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  1. Is there going to be a remake of Star Saber?
  2. [CUSTOM] CLA Dinobots G1 repaint
  3. Movie Deluxe Stockade in Asda (UK)
  4. [CUSTOM] lego digital designer transformers
  5. Henkei Megatron! Yay!
  6. Dai Atlas $20?!
  7. [CUSTOM] Electro Girl's LEGO Transformers
  8. [CUSTOM] Kitbashing Honda S2000 Alts/BTs
  9. [CUSTOM] Airbrush vs hand painted
  10. when wil animated toys be on uk shelves
  11. [CUSTOM] prototype bitzwing kitbash
  12. [CUSTOM] upcoming lego kitbashes
  13. [CUSTOM] Custom Sunstreaker
  14. Anyone know Optimus Prime's 1984 RRP?
  15. Jungle Crusher's arms: Short or Long?
  16. [CUSTOM] Custom Optimus Prime
  17. [CUSTOM] Custom Starscream (now with hands!)
  18. [CUSTOM] Custom Alternators Ironhide.
  19. [CUSTOM] Custon: Autobot:Omega Supreme!
  20. [CUSTOM] Classics Sunstorm
  21. [CUSTOM] Classics Thundercracker
  22. [CUSTOM] Model Starscream
  23. [CUSTOM] Stryker Custom (Movie Wreckage Mold)
  24. [CUSTOM] Galvatron: 1 of 30 Model Kit.
  25. Turbomasters: 1 or 2?
  26. [CUSTOM] Classics Grimlock
  27. [CUSTOM] Autobot X (WIP:phase 1/concept)
  28. if Autoassembly were to have exclusive toys what would they be?
  29. Nightwatch Optimus Prime is different between US, Europe and Japan?
  30. For all minicon collectors, read here
  31. Strong and sturdy car tf
  32. [CUSTOM] Classics Galvatron
  33. G2 Motormaster. Yay!
  34. [CUSTOM] Movie Springer: WIP
  35. [CUSTOM] Movie Insecticon Kickback Custom
  36. [CUSTOM] Making something look old and rusty HELP!
  37. [CUSTOM] Alt Spyglass WIP
  38. Premium Bonechrusher and Brawl?
  39. Knock-off/Repro missles and accessories?
  40. How did Blitzwing's turret connect?
  41. $4 KO Micromaster Combiners (and others)
  42. Bonecrusher Vs Junglecrusher
  43. Was I unlucky when I buy my Premium Barricade?
  44. [CUSTOM] Custom Huffer WIP
  45. KINGTOYS Transformers- knockoffs, yes?
  46. [CUSTOM] Custom Springer
  47. [CUSTOM] Custom Hoist
  48. [CUSTOM] Classic-y Grapple WIP
  49. [CUSTOM] Custom Beastbox
  50. [CUSTOM] Custom MOV LOC Seekers
  51. Have there been too many movie re-releases?
  52. [CUSTOM] 1/24 scale model BB
  53. The Quints is comin'!
  54. Transformers candy toys at Amazon
  55. Would you buy Animated toys of non-Transformers?
  56. [CUSTOM] Breakdown! He's a Bad A$$ GT!
  57. [CUSTOM] Leg mod for animated Black Arachnia
  58. Toy photos = copyright violations?
  59. Knockdown problems
  60. 25th Anniversary Prime-Will there be others?
  61. Toys and comics
  62. Favorite Transformers Gimmick
  63. Want More Masterpiece Transformers
  64. Has Gears ever had a toy homage?
  65. The many modes of G1 Ultra Magnus
  66. ''Capture of Bumblebee'' differences?
  67. [CUSTOM] Custom Beastbox WIP
  68. [CUSTOM] Custom Sqawktalk WIP
  69. [CUSTOM] Reflector!
  70. Unreleased G2 Camo Megatron
  71. Who is this?
  72. Buzzsaw or laserbeak
  73. [CUSTOM] Legends Brawn
  74. [CUSTOM] Alt/BT Shrapnel from Battle Ravage
  75. Marvel Crossovers
  76. Big Daddy available again on Walmart.com
  77. [CUSTOM] Buzzsaw n Laserbeak!
