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  1. [Original RPG] Questions about RPG?
  2. [Original RPG] Um...Help, if you would...
  3. [Original RPG] On locations (OOC)
  4. [Original RPG] preparations
  5. [Original RPG] RPG 101: Tips and Such
  6. [Original RPG] OOC: Who's Characters are where?
  7. [Original RPG] Here's the Situation
  8. [Original RPG] Small announcement Regarding My PM's... (and weekends)... Important, please read.
  9. [Original RPG] I'm new here
  10. [Original RPG] movie RPG idea
  11. [Original RPG] Read BEFORE you make your next post
  12. [Original RPG] I am new here
  13. [Original RPG] Okay, this one's REALLY Important...
  14. [Original RPG] OOC: anyone want a Decepticon?
  15. [Original RPG] RPG fan art (or whatever you want to call them)
  16. [Original RPG] OOC: Request
  17. [Original RPG] (OOC: To Blaster_86)
  18. [Original RPG] (OOC) All yours... for now
  19. [Original RPG] Someone give da Jumper some orders, chere!
  20. [Original RPG] Pun... gimme me girls back!!
  21. [Original RPG] A little help
  22. [Original RPG] Rule Amendment!
  23. [Original RPG] OOC Question
  24. [Original RPG] OOC: Would this be OK with all?
  25. [Original RPG] Take a hint on playing the game...
  26. [Original RPG] ooc:CAN someone take my chars
  27. [Original RPG] OOC: Apologies
  28. [Original RPG] OOC:- Permission to use other characters
  29. [Original RPG] 2 questions:
  30. [Original RPG] Away for a bit...
  31. [Original RPG] RPG?
  32. [Original RPG] Rank
  33. [Original RPG] Taken Characters
  34. [Original RPG] A quick question
  35. [Original RPG] A question on continuity
  36. [Original RPG] Who's in charge around here??
  37. [Original RPG] The Deceptincon Character List has vanished..
  38. [Original RPG] What's the situation topside?
  39. [Original RPG] New Cybertron Chapter?
  40. [Original RPG] Important Read Me Whelps!!!
  41. [Original RPG] Status of all my characters
  42. [Original RPG] Other Dinobot Characters
  43. [Original RPG] A list of untaken Cons on Earth?
  44. [Original RPG] Question regarding the tunnel leading into the plasma energy chamber...
  45. [Original RPG] Tal'Noktaraus...(pic)
  46. [Original RPG] Suggestion
  47. [Original RPG] The Summary Thread
  48. [Original RPG] Question!
  49. [Original RPG] about the rpg....
  50. [Original RPG] A little help here..?
  51. [Original RPG] Umm... (Metrotitan)
  52. [Original RPG] ok, WTF just happened?
  53. [Original RPG] how do i play?
  54. [Original RPG] About the new thread (Recovery)
  55. [Original RPG] Differing Viewpoints
  56. [Original RPG] just a warning
  57. [Original RPG] RE: just a warning
  58. [Original RPG] RPG Stuff
  59. [Original RPG] Questions
  60. [Original RPG] New to RPG
  61. [Original RPG] Starting New Thread
  62. [Original RPG] Story Arc is ending? If so...
  63. [Original RPG] Iacon Commander, and Grand Max
  64. [Original RPG] where's that thread?
  65. [Original RPG] End of Days ends Sunday!!!
  66. [Original RPG] Side Story: Cybertron Orbit
  67. [Original RPG] Redstreaks Thread
  68. [Original RPG] A suggestion
  69. [Original RPG] Questions about Earth
  70. [Original RPG] Axalon
  71. [Original RPG] Metrotitan question
  72. [Original RPG] Optitron's troops?
  73. [Original RPG] Developing my char
  74. [Original RPG] Question about RPG
  75. [Original RPG] Regarding Head & Targetmasters
  76. [Original RPG] aol is the f*cking devil!!!
  77. [Original RPG] Random RPG stuff
  78. [Original RPG] Ill be around.
  79. [Original RPG] Iacon battle stuff.
  80. [Original RPG] Prime's new configuration
  81. [Original RPG] An idea for you guys to consider
  82. [Original RPG] Bio-less characters
  83. [Original RPG] The creation of the Cosmobots
  84. [Original RPG] RPGin
  85. [Original RPG] Here ya go!
  86. [Original RPG] are punch and counterpunch taken?
