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  1. The Datsuns...
  2. Guess What?!?!?!
  3. Where to find the G1 manga?
  4. Ripoff?
  5. Fort Max question:
  6. I opened my first Transformer in 14 years!
  7. Worth it?
  8. ACT 5 PVC Boxed Set!!!
  9. Fort Max question
  10. Guess I'm collecting Ruination then...
  11. Guns in different hands...
  12. I would have posted this thread last nite but...
  13. Wicked kitbash - Dark Awakening Optimus
  14. *dances like a loon*
  15. ARMADA - Ruination camoflauge - A Walmart Exclusive??
  16. Clamp Down and Deep Cover
  17. Is there a website that describes what accessories go with which TF toy?
  18. thoughts on a reissue of THIS bad boy...
  19. Whats a kitbash?
  20. Reflector - The lowdown please.
  21. Arcee - Was there a Japanese release?
  22. don't normally do this - but look what I won...
  23. European Beast Wars Biocombat Wolfang release?!?!
  24. Chrome Bluestreak like totally rocks or something
  25. Another Fort Max Inquiry
  26. Great Haul!!
  27. E-Hobbies
  28. What's the average price for these TFs
  29. Rodimus Prime
  30. So how much money have you spent on the hobby in 2002?
  31. A black Tracks on Takara's website?
  32. Anyone got a pic of Armada Jetfire?
  33. Small Armada Prime sightings...
  34. Do You Guys Know Ultra Magnus Comes With A Spaceship?
  35. Will the next waves of Armada get to Japan?
  36. Armada Ultra Magnus
  37. Scarem/Op Minor
  38. Got spychanger Scourge & Brawn for $2.25
  39. Does ANYONE own a Dai Atlas?!
  40. Absolute Mega Rare Japanese only Toys I thought you might all like to see
  41. Minicon help...
  42. Scramble City toy variations and a Scramble CIty/Metroplex query
  43. Air Defense Team
  44. Me so happy...
  45. Is Armada Smokescreen the only TF to have string as part of him?
  46. It Was A Nice Day...
  47. Ohh..ohh...ohhh...... *drools*
  48. Need some help....
  49. found a G2 Stalker at the park last night
  50. Anyone ever have one of those TF bed-tents?
  51. Japanese Armada gets more cool stuff
  52. Diaclone toys - what's the sitch?
  53. Couple of Armada questions...
  54. A sellers point of view
  55. Skid-Z/Indy Heat - greatest figure ever?
  56. Smokescreen Premium?
  57. Alltime FAVORITE Transformer toy and why.
  58. The one thing I REALLY hate about the Car Bros.
  59. Complete Toy List at transformers.com
  60. TFArchive : Help wanted!
  61. Who are Double Chase and Devastar?
  62. Apeface...man this was close.
  63. Armada Maxicons! I think! Stealing is good...
  64. NE1 else have any of the old G1 trading cards?
  65. damn customs...(and UPS)
  66. Kup...
  67. Megaplex review
  68. h0tsh0t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Unusual uses for Minicons...
  70. Well, I actually got another Armada figure.
  71. Totally useless knowledge
  72. Are Macross Toys Transformers Toys?
  73. arrr I Hate ****ing Snipers!
  74. Armada Jetfire? +Prime
  75. Anyone else notice this?
  76. Armada Jetfire
  77. oh, WOW!
  78. Best and/or cheapest places to order Reissues?
  79. Was this a good deal?
  80. Look what this prick's doing...
  81. Is reissue Starscream out yet?
  82. Optimus bobblehead
  83. Star Saber and Requiem Blaster
  84. Toys in the Wars and the bits they lose in combat (ARGH! Ratbat's Ears!!!). (?)
  85. Values of a boxed SmokeScreen a Boxed Wheeljack and a boxed Hotspot anyone pleaze!
  86. Ok, well, where's a good place to get knockoffs?
  87. Reissue Prowl is 1337!!!!!1
  88. w00t!!
  89. Transformers Casettes - list em all!
  90. Armada Unicron Pictures
  91. Final Battle Prime?
  92. Demolishor, Prime and the Land Military Team are here!
  93. Mmmm... That new car smell.
  94. Armada Gestaults and secret Transformations
  95. Toys in the wars #2: Everyone has one particular mangled toy with a tale all its own
  96. to open or not to open that is the question
  97. Megatron import?
  98. My God, I've got to stop...
  99. Jetfire MISB on Ebay
  100. Argh, I want Grimlock and Slag...
  101. Pricelist?
  102. Toys R Us Reissue Schedule
  103. jusco exclusive minicons
  104. Looking at catalogues in reissue Prowl and Jazz
  105. What would you pay for a mint complete Overlord?
  106. RiD in Germany!
  107. Minicons!
  108. Here's an auction for Garand...
  109. More unicron info
  110. Anybody here own a Star Convoy?
  111. Question about X-Brawn RiD
  112. Armada Smokescreen question
  113. Armada Smokescreen question
  114. Got my KO Blitzwing, Broadside, and Flattop set today.
  115. I got my Megatron Reissue today and an idea to to solve a "Silverstreak" problem.
  116. "Do you want him to walk? Then help me look for the paper clip."
