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  1. Hasbro Tracks?
  2. Energon Error Unicron Box
  3. G1/Universe Spychangers!
  4. What are some G1 Re-Issues that are planned to come out in the future?
  5. HLJ are absolute bastards.
  6. Marvel comic prices - kind of important
  7. BST Section
  8. God bless you, Ebay
  9. stickers
  10. I have these Re-Issues, who should I get next?
  11. Need some expertise!
  12. US Toy lines
  13. First images of BT-03 Streak and BT-04 Hound at TF Club
  14. Early Armada - worth selling?
  15. i broke my 20 ann. op
  16. Have you ever regretted buying a toy?
  17. Have you ever been surprised by a toy?
  18. Ebay, suspicious user? Help?
  19. ripped off from ebay?
  20. If Starscream And His Band Are Alternated To Cars...
  21. Does Prime come with a Megatron toy?
  22. New Ford GT-40 would be perfect Sunstreaker
  23. I have transformer comic books #1-4
  24. Takara Reissue #0 Optimus Prime!
  25. Smokescreen in GTA 4?????
  26. Takara Megatron? Where Can I find Him Brand New????
  27. what is the deal with Transformers Energon Ultra Magnus availability?
  28. transformers game,listed in magazine as a game for gc,z box and pc too
  29. Prime anniversary worth the price?
  30. armada to get a box set??
  31. Pics of STD Prime/Convoy Powerlinked
  32. Please explain about Starscream Reissue!
  33. repaints or remolds
  34. [CUSTOM] RID Prowl into Moder Sideswipe
  35. Tf: Generation Zero
  36. [AFD "joke"] Alternators Dinobots!
  37. Am I cursed? Or have others received shoddy workmanship from Takara?
  38. I can't get away from Hasbro! Help!!
  39. ID help - transformer white car
  40. Think this was a decent win?
  41. Questions about Energon Toys?
  42. HOC: smaller than SCF?
  43. G1 Bruticus
  44. Remy's SL Kicker Gallery
  45. Looking For Reprolabels for QUAKE!!!
  46. Masterpiece Prime's Trailer....no Really.
  47. Btech Hound
  48. BT 03 Streak @ Remy's site
  49. need opinions on buys...
  50. Just got first 2 Alternators!!! Please List All Alternators currently out coming soon
  51. Extremely rare toys
  52. 20th anniv. Op at wal-mart for $35
  53. What the Most Important Re-Issues to Get? In what order possible dissappearance?
  54. Wouldn't it be fantastic if...
  55. BW2/G2 Megatron-tank
  56. Fun game if you're bored...
  57. good ebay sellers
  58. Anyone Know any of Takara's Plans for the Reissues?
  59. Y'know what we could do with? Some random homage recolours!
  60. If i win an auction for some MOC stuff will i go to hell if i open it?
  61. Alternator Hound Date?
  62. Yay im now an Ebayer: question about G2 availability on Ebay
  63. New TF series in France?
  64. looking for a gi joe info site
  65. armada unicron battles:deluxe question
  66. Gallery of BT 04 Hound @ Remy's site
  67. Alternators Sideswipe&Smokescreen
  68. When hobbies attack...
  69. is there a God? (hound reissue #14)
  70. All Hound owners!
  71. Was this a Good Win???
  72. Curiosity sated at minimum price!
  73. micron shockwave vs. energon tidalwave
  74. "Transformers: The Ultimate Guide" reviewed @ BWTF
  75. Scott Quinnell, I won it...
  76. EN Mirage & his legs.
  77. holy cow!(e-bat auction)
  78. How do you make some toys stand?
  79. [CUSTOM] My Metroplex figure
  80. What mold do you think we will see in Universe
  81. Little Help for Brave Maximus - Perceptor
  82. Yowza
  83. Horri-Bull - Vinz Clortho reference?
  84. Check out what i won on ebay!!!
  85. What exactly is the deal with prototypes being sold on eBay?
  86. Can anyone tell me why my Action-HQ order is shipping from Hong Kong?
  87. I finally met someone as mad and spend-thrift as meself...
  88. Autobots 11- Decepticons 4 Takara Reissues where are the Decepticons???
  89. Cyberjets and MW flipchange jets: get it strait ppl
  90. Meeeg-aaa-trooooon!!!!!!
  91. Any websites where I can get in box G1 Originial Transformers in Excellent Condition?
  92. Hasbro Silverstreak
  93. got my rid primal!!