  87. [Original RPG] OK, Mr Warp, so who controls my former self?
  88. [Original RPG] Ok so I'm getting back into the game...
  89. [Original RPG] One HUGE request
  90. [Original RPG] What's a minicon?
  91. [Original RPG] Soundtracks for characters
  92. [Original RPG] Megatron's identity crisis
  93. [Original RPG] are slag and sludge taken?
  94. [Original RPG] OOC Question about Cybertron and Decepticons
  95. [Original RPG] A little help please
  96. [Original RPG] ActionMaster Characters
  97. [Original RPG] What is The Hub?
  98. [Original RPG] Search Parties still on grand maximus
  99. [Original RPG] Confused
  100. [Original RPG] OCC: How many....
  101. [Original RPG] Char intro into Reunions:Earth
  102. [Original RPG] Vacation time...
  103. [Original RPG] Space activites in the New threads?
  104. [Original RPG] A request....[please every player read]
  105. [Original RPG] Who controls Unicron?
  106. [Original RPG] How Do I Join The Game(please Help)
  107. [Original RPG] Hope you like it....
  108. [Original RPG] Who's Playing Spike?
  109. [Original RPG] Not so much a question
  110. [Original RPG] A question about my Home At Last thread
  111. [Original RPG] Stupid questions (probably)
  112. [Original RPG] Not here next week and I need my guiys to be controlled
  113. [Original RPG] Quick Question
  114. [Original RPG] A note.
  115. [Original RPG] A few questions (well one)
  116. [Original RPG] A depature...
  117. [Original RPG] Going away for three days
  118. [Original RPG] Clarification
  119. [Original RPG] Unicron casualties [originally posted by casper]
  120. [Original RPG] series damage
  121. [Original RPG] Unicron: Which continuity?
  122. [Original RPG] A Request...
  123. [Original RPG] When does the new campaign start?
  124. [Original RPG] New News! Important Annoucement about Extinction Agenda
  125. [Original RPG] Comic or cartoon???
  126. [Original RPG] Transformers in Space!! :)
  127. [Original RPG] Megatron Megabolt... Cryotech?
  128. [Original RPG] Characters' Status
  129. [Original RPG] Character birth
  130. [Original RPG] Transformers in the remains of Unicron
  131. [Original RPG] What the hell is this...
  132. [Original RPG] Cool
  133. [Original RPG] Pop quiz, hotshots...
  134. [Original RPG] Anyone have Octane?
  135. [Original RPG] My Characters
  136. [Original RPG] OOC - sorry...
  137. [Original RPG] Question on character claiming
  138. [Original RPG] I'm going
  139. [Original RPG] Has Unicron attacked yet?
  140. [Original RPG] Taken characters
  141. [Original RPG] Storyline
  142. [Original RPG] Okay, I have many Questions about many things.
  143. [Original RPG] A question of speed and other stats.
  144. [Original RPG] What would it take to....
  145. [Original RPG] GM help
  146. [Original RPG] Huh?
  147. [Original RPG] Attention my beloved Whelps!
  148. [Original RPG] Does Rodimus Convoy have another matrix?
  149. [Original RPG] Help! Lost
  150. [Original RPG] Hmm....
  151. [Original RPG] Need Help
  152. [Original RPG] A note on starting new threads
  153. [Original RPG] I have an idea...
  154. [Original RPG] Micromasters?
  155. [Original RPG] 2 questions, both regarding Sky Lynx' situation
  156. [Original RPG] Questions
  157. [Original RPG] Is it just me or is the security detail near/in Metroplex kinda slow?
  158. [Original RPG] How to start playing RPG???
  159. [Original RPG] Are you aloud to make your own Transformer?
  160. [Original RPG] A couple of questions
  161. [Original RPG] Have to leave for a week.
  162. [Original RPG] Battle synopsis and current ongoings.
  163. [Original RPG] many many questions
  164. [Original RPG] Who wanted to use Blaster in the RPG?
  165. [Original RPG] A Few Quick Questions
  166. [Original RPG] I'm going to get back into this if it kills me
  167. [Original RPG] how do we know which games are availible for us to play
  168. [Original RPG] Metroplex Q
  169. [Original RPG] is there a certain time???
  170. [Original RPG] RPG. Your thoughts and ideas?
  171. [Original RPG] Has Wheelie been picked?
