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  1. Hunn Grr repair
  2. I Got Ultra-Magnus
  3. G1 Megatron rules!
  4. DVDs
  5. Quite a productive week for me...... (as far as toys go)
  6. Botcon 02 Comic and Glyph not sold out~!
  7. My minibot win!
  8. Gotta love thos TF Knock Offs.
  9. Annoying
  10. TRU = Braindead?
  11. My Next Purchase?
  12. Virgin Megastore UK....MegaSCF!!
  13. Repainted Micromasters as Minicons?
  14. i can't find Mega-Octane anywhere!!!!
  15. Some decent BW stuff
  16. Re-Decorating Galvatron
  17. Fortress (Brave) Maximus--What's the Deal?
  18. Playschool Transformer figures.
  19. Japanese Lazerbeak
  20. Robot points on the reissues...
  21. Armada Red Alert
  22. Knockoff RiD Scourge / Laser Rod Optimus Prime
  23. MSRP of Armada toys?
  24. New HOT ROD
  25. Stupid Woolworths
  26. Crapiest Beast Machine Toy
  27. What the hell are Beastformers?
  28. Gimmie a gun. I'm gonna kill whomever designed these things.
  29. Grindor is a badass!
  30. R.I.D. Rollbar Variations
  31. Armada Toys info and question.....
  32. cheapish UK armada toys!
  33. Armada in the UK
  34. RID "Powerlinx"
  35. Fast food Armada tie ins?
  36. Aramda Prime
  37. The TFs from the comic and TV shows that never got a toy but should have.
  38. bootleg figures
  39. Hightower is CHUNKY!
  40. gold jazz and bluestreak
  41. Notice a previously unseen PVC in this shot?
  42. Help!!! G1 Reissues!
  43. Alright you Transforce pack...
  44. Can you explain this?
  45. Sadie! Yer wallet may not like this...
  46. New Playskool TF Design
  47. Car Robots tech specs?
  48. [fort max] This Guy Is Huge !!!
  49. 2 Things about Armada Cyclonus
  50. These Armada Guys....Really Rock!
  51. Anyone have that link to the 2nd wave
  52. Transformers Episodes...........Cheap and ready to ship......
  53. Armada Prime watch 2002
  54. Has anyone died because of Transformers?
  55. Sonar toy different than on packaging & inst.?
  56. ok time to smoke the massive crack pipe
  57. RiD Stormjet
  58. your wallet may not like this either
  59. You will not believe this auction for Jetfire!
  60. Guess whos after Skids and Tracks???
  61. Mega PVC Want List
  62. T shirts
  63. Hasbro is probably going to mess with the Starscream reissue.
  64. My first post here
  65. Hi, I'm new (introductory post), and I have a question regarding the Japan reissues
  66. The Greatest Girlfriend In The World Ever Is...
  67. Interesting customs...
  68. I Get Scourge Tomorrow!
  69. This perhaps was answered, but if so I can't find it (Takara "Collection" reissues) ?
  70. Has anyone Submarauder's instruction scan?
  71. RiD Optimus Prime and Side Burn
  72. Anyone ever buy from this ebayer?
  73. Takara Vs. US re-issues.....whats the difference ?
  74. Yahay! Ultra Magnus! Optimus Prime! Omega Prime!
  75. Sixliner reissue avaliable in UK Forbidden Planets!
  76. Cybertronian: The Unofficial Transformers recognition guide
  77. G1 Prime In Phoenix AZ
  78. Amazing what you find on ATT...
  79. Just Confirming Stuff on the Hasbro G1 Reissues
  80. Customizing Armada Demolisher
  81. I am thinking about making room for the new baby
  82. Water in Diguise
  83. TF the Movie Soundtrack
  84. Rail Racer WHAT!?!??!?!
  85. i found clear spychangers in jersey!!