  94. Binaltech Streak & Hound
  95. Got me a complete Goove!
  96. Color changers?
  97. Overlord = Gigatron
  98. Now I've seen everything...[TF Underwear]
  99. I had NO idea Bludgeon was this small
  100. How rare is this?
  101. Universe King Atlas
  102. [CUSTOM] [kitbash] Dino Gestalt
  103. Favorite Transformer of the moment
  104. I got Reissue #06 Megatron, But Something Happened? Bad or not?
  105. Powerlinx Optimus Prime CAN be pants
  106. Which Takara Reissue Should I get? Here is my list?
  107. Tracks Reissue: Takara vs. Hasbro Versions
  108. have you ever been pissed off by ebay?
  109. Is this the rarest Transformer???
  110. Is RiD Ultra Magnus worth getting?
  111. europian armada box art(ps2 game of course...)
  112. [CUSTOM] Laserbeak & Buzzsaw figures I just finished today
  113. What's the Deal with Robotmasters?
  114. Who is Stepper? Takara #15?
  115. I want Unicron!!! Where should I get him? Recolored? Remodeled? Which is the Best?
  116. my predictions on (the next) tf g1 reissue
  117. is this worth it?(g1 grimlock near mint)
  118. 20th Aneversry Omptimus Prime (Detail)
  119. Anyone know of a good website where I can buy the Megatron re-issue?
  120. grand maximus ebay auction
  121. Who would be best for a toy like the aniversary Prime?
  122. Transformer Trading Cards off of Ebay? Good Buy or not?
  123. You know that you have WAY to many TF's when......
  124. Energon Omega Supreme preview @ Remy's
  125. This just in...
  126. rhino dvd alternatives exist? g1 help!!
  127. Mcdonalds TFs
  128. Weird...
  129. US Hasbro G1 Reissues
  130. Funny TF pic of the day...
  131. What are your favorite Transformer G1 Reissues?
  132. how many transformers
  133. What are Robomasters, and Energon Mega and Ultra Wave Sets?
  134. Nominess for the PhatFormers Awards!
  135. [CUSTOM] Megatron Ratchet Fusion Figure
  136. [CUSTOM] Battle Ravage --> 'G1' Ravage custom
  137. BT Menasor photoshop!
  138. Super Link toys already sold out?
  139. Best place to offer rare Minibots variations?
  140. Would you like to see Energon Starscream repainted as Skywarp, etc.?
  141. SL Kicker thoughts.
  142. TF Universe Dinobots!
  143. ? re: Starscream Energon
  144. jumbo sixbuilder
  145. Odd Question - Ironing comics?
  146. The Transformers Game
  147. Ever tried repainting your TF?
  148. Machine Wars Sandstorm!
  149. Nautilator made in Hong Kong?
  150. The final proof! Tank Megatron owns gun Megs big time!
  151. *Throws Walther P-38 out the window*
  152. Interesting auctions...
  153. alternator prowl suggestion
  154. Rodimus has a trailer???
  155. World's Smallest Transformers wave 2 part 2 @Remy's site
  156. Neat repaint of Seaspray
  157. takara e hobby reissue set of dinobots
  158. What Goldbug *should* have looked like...
  159. whats every one like about takara then hasbro
  160. Just found a Combaticon re-paint
  161. WTF?!?
  162. :/
  163. G1 Ratchet
  164. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure (possible eBay fraud)
  165. Need help with Shrapnel Clone Identification
  166. Buying Takara Reissues online?
  167. Major Score
  168. Taking apart Transformers
  169. another prime bites the dust!(my latest buy)
  170. List of online retailers for TFs (USA)
  171. Anybody need some seacons or Predacons? MOSC/MISB
  172. [CUSTOM] Attention all kitbashers, digi-bashers and photoshoppers!
