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  1. Teh Giant Planet!
  2. The secret behind G1 Sunstreaker's alt mode - revealed?
  3. Sell my G1 collection
  4. Concept Alternators: Megatron
  5. Daft question about MP Starscream
  6. FURBY DINOBOT! Awesome packaging prototype!
  7. Recommended comic shops in London?
  8. New to TF, facing eBayshock (Did I get a good deal?)
  9. Bumblebee WAS based on Herbie after all! The original inspiration for the Minibots
  10. RID Megatron-CR Gigatron difference?
  11. Beast Wars: Spittor allegiance change in Europe
  12. Original Hasbro Soundwave?
  13. Best way to go about selling some of my collection?
  14. [CUSTOM] Alt Mirage, minor paint apps, plus some extra bits
  15. ...Bum Bum...?
  16. Nerf Gun Megs...?
  17. Perceptor's lenses
  18. Any idea who's head this is?
  19. Whats the low down on the Classics Line?
  20. mint Jetfire
  21. BWTF reviews the first Classics toys
  22. Name that toy...
  23. Hello, my name is Clay, and I'm an army builder
  24. In Need Of RID/Armada/Cybertron Episode on CD
  25. Transformers Art
  26. what was my fav childhood toy called?
  27. Question on Hasbro...?
  28. [CUSTOM] Alternator Stunticons
  29. About Alternators Prowl's Legs...
  30. [Non-Formers] Now that's just awesome!
  31. G1 Wheeljack mold
  32. [CUSTOM] Alternators Arcee
  33. Upcoming Classics two-pack Megatron leg factory misassembly?
  34. [UK] So... how long have Woolworths been re-stocking TFs?
  35. I'm back from Botcon, bitches! [MP-03 Starscream, Titaniums, etc. discussion]
  36. transforming crisps
  37. Just got classics prime in PNW
  38. Expensive Pretenders Metalhawk
  39. There's something about Metroplex...
  40. swindle alternator
  41. Anyone shop from BBTS?
  42. Transformer toys need more unique, integrated sidekicks
  43. Score
  44. Cybertron Primus Problem.
  45. Classics toy sightings
  46. Titanium toy sightings
  47. Galvatron re-issue
  48. Classics Starscream the Mighty (toy spoilers)
  49. [CUSTOM] Bludgeon kitbash
  50. [CUSTOM] Alternator... Tigatron!
  51. Onslaught :what is he exactly?
  52. Classics collection launched in New Orleans
  53. I'm A Crazy Mofo...
  54. First Images of TF Movie Toys?
  55. Nice haul today.
  56. How lame is Stampy?
  57. unknown autobot help
  58. shiny Classics packaging!
  59. D-012 Black Convoy / RID Scourge #Disks in Launcher?
  60. Stupid DVD Optimus Prime question
  61. Cyb. Defense Red Alert Instruction Scan?
  62. transformers on your wish list?
  63. anyone collect micromasters?
  64. Repainting Alt Shockwave
  65. Energon shockblast joints
  66. Did Don design Classics?
  67. The Spark drinker?
  68. War Within Optimus Prime
  69. Mystery Transformers?
  70. History of the gold G1 Convoy trophy
  71. Transformer Classics
  72. What's the going rate on a G1 Soundwave?
  73. Transformers Classics: Is it worth collecting?
  74. Star Wars Transformers Palpatine
  75. Kiss Player Hot Rod: the fastest Bin/Alt?
  76. Today was a Dinobot day
  77. So...when does our hobby end?
  78. Help me help you help me get into Beast Wars
  79. Anime Astrotrain article by Maz... with a surprise twist!
  80. [CUSTOM] Alt. Seekers: original three
  81. Pics of Classics Mirage and Grimlock
  82. 25% off Sale at Woolworths until 16th November
  83. MP-5 Masterpiece Megatron first look
  84. Today I think is a good day for Classics.
  85. [CUSTOM] Alt Bludgeon
  86. [CUSTOM] Decepticon Alt reinforcements
  87. [CUSTOM] Alt Stunticons
  88. Rumors about tail-end European G1 toys
  89. G1 Instruction Manuel scans...
  90. Classics Megatron is based on...
  91. Instructions For TranFormers Universe Railbots
  92. Grimlock re-issue?
  93. help in identifying
  94. Ultra Magnus radio
  95. [CUSTOM] Alternator Magnus
  96. 20th anniversary optimus prime dvd edition
  97. Question about Stranglehold and Pincher (G1)
  98. [CUSTOM] Alternator Bludgeon (War Within)
  99. A big thread about knockoffs
  100. Hi im new lol [random toy query]
  101. Blast from the past! German toy ads and Hasbro "News" from old German comics!
  102. Problems with alt Mirage?
  103. I did it again... after two years a TF
  104. Cyb. Optimus Prime & Wing Saber or Primus?
  105. glue for repairs?
  106. TFs on sale at Meijer
  107. transformers universe
  108. [CUSTOM] SHACKwave to shockwave
  109. Hasbro Toy Shop Sucks
  110. Product and colors may vary...
  111. Optimus vs Megatron: The Ultimate Battle
  112. Is it safe to wash the toys with water?
  113. [CUSTOM] War Within seekers
  114. [CUSTOM] Alternator Insecticons part I: Bombshell
  115. [CUSTOM] Alt Monsterbots
  116. One funny thing i found.
  117. G1 packaging images...?
  118. [CUSTOM] Custom packaging...?
  119. [CUSTOM] Alt. Insecticons part II: Shrapnel
  120. who would you guys love to see "masterpieced" next?