  78. [CUSTOM] Custom Beast Convoy
  79. Magna Jet Convoy - COMPLETE galleries
  80. G1 reissue/KO Reflector
  81. How much is too much?
  82. Movie Premiums
  83. Tankor's Melee Blade
  84. Universe / Classics 2.0 Acid Storm - what's the crack?
  85. WTF wheres WST Sludge
  86. [CUSTOM] Alt Tigatron
  87. [CUSTOM] Optimus Prime custom smokestacks
  88. [CUSTOM] Classics Perceptor
  89. Unlucky for some-Encore #13
  90. Long smokestacks on Movie Voyager Prime?
  91. Moon exclusive?
  92. Favorite Price Range/Size Class?
  93. [CUSTOM] Evil has arrived...
  94. Animated Toys (Opinions)
  95. G1 Hoist
  96. What was your first Movie Line purchase?
  97. What does Substandard Available Mean at Big Bad Toy Store.com
  98. Transformer Toys in Japan
  99. questions about music label soundwave
  100. TFU.info updated!
  101. Dinobots toys
  102. Best places to buy G1 Figures
  103. [CUSTOM] Marlboro Cliffy
  104. Res.Ratch, DarkScorp., and ThundahCrack.
  105. Let's comfort each other
  106. classic mirage: Is it a KO?
  107. Archive Members as Alternators
  108. A misprint Energon Hot Shot/Rodimus
  109. Let's not forget Classics 2.0/Universe
  110. Concerning Hasbro Premium Prime
  111. Which line is this?
  112. knock-off differences
  113. WANTED: Transformers Generation 2 Tiger Handheld
  114. Pics of Transformers Animated Megatron and Optimus
  115. Chinese knockoff Dinobots - safety recall?
  116. [CUSTOM] Acura riot shield
  117. Taped on packaging... What's up with that?
  118. Movie Line QC - am I just unlucky?
  119. [CUSTOM] Alternators Bumblebee
  120. [CUSTOM] Pre-Earth Optimus Prime
  121. [CUSTOM] Custom TFTM2: Devastator!
  122. [CUSTOM] MOV Sky lynx
  123. [CUSTOM] Star Saber? (COMPLETION!)
  124. Now we know where Animated Voyager Prime is...
  125. Snow Cat
  126. TFU.info Updated
  127. [CUSTOM] Shockwave Police Type
  128. [CUSTOM] Legends Starscream
  129. [CUSTOM] Alternator Halfshell (completed)
  130. [CUSTOM] Legends Soundwave
  131. Does anyone have the Wonderfest Dai Atlas figure?
  132. Is this a bootleg Transformer?
  133. [CUSTOM] Glue n screw: What's the point? Oh, n capped pins...
  134. Auto Assembly-so who here is going?
  135. [CUSTOM] White paint: WTF?
  136. [CUSTOM] Terrorcon Blot!
  137. [CUSTOM] Ptitvite's Classics Air Raid (Superion part 1)
  138. Universe / classic 2.0
  139. Was there a Ratchet in G1 PVC HOC?
  140. Animated blitzwing
  141. Classics Megatron would not be possible today, says Hasbro
  142. [CUSTOM] LOC Hot Rod
  143. Encore Omega Supreme sticker changes
  144. I got Movie Thundercracker
  145. [CUSTOM] Custom Battle Damaged Trypticon (Classics)
  146. [CUSTOM] A1's take on Classics Perceptor: this is what stalled Shrapnel
  147. Leader class movie figures are on sale for 35.97 at US Targets!
  148. [CUSTOM] Movie '08 Bumblebee decapitation tips
  149. Animated Soundwave
  150. Damn yous, Takara!
  151. Alright guys and girls, let's make ourselves a to-scale line.
  152. Please forgive me for what I did to my Animated Lockdown.
  153. Curious...a strange fault on the part of BBTS? Animated Legends listed under Universe
  154. I got Cybertron Dark Scorponok...
  155. TF Universe Toys (Opinions)
  156. Japan Micromaster 2004 Reissues
  158. Sentinel Maximus
  159. Ebay rage!
  160. The new Animated Samurai Prowl will be a repaint?
  161. Will there be a movie Shockwave?
  162. Encore Omega Supreme and BT Blue Bluestreak
  163. MP-04 Prime...How do you install the battery??
  164. ohmahgodohmahgodohmahgod (Malaysia)
  165. [CUSTOM] Nemesis Rodimus (Work In Progress)
