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2002-10-07, 05:05 AM
Space and time have an interesting way of keeping order. Millions upon millions of universes and timelines all existing entwined and yet seperated from one another in perfect balance and harmony. Yet time has crashed before...

Order is a funny thing and perfect harmony is difficult to maintain. Meanwhile, chaos can come and go as it pleases and its effects are not felt the same. It has no rules, it can't be reasoned with or rationalized.

In our reality, Optimus Prime is the greatest of hero's. Kind, compassionate, devoted to protecting the innocent. In another plane of existance however the Optimus Prime we know doesn't exist. This Optimus Prime is the greatest of villians. In this reality, death twisted Prime...made him cold, a petty tyrant. The focus of his anger the Earth he rushed to defend in 2005, and the one he holds responsible for his death...Rodimus Convoy.

Rodimus Convoy is this timelines answer to our Optimus Prime. Wise, compassionate, noble, and fearless. He has long since slain Megatron...only to find that Prime assumed the mantle of leadership for the Decepticons...now is the time of the final battle. Dozens have falled...but as Optimus crushes the life from Kup...Rodimus has had enough. He pushes through the lines, blasting Cyclonus and Scourge straight to the Core, Devastator falls next as a precise blast tears through his face, dismembering the massive gestalt. Prime turns to crush his foe...his forces fall all around him, he cares little...only revenge is on his mind now.

Rodimus: "One shall stand..."
Optimus: "One shall fall..."

The two engage, but Rodimus gains the upper hand after nearly an hour's struggle. The Autobots have all but finished the Decepticons and now watch the battle. As Prime struggles, Convoy pushes on.

Rodimus: "You were the greatest of us all...you were what we aspired to be...how could you toss it away like you did?"

Prime struggling to his feet: "What do you know...were it not for you and this pathetic planet I would never have been pushed into death's cold grasp."

Rodimus: "Its over Prime...you've lost, your armies are dead, your generals slain. Your evil is done. I will not take another life here tonight..."

Rodimus turns and prepares to walk away...as he does, Prime lunges at him one last time, Rodimus turns, and punches straight into his former mentor's chest, collapsing the interior. Optimus falls as Rodimus pulls his fist back. Looking down, Rodimus is joined by Prowl, Springer, Jazz, and Grimlock...his top generals.

Grimlock: "Kill him..."

Rodimus: "I did...his life force is fading..."

Optimus: "What have I done...Rodimus...my autobots...please...forgiv...."

Rodimus: "he's gone..."

In an instant later, a black light washed over Rodimus Convoy and he disappeared from his Earth...pulled forth by the Chaos Effect...pulled to our Cybertron.

At the Asteroid tomb:

Thunderwing: "It has begun...he has arrived...quickly...back to Cybertron!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-07, 01:56 PM
Quick Switch and Sixswitch followed Prime as he exited the Chamber.


At the tomb...

Delibarata motioned, and the Sharkticons hoisted Galvatron's body aboard the Ship, and placed it in a holding cell.

Delibarata and the Alligatorcons boarded the shuttle.

"To Cybertron!" Delibarata called, and the Spiral Ship rocketed toward the home of the Transformers.

With this Matrix...my Master can finally gain control of Cybertron... Delibarata mused, laughing inwardly at the good luck of his race.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-07, 02:41 PM
OOC: I hope you dont mind this since I am a bit behind.

ThunderWings trek to Cybertron was halted as the now arriveing WarCons ship blocked their path, A commincation link was established between the two.On the Vidscreen was the WarCon Leader Apocalypse

Apocalypse: Are you the one who summoned us?, Are you ThunderWing?. How did you know of us? And what is your purpose for the Strength of the WarCons?

2002-10-07, 03:44 PM
Thunderwing emerged...his optics glowing black as night, his crew still buzzing over the actions they had witnessed.

Thunderwing: "I am Lord Thunderwing...I have summoned you here for a purpose...namely the destruction of the Autobots and restoration of the Decepticon Order. I extend to you the hand of friendship...it will only be extended once. Stand by our side or be ground to dust with our enemies...the choice is yours."

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-07, 03:50 PM
ThunderWing can visibly see that All of the WarCons are excited by this propistion, As he waits the Ship hatch opens and all five of the Gigantic Decepticons emerge. And as they approach Apocalypse extends his hand in acceptance, and though he has not a true face ThunderWing could tell he was smileing.

Apocalypse: ThunderWing, You have the WarCons strength at your beck and call. What is your first command?

2002-10-07, 06:16 PM
Thunderwing accepted the hand.

Thunderwing: "Go to Cybertron and find the one called Rodimus Convoy. He is not of our time but he is crucial for our cause. Since you will not be recognized by any Autobots you should have very little difficulty in finding him...here is an info disc...once you have located him bring him to these coordinants on Cybertron...this is your first test...do not fail!"

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-07, 06:28 PM
Fury Butted in before Apocalypse could aknowledge Thunder Wing.

Fury: Do you want that Punk in peices or whole?

Apocalypse: Yes, He does pose a valid question.

The WarCons hovered silently as they awaited ThunderWings answer, But it was obvious that they wanted to get to the mission A.S.A.P.

Quick Switch
2002-10-07, 09:03 PM
"Masterful work, Thunderwing," Delibarata called, as the Sharkticons returned from having placed Galvatron's body in storage. "But who is this Rodimus Convoy? Can he be trusted?"

