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  1. [RID,UT] "Landfill" has aired in Australia
  2. [RID,UT] DW Armada comic covers
  3. A Question About G.I. Joe/Transformers Crossovers
  4. New DOTM!
  5. Pokemon is better than g1, persuade me otherwise [Challenge]
  6. Best version of the Transformers mythos?
  7. Junkions
  8. Comic questions
  9. [RID,UT] Sky-Byte Saves The Day
  10. [BW,BM] Ghost's BW #7: Victory/Dark Designs/Double Dinobot
  11. Season 2 DVD WHEN?
  12. Someone with UK#313 and an access to scanner
  13. [BW,BM] Obsidian & Strika
  14. [JTF] god ginrai vs powermaster prime
  15. [RID,UT] My first RiDs
  16. [RID,UT] A brief review for Armada #1 (spoilers)
  17. [JTF] Scramble City's Starscream
  19. OK... Snarl in TF:TM
  20. Titan TPB Contents?
  21. [JTF] UNCLE Sixshot...WTF???
  22. "Till All Are One" Soundtrack
  23. [JTF] A Question about Blaster/Billy
  24. [JTF] NEEDED: Someone with TF: Generations & Scanner access...
  25. [RID,UT] A cover query
  26. [BW,BM] Ghost's BW #9: Call of the Wild/Dark Voyage/Possession
  27. Just a small question for the UKers (DW comics)
  28. UK Season 1 DVD box set
  29. [JTF] Beast Wars Neo Unicron pics?
  30. G-1&2
  31. Transformers #4 early review
  32. [RID,UT] I'm very impressed with the new comic. (no spoilers really).
  33. [RID,UT] The Remote Possiblity
  34. TF Juniorpress comics dutch complete sale!
  35. [JTF] Japanese FAQ V1.0 Online!!!
  36. [RID,UT] RiD G2 Comic Preview! Written by Chris Saccarini!
  37. Shoot seekers (Starscream and Dirge) in a small game
  38. Alternate US #4 ending?
  39. [JTF] Beast War Neo Episodes;-)
  40. [BW,BM] My Opinions
  41. [FICTION] Before the attack, pt2
  42. War Within Preview
  43. Favorite part of a TF related song/Rythm
  44. powermaster optimus prime
  45. What happened to Eleeta One?
  46. Megatron indestructible?
  47. Cybertronian Forms
  48. Pictures of TFs in both/all modes
  49. A dilemma...
  50. UK Comic
  51. [RID,UT] Does anyone else think Sparkplug looks like Bumblebee?
  52. [JTF] Victory Episode List
  53. Revenge of the Dumbass...!
  54. Finally got the DVD
  55. [JTF] Where can I download any of the Japanese series?!
  56. [JTF] Does headmasters carry on from season 3 or 4
  57. [BW,BM] BW most important Episodes
  58. Who is the true creator of TFs?
  59. Who are your favorite minibots?
  60. [BW,BM] Holy Other Voices, Megatron!
  61. *Proof* of Constructicons' origin!
  62. [JTF] 1st draft for HM rewrite (ep 1, 1st half)
  63. Rate Dreamwave #1!
  64. Post you tech-spec here
  65. [BW,BM] Who was the funniest BW/BM character?
  66. [BW,BM] Aftermath/Coming of the Fuzors
  67. [RID,UT] Will the Armada comic end when the cartoon ends?
  68. [FICTION] Earthshock Part 2
  69. [ART] TF inked lineart
  70. Who changed the looks for the original TFs?
  71. UK comics
  72. G1 Issue #4 (Spoilers)
  73. Accuracy
  74. [FICTION] TF:TM w/o New Characters Part 5 (I know... it's been a while.)
  75. [JTF] Ever wondered how CR/Rid had looked in CGI? Pics from CR book.
  76. [RID,UT] Hidden Message
  77. What happend to Shockwave in comic?
  78. Good Dreamwave Dealers?
  79. [JTF] need help regarding masterforce and victory eps
  80. Okay, this has been buggin me a little bit...
  81. A Question About The Comics
  82. There is no Plague of Insecticons!
  83. Finally!! Devastator Has Come Back!!!!!!!!
  84. Opinion about UK Comics.
  85. [RID,UT] New UK Time-Slot?
