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2002-10-07, 05:03 PM
OOC: Wasn't sure where to start, so I thought I'd make my own subject and see where it led.


(This is the city: Los Angelas, California. It is the city of sin, the city of destruction and grim determination to keep on living, no matter what. At least, that's how some people view it. Every now and then, some lunatic decides to hold a demolition derby of some kind and wrecks the place. Lately, those games have all but ceased and at least SOME peace returned to the streets......until now. Dawn approached the Hollywood district of L.A. and it fell upon a single sillouette, a big black rig. As the light moved on, it shone itself upon several more vehicles; a squad car, taxi cab, sports car, and junkyard wreck. At least, that's what it looked like. Say hello to the new kings of the highway, the Battlecons. Their engines revved, their lights blinked on, a horrid smell of fuel consumed exited their exhaust pipes. Then, the black truck in the lead spoke up, its voice filled with malevolent pride in what was about to occur.)

Darkside: Heh heh heh ha ha ha haaa... "Battlecons...ROLL OUT!!"

(Darkside's cohorts cried havoc as he let loose these dogs of war. Specter and Outlaw, the sports car and squad car, were out first. Then Darkside sped out, flanked by Roadkill and Yellowjacket, the junkyard vehicle and yellow taxi cab.)

Roadkill: "Anything particular in mind for tonight's road rash, or is this just a general mish-mash?"

Darkside: "We'll keep it simple until I've received some orders. Do what you like."

Roadkill: "YES!!!"

Yellowjacket: "Burn, baby! HA HA!!"

(They left his side and drove into a pair of upcoming alleys. Specter and Outlaw had gone ahead. He knew what they would do. Outlaw would get all the city cops riled up and Specter would freak out all the local drivers. Roadkill would take anything apart he liked and destroy the rest, just to see what its guts were like. And as for Yellowjacket...he was a pyromaniac. Darkside himself was sticking to the main roads, keeping radio contact and ramming into any car that dared to challenge his strength. The puny humans and their meek little cars were nothing. Darkside could even knock over big rigs around the size of his own vehicle form. Maybe it was just his programming, but it seemed that he had a sadistic mind for this sort of thing, the same going for his fellow battlecons. While he drove along, nonchalantly busting an old Buick in half, Darkside kept his tranceivers open just in case he got a call from the powers that be, the high-rankers of Decepticon HQ.)

OOC: I guarantee a fun time with these guys, be you an Autobot or Decepticon. The Battlecons are in a league of their own, though they work for the resident bad-dudes.

2002-10-08, 05:45 PM
(It was 5:00 in the morning, and a few police officers had stopped inside a local shop for their morning coffee and a few donuts. It's never easy being a cop, especially in L.A. These short breaktimes are all they have to keep them going. One of the officers briefly looked outside and saw another squad car arriving. He looked away for one second to take a bite of his donut and that's when he heard a loud crash. His first thought was that the car he saw only a second ago had rammed straight into the shop. It didn't. When he looked around, he found that the situation was much worse than that! The roof of the building had been torn off and Outlaw stood there in robot mode, pointing his rifle at the cop in question. Outlaw's face was dark and grinning, with light blue glowing eyes.)

Outlaw: "Drop...that...donut."

(He did. It hit the floor with a muffled thud sound.)

Outlaw: "Just as I thought. Stale."

(Outlaw turned and left, snickering. He loves doing this kind of stuff. He transforms, engages his siren, and speeds off down the road. Other squad cars begin to follow, though they're falling behind rather quickly. But since Outlaw likes an audience, he opens a frequency on the police ban radio and starts transmitting.)

"Calling all cars. Suspect is heading South on St Agnes. Be on the lookout for a police squad car with license number ZZPL-AZ."

(He continued to broadcast his own thrilling car chase for quite some time, eventually stating that he was heading for Mexico. Of course, it was hard to follow him, but all the police in the area tried their best. But then, about halfway there, Outlaw let the other shoe drop.)

"I'm almost to the border now. No cops in sight. Hey, fella. Check the breaks and change my oil, 'kay?"

(Outlaw was in a Jiffy Lube, nowhere near Mexico!)

Outlaw: I wonder how long it'll take for them to show up?

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-08, 06:13 PM
OOC: DarkSide, One of the rules says that you have to disable your signature when Roleplaying. The option is down near the send buttons.

