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  1. hmmmmm help
  2. My 2 cents on energon & alternators.
  3. Crazy glue, a Transfans best friend.
  4. My dream Tf:TM DVD
  5. $30 for a Reissue Hot Rod?
  6. Who wants alternator Terrorcons?
  7. If it weren't for the location...
  8. What Did I Get Today?
  9. Alternators or Binaltech?
  10. does anybody know the phone # for 2005 store...
  11. tf game ,what systems??
  12. BinalTech Smokescreen
  13. er... its been 3 weeks and 2 days and my hlj package hasent came
  14. want your opinion...
  15. the new tf game
  16. list some stores that havve tf comics for sale
  17. TRU Arcee - Japan?
  18. OK, This is shady . . . Some guy took apart a Jetfire . . .
  19. What's this guy trying to pull?
  20. Would you buy Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Sunstorm versions of Energon Starscream?
  21. Why did they make Menisor's character model so cool when his Toy is crappy
  22. Transformer ID
  23. Article: Rip off TF prices and why the Con Cassettes would be a good release.
  24. im thinking of importing a Grand Convoy and skiping Energon Prime...
  25. old G1 Storybook - "Insecticons Attack!"
  26. Think we'll see Takara color Energon repaints?
  27. tired of those wire tie thingies in tf boxes?
  28. Alternators
  29. What the...? (Knockoff on eBay)
  30. What in the world is this?
  31. Pick a favorite Transformer... fun for all
  32. Ever regret buying so many Transformers?
  33. Who would pay.......
  34. Most annoying reuse of a mold!
  35. ok, questions about some transformers vs gi joe comics i just recieved
  36. does anybody remember
  37. [Kitbash] Alpha Q Figure Pics
  38. Transformer concepts
  39. TRU Fort Max Reissue? Real or fake?
  40. Yay! I won an Auction for Shockwave!
  41. My kid and G1 toys
  42. Our First Transformers Armada Display
  43. G1 ebay madness...
  44. Armada Unicron planet halves problems?
  45. Best way to get WWI2 comics?
  46. UK members - a question about competition
  47. Wreckers figures?
  48. soundwave insn't necessarilynot with the times by design...
  49. Will the upcoming Energon Megatron link with Scorponok
  50. [chop, chop, chop]
  51. I got Tidal wave 15 bucks canadian!!!
  52. How Many & Which are female TF toys?
  53. Will Arcee be a g1 figure someday?
  54. Finally picked up a set of Spy Changers.
  55. G1 ultra magnus Question
  56. do you think it is in anyway possible that my local TRU still has Re-Optimus Primes
  57. *NEW* Full Optimus Prime US release list
  58. Armada
  59. Is it just me, or does the "cartoon accurate" Bumblebee head look ugly?
  60. What TFs do you routinely play with?
  61. Check this out [G2 Stunticon]
  62. I've HAD IT with not finding the TFs I want!
  63. Custom Prowl alternators
  64. Energon toys
  65. How do you get the front wheels off of a G1 Optimus Prime?
  66. Energon Landmine, Recommended!
  67. Binaltech Smokescreen?
  68. Capsule Reviews of recent[ish] purchases
  69. Universe Ratchet: what the hell is hasbro trying to pull!?
  70. Thoughts on Energon so far...
  71. The worst 1984 TF release screwup! (i.e. "That's not the way it was planned...")
  72. 20th anniv. Prime...
  73. Your favorite accessorie
  74. can I post about TF collection for sale here?
  75. Season 3 Part 2 up for preorder
  76. [eBay Stupidity] - Are you this guliable?
  77. Which online toy store gives the best Brave Max deal?
  78. ITSTRUE! Blue, err... Silverstreak in "G1" Spychangers!
  79. need help
  80. I just got some guys (finally)
  81. How much Optimal Optimus weighs?
  82. Blasted.. now I gotta update my collection list again..
  83. [eBay stuff] - My recent winlist..
  84. So Alternator Tracks is gonna be yellow?
  85. KO Sixshot vs. Original Sixshot
  86. ? regarding Decepticon Alternators.
  87. Just something kind of cool about targetmasters.
  88. ARMADA Unicron - What do you think about it?
  89. Tf stickers
  90. Binaltech - Collector's Choice?
  91. Transformations
  92. Battle Ravage is class...
  93. G1 20 year Anniversary Optimus Prime
  94. Machine Wars!
  95. Let's talk about Orange, Energon, Unicron.
  96. I need to have this Transformer
  97. "Grrr, ahte valentines, stupid corporate cash-in"
  98. Energon Rodimus
  99. Found some of those G1 Spychangers.
  100. How many insecticons do you own??
  101. Energon Deluxes selling out quickly?
  102. "So, how many Gobots/Spychangers are there?" "69, dudes!"