  117. Bruticus, Ruination which do you prefer
  118. Dodgiest bootleg EVER!
  119. Armada Jetfire....woohoo!
  120. Armada Starscream - BM ultra Jetstorm
  121. The new RID scourge and bludgeon.
  122. Powermaster Optimus Prime w/ Apex Armor...
  123. Predacon Question/Problem
  124. How much is this worth?
  125. Urban Camo Trypticon!
  126. Yay Rodimus Prime
  127. Which one do you guys think will sell out faster?
  128. Beast Wars Japan - Animation Cels - A Few questions (??)
  129. $450 for an Optimus Prime sketch by Pat Lee
  130. Would anyone else like to see a Megatron toy be the biggest in the Transformer line?
  131. Massive re-issue missiles...
  132. How'd I do? (Ebay)
  133. On the topic of RESPECT
  134. Skids...
  135. Toy Fair 2003?
  136. i have a bit of a problem
  137. Any1 from NZ who no's wer TF toys are sold?
  138. I think the God Ginrai is the best reissue and better than the new OP
  139. Predaking Giftset
  140. Micron Legend owns Armada
  141. I want to treat myself to this. What do you think?
  142. US TrU Reissue Starscream...
  143. Could some one help me out?
  144. Where can I find Hot Rod for a decent price?
  145. Does the reissues devalue the originals?
  146. Is it worth it (Deszaras question)
  147. armada overlord
  148. Discoloration of white TF's.
  149. Star Saber Ressue?!
  150. And the chase figures for the Smallest Transformers Act 1 will be...
  151. More Japan exclusives, Browning
  152. Bombshell (action master)
  153. What do you think about this trade I made?
  154. Doubledealer has a fat head!
  155. How much are these action masters worth?
  156. Chrome Streak...
  157. Finally, Yellow Landfill pics with packaging...
  158. Oh yeah! Armada Jetfire!
  159. Will you marry me?
  160. Optimus Prime Bobble-Head
  161. Curse you KB! ...and to a lesser degree Walmart and Kmart
  162. My first Starscream toy....EVER!
  163. G1 Comm. Next wave pics.
  164. Was this a good deal?
  165. My Ebay shipment has arrived
  166. I've hit the Armada Mother load! W00+!!
  167. I was looking at ben Yee's review of the McDuck's Armada Happymeal Toys . . .
  168. Yay! Hotshot
  169. A question for those who have bought both Micron Legend and Armada toys
  170. That's it, I'm changing my SN to Spiral...
  171. God dammit (Tidal Wave)
  172. Aramada Galvatron and RID spychangers...
  173. I saw the Seacons..or whatever the minicons are called.
  174. Is the TRU reissue Starscream still available?
  175. Astrotrain
  176. Fortress Maximus vs Brave Maximus
  177. Reissue Devastator well kinda :)
  178. does anyone know about these transformers
  179. A nice change for you all - I require YOUR guidance
  180. How funky are these?
  181. Springer and Wreck Gar commercial!
  182. unicron
  183. How much for a Decepticon Sixwing set?
  184. Silverstreak?
  185. Kit Basher Wanted
  186. You Know Those Devastator Knock-Offs On eBay?
  187. Anyone Know What The Shipping Might Be?
  188. Which one do you prefer?
  189. Some help on remembering something
  190. Best ebay buys
  191. Gestalt complaints.
  192. Should I but a Transquito for $7?
  193. Those big headed things
  194. Thundercracker
  195. Have you seen these? (prime + jetfire + overload)
  196. Well he doesn't come with a gun...
  197. OH MY GOD!!! I really want these...
  198. online stores
  199. Transformers Repair Parts
  200. Got my KO Raiden today...
  201. Just picked up Armada Cyclonus
  202. Fifty-seven stickers later...
  203. Armada Galvatron.
  204. Question about some stuff I ordered.
  205. hmmm....trainbot?
  206. Armada Bragging & Reports
  207. Let's hear it for the little guys!
  208. Clampdown, Deepcover, Tigertracks release dates? please? anyone?
  209. Best Gestalt
  210. Site that sells bootleg TFs...
  211. Silly Mini-Con stories
  212. Check out the "book boxed" prime reissue
  213. R4 TF the Movie
  214. Who is this prime wanna be
  215. Someone could get a Godginrai reissue cheap
  216. Where can I find pix of armada prime+jetfire
  217. Never seen this g1 verson of prime before
  218. Decepticon B1 Bomber ?
  219. Cyberjets...
  220. Hasbro March Toy expo.
  221. ebay win: wheeljack & sunstreaker
  222. Guess who's got their digital camera working?
  223. Yet more Mini-Con repaints...
  224. Your Combat Elite, Cliffy? Bwaha, here is the Hunt for Optimus Prime!
  225. Does Dust Actually Damage Toys?
  226. I love my bro...
  227. It's not complete, but it is a start
  228. Finally picked up a toy.
  229. God Ginrai
  230. Black Microman Megatron?
  231. NeoPrimeStar Custom?
  232. Check out these custom paing jobs
  233. Superbase Prime Availability Question
  234. Constructicons and Megatron.
  235. Your opinions, if you please. (Air Defense Team)
  236. Armada Prime in the UK??
  237. Transformers Video Game!!!
  238. Sixturbo tech specs?
  239. Is this really off the deep end???
  240. "Agent Meister" stickers on TrU Jazz reissue
  241. Convoy reissue ready to ship
  242. ALRIGHT!!!! My BBTS order just came in!
  243. Anyone ever seen this Dev. Picture before?
  244. Look What I Won
  245. A Question about Tracks Stickers...
  246. biggest armada collection in holland :D
  247. Those little Diaclone Guys
  248. Yes!
  249. J.E. Alvarez is autographing his books now!
  250. G1 Reissues.