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2002-10-07, 07:59 PM
(Summary: Following The Cultural Resurrection, Teratron has "defeated" Hatemonger, but the battle is a draw as both participants survive. The Decepticons are generally idle as the gladiators and spectators filter back into the Decepticons' chief city...)

A dot. Then a streak. A shining, obscured arrow. A distant roar becomes a personal screech, and the entity takes the shape of a sleek, winged craft blazing through the perpetual night. It descends on a predetermined spot, displacing velocity to control and direction. Then, with hardly a thought, it morphs into a more vibrant form and drops gracefully to the ground below. Sound exciting?

It's good to be the king.

"I trust everything has been well while I was gone," Teratron wondered as he pushed to his feet. "Report, Astrotrain. Has Soundwave arrived back yet?"

2002-10-07, 09:14 PM
Hatemonger and the Iron Wolves arrived back at Metrotitan.

"Incredable, I have never seen such a massive Decepticon." Deadshot said looking at the massive city and Trypticon standing by Metrotitan.

"Yes, our technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over time." Hatemonger said walking an with the three Decepticons in tow.

Hatemonger walked and found Cryotek.

"So who are these warriors?" Cryotek asked.

"These are the Iron Wolves, Deadshot, Sixblade and Mowdown." Hatemonger said continuing down the hall with the five cons talking.

"So what are we doing?" Cryotek asked.

"He wished to meet with us." Hatemonger said walking too Teratron's office he hit the door and the cons entered and they waited for Teratron to speak.

Quick Switch
2002-10-07, 09:17 PM
Astrotrain came out of the hangar, walked a few more paces, then stopped in front of Teratron. The Triple Changer/City Commander bowed.

"Yes, Lord Teratron. All damge wrought by the traitorous Combaticons and the Autobot Headmasters has been repaired. Metrotitan's weaponry is back online and his Core is functioning at more than 3/4 power."

Astrotrain came out of his bow, and stood at ease, hands at his sides.

"Soundwave has not yet arrived." Astrotrain allowed a small frown to play across his face. He held out a hand, palm opened beckoning inside Metrotitan.

"If you wish, my Lord, your recharge chamber, Energon dispenser and quarters have been cleaned and are ready. Scrapper and Hook are standing by if more repairs are required for your frame. I...also have a small matter to discuss with you, about a possible new weapon we might use against the Autobots, and the potential ally who has the weaponry."

2002-10-08, 12:03 AM
Adeara had been wandering for a time, with the 'discrete' Drone in attendance, when she heard the arrival of Teratron. Smirkling to herself, the Ta'Kaalen found a training room, empty save for a few Drones. Stepping into the center of the room, Adeara drew her sword and shifted to her true form. No time like the present, she thought as she began a series of movements that would stretch every muscle and joint in her body. As her body moved in the dance, her mind drifed into a semi-trance-like state, unaware of anything save the sword in her hands and the invisible foe she fought.

The Drone that followed her watched her as she took her true form and began practicing. Everything she did, every move she made, Metrotitan knew of, recorded, and would tell Astrotrain of. Adeara knew this, but if she was plannin anything, why would she allow the Drone to follow her? Was it that she knew nothing would stop any plans she had? Or was it for the simple fact that she had no plans, other than to guard Teratron, if he willed it, and follow orders? Time would only tell....

2002-10-08, 03:13 AM
Teratron glanced around and stepped quickly but cautiously into the hangar. He observed its emptiness with some approval, and so nodded to the ceiling.

"Some security, Metrotitan."

With a grunt from the city, the hangar doors came together from above and below the enormous gap in the room, and the two were left sealed to converse.

"No monitor devices detected in hangar, command wing, or route between," Metrotitan rumbled.

"Very good," Teratron stated as he began walking. "Proceed then, Astrotrain."

Quick Switch
2002-10-08, 03:20 AM
Astrotrain fell into step beside the Decepticon Commander, who towered over the relatively tall Triple Changer. Head bowed in concentration, he began...

"Yes, my Lord. Many years ago, while tracking the Autobot Cosmos- I do not believe you are familiair with him- I stumbled upon the moon of Titan, one of the planet Saturn..."

Corridors fell before the two Decepticons as they approached Teratron's chambers...

"...and on that planet, the residents worshipped me...as I were a god." Astrotrain's vocoder expressed equal parts cynicism and wonderment. "In any event, the Chief Priest of the cult who worshipped me told me of great sources of energy- known as Power Crystals- which have military applications I only vaguely understand."

Astrotrain looked at the Decepticon Commander as the two entered Teratron's quarters; Astrotrain remained respectufully by the door in case Teratron wanted to recharge.

"If I might be permitted a short leave of abscence- at a time you deem fit, of course- I will travel to Titan, re-establish contact with the Chief Priest, known as Jero, and retrieve more of these Power Crystals to use against the Autobots."

2002-10-08, 04:16 AM
The Iron Wolves, Hatemonger and Cryotek stood waiting for Teratron, unaware that he was busy tending to other matters.

"So where is this Teratron." Sixblade asked arms crossed leaning againist a wall.

"He will be here I am sure he is busy tending to other matters with the Decepticons, much is going on these days." Hatemonger said standing there.

"Excuses to not act." Cryotek snarled.

"I agree with Bigred there! We should go out and smash stuff!" Mowdown yelled.

"You know it's a good thing you have so many guns and amour Mowdown or your would be tore apart on the battlefield." Deadshot said sighting his new rifle at a pen on Teratrons desk.

"Well, if you had more armour you could come rip stuff up too!" Mowdown yelled.

"I am only five feet away from you Mowdown, and I'd rather watch my targets fall with that wonderful shocked look on their face, if they still have one that is." Deadshot had a sick grin on his face.

"Either way my friends, Teratron will arrive sooner than later so let's relax for awhile." Hatemonger said sitting in a chair in the office and rested his face on his hands.

2002-10-10, 12:53 AM
Teratron nodded.

"Very well. You have my permission. Go alone and discreetly. I do not worry that the Autobots will notice your absence, but if you happen to be forced into an encounter... well, I'm sure you can think of some alibi. And if you're confident with the odds, I would trust your, ah, engagement abilities..."

Without another word, Teratron spun into his office, sliding the door shut behind him. You know, it's so hard to find private time when you're the decision-maker, emperor, and commander-in-chief of a multi-million member race of highly organized warriors. Honestly.

"Fast enough, I'd say," he mused. "These must be your new warriors, Hatemonger. Why don't you introduce them to me?"

Quick Switch
2002-10-10, 01:06 AM
Astrotrain saluted, and spoke as the door was shutting.

"Yes, my Lor-" but at that point Teratron had already gone.

Astrotrain lowered his arm and turned away, clanking down the hallway. He spoke aloud to Metrotitan.

"Metrotitan, I am leaving for a time, on a special mission. Keep watch on all those who would do harm to me and Lord Teratron. Mindwipe or Scourge can see to the day to day details until I return...Lord Teratron need not worry about the little things."

"Yes Commander." Metrotitan's voice rumbled.

Astrotrain sighed, then clanked to the hangar bay.

"Time for the second coming of the Sky God," Astrotrain laughed as he sprinted out of the hangar bay and transformed to train mode. Accelerating at maximum speed, Astrotrain ate up the clearance distance at the edge of Metrotitan's runway. At the very last moment, Astrotrain shifted to shuttle mode, activated his engines, and roared off into the Cybertronian sky.

2002-10-10, 02:48 PM
('roared off into the Earthen sky'? Earth? When did we get to earth?)

Adeara slowly began to work her way to the end of her exercise. It was another ten minutes before she came to the end of it. Covered in sweat, she slid the blade into its hidden scabbard, and dropped to her knees, utterly exhausted. Great Maker...I have to do that every other day, or I'll not only get rusty, I'll end up like this after every practice. Overheated, she dropped her internal tempurature till the sweat froze and fell off of her. Once completely cooled, Adeara rose to her feet, returned to her Decepticon form, and strolled, slowly-she was still tired-to her quarters. Once there, she collapsed onto the bed, and passed out.

(if anyone needs her, just yell. i'll wake her up.)

Quick Switch
2002-10-10, 04:31 PM
(Slip of the keyboard. Post edited.)

The Metrodrones continued to patrol the halls of Metrotitan, keeping watch and seeing to last minute repairs...

2002-10-10, 06:10 PM
Hatemonger was a bit startled when Teratron walked into the room.

"Sorry about that." He said jumping to his feet.

"There are the warriors I served with some time ago, the Iron Wolves. Why don't you all introduce yourselves." Hatemonger said.

Deadshot was still eyeing his sniper rifle.

"Deadshot, Decepticon sniper, tell me where you want a shell and I promise you the target will go down."

Mowdown was still in his normal hyper mode.

"MOWDOWN! I got guns and lots of guns means I blow stuff up!"

Sixblade smiled and spoke in his normal errie ninja like fashion.

"Sixblade, Decepticon melee expert go toe to toe with me and you will fell, in pieces."

"And you of course know Cryotek, My minicons and myself." Hatemonger said still standing.

"This three are incredable fighters, with their new bodies they should still be highly credable threats to whomever they must strike at." Hatemonger said and waited for Teratrons reply.

Lord Zarak
2002-10-10, 06:11 PM
Disorder, after watching the end of the dual had walked off. He wanted sometrhing to do after the disapointing end to the fight Presently, he walked back to the office of Astrotrain....to find it empty.

"Great. Now what do I do?" he asked aloud, but to himself.

(Whoo, back!!!!!!!!)

Quick Switch
2002-10-10, 07:34 PM
Mindwipe chanced on seeing Disorder.

"Blah, can I help you?" he asked.

Lord Zarak
2002-10-12, 12:57 PM
Disorder saw the purple Decepticon and thought to himself what is it with purple transformers that I just don't like?

"Yes, there is something that you can help me with. I would like to know where either Astrotrain and Scourge are. I am new around here and they were helping me....bed in. I am Disorder. Who are you?"

Quick Switch
2002-10-12, 05:20 PM
"You are speaking to Mindwipe, master of extra-sensory perception, hypnotist, and spiritualist. I am Vorath, Minister of Science on the Planet Nebulos, and Headmaster partner."

"Blah, yes," Mindwipe answered. "Now...to answer your question, Disorder, Commander Astrotrain is on a special mission. I do not know the whereabouts of Scourge. However, I have worked with Astrotrain before, and will look after you."

2002-10-13, 07:34 PM
A small warrior appeared in Metrotitan. On his chest was a Decepticon marking, but he didn't appear to be a full robot. He was man and machine combined. A fuzion testing experiment gone wrong.

He tried to get up but he was paralysed. When he tried to transform bits of circuitry began flying across the room.

Electricity shot off of his legs and he began to get up and move.

"Where Am I?! What is this place?"

As he walked his eyes glanced a shiny piece of reflective metal. He saw himself in it.

"What Am I!"

2002-10-14, 09:18 PM
OOC: Evil is his one and on-ly name...:D


(Finding the Metrotitan wasn't exactly the hardest task in the world. In fact, a bunch of roadies like the Battlecons had batter senses of direction than most others. They now approached the outer limits :D of the city in vehicle mode.)

Roadkill: "That's quite a machine they've got there."

Darkside: Yes, but they probably don't use it for combat that often. This IS a city, after all."

Specter: "Yes, I think combat is more HIS specialty, wouldn't you say?"

(He was referring to Trypticon.)

