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  1. Overload of "stubbies", "V.V.H" and "Puttup", again
  2. Why don't abominus have a profile?
  3. Question, may already have been asked.
  4. any 1 [kno if gee-wun will be aired agen; form an orderly queue behind the gun-sight]
  5. Megatron the comics and “Aerialbots Over America!"
  6. [RID,UT] Energon 12: Crisis in Jungle City (spoilers)
  7. [RID,UT] enegon megatron got a diffrent voice actor in ep 14?
  8. RID, the war with in, headmasters, armada, energon, beast machines g2?!!!
  9. [RID,UT] Energon Marathon!
  10. [RID,UT] Bumblebee and Gears in Energon?
  11. [BW,BM] Dreamwave Beast Wars Special
  12. [ART] [Fan art find] Slog!!
  13. I Have Come To The Conclusion.....megatron Is....
  14. g1 universe page
  15. [FICTION] Trans-poems
  16. [JTF] WPP-Fansubs does Masterforce!
  17. [BW,BM] Need a name...
  18. [RID,UT] on a loop again
  19. Alas,Poor Bludgeon
  20. I need a little help!
  21. Micromasters #1
  22. G1 On-Going #6 (spoilers)
  23. Question...
  24. five... er, seven random comments
  25. [ART] Nothing that great: Starsaber Lineart by Beamer Magnus
  26. [BW,BM] Contacting Hasbro
  27. Movie Poss
  28. why the hell does Megatron use his gun mode?
  29. [RID,UT] energon sucks!
  30. G1 Question
  31. transformer:tm
  32. [ART] Another cool fanart find (Armada/G1 crossover)
  33. [BW,BM] Fav BW/BM character.
  34. tf who's a satellite and one who's a camera?
  35. question
  36. Transformers live-action movie coming Summer 2006!
  37. Pat Lees Basic Day In The Office (Summer Special Discussion Thingy)
  38. [JTF] The successor to TFCyberbon?
  39. [RID,UT] Energon 21: Laser Wave Ramage (Spoilers)
  40. [ART] Seeker Designs for Transformers: Unbound
  41. [JTF] Weird Names In Japan
  42. DW timeline to date
  43. [BW,BM] BW Limited to 14 Characters
  44. UK Marvel Run ? regarding Ironhide's appearance
  45. Silly Caption Contest pt.1
  46. [JTF] #TV-Nihon/WPP-Fansubs does Headmasters!
  47. [BW,BM] The Adult Humour in Beast Wars
  48. [ART] College University
  49. question about an old episode
  50. [JTF] The Headmasters Sub's
  51. Don Murphy speaks out about the new TF movie
  52. need bios on scorponok and straxus
  53. Silly Caption game pt. 2
  54. question about the movie
  55. How are the Marvel comics related to the G1 Cartoons?
  56. [JTF] What I think if Headmasters so far?
  57. [BW,BM] How much does the Beastwars Series remind you of the G1 Series?
  58. [ART] Hilarious flash animation!
  59. [RID,UT] Energon 26- Spoilers
  60. [JTF] Just really started watching the Japanese series...
  61. Perceptor?
  62. [JTF] I just can't figure something out
  63. [RID,UT] Energon flash(?) game still somewhere?
  64. Tansformers icons
  65. What's your favorite comic series
  66. [ART] Dynabots - My HMW Team
  67. Loose ends (comic)
  68. Adults Only: Headmasters Stuff
  69. [ART] [ART] NeoG1 Spychangers (OTFCC art-contest winner!)
  70. [BW,BM] Rhinox' face.
  71. what format
  72. [JTF] Super Link Episode 31 (Spoilers)
  73. Wish they Bridged the gap between Season 2 and TF the movie?
  74. Who do u wish u saw more of in the cartoon
  75. the matrix
  76. How do u pronounce Jhiaxus
  77. Top 10 best drawn episodes
  78. TRansformers Movie Music
  79. IMO "BURDEN HARDEST TO BARE" is one of the GREATEST eps. in Transformers
  80. Question about US comic issue 76
  81. [BW,BM] Look at what ive discovered
  82. WWII transformers
  83. [RID,UT] Megatron Revived
  84. Origin of the 'Creation Matix'
  85. [RID,UT] Energon Episode guides are up to date!