2002-10-07, 11:11 PM
Thunderwing looked first at the WarCons.

Thunderwing: "He is not to be harmed in anyway...in fact you must be friendly and respectful in all manners...try to conduct yourselves as an autobot would...think you can handle that?"

Thunderwing then turned to his Quint partner: "Rodimus Convoy...yes...you see the Chaos that reigns within me lets me see what once was only a dream...Convoy is this reality's Optimus Prime...noble...brave...sickeningly heroic...which makes him perfect for our plans..."

Quick Switch
2002-10-08, 03:13 AM
"Indeed," Delibarata chuckled. "Indeed."

2002-10-08, 03:14 AM
Ramjet muttered to himself.

"I don't care what universe they're from. Autobot's can't be trusted."

"Yeah", Darkwing agreed.

"Sush!", Apeface said, smacking the two Decepticons.

"I've had enough of you, Horrorcon!", Ramjet shouted, getting out of his chair. "You and me are gonna settle this right now, once and for all!"

"Fine by me!", Apeface said, transforming and running towards the Seeker.

Quick Switch
2002-10-08, 03:22 AM
Dirge stood up and attempted to place himself between Ramjet and Apeface.

"Stop this!" The blue Seeker put his hands out in either direction, between the two fuming Decepticons.

The Sharkticons ringed the ensuing fight, growling exictedly...the Alligatorcons rushed to surround Thunderwing.

Delibarata merely laughed.

2002-10-08, 04:52 AM
Apeface and Ramjet went up to Dirge, and battered him out of the way. The two then locked up and began to scuffle, as Darkwing and Dreadwind began to laugh.

"Ten cubes says Apeface pounds ol' conehead", Darkwing said.

"You're on", Dreadwind replied.

Quick Switch
2002-10-08, 05:05 AM
Dirge clattered to the ground.

"Fine then, kill yourselves! See if I care!" The Seeker gingerly returned to his feet after a few moments.

Delibarata grunted his diapproval.

"Your troops are undisciplined...these two could be a liability during the later stages of our plan."

2002-10-08, 05:25 AM
"Shut up, Quint", Ramjet snarled, as he rammed his knee into Apeface's head. As far as I'm concerned, YOU'RE the liability!"

Apeface took Ramjet's moment of distraction to rip a block from a nearby statue and slam it over Ramjet's head, knocking the seeker into unconsciousness.

"Heh!", he grunted. "Seeker seeked pain. Found it."

Dreadwind groaned, and handed ten energon cubes to Darkwing.

"Lucky stiff", he said, as Darkwing chuckled.

2002-10-08, 05:54 AM
Jazz sat back listening to techno earth music coming from within himself watching the scanners shaking his head.

"Man this was supposed to be action packed but it's duller then Vanilla's Ice's career" Jazz says.

Sunstreaker nodded playing a cybertronian card game as the flew through space... winning ofcourse.

"Uhh what ever, this is wasting valuable time of bashing the enemy and showing them who the real bad asses are" Sunstreaker replied.

The scanners beeped Jazz quickly sitting up.

"I'm picking something with a heat signature and I don't think it's not toaster in space" Jazz says locking onto it.

Sunstreaker looks back "Not to far from here should be visible infact" He banked around an asteroid the Quintesson spiral ship coming into view.

"Quintessons?!" Sunstreaker asked surprised.

"Well if that don't beat all, they have another ship attached to them" Jazz said opening up a channel to Iacon.

"Iacon come in. This is Jazz we have spotted a Quintesson ship docked with another they are just outside of cybertronian airspace"

Blaster had just finished sending out his message to the Wrecker's base Jazz's call came in.

"No rest for the Comm's officers" Blaster said "Autobot signal Fastforward let it through" Blaster transformed receiving it as the casette-bot let the call through.

"Alright Jazz we read yeah I'm sending it to Optimus see what he has to say" Blaster immdeatly re-routed it to the Autobot leader the same message just replayed.

Ratchet closed the final panel on Sky Lynx climbing down "DONE!" He cries happily climbing down from Sky Lynx propped up head. He would reactivate the behemoth Autobot after he regenerated.

Wheeljack was using every trick he had some untested some wel known and certain inventions to get Redwing back on top. He was reconnecting a newly inserted Cosmatron into Redwing at this time only a bit more a little work on his head and a few reconnected wires and he would be back on top.

2002-10-08, 10:24 AM
The Elementals made their way to the courtyard. Blaze smiled.

"A battle, my favorite passtime. I hope this Thunderwing is a worthy foe" she said as she rubbed her hands together.

"Yeah-it'll-be-good-to-have-something-to-do " Shock replied with a voice that could remind some Autobots of Blurr, her voice was just as fast. Usually only her sisters are able to understand it.

Gale looked at the area, she could imagine great events being organized here. She always did enjoy big events, especially the happier ones.

Frost was silent. She was working on various battleplans, but none of them were finished yet. She needed to know a few things about this Thunderwing and his tactics.

"My lord" she said as she turned towards Prime.
"This Thunderwing is unknown to us. I wish to learn more about him, especially his battle tactics" she continued.

God Jinrai
2002-10-08, 12:43 PM
Prime let out a regrettable sigh... the kind that usually is accompanied by a shudder of dread...

