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  1. [RID,UT] Just the usual request...
  2. A small essay on reusing names (not by me fortunately)
  3. Fanboys as a derogatory expression
  4. Why do you think Megatron didn't kill Starscream?
  5. [BW,BM] Bob Skir interview by Marv Wolfman. Skir haters; read this please!
  6. [RID,UT] The SECOND Armada Commercial...
  7. [ART] A Megatron sketch I made...
  8. Transformers Hall of fame.
  9. [BW,BM] The Golden Disk
  10. [BW,BM] Maximals and Predacons age
  11. US Comic #75 Body Count
  12. [RID,UT] What if...(just a theory, but give your thoughts)
  13. How big are insecticons???
  14. [RID,UT] For those who care (RID Time Change In Canada)
  15. [BW,BM] Rattrap personality
  16. [BW,BM] Dinobot, cheetor and rattrap
  17. [ART] Prime and Bruticus!
  18. [RID,UT] Last ep of RiD
  19. Does Megatron have the matrix?
  20. [BW,BM] Botanica. What´s wrong with a transforming plant?
  21. Hahahahahahahahahahaaa! LOL!
  22. Guns [of Autobots vs. what Ultra Magnus had]
  23. hey i am having a problem getting into the comics
  24. [RID,UT] The clock is ticking....
  25. [RID,UT] The time is here... are you watching?
  26. [RID,UT] Well.....your thoughts. **[SPOILERS]**
  27. Same Comics but different source !
  28. [RID,UT] Request to all those to saw Armada
  29. [RID,UT] To all that are watching Armada...
  30. Since I think Armada is going to screw up...[G3 anyone?]
  31. [BW,BM] So people actually liked Beast Wars?
  32. [RID,UT] Was I the only one who thought (kinda spoiler alert)
  33. [FICTION] Looking for TF:TM parody
  34. How to download Armada from me
  35. Transformers: the movie soundtrack
  36. [RID,UT] Missed Armada Friday, need help!
  37. [RID,UT] Carlos......Canadian or Hispanic?
  38. [BW,BM] What was everyone's first reaction when they first saw Beast Wars?
  39. Decepticon Firepower
  40. A Must Read..............
  41. [ART] Computron!
  42. The War Within... Um, what exactly is it about.
  43. [JTF] Headmasters on video in the UK - some questions and your opinions!
  44. Your favorite Transformers music remix....
  45. Could Optimus Prime ever be killed again?
  46. [ART] Robot mode Sheba in COLOR
  47. [BW,BM] Do you guys know where can I download BW transmetal 2????
  48. A few comic question?
  49. [RID,UT] Character bios & artwork on cartoonnetwork.com
  50. [RID,UT] I know you're all gonna hate me for saying this but...
  51. [RID,UT] pics of tai
  52. [RID,UT] Armada Mini-cons remind me of........
  53. What the autobots should have done in Target 2006
  54. The worst bloopers from the cartoon
  55. [BW,BM] bw questions
  56. [RID,UT] Issue #2 Review *Spoilers*
  57. [FICTION] [FANFIC] - Bar Culture
  58. A Question About 'Auto-Bop'
  59. Matrix in G2
  60. Transformers Season 1 box set VHS...good deal...?
  61. [BW,BM] Starscream's Ghost....
  62. The cunning and ruthless TRUE COMMANDER of the Decepticons!
  63. [RID,UT] Thoughts and Questions on Armada toys and cartoon.
  64. So yeah, issue 5?
  65. [RID,UT] *sigh* 3 weeks until new eps. :-/
  66. Childhood Episode
  67. [ART] Pics of my character, TALIS. Robot/flight modes
  68. [JTF] Headmasters. Worst translations EVER
  69. [BW,BM] Tarantulas of the Predacon secret police?
  70. [FICTION] Funny Fanfiction
  71. [BW,BM] WTH is Beast Wars Metals?
  72. [RID,UT] Armada Fan Art!
  73. Constructicons creation confusion
  74. [RID,UT] This room needs some life!
  75. anybody get issue #5 yet?
  76. [RID,UT] he was a skunk....AAHAHAHHA
  77. Autobots/Decepticons background story?
  78. [BW,BM] so... should I download beast machines?
  79. [BW,BM] What was up with the voks infatuation with the earth?
