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  1. [BW,BM] Hold on...
  2. [Need Help] Making g1 style Tech-Specs
  3. a new G1 style show after the movie?
  4. Autobot clones (sort of)
  5. Favorite Megatron Moment(any series)
  6. [BW,BM] What's the story behind Optimus and Megatron's beast modes?
  7. Favorite Optimus Prime Moment
  8. [RID,UT] names in GF and Cybertron
  9. Arcee cut from Transformers movie
  10. MORE Movie News from Ian Bryce
  11. Way of the Warrior
  12. [ART] The Iacon Theatre presents...
  13. Most ridicules candidate for leadership of Autobots/Decepticons
  14. [JTF] overlord
  15. Where?!?
  16. [RID,UT] Armada/Energon Comics
  17. This is genius!
  18. Casey Kasem - another rumor bites the dust
  19. Help me Decide
  20. [RID,UT] Some Questions
  21. [BW,BM] tigerhawk, a herm?
  22. Unicron in the end of the movie
  23. [BW,BM] Proof of canon?
  24. Two questions
  25. [FICTION] Who do you want to see dead?
  26. Ideal Seekers
  27. [ART] More Photoshop haXX0ringz...
  28. [BW,BM] Anyone remember the "Dark Glass" CGI fan comic?
  29. [FICTION] [fan comic] Something else Christmassy...
  30. [FICTION] In the Christmas Spirit.
  31. redraw the old cartoon?
  32. [FICTION] Little Omega's Christmas Adventure!
  33. [RID,UT] Leobreaker
  34. [FICTION] A Fairytale of Dinobots
  35. Powerglide??
  36. Episode watching list ?
  37. Blaster tapes Question?
  38. Ultra Magnus Matrix Holder?
  39. Noticeable absentees from TF movie?
  40. [RID,UT] If anyone cares...
  41. [RID,UT] what would thrust be like in cybetron
  42. [ART] Wanted! CyberFembot Faction Symbol
  43. [ART] Nekomimi Announcer Sisters
  44. Bumblebee :some assembly required
  45. 2006: anyone else find it strange?
  46. [JTF] a few superlink questions...
  47. Where did Snarl go?
  48. original wreckers?
  49. 10 favorite G1 names
  50. [BW,BM] IDW BW mini-series, which covers you're getting?
  51. Insecticons
  52. [RID,UT] so it finally comes to it... Galaxy Force comes to a close
  53. [FICTION] Actionmasters
  54. [FICTION] Feral Combat: Armadaverse Beast Wars
  55. [FICTIOn] Temporal Escalation (AKA Revenge of the Repaints)
  56. movie transformations
  57. Need list of acomplishments: Shockwave
  58. Ratchet Question
  59. Updated Religion essay-any inaccuracies?
  60. [BW,BM] Beast Wars toys on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  61. [ART] Rough start: Galaxy Force II
  62. [RID,UT] ARGHH!!! What happened to TF Cybertron on TV!?
  63. [BW,BM] Snapper gives a nod to monster movies?
  64. Transformers movie test animation?
  65. Carlos or Carter???
  66. [RID,UT] So i just saw my first few episodes of RID...
  67. [RID,UT] So i just saw my first few episodes of RID...
  68. optimus prime cloned ?
  69. [RID,UT] Woah, What??
  70. [JTF] Sixshot in headmasters?
  71. [RID,UT] New Armada video game cheat code
  72. [BW,BM] Where can I find Beast Wars?
  73. [JTF] Arcee's role in headmasters
  74. [FICTION] The Dream
  75. [JTF] Seasons/Episodes?
  76. 2006 robots!
  77. Transformers the movie Soundtrack Question
  78. [ART] When toys attack!
  79. [RID,UT] New comics?
  80. [ART] TF fandub project is looking for help (fyerdubb34studios)
  81. [ART] the most anticipated fandub release of 2006
  82. [JTF] Crazybolt Thread
  83. [RID,UT] New episodes
  84. [BW,BM] Beast Machines DVD
  85. TF: best comic/cartoon or best franchise?
  86. Sky Lynx Question.
  88. [BW,BM] Heres a thought
  89. [BW,BM] If I enjoyed G1 to death would I enjoy Beastwars? And toy questions.
