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  1. [FICTION] Spotlight: Bugly
  2. noble savage/dinobot
  3. [Animated] G. I Joe in the animated
  4. megatron's head vs green goblin's mask
  5. [FICTION] Spotlight: Gunrunner
  6. [FICTION] Swindle: Motivations
  7. [FICTION] Tales of the Decepticons- 21
  8. [Animated] new animated video game coming in October
  9. [ART] classic galvatron,single shot
  10. Does anyone have xXx: State of the Union on DVD? (Transformers-related)
  11. jeolous or rebellion
  12. name that episode,etc
  13. [ART] silverbolt,classic, one-shot
  14. Mention of Transformers in mainstream media
  15. [FICTION] Spotlight: Barrage
  16. [FICTION] Spotlight: Off Road Patrol
  17. Animated G1
  18. [ART] Single Panel Preview
  19. when all are one
  20. japanese culture
  21. was there a comic book episode?
  22. Beast wars comic story
  23. [FICTION] Origin of the seeker Jets (Classified)
  24. [JTF] Beast Wars manga translations
  25. Which Super Mode Comes to Mind?
  26. [ART] Detritus (junkion Version.)
  27. [ART] Alternator Prowel
  28. [ART] Poyguimogul Art / Photo - update 5/1/12
  29. Digi-bash (mock-ups) Classic M.A.S.K. Goliath 9/25/12
  30. screamer vs jetfire
  31. G1 DVDs Cheap at the Works...
  32. [FICTION] Transformers RPG script excerpt: "A War Without Fronts"
  33. dinobot rules the videos on youtube
  34. peacemakers
  35. new preschool gobots animated show
  36. BW dinobot attempt suicide
  37. [Animated] Will Cartoon Network EVER repeat the first 3 episodes of Animated?
  38. [FICTION] Halloween Havoc
  39. [POEM] Halloween is almost here..........
  40. Are We A Collection Of Whiners?
  41. Strange but neat
  42. The Wreckers are dead.
  43. [ART] We'll Always Have Paris
  45. fight dialogues
  46. the best prime
  47. smartest and strongest/weakness and dumbest
  48. worst/best skills, talents and weapons
  49. Question about the 2007 movie
  50. best teams couples
  51. BW: Inferno
  52. friendships and enemies
  53. Seekers sets
  54. machines you would like to see
  55. favorite or worst fights you have seen
  56. Best worst Tf's
  57. Beast Wars and Cerebus Syndrome
  58. Picking your Army
  59. [FICTION] 12th story in my series centred on Megatron - the Transformers gain the power and wisdom to take over the universe.
  60. Beast wars Vok putting energon on the planet earth
  61. ideas they should have thought of for beast wars/ machines series
  62. [Animated] Things you never want to see in the series or any series at that matter?
  63. Starscream is always getting killed at the end?
  64. [FICTION] G1 comic "A Gordian Knot" (featuring Op, Meg, Devastator and many others)
  65. Silly Question...
  66. favorite weapons
  67. the lyrics to the songs
  68. [ART] Secretcode + Boredom + Paper = ????
  69. [ART] Shattered Origin
  70. What happens to a mechs Subspace compartment when he dies
  71. Character profiles
  72. [Animated] Wheeljack and Perceptor
  73. Look What I fOund On Wikipedia
  74. [Animated] impressions
  75. Your Decepticon vs. Bon Jovi
  76. A strange request...
  77. [FICTION] Spotlight Beachcomber
  78. [FICTION] Spotlight: Punch/Counterpunch
  79. things you never want to see in any transformers series
  80. Does Jazz have a mouth?
  81. clones?
  82. Transformers: Beginnings
  83. [ART] P.G.M. Art *updated* 4/27/10 Iron Man Vs. FFF
  84. war and peace
  85. time travel
  86. rematch between transmetal cheetor and transmetal dinobot
  87. [Animated] Are all the Autobots law enforcement or rescue vehicles
  88. [ART] painting of classics Grimlock in the style of Chuck Close, a how to
  89. [FICTION] Thoroughbred's TF RPG (a bit long, but hey)
  90. [Animated] fembots/couples
  91. Stan Bush at Florida Anime Convention!
  92. [Animated] Protoforms
  93. discipline among the transformers
  94. [Animated] extinction of the decepticons?