Darkside: "Heh heh heh... I like."

(As they entered the city, they spied a strange machine that was sparking and confused about its surroundings. It had Decepticon markings.)

Outlaw: "Should we...?"

Darkside: "No."

(Outlaw could have meant, 'stop and assist' OR 'stop and kill'. Either way, Darkside wasn't in the mood to bother. They pass up the whatever-it-is without slowing down.)

Roadkill: "Any idea where to find the higher-ups?"

Darkside: "Not really. Just keep an eye out for anyone that seems important. I doubt security will bother us since we're all the same side here."

2002-10-14, 09:46 PM
OOCl YES muhahahhaha!!

IC: The Small warrior looked at the marking on his chest then he saw others pass with the same markings.


Quick Switch
2002-10-15, 01:01 AM
A squad of Metrodrones appeared out of a side panel as the Battlecons drove up.

"Halt: identify yourselves!" An Alpha Drone leading the squad held up a hand.

2002-10-15, 01:50 AM
(OOC: Terribly sorry about the delay. On top of all that stuff I mentioned previously, my mother's been in the hospital for a day, I've had lots of school work, and I have to be college hunting... Bah.)

Teratron nodded approvingly.

"Very good, Hatemonger." He looked around the team. "You mechs are free of detail for the moment. Spend some time keeping your skills sharp down in our training facility, if you'd like. You have a mission lined up soon enough. Dismissed."

With that command, Metrotitan slid the door away, and Teratron ushered Hatemonger and crew quickly out. With the last gone, he threw the door closed again and pressed his back against it. His optics became wide, his respiratory cycle rapid, and his face horrified. He reached to the wall and dimmed the lights, then slowly bobbed to his desk...

2002-10-15, 02:57 AM
Hatemonger, Cyrotek and the Iron Wolves walked in the halls of Metrotitan and headed for the door to go outside to train rather than use live fire in Metrotitan.

"Leadership sure has changed over the years." Sixblade said looking at Hatemonger.

"Now, all our leaders are strong, but we need to continue training, the Autobots have grown a backbone over the eons." Hatemonger said.

"I understand." Sixblade said.

"Don't matter to me I can take out all of them!" Mowdown yelled.

"I am sure you can, sadly your brain is not as high to date as the rest of the Autobots." Cryotek snarled.

"What do you want me to take you out blue." Mowdown growled.

"Look you pathetic whelp I will ...." Hatemonger cut him off.

"Enough you two, I see the massive amount of skill in both of you and I need you both on the same team not at each others throats." Hatemonger smiled.

"I understand, sir." Mowdown said.

"As Long as he keeps in line." Cyrotek said Crio squaked.

Hatemonger saw the unknown Decepticons being probed by an Alphadrone and decdied to step in.

"Alphadrone, can't you see they are on our side, he said pointing at the Decepticon logos on their chests." He booted the Alphadrone out of the way.

"Why don't you go wax floors or something I will talk to them."

Hatemonger looked at the group of Decepticons.

"So who are you guys? I am Hatemonger Decepticon field general, I will take you too see Lord Teratron if you wish." He extended his hand to the on in the front of the group.

Quick Switch
2002-10-15, 05:51 AM
Metrotitan's voice boomed over the area as Hatemunger cruelly kicked the Alpha Drone.

"Defile one of my children and face my wrath, Hatemunger!" The massive City warned.

The Alpha Drone brushed itself off, and crossed its arms. The squd of Metrodrones looked on, unpleased.

"Your authority is tenous here, General. Commnder Astrotrain has declared that all newcomers be screened, and processed. They will comply with the procedure. No one sees Lord Teratron except with the Lord's strict approval."

2002-10-15, 11:02 AM
The small warrior saw the robot called Hatemonger, he tried to run but fell. His servo's malfunctioned as he got up and tried to walk.

He staggered and then he walked over to HateMonger.

"What are we?"

2002-10-15, 11:34 AM
Hatemonger spoke to Metrotitan.

"Then I myself will become responsible if anything happens. Given our current problems with manpower with the Combaticons turning traitor we need a new gestalt team and given the somewhat similar design of these Decepticons, I am guessing they are a Gestalt, I am I correct?" Hatemonger said to the squad at the door and to Metrotitan.

He then looked down at the smaller Decepticon.

"We are Decepticons, why do you ask? Could you not see the symbol on your chest?" Hatemonger asked.

2002-10-15, 11:37 AM
"I can see it, but i do not know what it means or what my purpose is. I do not know my name or what this place is. I can only see that i am made of some sort of metal and some flesh?"

The small Decepticon walked closer to the others.

"What is This Decepticon?"

Quick Switch
2002-10-15, 04:30 PM
Metrotitan rumbled an answer.

"So be it, Hatemunger. Be warned."

The Alpha Drone nodded.

"This amalgam creature must be screened by Soundwave or Mindwipe before he may be released into the general population, Hatemunger. Entity exhibits a severe failure in reality processing."

2002-10-15, 04:32 PM
The small robot nearly fell due to the booming sound.

"Who is that voice?"

2002-10-15, 05:49 PM
"Thank you Metrotitan, I will have him looked at by someone, but I also believe Teratron will want to know about this enitity." Hatemonger said.

"Do not be worried, that is our city Metrotitan. I am going to try and get you help, you are a Decepticon but you seem most unique." Hatemonger said.

"What is your name?" He asked the smaller Decepticon.

"And you." He looked at the group.

"Who are all of you? I am Hatemonger, the Blue robot behind me is Cryotek, beside me is the Iron Wolves: Mowdown, Sixblade and Deadshot."

HE then got onto his Com-link.

"Lord Teratron we have visitors, one is most intersting, he appears to be an organic Decepticon mix. The others look like a formable Gestalt team what would you like done with them?" He asked the commander.

2002-10-15, 05:52 PM
"My Name?"

Scanning Databanks. Request not found!

"I do not have a name."

2002-10-15, 06:03 PM
"hmm odd." Hatemonger said.

"Teratron if there is any way Soundwave can look at him, he appears to have databank damage as well." Hatemonger said into his com-link.

2002-10-15, 06:06 PM
"SoundWave.... Teratron...?"

The small warrior looked up at Hatemonger.

"Are they friends of yours?"

2002-10-15, 06:19 PM
"Teratron is our leader and Soundwave might be able to help repair your memories." Hatemonger replied to the smaller Decepticon.

2002-10-15, 06:24 PM
The small robot stumbled while walking, loking at his surroundings.

"Gestault. That is a combined version of our kind. How were our kind created Hatemonger."

Quick Switch
2002-10-15, 08:40 PM
The Alpha Drone nodded, and the other Metrodrones spread out in a cordon, so the small being could not bolt down the hallway. It looked on, unimpressed...

2002-10-15, 09:45 PM
Hatemonger looked down.

"It would take me forever to explain our history, I will have Soundwave show you one of our archive disks that will explain all." Hatemonger said.

2002-10-15, 10:15 PM
"I will look forward to it. Or would i be looking backward to it, i am very confused!"

The small robot nodded.

2002-10-16, 12:30 AM
Adeara slowly awoke, slightly confused. Where was she? A blink, and her eyes cleared. Her quarters, in Metrotitan, that's where she was. Sitting up, she glanced around. Well, that nap was nice. Now what?

Climbing from the bed, Adeara checked to see if she had any messeges or orders. Nothing. Turning to the Drone that stood there, she spoke. "Send word to Teratron that I am available if he needs me." With that, she sat down in a chair to wait.

Quick Switch
2002-10-16, 03:24 AM
The Metrodrone nodded stiffly, and transmitted the message to Teratron's private quarters. It remained standing impassively, watching the shifter in the chair.

Lord Zarak
2002-10-16, 10:50 AM
Disorder l;ooked at Mindwipe, and asked the obvious question:
"What is a Headmaster?"

2002-10-16, 05:12 PM
OOC: I've been quite busy as of late. Allow me to clean up my mess...


(The Battlecons had waited for the confusion to cease before speaking. They knew it was inevitable. While Hatemonger had been arguing with the Metrotitan, the Battlecons had transformed to robot mode and waited patiently, though patience was not exactly their strongest point. Once the commotion had FINALLY ceased...)

Darkside: "We are indeed a gestault team, an elite new force created especially for this war. I am Darkside, leader of the Battlecons."

Roadkill: "Roadkill, field mechanic and inventive mastermind."

Outlaw: "Outlaw, saboteur extraordinaire."

Yellowjacket: "Yellowjacket, demolitionist and Grade-A berserker!"

Specter: "And I am Specter, psychological torture-master."

Darkside: "We have come to cut a swath of destruction in the Decepticon name. Our creators have given us such abilities that we will more than benefit this awesome force."

2002-10-16, 05:48 PM
The small robot looked at the Battlecons.

"It will be a pleasure to help you in your task battlecons!"

2002-10-16, 06:44 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Excellent plesed to meet all of you." He said and got onto his com-link to Teratron agian.

"I now have the names of the new warriors they call themselves the Battlecons made up of Darkside who is their leader of the Battlecons, Roadkill, Outlaw, Yellowjacket and Specter. If in fact possible Teratron they look like they would make an excellent fit with the Iron Wolves, Cyrotek and myself if I can have your permission to take them under my wing. Also, this smaller Decepticon, is Soundwave available to see him?" Hatemonger said and waited.

Mowdown looked at Yellowjacket.

"Ohh another Beserker!" I cheered "You and I can blow up all sorts of stuff!" He chirped gleefully.

Deadshot spoke up
"Please pardon our comrade, he has a few loose screws but makes up for it with sheer firepower." Deadshot smiled
"Myself I am the sniper of this group."

Sixblade spoke up.
"I am the for quisi-leader of the Iron Wolves, we can more hold our own in battle, I just seem to be the one everyone comes back too. I am the hand to hand and close range weapon expert as I like to watch my foes die in my own grasp." He smiled.

Well at least they are all getting along. Hatemonger smiled.

2002-10-16, 06:47 PM
The unknown robot loked up at the tall mechanoids.

"Iron Wolves... Battlecons... a team... with all of this firepower you are... unstoppable!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-16, 08:32 PM
"Blah, a Headmaster is a combination of a Transformer and an organic- meaning humans or Nebulans, in my case."

"Yes, I am indeed a Nebulan," Vorath added for Disorder's benefit from the recesses of Mindwipe's head.

"Basically, the Nebulan's form is combined with our cranial units, so in effect, they become our heads, and can detach the head from the body. But both binary partners retiain their personalities." Mindwipe clarified.

Quick Switch
2002-10-17, 05:03 AM
Astrotrain wove his way through space, clearing the outskirts of Earth's solar system, en route to Cybertron with the load of Power Crystals.

Lord Zarak
2002-10-17, 02:56 PM
Shockwave, in the barracks, asked Metrotitan a question:

"Metrotitan, what is the position of Astrotrain?"

Astrotrain is not present at the moment replied Metrotitan.

Another, less logical creature would have asked the question "where is he?", but that would have brough undue and unwanted attention to himself.

He decided to go outside of Metrotitan: if Astrotrain was not present within Metrotitan, the he must be outside, somewhere. Therefore, logic dictated, He must comeback from outside.

That is where I must go thought Shockwave.

2002-10-17, 03:21 PM
(Outlaw and Roadkill snickered at what Deadshot had said.)

Outlaw: "Believe me, whatever Mowdown's got is nothing like Yellowjacket."