  86. top 10 favorite comics
  87. Qustion about Gestlats
  88. Starscreams ghost
  89. DW Comic Sales for July
  90. Thanos vs The Transformers
  91. [FICTION] another look on energon...
  92. [ART] OMG, I must pimp this fan art! [Terrorsaur]
  93. [ART] Starscream
  94. "Season 5" Powermaster Optimus Prime pic?
  95. Pet Shop Boys/Transformers Connection?
  96. [FICTION] Superlink: Prelude to Chaos: Prologue
  97. [ART] need pics.
  98. Who's the better Leader, Prime or Megatron ?
  99. would skylynx make a good leader
  100. Who would win an autobot car race
  101. Should I kep my site going?
  102. Optimus Prime pic
  103. Why do the Decepticons respect Galvatron more than Megatron?
  104. End of the road
  105. matrix
  106. [ART] Magnus with the spin
  107. [RID,UT] My thoughts on Armada and Energon...
  108. Trans-Trek
  109. [BW,BM] How organic were their beast parts?
  110. [BW,BM] Character Deaths- SPOILERS WITHIN
  111. [BW,BM] Waspinator's eye lazers?
  112. Trying to work out an Autobot's name
  113. Rust in peace
  114. Mutants in disguise
  115. [BW,BM] Size comparison
  116. [ART] Unbound art
  117. [BW,BM] A Guardian Robot would've been nice in BM
  118. [ART] Starscream Armada WIP
  119. [RID,UT] Overload, Blurr, Grapple, Sideswipe, Scavanger...
  120. Film Alternators
  121. The best random appearance weapons
  122. [BW,BM] Request
  123. [RID,UT] G1 characters
  124. New Series
  125. [JTF] Transformers: Zone and Scramble City Reviews?
  126. G1 #7 Spoilers
  127. [JTF] Alternators/Binaltech Woh-man!
  128. Reviving Optimus Prime?
  129. [ART] Thundercracker (Cybertronian alt mode)
  130. [RID,UT] Any Blurr fans out there
  131. [JTF] Observation reg. Buster and Hydra (Masterforce)
  132. [RID,UT] (Energon) Questions about Minicons, Omnicons, Sideways, Energon, Megatron...
  133. [MUSIC] Awesome variation of the TF theme!
  134. Tf monopoly!?
  135. [ART] Found a website with some sweet fanart!
  136. [ART] Icons
  137. [BW,BM] Beast Wars Monopoly
  138. [BW,BM] Transfered Characters
  139. [RID,UT] transformer armada better than energon?
  140. Transformers - The Ultimate Guide
  141. [BW,BM] What happens in BM?
  142. [BW,BM] Goat guy From Beast Wars
  143. [BW,BM] What did you think of BM?
  144. [ART] Hako Clones (3D Paper Transformers)
  145. statues of the decepticons leaders
  146. [BW,BM] Timeline
  147. Ring Tones??
  148. [RID,UT] Think they will reintroduce Devastator?
  149. Hi. I´m A Novice Member Of The Community
  150. Alternate reality?
  151. 2nd animated movie?
  152. [BW,BM] Dr. Archevil in BM
  153. TF Magic Cards
  154. Comic characters compared to cartoon characters
  155. [RID,UT] Energon Issue 27: potential spoiler!!!
  156. transformers US comic archive??
  157. [RID,UT] unicron theory?
  158. [BW,BM] BW brain teaser
  159. [TF:TM] What exactly is Unicron up to?
  160. DW G1 continuity
  161. What´s your opinion about the TECHNOBOTS?
  162. [FICTION] Return of the Crossover Fic
  163. Why did G1 Swindle's Marvel design depict him as a Jeep?
  164. How did Laserbeak escape?
  165. Where is Ultra Magnus? [US Comic/G2]
  166. Where was Ravage?
  167. [RID,UT] september marathon spoilers please?
