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  1. EBay bundle of toys help.
  2. Over 1,000 Transformers & Beast Wars For Sale
  3. help with names of transformers g1
  4. Hello fellow transformer fans
  5. Need help with Identification of optimus fig.
  6. Other Dinobot lines, bear with me here...
  7. Hey, What Iz This? [Ramble]
  8. [CUSTOM] LEGO Predacons/Predaking
  9. [CUSTOM] Kitbash Energon Gears and Brawn
  10. [CUSTOM] alpha trion
  11. [CUSTOM] alternators Trailbreaker, Rumble and Frenzy
  12. C-00 Primus=Hasbro stock?
  13. Comic-Universe 2
  14. [CUSTOM] Kitbash tips
  15. target endcap?
  16. I just had a thought!
  17. Ordering Comics Through TF Archive (through Amazon)...
  18. Hasbro stock photos, retouching vs. "toy accuracy"
  19. Opinions on prices for Alternators
  20. RID writers were DEE DEE DEE!
  21. Combaticon Alt modes?
  22. WILL Nebulos & Pretenders come back? What about transforming gestalts?
  23. Had a crazy idea and G1 Blaster
  24. [CUSTOM] G1 Red Alert figure with a red head
  25. 007 transformers?
  26. Auctions you're not going to see very often: G2 Combiners
  27. Alternators Optimus Prime toy galleries
  28. Are the Cybertron Soundwave and Scrapmetal figures out yet?
  29. Original Transformers Wooden Toy Chest
  30. TF Cybertron: What GESTALTs are around now? What are MINICONS exactly?
  31. Cybertron Micromaster Superion out in Ireland.
  32. Will STAR TREK TRANSFORMERs ever be made?
  33. [CUSTOM] Searchlight Alt
  34. [April 1st guff]
  35. Windcharger/ Overdrive differentation
  36. The ULTIMATE TRANSFORMERs never were>
  37. Energon in shock "Not bad" toy scandal!
  38. Anyone know where I can get TF license plates?
  39. General Alternators questions
  40. Which is your favorite decepticon jet?
  41. Star wars Boba Fett Transformer
  42. Do any TF Alternators have engines that turn into robots?
  43. G1 Takara TFC Reissues
  44. Should I Keep Toys In Box?
  45. Omnicons/terrorcons
  46. Energon Ultra Magnus
  47. [CUSTOM] Gesalt
  48. What Japanese BW toys were available through Hasbro shop?
  49. Ideal Alternators
  50. Need some help from u pro ebayers pls.
  51. Blaster (Toy) Question
  52. The Hunt for Hound...
  53. [CUSTOM] Kitbash idea I'm hatching...
  54. Transformers Alternators:a mixture of targetmasters & powermasters (in a way).
  55. Chinese G1 DVD sets
  56. [CUSTOM] Outback and Crankcase Alts
  57. Origin of the G1 Shockwave toy
  58. Takara baught over?
  59. [CUSTOM] Alt Siren
  60. Link for the custom Masterpiece Prime trailer
  61. Cybertron Downshift's alt mode - a case study
  62. Does anyone have the photos of Addl's Overlord collection saved?
  63. Alt Prime = rubbish
  64. PVC Scale help...?
  65. Misformers
  66. Hasbro's weekly key code contest
  67. Seeking Metroplex (Cybertron)
  68. German 1991 TF catalogue
  69. THS-02 Hybrid Style G1 Convoy (Preorder Question)
  70. New G-1 figures(an idea I had)
  71. Question about a sale
  72. arialbot knockoffs (sort of)
  73. [CUSTOM] Alt Whirl repaint
  74. Anyone know what W.A.R.S has written on his bonnet
  75. Cassette knock-offs... quality?
  76. So, is anyone buying any Cybertron? If so, what are you buying?
  77. [CUSTOM] LEGO Blurr
  78. G1 Cyclonus
  79. Ugliest BM Maximal
  80. Who would I rebuild first? (G1)
  81. When are the new line of Cybertron toys coming to Toy stores
  82. alabama [looking for toys]
  83. Takara reissue 22#???????
  84. optimal optimus prime, anyone know what it is?
