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  1. Devistator
  2. Why they called him "Wildrider"
  3. First Hasbro Prowl gallery with Takara comparison!
  4. Energon Sixshot
  5. Shockwave dilemma...
  6. Current situation of the Transformers Franchise......
  7. What's the deal with Wal-Mart?
  8. help identifying this toy
  9. Unicron: 19 years of toy history
  10. I'll say this about the OTFCC Store
  11. Cheap Binaltechs
  12. Cybetron Hardtop rocks.
  13. Questions about TF:Genesis, TF:Generations and Alvarez's unofficial guide
  14. Which service when getting stuff from overseas?
  15. Anyone here have Car Robots toys?
  16. [CUSTOM] LEGO Prime
  17. Cybertron toys
  18. BWTF review and translations for Binaltech Ravage
  19. takara reissue differences?
  20. Unadulterated HATE part 1: HASBRO
  21. Unadulterated LOVE part 1: HASBRO
  22. Types of vehicle or vehicles that haven't been used for a Transformers Alt mode?
  23. Defying the laws of physics: Overhaul, Pat Lee style!
  24. Unadulterated HATE part 2: TAKARA
  25. Unadulterated LOVE part 2: TAKARA
  26. help me identify this KO.
  27. What G1 Character should be made an Offical Figure??
  28. Cloudstrifers Haul!
  29. Anyone recognise these tfs?
  30. Toys any line could have done without
  31. Which was your first toy from each line?
  32. Kickass Autobots Pendants!
  33. Star Wars Transformers
  34. [CUSTOM] LEGO Prime with apex armour!
  35. Need advice with my collection
  36. Are all transformers Humanoid
  37. Outdoors galleries from Allspark!
  38. Looks like online shopping it is...
  39. Ebay Impulse Buy [MW Starscream]
  40. Your thoughts........
  41. Whcih Dreamwave books are worth picking up??
  42. Lots of pics of BTA Alert and Sunstreaker
  43. Brian Savage about protos...
  44. Hasbros wierd distribution
  45. Heinrad the Alarm Clock
  46. [Moved From] Dodge Ram Alternator... Optimus Prime!
  47. UGH! I hate Wal-Mart!
  48. 10 anv BW question?
  49. Looking for Transformers bedding
  50. [Moved From] Dodge Ram Alternator... Optimus Prime!
  51. Anyone ever seen this?
  52. Japanese Reissue Megatron Question
  53. Beast Wars Toys
  54. were can i get Robotmasters/TFUniverse Figures
  55. Transformers an anime
  56. Rare Alternators
  57. Transformers you own and Other Collectibles
  58. [CUSTOM] Impactor Kitbash attempt
  59. [CUSTOM] Xaaron kitbash attempt
  60. What do you like about the toys you keep around?
  61. ebay all 3 maximi
  62. Why World's Smallest Megs is the best Megs ever!
  63. [Cybertron Hot Shot]
  64. Transtech Cheetor
  65. Cybertron Brakedown
  66. [CUSTOM] Grimlock- Leman Russ
  67. [Best toy shop in Japan?]
  68. Beast Wars 10th Ani Figures what else is planned??
  69. [Scalping of Canadian sale Alternators]
  70. Most insane type of collector EVER!
  71. UK Transformers Convention
  72. se a need fill the need
  73. BINALTECH Red Meister
  74. (Alt Prowl) Ever heard of a dancer with two left feet?...
  75. New Beast Wars KOs at Big Lots
  76. Bumblejumper on ebay n0w
  77. Primus toy?
  78. Watt gibbet neues vonna Front?
  79. Alternators Smokescreen Style Study!
  80. Transformers : The Ps2 game
  81. Two New Acquisitions!
  82. G1 AFA Soundwave
  83. [CUSTOM] LEGO Trailer for mp01 prime v2 with enhanced roller!