2002-10-14, 08:53 PM
OOC: Time to get 'serious'.


(The signal was sent. It contained two words.)

Darkside: "FALL IN!"

(The other Battlecons came back in a flash from their respective goof-offs. Outlaw had been waxed and polished. Roadkill had afew miscellaneous parts from cars, ships, and planes. Specter had a panicky young man who wouldn't stop screaming. As for Yellowjacket...)

Darkside: "Why are your tires on fire?"

Yellowjacket: "Gas station."

Darkside: "Spun out?"

Yellowjacket: "Drove through."

Darkside: "Ouch."

Yellowjacket: "You should've seen the other guy!"


Specter: "You mean this fellow?"

Yellowjacket: "Nah. The other guy went 'FOOM!', not 'AAAAGGHH!', and he wasn't moving neither"

Darkside: "Again, ouch"


Darkside: "Where did you find him?"

Specter: "In a studio. He's an actor."


Darkside: "So is he is really going out of his mind, or just acting?"

Specter: "He's out to lunch, Darkside, permanently. I don't think he'll everstop screaming."


Outlaw: "In the name of all that's decent, even to us, what did you do to him?"

Specter: "The master never gives away his secrets."


Darkside: "Can he give away his victims? That's beginning to annoy me."

Specter: "Easily done."

(Specter holds the young man up so he's facing Specter's leering face.)

Specter: "SHUT UP!"

(The young man goes into shock. Specter drops him nonchalantly into someone's convertable. Then, Darkside began to speak.)

Darkside: "I believe we have done enough here. Let us ride on and see if we might locate some other Decepticons and a base."

Roadkill: "Good call. There are some things I wish to do."

Darkside: I'll bet you do...

(The Battlecons transform and drive off, leaving L.A. in a very very very very VERY sorry state.)

2002-10-29, 04:48 AM
Cold. Dark. Silence. Suddenly a flash of light hits my cerebrial circuits. Finally...........I'm ONLINE!! Wait a minute! This interior is not to my reconning. Where I'm I? All these tube and hose assemblies around me. Seem to be filled with various substanances. Wish someone was here that can explain this to me? Oh well, If I can't get one of those omnipresent voices to guide me through the day...... I guess I'll find out for myself.

"Hello," Warpath coughed out. It was intended as a mild yell but I guess the combination of my Hydraulic Orifice Modulator and my Magnetic Vocal Vibration Coil malfunctioning, that's all I can get out. Warpath continued his orientation of this vast structure and had came to the conclusion that the place was connected to him somehow. After a series of right turns and a left, a long dark corridor was in front of him.

"When a robot can't see his own beautiful barrel, he knows that he needs some light," mumbled the minibot. And with that, two glowing spheres on either side of him began to grow in size. After 2 seconds those same light balls that seemed to be filled with dancing lightning bolts, streamed forward in a straight line to reveal the entire capacity of the corridor.

"I can see my barrel. I was thinking that I would have to move out," stated Warpath.

The hallway was filled with pictures of the many autobots and then he seen it.........a portrait of himself. He quickly focused his optic sensors on the word plate that was illuminated by the florescent light underneath. As soon as his vision could make out the text, a startling siren shook the base followed by a robotic voice:


Without hesitation, Warpath moved. He should have spun around in panic, not knowing what to do is usually his best trait when he is alone. However, that's not how it went. Taking charge of his slowly recovering circuits, he moved to what he thought was the command station.

This room has to be the command station. It seems so familiar to me," thought Warpath. He then tapped on a single key on a widely spread key template. A transparent monitor came to life in front of him. It must have be 7 times his size. The monitor indicated many things some where coordinants, others were modes of transportation, one showed a thermal reading of a given area with many signatures, and one window revealed something that sparked his transistors:

This message is for the few autobots remaining. The majority of the autobots had been forwarded to vast locations to complete many missions. Some autobots were placed on an offline status to create a reserve force for any unforeseen events. Carry on in my leave. THE LEADER

"Great, I can't scratch this newly teflon coated boar!?! Is there anyone else here?" Warpath inquired.

"Guess I'm on my own," sighed the tiny warrior as he pulled up a seat to monitor the transparent screen for a pin point on the next disturbance.

"Once I can get a good grid, I'll just use what's here to get me there," he stated in confidence.

The hunt is on!! Wish someone was here that can explain this to me?

Quick Switch
2002-11-07, 01:50 PM
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