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  1. Anyone else pick up the new Season 1 on DVD?
  2. Transformers Beast Wars Neo 7 - Duel in the Midst of the Labrinth
  3. Dream Writer/Artist on a TF comic
  4. Reassessing plot aspects of TF:TM in light of Revenge of the Fallen [SPOILERS for the latter, natch]
  5. who is your fav triple changer
  6. transformers 3 or 4 or 5
  7. fembots [AGAIN]
  8. Random Transformers Deathmatch!
  9. 13 sarcophagi in ROTF novel.
  10. Names and their Meanings (Largely ROTF) **spoilers**
  11. Sorting out the story between the two movies.
  12. Fake synopsis: I can't believe this thing is THAT persistent.
  13. [ART] Pre War Within Ratbat (with altmode and profile)
  14. [ART] Pre War Within Magnus (with altmode and Profile)
  15. [Should] Hasbro [be] suing Phillp Pullman for character,Metatron [?]
  16. [FICTION] Seeds Of Deception Characters gallery - The Future Is Ation 1
  17. Are Transformers comics too much Serious Business?
  18. [ART] Animated Optimus Prime Head Drawing
  19. US Marvel issue 53 cover censored?
  20. Complete TF animated set?
  21. Here's one everyone overlooked...
  22. Transformers_Old.mp3
  23. Examining Michael Bay's AWESOME Disinformation Campaign
  24. The Original Seven Primes/The Seekers/Origins of Decepticons/Etc.
  25. Devastator mish mash
  26. who is the better leader
  27. is the Transformers the top toy franchise
  28. First German Transformers Fan Convention C.O.N.S.
  29. [MUSIC] Transformers Happy Hardcore
  30. [ART] TF Fancharacter: Showtime
  31. Beast Wars 2 - 8 Friend or Foe Insectrons
  32. devastator's balls
  33. [ART] Seacons Six + Nova Prime and the Anti-Prime [upd 10 jan 2011]
  34. Question for international fans: "Decepticons suck my popsicle" censored?
  35. More Continuity: I'm Just Piling On, I Know...
  36. [ART] High Circuitmaster Boltax
  37. Lion Transformers
  38. Auto Assembly DVD
  39. Transformers dress-up...
  40. [ART] Class of 1984
  41. Smithsonian (Udvar-Hazy Center) exhibit of ROTF props, designs and toys
  42. Assorted Japanese shows marathon
  43. Seibertron interviews Arcee bike customizer
  44. Hubris Fanzine #10 (NEW Stephen Baskerville art)
  45. goautobots217 [wants to know who thinks Sam is a Prime]
  46. [FICTION] Tf Mosaic: the War Within prequel project
  47. Cyber Keys
  48. Next of Kin Sunday Session
  49. I want to have Nick Roche's Children [And other Auto Assembly grubbins].
  50. Did someone cut a car and made a G1 transformer?
  51. Full compilation of G1 transformers abilities
  52. Another TF:A question
  53. [ART] G1 Goldbug
  54. [ART] Transformation riddle
  55. Saga of the Allspark Question
  56. The fiercest decepticon
  57. The Tragedy of the Dinobots
  58. Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Transformers G1, the FCC and public service announcements
  59. Boring Fandom Stuff - [was "Is Revenge of the Fallen A Very Silly Title Indeed?"] [Split From ROTF Toy Discussion]
  60. Anyone know any Tranformers jokes?
  61. [FICTION] Shooting Star
  62. [FICTION] Friendly Fire
  63. [FICTION] At Talon's Point
  64. Is Nelson Shin a liar? Or is this interview awfully suggestive?
  65. [FICTION] Prime vs. Bonecrusher (one-shot photocomic)
  66. [FICTION] Fall from Grace
  67. TFWire is dead. Anyone bothered?
  68. [ART] Optimus Prime colored
  69. Baby Transformer Hatchlings.
  70. [ART] Animated Predacons
  71. [Animated] I haz finally seen Teh Animated! (well, some of it)
