VHS in the mail...
  187. matrix heirs
  188. G1 inserts
  189. [BW,BM] looking a beast wars poster...
  190. [BW,BM] Dark Glass still available?
  191. [FICTION] The Importance of Being Soundwave
  192. [ART] Transformers Smileys (Shockwave,Soundwave,Prime,Powerglide)
  193. [ART] My first offering...Hot Rod
  194. [RID,UT] Could I start and watch this before watching G1?
  195. Biggest n00b question. Of all time.
  196. Soundwave Breakdancing!
  197. This has been bugging me for a while
  198. [RID,UT] Finally!!!!
  199. [RID,UT] Armada Megs to Galvy, what's the story morning glory?
  200. Unlikely friendships
  201. What is your top three episodes of all time?
  202. How to start off the new TF movie?
  203. How strong is Cosmos?
  204. [RID,UT] Could someone clear this up?
  205. [G1 cartoon profiles]
  206. G1 Ongoing Issue 5
  207. [RID,UT] Does anyone know?
  208. [RID,UT] unicron figure
  209. Grimlock vs. Fortress Maximus?
  210. [RID,UT] Megatron one moment, Galvatron the next
  211. [RID,UT] Superion Maximus/Omega supreme or whatever his name is!
  212. [JTF] Superlink ep24 pics *spoilers* (195kb)
  213. 1 Thing That Annoys You About Dreamwave
  214. What was your favorite version of the TF theme song?
  215. Underated Transformers
  216. [FICTION] Teaser for fan comic Preview
  217. [ART] 300 years later preview
  218. [RID,UT] Tidal Wave figure
  219. Did Trypticon destroy the Ark?
  220. [JTF] Was Matrix Forever (Japanese TF:TM) any different from the Western version?
  221. UK #251 casualties
  222. [FICTION] 300 years later the purge preview
  223. Arcee
  224. [RID,UT] Armada 46 (spoilers contained)
  225. [RID,UT] How many episodes?
  226. [RID,UT] Animation error ? Armada 50
  227. [JTF] so i finally saw some of the headmaster series...
  228. Hands up if you'd heard of Pat Lee before DW got the TF license...
  229. [FICTION] Beast wars fanfic
  230. How certain is the new movie?
  231. Wow! I just finished reading my first ever Comic Books, and I loved it! New G1 Comic!
  232. Blaster vs. Soundwave (A comparison)
  233. [BW,BM] Calling all TF artists
  234. where snarl huh 0_o not here
  235. [ART] Return of the insecticons
  236. comics
  237. [BW,BM] favorite bw\bm episodes
  238. [BW,BM] Was it really Cybertron at the end of Bm
  239. Makes You think
  240. Scans of On The Edge Of Extinction
  241. [RID,UT] Some TF needed help...pleasee!!!
  242. [RID,UT] Energon DVDs
  243. [BW,BM] Beastwars Wow
  244. Can Anyone identify this animation cel?
  245. What Did Sentinel Prime Look Like?
  246. [JTF] Continuity check, updating my short continuity list
  247. Oh My God, Wheelie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. What a blast from the past!
  249. Someting I found....
  250. [ART] Optimus Prime as a Girl