Roadkill: "Our creators had increased his combat resolve to extreme levels and he instantly went crazy for destruction. Besides that, he does not say much that is intelligent. He pretty much knows his business and that's that."

Outlaw: "Look. You can see that his trigger-fingers are already twitching uncontrollably."

(Yellowjacket was chanting something under his breath, parts of it went like this...)

Yellowjacket: "...Oil and LOX, all in a box..."

(Meanwhile, Specter had taken it upon himself to compare notes with with Sixblade.)

Specter: "I also enjoy a good bit of close-range combat. I especially like this put alot of dents in my opponent's chestplate, as well as their pride, right before giving them full-force kick to the torso, or maybe a Tornado Uppercut."

2002-10-17, 07:33 PM
Sixblade smiled.

"Myself I like to use my speed and blades to my advantage nothing like watching an Autobot's facial expression as he realises he's been cut in half." Sixblade said.

"But then again their is something about the snapping of joint and fracturing of armour that makes the day brighter as well. I never trained in the use of guns and bombs, I use blades, clubs, hands and feet and I am trained in 20 different fighting styles." Perhaps I could show you some moves sometime?"

Deadshot smiled.

"I can see your friend is about as stable as Mowdown however Mowdown is a walking arsonal. The sheer amount of weapons he carries can armour a platoon several times over. Thats why in battle we just tell him which way the targets are and let him go."

"STUFFFFF GOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!" it seemed as though Mowdown watched one too many episodes of the Majin Buu saga.

"See what I mean." Deadshot laughed, I just like to use my favorite rounds the explosive acid rounds and watch my foes die in agony.

Quick Switch
2002-10-17, 07:51 PM
Astrotrain approached Cybertron, after having travelled for many hours at top speed.

The voyage had been less than perilous, which was a pleasant note.

Astrotrain banked and entered Cybertron's atmosphere. He sent out a coded transmission to Metrotitan.

"Metrotitan, Astrotrain reporting. Clear the private hangar; I'll be landing with precious cargo. Scramble the Constructicons as an honor guard, and at least ten squads of Metrodrones."

"Affirmative," Metrotitan replied.

Astrotrain rocketed toward Metrotitan, and landed after slowing his speed after Metrotitan opened the aux bay.


Waiting inside where the assembled ten sqauds of Metrodrones and the Constructicons. Astrotrain glided to a stop, the opened his hatch bay.

"Unload the cargo, now!" he barked, and the ten Alpha Drones leading their squads marshalled the drones onboard, and removed the storage drums.

Astrotrain transformed to robot mode after the last drone had departed.

Scrapper saluted as Astrotrain inspected the drums.

"Good to see you back, Commander," the Constructicon leader began.

"As am I. Scrapper, escort these drones to the Primary Lab. I want Mixmaster to run an analysis on the items in the drums. Understood?"

"Of course," Scrapper's optics gleamed. "The Constructicons are ready for any challenge!"

Astrotrain opened one of the drums, carefully selected a crystal, then deposited it in his subspace storage compartment. He then resealed the drum.

"I am authorizing you to form Devastator and crush any and all forces- barring Lord Teratron and myself- who attempt to see this cargo. Don't fail me, Scrapper."

"Understood," Scrapper rasped as Astrotrain turned and strode out of the bay, heading for the command quarters and Lord Teratron's chamber.

"All right, let's go!" Scrapper began herding the drones, who carried the heavy drums with measured slowness toward the primary lab, located in the heart of the city.

Lord Zarak
2002-10-17, 09:37 PM
Shockwave, from avantage point outside of Metrotitan, saw Astrotrain land. Seeing him fly in was of great interest to him.

Logic dictates that, by flying, Astrotrain has travelled a distance. Therefore, he must have been on a mission of great importance to Teratron. This leads me to logically conclude that, secretly, Teratron is planning to solidify his position as leader of the Decepticons. The battle ended favourably for him...not only did he not lose, but it distracted attention from the defection of the Combaticons.

2002-10-18, 02:14 PM
(Outlaw laughs again. He's watched television and knows what Mowdown's going on about.)

Outlaw: "Well hey, that's pretty good. I like his style too. Yellowjacket isn't quite like that. Still, he's up there. Ever heard of an MDS?"

(Outlaw explains this briefly, in case they hadn't. An MDS was a genetically engineered soldier totally focused on combat and deadly in all of its forms. Thus, they became known as the Most Dangerous Soldiers.)


(Specter tossed Sixblade's idea around in his head.)

Specter: "I think a little showing off could only benefit us. Of course, I prefer to do these things to live enemies, rather than dummies in a practice room."


(Darkside stood, waiting impatiently. He wanted to get on with whatever they should be doing. He could tell that Yellowjacket hated the wait even longer than he.)

2002-10-19, 03:27 AM
Hatemonger saw Darksides's expression.

"You seem bored be calm action will come soon enough, I am awaiting orders form Teratron himself, perphaps your men should join me?" Hatemonger asked.


Deadshot nodded.

"Yes I have heard of the MDS. Mowdown was one of them as well, the problem was he was more or less a success, they all seemed to come out few a few loose wires." Deadshot laughed.

Sixblade looked at Specter.

"We as they say there are more than one way to skin a cat." He smiled.

2002-10-19, 09:18 AM
A small petrorabbit bounced into the chamber where the Battlecons and the Iron Wolves where chatting... it stopped and looked at the various Decepticons with fear and worry in its optics.

From the corridor where the petrorabbit had came from began echoing rhytmical sounds of running... something heavy, something mad... only seconds passed and the rumbling was joined with sound that resembled of steam escaping from bull's nostrils...

And then it was too late for anyone on Tantrum's way.

"Out of the way! I saw it first!" The Predacon roared as he rushed into the room in his buffalo mode, the terrified petrorabbit instantly jumping towards the open doorway leading out of the room. As fast as the two had emerged... they were gone...

But it wasn't finished yet, from the very same corridor Tantrum had came only moments ago, Headstrong rushed into the room in his rhino mode.

"Tantrum! Wait!" Headstrong roared amidst his typical random snorting. "It was my catch!"

2002-10-19, 03:52 PM
Hatemonger smiled seeing the Predacons returns.

"Excellent the Predacons are back online, they will more than make up for the defection of the Combaticons." He said watching them chase the Petrarabbit.

2002-10-19, 08:19 PM
(All of the Battlecons got the Transformer-equivalent of an anime sweatdrop when Tantrum had come bustling through, all except Roadkill. This gave him an idea. A devious idea.)

Outlaw: Here it comes...

Roadkill: "Yes! Yes! I will create the ultimate machine with my own hands!! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!"

Outlaw: *Groans* "He says that every time he gets a new idea in his head."

Yellowjacket: "I'm not complaining! I get to test all his weapon!"

(Yellowjacket starts to go down a looong list of weapons that Roadkill has let him use. [Like the list in his profile.] He snickers while speaking. He loooves his guns. Meanwhile, Darkside was considering what Hatemonger had said a moment ago.)

Darkside: "If you have something better in mind than us standing around and doing nothing, I'm all for it."

2002-10-19, 09:15 PM
"There are beasts like us?Most odd"

The small robot walked over and sat down while waiting for SoundWave.

2002-10-19, 11:21 PM
Teratron did not respond to Hatemonger's message. He sat behind his desk in the dark, gaping at the void before him. Before him were images of now the destroyed Decepticon territory Verdahex vibrant with neutral life! He spoke low and quiet, but not in his own voice. A dozen pyramid jets streaked overhead and opened bombing on the city. Then, he raised an unfamiliar arm and blasted down the first defensive installation with a foreign cannon. The Decepticons around him cheered and charged after...

"Lord Teratron." He jolted. "Urgent message from Skywarp. Should he be allowed clearance to land?"

Teratron examined Skywarp's communique (which Astrotrain had been kind enough to forward with his own) twice before responding. He clicked an affirmative to Astrotrain, then opened a channel directly to Skywarp.

"Permission granted," he stated commandingly. "Land at runway epsilon. Teratron out."

He looked about the darkness. It was a bit dark... He flipped on the lights, then began for his office door.


"How much farther to the city?"

The driver glanced nervously to his passenger, then back to the road. Then to the passenger again.

"It... um... less than a megamile, sir."

Soundwave's head bumbled around and focused on the transport's forward shield. The menacing form of the Decepticons' dual sentient cities stared back. So it was. He shrugged and leaned back.

"Good. I'd like to get our cargo into storage before it gets any ideas."

Soundwave chuckled and looked into the transport's hold: Dominator stared blankly at the ceiling. Well inhibited. Soundwave pushed a set of buttons to transmit his security codes to the city. An affirmative ring from Metrotitan led the driver to push the craft up the slope of the main boulevard's external ramp. Inside, however, was something unexpected. The transport whisked to a stop, and Soundwave pressed out of its hull.

"Can we get this rabble out of the road, please? We have perishable cargo here."

(OOC: This be directed at Hatemonger/Battlecons/Predacons and whoever else is in my way.)

Quick Switch
2002-10-20, 03:08 AM
Astrotrain nodded, then closed the transmission.

Astrotrain waited in the main corridor outside the command quarters for Teratron.

If the Deception leader decided he should accompany him to the landing zone, or discuss the crystals, the Triple Changer would be ready.

2002-10-20, 04:53 AM
Hatemonger looked at the Battlecons.

"Well if you all would be so kind, Dominator needs to be placed into containment." Hatemonger walked off towards where Soundwave was.

"I will help anyone that follows me wil assist if they wish." Hatemonger said into his com-link.

"I will help." Cryotek said jumping from his perch onto the ground want following.

Sixblade looked at Darkside.

"Well duty calls, come on Iron Wolves let's get this over with." He said collecting Deadshot and Mowdown.

"You are welcome to help, it's not blasting Autobots but it is something to do." Hatemonger said smiling and walking.

2002-10-20, 01:35 PM
The small robot stood up.

"I will help Hatemonger!"

The small tech-organic lifeform rushed over to HateMonger.

2002-10-21, 04:46 PM
Darkside: Looks like someone needs to be taught some manners. Not now, though. "Yes..."

(Darkside looks over his rabble. Yes, they are a rabble, but he doesn't want Soundwave to know that. :D Outlaw is contemplating the idea of hitting Roadkill over the head. Yellowjacket is...being Yellowjacket. And the rest are just...themselves.)

Darkside: "C'mon. Let's get going."

(They decide to follow Hatemonger and see what he's planning on doing for the time being. However, Roadkill seems to be snickering and talking about his latest idea.)

Roadkill: "The very sight of it will make the Autobots cringe in fear! Oooh, the talons! The talons! Hee hee hee ha ha ha haaa!"

(Outlaw groans again and delivers some minor EMP to Roadkill's head, giving him one whopper of a hangover. They're all suppose to be shielded against this stuff, but Outlaw STILL manages to give them headaches.)

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-21, 08:50 PM
Skywarp was growing impatient circling Metrotitan.

"Metrotitan repeat, this is Skywarp, I come with a message for the Decepticon leader"

Skywarp opened an internal channel to his company.

"Rate we're going, we may just have to land..."

2002-10-22, 02:41 AM
(OOC: Look for my last post, Warp.)

Soundwave looked about in confusion. So many new faces. And this... thing! He focused specifically on the little robo-man, then turned to the other Decepticons for answers. As if the small one's not intelligent enough to answer himself.

"What is this?"


