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  1. [RID,UT] Does anyone have a COMPLETE Cybertron voice actor list?
  2. [ART] Beast wars music Video
  3. Transformers Movie storyboards
  4. Proof that Shockwave survived the movie?
  5. Catching a mech how can you disarm him.
  6. gestalt/group names
  7. [FICTION] generation 1 comic continuation
  8. Can Tfs update and upgrade to new and better alt mods?
  9. Decepticon Elections
  10. Why doesn't everyone have a special ability?
  11. Daniel Ross wants to be in the movie... and he's got a comic to back it up!
  12. Another Autobot/Decepticon Leader Thread Thingy
  13. Wasted story potential!
  14. Ain't It Cool interview with Michael Bay | More movie details - SPOILERS
  15. [FICTION] The Beginning of the Cybertronian War
  16. Is Spectre General
  17. [ART] Recent Work
  18. [BW,BM] Terrorcons
  19. [ART] Robots Robots Robots progress report # 2
  20. [FICTION] Unicron Cybertron
  21. [BW,BM] What's in a name?
  22. How come we cann't get a good Transformers game?
  23. How come all the autobots are cars
  24. [JTF] Metrodome Victory DVD Release
  25. [BW,BM] Will their be another line of BW 10 Anniversary toys?
  26. [ART] my first 3d animation ........TF+Saint Seiya=?
  27. [ART] Retiring Paperformers
  28. More movie rumors (robot characters, alt modes etc.)
  29. [JTF] The Transformer #2 Manga: Translated!
  30. Starscream's ghost
  31. The movie
  32. Seacons
  33. wierd prime stuff
  34. poor bots
  35. Don Murphy panel at Canadian TransformersCon
  36. [BW,BM] Beast Wars animation
  37. [RID,UT] Soundwave
  38. 10 Favorite Autobots/10 Favorite Decepticons
  39. [BW,BM] Certain deaths
  40. Jon Voight about his part in the TF movie
  41. hands-up for G1!
  42. All too common tf threads
  43. [MUSIC] Transformers song
  44. Transformers song
  45. [FICTION] Preview of my up and coming TF Comic- Opinions/suggestions?
  46. The affect of the upcoming movie on everything TF related?
  47. Don Murphy confirms Megan Fox and Jon Voight
  48. G1 Ironhide & Ratchet
  49. [BW,BM] Questions about stasus pods
  50. [BW,BM] The aliens
  51. [RID,UT] Cybertron: Is Crosswise Smokescreen?
  52. Just what is it about the Transformers...
  53. Here's looking forward to EVOLUION: HEARTS OF STEEL next month.
  54. ALLEGED movie Starscream concept art
  55. Humans In Transformers...oh And Aliens In General For Good Measure
  56. The many creators of the Transformers
  57. [BW,BM] Protoforms/Stasis Pods
  58. [BW,BM] Beast Modes YOU wanted to see?
  59. Transformers Saint Seiya Intro
  60. [ART] custom avatars
  61. Free Comic Book Day: Transformers
  62. [ART] Energon Characters
  63. [ART] Macraptron contact info needed
  64. Reassigned Transformer Names
  65. Arcee & Daniel
  66. How come G1 Galvatron wasn't a triple changer in the comic books & movie/TV show?
  67. Michael Bay says rumored movie names are ALIASES
  68. [FICTION] Unifying continuums
  69. [BW,BM] The G1/Beast Wars/Machines Movie
  70. [ICONS] Machine Wars Icons - Retirement
  71. [RID,UT] RID/Armada/Energon/Cybertron
  72. [BW,BM] Beast Wars PC Game Patch?
  73. Michael Bay Confirms Teaser & Poster For The TF Movie Will Be Out July 4!
  74. Fembot Aleeta One & Gobot Commander Leader-1
  75. Will any of the 1986 TF:TM actors/actresses be in the coming live action TF film?
  76. The DVD set
  77. One-Shot Ideas
  78. Hasbro's Chief Operating Officer Speaks Out About the Upcoming Transformers Movie
  79. Fist-fight for Decepticon leader or are Shockers and Megs just advanced targetmasters
  80. [JTF] TVMagazine Episode Art Gellery is up.
  81. Full Movie Script Review Online
  82. Original packaging questions...
  83. [ART] More CGI Test Footage??
