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  1. Have we lost our sense of humor?
  2. What Music Do You Listen To?
  3. Who Votes Cliffy get an Instant Messenger!
  4. Nepotism in ants.
  5. TFArchive US Comics (most of it anyway)
  6. @#%, I should be working!
  7. Opinions...
  8. North Korea
  9. Your favorite beer...
  10. I am the ****ing (excuse my french) male version of Lord Sixshot
  11. lol
  12. Star Wars Quiz: Which "New Jedi Order" character are you?
  13. [questionnaire] Gentlemen.....
  14. Did I do the right thing?
  15. Favorite car of all time?
  16. Happy St Davids day
  17. I just saw the Rolling Stones in concert...
  18. www.nukezone.nu
  19. Uncle Sam wants ME.
  20. State drink... from milk to beer
  21. Tom Clancy novels
  22. Free (and legal) Paint Shop Pro 8.0! [Beta Software though]
  23. Bloody hell
  24. So What's On Your DeskTOP?!
  25. Plaid, or Tartan?
  26. Back, for those who remember...
  27. Your Daily 'Dubya' Bashing: What Celeberties think of him!
  28. The circus
  29. bloody sore throat...ever get those?
  30. Cali > J00
  31. Early Wrestlmania Match Predictions...
  32. A Random Insult...
  33. The AWF wants YOU....
  34. YaY! I winnnnnn! [Ebay Comic Auction]
  35. I think Wacko-Jacko just hit the rock-bottom of WEIRD...
  36. see if it works
  37. While we're on the subject of intolerant dumbasses...
  38. what up?
  39. Sick people are less argumentative
  40. Films that need to be made!
  41. Ball-bag bird....
  42. Kurt Angle out for a year. [Now containing minty Smackdown spoilers for March 13th]
  43. Shall I give it a shot?
  44. "You shouldnt be eating those frozen things, you should be eating something more...
  45. Writing another paper!
  46. Zelda Wind Waker
  47. I'm Sick but my team won!
  48. The War On Drugs Marches On...
  49. My Cold Hard Slag Transformers Name
  50. Greatest Trilogy of All Time
  51. Fight For Education
  52. Famous female "baddies", help needed
  53. Copying DVDs to Video
  54. [questionnaire] In Case You'd Like to Know Me...
  55. TF: The Movie and DIVx
  56. Those stupid teenagers deserved to get killed!
  57. Transformer patches
  58. A Song for Every Occasion
  59. transformer models
  60. Owen Nolan is now a Maple Leaf.
  61. This is my BOOMSTICK!!!
  62. Cheating the system!!!
  63. This'll probably get moved...[fanfic/fanart suggestions]
  64. Nintendo Nexus?
  65. What a joke!
  66. Humour - Soap.
  67. Wanna help me out? You do? Excellent.
  68. Phillip Kindred Dick
  69. Is it just me, or do some of our conversations seem to be a lot more risque recently?
  70. Place your bets...(Iraq)
  71. I thought it would never happen...
  72. We saw Chicago tonight...SPOILERS
  73. It's been a while since we had a party thread...
  74. Where the hell is Mirage?
  75. What do your little voices say?
  76. Sometimes you wanna go...
  77. Sometimes you wanna go...
  78. When does/did lent start?
  79. Got Avatars?
  80. You see what happens? This what happens when you give peace a chance!
  81. An article about Fred Phelps Sr., creator of godhatesfags.com
  82. Anyone having trouble with Transfans
  83. So My Girlfriend's Off to England and Wales for 2 Weeks...
  84. Protesters and real numbers
  85. Koby Fish is HAPPY NOW!
  86. Tell Galvatron91 that you love him!
  87. Who's going to see Bringing Down the House?
  88. Dealing with a jealous fishie
  89. Well I haven't posted a thread in a while...
  90. Liberal MP Parrish and a certain comment
  91. Wings are on fire baby!
  92. Since Dennis Miller Live has been cancelled, here's some text rants
  93. Windows and Office
  94. Wales vs Scotland
  95. UK meeting (today)
  96. The Last of Turbo Charger...
  97. Theo Fleury On Waivers!
  98. Anyone else think Francis Jeffers missed his vocation?
  99. Ed the Sock's views on George W and Iraq
  100. A post on curent affairs
  101. List Your CDs
  102. My face hurts...
  103. I have GOT to be hallucinating...
  104. Anyone know how misticalball.com works?
  105. So...
  106. Apparently, in Scrabble-land, the following are words...
  107. look what toys r us are rereleasing
  108. Odd TF flash
  109. What's your Alignment (take this handy-dandy Quiz)
  110. The Iraq Thread: Part Deux
  111. What the hell are these people on?
  112. Today was sh*t.
  113. So who all belongs to the RiD clan in AvP2?
  114. Final Fantasy XI from the Game developers conference
  115. Post your pic
  116. Dumb abd Dumber - mint
  117. Damn you Redstreak!
  118. [questionnaire] Friendly n00b here
  119. RAW results...
  120. Can someone recommend me a digital camera?
  121. [questionnaire] Friendly Neighborhood Dark Mage has arrived...