  80. Ironhide
  81. Looking for pics.
  82. [BW,BM] Was Beast Wars a success?
  83. G1 vcd scam beware ebay seller
  84. [BW,BM] Is Tigatron a schmuck?
  85. [RID,UT] Minicons=Scraplets(but more non-sensical)
  86. [RID,UT] Armada comic > Armada TV show
  87. [BW,BM] did terrorsaur die?
  88. [BW,BM] BW megatron and G1 megatron
  89. [RID,UT] Armada vs. Transtech
  90. Thunderwing
  91. TF Episodes at BBY
  92. [RID,UT] If anything is a relief to me, it's this.
  93. Optimus Prime Guest Stars in lost Family Guy Finale.
  94. [BW,BM] Cybertron conquest
  95. [FICTION] Cliffy Super Bad Fanfic Aftermath Word! - Redemption, Part 1
  96. [RID,UT] Armada eps on vcd wanted
  97. [FICTION] Teknoforce chapters 1 to 3 rewriten
  98. Minicon mentioned?
  99. [JTF] The Japanese Beast Wars timeline...
  100. The wise and charismatic TRUE LEADER of the Autobots!
  101. If the transformers were Borgs...
  102. [RID,UT] Armada Rocks
  103. [RID,UT] An opinion I can agree with.
  104. The comic is better than the cartoon... because...
  105. Air on Cybertron
  106. [RID,UT] small request
  107. Megs VS Optimus one on one
  108. [ART] Scorponok (Art: Colour By Stonecold Skywarp)
  109. [JTF] UK Takara DVD
  110. [ART] Nitram - Autobot
  111. [BW,BM] where can i get season3 episodes??
  112. [BW,BM] BW optimus primal and G1 optimus prime
  113. [BW,BM] BW primal and G1 prime
  114. If anyone knows anything about the Comics at all, then maybe u can help me!
  115. TF : RiD mod for Half-Life - Need Crew!
  116. FFoD
  117. Sludge was a Demolitions expert!
  118. Dreamwave apology in TF G1 #5
  119. Dreamwave Issue #5: SPOILERS!
  120. [JTF] Master Force Questions
  121. [RID,UT] Armada Calender
  122. [BW,BM] Rhinox and dinobot
  123. G1 Galvatron v G1 Optimus
  124. [FICTION] An unfinished work...
  125. so who was the best Dinobot other than Grimlock
  126. [RID,UT] Why cant they just use the old transoformer noise?!
  127. Constructicons......IN "THE WAR WITHIN"!!!
  128. DW issue 5 [SPOILERS]
  129. The comic movie
  130. IS there a website where I can download episodes?
  131. Dreamwave Transformers Profiles book
  132. [RID,UT] Armada RPG?
  133. who is this guy?
  134. Please tell me?
  135. The Targetmasters
  136. [FICTION] my first fic
  137. [FICTION] The Transformers: Time Warp
  138. [FICTION] TransFormers: Infinities
  139. [RID,UT] Can someone scan pics of the Armada Calendar?
  140. Worst Episode Ever!
  141. TROOP...as seen by X-Entertainment!
  142. [RID,UT] Armada in Australia
  143. Starscream sucks
  144. [RID,UT] Help Identifying Armada TF's In G1#5 Pull Out Poster.
  145. Cerebros
  146. Do you have this?
  147. sweet auction
  148. I noticed this, I'm not too familiar w/ comics...
  149. [BW,BM] rhinox and silverbolt
  150. [BW,BM] wat do u tink will happen if dinobot appears in BM?
  151. UK Annuals
  152. [RID,UT] G1 Charecters in Armada #1?
  153. Things you rekon would feel like Unicrons red mist
  154. So... War Within Preview... any thoughts?
  155. So I was reading thru my g1 comics again...
  156. Dreamwave really hates Europe, doesn't it?
  157. [RID,UT] What is Armada
  158. [RID,UT] What is Armada
  159. Interesting Transformers trivia
  160. [RID,UT] What do they have against Megatron?
  161. Names of every Micromaster
  162. [BW,BM] Cybertron = megatron??
  163. [RID,UT] Linking of RID, BM and Armada
  164. TF UK Reprints
  165. [RID,UT] Which EPS feature the dig team?
  166. [RID,UT] Armada tonight....