  86. I accidentally found something out regarding my UM reissue...
  87. Yellow Landfill......
  88. Woot Woot
  89. BBTS Have Put Smokescreen Up For Pre-Order
  90. Megatron Re-Issue
  91. E-Hobbies Megaplex
  92. Actionmasters can be used as minicons?!
  93. Yay!
  94. Armada Prime and more Scanned from the new Sears Christmas Catalogue!
  95. Prepare to feel the sting of, Scorponok (happy posty)
  96. A crazy ebay auction w/ a lot of TFs
  97. Thoughts and Questions on Armada toys and cartoon.
  98. Sleeping with Transformers
  99. Re-Issues question
  100. Which G1-reissues have been done?
  101. I miss box art.
  102. Goofy Optimus Prime Picture at TRU site
  103. Reissue Optimus Prime
  104. What a pair of dorks
  105. Has anyone ever seen this version of OP?
  106. A Beginner's Guide to EBay...?
  107. Act 8 SCF [pic included]
  108. Armada Prime, gold of silver
  109. War Within.....????
  110. PVC questions
  111. armada cyclonus's secret
  112. Who just got his reissued Prime?
  113. Season 2 DVD Set
  114. Decepticons Forever!
  115. New Years Prime OR Black Optimus Prime ??
  116. Which is better
  117. Your opinions on TM2 Megatron and Cryotek
  118. Making for our new baby.
  119. Landfill ROCKS!!
  120. Sixshot, Sixshot!!!
  121. Scourge RiD
  122. myclone pvcs
  123. Armada Prime doesn't come with batteries...
  124. Got chibi-Scourge! yay!
  125. Forget about armada megatron, prime can hold alot of mincons too
  126. Wall Scrolls
  127. How to clean a Transformer toy?
  128. Why is Hot Rod now known as Rodimus Major?
  129. Which is your favorite Car Brother...?
  130. About a week away from the comis convention! Yay!
  131. Anymore news on yellow build team?
  132. Armada Toys
  133. A Transforming Unicron!!???
  134. Are the US re-issues availible in Canada?
  135. I was just thinking how lucrative RID was for Hasbro.
  136. Runaway (Minicon Air Defence Team Member) Question...
  137. New TRU Optimus Prime Re Release! Supersized Version
  138. Buying re-issues
  139. Reverse Evolution Sixturbo
  140. Fort Max News, bad
  141. Armada Laserbeak Review
  142. Worst looking Armada toy
  143. Who was your first TF toy?
  144. I got a Darth Maul Lightsabre for $2 + Act 8
  145. anyone got...
  146. What has the world come to?
  147. Are there any stores that still carry the RiD build Team?
  148. Haven't won an auction in a while . . .
  149. Megaplex Megatron--Yay or Nay?
  150. Got a package from BBTS today.
  151. ? about The big Guys
  152. Re-issues available in Nova Scotia, Canada ?
  153. re-release
  154. A nice find at KB Toys
  155. Cross cut and Roadrage
  156. I bought my 4th Jetfire today
  157. RiD Prowl Stats
  158. What's wrong with this . . .
  159. Goofy RID Merchandise
  160. Is RiD Jetfire worth getting?
  161. Next wave of Armada?
  162. Heros of Cybertron PVC
  163. New Prime Armada in Canada
  164. DAMMIT!!! [missed out on a CR deal...]
  165. A Beast Wars photo request.
  166. Scorponok tech spec question.
  167. Is it worth getting all the deluxe Armada toys?
  168. Guidi's Perceptor VS Reflector . . . Maximal?
  169. oooooooo..........shiny!!!
  170. The Satellite of Doom!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  171. I am starting to collect TFs again.
  172. Just like Lazarus said. Thank God for second chances.
  173. Just noticed on my Bumblebee and Cliffjumper keychains
  174. so are the Trainbots out in the UK?
  175. I cant believe it's been 15 years...
  176. Damn I'm good
  177. I always knew the UN was in league with the Decepticons . . .
  178. Beast Wars DVDS 3-4 Dates?
  179. What Upcoming Armada Toy Do You Most Want?
  180. So what other toys do you collect. Non TF
  181. Armada Jetfire
  182. Transformers Price Guide
  183. Toy Review, Smokescreen and Sideways
  184. Reparing TFs
  185. I just won a cool lot on Ebay. Booya!
  186. Optimus Prime Reissue G1
  187. I hate Transforming God Ginrai
  188. Just won a Starscream G1 Boxed, good deal?
  189. Got any boxed transformers to trade/sell?
  190. Just got Red Alert, TM Cyclonus, and Constructicons in the mail today.
  191. Very nice Sludge, someone might want to grab it before it goes.
  192. Your TF toy wishlist.
  193. mini-con constructicons
  194. $800 good for a boxed fort max?
  195. Armada Starscream ... Woohoo!!
  196. HA HA...I got an original Superion in the mail today.
  197. RiD Galvatron worth getting?
  198. Jazz, Tracks and Skids Re-Issues
  199. Beast Wars Toys And BW2
  200. Heroes of Cybertron where do you buy them?
  201. Megatron reissue taken in by Dutch Customs
  202. rid air attack optimus primal
  203. Does anyone have a list of the transmetals from beast wars?
  204. Just a head's up to anyone that wants this year's Botcon Exclusives.
  205. Buying Transformers
  206. I just got my reissue Skids...
  207. Super Con Prime and Normal Armada Prime
  208. A keychain question!!
  209. Need Armada Red Alert reviews
  210. Thinking about collecting Beast Machine toys.
  211. Prime Hath Cometh!
  212. Can the megatron megabolt....
  213. What do you think?
  214. Question for people that have dealt with Decepticon Zero in the past.
  215. Anyone got info on the next reissues?
  216. Knock Off Gestalts on Ebay...
  217. Toy suggestions...?
  218. What The Heck Is This???
  219. Can Someone Name These TF's For Me?
  220. A Question About Re-Issue Prime's Smokestacks
  221. Why do fate and reality conspire to torment me so?
  222. anyone repaint their tfs?
  223. I"m so happy
  224. How do you make Hyper Tyhoon?
  225. How much is G2 Prime worth?
  226. I Got My Re-Issue Prowl Today
  227. A Question About Prowl
  228. Stormjet!
  229. Which is cooler Prowl or Jazz?
  230. Costumes
  231. Skidz or Tracks?
  232. they really butchered prime and magnus reissues
  233. My Kitbash of Jetfire
  234. Armada Puzzles
  235. Optimus + Jetfire = Ultra Magnus?
  236. May i ask i question?
  237. Trans-ace (Megatron re-issue)
  238. Looking for Predacons
  239. Cyclonus...very very very very very .....
  240. omega supreme electronics
  242. Mega Scf Convoy
  243. Minicons! Finally! (Runway/Jetstorm/Sonar 3-pack)
  244. as of now, which mini-con team
  245. My newest auction wins
  246. Musica!
  247. Fort Max ebay sale, Not complete, but what a deal.....
  248. Quick Help, Please! Laserbeak, Buzzsaw
  249. errrrm
  250. Which is your favourite Dinobot toy?