"Thunderwing... was once a highly respected decepticon aristocrat... and the first of the decepticon pretenders. however, no one has ever seen him without his pretender shell... at least not in robot mode... I myself have had to fight against the nuclear powered starfighter that is the result of the shell and inner robot combining... and it is no energon treat, let me say that... Thunderwing is not only the most manipulative decepticon to have lived... but potentially, the deadliest... for you see... at one point, when the twin matricies, autobot and decepticon, were one as the creaton matrix... thunderwing wielded its might... even though the matrix controled him more than he controled it. his sheer evil corrupted it, and even after being slain, he rose again thanks to the unholy might of the corrupted matrix. He... not hotrod, not ultra magnus... not myself or any other... is the one who seems destined to wield the chaos matrix' dark power.

As for battle tactics... he is as fine a tactician as there ever was, relying on not only the strengths of his troops, but the unpredicted aid of unknown allies often, and also his own immense combat knowledge and firepower... That is as much as I dare to say...."

Prime went silent again and proceeded to transform...

"All of you. move it. we've got to get there before he returns and starts his campaign of terror!"

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-08, 01:41 PM
Each of the WarCons looked a bit worried, They were Decepticons that were designed to kick butt and ask the rubble questions later..But their loyalty perimeters dictated that they do as commanded.

Apocalypse: Your Will shall be done, WarCons! Stealth mode!

As ThunderWing watched each of the Decepticon insignia's on the WarCons changed into the Auto-Bot insignia, And as soon as that was done they re-entered their ship and took off to the cooridinates. The journey wasnt too long for their Ship to make, but it would need to be re-energizd before they can leave. As soon as they touched down they Transformed and went for the area that they would find Rodimus Convoy.

2002-10-08, 05:01 PM
"A master tactician with vast resources. Malzra's nemesis was much the same, only worse. That being had been planning for the final battle for several thousand years. Even though Malzra had less time to prepare, a few centuries, he managed to defeat his nemesis utterly. I was present at most of his strategic and tactical session after he revived me. I'm certain we will defeat him, though probably not without a tough battle" Frost stated as Prime transformed.
"One, perhaps odd, question about his personal strength. Is he strong enough to singlehandedly destroy a world?" she asked as she too transformed and flew into the air, Blaze, Gale and Shock took their place near their leader.

God Jinrai
2002-10-08, 05:45 PM
"With the chaos matrix... I fear he may very well be" muttered optimus

2002-10-08, 07:27 PM
Jazz watched the shuttle disconnect from the Quintesson shuttle an take off towards Cybertron.

"Wonder who they are?" Jazz asked.

"I don't know, follow them?" Sunstreaker aske.

Jazz nodded as the Shuttle pulled out Sunstreaker still at the helm following the shuttle towards Cybertron.

Karandras groaned as he stepped out of the web-way back onto Cybertron a new mecha as his steed. Same colour and arrangements as the last one though this one had a newer stealth matrix to keep hs hiding abilities around for longer draining less energy. His mission this time far diffrent as he had no mission issued from the council instead here on his own free will to find more battles like the one he had before.

"Well then where to start" Karandras asked looking around holding the scythe at the ready in both hands.

Quick Switch
2002-10-08, 08:30 PM
Delibarata frowned at Ramjet's comment, and the Sharkticons growled, unimpressed.

"Thunderwing, for the last time, control your troops, or have them eliminated! We have larger issues at stake then a petty squabble!"


Quick Switch and Sixswitch went out into the hallway and transformed to their beast stealth modes, awaiting Prime's command.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-08, 09:12 PM
Sixshot motioned to Skywarp...

"It's Galvatron....or at least what's left of him..."

The pair watched as the sharkticons hauled his steadily decaying carcass onto their ship.

"Yup, he's seen better days, that's for sure..."


"Blaster this is Springer, what's the beef?"

Springer accepted the incoming call from the Autobot's communication's officer and good friend...

"We're a little under-manned here, but willing to have us some fun, right guys?"

2002-10-08, 10:57 PM
Blaster grinned replying to the message immdeatly as it came in from the Wrecker's leader "I dunno Springer make a note to contact Optimus he said we are gonna assault Thunderwing thats it I guess where ever he is is goin sky high"

2002-10-10, 03:41 AM
With no words, Redstreak transformed and rode alongside Prime. The chaos Matrix used to simply be a legend, a rumor to the younger crowd. Granted, that younger crowd didn't exist anymore for Red...they had all been killed by now. Torque was a friend, but from a crew a couple years after his. Redwing was almost a brother to Torque, but Redstreak was distant to them, and to all others it seemed. He started to get depressed, but refocused. If he let his emotions get away from him, he knew it entirely possible that his friends, not his foes, would endure the full scope of his power.

2002-10-10, 04:26 PM
Hot Rod couldn't stop thinking about Prime's speech, He knew we wouldn't be the one to carry the choas Matrix, or Optimus, of Magnus. Thier part was to be it's nemesis, but that is what Magnus was go on about, what was he up to? Well there were other things to think about, He stood up, "Well Lockpick, Xenith I suppose we woun't have to guess who to go after... Well I better at least join Optimus. But I'm not too eager to force you guys into what can be a conflict."

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-10, 04:40 PM
The Warcons continued their trek to reach Romdimus convoy, They had found it not to be the most pleasent of assingments as they were not allowed to harm anything. Hopefully Rodimus Convoy would agree to come with them and not try and fight them just because of ThunderWings orders, But in the back of each of the WarCons minds they wished he would just a little bit so they would have an excuse to smack him around a bit.

