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  1. Silly Questions about Sounds.
  2. [BW,BM] Beast Machines DVD
  3. Has Dreamwave ruined Blitzwing?
  4. The Key To Vector Sigma 1 and 2: The greatest two episodes ever?!
  5. [RID,UT] Energon on CN, my first time watching it
  6. [RID,UT] And the Shockblast repaint is... *spoilers*
  7. [RID,UT] this can't be happening!
  8. The Beast Within
  9. Niggle with Furman
  10. Wreckers
  11. Dreamwave: the good, the bad and the ugly
  12. Inspired by Cliffjumpers post - who got enough exposure in the 1980s
  13. [FICTION] Peace Through Tyranny (G1/TWW fanfic)
  14. [JTF] help!im in need of some superlink subs!
  15. [ART] The Supernatural Decepticon Commanders: A Theory
  16. [RID,UT] How to fix armada
  17. Question about the man of iron.
  18. Beast War Toys
  19. Upcoming TF movie writer to be announced soon
  20. [JTF] Argh! [Theme Music]
  21. wreckers
  22. Transformers: The Movie-Japanese Poster
  23. Masquerade... wha....?
  24. [RID,UT] [R.I.D. episode guides]
  25. What If?
  26. [RID,UT] when is RID coming to home video??
  27. [RID,UT] Armada Unicron Battles-> animation better?
  28. [RID,UT] Energon moving?
  29. [ART] [ART] Means of Persuasion: When They Came For Him
  30. Transformers Movie Done In Computer Animation
  31. [JTF] G1 leaders
  32. [RID,UT] Who else thinks that Nightscream (EN Starscream) might defect to the Autobots?
  33. [RID,UT] He's back! *kinda spoilers*
  34. Does Furman still have any hobbies besides giving interviews?
  35. I think RED ALERT was right!!!
  36. [BW,BM] is primal the supreme comander?
  37. [JTF] [Beast Wars Neo episode guides]
  38. [RID,UT] mirage question
  39. [JTF] will they ever.....?
  40. quick question
  41. [ART] check out myy art
  42. [JTF] omega convoy *spoilers*
  43. [JTF] wheeljacks death?
  44. Age Of Wrath 2: Ng's Art Masterclass...
  45. [RID,UT] Energon 28: Belated spoilers
  46. [BW,BM] Dinobot returns....
  47. Galvatron Rules!!!!!
  48. Okay, I took my eye off the ball on the TPBs...
  49. [BW,BM] 3rd season
  50. [BW,BM] Why in BM the Maximals had 1st season bodies and not 3rd season bodies?
  51. Favourite Comic Cover?
  52. [RID,UT] WOAH! I'm kinda liking Energon.
  53. Wreckers
  54. [RID,UT] possability of Energon on terrestrial TV UK
  55. G2 fonts
  56. TF movie screenwriter found (not named yet)
  57. Sunstorm question
  58. [RID,UT] 2nd in command
  59. Season 5-The ultimate final battle G1
  60. arise rodimus prime
  61. [RID,UT] Alpha Q
  62. [RID,UT] quick armada questions
  63. [FICTION] my first fan fic!
  64. [BW,BM] I have been converted
  65. [BW,BM] Madman and Beast Wars
  66. A few noob(kinda) questions
  67. [RID,UT] How Come Rodimus Exists in energon (Not Hotrod?)
  68. [RID,UT] I hate living in the ass end of the world
  69. Transformers
  70. Don't hold your breath - John Rogers is going to write the upcoming TF movie script
  71. [RID,UT] Is it all being rushed?
  72. [JTF] Must watch! Matches of the Most powerful Team!
  73. "Air Commander" = 2IC?
  74. [RID,UT] one hell of a screw up
  75. Transformers/GI: Joe: Divided Front 1: Spoilers
  76. TF:TM had it lost it!
  77. [BW,BM] Possible Stupid Question-Megatron & Dinobot
  78. [RID,UT] grimlock and swoop?
  79. Looking For A Couple of Annual Stories
  80. [JTF] Japan G2 - What happend in it?