  172. [Original RPG] Help for re-introduction
  173. [Original RPG] Ok, so what's cooking, doc?
  174. [Original RPG] Need help with a profile or characters? Directions to join RPG
  175. [Original RPG] I'll ask first...
  176. [Original RPG] How can I start off?
  177. [Original RPG] Storylines
  178. [Original RPG] So Megatron's Back Now?
  179. [Original RPG] I done gone and lost my Monsterbot.
  180. [Original RPG] Dreamwave "MTMTE" Profiles vs. Marvel "TFU" Profiles vs. Tech Specs.
  181. [Original RPG] Marvel "Transformers Universe" vs. DW "MTMTE" vs. Tech Specs
  182. [Original RPG] Transition-ing to Earth! What's next...
  183. [Original RPG] Can i get back into this....
  184. [Original RPG] Copy of letter sent to all players
  185. [Original RPG] RPG Game Delay Announcement
  186. [Original RPG] Point totals
  187. [Original RPG] What the...?
  188. [Original RPG] Returns: Synopsis until May 29th.
  189. [Original RPG] A couple of dumb questions before I get started
  190. [Original RPG] Checking for availability
  191. [Original RPG] Question on Tidal Wave
  192. [Original RPG] Early I know...
  193. [Original RPG] A few questions
  194. [Original RPG] Here is a list of currently active Decepticons
  195. [Original RPG] NPCs?
  196. [Original RPG] Returns: Synopsis for July 4th
  197. [Original RPG] Brother Autobots please help me...
  198. [Original RPG] So what's going on in Returns? Answers-
  199. [Original RPG] Well, I'm out folks :)
  200. [Original RPG] The visit to Quintessa won't happen within the next 14 days I hope?
  201. [Original RPG] 40 point system clarification
  202. [Original RPG] I like what you've done with this place. Very chique, like.
  203. [Original RPG] Individual Autobot synopsis
  204. [Original RPG] Joining
  205. [Original RPG] Players note...
  206. [Original RPG] Player Absences
  207. [Original RPG] Outpost locations?
  208. [Original RPG] Help please
  209. [Original RPG] New recruits...
  210. [Original RPG] Where is everyone and what's going on?
  211. [Original RPG] Availability- all players please reply
  212. [Original RPG] Synopsis
  213. [Original RPG] Are They Freeeeee?
  214. [Original RPG] I'm not sure what all this is about
  215. [Original RPG] My apologies ... I'm leaving...
  216. [Original RPG] Something new- Something fun
  217. [Original RPG] Go Vote!
  218. [Original RPG] Sorry about delays
  219. [Original RPG] Metroplex Q
  220. [Original RPG] Signing up.
  221. [Original RPG] Ummm... hello
  222. [Original RPG] Innovations and Shockwave
  223. [Original RPG] I'm back, time to pick up again!
  224. [Original RPG] How does it work
  225. [Original RPG] Decepticon Battle Scars Synopsis
  226. [Original RPG] what is this all about?
  227. [Original RPG] Okay, I need to know one or two things....
  228. [Original RPG] Yo! Heinrad!
  229. [Original RPG] ALL READ PLEASE! Culling Sign up by Wednesday.
  230. [Original RPG] Away for the day...
  231. [Original RPG] Read This
  232. [Original RPG] Ok, I'm only going to ask this once...
  233. [Original RPG] Discussion of deaths of characters (Edited name)
  234. [Original RPG] Summary of old threads? [input requested]
  235. [Original RPG] Whoa.....apology
  236. [Original RPG] Innovations concerns
  237. [Original RPG] Attention All RPGers and curious people - Griping Sessions
  238. [Original RPG] Welcome to the Chat Area!
  239. [Original RPG] G1 Decepticon players volunteer
  240. [Original RPG] A suggestion\idea for something else.
  241. [Original RPG] Questions re: Sweeps and Dirge in the RPG
  242. [Original RPG] There are Decepticons in Japan now?
  243. [Original RPG] Gonna be delayed a bit more
  244. [Original RPG] Contact Info Thread
  245. [Original RPG] Gigatron?
  246. [Original RPG] Where the blue hell is everyone?
  247. [Original RPG] Help needed!
  248. [Original RPG] How often is it reasonable to expect players to post?
  249. [Original RPG] Is your character stuck in the rpg?
  250. [Original RPG] Here's something you may find useful...