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  1. "Titan class" Metroplex [Hasbro, Takara, SDCC]
  2. iGear Weapon Specialist
  3. Need help finding a particular Knockout Toy
  4. TFSource / TF-1 Articles
  5. Need help/info finding - Predaking, Beaster Hunters Ultimate Class
  6. [CUSTOM] My FOC/Universe Chromedome
  8. Trypitcon's Electronics
  9. Construct-Bots Thoughts
  10. Hasbro's MP-13 Soundwave...
  11. [FoC] Generations Toy Series so far
  12. telemocha series molds please generations
  13. Swoop G1, good or bad deal?
  14. Encore Sixshot?
  15. Strangest G1 KO yet...
  16. Transformers: Prime, Video game question
  17. Help a fellow collector organize
  18. Looking for - missing pieces
  19. Nice G1 Collection on Ebay
  20. Mechaform.com SkyGuardian "Not Skyfire"
  21. [CUSTOM] Optimus Power Up Prime V4.0
  22. Okay, so it's definitely me (Alternity Convoy)
  23. [CUSTOM] Generations Treadshot
  24. Optimus Prime Masterpiece?
  25. Predaking worth it?
  26. [CUSTOM] 'Disposable' airbrushes for repainting trans-toys - yes or no?
  27. [CUSTOM] Yo dawg, we heard you like jets...
  28. [CUSTOM] Universe Powerglide Help?
  29. Ultra Magnus - missing parts?
  30. Knock-off Watch [watching KOs, not a watch...]
  31. [CUSTOM] Custom Help - Sealants
  32. Question about vintage MISB toys
  33. Best way to sell my collection
  34. MP Prowl Engrish...
  35. transformers heaven
  36. Generations Voyager Springer - UK release?
  37. Tokyo Toy shopping experience
  38. Do you have a place like this near you?
  39. Is Beast Hunters Ratchet REALLY that ugly?
  40. Did you get anything Transformers based for Christmas?
  41. Predaking Generations Question
  42. [CUSTOM] Prime Smokescreen tune up
  43. [CUSTOM] WFC/FOC/Classics Acid Storm
  44. How much is this worth??? aerialbot air warrior superion.with box
  45. Deal alert: Covenant of Primus for $45 at Amazon
  46. TF Masterpiece real from fake
  47. Rampage G1 Sticker help
  48. Generations Skids
  49. They stop making Transformers tomorrow. What do you do?
  50. [CUSTOM] WFC Thugger (Shapeways Rumble)
  51. Hasbro Customer Service:P
  52. Is ultimate Predaking worth $25?
  53. IDW Generations wave...4? Out in the UK?
  54. [UK/Europe] Third party items sale
  55. Transformers Prime SALE!
  56. How to Select Toys as Gifts for Kids
  57. Transformers Legends Question
  58. [CUSTOM] 1984 Kreons (& several others)
  59. Transformers united TN-06 (I think) Optimus. ..worth picking up?
  60. Legit or fakes?
  61. Cybertron Era parts
  62. To other unfortunate stranded in toy-less Europe
  63. [CUSTOM] Fakebusker83's The Politician (Shapeways)