  168. Transformers G1 season 3/4 Metrodome DVD
  169. [BW,BM] Canon Question
  170. TF:TM dvd?
  171. How did u climb wit one arm
  172. [JTF] Next Manga is up
  173. What was Wheelie doing on Quintessa
  174. Paperformers (link I saw on another board)
  175. [BW,BM] golden disk number 2
  176. Which G1 season has the best backgrounds?
  177. Don Murphy movie news!
  178. Animation Cels
  179. [RID,UT] is it over....
  180. [BW,BM] Season 3 Box set: Where's the Deleted Scene?
  181. Outdated Transformers?
  182. [BW,BM] Does Prime Remember the time he merged with Primal?
  183. Evolution of Optimus Prime
  184. DW Micromasters series
  185. UK Season 1 Boxed Set
  186. Hooligan from Mil-Wal
  187. [RID,UT] Transformers getting canceled
  188. Is Primus really a God?
  189. [RID,UT] What ARE Minicons?
  190. [RID,UT] Looking for some Info?
  191. [BW,BM] the Vehicon Generals(possible spoilers)
  192. Cybertron modes
  193. [BW,BM] Beast Wars Season 3 dvd errors
  194. A final message from Melchizedek.
  195. Prime sounds
  196. [RID,UT] Dowload eps?
  197. Online comics
  198. [BW,BM] Quesiton about Trantulas origins (spoilers)
  199. Leadership
  200. What realy happened with Soundwave on the shuttle
  201. [ART] Worth a look
  202. Five Faces of Darkness opening credits
  203. G1 V2 Tpb
  204. seriously...question
  205. Micromasters #3 (spoilers)
  206. Least Favorite Characters
  207. Age of Wrath (spoilers)
  208. [JTF] Masterforce and Ginrai [was: Universe (Energon?) Seacons repaints]
  209. [BW,BM] TF evolution...
  210. GiJoe vs. Transformers Vol. 2 #1
  211. [RID,UT] What if Mainframe handled Rid?
  212. Transformers continuity and timeline?
  213. [BW,BM] Anybody else dissatisfied with the portrayal of early earth fauna?
  214. [ART] [art] War Within Seeker
  215. bad aim
  216. [JTF] Looking for this beautiful Transformer japanese animation! Pls Help!
  217. [BW,BM] transtech
  218. [JTF] Information about the Metrotitan character from Zone
  219. Does anyone remember.....?
  220. Question about a song in Issue #2 (or #3) [Marvel US Comic]
  221. Under-rated characters
  222. Cybertronian Forms.
  223. [BW,BM] Deleted footage from Nemesis Pt. 2...aside from the Megatron Spark scene we all know.
  224. [RID,UT] who's he talking to?
  225. [RID,UT] Episode DL of Energon Available from CN
  226. [FICTION] [Work in progress]
  227. [RID,UT] bruticus or deva...consturcticon maximus?
  228. the live action movie!!
  229. Worlds worst casting call
  230. a few questions
  231. If one character could have their own comic series who would it be
  232. [RID,UT] Bulkhead oppinions.
  233. I Have Been Converted
  235. Uhm... diz be da Trackz? (i.e. first voice actor for TF movie cast?)
  236. G1 On-Going #8 *spoilers*
  237. [RID,UT] Is there any substance to this?
  238. [BW,BM] G'day all, help please, episodes wanted
  239. US G1 Comics
  240. [RID,UT] The Best thing about Armada is the PS2 Game!! so ignore the show and buy game!!
  241. Transformers live action movie pic!
  242. [RID,UT] The Energon cartoon makes very little sense.
  243. Tom Hanks to star in upcoming TF movie?
  244. A question for the ladies
  245. Upcoming TF movie aiming for PG-13 rating
  246. [RID,UT] Inferno is... *spoilers*
  247. [BW,BM] Optimal Megatron
  248. [RID,UT] megatron, galvatron, megatron, galvatron
  249. [RID,UT] one good thing about RiD
  250. [BW,BM] Sizes