  84. [FICTION] Fic - Alternators Bios
  85. [BW,BM] Megatron's motives?
  86. [FICTION] Grimmy V Decepticharge, part II
  87. Kevin Dunn to play Spike's father in the TF movie?
  88. TF Movie Starts Filming Next Week + Air force/Jet Models/Locations Info???
  89. Production Studios of TF: G1
  90. TF:The Movie - Theme by "The Lion" Question
  91. Female Transformers
  92. [ART] Transformers song & music video
  93. [ART] Classic Tranformers
  94. [ART] More Amatuer CG robots
  95. [ART] not very creative, but it's a picture
  96. Movie name, cast addition, and location revealed.
  97. [JTF] A Question For The Mighty Spengs...
  98. [FICTION] Robots in Disguises - a G1 fanfic
  99. Ultra Magnus & Springer in Marvel (US) comics?
  100. What Happened 2 Those Humans?
  101. Sound effects in the G1 cartoon...or 'Where have I heard that before?'
  102. who created the transformers?
  103. Amazon help
  104. What did YOU do with your Tf's?
  105. Mix and Match special team
  106. [FICTION] TF: Genesis (fic)
  107. Infiltration #4 Bumblebee incentive covers
  108. [RID,UT] Energon Supremacy
  109. [Comic Guide Corrections] DOUBLEDEALER? are you sure?
  110. tf list
  111. [FICTION] Grimmy v Decepticharge, part III
  112. voices?
  113. differences of autobot leaders
  114. [BW,BM] So I just finished Beast Machines...
  115. Soundwave=Kennywave, uh, do what now?
  116. wreckers?
  117. Rumour: Ravage in the movie?
  118. [JTF] Japanese G2 Mini-Comics: Translated!
  119. Pioneer DVD Cover Art Gallery
  120. [FICTION] Thundercracker: Another Way
  121. Ronnie Sperling has joined the cast of the film
  122. IDW-Binary Bonding Head/Target/Powermasters
  123. The art of transforming
  124. [FICTION] Autobot Work Experience
  125. [RID,UT] They don't make decepticons like they used to
  126. [ART] Classics Sprites
  127. Official Transformers movie website is up!
  128. Where &|or when did G1 TF go wrong? (Assuming G1 did "go wrong".)
  129. Gobots or no bots?
  130. [BW,BM] Should G1's Pretenders be considered primitive versions of the BW Transformers?
  131. Homosexual Transformers
  132. [ART] Prime
  133. was Transformers-The Movie loosely based off of Star Wars??
  134. Details about TF movie Hoover Dam shoot
  135. leaders that never were-who would you have liked to see take the Matrix and lead?
  136. [Movie Soundtrack discussions]
  137. who is your favorite voice actor in the TF series and/or TFTM?
  138. New movie set photos
  139. G2 TRANSFORMERS comic book question-
  140. More Air Force Base movie set photos
  141. was mixmaster into witchcraft
  142. [FICTION] Optimus Prime Declares: Megatron Must Be Stopped!
  143. skyfire
  144. Transformers In The UK
  145. Another movie scene shooting report
  146. [JTF] The Big Book Of Masterforce
  147. [ART] Megatron Pencilled Portrait
  148. [FICTION] Shockwave's Logical Conclusion (humorfic)
  149. ***SPOILERs*** Optimus Prime question
  150. [ART] Bludgeon
  151. [FICTION] Gen 2 Megatron Fanfic
  152. Tf Episodes
  153. [BW,BM] pre Beast Wars botcon stuff
  154. [JTF] BW Neo vs. BW Metals?
  155. Which issue was Rodimus strung up between WTC?
  156. Movie battle scene - SPOILERS
  157. [ART] Robots Robots Robots
  158. First Thread, new comer, some questions :] *maybe spoilers*
  159. Optimus Prime VS. Superman
  160. Fan Fiction
  161. [ART] Icons - Estrela Set
  162. Open Casting Call For Transformers Movie
  163. G1 TF: Was Emirate Xaaron the comic book version of the cartoon's Alpha Trion?
  164. What if DC Comics had made the G1 TF comic book instead of Marvel?
  165. Antoni Zalewski - Who is this guy?
  166. Robot-mode Bumblebee...?
  167. [ICON] Beast Wars / Machine Wars Icons
  168. [ART] Transformers Generations
  169. [FICTION] ...