  81. [JTF] mini comic vol3 (jap translated)
  82. [BW,BM] Q: Dose TF:Universe comes after BM?
  83. Don Murphy's movie schedule
  84. Generation 1 #9
  85. The Matrix Quest & Dark Designs
  86. [RID,UT] what the?!?! another big screw up/change
  87. [ART] Transformers Fan Film Trailer
  88. [ART] A lost art?
  89. How come must of the autobots from season 1 and 2 were not in season 3 and 4
  90. [BW,BM] Predacon question
  91. The Cybertronian Empire
  92. Should Marvel G1 have ended at issue 75?
  93. A few questions about Titan US trade paperbacks...
  94. [ART] how to draw
  95. Obscure G1 cartoon characters
  96. [RID,UT] Does Micron Legeds really better then Armada?
  97. Unicron's head
  98. [Energon/G1] Corrected profiles
  99. Very wooly time line question re: The Great War..
  100. Don Murphy bits about the TF movie
  101. [ART] Transformers CGI Video
  102. [BW,BM] DW Beast Wars comic
  103. Best Comic Moments
  104. [BW,BM] Fragile spark
  105. [JTF] 500th episode tribute.
  106. TF name usage in general life.
  107. [FICTION] Fan created evil medic: Malpractice
  108. G2 Comic Question
  109. Mick and Patyk-GONE!!!
  110. [RID,UT] Transformer God?
  111. [RID,UT] ShockBlast versus Mirage versus Wing Saber
  112. [RID,UT] Energon 39 (spoilers)
  113. Murphy meets Furman
  114. [RID,UT] Energon #29: Quite Good Shocker!
  115. Are the new Dreamwave comics worth getting?
  116. Fave Obscure Comic Character
  117. [ART] My G1 CGI characters
  118. Brief Q&A with John Rogers [movie]
  119. [RID,UT] Optimus PRIMAL?!!??!!?
  120. Just a few questions..
  121. What happened to HiQ?
  122. [RID,UT] Energon episode #40 up at cartoon network: combiners in English
  123. [RID,UT] Repaints!!
  124. Did Rodimus do better than Optimus?
  125. Are the transformers creepy?
  126. TF teams
  127. What Took So Long For Blaster.....
  128. [RID,UT] names
  129. [JTF] The titles of the last few Super Link episodes... (possible spoilers)
  130. [BW,BM] Few characters on TV = smaller sales?
  131. A few nagging questions(UK comic continuity answers, please!!)
  132. [RID,UT] Energon #39 [SPOILERS]
  133. [RID,UT] Energeon powerlinks
  134. Any news on the rumored re-release of TF: TM ?
  135. [RID,UT] Episode #33
  136. [RID,UT] tratior
  137. best reformation ever
  138. [BW,BM] fueling question
  139. Whatever happened to Pat Lee's drawing abilities?
  140. Don Murphy update
  141. [RID,UT] So who watched the Energon Marathon on CN? **contains spoilers**
  142. Screenwriter John Rogers gives some info about the movie.
  143. G1 ongoing #10/WW#3
  144. [RID,UT] Energon episodes for deployed soldier
  145. [BW,BM] Waspinator????
  146. [BW,BM] Arena
  147. would it be cool if they made a remake of G1
  148. cybertron
  149. [BW,BM] cybertronian forms
  150. So I've read through some of the comics and I'm gonna have to disagree with many...
  151. [RID,UT] Kicker
  152. [JTF] please tell me BW2 is going to be better....
  153. [BW,BM] They're not BM dvd's, but they're close enough for me!
  154. Anyone Know Where I Can Find Alignment Scans?
  155. The Unsolved Mysteries of The Transformers cartoon
  156. why doesn't the autobots blast away Unicron's head in S3
  157. [BW,BM] Post Nemesis Megatron battle?
  158. poor humans
  159. transformers a history!