  95. If Generation 2 had had a different name, would we still consider Generation 1 as a huge, singular entity?
  96. Things in real life and mass media that was influence by TRansformers?
  97. things in the transformer series that impress or disappointed you?
  98. Notification of AutoAssembly 2009
  99. Unicron's spare parts
  100. Transformers Animation Errors
  101. [Animated] Yay! Audio Commentary
  102. Transformers names
  103. Your own personal references
  104. Metrodome box set - same discs as the individual releases?
  105. [ART] Work in progress beast wars in the cyberton line
  106. [ART] Classic Apeface concept sketches
  107. [POEM] A Priori
  108. Faction Civil War!!!!
  109. [ART] Not mine, but this is a good tutorial!
  110. Is this a good G1 boxset?
  111. The Madness of Lord Galvatron
  112. [FICTION] Foundations [short BW fic]
  113. [FICTION] timeline addendum
  114. [FICTION] Arc stories
  115. [FICTION] Spotlight: Whirl
  116. [Animated] Is everyone still enjoying Animated?
  117. differences/similarities between Transmetal dinobot and the real thing
  118. differences between pred/decepticon honor and autobot/maximal honor?
  119. Scale of certain chars.
  120. Transformers Revenge Spot [May contain spoilers, and probably some fanboys in a day or so]
  121. Tremble at the Might of Extremely Wideload.
  122. Disscussion of New Revenge of the Fallen Character [Spoilers]
  123. Thanks for turning me on to Beast Wars
  124. Chromedome: The worlds biggest jinx?
  125. [FICTION] Single Parent Family - in the distant past, Primus creates a race and builds a homeworld
  126. time diffrence between headmasters and masterforce
  127. Lots of love for Cosmos.
  128. [Animated] surprised they didn't think of these ideas?
  129. pretenders
  130. differences and similarities between Bludgeon and Bw Dinobot?
  131. Decepticon Mentors
  132. [ART] Transformers Badly Animated: The ULTIMATE Ultimate Weapon
  133. [ART] Scatman Megatron
  134. [FICTION] A Re-telling of G1: Decepticon side
  135. [fan rant, moved from news]
  136. [ART] Elita-1 and Optimus Prime Together Forever
  137. Thirteen original Transformers rant cut from news
  138. [ICONS] Return Of The Custom Icons (2nd Edition)
  139. [FICTION] Transformers Universe 1-1
  140. [Animated] TF Animated Transwarped
  141. [ART] The Fallen Transforming line art
  142. I Challenge All of You to Think of Valid Reasons for the Existence of Fembots.
  143. Canon and balls.
  144. [Animated] Reaction Thread: "Transwarped" -- Episodes 30, 31, and 32
  145. [Animated] New toon and toy line.
  146. [ART] Hilarious stop motion
  147. transformers 3 release date
  148. [Animated] Could it be possible?
  149. [Animated] waspinator -traitor autobot
  150. [Animated] Reaction Thread: "Three's A Crowd" -- Episode 33
  151. [Animated] The older Animated audience, so tell me this..
  152. [Animated] Cartoon Network Canceling Animated?
  153. General transformers situation where you are
  154. [Animated] Reaction Thread: "Where is Thy Sting?" -- Episode 34
  155. [Animated] Reaction Thread: "Five Servos of Doom" -- Episode 35
  156. Best Optimus Prime and Megatron Voice Actors?
  157. All of this has happened before, all of this will happen again
  158. [ART] Sentinel Prime art (now with MORE Boltax)