  85. alternator jets?
  86. How much of a delay is it for toys to be released in canada?
  87. Blaster's door
  88. Metal Transform Car
  89. When are these trains going to be released in Canada?
  90. Here's seeking (V'GER class TF) Vector Prime reviews>
  91. Just managed to get three new Transformers Cybertron toys on my schooltrip in sweden
  92. Alternators Rollbar question...
  93. I just emailed hasbro, and got an interesting response.
  94. Italian "Hero" set - GiG screwed up the names!
  95. Waspinator and Tarantulas
  96. How do the Minicons work with the rest of the Transformers toys?
  97. Transformers Cybertron: Bios
  98. Yeah, I paid a little too much for this one,
  99. [CUSTOM] Alt Hot Rod
  100. need value of these tranformer access/weapons(pic attached)
  101. Original G1 packaging questions...
  102. School trip
  103. DVD Season3 P1&2
  104. Transformers Energon: Bios
  105. Any plans for Alternators with Cybertron Keys & attachments for Minicons in future?
  106. Transforming Transformers Pens! {Including video footage!}
  107. G1 Ultra Magnus was a reverse triple changer and other thoughts.
  108. Alternators Optimus Prime
  109. TFC Grimlock - chances?
  110. Neat Design Features
  111. [CUSTOM] Hubcap Alt
  112. [CUSTOM] Lynx Alt
  113. BT/Alts by price
  114. Fortress Maximus
  115. Selling my collection, hard to do!
  116. Something for the "The One True Way Transformers should be" folks to read
  117. [CUSTOM] Alt Chromedome
  118. [CUSTOM] Alt Wideload
  119. classics line
  120. miscolored dark scorponok
  121. Which G1 toys have minicon attachment points or ports? IE: G1 non-TM Cyclonus??
  122. SWTF ARC-170 Starfighter, got one.
  123. back in the day-when TF G1 toys were on store shelves!
  124. opinions wanted:the worst incarnations for Optimus Prime & Megatron
  125. classics astrotrain
  126. Do you remember? ABC 20/20 episode "Transformers-what makes them so hot?"
  127. What are the best uk tf toy websites?
  128. Best/worst Transformers Ever
  129. toys:any generation:what figure was the most durable-which one broke very easily?
  130. Hasbros/Takaras New Direction?
  131. [CUSTOM] Ice Pick Alt
  132. Landquake Exclusive, First Come, First Serve
  133. Are they almost done the Cybertron Toy Line?
  134. was Transformers-the movie loosely based off of the Star Wars saga??
  135. Legends of Cybertron Megatron
  136. Most used toy mold?
  137. Least used toy mould?
  138. Ive been out of the TF loop for a while and i just saw THS-02 Optimus Prime
  139. Transformers Movie toy line
  140. color of G1 Breakdown
  141. Best mould for Scrounge kitbash?
  142. Will the Beast Wars Reborn Set be released in America?
  143. [CUSTOM] Painting stripes?
  144. Bored? Proof read / skim through my picture site?
  145. If i was looking for the G2 Lazerrods....
  146. Remy's got Alternators Mirage
  147. [CUSTOM] Alt Ratchet
  148. What do you think about the upcoming Japanese releases?
  149. BWTF got BT Skids review up
  150. does anyone have a red/black faced megatron?