Teratron slid the door out of his way, then carefully shut it behind him. He looked up and down the hall (no one watching) and began to turn. Suddenly, Astrotrain appeared! ... Sort of. Teratron dodged back in shock, then stopped and regained his composure. Without so much as a nod, he began for the hangars with the expectation that Astrotrain would follow.

"How went the mission?"

2002-10-22, 04:04 AM
Hatemonger looked at Soundwave.

"We are here to assist you with removing the rubble or namely what's left of Dominator." Hatemonger explained a small twing of saddness in his voice.

"Also, can you look at this robot here. Something is wrong with his memory he remembers nothing and I think you might be able to help him." Hatemonger said pointing to the organic-Decepticon.

"The others here just arrived at Metrotitan and I am taking them under my own responsibility for now." He explained as he looked that all the Decepticons in the room.

"Ok guys lets get to work." he said as he looked at Dominator's corpse. He didn't even realise the damage he had done, literally the upperchest of Dominator was vaporized and what remained was horribly slagged.

I am sorry my friends he thought as he barked out orders.

"Warcons can you assist by grabbing Dominators legs, Iron Wolves grab the Torso and neck, Cyrotek and Myself will grab at the shoulders and arms." he asked and waited.

"You got it Hatemonger." Sixblade said as the three Decepticon ran to their posistions.

"As you wish let's make this quick." Cyrotek smiled as Cryo landed and dug his bird claws into the armour hoping to somehow help.

Quick Switch
2002-10-22, 04:17 AM
The City Commander immediately fell into step beside the Decepticon leader, as the two clanked down the hallway.

"The mission was a complete success, my Lord."

Astrotrain paused, and withdrew the Power Crystal from susbspace. He stretched out a hand towards Teratron, to see if the Decepticon leader wished to hold it.

"This is a Power Crystal of Titan. With this...we will able to vanquish the Autobots forever!" The Triple Changer's face was bathed in the light of the Crystal, infusing his optics with a brighter shade of crimson than normal, thanks to the refracted light. Astrotrain smiled easily.

"I have many more canisters of these crystals under lockdown in Metrotitan's Central Lab, my Lord. At this moment, the Constructicons and several squads of Metrodrones have them under guard, and Mixmaster is running the Crystals through testing, to determine their properties...and military applications."

He laughed.

"On another note, I have subjugated Titan completely for the Empire. No Autobot resistance was forthcoming. The planet is under my thumb, and the humans will do my biding. I can return for more crystals if you wish it, but I do not believe we will need them, sir."

2002-10-22, 03:47 PM
Darkside: What happened to this guy? Bad luck, I guess. "Hold it, Roadkill!"

(Roadkill was sneaking towards the parts that were once Dominator.)

Roadkill (complaining tone): "But boss!"

Darkside: "Uh-uh. No scavenging this time."

Roadkill: "Phooey..."

*Kicks a stone and hits a petrorabbit*

Darkside: "Battlecons! Merge to become the Dreadnaught!"

Specter: "How come?"

Darkside: "Because I just feel like it."

(All Battlecons merge with Darkside to become the gestault, Dreadnaught. A darkness creeps over the hulking machine, giving it a sinister and evil look. Also, this guy is huge, Predaking's size or worse! He picks up the legs and faces Hatemonger.)

Dreadnaught: WHERE DO YOU WANT IT?

2002-10-22, 04:58 PM
"Excellent Dreadnaught." Hatemonger said as everyone else lifted on the rest of Dominator.

"Let's get him out of Soundwaves way and into a statis chamber." Hatemonger and the rest of the group started to walk towards the statsis chambers.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-22, 07:57 PM
"Decepticons, head for runway Epsilon, and prepare for a possible...un-friendly welcome.. do not bear arms, but charge weapons..."

Skywarp flew forwards, leading the packs on Jets down onto Metrotitan's runway.

As he neared the ground Skywarp transformed to robot mode, bringing his weapons systems online.

"So much for the fanfares and welcomes home..."

Quick Switch
2002-10-22, 08:32 PM
Dirge followed Skywarp to the runway, and transformed to roboot mode.

He stood, peering into the hangar.

"I know what you mean," the Seeker remarked acidly. "I wouldn't worry about our weapons, because if Astrotrain commands it, Metrotitan will be able to destroy us all with minimum effort."

Dirge shrugged, and kept his arms by his sides.

"Besides, isn't this a mission of peace?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-22, 08:52 PM
"Heh, you sound like someone who's experienced that first hand Dirge"

Skywarp powered his weapons down.

"Okay, so weapons may not be the best approach..."

2002-10-22, 09:22 PM
The small tech-organic lifeform looked angrily at SoundWave.

"I am a Decepticon!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-22, 09:46 PM
Dirge shrugged.

"No, I was speaking hypothetically. But lets hope we don't go through it."

2002-10-23, 05:06 PM
After a rather long walk to the statsis chambers. The Iron Wolves, Cryotek, Dreadnaught, the smaller Organic Decepticon and Hatemonger sat the remains of the ultra gestalt Dominator into the stasis chamber.

"That was a bit harder that I thought it would be." Deadshot groaned snapping a shoulder joint back into place.

"Well he was two gestalt teams remember." Cyrotek said walking over to Hatemonger as Hatemonger walked to the stasis chambers control panel and began to input commands.

"So just what are you doing with Dominator?" Cyrotek asked.

"Placing him in stasis maybe in time I can repair him or at the very least someday salvage one of two teams and try to repair their memory circuits if we ever need manpower in this war *See also If I decide to use the Aerialcons again*. Also, his ultra gestalt state has had some odd effects, I don't want to find out if he possibly can regenerate or anything like that so I will leave him in stasis." Hatemonger said locking the controls so that only himself or another Decepticon commander could ever unlock the chamber.

Hatemonger looked at the Battlecons.
"Thanks again. You are proving to me most useful." He said as he started to leave the room the Iron Wolves and Cryotek followed.

"I am going to go and try to address Teratron about the mission he wants me to do. Your are welcome to follow if you desire." Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Lord Teratron Dominator is now safely locked in stasis, I wish to find out what the mission you require of me is." He asked and waited.

2002-10-23, 05:24 PM
(Dreadnaught mused in its creator's words and wisdoms while awaiting something to disturb its silence. No one would want to disturb it for any hostile reason. That would be dangerous. In any case, Dreadnaught reviews a few files from the creators. They were cybernetic masterminds, these Hydran creatures. A race of reptiles born on a world very far away who were only a little larger than humans. They were all tough, though some did not think them so. That was a mistake though. The Hydrans had been hired to create the Battlecons, such highly skilled things. On the day that the Decepticons had sent a ship to rendezvous with a Hydran vessel, one of the Decepticons there made fun of the lizard creatures and got a face full of plasma from just ONE of them. That, Dreadnaught reflected, was rather funny.)

2002-10-23, 05:42 PM
Cyrotek looked at his targetmaster bird.

"Cyro- Go prod our friend their out of his trance." He said as the bird sqauked flew and pecked at Dreadnaughted head then flew back to Cryotek.

Hatemonger aplogized.

"Are you all there now my friend?" He chuckled looked at the Gestalt.

Hmm just like the Aerialcons were when they were first build must still have some bugs in the system. he thought.

2002-10-23, 08:06 PM
The Tech-organic Decepticon walked by looking at Dominator.

"He seems powerful."

The decepticon turned to SoundWave.

"When shall we proceed!"

2002-10-23, 10:26 PM
Adeara began to doze as she waited for Teratron to respond to her message. Jolting herself awake, Adeara blinked for a moment, then shook her head. "Great Maker.... I must have been more tired than I thought..." Standing, Adeara glanced at the Metrodrone, then walked out of her quarters, and began to wander.....

Quick Switch
2002-10-23, 11:53 PM
The Metrodrone comically tripped, then scrambled out of the room, and beat a hasty retreat to catch up with the Shapeshifter.

2002-10-24, 01:56 AM
"I'll be around to brief you on your mission soon, Hatemonger," Teratron replied through his radio. "Be patient. Teratron out."

With a grunt, Teratron snatched the crystal from Astrotrain's hand and examined it before his face. He grinned deviously as the cool bluish-white light reflected on his silver face.

"Power crystals," he repeated. "Magnificent. Keep me updated on Mixmaster's significant discoveries. I would be most interested in better acquainting myself with these beautiful little gems."

Then, as casual as though the conversation hadn't gone on, Teratron flipped the crystal through the air back toward Astrotrain. Just in time, as they came upon the hangar.

"Keep your sensors on them, Metrotitan," he muttered. "Ah, welcome home, noble warriors! But Dirge... how is it that you function? It was reported to me that you were destroyed defending Metrotitan against Unicron's minions. Surely you couldn't have resurrected yourself..."

He grinned, not really expecting an answer. He had his suppositions. His gaze set on Skywarp.

"I'm told you have a message for me."


Soundwave peered down on the smaller fellow, showing neither his contempt nor curiosity.

"Decepticon indeed. We'll proceed immediately."

He took a few cautious, circular steps around the cyborg, kneeled when he found himself behind, and hovered his hands at the sides of the little one's head. Then, a trance.

"Subject: Kal. Homeworld: Earth. Species: human/robot hybrid. Circuitry implants of Decepticon design. Technician: unknown. Programmed with Decepticon personality components."

And bam, he was back. Soundwave peered around the room, to Kal, and back up to the others.

"I'm going to have a more personal chat with this... thing," Soundwave stated broadly. "He's under my responsibility."

With a nod down the hall, Soundwave added to Kal, "Come with me," before starting off.

Quick Switch
2002-10-24, 02:11 AM
Astrotrain caught the Crystal as Teratron strode away, though not without some fast timing.

The Triple Changer smiled, and re-deposited the Crystal.

Just like Megatron...the poise, the confidence...yes...

Astrotrain followed Teratron out on the tarmac, and remained silent as his gaze fell across Dirge. He placed his hands behind his back and glanced at Skywarp, awaiting the Seeker's response to Teratron's query.

For his part, Dirge half-bowed and acknowledged the two ranking officers of the Empire.

"Lord Teratron, Commander Astrotrain."

Teratron already knows who brought me back I assume. I'll let Skywarp do the talking...thouh it looks like Astrotrain's having a hard time seeing me back from the dead...

2002-10-24, 02:35 AM
"Excellent, I will wait for you." Hatemonger said.

"Battlecons, if Teratron will allow I would like you to assist me in whatever mission he has. It is up to you but I think you would be good company." He smiled.

2002-10-24, 04:59 PM
(Dreadnaught gave Cryotek a death-glare that seemed colder than ice.)


(The Battlecons separate into their respective robot modes and follow Hatemonger. Roadkill is still laughing to himself about his latest idea. He tells Yellowjacket about it, causing him to also snicker uncontrollably.)

Darkside: Aye caramba... "Would you two knock it off? You're giving me a worse headache than Outlaw could manage."

Outlaw: "Speaking of headaches..."

(As the Battlecons leave with Hatemonger, Cryotek gets one whopper of a Decepti-hangover, due to EMP and microwaves. It felt, ironically, like a bird was pecking him in the head.)

OOC: :D I couldn't resist.