  86. [FICTION] Transformers Armaggedon
  87. [RID,UT] Tech Specs for Armada
  88. [JTF] Jap Headmasters
  89. US comic question
  90. The Greatest TF comic series of all time!
  91. What is the best Transformers TV show of all time
  92. [JTF] Japanese TF and BW video releases?
  93. A Prime Problem - one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life.
  94. Best Comic Book Cover
  95. [RID,UT] Agree Total
  96. [RID,UT] Hilarious adaption of the Armada Hot Shot comic!
  97. Branded my jeep today
  98. [JTF] Where To Get Japan Episodes
  99. Wreckers info
  100. Most unfairly bashed TF author/scripter/artist/voice actor/something else?
  101. [RID,UT] For Anyone In The UK That Saw This Weekends Episodes...
  102. [JTF] Was Seibertron in Japanese Beast Wars?
  103. DW TF Mistakes
  104. [RID,UT] It's been 6 yrs now hasn't it?
  105. Galvatron sent to a galactic mental hospital?!! hahahaha!!!
  106. Ok, Here We Go!!!.......why Is Devastator The Best Tf Ever?
  107. [BW,BM] bad spark
  108. Wot Gestalt/Citybot be u?
  109. [RID,UT] Canadian Armada toys.
  110. do transformers REALLY need to fold their arms?
  111. Strange cover for Generation 2 tpb:
  112. Dreamwave comics
  113. [JTF] BW 2/ Beast Wars Neo
  114. Is DW G1 #4 out in the UK yet?
  115. [RID,UT] What bothered me in Armada # 1...
  116. [JTF] Sixshot thrashing Ultra Magnus
  117. [FICTION] Daughter's Lesson
  118. Budiansky and new characters
  119. [RID,UT] WHO"s in charge on the VA crew?
  120. I Just Ordered Dreamwave 2, 3 & 4
  121. [ART] Unicron Project!!!
  122. [RID,UT] It's changing from robot (or back)--not an event
  123. [FICTION] A Resident Evil/Transformers
  124. DW #4--Hookless?
  125. Dark Awakening
  126. Where was Autobot City located?
  127. [RID,UT] Episode Guide
  128. leige maximo
  129. Silly stuff you remember that gets you thinking.
  130. Season 2 Titles?
  131. UK cartoon screening info?
  132. Downloading Episodes
  133. [RID,UT] RID 21 and 22 online!
  134. Autobots Gestalt
  135. 3d Unicron On Mtv 2!!
  136. [RID,UT] eps from Kazaa
  137. Who's everyone's favourite gestalt?
  138. Hauler
  139. Decepticon/autobot Lasers
  140. [RID,UT] Can someone that went to Botcon tell me how good episode 1 of Armada was
  141. [BW,BM] Maximal Waspinator
  142. [BW,BM] Missing Preds...
  143. Pick a team that could beat this lot
  144. A Generation of Primes and Megatrons
  145. [BW,BM] What if Megatron had won in Season 2 BW
  146. Finally got me some UK TF comics!
  147. Does anyone know where...
  148. Gestalts that could have been...
  149. [RID,UT] The level of seriousness in Armada.
  150. [FICTION] Brawn & Trailbreaker Go Camping
  151. A Few Dreamwave Thoughts
  152. [BW,BM] Dreamwave´s BW comic announcement at Botcon
  153. Wouldnt it be nice to see starscream defeat Megatron
  154. [BW,BM] Some thoughts on BW
  155. Favorite TF w/o Appearence in Show
  156. [BW,BM] the ark
  157. [JTF] A few general series questions
  158. Odd review of TF:TM
  159. [RID,UT] Sky-Byte Cowardize!
  160. Theory on how Perceptor beat Devestator
  161. Transformers G1 Cartoon VS He-Man
  162. [BW,BM] Rock Bubble Bw
  163. [BW,BM] Unicron in BW
  164. [BW,BM] What were the maximals/predicons?
  165. [RID,UT] Armada Voicings
  166. [BW,BM] BM: First 4 Episodes
  167. [BW,BM] BW and BM
  168. [RID,UT] On What Date Will Episode 11 Be Repeated In The UK?