  151. Transformers recommendation
  152. Is LugNutz in scale to the alternators?
  153. What did you do with your...
  154. Remy's BW 10th Anniversary Megatron and Optimus Primal galleries
  155. What are the best Gestalt guyes to get?
  156. [CUSTOM] LEGO Neo Hot Rod
  157. The Tail Weapon
  158. [CUSTOM] Alt Perceptor
  159. [CUSTOM] Alt Wildfire
  160. Artfire US reissue - what should his name be?
  161. The magic of twisty ties
  162. Anybody has an idea of what this is?
  163. Binaltech question
  164. Lugnutz!
  165. dvds
  166. favourite TPB
  167. POLL: favourite TPB
  168. planet maps
  169. Binaltech knockoffs? The hell?
  170. Is there a non-ebay place to find old toys?
  171. How to fix loose joints?
  172. Limited Edition 12 inch Optimus Prime Statue, High Grade Original
  173. Help desplaying transformers.
  174. I bought my first Transformers in YEARS.
  175. Do Takara design Transformers toys all by themselves?
  176. Cybertron Primus rocks
  177. Transformers in Japan!
  178. G1 on DVD
  179. Toys!!
  180. [Knock-Offs] Whoa, anyone seen these?
  181. Classics questions
  182. How are Gobots and Transformers related?
  183. Does anyone know if there are going to be new 10th Anniversary toys released?
  184. Robotkingdom.com
  185. Do you want animal forms in the future?
  186. someone please help me!!
  187. Dark Dinocronimus Prime haul!!!
  188. Alternators case assortments
  189. Tank Unicron
  190. What are all the "non-scramble" gestalts?
  191. *splutter*
  192. [CUSTOM] Alt Trailbreaker
  193. G1 Megatron
  194. MB toys in action!
  195. ok, this is just an assumption based on a little bit of logic
  196. [CUSTOM] Lego 1st Gen Optimus Prime V. 1.2
  197. [CUSTOM] Lego Optimus Prime version 2.2
  198. TF catalogue scans, European, Japanese, US
  199. Problems with Alternators Mirage
  200. Two Armada Primes?
  201. Devil Gigatron
  202. [CUSTOM] Alt Brawn
  203. Question about Cybertron Scourge
  204. [CUSTOM] [Alternator Soundwave + Laserbeak]
  205. Can somebody rate these figures?
  206. Looking for a TF name
  207. [CUSTOM] Alt Motormaster
  208. Deluxe Cybertron Prime/Armada rear hole purpose?
  209. Japanese Transformers Reissue Value?
  210. Botcon figures
  211. Is Titanium Megatron from War Within?
  212. [Late Christmas arrivals?]
  213. Decepticharge Yay
  214. Do we know how big the Classics line will be?
  215. Heads in Alternate Mode
  216. Why are there still Nemesis Primes in Hong Kong?
  217. [CUSTOM] Roadbuster Alt
  218. I could have bought Primus...
  219. [CUSTOM] Alt Slicer
  220. Exclusive TF comics at IDW
  221. I just found 2 mistransformed on Hasbro's site
  222. Need help in completing list of every Transformers Toys
  223. I really want an MP Prime :/
  224. European G1/G2/Beast Wars packaging variations, which language combinations do exist?
  225. Kiss Convoy-die cast or not? REVEALLED
  226. [CUSTOM] Instructional How-To: Acura mold knees
  227. Actually got a couple of bits at a car boot sale on the weekend...
  228. Most used alt-mode?
  229. It's a Gao *Gai* Gar thing...
  230. Some "Classics" figures that I would like...
  231. beast wars reborn
  232. Can anyone help?
  233. RM Star Saber
  234. The Greatest Transformer Toy Ever
  235. Mangohero's Transformers Shop
  236. Sharing the pain
  237. Better toys Autobots or Decepticons
  238. Has anyone found these figures in Western Canada?
  239. Prime vs the Trons (Mega and Galva)
  240. Alt Gesault
  241. Weird Mini-Con team lineups
  242. 6" Titanium Prime and Megatron
  243. Help!!! Toy Id Required!!
  244. Purchase plans for the future?
  245. cerebros
  246. would you buy a repaint of THS-02 Convoy as Nemesis Prime/Scourge or Ultra Magnus?
  247. Need Help with ID of a Transformer
  248. Kibble identifier?
  249. Anyone here who owns both the Japanese G2-Go-Bots and BotCon Nightracer?
  250. Lobster Transformer - Need ID