  84. You guys, collectively, owe me now.
  85. [CUSTOM] Transformable Starscream Costume And Gundam
  86. CloudStrifers Largest Haul to Date!
  87. G1 Figures
  88. Diaclone black Tracks - it exists!
  89. Costco RID Prime + Magnus 2 pack self standing display problem?
  90. Clearance Transformers
  91. Cybertron toys in the UK
  92. Unicron availability
  93. IDW G1 is it available in the UK?
  94. Hasbro should know better how to transform their own toys...
  95. So...did Transrepro get shut down again or something?
  96. why did Dreamwave die??
  97. Magnabosses, picture heavy
  98. The creation of the Binaltech line - the Takara view
  99. Beast Wars Tenth Ani Figures
  100. Binaltech/Alternators - not exactly going as planned...
  101. What repaints/re-releases would we like??
  102. IRL got BT Skids and BTA Broadblast already!
  103. Binaltech vs. Alternators Skids comparison
  104. Red Alert? Cybertron Defense? Variant alert!
  105. G1 trademarks and what they mean to Hasbro | UPDATED
  106. [21-Nov-2005] Shortpacked! -- re: Botcon
  107. Wiers ideas for kitbabashes or new modes
  108. The next TF video game?
  109. G1 toys
  110. Transmutate who
  111. how good are Orders from onshallstand.com for Transformer books
  112. Psyvariar II Real Life Articulated Mech Action Figures...
  113. I got these for $10 including Shipping.
  114. G1 Mirage Broken Waist fix (Makes it super tight)
  115. [CUSTOM] Custom Alternator's Prowl
  116. Binaltech and Alternators Decepticon repaints
  117. Brave Maximus and RM Convoy
  118. First full gallery of BTA Broadblast
  119. toy u most want?
  120. Hmm... I wonder if there's a place to buy spare parts.
  121. They will never let him live it down will they.
  122. Plastic molded in gold paint = brittle?
  123. BTA = Car Robot themed?
  124. Masterforce and Victory DVD sets
  125. Remakes still being sold in Canada?
  126. Favorite minibots?
  127. worst transformer
  128. Takara G1 Astrotrain Reissue Question
  129. Ha ha ha ha (eBay crap)
  130. opinions on transformers
  131. UK Offer: Cheap Swindle at Argoose!
  132. Binaltech Overdrive coverage at BWTF
  133. most expensive transformer you bought
  134. warpath new edition ?
  135. So I got the newest Bts...
  136. First full galleries of Alternators Sunstreaker and Autobot Skids
  137. Hasbro Commemorative Series Sets
  138. Pics of Takara reissue "Anime" Galvatron
  139. Mystery Sonic Bomber recolour
  140. [CUSTOM] Alt Jazz, minor customization
  141. [CUSTOM] Custom Transformers! You ALL Should Check Out This Guy's Work!
  142. IRL got the Fakernators!
  143. how rare is bumblejumper? w/poll
  144. Binaltech Prowl coverage @ BWTF
  145. Repairing toys
  146. I need suggestions for a gift
  147. Elvin Pena isn't the only one with a Prime fetish
  148. [CUSTOM] Custom Seekers by Mirage's Boxes: Nebulous, Cobalt & Yellowjacket!