2002-10-24, 06:06 PM
Adeara suppressed a laugh when she saw the Drone trip and stumble after her. A shake of her head, and a smile on her lips, she just wandered, occasionally seeing other Drones, or the occasional Decepticon. Luckily, she was not observed, save for her 'shadow' and Metrotitan. She didn't want to deal with the looks she'd get from those she'd been fighting against so recently in the past. I made a mistake. We all do. Even Unicron made them. He let me live. I think the only reason I went along with that crazy scheme was to see Unicron finally destroyed, since I knew Jhiaxus and Maximo didn't stand a chance against the combined forces of the Autobots and Decepticons. I had almost hoped that I would be killed in the battle, and finally see my people again... But I survived, only because of the firebird I had fused with. Adeara paused in her walking, and musing. The Drone walked right into her back. Adeara didn't even notice. Oh, man... Do I truly want to die? No... I can't want to die. I have too much to offer Teratron and his people, and maybe, I can put to use the data I have on my people, and find a way to add to them the gift of fire... Hmmm....

Quick Switch
2002-10-24, 07:09 PM
The Drone continued its "clandestine" monitoring of the Shapeshifter, rubbing its head as it had inadvertently clanged into her.

2002-10-24, 07:25 PM
Cyrotek glared ready to place a slick of ice underneath the Battlecons.

"Fools, I only did that to wake you up." He growled as Hatemonger placed his hand on Cryotek's shoulder.

"Let it go, we need to for teamwork now not strafe among us." Hatemonger said as the group walked looking for a place to wait for Teratron.

2002-10-25, 03:46 PM
There was a sudden rush inside of Kal, so many questions answered. He looked up at SoundWave.


Kal began walking with SoundWave.

2002-10-25, 05:08 PM

(It was a good thing Cryotek didn't try anything further. Roadkill had been giving him this look, like he was spare parts on a tray table... Was that Battlecon really as crazy as advertised? The whole mad scientist bit was just an act...right? Hard to say, since Roadkill was now trying to explain his latest idea to Yellowjacket, yet all that came out was maniacal laughter.)

Roadkill: "Wah ha ha ha ha! HA! Hah. Ha-ha! Ha ha ha ha...HAH. Hee hee hee hee hee. Mwa...ha...haaa..."

(And worse than that, Yellowjacket understood him!)

Yellowjacket: "Oh yeah, nice sharp claws. Big whomper-snapper."

(Then again, Yellowjacket didn't make much sense either. Maybe they were both nuts...)

2002-10-25, 05:18 PM
Snapdragon just stood calmy behind Skywarp like the situation didn't bother him at all, as the seeker addressed Teratron and Astrotrain. Yet he was ready ready for action, determined that if needed he could slash at Astrotrain to take the older type triplechanger as a hostage...

2002-10-25, 05:44 PM
Hatemonger laughed.

"You never met the Crashticons they made you guys seem stable." Hatemonger smiled.

"They were what happens when you try and put the Predacons and Stunticons together. Maybe someday they will be repaired but not right now." He said walking into a large room.

"We will wait here for Teratron." He said looking at everyone.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-25, 09:02 PM
Skywarp looked over both his shoulders, Dirge on one side, slightly bowed. Snapdragon looked ready to tear Astrotrain's laser core straight out of his chest...

"Teratron, I come with news from Thunderwing... he wishes to meet with you, talk with you. For the time being I am the emissary for peace between Thunderwing and the Decepticons..."

Skywarp paused as Ramjet and Thundercracker landed...

"...I assume you have heard the stories of Thunderwing, and understand that this is a one time only offer...shall we?"

Skywarp motioned to move back inside Metrotitan, he knew this was a bold move after offering such a stark threat to Decepticon that would sooner destroy him than listen to his prattle...

2002-10-25, 10:05 PM
Teratron grinned.

"Oh, Thunderwing! Why, the great Thunderwing is the one who has been absconding with my soldiers. A renowned and charismatic leader today? I think he'll find his being's aura does not shine so brightly in the coming vorns... But certainly, Skywarp, we'll talk. Make yourself at home. This is home, after all. And bring your friends. We have so much to talk of!"

He twisted his body out of the Seekers' path to the city and watched them pass with a grin on his face and his arm outstretched before moving to catch up with Skywarp.

Quick Switch
2002-10-26, 05:05 AM
Astrotrain strode ahead towards the main conference room.

"Prepare the main conference room for a meeting, Metrotitan. Scramble six squads of Metrodrones as guards. Their orders will be shoot to kill any who disturb this meeting."

Dirge followed along after Skywarp, smiling slightly.

"Well, Astrotrain's still the same busybody administrator..."

2002-10-27, 02:21 PM
Sector Alpha, Corridor 75 Gamma. A busy throughfare inside the city of Metrotitan. Decepticons passed to and fro regularly, going about their business, always in a state of hurry. Except for one.

Scourge stood silently at a window in the corridor, that looked out over the rest of the city, and over the walls to the dull metallic surface of Cybertron.

For most Transformers, Cybertron was home, a place they would guard with their lives. To Scourge, it was a place of interest, and the location of the current Decepticon base of operations - nothing more. He knew his history, he'd seen the files - how he was first created from parts of shattered Decepticon bodies. But, he didn't really remember anything of his past life. Occasionally, he'd get the odd flashback, or a place or event would jog his memory. His ocasional visits to the Cybertron Air Academy for instance.

Even though, he held no particular alliegance to Cybertron. His alliegance was to himself, and to his particular goals, which at the moment, was the destruction of the Chaos Matrix.

For some reason, he shivered just then, and on impulse, headed for Metrotitan's main briefing room.

Lord Zarak
2002-10-27, 02:44 PM
Shockwave, after venturing inside from watching Astrotrain land, saw Scourge heading towards Metrotitan. He decided to approach him.

"Scourge, how goes our leader, Teratron?" asked Shockwave, deliberatlely holding back the 'Lord' of the Decepticons leader.

2002-10-27, 02:48 PM
"I don't know at the moment," Scourge said bluntly.
"I've not seen him in a while."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-27, 10:18 PM
Skywarp set off, his first time inside Metrotitan since it'd been destroyed and re-built on earth, it seemed like ages, it had been ages.

Time bore no relevence to Skywarp anymore, Thunderwing had entrusted him to gain Teratron's trust, Skywarp intended to do just that.

"heh, when did Astrotrain have a personality transplant?"

2002-10-28, 02:23 AM
"Beats me", Darkwing said.

"Hey", Dreadwind said. "At least it could be worse. We could all be dead."

Ramjet looked at Dreadwind, his recent confrontation with the Horrorcon Apeface was not settling well with him.

"I tell ya, Dirge", he said. "I'm beginning to wish that I never came back online. Being dead sure beats taking Skywarp's lumps."

Quick Switch
2002-10-28, 03:06 AM
Dirge smirked at Skywarp.

"Ever since he gained control of Metrotitan."

He turned to Ramjet.

"Don't be an easy target for his quips, then."

Astrotrain clanked ahead towads the conference room...

2002-10-28, 03:08 AM
"Alright", Ramjet muttered. "And in any case, who died and said Astrotrain owned Metrotitain, anyway?"

2002-10-28, 03:34 AM
"Galvatron," Teratron replied idly to Ramjet. "And I. Ah, here we are. Secure discussion chambers."

Teratron swerved abruptly through the open door of the conference room and found his seat at the table's head, facing the door. He fanned his arms out to the other entering Decepticons and nodded to imply the remaining chairs.

"Please have a seat, men. Skywarp, I'm so eager to hear the specifics of Thunderwing's... offer."

Quick Switch
2002-10-28, 01:33 PM
Astrotrain entered the room quietly and sat in a chair on Teratron's right. Steepling his hands, the City Commander leaned forward in anticipation of the dialogue to follow.

Dirge sat across the table, leaving the prime center seat for Skywarp, de facto leader of this expedition.

The six squads of Metrodrones fanned out and blocked the hallway from any intruders once the remaining Seekers had entered.

2002-10-28, 04:13 PM
Darkwing, Dreadwind, Thrust and Apeface sat down at the table, looking like they were tough, although they all knew that they were scared out of their wits.

Ramjet, however, moved behind Thrust and put his hands on the chair.

"Something's gonna happen here", he said to him. "Be ready for anything."

Thrust nodded.

2002-10-29, 01:03 AM
Adeara suddenly returned to herself, and found the Metrodrone waaaay too close to her. She still wasn't aware it had run into her back. Turning, she glared at it, then resumed her walking. But why would I want to recreate my people? So they can be slaves again? We're fleshlings. And some would go straight to the Autobots, and act as their spies through the telepathic bond that would connect all of us. No. I can't do that. It would be wrong.

Adeara stopped, seeing a large grouping of Metrodrones surrounding a room. I wonder what's going on?

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 01:24 AM
The Metrodrone shrank back as Adeara glared at it; after the Shapeshifter resumed walking and came upon the corridor, the Metrodrone tried to grab onto her arm. The squads of Metrodrones turned to look on impassively at Adeara and the Drone.

"Halt! You cannot enter there! Commander Astrotrain ordered no other onlookers for the important meeting!"

The Drone tried to stop Adeara form walking...again, rather comically, as the humanoid outweighed the small drone.

2002-10-29, 02:41 AM
Adeara stopped as the Drone grabbed her arm. "Alright... I'm just curious. Do you know what's going on in there?" Her voice was soft, and as she said, curious.

* * * * * * *

A sleek black and grey Mustang sped across the face of Cybertron, headed straight for Metrotitan. Man, oh man, if Megatron found out about this, she'd be in trouble. Or maybe Megatron was dead. She didn't know. Oh, no....I'd better find out who's in charge, and in a hurry. The black and grey Mustang suddenly leapt into the air and transformed into a black and grey jet. The jet streaked across the sky, moving 10 times faster than she had on the ground.

After not long, maybe half an hour, she saw the massive complex. Geeez....what is that? Better not worry about that now, and check in with the current leader. Landing, she transformed to her robot form, a sleek black and grey femme-bot. Striding into the complex, she grabbed a hold of the first Drone she saw. "My name is StarBlade. I've returned from a long absence on Earth.I would like to meet with the current leader, and establish a place within the ranks once more. Is this possible?"

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 03:03 AM
The Drone let go of her arm, and its vocoder became a monotone.

"Commander Astrotrain and Lord Teratron are meeting with other Decepticons, designated: Skywarp, Dirge, Ramjet, Thrust, Apeface and Snapdragon. The purpose of this meeting is unknown."

2002-10-29, 03:11 AM
Adeara blinked. "Skywarp? I thought he was dead...." Even more curious now, she crossed her now released arms. "Odd..."

* * * * * * * * *

StarBlade waited patiently for response. Then again, patience was not her strongest suit. "Look, can I or can't I see who ever is in charge here? I need to make sure I've not been listed among the dead or anything!" She was rather annoyed, and getting a little angry. That was what made her a deadly fighter. She pissed off real easy.

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 03:26 AM
The Drone was shaken by Starblade. It tried to reply, but its vocoder was being crushed. Freeing itself from Starblade, it spoke in a strangled whisper:

"Lord Teratron leads the Decepticons...he is in a meeting. However, your name will be placed back on the active list pending review from the Commander of this City, Astrotrain. Wait here, for the moment."

2002-10-29, 03:40 AM
Finally, the drone answered her. "Astrotrain? He still functions? And commands this city?" She moaned. "Fine. I'll wait." Her optics flared and she crossed her arms over her chest. I better not have to wait long. I've just spent the last....who knows how long away from my brothers. I have no idea who's dead or not.... Grabbing a rein on her temper, StarBlade spoke again. "Do you have a list of the Decepticons from the attack on the Ark, and do you know who still functions from that mission?"