  72. Various movie props up for auction
  73. ZOMG dudes, Neil Young's a TF fan
  74. [FICTION] Glory Hour
  75. Do Transformers need a head to function?
  76. Mudflap's doors
  77. What's next for Transformers?
  78. [ART] Transformers Badly Animated: Episode 2
  79. Any word on DVD exclusives?
  80. So, do we think Arcee's dead?
  81. Blackout? Or Grindor? Bonecrusher? Or Clonecrusher?
  82. best series in your opinion
  83. Win a chevy camaro like Bumblebee
  84. [Animated] disappointed in the series
  85. NFL promo
  86. [ART] Mosaic mini-series: Monsterbots, Quintessons, Stunticons and Pretenders
  87. [ART] My Ark Project
  88. Is anyone else kind of nostalgic already for the Car Robots/RiD era?
  89. What would you like to see in a TF videogame?
  90. TF MMORPG?
  91. Old Soldiers/Kups story
  92. Hahaha, so didn't notice that until the latest viewing...
  93. Autobot/human relations: Single biggest difference between TF cartoons and comics?
  94. Transformers Shout! Factory G1 Complete Set
  95. Question about the Fallen
  96. Official ROTF website.
  97. IMAX bonus footage
  98. ROTF Fanedit project
  99. A Prime's role? (mostly G1 centered)
  100. [ART] secretcode's digibash... area
  101. [ART] Face Value
  102. 'Nother Budiansky interview
  103. Overarching Questions about the "Movieverse" Mythos
  104. Wiki Wiki Wow
  105. [ART] Transformers Mosaic: Blackest Night
  106. [ART] G1 Warpath Sketch
  107. [ART] G1 fan art
  108. Do Things In Black and White Make Sense?
  109. [ART] Transformers Mosaic - The Meals of Sin
  110. 25 Greatest Moments Feedback.
  111. So I finally saw revenge of the Fallen all the way through
  112. Optimus' Beard
  113. [Animated] I just saw my first episode of Animated and I have questions...
  114. My official condemnation of the film
  115. [FICTION] Transformers: Restoration Part 1 of 10.
  116. Revisiting Dreamwave.
  117. Beast Machines/The Matrix similarities
  118. Beast Wars 2 and Neo
  119. [Animated] transformers: animated - opinions
  120. Soundwave's voice
  121. So, what would Ransack be made of?
  122. Okay, before opening this try and remember all the Autobots on the Ark at the start of the cartoon...
  123. Transformers Abridged: G1 - "The Trailer"
  124. [ART] TF: Animated Ballobot Sketch
  125. Introducing Robofan: a new typeface based on the Transformers logo
  126. Optimus
  127. New fans
  128. ROTF nominated for Award
  129. The sonar contact numbers discrepancy
  130. So Who'd Be Your Ideal Convention Guest/s?
  131. G2 technologies
  132. 'Transformers Anthem' - song release
  133. [ICONS] Wild Arms
  134. [ART] Mechanix - Destron Update
  135. Overkill's revenge
  136. DLing BW II/Neo eps... what's "RAW"?
  137. Slag-A-Con 2010
  138. Threadshot
  139. Missing bits from the 2007 Movie.
  140. Beast Wars soundtrack
  141. [Animated] What no joes
  142. [ART] Powermaster Optimus Prime Fan Art
  143. [FICTION] Image - a Sixshot fanfic
  144. What Whirl and Roadbuster done before Transformers
  145. Thinking about the Barricade/ROTF thing...
  146. How does Transformers fiction compare to other sci-fi lines?
  147. [ART] G1 Trypticon's secret origin
  148. The Barricade Effect?
  149. "The Immobilizer" and "The Autobot Run"...
  150. mistakes in G1 cartoon
  151. Omega Supreme
  152. [Animated] TF Animated DVDs?
  153. Just how stupid is Blitzwing?
  154. [ART] Seeds Of Deception: Omega Supreme, Final Act! 22 pages online, full story!
  155. People who haven't seen
  156. TFCon 2010 Toronto, July 17-18th: Who's coming and what are you looking for?
  157. So How Much Did Furman Know About The US Deaths of Prime and Megatron When He Wrote Prey?
  158. [Animated] Transformers Animated The Cool (manga) in English
  159. OI!! Whatever did happen to them TRANSFANS.NET.COM.UK??!
  160. Magic comic reading...
  161. [ART] Seeds Of Deception:Shockwave/Soundwave ACT 3 (pages 11-14)