  160. Uncovering the Mystery-G1 Ongoing
  161. Favorite Transformer alien!
  162. [BW,BM] Favorite Maximal/Predicon and Why
  163. [RID,UT] R.I.D collection for sale
  164. [RID,UT] Combiner question
  165. [BW,BM] Grimlock returns
  166. A Mammoth Undertaking
  167. Trying to figure out which transformer this is
  168. [MUSIC] MTMTE: The Transformers Medely
  169. Why didn't the Decepticons slag the Autobots when they awoke?
  170. [RID,UT] Character Bios
  171. Unicron to be mentioned in new TF movie
  172. [BW,BM] Megatron wasn't thinking when he tried to kill Prime...
  173. Transformers and Lovecraft
  174. Tformers interview with Don Murphy
  175. The Glorious Anniversary Year
  176. Fembots
  177. How big was Cybertron?
  178. [JTF] Bridging the gap between Headmasters and Masterforce...
  179. [RID,UT] Energon #30: Megs Vs Scorponok! (Spoilers)
  180. Fall And Rise Of The Decepticon Empire
  181. Who Would u like to see carry the Matrix
  182. [BW,BM] breat wars/machine toys for sale
  183. Suckiest Transformer
  184. [RID,UT] About Scavenger and Laser Beak in Armada
  185. [RID,UT] energon canceled
  186. Worst Comic Story?
  187. [RID,UT] Essay help
  188. [BW,BM] Voice actor of dinobot in W40k Dawn of war
  189. Worst Transformers Series...?
  190. [BW,BM] protoforms transformation
  191. Unicrons Origin
  192. strange transformations
  193. [BW,BM] Rampage versus Silverbolt (crossing the Rubicon)
  194. feelings on pretenders
  195. Action Masters
  196. [RID,UT] Transformers Website
  197. [RID,UT] when Energons gone what next?
  198. Soundwave...badass of megatrons lapdog?
  199. Worst Names
  200. how did the autobots get around before skyfire?
  201. If DW loses its Transformers license...
  202. November TF Comic Sales
  203. Transformers Questions And Comments
  204. Skar what is it
  205. Dreamwave's Nod To Death's Head
  206. Catilla
  207. Transformers Alphabet Game
  208. Weakest Transformer
  209. Highbrow Is One Mean Dude
  210. [RID,UT] Shockblast/Starscream?
  211. [RID,UT] overload
  212. Greatest Transformer quotes
  213. Why Are Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp called "The Seekers"?
  214. Marvel VS Dreamwave volume 20000000: Who made Predaking?
  215. [BW,BM] Do real dinosaurs wear pink/
  216. [BW,BM] Beast Wars Megatron identity (spoiler)
  217. G1 cartoon plot holes
  218. The Dead Transformers
  219. [BW,BM] Beast Wars season three the weakest?
  220. [Rumour] BWTF.com report that Dreamwave have possibly gone under.
  221. New Rumor-DW OUt of Business?
  222. [ICONS] My Icons
  223. DW G1 vol. 3 TPB?
  224. What ALT mode do you want?
  225. GiJoe vs Transformers II series - DDP [SPOILERS]
  226. [BW,BM] Cage in 'Master Blaster'
  227. Stupid, stupid cartoon bit
  228. [RID,UT] Was anyone else confused...
  229. [ART] Micromaster base rough plan
  230. [ART] CGI G1 Soundwave alpha
  231. [RID,UT] Armada 52 was that Quintessa?
  232. madman boxsets
  233. New DW comics out
  234. [ART] [ART] Firecons: Infernal Investigation
  235. [ART] Walky meets Beast Wars!
  236. Grimlock Question
  237. Blaster
  238. Question
  239. Huffer died?
  240. Transformers Legends (anthology novel)
  241. Will Hasbro knowing about the fandom be good or bad in the longterm?
  242. [BW,BM] Tranformers Transtech could it still happen?
  243. [ICONS] Looking for a specific 'chibi' G1 SS pic HELP!!!
  244. [BW,BM] any word on a BW Mausoleum
  245. constucticon theory
  246. [JTF] Superlink, the end.
  247. lost in translation
  248. Name the Vehicle
  249. Which Two Insecticons got killed in Transfomers: The Movie?
  250. It is the year 2005...