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 06:00 PM
The Metrodrone looked blankly at her.

"Ark? What are you speaking of?" (Remember, these drones never knew of the Ark, which was destroyed before they were constructed.)

Metrotitan boomed an answer.

"The Autobot space ship was destroyed by Trypticon, my colleague. Skywarp, Thundercracker, Reflector, and Soundwave still function. Megatron and Starscream were terminated many Earth years ago. What is your name and function?"

2002-10-29, 09:51 PM
StarBlade looked up at the voice. "My name is StarBlade. My function, at the time of the attack on the Ark, was assassin. I was once considered Megatron's best silent hunter. But that was before the attack on the Ark." (Well, StarBlade wouldn't know that. She was seperated from her brethren during the crash.) StarBlade pondered for a moment. "So Megatron and Starscream are dead? Did they finally kill each other?"

2002-10-29, 09:54 PM
Kal looked up at SoundWave.

"What is to become of me SoundWave. Am I to abide here from now on, it's just the memories haven't completely settled in."

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 10:00 PM
(OOC: Good point about the time lapse; I was just making sure you understood the same thing about the Drones- I didn't want to come across as being intentionally difficult.)

Metrotitan continued his dialogue with Starsaber:

"Assassin...interesting. Not quite; Megatron was reformatted into a being called Galvatron, and he then murdered Starscream. For clarification, I am Metrotitan, Decepticon City."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-29, 11:46 PM
Skywarp took his seat at the table. Teratron was either overly confident that the meeting was not set to come to warfare, or stupid enough to believe that the Decepticons had full faith in their new leader...

"So, it comes to this Teratron. Thunderwing has an offer, a hand of friendship to extend, he wishes that you join our ranks..."

Skywarp motioned with outstreched arms, to the small army of jets surrounding the table

"...he understands that you are a powerful warrior, your capabilities possessing the Decepticon matrix are almost infinte. Thunderwing is out for one goal, and requests that you join us, to destroy the Autobots once and for all"

Looking around the room, it was evident that Skywarp's suggestions, Thunderwing's offer, was a shock to some, expected by others...he awaited the answer.

2002-10-30, 12:12 AM
Teratron's demeanor became unpleasant at Skywarp's words, but he remained casual as he threw his hands behind his head. He certainly wasn't about to pull a gun under the table, at least...

"Join his ranks," he repeated. "Become a lackey, in other words. Unacceptable. With Thunderwing at the helm of our destiny, I'd be surprised if he didn't surrender to the Autobots! After his stint with the Autobot Matrix, I would not consider him a reliable Decepticon."

He brings one hand from the back of his head and holds a finger up.

"However, I do recognize his charisma and ability to command. I have no qualm with joining my forces with his - but I will only do so by retaining my leadership of the Decepticons. Thunderwing will be offered a position of importance in the army, as one of my high-ranking lieutenants. Perhaps I'll even have him redeemed High Lord of Valckasta. But to capitulate my power is intolerable."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-30, 12:28 AM
"It would appear your mind is made up Teratron, though I would perhaps suggest a little prematurely...You know as well as I that we are no mere lackeys to Thunderwing's cause, you also know that Thunderwing possess enough power to usurp control of the Decepticon army from you..."

Skywarp stood up from the table, agitated, but keeping his cool

"...it WILL happen Teratron, your time will come...there are ways and means...Thunderwing will take his rightful place in the Decepticon ranks, as leader..."

Skywarp received the priority message from Thunderwing over the internal channel and motioned to the crew he had brought with him.

"We leave now...Teratron, you had your chance, you made your choice, pray it was the right one...."

2002-10-30, 12:48 AM
Soundwave scuttled off the thoroughway and into an empty alley. He looked around to make sure no one was watching, then kneeled next to Kal.

"I just want to talk to you. You are a very interesting case, the first I've encountered of your configuration. Is there anything you can tell me? About your past, perhaps?"


"Oh, it is."

With a snap of Teratron's fingers, the dozens of Metrodrones surrounded the Thunderwing Decepticons and raised their arm-rifles to them. As well, ceiling panels peeled away and a set of four chain guns descended and took position.

"He's brainwashed you with his promises, I'm sure. One day, maybe he'll even make you Autobot sympathizers under his command. I won't allow that. You shall fulfill your Decepticon glory here, as the warriors you were meant to be. Metrotitan, escort these mechs to the holding cells. I'll be having them reprogrammed shortly."

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 01:43 AM
Astrotrain watched the exchange heatedly.

"Your words are impudent Skywarp! Perhaps with reprogramming, you will once again act yourself..."

Dirge broke out in a lubricant sweat.

"Re-reprogramming? Astrotrain, Lord Teratron isn't serious is he? I have suffered death, but must I go through reprogramming? If we defect from Thunderwing, who knows what will happen! He managed to reanimate most of us. If we leave his service, he could kill us all!"

Astrotrain flicked his optics toward Teratron, then shrugged.

"That is your lot; take it how you like. My Lord has ordered your reprogramming and I will see that command carried out. Metrodrones, escort them to the Brig!"

The mass of Metrodrones moved forward, beckoning the Seekers to the doors.

"Notify Scrapper and Hook their services will be required in the Brig, Metrotitan," Astrotrain ordered.

"As you wish," the city rumbled in response.

2002-10-30, 02:55 AM
Scourge smiled as he turned from his monitor.
"So," he said to himself, "The Decepticons are a split force. As I suspected, there are some who would dispute Teratron's right to rule."

Standing up, Scourge turned to the large window in the corridor.

"Metrotitan. Send a request to Teratron. I seek his counsel immediately."

"Acknowledged." rumbled the huge city robot.

2002-10-30, 02:15 PM
"What the?!" Snapdragon snarled, his lasercannons materializing to his hands.

"Slagging spawns of Unicron! I am not going to let anyone to mess with my head anymore!" The enraged Horrorcons roared and transformed into his reptilian mode, charging towards Astrotrain with his jaws open... Secretly wishing that the metrodrones wouldn't risk hitting Teratron's Decepticons by opening fire...

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 02:36 PM
Astrotrain withdrew his ionic blaster and Octane's old deflecto-shield and girded himself for battle.

"Fool! You know not what you do!" he replied to Snapdragon.

Meanwhile, a few Metrodrones attempted to tackle Snapdragon before he reached Astrotrain.

2002-10-30, 04:11 PM
(The Battlecons had been listening in. Yeah, they'd managed to find the head-honcho's digs and were using amplifiers to hear the conversation clearly. It was...very amusing.)

Specter: "An army divided is such a terrible waste."

Darkside: "Yes... I would like to know who this Thunderwing is, though. He sounds like a real bleeding-heart liberal, as humans might put it."

Roadkill: "I should have a word with those Constructicons. They might let me sample some hardware. Ooh, I need to find a laboratory!"

Outlaw: "Haven't you gotten over that weird little idea of yours yet?"

Roadkill: "Nope! This new design is gonna rock the cosmos!"

Specter: "I've heard that one before..."

(The Battlecons wait to see the faces of Thunderwing's lackies. They're in deep slag now!)

2002-10-30, 04:51 PM
(:) Quite understandable.)

StarBlade nodded. "So Megatron became Galvatron, who slagged Starscream. What of Galvatron, Metrotitan? Wouldn't he be our leader?"

* * * * * * * * * *

Adeara heard the sudden drawing of many weapons inside the conference room. "Drone, what's happening? Who's threatening who?" She was suddenly in attack mode, hand reaching for her sword. She would turn who ever damaged Teratron in the least little way into a pile of junk.

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 05:12 PM
Metrotitan replied (pre-Snapdragon attack):

"Galvatron is dead."

The Drone suddenly whipped around after its other Drones responded. Metrotitan opened the door to allow the other drones to enter.

"Commander Astrotrain is under attack! We must assist him!" The Drones rushed inside the room.

"Go, Shapeshifter," Metrotitan commanded Stormweaver. "Astrotrain doubted your ability before. Assist him here and all doubt will be erased."

2002-10-30, 07:34 PM
Hatemonger stood getting somewhat bored with the waiting.

"Thunderwing was a fool he could not lead up before how can he hope to ever lead again. He had his chance and blew it he was too worried about his looks then his fighting." Hatemonger laughed looking at his minicons Railgun and Doubleshot.

"So this Thunderwing is a fool?" Cyrotek asked.

"More or less, he had some potential going for him, and even if he somehow did get more powerful that would not help him that much." Hatemonger sat down watching the Battlecons listen in.

"Either way we will see action soon and action is always stronger than words." he smiled.

2002-10-30, 07:46 PM
"My past...."

Kal began to look up at SoundWave.

"I was a human, a worker, then something happened to me, a largem powerful transformer made me like this. Into a Decepticon, a transformer."

In a flash, Kal's organic flesh began to rip apart to reveal metal. His skull snapped place into his body and his arms went inside his back. Green and purple coverings formed and wings struck out at either side. Kal's body began to transform into a cylindrical shape and somehow he became a fighter jet with a very large turret on top of him.

"Then i was released to this place, Metrotitan. I will show you were I first remember arriving SoundWave. It isn't that far from here. "

The Jet named Kal lowered.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-30, 10:15 PM
"Decepticons, follow Snapdragon's example, are you all so fool hardy that you'll be taken willingly?"

Skywarp shunted the chair behind him skidding across the floor, spun round and started firing indiscriminently at the Metrodrones...

"I will not be taken without a fight!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 11:22 PM
"Restrain them!" Astrotrain bellowed."Metrotitan, scramble more Metrodrone squads and the Constructicons immediately!"

"As you order," Metrotitan replied.

Readying his weapons, Astrotrain waited...

Dirge meanwhile, was still sitting in his chair, not completely sure of what to do.

If I fight, they will reprogram me. If I submit, perhaps they won't. Damn!

"Capture the prisoners for the Commander," The lead Alpha Drone commanded, pointing especially to Skywarp.
In moments, the drones who were not busy battling Snapdragon lept to grapple with Skywarp.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-30, 11:43 PM
Skywarp disappeared under the pile of Metrodrones that attacked him, seemingly helpless, his arms was barely visible poking out of the mess of robot parts...

How could I forget that...

Within and instant, the Metrodrones crumpled down, Skywarp teleported from harms way, to a more prone attacking position.

"Dirge, don't be a fool, you know which side you belong on, to whom you owe your life!!"

2002-10-30, 11:51 PM
"Hah!", Apeface grunted. "Me know where line is! Me stay with Skywarp."

"We're staying too", Darkwing and Dreadwind said.

Ramjet, however, moved towards Astrotrain.

"I'm sick of taking orders from him", he said, pointing towards Skywarp. "I'll join up with you."

Quick Switch
2002-10-31, 01:18 AM
Dirge rose from his chair at Skywarp's words and, with one carefully time move, clocked the Alpha Drone giving commands; the robot dropped like a stone.

"You're right, Skywarp. I owe Thunderwing my life..."

Dirge then began grappling with various Metrodrones; hurling off a good many of them on top of the pile that Skywarp managed to elude.

Astrotrain frowned, nonplussed.

"If your intentions are true, Ramjet, then assist in restraining your former comrades. Be warned: any further treachery will not be tolerated."

2002-10-31, 04:26 AM
"Of course, Master Astrotrain", the seeker replied, heading at a tackle run towards Dirge.