  162. Transformers DVDs.... What to buy?
  163. How long was Rodimus Prime leader for, then?
  164. The one-time only regeneration tubes are a bit good aren't they?
  165. I got a question about Titans TF graphic novels?
  166. Soooo, why/when did Bumblebee become Goldbug?
  167. Father Straxus
  168. [ART] Seeds Of Deception: Sentinel Prime Act II (pages 7-13)
  169. Oh, if anyone's after late-run Titan books...
  170. Laid out, layabouts or liabilities?
  171. [ART] E.J. Su's Ironhide and Bumblebee Colored
  172. [ART] Animated "Schizm" (two pages comic)
  173. decepticons are better and real and smarter than autobots
  174. decepticons are better
  175. [FICTION] Wreckers: Springer
  176. Weekly World of Transformers.
  177. Back to the Drawing Board or characters who if disarmed would be up the creek
  178. [FICTION] War within Optimus, young Magnus and Stunticons
  179. Hall of Fame
  180. Agony Booth Recap of ROTF
  181. Smell the VHS Nostalgia.
  182. Swordsmechs
  183. [FICTION] Reckoning, Part Eleven
  184. [ART] SoD Starscream ACT 1 - pages 1-3
  185. Episode ordering?
  186. [ART] SoD Magnus, Final Act "Legacy" (a complete story!)
  187. Favourite transformation?
  188. [ART] Aftermath phase 2: "Poisoned Chalice" (The END of an universe!)
  189. Chinese Transformer
  190. [ART] Transformers Mosaic: Swimming Lessons
  191. Flaws in the forest scene in TF 2
  192. [ART] Transformers Mosaic: The Last Enemy
  193. Transformers tattoo
  194. I need a Bayformers movie font.
  195. [ART] SoD presents: "Paradise Lost"
  196. Post Bay Transformers.
  197. Throttlebots role
  198. Is Escalation worth $4?
  199. So who do the Seacons fight, then?
  200. [ART] Hot rod and Megatron
  201. War for Cybertron *Spoilers!*
  202. [ART] SoD presents: The Fistfight Experience
  203. Transformers themed gaming podcast
  204. [ART] Looking for a Few Good Bots...
  205. Stop Motion TF:TM clips
  206. [ART] SoD: Nova Prime vs. the Anti-Prime
  207. [ART] Cash & Kalis
  208. Another giant Prime statue - this one movie style
  209. [ART] SoD Cover art: Sentinel Prime, a mech for all ages
  210. Note for new people: INTRO THREADS
  211. Peter Cullen Un-Official Fan Page
  212. ROTF: Just keeps getting better... (Dr. Hufhuffhur)
  213. What did Phil Mitchell say to the Dinobot?
  214. How much toys name can affect
  215. transformers animated series' sound track
  216. [ART] SoD: Magnus versus Arcee!
  217. Prime Inc. - who copied who?
  218. [ART] G1 Botcon Cindersaur
  219. [ART] SoD presents: Kup and the history of Cybertron
  220. [ART] G2 Cindersaur
  221. [ART] SoD Starscream Act II: "The Big Deceit" + Cover C
  222. [ART] Just a little self-art (MSPaint)
  223. [ART] S.o.D. - Bludgeon in "The Balance, Crack'd"
  224. What will Starscream do?
  225. What color is energon?
  226. [FICTION] Risen From the Depths: A Fishy Seacon Story. [Marvel Continuity. Ish]
  227. KREMZEEK!
  228. [ART] BOTS OF HONOR - Coming in 2011.
  230. [ART] S.o.D. - Finback in "Transmutated"
  231. Unicron Promo Posters
  232. Optimus Prime Top 10 Late Show
  233. A question on names...of humans.
  234. [ART] S.o.D. - Magnus Act 3 "Secret Quest!" [updated 24 dec]
  235. Going back to Transformers 2007 (after ROTF)
  236. Networking Transformers Discussion
  237. RPM Specs
  238. New characters in Transformers 3?
  239. What's going on with the Transformers lately?
  240. Transformers: Exodus
  241. HELP: '80s tv commercials / ads for Transformers ?
  242. [FICTIOn] S.o.D. - Perceptor/Octane "The Drought" (or the mystery of the Energon)
  243. [ART] S.o.D. Jetfire/Grimlock: "Seduction Of The Innocents"
  244. ZOMG!!!iii originz of Drift!
  245. If got a TRANSFORMER FANS CLUB locate at somewhere, will you interested?
  246. New transformers fan series based on the "G1-Beast" continuity. Fan input here.
  247. [Animated] Default Lockdown as a Headmaster? o_O;
  248. Aliens in Marvel U.S
  249. Which troops 'belong' with which leader?
  250. Help needed on Japanes BW Series please