  122. Vote for the next wallpaper - tfarchive.com !
  123. Making Region Encoded DVD players Multiregion
  124. So how many of you are "undercover" TF fans?
  125. I'll be damned, my old webring is still alive
  126. Can I get an order of FREEDOM Fries?
  127. **Trade Deadline Thread***
  128. And my 1500th post is about.....
  129. Comic I'm (and others) working on
  130. 1 & Only Iraq thread v. 2.1 (NUKING the oil argument)
  131. Assistance Required!!!
  132. Selective Service
  133. The "Sorry, Wraslin Isn't a Sport, Who Watches Real Fighting Like Pride/UFC" Thread
  134. And her name was Becky [/Hiro Yui]
  135. I love conspiracy theories, how about you?
  136. Hi, newbie here!
  137. Check out this Whacko's feedback! lol!
  138. DVD Extras: Commentary versus Trailers... the great battle???
  139. Note to bad stand-up comedians everywhere! [well, in the UK anyway]
  140. I Stole these..
  141. RIP Barry Sheene...
  142. Homosexuality
  143. Hey, wanna see the most annoying emoticon in the world? </dumb and dumber>
  145. Possible Silly Question - Money Orders
  146. I'm boned.
  147. To anyone pursuing a degree in computer science:
  148. Amusing game
  149. The Riddles! My Brain!
  150. Why is it that 9/11 is blamed for EVERYTHING?
  151. im sure some of u guys will love this..
  152. Dreamweaver Help
  153. What are you doing for comic relief?
  154. The best Video game magazine?
  155. Yahoo! Message Boards are getting exponentially stupider
  156. Any free servers that allow hotlinking?
  157. what is the world coming too
  158. That's it, I'm severing my ties to humanity...
  159. Somehow, I just got in a fight on the way to Taco Bell.
  160. Dubya drunk at a party
  161. I saw this neat news bite a few minutes ago that I really liked!
  162. BigMaki! I could have used your help just now!
  163. Yo, anybody smoke some wheed in here?
  164. Tidbit died.
  165. The Adventures Of Pete & Pete!!
  166. lol @ this auction
  167. And the comedy 'metal' band of the year so far are...
  168. exams better than sex?
  169. What country are you a resident of?
  170. Would it not rock...
  171. Some words of advice from my sister...
  172. A new ideal i had...
  173. Iraq invites inspectors to check out Bagdad
  174. Even if you don't enjoy cars, you can still enjoy this fraud getting owned hardcore
  175. Gathering Pictures from long ago...
  176. Bwaha! [Satirical error page]
  177. Should 30's/40's cartoons be edited for content?
  178. Worst Kind of fanboy.....
  179. How many posters are hanging up in your house?
  180. Web layout
  181. Alright folks, picture this (music recommendations)
  182. #1 in the west!
  183. h4x0r speech in the sunday comics!
  184. Shorts are better than pants.
  185. I surrender.
  186. Anyone willing to "sell" me the Pokemon Sapphire game?
  187. Sometimes you wake up, get dressed, have a cuppa, log on and go WHAT THE FUNK!
  188. [UKTV] Channel 4 are Chanel Five with Better Imports!
  189. TFArchive last updated 5/9/03 -- TFArchive needs YOU!!
  190. Official Screwedness
  191. Hiel Bush!!!!
  193. Anyone want to help me knock some sense into some Bandwagon Patriots?
  194. Placed In Greek Sing
  195. God help us all, we're going in...
  196. A letter from Michael Moore to George Bush...
  197. With all this talk of war, who want to see my new tattoo?
  198. Sign the original Star Wars DVD petition
  199. Since we are going to war against Iraq
  200. Two mules for sister Sara?
  201. Willard
  202. 1&Only Iraq Thread - Take 2
  203. Should governments be given more power or less power?
  204. Question for Broadband users...(DSL, Cable Ect...)
  205. Alright.
  206. Irrational childhood fears
  207. Forget being pornstars! Tatu are soapstars!
  208. Am I allowed to be hacked off with the pop-ups...
  209. Bush Sr, was he that bad of a president?
  210. "Welcome back, Qatar"
  211. Al Sharpton for Prez 2004!
  212. Right, let's get one thing straight...
  213. Who likes the American Werewolf movies? Eh? Eh?
  214. Wha?
  215. Want Doom 3? Got a computer thats a year old?
  216. opinions needed on tattoos
  217. Dont you hate it when youre eating a sandwich...
  218. uuuh, dude admits to sniffing sister's panties
  219. A thoughtful gift for Dubya...
  220. In these times of sadness... How about a bit of fun?
  221. So what'll it be?
  222. Anyone excited at the prospect of a new Metallica album?
  223. Sodd v's Murphy
  224. Glad to see the site's still going strong
  225. Red 5k: Anyone else a fan of MST 3000?
  226. Single most addictive game, ever
  227. System of a Down/Michael Moore Music Video
  228. The Attacks Have Started
  229. Whats the oldest TF related website that you remember thats still up and running?
  230. Early Oscar Predictions
  231. Who ever can guess what the first Quote in my sig is about
  232. *tumbleweed rolls by*
  233. Where do YOU live? (Mapquest.com)
  234. Linkin Park - Meteora
  235. I have a new toy :D
  236. Oops, another MS security breach...
  237. Speaking of wars...
  238. Who Doesn't Seek Attention?
  239. In accordance with my new rank...
  240. Seinfeld...
  241. wtf, why doesn't Habro get on THEIR ass?
  242. Your latest DVD?
  243. [questionnaire] Just Me
  244. Casting Call!
  245. Americanisms/English Translations
  246. Optimus Prime is off to fight IRAQ!
  247. Show Me, Show You, Kikkoman
  248. The "speak very quietly" thread...
  249. Is it just me or is Slipknot the crappiest thing that ever existed?
  250. Come On Up For The Rising!