  169. [GAME] Blaster's Blasting Adventure
  170. My Views on Kids cartoons
  171. Transformer Heights
  172. [RID,UT] Armada & Beast Machines
  173. [RID,UT] Most exciting thing about Armada?
  174. All American Autobots
  175. Who are your favorite Headmasters?
  176. Stupid Maverick
  177. [BW,BM] Isn't Waspinator the greatest?
  178. Re-issues for ages 8 and up?!?
  179. DW G1/Armada downloads
  180. Comic Cybertron . . .
  181. [BW,BM] Beast Wars comic by Dreamwave
  182. FFOD...worst animation flubs ever?
  183. Insecticon Syndrome in divx corrupted
  184. [BW,BM] Master Blaster. aka "An Optimal Problem"
  185. For Those Of You That Have The Maverick Series Three DVD...
  186. Dreamwave comic center fold poster list?
  187. Female TF characters from every continuity?
  188. [BW,BM] BM Through Revelations Pt. 2
  189. Pretender continuity
  190. [BW,BM] Changing of the Guard
  191. Decepticon leadership in the comic
  192. UK cover scans can be found from one place
  193. UK comic letters page and Robo-Capers questions
  194. [RID,UT] Did anybody see thoes armada videos?
  195. Killer Transformers
  196. [BW,BM] BW Videos in the UK
  197. [RID,UT] Ultra Magnus
  198. post season two new decepticons????
  199. [RID,UT] here is some kind of comic of dreamwave
  200. Is The Season One Box Set Available In The UK?
  201. A Transformers Live Action movie..(your opinions)
  202. [RID,UT] DW Comic Character ID Help
  203. G1's Bruticus or RiD's Ruination?
  204. R.I.P. Skyfire?
  205. Help needed from UK comic knowing bods!
  206. Is There A Mistake On The Decepticon Cover Of Dreamwave Number Two?
  207. Probably Been Asked A Million Times [Dreamwave Question]
  208. Bruticus Or Runiation? Which Name Is Cooler?
  209. Liege Maximo origin explained [possible Alignment spoilers]
  210. A kinder, gentler Starscream
  211. Better Vocabulary, Bruticus or Ruination?
  212. [BW,BM] Who was a Transmetal
  213. [JTF] Transectors (Mostly Masterforce question)
  214. [FICTION] A Shadow Prologue: Soundwave
  215. [JTF] Megatron-Galvatron in Japanese continuity?
  216. [FICTION] Transformers: Battle For Cybertron
  217. [RID,UT] Armada Clip
  218. thief in the night
  219. Trailblazer?
  220. [BW,BM] Home born predacons and maximals
  221. where i can find an archive verson of transformers vs. g.i. joe....please respond
  222. TRANSFORMERS A NEW SAGA, u guys still remember it?
  223. [BW,BM] Episode Guides?
  224. When G1 was being animated...
  225. DreamWave Number Five
  226. The end of DW #4...
  227. Two different versions of TF:TM
  228. Defeating Unicron without the Matrix
  229. madman's paradise
  230. [RID,UT] A Question About The Comics
  231. [FICTION] Transformers A New Saga
  232. Gobots was better than the G1 cartoon
  233. Swoop in TF:TM
  234. [FICTION] The Last Strand of Faith [Fanfic]
  235. Grimlock in TF:TM
  236. Sunstreaker in TF:TM
  237. wait wait!, why did unicron give "new" bodies?
  238. [RID,UT] The first Armada commercial...
  239. F*** You, Dreamwave!
  240. Stupid Newbe Question!
  241. The War Within 4 page preview looks good so far!
  242. [ART] Beast Wars: TMII Outrider...
  243. I like Bob Budiansky.
  244. [RID,UT] TF:Armada series in Canada or on Kazaa?
  245. Jetfire in TF:TM
  246. In which countries was Marvel´s TF comic published?
  247. I know Deyner is going to be pissed...
  248. A different take on the continuities
  249. Could Marvel's "Ultimate" concept work with Transformers?
  250. Alignment ***!!!!!SPOILERS!!!!*****