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  1. IDW - DW reprints?
  2. Transformers family relationships
  3. [RID,UT] Why did they turn Nitro Convoy into a girl?
  4. Some more movie bits at MTV Overdrive
  5. Got heads?
  6. [FICTION] Roadkill and Crew.A new story from a deceps view
  7. Till all are one - album
  8. Dean Spockwell, Ricardo Montalkhan would be good casting for live TRANSFORMERS movie.
  9. You Tube-- other clips anyone?
  10. Mystery of the G2 box artwork!
  11. Eugenesis Redux
  12. Megatron/Galvatron=Seperation anxiety
  13. [ICONS] Euroforce Icons
  14. Transformers in webcomics [other than Shortpacked]
  15. [ART] Ultra Magnus
  16. [FICTION] Journey's End
  17. Pretenders in any cartoon???
  18. The Smelting Pool
  19. Did the movie use too many new characters?
  20. Question from long lost Transformer fan
  21. [FICTION] A modest proposal: Transformers: Criminal Circuit
  22. Movie Optimus Prime robot mode
  23. [JTF] questions on battlestars and operation combination...
  24. [JTF] how much manga was published for each japanese series?
  25. Prime's Arm revealed...
  26. botcon 2005 script reading...
  27. Movie: Kurtzman and Orci LIVE chat / characters confirmed / Bumblebee robot mode pics
  28. Movie Footage
  29. [ART] armorhide
  30. Will there be a TRANSFORMERS:ALTERNATORS cartoon?
  31. [JTF] Transformers Zone
  32. [FICTION] Predacon Strike Team Preview
  33. [ART] Frank Milkovich and Taker colaboration
  34. [FICTION] Battle of the Bands
  35. [FICTION] Star Wars Wars
  36. [BW,BM] beast wars reborn
  37. Movie toy prototypes - Starscream, Blackout, etc
  38. Grim Grams competition
  39. [RID,UT] Help where is this from????
  40. [JTF] Want to find out which Transformers Victory character are you?
  41. [BW,BM] Quiz: Which Beast Wars Fuzor are you?
  42. [FICTION] Reckoning, Part Three
  43. [ICONS] Icons - Incomplete Sets
  44. Teaser Movie Posters UK
  45. [ART] chace
  46. [FICTION] Predacon Strike Team #1
  47. [RID,UT] What is next for Transformers cartoon series other than the movie?
  48. [ART] Art Contest- Win TF Classics!
  49. [BW,BM] anymore BW Reissues?
  50. [RID,UT] Overhaul=Ironhide?!?
  51. [ART] Iacon City
  52. Hoist's role in the comic
  53. [ART] wideload
  54. New concept pics of Megatron
  55. [ART] Updated my art site...
  56. [ART] Fireguts Supa Dupa Mega Hyper Ultra God Ginrai!!
  57. Stormbringer character appearance help (will contain a few story SPOILERS probably)
  58. Advice for Hasbro, Paramount Pictures and the film-making crew on the up-coming July
  59. No Flames on Optimus Prime online petition
  60. DW Thoughts, and a Question or Two
  61. Movie Jazz rumors/confirmations, and another set report
  62. [ART] Movie Blackout [inked and spoilers]
  63. [BW,BM] scavenger
  64. [RID,UT] continuity
  65. Dane (TransFormer) Cook
  66. [RID,UT] Armada,Energon,Cybertron=Untold story of the machine wars?
  67. [ART] Scratchboard Wolf/ Wolfang
  68. [JTF] headmasters and masterforce questions...
  69. SPOILERS! Lots'a new pics from TF movie | UPDATE - Bumblebee robot, Brawl alt
  70. Okay, so this is blatantly a new "franchise" or whatever...
  71. [ART] six shot
  72. Movie Prime: trade poster and AICN images
  73. [FICTION] Escape from Cybertron
  74. Nature or nuture or Why Soundwave is the most evil Con of All
  75. [FICTION] Heraldry Ideas for my TF: Genesis book
  76. Don Murphy vs. Seibertron
  77. Best Defeats?
  78. [RID,UT] Transformers Armada, Energon and Cybertron
  79. [RID,UT] Cybertron online episodes in the UK
  80. AICN interview with Shia LaBeouf
  81. [ART] Prowl
  82. Prowl on the wrong team?
  83. Another Transformers reference on Sabrina Online
  84. What transformer is related to who?
  85. New Movie Pic With All The Transformers
  86. [JTF] Kiss Convoy audio - can anyone translate?