  166. [CUSTOM] Universe Jazz - WIP
  167. [CUSTOM] Alt Smokescreen from LOC Movie Jazz
  168. Universe Blaster and Heavy Load
  169. In yo' FACE! You AMERICANS!
  170. Anyone want to help me identify some figures?
  171. What was your first TF (Or first you can remember)?
  172. Best version of Optimus Prime (G1 and G2)
  173. Photo request: Starscream Barrel Roll Blaster US packaging
  174. McDonalds info?
  175. [CUSTOM] LOC Movie Thrust
  176. [CUSTOM] WIP Powerglide (digibash : phase 1)
  177. Question for owners of G1 Shockwave
  178. [CUSTOM] Universe Sideswipe - WIP
  179. Classics 2.0 out in the UK?
  180. Animated Prowl trouble
  181. Animated Shadow Blade Megatron?
  182. Best and worst base-former
  183. Quintesson Executioner
  184. Is this news? G1 Ironhide and Ratchet "Custom Heads" on BBTS
  185. [CUSTOM] Alternators Midnight
  186. G1 Seacons released by GiG in Italy? Individually, as a giftset, at all?
  187. Dust..how do you combat it?
  188. [CUSTOM] TFTM2: Counterpunch + Punch
  189. Yay, I found TFs
  190. [CUSTOM] Animated Rattrap.
  191. Transformers from previous lines that might fit seemlessly into Animated
  192. Is microsoft word inspiration to hasbro/kitbashers/etc.?
  193. Spy Changers and yard sales...
  194. [CUSTOM] Time to stop your gloating Blackjack...
  195. TFU Galvatron Vs Takara Anime Galvatron
  196. A Little Help
  197. [CUSTOM] Classic Seekers - Need advice
  198. [CUSTOM] Alt Topspin
  199. [CUSTOM] Alt Landmine
  200. References on Universe toys
  201. What are the chance TFA Soundwave and Swindle will get a Voyager class...?
  202. Behold the most bizarre Movie Bumblebee knockoff EVER, and more!
  203. Oooooookay...
  204. Flea Market Powerdasher... heh.
  205. [CUSTOM] How to cast parts...
  206. Grand Slam's Tank Form.
  207. [CUSTOM] Alt Micromaster Offroad Patrol
  208. [CUSTOM] Alt Cloudburst
  209. [CUSTOM] Classics Powerglide
  210. [CUSTOM] A few Kitbashes
  211. [CUSTOM] Lego instructions by electro girl
  212. Marvel toys (opinions)
  213. Is the archive a bad influence on you?
  214. American exclusives
  215. Crazy KO
  216. [CUSTOM] Custom Revoltech Nemesis Prime
  217. Question about different toy classes
  218. Movie Legend Class Question
  219. What version of Optimus is this?
  220. [CUSTOM] Y'know how Soundwave parts are a rip-off?
  221. [CUSTOM] Rollerblading Megs!
  222. Dorset Steam Fair Haul!
  223. [CUSTOM] Ratchet and Ironhide with Encore heads, plus arm mods...
  224. [CUSTOM] Powerglide
  225. Another detail glanced from the Hasbro checklist: Gutted Screen Battles sets
  226. Done Collecting
  227. The addiction takes hold pretty quick!
  228. Fanmade gas tank gun and matrix for Alt/BT Prime
  229. Weird non-Transforming G1-style Unicron toy/prototype
  230. Bunch of parts and weapons
  231. Where to find animated toys in the UK?
  232. [CUSTOM] G2 Stunticons
  233. [CUSTOM] Custom Minicons?
  234. Something about Titanium Magnus you may not know...
  235. How permanent is a retool?
  236. [CUSTOM] Terrorist Stunticons on the loose!
  237. Okay, WTF... shipment from BBTS arrived, but... WHAT?
  238. ARRRGGHH! Transformation difficulty with 20th anniversary Prime
  239. [CUSTOM] Custom Fortress Maximus
  240. Argos Knocking money off Animated already
  241. Universe/Armada Unicron
  242. UK peeps get to ELC! TF:Animated new(?) lines
  243. PS2 G1 Transformers Game
  244. Official Pictures of Animated Activators Cliffjumper and Dirge
  245. [CUSTOM] Tankor = Movor
  246. WIN for Uniclassics/FAIL for Alternators (again)
  247. [CUSTOM] Wildrider
  248. Animated Voyager Bulkhead cheap at Play.com
  249. Takara Megatron Walther p38
  250. [CUSTOM] Does this look like a seeker to you?