2002-10-10, 07:42 PM
Jazz and Sunstreaker moved after the Warcons silently they had the Auto-Brand but they had never been seen ebfore and were slinking around cybertron silently.

"Wonder who they are?" Sunstreaker asked Jazz

"Not on our side in any case coming away from a Quintesson ship tells us that" Jazz replied moving down another small alley watching the larger transformers.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-10, 09:33 PM
Springer sent out a message to Prime

"Hey, your listening to Wreckers FM where we got a crew of hyped up, ready to go robots willing to lay the beat down on anyone stupid enough to stand in our way, so caller number one, what's the news and where's the party"

Springer smirked slightly as Prowl looked bemused

2002-10-10, 10:22 PM
Summoning her katana from sub-space and energising it Xenith addressed HotRod, "My hand needs no forcing in matters of conflict, I can assure you of that."

God Jinrai
2002-10-10, 11:01 PM
Prime chuckled audibly at springer's comm

"The very location you gave us the dirt on, springer... rally the wreckers and head for the far side of cybertron... the coordinates that the sky spy sattelite fed you when you picked up the horrorcons... THAT... my friend, is where we'll find thunderwing... or at least... his base of operations..."

with those words, optimus lurched forward at an increased pace...

"Redstreak.. tell me this. is it possible to imbue others with the strength and sheer energy that your powers grant you?"

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-10, 11:11 PM
The WarCons stopped their movements suddenly and turned around after Transforming back to robot mode,Somehow they knew! somehow they knew that some one was following them.

Apocalypse: Come out form where ever you are!

Quick Switch
2002-10-11, 12:48 AM
Quick Switch and Sixswitch snarled, and bolted after Prime, easily keeping pace with the Autobot leader in their startilingly fast stealth beast modes.

2002-10-11, 05:45 AM
Jazz looked at Sunstreaker.

"Gimme a 30 second head start I'm gonna cut around and cut them off with a little surprise you lure them straight down that main road" Jazz said transforming and driving off.

Sunstreaker nodded waiting the 30 seconds and transformed himself speeding out infront of the Decepticons They sure aren't Autobots he thought to himself as he pulled a tight turn revving his enginges facing the direction Jazz told him to go his back to the Warcons.


Blaster stood up "You're incharge Fastforward don't wait up got some decepti-creeps to beat" Blaster said making his way around for transportation.

Wheeljack sealed the final crack in Redwing's super structure finishing the repairs and flickering him back online "Welcome back fellow Autobot" he said reaching a hand out to help him up.

2002-10-11, 05:23 PM
Hot Rod nodded, then addressed Lockpick, "You really shouldn't go, your skills..." Hot Ros trailed off for a moment, "... Are perfect! Do you think you can steal the Choas Matrix?"

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-11, 06:42 PM
The WarCons looked at each other with anime Sweat drops on their heads, Then on Apocalypse's command they Transformed again and headed off back to their mission completely ignoreing the Autobots that just confronted them.

Apocalypse: What were they hopeing to accomplish?, We could just plow right over them like a rock through wet paper.

Tempest:I dont know Apocalypse, But I thought they were funny.

Fury:Lets come back and tear them to bits later!

Muck: Yes the mission is FAR more important, And besides with the fact that we just ignored them that might confuse them for awhile

Shell:I wanted to use some of my missiles on them...

OOC: Sorry, Cant fight Mission perimaters are to not cause a Ruckus. And what better way not to then by ignoreing them, Besides I thought it was kinda funny that 5 Great big Tanks just ignore two smaller cars and keep on going like they were nothing.

2002-10-11, 07:17 PM
Lockpick's optics shimmer as she thinks. "I could try." she states finally "I'd need as much info on where, who and when as you can get me, but I'm sure I could pull it off within reason."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-11, 10:18 PM
Springer received Prime's comm message.

"Prow, Pointblank, lock 'n' load, we've just got our invite, I'd like to deliver the RSVP personally..."

Springer opened a comm message...

"Roadbuster, this is Springer, don't know where you're at or what you're upto, but I need my squad together and at the following co-ordinates as soon as..."

Springer sent the co-ordinates to Roadbuster then headed to the armoury...

2002-10-12, 01:32 AM
Thunderwing approached Ramjet and Apeface and backhanded both of them.

Thunderwing: "You will be still and you will be silent or you will be TERMINATED! Do I make myself clear? I do not want to hear another squibble from either of you until we reach headquarters unless you have something productive to say...are we clear?"

Thunderwing did not wait for an answer.

Thunderwing: "And you Quint...do not presume that our partnership allows you to dictate terms to me at random. If those two plebians choose to kill each other that's their concern...however, as a showing of good faith I will silence them."

Thunderwing turned to the Quint and to Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Sixshot.

Thunderwing: "Now then...it is my belief that Galvatron is restorable...is this correct or not?"
Prowl lept into action quickly meeting Springer, but Pointblank was less than enthused to rush into battle once again.

Stranger in a strange land...

I'm back on Cybertron...but how...how is this possible...and why does the matrix feel so cold to me?

Rodimus Convoy had awoken...and the landscape was one that he hadn't viewed in years. Cybertron...home...his home...but it had been destroyed during Prime's war and his union with Unicron...hadn't it?

Rodimus saw some Transformers up ahead and transformed rolling towards them.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-12, 07:57 AM
The WarCons could swear that they had their target in sight, But they could not be sure until they got closer.

2002-10-12, 03:58 PM
"Redstreak.. tell me this. is it possible to imbue others with the strength and sheer energy that your powers grant you?"