  87. [FICTION] Transfomers Cybertron Civil War
  88. [FICTION] TF: Genesis Book 2 Preview
  89. Fresh pic of Bumblebee in robot mode
  90. [RID,UT] What do you think their call the next line?
  91. People getting the Animated Movie Adaptation
  92. Stupidest moment in the kids show ever!
  93. TF sfx for mobiles
  94. bumble bee new car photos
  95. So, The Trade Paper Backs...
  96. Boston Globe reporter seeks Transformers fans
  97. *SPOILER* First 5 pages of script leaked
  98. Pics of Bonecrusher and prime
  99. [MOVIE SPOILER] **** possibily NOT to make a movie appearance
  100. Did Autobots get sundays off????
  101. [JTF] Japanese catalogue scans - little help needed
  102. "Feminine" Transformers?
  103. [ICONS] Robots In Disguise Icons
  104. A Movie for the Fans
  105. [FICTION] Transformers Chronicles book 1, Sector Omega
  106. TF DVDs
  107. [FICTION] Optimus like Starscream's Ghost?
  108. [BW,BM] Beast Machines - A Long Review **SPOLIERS**
  109. First look at movie Jazz in robot mode
  110. poll on Transformers movie. like it or hate it?
  111. which Autobot car do you like
  112. [BW,BM] Discussion threads for new comics (IDW, FP) are over in the specific comics forum
  113. [BW,BM] Optimal Optimus parts needed
  114. If Anyone Has "I, Robot Master" Scanned...
  115. Channel 4: 100 greatest cartoons
  116. Don Murphy vs. Seibertron part II
  117. [BW,BM] bug predacons
  118. [JTF] MP Starscream designer interview
  119. [RID,UT] Create your own cybertron/minicon transformer with cyber planet key
  120. [BW,BM] Beast Wars questions and comments!
  121. Megatron in gun mode.
  122. [RID,UT] Prime becomes a ape?
  123. [RID,UT] yeah
  124. [RID,UT] Demolisher and Cyclonus transform and combine!
  125. Movie: Video interview w/ Michael Bay
  126. 2007 Movie Reviews and Questions
  127. Transformers Monopoly
  128. Metroplex/Autobot City questions
  129. Stan Bush contributing to the 2007 movie soundtrack?
  130. [JTF] For those who are actually interested in the Kiss Players stories...
  131. Rumble's Piledrivers!!
  132. Autobot Spike
  133. Optimus Prime: 100+ Animations
  134. Does Transformers have the most characters for a toyline
  135. The 20th Anniversary DVD
  136. Transformer Alt modes that should never be?
  137. How would you write humans?
  138. Who's In, Who's out
  139. Possible origin of Megatron's gun mode.
  140. G1 Ep guide
  141. I've Just Read The Headmasters Series...
  142. voices in your head
  143. [FICTION] Chronicles of Destruction
  144. Shockwave's Burden & SOS Wheeljack
  145. [JTF] X-Gunner, Delta Seeker tech specs.
  146. Galvatron and Soundwave had a thing??
  147. [RID,UT] N Prime
  148. [FICTION] Transformers:Planet Battle
  149. [BW,BM] What IS technorganic matter anyway?
  150. Transformers in Museums
  151. [RID,UT] Cybertron Unicron
  152. 2007 Transformers Movie
  153. [RID,UT] Omaga Prime VS Otimus Prime Sonic Wing Mode VS Otimus Primal VS Otimus Prime SC
  154. [ART] Ooops...
  155. post matrix altmodes...what if thread
  156. [RID,UT] armada and beast wars characters
  157. Matrix Upgrading
  158. Stoopedyst Moment In The Marvel Comic... EVER!!!
  159. [ART] Fanfilm: Transformers - "The Impasse"
  160. [JTF] TV Magazine story pages...