  90. [BW,BM] Power of sparks?
  91. [RID,UT] Does dirtboss come back?
  92. I stumbled onto something.
  93. [FICTION] In need of some help with naming
  94. IESB video interview with Don Murphy
  95. They hesitated
  96. G1 cartoon part of a 1980s "Hasbro-Verse"?
  97. [BW,BM] I have finally decided to go full force into Beast Wars/ Beast Machines
  98. If they brought G1 back, would you watch it and buy the new figures?
  99. [FICTION] Kremzeek! the comic
  100. [FICTION] Old, unfinished TF:TM parody...
  101. [RID,UT] Show I give Armada and Energon a chance?
  102. What if thread ? Names for Frames
  103. Wait, who's Shockwave?
  104. Favourite Bad Transformers Drawings
  105. [ART] New headmasters fandub: auditions episode one
  106. Warrior Modes
  107. [FICTION] Transformers Infinities
  108. The destroyers of Planets death match!
  109. [FICTION] Presenting....Guarvark, the greatest transformer ever
  110. Scramble City?
  111. [RID,UT] 4 heads?!?!
  112. [FICTION] Star Wars: TF plots opins suggestions
  113. [ART] BeastFormers - White Leo
  114. [RID,UT] Energon 33, 40-43
  115. [ART] a selection off my Beast Wars artwork
  116. [RID,UT] Cliffjumper=downshift?
  117. [RID,UT] Jungle Planet??
  118. my list
  119. Most accurate to tech specs.
  120. what episode? original cels G1 Optimus Prime and Starscream
  121. Actionmaster Alt's
  122. [RID,UT] question about Transformers game for PS2
  123. 2nd's?
  124. Boogie on down with the Transformers!
  125. transformersGG time!!!!
  126. [RID,UT] this shows sucks!!!!
  127. [JTF] the besat JP ever
  128. [BW,BM] i like beast wars???
  129. Film References
  130. Don Murphy: Cullen and Welker "far from being a done deal"
  131. [FICTION] Short fanfic story
  132. Female Xformer Catfite.
  133. Female Xformer Catfite.
  134. [JTF] Masterforce dubbed in Arabic
  135. How do transformers see?
  136. [BW,BM] Of these choices, which is his twin in G1?
  137. Roberto Orci: "No mass shifting in first movie"
  138. [ART] The Birthday Surprise
  139. IDW Megatron...?
  140. Optimus Prime in today's pvp guest strip
  141. making transformer names
  142. Don Murphy: TF movie casting director and director of photography hired
  143. transformers 1986 the movie
  144. New transforming robot video...
  145. Activision has rights to Transformers Franchise - Not just movie-based game
  146. Mechatopia
  147. [FICTION] Advice on Fan Comic
  148. [JTF] UK Masterforce DVD cover art sneak peek!
  149. [FICTION] Unity
  150. Siren Alt Mode??
  151. Point of time in Transformers: Call of the Future (Transformers Tatakai)
  152. Movie news: Bay on voices and the military, and Orci on Soundwave
  153. Inspired by latest edition of Shortpacked!: Hilarious G1 coloring book
  154. Identifying an autobot
  155. [FICTION] Casualty of War
  156. [BW,BM] Season one DVDs episode order
  157. Don Murphy update on voice actors
  158. [FICTION] Here's one that's a bit of an experiment
  159. Who Created Transformers?
  160. [RUMOR] Biomechanical Transformers in live-action movie?
  161. [RID,UT] Transformers Galaxy Force questions.
  162. season 2 part 2
  163. What ever happened to SkyFire?
  164. Statue of Optimus Prime in Yunnan, China
  165. Who knows why they did not carry on Jazz in Energon/Armarda or Cybertron. Please Help
  166. Ian Bryce on locations, casting, designs etc
  167. [RID,UT] This show made me have Tears!
  168. Mixmaster vs. Defensor why Mixmaster stands a fighting chance.
  169. [RID,UT] Cybertron Fallen Movie on YTV
  170. [RID,UT] I have a quick question
  171. [RID,UT] The death of Smokescreen !