"Temporarily," Redstreak replies. "As long as the subject is within my range of sight I can transfer some power over to them...not without its risks, though. Said subject would be stuck with the same kind of problems that I have...most notably the need to keep emotions under control. Much like with me, fly off the handle and there's problems."

Quick Switch
2002-10-12, 05:26 PM
"You should thank Judge Delibarata for that, Thunderwing," Dirge crossed his arms. "He had the foresight to bring Galvatron on board, while the rest of us didn't."

"The blue one is correct," Delibarata answered. "I have your former leader in the storage area of my ship. With our technology, he should be able to be repaired. And one more thing, Thunderwing."

The Judge left his dais.

"My Master does not wish failure. This is perhaps the best opportunity to reclaim Cybertron in years! So forgive if I express apprehension when your oafish warriors do not instill me with confidence!...But your gesture is noted."

Delibarata returned to his dais.

"Entering Cybertron orbit."

The Ship set down, back at the base area.

God Jinrai
2002-10-12, 11:38 PM
"well then, redstreak.. Be ready to imube myself then... if thunderwing IS around... with a power boost such as that, and the matrix to aid in controling the side effects, perhaps we can stop this before it starts!"

2002-10-13, 03:08 AM
"As you command." Red felt tentative. Imbueing anyone with his powers had always been a risky proposition...to do it to the leader of the Autobots was an entirely different story. If Prime were to get angry and fall into the Rage, it would affect him as well..."I have no doubt the protection abilities I can provide will be valuable. Be ready to have a variety of choices on offense, by the way."


Redwing felt groggy. He saw a hand extended to him, though it was blurry, and heard the familiar voice speaking to him. "Ugh...thanks, it's good to be back." he says. "What's going on?"

2002-10-13, 03:18 AM
Sunstreaker had turned and followed the Warcons this time without Jazz who was waiting for him to lead the Warcons into the trap he had set not knowing they had turned back Sunstreaker following.

What the Sunstreaker thought That transformer looks like rodimus He kept hsi distance from the Warcons not getting a clear picture of who it was but he swore he looked like Rodimus.

Wheeljack waited from Redwing to reply thinking maybe his voice box was still damaged when Blaster came in.

"Wheeljack I need a ride to catch up with Prime and the others"

Wheeljack looked at Blaster from Redwing "As soon as I figure out whats wrong with Redwing here" he replies Blaster nodding

"Aight I'll wait"

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-13, 02:32 PM
As they get ever closer to their target the WarCons continue their mental conversation with each other.

Apocalypse: My G.P.S satilite is telling me that we are still being followed.

Tempest: Gee, I guess were popular.

Fury: I still say that we should just blow them to the scrap yard

Muck: not while were this close to the Target, It would ruin any chance we have of convinceing this Rodimus Convoy character to come with us. And we do not wish to fail ThunderWing, It is quite unknown what the extent of his abilities are.

Shell: I havent shot off any missiles in over an hour! I might forget how!

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-13, 08:57 PM
"I'm a fighter jim, not a doctor..." Skywarp misquoted earth culture deliberatly, looking to lighten the mood somewhat...

Sixshot stirred...

"He was almost destroyed, his foxtrot with Unicron would've totally destroyed any other transformer...I'm amazed his body's remained as much intact as it has...though with the considerable power of that type of matrix such surprise soon passes. Galvatron will be restored..."

2002-10-14, 05:08 AM
Roadbuster: -recieves coordinates- "Gotcha, boss. See you there soon."


Roadbuster: -vehicle mode, roars into Debris, transforms, storms into the armory, starts rearming himself-

2002-10-15, 04:52 PM
"Let's go we better hurry. From reports Thunderwing has the Matrix..." Hot Rod transformed into vechical mode, "We just have to pull this off. Do you think you can steal it if perhaps Prime and Thunderwing are fighting?"

2002-10-15, 05:32 PM
Lockpick transformed slowly, her bruised form pausing as it pulls up behind Hot rod "Yes... I probably could. "If he didn't have the matrix on him " Can we pick up some stuff from medbay before we head out? Wont take two minutes." Forgive me, Sgt Cuffs. This time I have to break the law to safe us all.

2002-10-15, 07:50 PM
Snapdragon turned to look at Thunderwing and Sixshot.

"What we're going do with Galvatron anyways?" He grunted.

"I doubt he is going to listen at any requests thrown towards him by you." Snapdragon added and nodded towards Thunderwing's direction. "Wouldn't that make him a mere danger factor towards you chief?"

2002-10-15, 09:14 PM
Ramjet and Apeface grumbled, as Darkwing, Dreadwind and Thrust chuckled at the situation that their comrades were in.

2002-10-16, 03:50 PM
Sunstreaker transformed watching Rodimus, it made no snse to him atall but he would check to be sure.... then again if he was horribly wrong He, Sunstreaker would look like a fool then again... those Quintisson lovers seem to be interesseted in him

"YO RODIMUS" He cried out.

