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  1. Why [20th Anniversary Prime]
  2. I finally succumbed to Bumblebee [the re-ignition of my buying ways]
  3. 3 for 2 at TRU
  4. Snarl Gen 1 vs Gen2
  5. Missiles... not... firing
  6. [CUSTOM] Alternator Runaboutamok
  7. FAO Denyer > Toy Checklist, and a chance for the rest of you to do something useful..
  8. Galleries for the next two waves of 6" Titaniums
  9. The Skywarp collection...
  10. For those of you interested in MP Skyfire
  11. Question About 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime
  12. e-hobby ghost Starscream
  13. List of Hasbro's Cybertron Transformers with missing paint/different colors?
  14. [CUSTOM] Optimusskids, Clean Out Your Inbox So I Can Pm You
  15. [CUSTOM] Karma Karma Alternator
  16. Sweet sweet clearance
  17. war within megatron?
  18. I thought I found Alternators Ravage and Rumble today.
  19. And the nominees for most disconcerting codpiece are...
  20. Well, I was looking at Classics Grimlock, just now
  21. Marvel UK Comics
  22. Between these Supreme class Transformers who is your favorite?
  23. Attactix... anyone care?
  24. Hasbro release of Masterpiece Prime Trailer?
  25. Biggest Starscream?
  26. Korean TF's -- knockoffs?
  27. Did you know that there is discussion of toys in forum's 'Writing & Editing Centre'
  28. Alternators Rumble assembly error
  29. Is there any site that has pictures of Takara's Galaxy Force toys?
  30. Just got my MP Megatron
  31. Transformers Classics...
  32. Classics Constructicons
  33. [CUSTOM] Kitbash-Deceptibot Gestalt
  34. Star Wars Tranformers
  35. Why are there mini-cons in the Classics line?
  36. Classics Legends
  37. Toy Collecting as an adult fan
  38. Soundwave reissue
  39. Found myself Alternators Ravage and Rumble
  40. [CUSTOM] Transformers: Alterations! (My customs work)
  41. Ooooh, different...
  42. who would you like to see as the next MP?
  43. UK Starscream Vs Vector Prime Twinpack
  44. [CUSTOM] Custom Powerlinking-Kitbash
  45. idea for a custom
  46. Who is that?
  47. This close... (to a completed 'subset')
  48. Idea for a custom
  49. [CUSTOM] alternator repaints
  50. [CUSTOM] Classics Repaints
  51. [CUSTOM] g1 arcee
  52. [CUSTOM] Alt. Bumblebee, now with traditional head again!
  53. G1 Swerve at Toys R Us?
  54. Give Me Knock-Offs!
  55. Favourite G1 Triple-changer
  56. BW re-release
  57. Titanium War Within Megatron
  58. Help me!!!
  59. Encore Megatron.. To be plugged or not to be...
  60. Transformers Rights Queastion
  61. a Soundwave that could play tapes?
  62. Pre TF sunstreakers and tracks
  63. Surprising UK Haul
  64. Raiden - the train combiner dude
  65. What age bracket collector are you?
  66. MP Megatron - What do you reckon?
  67. Classics Bumblebee at play.com
  68. [CUSTOM] Alt. Terrorcons [100%]
  69. Should I repaint some of my Transformers?
  70. I'm baffled...
  71. Transformers Hearts of Steel
  72. Feeling a bit of a tank
  73. The toystore thread
  74. A transformer which we can wear it
  75. How does one buy/sell in EBay?
  76. Is it still possible to find Cybertron Sideways in a shop?
  77. Leader Class Movie Prime Gallery
  78. which 80's tformers do u have[ ur collection]
  79. List of TF books...
  80. Help? Clay? Someone? [teh classic seekers]
  81. Machinder Starscream questions..
  82. So, I've had Alt. Rumble for 30 minutes now...
  83. the new protoform toys
  84. 3 favourite molds of the moment
  85. Talking head prime
  86. Transfomers Top Trumps (OK, put your teeth back now)
  87. [CUSTOM] Classics Jazz WIP
  88. BWTF has a review of Prime. Pics look promising.
  89. Time for the newbie to look stupid
  90. I have a lot questions.
  91. I finally found Classic Devastator!
  92. Alt Rumble and Ravage
  93. leads on an MP04 trailer
  94. Does Automorph = Autosuck?
  95. [CUSTOM] Binaltech (Wind)Charger
  96. Downshift
  97. Next 5 Transformer Toys you’d like to get?
  98. New TF Movie Video Game
  99. PS2 game TF Takai - has anyone finished it?
  100. Would you count Transformers Classics line as Generation one
  101. Classics Skywarp: Nearly as exciting as a Gobot
  102. 1:24 transforming Toyotas
  103. [CUSTOM] Alt. Primal
  104. Do I have a problem? (warning pics)
  105. [CUSTOM] RepaintedClassics Thundercracker (and group)
  106. 6" Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus
  107. More Cyb Downshift
  108. Optimash Prime Review!!
  109. I swear I got the worst parents.
  110. Classics Legends on Clearance at Target
  111. TF Movie Toys and Heroes
  112. ALT Wheeljack and Grimlock China reissue found
  113. Is Classic Starscream worth it?
  114. Movie Brawl Toy Review (Pics)
  115. [CUSTOM] Alt. Rumble arms - a how-to video
  116. female transformers
  117. New Starburst Flavor: Optimus Lime
  118. [CUSTOM] Alternator R/eject
  119. Looking for...
  120. A whats the difference question
  121. Optimus Prime Houseshoes
  122. Opening packaged figures
  123. toysrus pre orders
  124. Photo gallery software for toy pictures?
  125. Movie line repaints
  126. even i wouldn't pay this....... (botcon preorder)
  127. Another quick Optimus Prime Question.
  128. Movie Hauls [Bragging/sightings for movie toys in here]
  129. what figure do you think has the most weapons?