  149. Messed up 1985 version of slag
  150. BWTF review of Alternators Skids already! UPDATE: Windcharger too!
  151. Your first Transformer(s) ...
  152. Remy got Pepsi Convoy...
  153. translucent plastic quality
  154. Identify this KO
  155. Robotmasters. Any new figures coming up ?
  156. Alt. Sunstreaker + paint = fine and dandy
  157. Are Alt/BT heads interchangable?
  158. Toy manufacturing process explained (WIP)
  159. is this the real thing or a Knockof
  160. [CUSTOM] Kremzeek bust
  161. Anyone kitbashed an Alt 'Streak into Prowl?
  162. advice on what transformer to get with my 35 euro
  163. Are the Cybertron toys with the Beast Planet/Giant Planet maps out yet?
  164. Transformers Generations Comicsby IDW
  165. Just need a quick answer...
  166. Alternator Mirage Ford GT10
  167. Help ~ Megatron sword
  168. What transformers are avalible in the UK?
  169. [CUSTOM] Cybertron Wheeljack digibash
  170. Old Hasbro paperwork! Where, how, and why!
  171. Painting toys... spray paint?
  172. top 10 figures
  173. yet another one
  174. top ten least favorite figures
  175. Best G1 gestalt to buy?
  176. [CUSTOM] Customized Cybertron Thundercracker
  177. G1 stickers etc.
  178. Looking for people whose Alternators Prowl came with two of the same hands...
  179. [WTB] Blue Diaclone ("movie") Ultra Magnu
  180. 10th anniversary Beast Wars figures
  181. Cybertron arrives in Ireland!
  182. Pics of e-Hobby Galvatron II with stickers applied
  183. searching for 1 spychanger, who has it?
  184. Transformers We Hope to NEVER See! Vol. 1
  185. Which Reissue Galvatron is closer to the cartoon version? And Primus?
  186. Can you tell me of the new Transformers Comics?
  187. What's your favourite G2 Toy Mould
  188. "Hidden" improvement for Alt Skids' transformation
  189. Anyone into EU law? European Transformers toys question.
  190. Argos Cybertron Figures in its new catalogue
  191. Australian Release for Cybertron Ramble?
  192. Question For People who Display TFs
  193. [CUSTOM] SnowLigerJack/Leobreaker repaint
  194. new Transtech sketches
  195. Powermaster Prime Hi-Q / Ginrai transformation problem(2 left legs?)
  196. BEST Alternator
  197. Look at what i just bought...
  198. Questions on the PS2 TF game
  199. Question about a G1 toy
  200. Final Ricochet does have the white nose... or does he?
  201. Which Alternators are still commonly available in stores?
  202. How seriously do you take the "Technical Specifications" on the box?
  203. What to do with devastator pieces?
  204. Did I report the custom 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime trailer yet?
  205. My newest KO purchase
  206. Best Transformers Toyline
  207. Question about this thing on Alt. Shockwave's foot
  208. Collecting
  209. [prices] haaaaaaaaa what???
  210. [CUSTOM] Alternator's Red Alert
  211. [CUSTOM] Easy Kitbash Ideas
  212. Mini Bruticus KO warning.
  213. [CUSTOM] Interesting items on ebay
  214. Megabolt, hard to get.
  215. Which do you prefer Cybertron Galvatron or Cybertron Megatron
  216. [CUSTOM] My LEGO overlord
  217. toy misstakes
  218. Transformer Fixes
  219. Got my first RID Figurines
  220. G1 alt modes - let's find pictures.
  221. G1 Alt modes - Autobot Cars
  222. knock-off of G! Aerialbot Slingshot
  223. Is something wrong with my Dark Crumplezone?
  224. identification of transformers
  225. Dream Transformer Related Toys They Never Made
  226. Gotta gloat!
  227. Devil's Due Ebay Auctions
  228. Cleaning up an old TF
  229. How to waste your money on Japanese imports!
  230. Red Canadian / Prototype G1 Slag
  231. oops another one broken !
  232. Robot Masters
  233. I need some help iding a transformer
  234. Who feels that the Cybertron range is either very good or very bad?
  235. who wants to buy "nothing"?
  236. [CUSTOM] LEGO Devastator
  237. Transformers Attacktix: Are you going to play?
  238. Who is your favourite Transformer of all time?
  239. Ever thought of getting Bludgeon a sword?
  240. armada smokescreen
  241. Help me identify these :)
  242. Need help locating TF's!!!
  243. Transmutate
  244. BWR-01 Convoy vs. Megatron toy galleries and CD-ROM screencaps
  245. Anyone here skilled at Transformers repairs?
  246. G1 Dreadwind KO
  247. G1 Grimlock
  248. Transformers: Generation One, Volume One (IDW TPB)
  249. Brave Maximus
  250. G1 Cassettes...