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  1. Theory On The Decepticons Attack On Autobot City
  2. [BW,BM] Ghost's BW #3: The Web/Equal Measures
  3. What is the comicbook origin of all the Dinobots?
  4. Transformers playing cards
  5. Were the Dinobots Devastators greatest rivals?
  6. The Generation One Episode Guide On This Site
  7. Dreamwave G1 Preview strip online!
  8. [ART] Jetfire!
  9. [BW,BM] Ghost's BW #4: Chain of Command/Power Surge
  10. [FICTION] Alternate Tech Specs for certain characters....
  11. Comic Compilations
  12. [ART] So what do you want to see? [art added]
  13. Fallen angel questions
  14. [JTF] Japanese TF series? (wow, Addl's moving through the forums)
  15. [RID,UT] RiD is better than G1 cartoon!
  16. [FICTION] Cyber Wars Prologe 1: The Decepticons
  17. Dreamwave Comics in the UK?
  18. Optimus Prime and Megatron
  19. Just how popular were the transformers?
  20. Artwork
  21. [RID,UT] Will Armada have an anime style in the cartoon series this fall?
  22. Theories on Primus and Unicron
  23. [RID,UT] Where Can I Get An Episode Guide?
  24. [JTF] Where I can get some Jap.Episodes?
  25. Autobot Logo
  26. Favorite g1 TF episode
  27. You know, Walky can be pretty brutal
  28. Error in Predaking Lithograph
  29. [RID,UT] Well, Having Seen Three Episodes...
  30. [RID,UT] When Can We Expect To See Armada In The UK?
  31. Just A couple Of Questions...
  32. Junkions
  33. Which Was The Better Rivalry?
  34. [RID,UT] Downloading of RiD episodes, please help!!
  35. What is the comic origin of the Combaticons?
  36. The Heart of Cybertron
  37. Issue 3 [of Dreamwave out yet?]
  38. [Tell me about the] Terracons
  39. [BW,BM] BW/BM quotes
  40. [RID,UT] Transformers Armada airing schedule
  41. [ART] Someone´s seen too much Pat Lee´s art lately
  42. Issue #3........SPOILERS!!!!
  43. [ART] Artistic Assistance
  44. Uk people who need Dreamwave comics Issue's 2+3....
  45. [JTF] Swarp?
  46. [RID,UT] Oh dear... they left Slapper...
  47. [JTF] Anyone know where I can find a "BW Neo" Ep. Guide?
  48. The Evolution of kids cartoons
  49. Autobots...not so smart?
  50. [RID,UT] Yes!!!!
  51. Taget 2006 artwork
  52. [FICTION] New Order
  53. [RID,UT] episodes 21 and 22
  54. The new Dreamwave comics
  55. Who would be the logical Decepticon leader after galvy dies?
  56. [RID,UT] RiD figures.......
  57. Starscream immortal?
  58. [RID,UT] What kind of name is Movor?
  59. TFTM parody
  60. A Question About The UK Comics
  61. Issue #6 Comic Covers
  62. [ART] CGI Transformation Sequence! Must See!
  63. Issue #4..........DEVASTATOR!!!!!!!!
  64. [FICTION] again for your reading pleasure....THE CHIP CHASE FANFIC!!!
  65. [JTF] Japanese Theme Songs
  66. In TF:TM...
  67. [JTF] If someone were to bring Headmasters,Masterforce,and Victory redubed them right
  68. [BW,BM] 1 q about The Agenda Part 1
  69. [JTF] Destrongers Codes?
  70. [JTF] Victory: Dinoforce
  71. Shockwave Is With The Decepticons In Issue 3 Of The Comics
  72. [RID,UT] Armada Characters
  73. Instead Of Things Like RiD And Armada... [rather see new G1?]
  74. [RID,UT] Will Episodes 21 And 22 Be Shown In The UK?
  75. [BW,BM] Future of beastbots?
  76. who is deaths head
  77. Reflector - the weird decepticon
  78. qs about comics on cd - do not want to buy
  79. TF Winamp Skins
  80. I have a question about Devastor and the constructions
  81. crazy Japanese Ultra Magnus game
  82. Decepticon question
  83. [RID,UT] Where Did RiD Go?
