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  1. [Original RPG] how do i start as id like to
  2. [New RPG] Combiner Teams
  3. [New RPG] Voice Actors
  4. [New RPG] Why did you choose your characters
  5. [New RPG] Wreckers
  6. [New RPG] Character Deaths and Resurrection
  7. [New RPG] Something for Sunstreaker to do.
  8. [New RPG] Prowl Prowlity Prowl
  9. [New RPG] Sorry guys
  10. [New RPG] Snaptrap
  11. [New RPG] Where are we going?
  12. [New RPG] Monstructor and Co.
  13. [Original RPG] Where do we go from here?
  14. [New RPG] Hot Spot & Motormaster
  15. [New RPG] Mini-Cons...
  16. [New RPG] Sixshot and Quickswitch
  17. [New RPG] So Course I Come Back
  18. [New RPG] Stop power gaming/god modding please
  19. [New RPG] Micromasters
  20. [New RPG] The Vector Factories
  21. [New RPG] Commander Modesty
  22. [New RPG] apologies for disappearing for a bit!
  23. [New RPG] Do they have a choice?
  24. [New RPG] Stepping out for a bit
  25. [Original RPG] Message from LadyQuickSwitch
  26. [New RPG] Power Gaming
  27. [New RPG] Ginrai and some fun in Iacon
  28. [Original RPG] Help
  29. [Original RPG] Most developed character
  30. [New RPG] Grimlock's Allegiances
  31. [New RPG] What to do with Sky Lynx
  32. [New RPG] Thanks to Lady Quick Switch
  33. [Original RPG] About those Terminus threads...
  34. [New RPG] An idea for Flywheels
  35. [New RPG] Before Cutthroat
  36. [New RPG] Switch
  37. [New RPG] Civil War
  38. [New RPG] Going to be absent for a week.
  39. [Original RPG] Worst experience role-playing
  40. [New RPG] Back
  41. [New RPG] Master Technology
  42. [New RPG] Humans!!!!
  43. [New RPG] Actors, Voice Actors, Holo-Drivers and Alt modes
  44. [New RPG] Transformers with mental disorders
  45. [Original RPG] A day in the life of Needler
  46. [Original RPG] Finale Death Toll
  47. [New RPG] Biggest regret?
  48. [New RPG] Ramblings of an overtired Hexchanger
  49. [New RPG] Special Teams.
  50. [New RPG] Who wants to be a Decepticon POW?
  51. [New RPG] Rank breakdown?
  52. [New RPG] Side Story: Heroes of the First War
  53. [New RPG] Characters you've considered picking up...
  54. [Original RPG] Your favourite roleplayers/characters?
  55. [Original RPG] Your favorite roleplayers/characters?
  56. [New RPG] Any different interpretations?
  57. [New RPG] Ratchet and Perceptor
  58. [New RPG] Little help please :D
  59. [Original RPG] Autobot Army
  60. [New RPG] The Aerialbots
  61. [New RPG] Songs that describe your characters.....
  62. [Original RPG] List of Combaticons (or: alas, poor unfortunate redshirts)
  63. [New RPG] If I'd actually thought about it....
  64. [New RPG] Hello, peoples
  65. [New RPG] Bringing back my fanmade character
  66. [New RPG] Character Alignments
  67. [New RPG] Saving Magnus
  68. [New RPG] Couple questions regarding Chars abilities/skills
  69. [New RPG] Super Sorry Guys
  70. [New RPG] Notice of absence
  71. [New RPG] Absent
  72. [New RPG] Appology for lagging
  73. [New RPG] Active players and a possible return...
  74. [New RPG] An explination
  75. [New RPG] Hey all...
  76. [New RPG] Hello!
  77. [New RPG] Back
  78. [New RPG] Apparently it's 'people coming back' season.....
  79. [New RPG] Would you have me back?
  80. [New RPG] The New RPG story so far
  81. [New RPG] Absences thread
  82. [New RPG] 2 modes?
  83. [New RPG] Thinking about adding a character...
  84. [New RPG] Greetings
  85. [New RPG] Knock Out needs a playmate
  86. [New RPG] Hey there
  87. [New RPG] Decisions, decisions......
  88. [New RPG] A question that I've been pondering
  89. [New RPG] How to get started?
  90. [New RPG] Formal Apology
  91. [New RPG] An Apology of my Own
  92. Absences Thread