  161. [RID,UT] just got v prime
  162. Another teaser trailer coming for the holiday season...
  163. How do you prefer weapons to be written/used?
  164. How do you prefer weapons to be written/used?
  165. [FICTION] Reckoning, Part Four
  166. Your opinions on what we've seen so far
  167. Comic book thingie...
  168. I Finnaly Did It!
  169. Marvel UK comedy strips
  170. megatron
  171. Movie Bumblebee concept boards ***SPOILERS***
  172. [ART] WW Battle Patrol
  173. [JTF] youtube footage
  174. Real-life Transformers photoshops
  175. Why oh Why is Gen 1 being re-released on DVD???
  176. Adorable!
  177. Stupidest Moment In the Dreamwave Comics...
  178. Shockwaves Role on Cybertron.
  179. Did Simon Ever Write a story that takes place right after the Gen 2 comic?
  180. GI Joe and Transformers Generation 2...
  181. Help required
  182. [ART] monkey punch dinosaur
  183. Cool new Transformers Site
  184. Looking for bluprints
  185. [BW,BM] Anyone got the Primal.Megs 2 pack..?
  186. How Do You Like Your Shockwave?
  187. wallpaper Don Figueroa
  188. [RID,UT] primal spotting
  189. [FICTION] The Huntress
  190. [FICTION] Daily Dinobot Comic
  191. The amazing Shockwave and Hauler theory!
  192. Daftest Named Human
  193. Bludgeon: orange or yellow?
  194. MOVIE SPOILERS - first look at Scorponok in CGI
  195. Furmanisms: he's a bottomless reservois of creativity
  196. [ART] Soaring Starscream
  197. G1 Names in Current Use?
  198. [RID,UT] Best dub between Armada, Energon, Cybertron.
  199. [FICTION] this is my first fanfic- feacturing my creation Maximus prime
  200. Save Unicron!
  201. [FICTION] the next story in my saga
  202. [FICTION] Post ideas
  203. First look at movie Ratchet in robot mode
  204. [FICTION] Reckoning, Part Five
  206. New Transformers Movie CGI Images
  207. [FICTION] Revisionist History: A Classical Tale
  208. Archive mentioned in Movie article in Wizard
  209. [JTF] beast wars reborn manga...
  210. The Ultimate Question: Who'd Win In A Fight...
  211. [FICTION] The Ten Wars
  212. Megs and Galvy: who is that guy
  213. [JTF] Super Robot Life Manga #4 13 pages Translated!
  214. [BW,BM] Beast Machines...why All The Hating?
  215. dinobots merging?
  216. megatron alternators
  217. most wanted tf toy
  218. Alpha Trion, Primus, Vector Prime cartoon appearances/mentions
  219. who's your first transformer?
  220. [FICTION] The Seibertronian Space Station begins a new Transformers universe. Come and join in.
  221. Transformers trailer is online! | UPDATE: alternate movie promotion site found?
  222. Movie prequel press release | UPDATE: coloured art
  223. Anyone good with dates? Transformers / fandom timeline... after some specifics...
  224. [FICTION] Their First Noel (by Clogs)
  225. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  226. A look at Pounce?
  227. Spacebridge.net? where are you?
  228. Pretenders card-artwork
  229. cant remember the name of an autobot
  230. Prime Passion
  231. [FICTION] transformers: generation x issue 2
  232. Episode order...
  233. [JTF] Victory DVD boxset review!
  234. [FICTION] Reckoning, Part Six
  235. how much do you despise energon prime
  236. predaking
  237. Japanese movie trailer with additional footage!
  238. [FICTION] Roadkill and Crew cnt'd. The Tournements of Time.
  239. movie ultra magnus
  240. Individual tech specs, instruction booklets, checklists, etc for sale with price list
  241. cast interviews
  242. Don Murphy at TransformersCon Toronto 2006 Video
  243. who should be bigger fortmax or metroplex?
  244. Stasis pod in Trailer?
  245. TF Box Set not Chinese?
  246. [MOVIE SPOILERS] Movie Megatron full body CGI shot
  247. Japanese Headmasters series
  248. who is your favorite version of prime
  249. who is your favorite version of megs / galvy
  250. customs