  170. [ART] Old Friends
  171. [ART] Paperformers - TFArchive 'Exclusives'
  172. Infiltration #6 out?
  173. Transformers movie teaser trailer
  174. New Teaser Trailer
  175. Transformers Movie Videogame Info
  176. What it really means to be a Transfan...
  177. [RID,UT] Is downshift wheeljack?
  178. [RID,UT] Galaxy Force\Cybertron Impressions
  179. [ART] Bumblebee
  180. [JTF] Beast Wars II
  181. [FICTION] Reckoning, Part One [Post-G2 fic]
  182. The Black and White UK Reprints?
  183. [FICTION] "When We Can't Dream Any Longer..."
  184. [JTF] Masterforce DVD review!
  185. [RID,UT] Do you think C-Prime's super mode is overused?
  186. [RID,UT] Armada DVDs
  187. Grimlock Faction Symbol
  188. unicron vs deathstar
  189. botcon 07
  190. [BW,BM] Little spiderbot thingies
  191. Cybertron Primus
  192. [BW,BM] Beast wars to beast machines
  193. AICN visits movie set, things go bang
  194. RUMOR: First movie Optimus Prime truck mode pic
  195. Transformers Movie Article/Video On Air Force's Website
  196. [BW,BM] When Did G1 Megs Create The Golden Disk?
  197. MArvel UK Collected comics, winter special 1994
  198. Some more information on the Marvel days from Bob Budiansky
  199. [BW,BM] Yeh
  200. Michael Bay about Optimus, etc.
  201. Interested in Armada jigsaws?
  202. Most useless TF EVER !?!
  203. Infiltration vs. Prime Directive Which do you prefer?
  204. Transformers Spec Art
  205. Metroplex's Scamper car in the cartoon?
  206. could Unicron use Metroplex/Trypicton eyes.
  207. What kind of Dinobot are you?
  208. [FICTION] Fallen Angel Parody #1
  209. sell/unsell me on cosmos
  210. [RID,UT] The WORST parts of the new shows
  211. Prequel comics leading up to the 2007 movie
  212. Peter Cullen confirmed as Optimus Prime in the new TF movie
  213. [BW,BM] BW Nep Episode Guide
  214. The yin-yang rule of the TF universe?
  215. Star Wars Transformers
  216. [JTF] The Return of Convoy.
  217. Marvel UK quickie question
  218. US comics scans help
  219. Whose Legs Are Those?
  220. "Making of Transformers movie" documentary on upcoming Sony TF:TM DVD
  221. [JTF] Galaxy Force anime Arm Bullet?
  222. First photos of movie Ironhide?
  223. [ART] Transformers Vs. GI Joe: The Art of War Spoof Script.
  224. Clay's academic Binaltech article
  225. [FICTION] Reckoning, Part Two
  226. Clerks II & Transformers *QUASI-SPOILERS*
  227. You know, they really messed up with Hot Rod/Rodimus.
  228. Fan trailer / opening for the 2007 movie
  229. [JTF] Super Deformed Manga Strips: Translated!
  230. [FICTION] Fallen Angel Parody #2
  231. [RID,UT] You know you watch too much transformers when??
  232. Looking for Transformers fans for new TV show
  233. Mystery of the early Megatron!
  234. [RID,UT] Is Shockblast supposed to be Shockwave?
  235. [FICTION] G1, Armada, Energon, Cybertron-Beast Wars Spark relationships
  236. Some guessing about 2007 movie robot modes
  237. [ART] Beast Wars Video Tribute -Fuel of War-
  238. Michael Bay video interview and "behind the scenes" video at Access Hollywood
  239. Where was DW headed?
  240. [BW,BM] Questions on BW
  241. Transformers on Stage?
  242. Who Has Heard of Floro Dery?
  243. Better pic of movie Prime, Ratchet, and... a Prime leg?
  244. "More Than Meets the Eye" original airdate?
  245. tables for alt forms
  246. [RID,UT] Armada Optimus Prime in TF: Cybertron question?
  247. [JTF] Japanese magazine art
  248. Looking For Good TFG1 EPS
  249. Need help in ordering & buying custom TF art
  250. [ART] Cybertron's Civil War