Darkwing and Dreadwind, meanwhile, began to beat away at the Metrodrones, as Thrust ran towards Astrotrain in a desperate attempt to stop him.

Quick Switch
2002-10-31, 05:02 AM
Dirge attempted to grapple with Ramjet.

"You fool! Thunderwing has the power of life and death over us! If you help Teratron, he could revoke our new lives!"


Astrotrain meanwhile, calmly aimed his ionic blaster and fired a short burst at Thrust, aiming to clip the Seekers legs.

"You try my patience, Thrust! Submit or face the consequences!"

2002-10-31, 05:04 AM
"He threatens YOUR life", Ramjet corrected. "And besides, I was never much of a team player anyway."

Thrust collapsed as Astrotrain's fire, knocked his feet out from under him.

"Astrotrain...why?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-10-31, 05:10 AM
Dirge continued to struggle.

"Don't you get it? He re-animated all of us! If one of us shows disloyalty, all of us will pay! Stop being so selfish for once!"


Astrotrain looked down at the fallen Seeker.

"Spare me your drivel," he replied. "I could list the litany of offenses against me and my command style. I believe one of your wonderful gems about me was that I 'couldn't lead rats to a garbage can'. Do you recall that, you worm?"

Astrotrain restrained the impulse to vaporize Thrust's head with the ionic blaster.

"I have been given an order by my Lord, and it will be carried out."

A new squad of Metrodrones arrived.

"Take this traitor away to the Brig." Astrotrain beckoned to Thrust, and the drones began lifting him up to start the burdensome journey.

A transmission sounded suddenly:

"Commander- Scrapper reporting. The Constructicons are nearly at your sector. If you require further assistance, we will be en route."

"Make haste!" Astrotrain barked.

2002-10-31, 05:15 AM
"I'm not acting selfish. I'm choosing the winning side. If you had any brains, you'd do the same."

Ramjet raised his knee into Dirge's gut.

Thrust attempted to struggle out of the Metrodrone's grasp, but their grip was too strong.

Seeing this, Apeface tossed two Metrodrones towards the departing trio, transformed and ran towards them.

Quick Switch
2002-10-31, 05:18 AM
Dirge doubled over and then headbutted Ramjet.


Astrotrain merely turned and fired toward Apeface again with the ionic blaster; more Metrodrones lept toward the Horrocron as he chucked some of their brethren away from him.

2002-10-31, 05:21 AM
Ramjet stumbled backward, ripped a pipe off the wall, and ran towards Dirge.

Apeface was piled under dozens of Metrodrones.

"Um...Snappers, I could use some help here!", he shouted.

2002-10-31, 12:29 PM
Sixblade stood arms crossed and spoke up.

"Hatemonger there appears to be a disturbance occruing inside of Metrotitan, seemed to involve that triple-changer and Thunderwing's crew." Sixblade laughed not exactly caring for Astrotrains rise to power.

Hatemonger shrugged.

"Lord Astrotrain is so powerful, let him deal with is own problems." Hatemonger laughed.

If I had my way I'd let Deadshot take Astrotrains head off at the shoulders, but I won't do that right now. Teratron gave me what I wanted I can respect that for now. he thought.

2002-10-31, 01:10 PM
Scourge pondered silently as he stepped up to the door of the meeting room. Two drones immediately blocked his path, raising their blasters.
"This area is sealed off, on the orders of Commander Astrotrain."
"Fine," Scourge commented. "It's your funeral," and he headed up to the command centre.

Taking a seat at one of the consoles, he activated the terminal.
"Metrotitan, activate long ranged scanners, you're looking for any unusual energy emmisions in this sector."
"Acknowledged," the city rumbled.

"You're trying to get a lead on Thunderwing's base," Fracas said.
"You're going to go after him alone."
Correct again. While his forces are playing tag with Astrotrain and his drones.
"It might work"
It better.

"Search complete, detected two anomalous readings. Both have identical signatures, yet one is significantly stronger than the other."
"Display their positions."
Promptly, the locations flashed up on a large screen at the head of the room. Scourge took this in, then turned and left the room.

Quick Switch
2002-10-31, 02:22 PM
Dirge lifted a chair and prepared to parry Ramjet's attack.


Mindwipe chanced to see Scourge in the hallway...

"Blah, Scourge, where are you off to in such a hurry? Something important, I'd wager."

2002-10-31, 04:24 PM
Scourge made to brush past Mindwipe, then stopped.
"You could say that."
He considered a moment.
"Tell me. What do you know of the Decepticon warrior Thunderwing?"

Quick Switch
2002-10-31, 04:55 PM
Mindwipe smiled.

"I know much of this Thunderwing through the ancients I have communicated. He has sent many of his political rivals into the Void..."

"Get to the point, Mindwipe! Scourge wants information, not a lecture!" Vorath barked.

"Yes, of course. Vell, according to what I know he is an aristocrat. An ancient one, of impeccable lineage. He has-or had, at any rate- more influence on Cybertron than Shockwave, Jhiaxus or Straxus at one time."

Mindwipe became somber.

"Blah, he is ruthless and a fanatic about the various Matrices. He knows much about them and it is rumoured that he once even wielded the Autobot Leadership Matrix- even corrupted it- but was destroyed when he fought Unicron. Of course, I can't substantiate such a rumour, because he is, obviously, alive at the moment."

"If you are searching for him, Scourge, perhaps we can help," Vorath remarked.

2002-10-31, 05:00 PM
"They are either hiding something, or they do not know of the Chaos Matrix. I suspect the former."

"How could you help me? I already have the possible coordinates for his lair."

Despite Fracas's warning, Scourge was intrigued. Why would Mindwipe lie? It was a puzzle that he felt somehow compelled to solve.

Quick Switch
2002-10-31, 05:19 PM
"So? You expect to simply try a direct assault? Vat if he isn't even at his lair?" Mindwipe retorted.

"Mindwipe's hypnotic powers are second to none," Vorath said. "Even if Thunderwing wields new power, he may still be vulnerable to it."

"Blah, Vorath's right," Mindwipe answered. "I could have gotten that information out of Shockwave, but it wouldn't have been sporting. Now, Thunderwing will be a challenge. Besides, we both know that if you went alone, some officers might suspect something."

2002-10-31, 05:39 PM
Ramjet swung the pipe at Dirge, hoping to knock the chair away from him.

2002-10-31, 07:04 PM
Snapdragon was getting frustrated with the metrodrones whose numbers were overwhelming against Skywarp's team of Decepticons loyal to Thunderwing. Apeface had called for help, the quick glances he had been able to give amidst the fighting towards his comrades worried him... they were getting pinned down, their efforts wearing thin against the enemy... They needed a chance... something to help them to escape...

Then it happened, a massive spiked fist teared through the doors of the chamber and was followed by Predaking's enormous frame as the savage gestalt forced his way through the door, alerted by the sounds of the battle...

Snapdragon slammed his weight against the metrodrones on his right side, sending them staggering away from him. Quickly he transformed into robot mode and drew his guns and opened fire upon the metrodrones attacking Apeface. At the same time he furiously tried to reach Skywarp thought his inter-comm...

>"Skywarp! Teleport behind Astrotrain and get him as a hostage or something! We are getting beaten up here!"

2002-10-31, 07:18 PM
The moment her Shadow told her what was going on, Adeara took off into the conference room, sword drawn. Taking in the situation very quickly, Adeara flung herself at the one she deemed most dangerous-Skywarp-in a way that would catch him offguard and unable to teleport out of the way. Sword slashing through the air as she moved, Adeara let out a shriek, much akin to the angry shriek of a firebird.

* * * * * * * * *

StarBlade nodded. "So the only leader I might have known is dead. What can you tell me of the new leader, so that I might know how he will accept me." She had heard Metrotitan order someone to help in a conference room but since she had no such orders, she would wait.

Quick Switch
2002-10-31, 08:31 PM
Astrotrain lurched as Predaking forced himself into the room.

"Restrain the traitors, Predaking! Let none escape! Metrodrones, continue your assault!" Astrotrain beckoned with the deflecto-shield, blocking some of the errant shots Snapdragon was firing- which proved devestating on the Metrodrones near him, who were shredded by the bullets.

"Scrapper, have the Constructicons wait outside the chamber- Predaking is already here!" the Triple Changer barked.

"Acknowledged Astrotrain." Scrapper rasped.

"Forward!" A new Alpha Drone ordered the fresh Metrodrone Squads, trying to leap on top of Snapdragon.


Dirge swung his chair and clanged against the pipe. A battle of strength began between the two jets.


Metrotitan replied, having to continually check on the battle...

"Teratron leads the Decepticons now," he replied simply. "A warrior not of our time. He is great and the power he wields is terrible to behold. He suffers no fools."

2002-10-31, 08:37 PM
Several of the Metrodrones fell under Snapdragon's fire, and Apeface shoved the rest off of him. He grabbed Thrust and ran towards Snapdragon.

"You okay?", he asked.

Ramjet held the pipe against the chair that Dirge held.

"Come on, Dirge", he said. "This is pathetic. You've got a choice. You can either side with Galvatron, and die, or you can risk his wrath and join us, where you can have all that you wanted."

He swept kicked Dirge off his feet and pointed his rifle at Dirge's head.

"Make your choice quickly", he said.

2002-10-31, 08:44 PM
Yellowjacket: "Kiiillllll..."

(Yellowjacket knew that a battle was raging on as well. He was going to go ballistic. Outlaw and Specter had wisely backed away from the soon-to-be-raging Battlecon. Roadkill had also stopped laughing about his sinister idea. Finally, Darkside made a sudden command decision.)

Darkside: "Let's roll!"

Other Battlecons: "YEAH!!"

(The other Decepticons present did not see any reason to go, but they weren't as restless as the Battlecons.)

Darkside: "We will be back to see Teratron AFTER we've finished with whoever's causing that ruckus."

(The Battlecons transform and head out to go bend some fenders.)

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-31, 09:40 PM
Skywarp heard Snapdragon's comm message...tore a drone in two....and heard an almighty shriek...it alerted Skywarp enough for him to teleport out of harm's way and do his designated target...

"Astrotrain, old friend, that we must squabble like children..."

Skywarp held one of his arm cannons to the back of Astrotrain's head, his other arm clamped onto Astrotrain's shoulder, holding him in place...

"Call them off...and we leave..."

Lord Zarak
2002-10-31, 09:41 PM
"I could have gotten that information out of Shockwave, but it wouldn't have been sporting. "

"I told you at the time Mindwipe, you could not do it. It was logical then, and will be again if we are ever in a similar position."
said Shockwave, stepping out of the shadows.

"I believe it now the lgical time to approach you with the current situation. After Hatemonger's duel with our leader Teratron I decided to fade into the shadows as it were. I was not a well recieved robot, and it would have proved illogical to stay in the limelight.
Now, with regards to Thunderwing, there was a time when he did indeed have more influence than any other Decepticon upon Cybertron. It was during this time that his infatuation with Transformers matrices became aparant. It was because of this that he logically lost the leadership, and respect, of the Decepticons. I believe Mindwipe can confirm this through contact with his ancients "

2002-10-31, 10:07 PM
(Something's not right here. In this tense moment, why did Skywarp get the feeling he was being watched by something hidden? The answer: He was. Using his special holo-systems as a cloaking device, Specter flew in silently, always one step ahead of his fellow Battlecons because he's the fastest. He stops above Skywarp, aims a Plasma Pistol carefully, and fires at the gun pointing at Astrotrain's head.)