  167. [BW,BM] Is Tigatron a schmuck? Part 2: The Cheetor Test
  168. [RID,UT] Episode #4 **SPOILERS**
  169. Bludgeon vs Grimlock
  170. hey guys
  171. Grimlock
  172. [BW,BM] Who's the Coolest Looking BW/BM TF?
  173. Best Cartoon Episode Storyline.
  174. Decepticons transform!!! no please transform, pretty please
  175. [JTF] Translation of BW Japanese Themes. Anyone know 'em?
  176. Autobots performance
  177. [RID,UT] Armada music
  178. the cover for the g1 trade paperback
  179. Manhood
  180. Season 2 DVD
  181. [BW,BM] Favourite BM episodes
  182. [BW,BM] BM questions
  183. [BW,BM] Who is the best autobot\maximal leader in cybertron history?
  184. [JTF] New site by Hydra, Buster and D´Anthony
  185. [BW,BM] Who was the ultimate schmuck?
  186. [RID,UT] Minicon Question
  187. [RID,UT] Character voices sound familiar...
  188. [JTF] BW2 and BW Neo characters profile
  189. Wreckers: Betrayal. *Spoilers*
  190. [RID,UT] Finished watching the Armada #4 *possible spoilers*
  191. Rodimus power level and such
  192. [RID,UT] Oh how touching...*sarcasm*
  193. Favorite Sub-group
  194. [ART] What do you think of my TFs ART???
  195. Is there a webpage that has much info about S.Furman?
  196. Why did Prime die?
  197. Who is Snake?
  198. [RID,UT] Super Optimus Clip
  199. [RID,UT] The only good kid in armada is the girl.
  200. G1 Cartoon Vs .....
  201. Origin of the Quintessons
  202. Indepth review of TF:The Movie Pt.1
  203. Indepth review of TF:The Movie pt 2
  204. [RID,UT] Just seen episode 5 and was wondering what the new Minicon looks like*spoilers*
  205. [BW,BM] bw episodes (where?!)
  206. [RID,UT] Just watched episode 5.
  207. [RID,UT] How Long Will The Comic Series Last?
  208. [FICTION] Transformers: Alpha
  209. [JTF] stupidy moment cleared..
  210. [BW,BM] What animal would you have in your house?
  211. [BW,BM] Power and Weapon of Choice?
  212. [RID,UT] Wheelie vs Hotshot
  213. [RID,UT] I think the fat kid...
  214. Throttle bots
  215. Any one else.....
  216. Prime's death
  217. [RID,UT] Anyone think uncut Car Robots will ever be released on DVD outside of Japan?
  218. [ART] Here is a picture wjat I did...
  219. Not quite a collage...
  220. Why did the American Series end at the Rebirth?
  221. [RID,UT] Since when did Cartoon Network merge with PBS?
  222. Rodimus Prime and Galvatron, The Inept Transleaders
  223. Epsiodes Questions?
  224. [RID,UT] Episode 6 [may contain Spoilers]
  225. Quick thought regarding our beloved exploiters at Dreamwave...
  226. Favourite TF Comic Artist
  227. rebirth intro
  228. Transformers The Movie: Cast of Characters
  229. [ART] In Need Of Fan Art and Fan Fiction
  230. [RID,UT] My thoughts on those damn kids.
  231. Anyone have any idea what are on those VCD's sold on ebay?
  232. Aerialbots or Protectobots
  233. "The Enemy Within" - any pages missing?
  234. TransFormers meets GI Joe?
  235. [RID,UT] Armada Characters Wave2?
  236. Dreamwave
  237. [RID,UT] CR Episodes dubbed or subbed
  238. The War Within #1 is out and it's terrific!
  239. War Within is out, go get it!!! (Spoilers)
  240. [RID,UT] Wally Wingert is Coming to RMTransCon
  241. target 2k6
  242. [BW,BM] A paradox of destruction!
  243. Should Ultra Magnus be in the WWI?
  244. [RID,UT] These new shows lack something...but what?
  245. [RID,UT] Episode 7 *SPOILERS*
  246. [RID,UT] I'm a real happy Transf-fan ^^
  247. Actionmasters???
  248. My thoughts on the TF series
  249. Questions about TPBs
  250. WWI Devastator Sketch