  159. Have we reached the mountaintop?
  160. Beast wars 2 and Neo DVD
  161. Reminder about YouTube and torrents
  162. A few questions about stories that are after Beast Machines
  163. A Question about IDW Beast Wars Comics
  164. [Animated] Reaction Thread ''Predacons rising'' episode 36
  165. Best Starscream voice actor?
  166. [FICTION] Transformers Legends (Chapter One to Six)
  167. [Animated[ TF:A 4th Season Online Petition
  168. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen or Terminator Salvation
  169. [Animated ] DVD Movie
  170. Voice actors who've voiced the same TF characters
  171. [Animated] Reaction Thread: "Human Error Part 1" -- Episode 37
  172. [FICTION] Transformers Matrix ; a TF Photocomic
  173. [FICTION] Another G1 Season 4
  174. Trademarked names vs. used names
  175. [ART] Classics Leozac
  176. [FICTION] Death Wish Trilogy
  177. [Animated] Reaction Thread: "Human Error Part 2" -- Episode 38
  178. [ART] Transtech Optimus Prime
  179. [ART] I get bored, dammit.
  180. [FICTION] Beast Wars Neo - Big Trouble
  181. [FICTION] Masterforce II series (aborted)
  182. [FICTION] Beasties Cereal Trilogy
  183. [Animated] Reaction Thread: "Decepticon Air" -- Episode 39
  184. what came first
  185. [FICTION] Miscellaneous Stuff about my fanfic -- timeline included!
  186. [FICTION] From an Unlikely Forge - an accident with a starship engine changes the lives of some Transformers
  187. [Animated] Reaction Thread: ''This is why I hate machines'' episode 40
  188. [ICONS] Really Old Masterforce II Icons
  189. [FICTION] Headmasters Crash
  190. [FICTION] The Lost Years: Fanfic Collection
  191. [ART] Transformergirl's line art contest
  192. [Animated] Who would you want voicing them?
  193. [FICTION] Thundercracker: Mind Games
  194. [Animated] Reaction Thread "Endgame Part 1" Ep 41.
  195. [ART] Random DVD covers
  196. Energon
  197. [FICTION] Transformers War (Mark II) -- Revised
  198. [Animated] Reaction Thread: "Endgame, Part II" -- Episode 42
  199. Rubbish shoehorned characters.
  200. Prime ?
  201. Volkswagen Crafter ads...
  202. [Animated] Starscream vs his clones
  203. starscream in bw
  204. Transformers: Crowning Moments of Awesome
  205. Rollout
  206. How can IDW win back our hearts?
  207. Would there be dust on Cybertron?
  208. TF:RotF Symbols?
  209. [FICTION] Onward
  210. Death or extras?
  211. [FICTION] Crossing the line
  212. Bob
  213. Why aren't there more TF novels?
  214. [ART] Animalien War Commander
  215. No German soldiers in ROTF because German government didn't want to
  216. [FICTION] Revenge of the Fallen
  217. [ART] Pre War Within Omega Supreme (with altmode) [UPDATED: english profile]
  218. TF reference in Secret Wars?
  219. [SPOILERS] Movie #2 reactions; film now out!
  220. What's your favorite memory or scene from the Transformers animated TV series and why?
  221. cockpits
  222. [Animated] boot camp
  223. G.I joe and transformers together
  224. Sambots?
  225. Guardian blog article about ROTF (and the franchise in general)
  226. Movie 2 concept art
  227. The movie released tomorrow
  228. [Animated] Starscream and Jetfire rivalry
  229. Decepticon Cause
  230. FAO: Aunty Slag
  231. Worst Transformers Disguises (link to NSFW language)
  232. [FICTION] Transformers Mosaic: A Voice In The Dark
  233. TF3 - thread for thoughts/wishlist etc [TF2 Spoilers]
  234. What you think of your favorite transformer(s)
  235. TF2 disappointments [Spoilers]
  236. [Animated] Right, I've ordered the first two seasons of Animated
  237. Starship: Ideal
  238. An entertaining review...
  239. [dead constructicons]
  240. I'm rewatching the kids' show!
  241. Interesting Article about ILM making the Bots for IMAX
  242. Frank Welker, man of many languages?
  243. Blitzwing and Octane
  244. Movie Prime: Has a thing for facial mutilation? [Spoilers]
  245. Silly moments in the movie
  246. Optimus Prime voice impression contest
  247. Question about the Japanese Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory cartoons
  248. Recap episodes
  249. Extra Type of Constructicon?
  250. ToplessRobot's TF2 FAQ