  103. Energon Ultra Magnus
  104. Dai Atlas knockoff: worth buying?
  105. Transformers Tataki
  106. I got Needlenose.
  107. To all who live in Ohio
  108. Do you think they will ever re-release Omega Supreme?
  109. Sunstreaker
  110. G2 Afterburner and Snipe
  111. 20th Anniversary Optimus Question
  112. Unicron poll!
  113. Pics of Alternator Prowl
  114. Aerialbot KO
  115. Woo Hoo! 20th Anniversary Prime for me!
  116. Bargain of the day...
  117. Toyfare TF image
  118. Lambor!
  119. Dosent it feel good?
  120. Findage!
  121. 20th Ann. Prime. thread 293485
  122. About 20th anniversary prime
  123. Any chance on getting a more common release of Energon Magnus . . .
  124. Universe Ruination is out.
  125. Optimus Prime toy origins
  126. Concerning Energon Prime...
  127. I love my dad...
  128. TF buying question
  129. This guy has got to be kidding.
  130. My Fellow Canadians... [Aerialbot/Dev knockoffs query]
  131. Anyone else surprised...
  132. Entertainment Earth
  133. I'm Speechless
  134. Favorite TF structure?
  135. a little story about Bluestreak
  136. What other G1 characters would you like to see Masterpiece versions of?
  137. Catilla and pretenders on the whole
  138. Red Powerlink Thrust!
  139. My propably only chance to brag about toy find
  140. Does anyone buy PVC figures?
  141. UK Toys - skipped '84-90
  142. Question about Region 2 TF DVDs
  143. energon megatron at walmart.com(out of stock)
  144. How do you have your 20th Anniversary/Masterpice Optimus Prime Posed?
  145. Can Unicron hold the Star Saber?
  146. How do you....?
  147. Minor Haulage.
  148. The reason why Transformers are so expensive on eBay (example inside).
  149. transmetal megatron/predacon question
  150. Transformers Hardwired novel?
  151. Beast Wars knockoff's in Kmart Easter baskets.
  152. Maybe this is a stupid Question.... But is it really possible to get EVER transformer
  153. Ebay Woes
  154. Good idea for a repaint for TFU
  155. lego formers
  156. energon toy list (help wanted)
  157. Anywhere online that sells the Titanic-Bot?
  158. top ten energon toys
  159. Took a little trip to Walmart.
  160. I just picked up Energon Megatron
  161. Nightbeat or Minerva?
  162. first orginal transformer
  163. Armada Megatron downsized?
  164. super size Energon Scorponok
  165. Takara and Hasbro Re-Issues
  166. Tfs you'd like to see in TFU.
  167. Alternators: worth $20?
  168. whining about 20 anniversary
  169. Strongarm rules!
  170. universe/energon/alternators
  171. duocons
  172. Energon Inferno would be a perfect remold for Iron Hide/Ratchet . . .
  173. Energon Megatron, Universe Ruination & G1 SPychangers
  174. [ebay win] cheap smokescreen!
  175. I finally got Break!!
  176. Original Optimus
  177. Problem with Armada Prime
  178. Alternator Thoughts
  179. Anyone seen/read about seeing Alternator Hound in stores yet?
  180. Took a little trip to TRU.
  181. alternators ironhide and rachet
  182. To stick or not to stick...
  183. Blasted ball joints
  184. They finally made one better than 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime!
  185. [eBay] - Stupidity redux.
  186. 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime
  187. Call of the Primitives renamed on the DVD?
  188. Armada Powerlinx
  189. TFU Inferon.
  190. which toyline would you like the best?
  191. Megatron gun k/o
  192. Energon Rodimus
  193. Finally got around to picking up Alternators Smokescreen
  194. Knock-Off I Bought
  195. Funny mistransformations!
  196. odd e-bay sell
  197. Just picked up G1 Tracks.
  198. is it true?
  199. Isn't it a great feeling when...
  200. tru reissue Skids canceled??!?!?!?
  201. The size difference between toys
  202. Energon Toys
  203. Lord, I'm out of my tree...
  204. Omega Prime Tf Universe Repaints
  205. Bossssssss!
  206. [CUSTOM] custom alternators Tracks
  207. mazda rx-8
  208. Birthday Goodness
  209. Buuuuuuuuuuuurn in the fires of.... Pyro?
  210. new alternators: tracks & dead end
  211. How do you handle...
  212. Black rifle 20th Prime
  213. Energon Megatron a Walmart exclusive?
  214. Will alternators move beyond automobile licenses?
  215. when universes collide...
  216. Vu promotes Alternators!
  217. Devastator Colour query..
  218. What the Frick are Runamuck and Runabout supose to be
  219. Takara Transformers???
  220. What's the most popular line of Transformers to start collecting now?
  221. Is this a good deal or not?
  222. What's better to get? Skywarp or Thundercracker? G1 Reissue Hasbro!
  223. Do you people want to see some information of ALTERNATORS from JAPAN?
  224. Where can I get Shockwave's Cassette Tapes?
  225. [CUSTOM] Trailer For 20th Anniversary Prime!!
  226. Where to buy...
  227. Stripping Old Stickers
  228. Jolt > Alternators
  229. doesnt tfarchive have some chatroom?
  230. Car Models that should become Alternators
  231. Picked up my first TF in 15 years.
  232. All right, I broke down, and got Astrotrain.
  233. It's Alive!! ALIVE!!
  234. A thought I had about prototypes . . .
  235. Takara vs. Hasbro!!! Which is the better buy?
  236. BW lot arrived -> BW collection about doubled
  237. He-Man isn't being made in the US anymore? No chance of Tranformers, right?
  238. Commemorative Edition Rodimus Prime and Dirge
  239. Holy crap! (Btech Tracks @ hlj)
  240. New Post, for me, the other was getting long... What's better? G1 Takara or G1 Hasb
  241. Oldest piece of non-toy merch.
  242. ok i know im sort of new but...
  243. MODEL-KIT-ARCEE...What is this?
  244. Binaltech: WTF?!?
  245. My Energon Starscream smells funny...
  246. PLEASE Answer these questions: I am still a little confused! Binaltech vs. Alternator
  247. Fortress Maximus
  248. 2nights ebay win :P
  249. Some BM vehicon thoughts
  250. Nebulons