  84. [RID,UT] Anyone prefer SOME of the RiD names to CR?
  85. [RID,UT] Armada Hot Shot
  86. Starscream in Medieval age
  87. [JTF] Japanese FAQ - Rough Framework
  88. Where Can I Get An Original TF:TM Script?
  89. What was the name of the book ?
  90. Does Armada take place after G1 or before like the preview comics says?
  91. [JTF] Japanese FAQ V0.1, General Section
  92. Sig Fodder!
  93. Orion Pax & Alpha Trion
  94. underbase
  95. [FICTION] The Fanfic continued....
  96. A Question About 'The Enemy Within'
  97. [RID,UT] Normal TV
  98. [RID,UT] Normal TV
  99. [JTF] Beast Wars - Ultraorganism Transformer?
  100. [BW,BM] Ghost's BW #5: Fallen Comrades/Double Jeapordy/A Better Mousetrap
  101. Starscream is even sneakier than we gave him credit for
  102. recommended tf sagas
  103. Comic QQ #22: The Insecticons
  104. Favourite DW Piece?
  105. BEST FIGHT scene
  106. Starscream v Ultra Magnus in alternate Season three
  107. [BW,BM] What happened to the other stasis pods???
  108. Rebirth episodes?
  109. [ART] Skywarp!
  110. G1 comics reissues?
  111. [RID,UT] I Thought RiD Was Going To Be On In The UK On Weekends?
  112. I once again raise the question do Transformers Breathe
  113. Galvatron, Megatron
  114. [ART] Coneheads!
  115. Where's Galvatron? (DW Art)
  116. DW comics: Which cover do you buy: A or D?
  117. [RID,UT] 1st Appeareance of Scourge and Ruination
  118. [FICTION] Earthshock Part 1
  119. Autobot Energy
  120. [JTF] Should I Watch Headmasters?
  121. [FICTION] TF parody comics
  122. [RID,UT] Red Alert=Ratchet
  123. A question on ideology
  124. Soundwave was the Casseticons' mummy!
  125. TFs go Human
  126. [RID,UT] Beast Wars is better than RID
  127. Mysterious pic
  128. Jetfire [vs. Skyfire - Differences, Why?]
  129. [BW,BM] Not that I would, but I could...
  130. Micromaster theory
  131. [ART] Ironhide Sketch
  132. [BW,BM] Ghost's BW #5: Gorilla Warfare/The Probe
  133. Micromaster Big Fight!
  134. [JTF] The Robot Train
  135. [JTF] Powerpack = Matrix?
  136. How dedicated are you?
  137. Best Comedy Prime/Convoy death!
  138. Best Comedy Megatron/Galvatron death!
  139. Canadians vs. Americans [Movie Release]
  140. [JTF] Looking for BW II and BW Neo info
  141. Where can I buy the new G1 transformers Comics?
  142. [FICTION] Fanfic You All Must Read!!!!!!
  143. What would you tell Optimus Prime?
  144. [JTF] F-SRL & TF2010 Episodes
  145. Urgent: TF:TM drinking game?
  146. Transformers Live Action Movie Clip..
  147. [ART] [ART] Non-TF, take a look!
  148. [RID,UT] Armada Is Really...
  149. [FICTION] Beast Wars Fanfic - "Ordinary World"
  150. [JTF] Masterforce Final Attacks
  151. Just an Idea... [G1 CGI Movie]
  152. [BW,BM] What kind of season 1 teams YOU would have assembled?
  153. A few interesting TF references in Marvel comics...
  154. Best TF voice?
  155. [JTF] Instructions
  156. Starscreams biggest mistake
  157. Most Poignant TF Moment
  158. Grimlock's new outtake on life
  159. New Comics.....Issue # 1 ???
  160. [BW,BM] Full Downloadable episodes.
  161. Question for Redstreak
  162. [BW,BM] The latest stupid thing I bought in a charity shop - Les Ani Mutants!
  163. One Has To Wonder...
  164. [RID,UT] Landfill?