2002-10-31, 10:15 PM
Predaking acknowledged the commands of Astrotrain and stepped towards the renegade Decepticons, aiming the barrel of his massive x-ray lasercannon towards Thunderwing's troops, not really bothering to give any thought towards the fact that he could harm his comrades by opening fire within the room.

The only thing the predacon giant was thinking was the destruction of the enemy... be the enemy Autobots or other Decepticons.

"Surrender or perish." Predaking snarled, his opticband glowing eeriely as he waited for an answer...

2002-10-31, 10:19 PM
Kal picked up something on his scanner.

"SoundWave, i am picking up some BIG vibrations coming from the co-ordinates i was when i "woke up". Should we investigate!"

Edited out the sig - Sixswitch

2002-10-31, 10:26 PM
(Whether or not Specter disarmed Skywarp, the other Battlecons enter the area, take one look around, and laugh.)

Darkside: "No escape."

2002-11-01, 12:16 AM
Scourge nodded.
"You both speak sensibly. It is true Mindwipe, I am not held in such a high regard by the current leader as I was on Earth, serving under Astrotrain. Very well. You may come with me. You too Shockwave, if you so wish. You can tell me more on the way."

Scourge turned towards the exit he was making for, opened the portal, transformed into jet fighter mode, and accelerated out, making sure to move slow enough for the other two Decepticons to keep up.

2002-11-01, 12:36 AM
Adeara froze as Skywarp teleported behind Astrotrain. Instead of giving up, she was trying to figure out what to do. Hmmm.... Okay. Skywarp's got a good hold on Astrotrain. I can very carefully melt Skywarp's gun without hurting Astrotrain. It was at that moment that a gunshot was aimed at Skywarp's gun. She didn't wait to see if it was knocked away, or a fixed part of the jet. She instantly focused on it and began to raise it's tempurature very quickly. She would not give up. It was not in her to do so, unless it was war. And this was not war. Not yet.

* * * * * * * * *

StarBlade nodded again. "So our new leader is from another time. I'd heard of such things, but never thought it possible. I shall need to meet with him and Astrotrain as soon as I can." StarBlade relaxed. "Thank you."

Quick Switch
2002-11-01, 12:38 AM
Dirge shrugged.

"I'm dead either way, and since I've faced death once before- a process which suits me more than being reprogrammed."

Dirge then swung his chair at Ramjet as he fell, attempting to knock the other Seeker flat.


The Metrodrone who originally spotted Starblade nodded in response.

"Think nothing of it. Our purpose is to serve, and service is information. I'm sure Commander Astrotrain will be along shortly."

Mindwipe scowled as Shockwave appeared, and transformed to bat mode.

"Blah, your arrogance will doom you, Shockwave."

Mindwipe's optics gleamed.

"My mystic abilities are more potent than you can possibly imagine. Of course, such a rational being as yourself would never even contemplate such a thing as 'faith' for our race."

Mindwipe took off (rather awkwardly, since he hadn't flown this way in some time) and flapped slowly after Scourge.

"Shockwave, when you finally enter the Void, all of your political enemies- and those female Autobots you had an irrational obsession with- will be there to make the afterlife a living Pit for you."

2002-11-01, 04:13 AM
The chair clipped his side, sending him falling backward, the pipe flying from his hands.

"Blast, Dirge!", he shouted. "You do not know what you have done this day."

"Shut up, traitor!", Thrust said, firing at the traitorus conehead.

2002-11-01, 06:51 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Iron Wolves I see this as your chance to prove your loyality to me and the new Decepticon cause. Go and assist the other Decepticons, Cryotek and myself will monitor the situation from here." Hatemonger saided pointing at the Iron Wolves.

"You got it Hatemonger." Sixblade said running.

"Mowdown you hold your fire Deadshot you find a place to hide and get a good shoot on the traitors." Sixblade barked.

"Yes sir!" Deadshot smiled readying his sniper rifle.

"Awwww!" Mowdown sighed the three Decepticons reached the area quickly.

Sixblade stood ready a katana in his left hand and his hook and chain in his right. He was more than ready for any comers.

Mowdown had all of his weapons armed but knew he could not fire until told.

Deadshot found a great posititon in the halls behind some crates he steadied his rifle and got a good lock on Skywarp and got onto his com-link to Teratron's Decepticons.

"Decepticons, stand down on your attempts to save Astrotrain, I am a trained sniper, and have a perfect view of our fellow city commander, if someone gives me the word *Aka some player*
I will take him out, worse that will happen is Astro might get some acid or blast burns nothing worse."

With that Deadshot got ready and loaded the chamber with an lower yield explosive acid shell and sighted in on Skywarp and waited for the green light. *fire command from someone*

2002-11-01, 11:44 AM
Nothing. It seemed like Thunderwing's Decepticons had completed ignored Predaking's request. It didn't really matter to the Predacon monster who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Then DIE!" Predaking growled and swinged his massive fist towards Snapdragon who barely managed to dodge the blow that would have flattened him against the floor.

"Slag it! Skywarp! Zap us outta here! It is not like these metrodrones weren't enough but I ain't gonna stay here to fight Predaking and the rest of Teratron's army!" He shouted while trying to avoid being grabbed my the Predacon gestalt.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-01, 01:33 PM
Shockwave too transformed, into his gun mode. As he did so, his sight flipped up and caught the light.

"Who needs faith Mindwipe, when logic is the only constant in the universe?"

He then powered-up his rockets and sped after his new companions


Disorder was caught unawares by the sudden anouncement by,to him, the unknown assailant of Astrotrain.

"Metrotitan, can you direct me to the position of Astrotrain?"

2002-11-01, 01:39 PM
Scourge nodded.
"Now that we're all here, we must make for Thunderwing's lair post-haste."

He accelerated away, hopefully slow enough for the other two to keep up.

Quick Switch
2002-11-01, 02:54 PM
Mindwipe laughed.

"Blah, so you say." He tried to pick up speed for Thunderwing's base.


Metrotitan replied quickly:

"Commander Astrotrain is in the main conference room, under attack by the rebels."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-01, 05:59 PM
"Decepticons, prepare for evacuation!"

Skywarp's arm laser began to heat up, as the heat became stronger, Skywarp pushed Astrotrain forwards...

"Decepticons, transform!"

Skywarp teleported all of Thunderwing's loyal troops outside of the Metrotitan complex mid-transformation, ready for them to evacuate the vicinity...

"Thunderwing, this is Skywarp, all did not go as planned, we are returning to your current position, Skywarp out"

2002-11-01, 06:16 PM
Predaking let out a frustrated roar as Skywarp teleported the team of Thunderwing's loyalist away from Metrotitan.

"Enemy has escaped! Sensor tracking finds no traces within Metrotitan or Trypticon!" Predaking groaned angrily and hit his fist against the wall with force.

Outside Metrotitan...

"Good save boss!" Snapdragon shouted to Skywarp after he had been teleported away from Predaking's grasp. "Now... if you don't mind..."

"I am not going to stay here as a target practice for those two citycons!" He shouted and sped away after Skywarp...

2002-11-01, 06:19 PM
Darkside: "Battlecons, merge into the Dreadnaught!"

(Darkside, Roadkill, Yellowjacket, Outlaw, and Specter combine into the hulking gestault machine. It seems shrouded in a veil of darkness, though it is not certain why.)


(Dreadnaught leaves the area and makes its way outside, pulling out its main cannon as he follows the signal on his scanners. Once outside, he goes airborne and sees about stopping the traitors from escaping. The Beam Cannon is long ranged, so there was a possiblity of catching them before they left.)

Lord Zarak
2002-11-01, 06:58 PM
"Rebels?!" Disorder asked, half to himself.
He sped, as best he could, to the main conferecnce room to help Astrotrain in any way he could.


"Do you know where Thunderwing's base is Scourge? And, more to the point, how do you know?" asked Shockwave.

2002-11-01, 09:05 PM
Apeface, Darkwing and Dreadwind headed off after Skywarp. Thrust, looking one last time at Ramjet, followed.

2002-11-02, 07:35 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"Let them go, if Teratron wants us to go after the traitors we will otherwise we now wait." He said to the Iron Wolves.

"Idoits, I had a perfect shot." Deadshot snarled unloading the chamber and slinging his rifle. "We should tell the Battlecons to stand down." he added looking at Sixblade.

"Don't worry about them. I just hope Teratron gives Hatemonger our orders soon." He said walking back Mowdown in tow.

2002-11-02, 11:32 AM
Scourge smiled. "
I do indeed, Shockwave. As for how I know, do not concern yourself with it."

Quick Switch
2002-11-02, 04:12 PM
Astrotrain leaned against the wall, haggard.

"Stand down, Decepticons! Skywarp's teloportation runs up to two miles. He is gone. Begin repairs! Predaking, patrol the perimeter of Metrotitan for any further attacks..."

Astrotrain shook his head, and pointed at the large hole where Predaking had entered.

"Fix," he ordered to the Metrodrones, who scampered to comply.

Astrotrain then went to find Lord Teratron...


*Temporarily opened, till we get the new threads posted.*

2002-11-02, 06:57 PM
Predaking glanced down at the much smaller Astrotrain and grunted, being still frustrated due the fact that the enemy had escaped, before stepping out from the room from the hole he had created earlier and making his way outside Metrotitan.

2002-11-02, 07:27 PM
...Provided he's under alot of pressure.


(There was a standing order to return to base. Dreadnaught did not like it. He - and thus all his separate parts - was battle-deprived. It was very aggravating when this kind of thing happened.)

Dreadnaught: NEXT TIME...

(Dreadnaught flew back to the building he'd just left, breaking through the hole that the Metrodrones were trying to repair. WHen one or two of them made to complain at him, he just yelled back at them.)

Dreadnaught: SHUT UP!

(Dreadnaught was not a pleasant sight when desiring to battle something. He was looking darker, more monstous. Was this simply a trick of Specter's holo-systems. All those who saw this seriously hoped that was the case. Dreadnaught separates into its five components.)

Darkside: "What a waste... I hope we get a mission soon."

Outlaw: "I'm sick of waiting around. I'm gonna fry someone's circuits if we don't get some action."

(Yellowjacket was looking especially aggravated. At this point, even Darkside didn't want to get near him.)

2002-11-02, 09:06 PM
(OOC: Well. I have absolutely no IC reason to have missed that fight, as Gigs was in the room with everyone else. [OOC reason is that I was simply busy the two days, FYI.] So, I'm going to use my imagination...)

"Out of my way!"

Teratron batted the last Metrodrones before him away, finally. He'd been stuck in the conference room's corner for the entire skirmish, as the drones had surrounded him for protection. He'd have to reprimand Metrotitan...


As Skywarp's posse disappeared, the Metrodrones stood down and Teratron was free to march across the conference room. He glanced at Astrotrain, then Ramjet.

"Have him scanned," he commanded Astrotrain crookedly. "Just in case. Thunderwing may have left us a surprise with him... Welcome home, warrior. You are Decepticon again."

He began to walk away, then stopped and looked back as his optics fell on Predaking's impromptu doorway.

"See that security's bulked up, as well. I imagine we'll have another unfriendly neighbor pestering us soon enough."

2002-11-02, 09:34 PM
Continued in:

The Chaos Effect: Divided Loyalties - Teratron
The Chaos Effect: Divided Loyalties - Rodimus Convoy