  130. free the ultimate battle cd's at TRU
  131. Which MP Should They Make Next?
  132. remember the air base picture?
  133. Collecting the Movie Figures
  134. problems with the new movie figures..automorph
  135. Should I do this trade?
  136. Future of the Classics line...?
  137. Is that normal about Energon SHockblast/Sixshot?
  138. backout painting
  139. coolest prime ever?
  140. Springer
  141. Best toys?
  142. Are Optimus Prime and Megatron Leader class are really that good?
  143. Optimus Prime Voice-changer
  144. Need some help with painting.
  145. Where's Movie Megatron?!!
  146. I bought Classic Devastator and got interested in the other combiners.
  147. MP3 Soundwave, yay or maybe not?
  148. Movie figures as Botcon exclusives. What could you see?
  149. Freebie in The Beano!
  150. TF art work / pics
  151. movie megatron fusion cannon (springs)
  152. I want to sell my toys but don't know where to start.
  153. Worst 6" Piece of Metal Ever
  154. Classics Botcon Exclusives
  155. [CUSTOM] Classics Thrust - thoughts?
  156. I can't remember the name.....HELP ME!!!!
  157. 3 movie toys, 3 questions
  158. The movie toyline scale
  159. TXMaxx new movie KOs
  160. TF Movie Toys Reviews
  161. [CUSTOM] Nyarghghgarragharghahrrg! Protoform X!
  162. Best Deal Ever.
  163. Strange new addition on play.com...
  164. TFS in Washington state?
  165. Energon Cube Candy is best merchandise ever!!!!!
  166. How do you guys keep your Transformers clean?
  167. Movie Toys In Woolworths
  168. Die Bumblebee!
  169. PM Prime/God Ginrai
  170. [CUSTOM] Alternators Downshift
  171. Transformers you have lost and wished you had back
  172. Post your collection
  173. [CUSTOM] Movie Leader Prime is 1:27 / Motormaster custom
  174. Citroen do it again
  175. Re paint help?
  176. TF: Game (PS3)
  177. Help
  178. Just got Superlink Superion (Superion Maximus) and got a question
  179. Is it Me?
  180. [CUSTOM] Binal Tech Phantom
  181. Opportunist Scum on Ebay
  182. where is titanium 6'' G1 ultra magnus?
  183. leader brawl
  184. Optimash Prime
  185. what were the detachable head transforemers called...
  186. I wanna find this...help a brother out!
  187. New dinobots toys?
  188. Where to purchase complete series for Energon, Armada, Cybertron and RID
  189. Annoyance with automorph structure on Movie Bumblebee
  190. want to make your movie Jazz 100% percent better?
  191. if you could choose: nokia cell or vending machine?
  192. Hi, I'm New! [Help ID these toys]
  193. Post Your Collection
  194. [CUSTOM] Alternators Decepticamshaft
  195. Armada Unicron Kitbash help. (sorry if it's an old idea being rehashed bya youngster)
  196. What's A Soundwave worth?
  197. Gobot I.D.
  198. What's the name...
  199. [CUSTOM] Alt. Springer
  200. Transformers DS games
  201. Toys scaled - how big they really are!
  202. Yes, Virginia...Transformers Can Blend.
  203. G1 Arcee?
  204. Looking For VCD's
  205. Unproduced military Alternators mock-ups parts identification
  206. Ultimate G1 Collection on eBay
  207. AFA prices and grades for EVERYTHING
  208. How do you display yours?
  209. Galvatron Reissued - Matrix
  210. Tformers member finds Custom Movie Megatron on ebay
  211. I found a bunch of toys, which should I get? (help please)
  212. G1 DVDs...question need opinion
  213. the Horror...the Sadness... (collectors with webum tickers: read at own risk)
  214. Waterstones
  215. [CUSTOM] The Brothers Grim
  216. Robot masters Reverse Convoy/Megatron...?
  217. Who wants a Sam Witwicky figure?
  218. my first
  219. Transformer Annuals DinoBots! For Sale
  220. Emirate Xaaron
  221. Places to Buy G1s.
  222. Tesco: Transformers Vs Harry Potter!
  223. Alternate color quick conversion Ratchet
  224. [G2 Go-Bot Gasm] What the ****?
  225. Today... four years ago
  226. Question for the people who have significant others that hate their collection.
  227. Best deal you ever had?
  228. Custom PM prime help.
  229. [CUSTOM] Custom Powermaster Prime Help
  230. Classics kitbashing - Fixing loose joints?
  231. Looking for help
  232. For Binaltech/Kiss Players buyers... which toys sold out quickly?
  233. Blackout and Bumblebee seem to be the most popular toys...
  234. [CUSTOM] New Ironhide Figure
  235. [CUSTOM] Razorclaw
  236. Where To From Here?
  237. Question for Canadian Alternators buyers
  238. TF Generations
  239. Prime Goes Bling
  240. Voyager Movie Prime and Megs
  241. '08 Bumblebee Movie Toy
  242. Takara never released Energon Six Shot and Landquake?
  243. Pepsi Prime
  244. [CUSTOM] Binal Tech Deviant
  245. [CUSTOM] Alternators Wipe Out
  246. Soooo...what is this? [ID help]
  247. Takara
  248. [CUSTOM] Alternator Ratchet
  249. Soundwave
  250. Transformers Movie Toys Catalogue