2002-10-16, 04:42 PM
Hot Rod revved his engine, "Sure go ahead, what's wrong... you not feeling to good? Want me to come along?" He started to sound just has he did before, with an eager voice, ready to help.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-16, 10:42 PM
OOC: I cant wait any longer, I want this mission to be done with so I can move on with other stuff. And I had accidently put this in the wrong thread

Meanwhile the WarCons had finally came across their Target, Rodimus Convoy. On Apocalypse's command all five of the Giant Incognito Decepticons Transformed and walked up to the Future AutoBot Leader, while trying not to be menaceing in any form or Fashion. Apocalypse was the first and only one to begin speaking as Rodimus watched them approach, And as he Spoke he attempeted to put as much warmth and friendlyness into his voice as possible

Apocalypse: Rodimus Convoy, You have been invited to Meet Lord ThunderWing. He wishes to speak with you, Please to be comeing with us.

2002-10-16, 11:44 PM
"I'm fine," Red Wing says to Wheeljack. "Someone wanna tell me what's going on, or should I guess?"

2002-10-16, 11:57 PM
Lockpick chuckles as she moves to the medbay "how shall I put it... would you go into battle without a weapon of any sort, or expect a doctor to do surgery with no tools? Just as so, I need a few things... "

She dissapears, then comes out, a box in her trunk. "Ready, we can prepare it outside quickly. LEt's just go. There's not much time. Tell me as much as you konw about this Dark Matrix and who has it."

2002-10-17, 02:32 AM
Thunderwing looked at his troops, his eyes now pure black.

Thunderwing: "Galvatron will soon live...the greatest warrior of all will return to us to join us for our triumph. Our Quint partner, coupled with my science can restore him...make him whole once more. Soon...all shall be one indeed my friends...all shall be one indeed! Skywarp...I have a job for you. Take Thundercracker, Snapdragon, Ramjet, and Dirge...go to the main Decepticon fortress and tell their 'leader' that Thunderwing has returned and that he wishes to consolidate...remind him that I would make a better friend than enemy, but say nothing about the Chaos Matrix..."


Rodimus stood confused and addressed the strangers.

Rodimus: "Who...who are you?"

Quick Switch
2002-10-17, 05:00 AM
Delibarata laughed, and opened the ship's door, so Skywarp's team could depart.

"Well said, Thunderwing," The Judge remarked.

Dirge frowned.

Well, this'll certainly be an akward reunion with Astrotrain, I suppose. Considering he thinks I'm dead.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-17, 06:57 AM
Apocalypse hesitated for a moment, He was not expecting that response...He had to come up with an Excuse quick!, His tactical simulator buzzed every possible variable.. And then it him like a ton of bricks, He placed his Massive hand next to his Auto Bot insignia.

Apocalypse: We are the WarBots, Designed by the great Lord ThunderWing we are meant to prevent major Wars if they are to break out. We were sent by Lord Thunderwing to bring you to him for a meeting of great Importance, Please to be comeing with us to meet him. Our Shuttle will be refueled shortly, Please do come with us.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-17, 10:08 PM
Skywarp looked slightly bemusedly at Thunderwing...

Find this, fetch that....no wonder lassie kept running away

Skywarp transformed and rolled to the bay door...

"Well? What're you waiting for, we've got a message for Teratron"


"That ugly bot's got a point Thunderwing, what makes you sure ol' fruitloop's gonna listen to you?"

Sixshot had evidently spent too much time with Skywarp...

"...I mean, he IS the rightful Decepticon leader..."

2002-10-17, 10:24 PM
Sunstreaker looked stunned as he go closer. It was Rodimus
"YO RODDY!" Sunstreaker called making his way over to him "DON'T TRUST THOSE GOONS!" Sunstreaker knew if they were trying to gain the Prime's favor they would not attack him.

"What the hell is taking Sunstreaker" Jazz asked himself he had his flame thrower ready and his speakers out of his waist but no one to use it on.

Ratchet ate another energon cube this being the first time he has had to relax since the battle with Unicron.

Blaster looked at Redwing "Hey man you're a flyer right, if you're up to it I need to catch up with Prime who took off and when I get there I may be out of time"

Wheeljack looked up grabbing a few small objects and clipping them to his belt "I'll join you ir give you a ride if Redwing is still out of it"

Karandras stalked the shadows of Cybertron waiting for a chance to re-emerge from no where, the way he liked to make entrences.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-18, 12:44 AM
OOC:You are Evil, Very Evil indeed...:glance:

Apocalypse turned to Sunstreaker, and began to speak

Apocalypse: *Sigh* If you fear for Your friend let us give you your confidence by allowing you and 5 of your friends to come with us and Rodimus. Then you will see we are no threat nor are we up to something. We are simply on a mission to bring Rodimus to speak with Lord ThunderWing, Nothing more nothing less....

Apocalypse began thinking to himself as he stood there trying to convince Rodimus to come with them and to get Sunstreaker to back down before he blew their cover

Apocalypse: (Thinking to himself)I have spoken more upon this day then in my entire lifetime, And I cant say that I like you Sunstreaker. You had better stay near Rodimus when we get him to Lord ThunderWing lest we rip you apart!. And how could ThunderWing send us the WARCONS on a mission that requires no harm befall anyone!?!, We are named the WarCons for a reason after all!....

Apocalypse: So will you come with us Rodimus?

OOC: This has got to come to a head sooner or later, I am getting a little tired of waiting for the yes or no answer.

Quick Switch
2002-10-18, 01:50 AM
Dirge clanked towards the door, and shrugged to Sixshot and Snapdragon.

"I wouldn't waste my time trying to figure out Galvatron while he's dead, much less when he's alive. I imagine he and Thunderwing will settle their differences...in one form or another."

With that, Dirge transformed to jet mode and rolled next to Skywarp, taking a wing position on his right.