  165. Limbo, Skids, what's the deal?
  166. Transformers Time Wars question
  167. A question about the UK TF comics
  168. How many different ways has Pat Lee tried to bleed money out of us?
  169. [FICTION] Transformers: Conquerers book two Turmoil on Cybertron
  170. [BW,BM] Which Season of BW/BM is your Favorite?
  171. On the edge of extinction
  172. Dreamwave 1-3 & Preview Reviewed [SPOILERS]
  173. [JTF] Car Robots Theme Tune
  174. [JTF] Good site for HM/MF/V episodes on CD/VHS?
  175. UK G1 Comic
  176. [ART] RPG fan art: Javelin
  177. Anyone have the new Wizard pic of Grimlock?
  178. Who Were The Jets In MTMTE?
  179. TF the Movie
  180. When does G1 #4 and Armada #1 come out?
  181. Rate the season one episodes...
  182. Why is Beast Wars so much better than G1?
  183. Flaw or stupidity?
  184. Recycled TF names
  185. [ART] Action master grimlock
  186. [FICTION] Trouble With Time Part 1
  187. [JTF] Could it be? The Operation Combination logo? Help needed from tikana understanders..
  188. Were They Really Robots In Disguise
  189. [BW,BM] Original Air Dates for Canada, UK and US for Beast Machines?
  190. [BW,BM] Beast Wars FAQ V 2.0
  191. [BW,BM] Beast Machines question
  192. [RID,UT] The seeds of the future lie buried in the past!
  193. My test shows non fans preferr G1
  194. Random things I learnt today, thanks to ATT
  195. Soundwave-Megatron link
  196. [ART] Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair!
  197. [BW,BM] G1 Meg's Spark Returned?
  198. DW G1 TWW Grimlock preview! Got it!
  199. [JTF] Where can I find Japanese Series Episodes?
  200. [RID,UT] Transformers.com; wallpapers, e-cards, IM buddy icons, toy comic
  201. Brawn And Bumblebee In 'The Ultimate Doom (Part 3)'
  202. [RID,UT] Armada preview
  203. [BW,BM] Beast Machines FAQ V1.0
  204. Humans Or Tranformers? Who Really Owns Earth?
  205. You talk T.V?
  206. [RID,UT] Question about Armada...
  207. Do you dislike Manny Galan art?
  208. TF G1 Season 2?
  209. Random musings on the two G1 comic series.
  210. Optimus vs Hot Rod: Who was the real chosen one?
  211. Couple of easy questions about the new G1 comic
  212. [RID,UT] No sir, I don't think I like it.
  213. [BW,BM] Wreckers--to Be Continued?
  214. [RID,UT] Should I watch it?
  215. [RID,UT] I'm really sick of waiting!!!!
  216. Did/do you get the feeling transformers are alien robots? Where?
  217. The spineless Optimus Prime.
  218. What was the Techno Bots origin in the comics along with the Terrocons?
  219. What did you dislike and like about Season 3?
  220. [RID,UT] Number Of Episodes?
  221. Transformer movie rights have been bought
  222. Jetfire....what's the deal?
  223. Downloading episodes
  224. Transformer Deaths.....
  225. [JTF] Pics anyone?
  226. G1 cartoon dvds?
  227. [RID,UT] rid episodes and terrorist references
  228. Is the new G1 comic out yet???
  229. [RID,UT] sorting out the time lines once and for all
  230. Combiners
  231. scorponok vs black zarak
  232. [RID,UT] New Armada info
  233. [JTF] CR on Disk
  234. [RID,UT] rid fortress maximus
  235. [RID,UT] the armada figures i'm most looking forward to are...
  236. Favorite scene in TF:TM
  237. Does anyone know when TF #4 comes out?
  238. [JTF] Japanese Beast Machines
  239. "gestalts"
  240. [RID,UT] here's a dumb question...
  241. Ark's best computer
  242. Ark's best computer
  243. [JTF] "fire and guts super god ginrai"
  244. Straxus
  245. [BW,BM] Would Primal have pulled the trigger?
  246. Unicron's Speech
  247. [BW,BM] Beast Machines was being planned back in G1
  248. Beast Machines Vs G1(USA Cartoon)?
  249. diaclone cartoon
  250. generation 2??