  173. bm mega cheetor=waste of money!!
  174. ugliest...redeco...ever...
  175. Custom heads for Ironhide & Ratchet
  176. terrcons combine?!
  177. An unusual kitbash...
  178. Give a ****. Review a toy.
  179. One of the weirdest chapters in TF history: Mexican toys in Europe.
  180. Where to Buy G1 Toys in Vermont
  181. 3rd wave energon? When?
  182. your first transformer
  183. Transformers Feet
  184. So I'm going to sell Computron...
  185. How to Pay BBTS???
  186. Diaclone Red sunstreaker on Ebay
  187. Somebody has got to take the Ebay away from me...
  188. e-hotshot repaint/universe fireflight(with skywarp card?) pics
  189. Need To Identify 3 G2 toys
  190. ...the Hell?
  191. Furman's Complete Guide
  192. So I packed away most of my transformers today, and am considering selling them....
  193. N&R forum tie in: Diecast Alternators.
  194. Roller-Rink Meggytron!
  195. [CUSTOM] Kitbash: picture request
  196. Question about Armada figures with DVD.
  197. Has my account been hijacked? weird eBay goings on.
  198. Posting about Knokoff Action figs
  199. looking for Rodimus Primal kitbash pictures
  200. diacrone, diaclone, and Micronaut identification help
  201. Raiden info wanted
  202. just fishing for sympathy...
  203. Transformers Tatakae! vs. Transformers Armada reviewed @ IGN
  204. Transformers you really want but don't think you'll ever be able to have
  205. Wacky Brazilian Transformers!
  206. Today I bought my first Transformers in years...
  207. Which self should i put my keychain bumblebee and Cliffy on?
  208. Blue Bluestreak on ebay!
  209. sometimes, even the losers win.........
  210. Hooo baby! Full run!
  211. Which 4 Takara Reissues should I order Now! Before They Get Sold Out! Your Favorites?
  212. King Atlas
  213. Is Ultra Magnus Hard to Find and Worth getting for 83.99?
  214. Anyone else display Ar-Sideswipe with the E-sabre?
  215. uni ruination box error?
  216. A little shameless self Promotion (collection website)
  217. TRU in the UK has some pretty nice deals
  218. Alrighty then: How do you Present or Play with your Reissues?
  219. Rarest and most sought-out BW toy?
  220. Nightbeat color question
  221. Question about Big Bad Toy Store
  222. red armada thrust in israel!!
  223. TM2 Black Arachnia
  224. My eBay find...
  225. Is the 20th Anniversary OP available in Britain?
  226. How Rare is that Tigerhawk!
  227. WooHoo! Got my Brave Maximus today....
  228. Energon toyline has serious problems
  229. Skywarp: G1
  230. Energon Prime repaint: worst ever?
  231. All the pieces of the Predaking
  232. How many of ya'll are going to buy the Energon Cubes? Help me with Scenic Displays!
  233. This question could disturb come of you but not others....
  234. Optimus Prime toy spread in latest issue of AFN&TR
  235. Insecticon Chest Compartments
  236. [headmasters] Is it just me . . .
  237. Unicron.com reveal third accessory pack
  238. Losing interest?
  239. Convincing my mom?
  240. [CUSTOM] Kitbash find: Transformable WW Starscream!
  241. G1 Prime?
  242. im new and need some help ?
  243. Got A Damaged Takara reissue Skids in, Box damaged! What to do?
  244. spoof email "from" ebay
  245. Anyone have the Korean Transformer called Black Convoy! What are RobotMasters?
  246. Soundwave Reissue Question
  247. Yes! [Insectrons re-release]
  248. energon:ironhide good?landmine bad?dedicon confused!
  249. reissue smokescreen
  250. What d'you think of Energon Ironhide?