  172. [ART] Transformers,1984(This is my first post at here~hope yours like it~!)
  174. Trivia: [Constructicons]
  175. [BW,BM] TRANSTECH questions/proposal, very important.
  176. Corrections/edits on the DVD version episodes-
  177. [BW,BM] So i just saw my first episode of Beast Wars...
  178. [BW,BM] Anyone here has the DVD of Season 3?
  179. Quickest Don Murphy update ever: Green light
  180. [RID,UT] Armada background generics
  181. Mtmte
  182. [BW,BM] So has anyone bought Rhino's Beast Machines DVDs yet?
  183. Dark Awakening
  184. [BW,BM] Comic Question
  185. Call of the Primatives
  186. Don Murphy to attend Canadian TransformersCon!
  187. [RID,UT] I know why Ihate Armada, Energon and Cybertron.
  188. [BW,BM] Beast Wars on G4TV
  189. [FICTION] The Return of Sunrunner!
  190. [BW,BM] unicron
  191. Is Teletran atually a sentient being?
  192. [BW,BM] Tripedacus Agent and Ravage.
  193. Could use some help -- exactly what didn't Titan reprint? [and some of what they did]
  194. Movie crew announced and progress report
  195. IDW comics worth it?
  196. What if Dinobots Vs Soundwave and ALL his cassetes
  197. Movie gets shooting date
  198. [FICTION] bloodmoon finally posted
  199. [JTF] scramble city
  200. [RID,UT] Question about Leo/Nemesis Breaker
  201. The Aerialbots and the Stunticons
  202. [RID,UT] Armada/Energon DVD box sets
  203. Don Figuera Poster All TF's
  204. animation quality
  205. Freeway , Autobot Soundwave and other Throttlebot Musings
  206. Cartoon or comic, who had the better stories?
  207. [RID,UT] Poll:Omaga Prime VS Otimus Prime Sonic Wing Mode
  208. DW comics query... and infiltration??
  209. [ART] Looking for Artists
  210. [JTF] What do the names of the Trainbots and Dinoforce mean?
  211. [ART] My own original robot toon
  212. Need help with an essay.
  213. [JTF] gf?
  214. Decepticns are they as Evil as all that or just normal mechs trying to survive
  215. Allspark casting rumors [plus a bit of confirmation]
  216. Is anyone here getting the "Generations" Marvel reprints comic?
  217. [JTF] Headmasters Manga #8: "Epilogue" Translated!
  218. G1 GALVATRON: your pre-movie ideas about him?
  219. [RID,UT] Transformers Cybertron official website
  220. [RID,UT] Bio Request
  221. [ART] Home made Optimus Prime animation
  222. [ART] Transformers Art
  223. Titan: What did they do well and what did they screw up?
  224. [JTF] Question about Japanese S3 opening theme?
  225. [ART] Custom Tech Specs...?
  226. Searching for a transformer...
  227. [RID,UT] Events between United and Darkness (May contain spoilers)
  228. Treason (Titan Books collection)
  229. Where did cyclonus go after g1?
  230. Does 7 of 9 remind YOU of Circuit Breaker (Josie Beller)?
  231. TF: TM spoof, the sequel
  232. Why did they ruin transformers
  233. [BW,BM] Anyone collecting the BW reissues?
  234. Getting dvd's of new transformers shows
  235. [ART] A drawing of Haywire in need of some major help...
  236. [BW,BM] Beast Machines Xformers DVD/VHS.
  237. What would happen if we fired Wheelie into the sun on a rocket?
  238. [ART] Photoshopping [Old stuff]
  239. [JTF] Transformers Manga Summaries
  240. [BW,BM] Waspinator Question
  241. [ART] Digibash help
  242. JETFIRE: Pussy??
  243. For Constructicon fans
  244. Research Help !!!!!
  245. [ART] Mechanix Icons
  246. Transformers The videogame for PS2
  247. [BW,BM] Is the transmetal a gestalt BW transformer? (Re: BW toy reissues)
  248. [ART] TFA RPG Promo
  249. [BW,BM] Was a BUMBLEBEE the animal mode for the Beast Wars maximal version of Bumblebee?
  250. An awsome song about Abominus