"I'm ready when you are," he said to the black jet.

2002-10-18, 04:39 AM
Roadbuster: -in armory, reaches back, pops the catches holding the base and belt hopper (if anyone has seen MADOX 01, you know what I'm talking about) of his (long gone) shrapnel cannon, removes what remains of the old cannon's base, locks new cannon into position, runs dry-fire test, chuckles, loads new belt in, reattaches hopper and shrapnel cannon, resyncs with the cannon's targeting system- "Now that's more like it." -grabs new grenade launcher, loads it, holsters it on his left leg, grabs 5 more grenades, slots them into the clip on his right leg, grabs laser rifle, charge clip, loads rifle, powers it up, aims it at far wall, checking sights, subspaces rifle, picks up linear blaster, checks the charge, makes sure the power feed shunts from his backpack can charge it, finally grabs a couple of bandoleer belts of grenades, pulls laser rifle out of subspace, chuckles again- "Hail to the king, baby." -walks out of armory, once again battle ready-

2002-10-18, 09:20 PM
"Bah... This ain't getting us nowhere..." Snapdragon snorted and ran towards Skywarp and Dirge, jumped into the air, transformed into jet mode and hit his engines to full thrust just when he was about to crash with Dirge.

With engines roaring Snapdragon increased speed and rocketed out of the base...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-18, 09:35 PM
"Oh great, can't have him getting there first"

Skywarp's engines burned off the excess fuel in his thrusters, before igniting and scorching part of the ship, within seconds Skywarp was flying behind Snapdragon towards Metrotitan...

"Metrotitan, this is Skywarp, I come with a message for the Decepticon leader"


Springer transformed to his helicopter mode.

"Okay, now we're kitted out, let's get to the party, we're late enough as it is"

Springer flew out of debris, heading towards the pre-arranged co-ordinates..

"Prowl, send a message to Prime, tell him we'll be there in a few clicks..."

Quick Switch
2002-10-18, 11:31 PM
Dirge grunted.

"Oaf," he muttered, then blasted his engines, soon matching Skywarp's speed and position behind Snapdragon.


Inside Metrotitan, Astrotran continued to clank toward Teratron's quarters when suddenly...

"Priority message," Metrotitan spoke to Astrotrain, activating a nearby access panel.

"Relay message," Astrotrain replied. He heard Skywarp's transmission. "Incredible. I wondered why Skywarp had been all this time."

Astrotrain activated the comm.

"Lord Teratron, urgent message from Skywarp. Should he be allowed clearance to land?"

2002-10-19, 01:12 AM
Redwing didn't have to contemplate Blaster's request for very long. "All right," he says. "Let's go for it. Do me a favor and input the coordinates into my nav-com...I seem to be suffering short-term memory loss; I can't remember the curvature of Cybertron for some reason...I also don't remember some landmarks. I know they exist but don't recall what they are."

2002-10-19, 05:51 AM
Roadbuster: -following Springer to the coordinates- "Are we.... the only ones that made it out?"

2002-10-19, 10:42 PM
Originally posted by WarCon Apocalypse

OOC: This has got to come to a head sooner or later, I am getting a little tired of waiting for the yes or no answer.

OOC: You better learn that sometimes real life tends to slow things like this down...


Rodimus looked at Sunstreaker.

Rodimus: Very well...take me to this Thunderwing immediately!
Thunderwing looked about...he could feel the matrix inside him...its chaos swirling within.

Thunderwing: "Soon...the Decepticons will be one...the Autobots crushed, Galvatron restored...all the power in the world will soon be ours Sixshot...all the power in the world..."
Prowl relayed the message to Prime: "wreckers nearly in position...orders?"

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-20, 01:23 AM
OOC: Galv, I'll talk to this with you over Private mail.

The WarCons leade Rodimus back to their ship with or without the accompanying Auto-Bots and prepare to take off

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-21, 03:28 AM
Once on Board of the ship, The WarCons seated themselves and activate the refueled ship and took off. Several hours later the WarCon ship caught up to ThunderWing and his ship, They then disembarked and lead Rodimus to ThunderWing

2002-10-21, 06:09 AM
Blaster nodded "Not quite sure if anyone is there yet or if this is dead on but you Transform and I'll put 'em in"

Wheeljack shook his head "I have a much quicker way of doing this" He turned grabbing something turning back to Redwing with a small computer type things "I'll input the co-ordinates of where were going and fix your memory of whats going on with Cybertron as we fly. You just transform and we'll go I can do it on the way" Wheeljack finishes very sure of himself and his invention.

Sunstreaker met up with Jazz finally who gave him a slightly angry look.

"Where have you been man?" Jazz asked

"Those guys just abducted Rodimus" Sunstreaker said sounding serious

"What are you talking about?" Jazz asked

"Those Quintesson Lackey's took Rodimus Prime convinced him to visit Thunderwing" Sunstreaker replied.

"Ahh man this is just gettin' more and more confusing. What I'd pay to be back on earth listening to tunes" Jazz muttered. "You follow them back to where ever they went I'll go tell Prime"

Sunstreaker nodded transforming and heading back to the shuttle Jazz transforming and heading towards Optimus

Karandras took refuge in a large junk pile collecting the peices of the old Zephyre that were blown off in the last battle to send back to the Craftworld waitng for another chance at the decepticon flyers.