  64. If you could only buy one of the car MPs..which one would it be and why?
  65. Anyone have Transformers Go! toys?
  66. Parts Needed
  67. Transformers Generation One (G1) Toy Collection *1080P HD*
  68. [CUSTOM] Project Nexus #1 Topspin
  69. Year of Series...
  70. Transformers your mates had that made you jealous.
  71. Giving Skyfire life!
  72. [CUSTOM] Project Nexus #2 Skyfall
  73. Odd Question (Price wise)
  74. Classic Starscream Fix Help
  75. [CUSTOM] Project Nexus #3 Landquake
  76. how to make a pettition for mps
  77. This happen to anyone else?
  78. [CUSTOM] Project Nexus #4 Breakaway
  79. And the SDCC Transformer exclusive is... a hair metal band?
  80. The greater Terrorcon Army! (army building)
  81. [CUSTOM] Clay's open kitbash diary
  82. [CUSTOM] Project Nexus #5 Heatwave
  83. [CUSTOM] Project Nexus Prime
  84. Amazon.com cheap shipped TFs (probably time-limited)
  85. Miss that 80's toy quality
  86. [CUSTOM] Grimlock Unleashed robot build
  87. Favorite store to buy Transformers
  88. Where did the tech specs go?
  89. Why are the instructions so crappy these days?
  90. [CUSTOM] Generations Scoop Touchups
  91. Remembering that our old toys actually exist!
  92. Aren't Transformers nice!
  93. Grumpy old men: armchair brand management
  94. Anyone else's Bluster missing a piece?
  95. Which Takara toys aren't getting a US release?
  96. Rampage Beast Wars Help...
  97. Interview Questions for 3rd-Party Collectors
  98. WTF Danish Transformers Prices?
  99. Any early feedback? [generations jetfire]
  100. [CUSTOM] FOC Grimlock - Hollow Chest Fix
  101. Third party toy discussion (stuff that's been released)
  102. Stories of wizardry!!!
  103. Human Alliance Jazz
  104. So this is a strange Transformer...you guys show some too
  105. Prime Predaking going for a song!
  106. G1 Puzzle/Activity book?
  107. Egg like transformer?
  108. MP-20 Masterpiece Wheeljack Buying Guide - KO Avoidance
  109. The 3P article is up
  110. [CUSTOM] Elita One
  111. 2014 bodycount
  112. Pic request
  113. Master-bation: MP with WST
  114. How do I bleach plastic parts to turn them white?
  115. Takara vs Hasbro: Battle of the Fembots.
  116. Odd Question
  117. Omega Supreme Question
  118. Combiner Wars Question
  119. UK Transformers Supplier
  120. Devasator G1 Question
  121. Any ideas...
  122. Where's my Air Raid? CW wave 2
  123. Anyone recommend where to get AFA style cases?
  124. Do the new Combiner Wars weapons combine?
  125. Shockwave G1 Sticker Question
  126. Why is it so hard to find Combiner Wars Megatron?
  127. New trends on figure collecting---pro or against? Opinions/discussion ;)
  128. Ultra Magnus Combiner Wars
  129. G2 Protectobots
  130. MP-10 Prime Convoy
  131. Unsure of whether to keep G1 cars or not
  132. Saw this weird KO in the Entertainer the other day
  133. Cheap Generations 30 toys in B&M.
  134. Masterpiece Datsuns Head Removal
  135. Transformers are actually pretty good toys...
  136. Selling Transformers - some questions..
  137. Who wants to see some Argos catalogue scans then?
  138. 2015--looking back!
  139. Who are TFExpress & are they any good?
  140. I'm so pissed off right now.
  141. MP Ironhide torso modification
  142. Looking for parts
  143. Sticker Question
  144. G1 Mindwipe fist fix
  145. Would stores give you an answer over the phone?
  146. Which Classics-style toys stand out as the best to you?
  147. Custom Project - CW Rescue Patrol 'Bots
  148. Is there a difference? Parts Question
  149. Another set of eyes
  150. A Thanks To The Bigger Bots out there
  151. [TOUCH UP] Smokescreen
  152. Pyra Magma leg fix.
  153. Resetting a wheeel
  154. Figure Stands?
  155. Is the Transformers brand dying locally?
  156. Where can I order TFs w/a check in the US?
  157. Combiner war knees.
  158. Headmasters too small to review?
  159. the tf toy legacy forgotten by hasbro?
  160. pics of your favorite tf toy
  161. transformers generations discussion thread!
  162. third part of prime wars
  163. QC issues with titan wars
  164. Are paint errors like this common for MPs?
  165. WHO'S EXCITED FOR THE TF5 TOYLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  166. the alternators!
  167. Go Japanese if so when....
  168. So I saw Titans Returns Highbrow and Chromedome in the Entertainer today
  169. Looking for TFC Serberus + Aiakos
  170. Might've created a monster...
  171. Is this cheating? (Review question)
  172. Titans Return discussion thread
  173. Photo opinion
  174. Box Art Titan's Return Deluxe size
  175. Twinferno Photo
  176. TR: Sixshot Question
  177. Did my good deed for the day:)
  178. Photo idea, insecticons!
  179. Don't know if this is a good sign or a bad sign...
  180. Finally happened to me...
  181. Equipment Used 2 Make Custom Action Figures.
  182. 50% Sale Toys R Us
  183. The medic needs a medic! Fixing First-Aid's arms
  184. At last! Complete CW/UW collection!
  185. Chaos on Velocitron Set Review Question/Opinion Gathering
  186. Advice sought (general thread)
  187. Sour grapes: the would-be toys of Fun Publications
  188. How do I collect these days?
  189. Which characters are you still waiting for a good toy of?
  190. So, Toys'R'Us are bankrupt...
  191. [CUSTOM] Titans Return Freeway (Done!)
  192. Need some odd help/advice
  193. Preschool version of build your own transformer
  194. Power Of The Primes Review Questions
  195. Getting MP-36 in Australia
  196. Help Identify This Figure
  197. Latest Transformers I have
  198. Wait, you can't sell TFs on Amazon anymore?
  199. TFC Ares Fix Advice
  200. bw fans unite at sdcc for bringing mps
  201. Question for my fellow collectors
  202. Mystery Engine
  203. Review Question
  204. Is this a Knock Off