  121. [CUSTOM] Alt. Stunticons revamped
  122. Thinking of getting an Alt/Bin Meister
  123. Takara vs. Hasbro
  124. Enamel paints?
  125. [CUSTOM] Alt. Insecticons part III: Kickback
  126. Reprolabels Alternator Wheeljack
  127. Is a Masterpiece Devastator Feasible?
  128. Anyone thinking of spawning?
  129. [CUSTOM] Alternator Megatron
  130. Classics Prime Vs Megatron
  131. BigBadToyStore and Paypal?
  132. transformers micromasters
  133. [CUSTOM] My mp starscream
  134. Toysrus Geewunners
  135. Need Classics Jetfire info
  136. Major clearance prices @ Target on Alternators
  137. [CUSTOM] Twintwist
  138. TFW2005 gallery of Alternators Ravage v.2
  139. [CUSTOM] Alternator Ironhide
  140. [CUSTOM] High resolution custom pics [updated]
  141. who is this?
  142. Classic Mirage Question
  143. Masterpeice Starscream
  144. BBTS G1 chess set
  145. creating a custom...how?
  146. [CUSTOM] Thrust
  147. HappyWell RoadBots [was: Alternator/Binatech KO's?]
  148. Energon Prime Vs Megs
  149. [CUSTOM] Alt Chopshop
  150. Classics Ramjet
  151. unknown figure...
  152. predacons metal/plastic
  153. [CUSTOM] Cybertron Bludgeon Digibash
  154. [CUSTOM] Venom
  155. BT shockwave...
  156. Loose Joint Remedies
  157. Tf you wish to see remade in classic series
  158. So...2007, not a good year for our wallets?
  159. [CUSTOM] Alt Magnus
  160. need a custom evil jetfire box done? anyone
  161. Soundwave Reissue, Any News for U.S?
  162. So...I don't have a dishwasher...so...
  163. Revoltech!
  164. Need opinions between two toys.
  165. taget DCP #'s??
  166. [CUSTOM] Impactor
  167. [CUSTOM] Alt Barrage
  168. [CUSTOM] Alt Tigertracks pimped
  169. Classic Optimus Prime Trailer
  170. [CUSTOM] Alternator Prime 2.0
  171. [CUSTOM] Alt. Prime touch-ups
  172. Metroplex, Skywarp, and Unicron questions
  173. TRU Soundwave available online!
  174. Good Places to Grab G1 TFs
  175. All Modern Transformers
  176. Black Lio Convoy RM-22
  177. Fifty. [collections photo thread]
  178. Prime vs Megs battle set
  179. Pepsi corporate competition for... a Suburu!
  180. Classics Starscream launchers fall out of shoulder sockets. Suggestions?
  181. Korean figures..question
  182. My TF Birthday
  183. Hellscream vs Overbite
  184. Do your kids like Transformers?
  185. Whoops.
  186. botcon figures
  187. Please Help me!!! Classics Ultra Magnus!!
  188. Favorite Starscream mold?
  189. Transformers 20th annivesary dvd questions
  190. Trying to locate Classic Rodimus in S.East Asia
  191. Ultimate Bumblebee Will Be Mine
  192. a custom trailer for classics prime?
  193. hasbro costumer service
  194. Classics Voyager Megatron Question...
  195. 6 inches Titaniums-worth it?
  196. [CUSTOM] Bombshell Alt WIP
  197. Looking to round up my collection [BM rant]
  198. What's up with these shipments?
  199. MegaScream BB
  200. re-creating Transformers Movie battle scene with Unicron using toys
  201. what is the most exact transformer
  202. G1 Rhino DVDs
  203. Alternators product list
  204. "Bumblebee" Hot Spot KO
  205. Autobot symbol on Classic line
  206. this is just odd.. Starscream costume
  207. Looking to re-start my collection
  208. Is there one type of toy you have more than one of?
  209. Petition Hasbro to Release MP Starscream
  210. Need help identifying toys
  211. I may have just forced Takara's hand to reissue this
  212. Difference Between Reissue and Original G1 Optimus?
  213. [Geek] Here's a question for you...
  214. New classics?
  215. Gallery Site!
  216. [CUSTOM] MacrossFA19's Classic Seekers
  217. Part recognition help needed
  218. My Birthday Presents!
  219. Cybertron Unicron in Tesco UK still
  220. Which Transformers from the Cybertron serie should I get?
  221. [CUSTOM] Alt Decepticon Leader
  222. What's My Transformer
  223. How do you collect your Transformers?
  224. What is the most expensive Transformer you own?
  225. Cybertron Galvatron.
  226. Anyone else used to have one of these?
  227. Gnabbed a Titanium Rodimus Prime today...
  228. G1 Dinobot lot. Worth it?
  229. BBTS Megatron
  230. Isn't this a great auction?
  231. 80s & 90s UK Marvel Annuals
  232. Fake TF's in the Entertainer UK
  233. [Restoring yellowed white plastic]
  234. Is Cybertron Nemesis Breaker worth it?
  235. Knock-off Cassettes
  236. [CUSTOM] Wipe Out
  237. [CUSTOM] Hot Spot
  238. Robot Masters
  239. G1 Jetfire price thoughts?
  240. [CUSTOM] Horsepower
  241. Has the Classics Line Hit a Dead-End?
  242. Does anyone remember this?
  243. G1 Vortex frustratingly scarce?
  244. [CUSTOM] TENIME_art's Custom Transformer Minimates!!
  245. Binaltech Hound is awesome!
  246. Deluxe Insecticon
  247. Demanding more of the Classics line
  248. Takara G1 Toy Reference Numbers
  249. Ready-made Collection
  250. Just wondering, who is this?