Ratchet began too get Stir crazy inside the Autobot Med-Bay. "Well no one left to repair so now what and I wonder why Skylynx isn't operating again

OOC- yeah War con could you not be so "gogogo" I know it can get dull if people are moving slower then you, beileve me I know but in the past four days I have suffered two concussions and have only now been able to pull myself together to post thus causing me to miss out on Sunstreaker being able to escourt Rodimus. Gotta remember alot of us do have things happen to us to affect how often we can post.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-21, 04:25 PM
OOC: Yeah, I just did that because while talking to Galv 91 over Private message he bassicly gave me the go ahead to take Rodimus to where he was meant to go. But if you have your characters escpecially Sunstreaker stick around, I have a fun Idea.

With their Delivery service done it was time to head back to Cybertron to look for those Transformers that interfeared earlier.

2002-10-21, 05:04 PM
"Well Lockpick this is still going to be hard to pull off." In realaity Hot Rod had no idea the risk and difficulty of this mission, "First off is to locate Thunderwing... between spy reports, Transmissions, Where Optimus Prime is heading, and a huge gut feeling... I think we'll have no problem." He started off.

"Now the Choas Matrix... Well it's the power of Unicron in a way. It's what allowed him to be revived for his second attack on Cybertron a while ago, after I... with the Autobot Matrix, destroyed him the first time. It may have ties into Unicron's vast powers including his creation of Galvatron, almost like how the Autobot one molded me into Rodimus Prime, and the Decepticon one changed Gigatron into Teratron... or Tetratron... whatever..."

2002-10-21, 08:02 PM
Originally posted by Philcom
"Well Lockpick this is still going to be hard to pull off." In realaity Hot Rod had no idea the risk and difficulty of this mission, "First off is to locate Thunderwing... between spy reports, Transmissions, Where Optimus Prime is heading, and a huge gut feeling... I think we'll have no problem." He started off.

"Now the Choas Matrix... Well it's the power of Unicron in a way. It's what allowed him to be revived for his second attack on Cybertron a while ago, after I... with the Autobot Matrix, destroyed him the first time. It may have ties into Unicron's vast powers including his creation of Galvatron, almost like how the Autobot one molded me into Rodimus Prime, and the Decepticon one changed Gigatron into Teratron... or Tetratron... whatever..." \

Lockpick tries again "Okay, so WHERE is thgis matrix specifically kept? Or do we know that?" she asks. "You know, like in a box, or does Thunderwing keep it on his person?" she states as she follows him towards the location.

2002-10-21, 08:38 PM
Hot Rod knew that was coming, 'Well I don't know now... but that's what I'm coming for, I'm going to find out!"

2002-10-22, 02:02 AM
Redwing takes off, and awaits Wheeljack's input of the coordinates as he starts flying.

2002-10-22, 03:48 AM
Lockpick chuckles "Sounds good to me then... " drives with him till they reach wherever they're going.

2002-10-22, 06:06 AM
Wheeljack begins to place in everything needed where Prime and the Wreckers are meeting first the rest later. "There I'll keep putting everything else soon but where we need to go is in your nav-com now Redwing" The scientist said.

Blaster grinned "Alright lets meet up with Prime and Dismantle some decepti-oafs"

Sunstreaker took off in the shuttle heading back towards the Quintesson shuttle to get Rodimus.

"Hold on Roddy" He said to himself.


Jazz sped towards Iacon to report to Prime about what appeared and whats happening trying to radio in first

"Jazz to Iacon Jazz to Iacon come on respond this is an emergency code red or what ever we got goin on in there Rodimus Prime has been taken by five Quintesson warrior I repeat, Blaster come on where are you"


Fastforward looked at the incoming message on an Autobot wave length but who. Fastforward hopped up and received it.

"Jazz this is Fastforward who is Rodimus Prime"

Fastforward listned nodding "Alright forwarding to Blaster now he went to meet up with Optimus"


Karandras contuied to watch as a shuttle pulled from a surface and another began to come from an asteroid belt the scanners of his mecha picking it up

"Well Well wonder whats happening here?" he asks grinning

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-22, 06:22 AM
Once more the WarCons ship took off, Their destination Cybertron

2002-10-22, 04:29 PM
Ramjet and Dirge had followed Skywarp, keeping quiet...except to each other.

"I've got a bad feeling about this", Thrust said.

"Don't worry about it", Ramjet said. "I'm sure that Sixshot and the others know what they're doing...and if not, we can always blame them for what happens later."

2002-10-22, 11:45 PM
Rodimus Convoy stood before Thunderwing the two looked each other over before Thunderwing spoke.

Thunderwing: "I trust you have many questions for me...fear not, I have the answer you seek. You are here to do for this world what you could not do for your own...save Cybertron from the vile Optimus Prime. Here in this world Cybertron still exists...but for how long? Everyday, the evil optimus prime threatens more and more of the planet...engulfed in a petty struggle with small factions of peace loving Decepticons. I alone stand against him with my small pocket of defenders and our noble Quintesson allies, as the lone guardian, defending against his madness. But...we fall daily...and soon not even our matrix will protect us from his tyranny...Rodimus...help me. Go to the Autobots...there are still good ones within them...go to them and seek out those who would help you dethrone this despot! Save us all..."

Rodimus pondered...the strange feeling he could not shake, but it made him believe Thunderwing.

Rodimus Convoy: "For Cybertron...for all the friends I lost on my world...I will destroy Optimus Prime!"

Thunderwing smiled as he watched Rodimus Prime transform and head to Iacon.