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2002-10-10, 01:13 AM
Astrotrain smoothly soared out of Cybertron's atmosphere, and in a few seconds, the remains of the Moons was nothing but a blur.

The Triple Changer flew quickly, with a sense of purpose. The cold of space gripped about his metallic frame, but Astrotrain did not feel the cold. Instead, he felt exhiliration.

Once I secure the Power Crystals for the Decepticons, the Autobots will be vanquished forever!

Astrotrain's computer brain hummed with plans and plots, Pluto and Neptune passed him...

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2002-10-10, 04:38 PM
Astrotrain anged around Uranus, and sighted Saturn; the Triple Changer applied less thrust and decelerrated slightly, primarily using impulse power.

Taking a moment to appreciate Saturn's size, Astrotrain locked in on Titan's position, and began the easy re-entry process.

After taking a moment to re-orient himself, Astrotrain used his memory of the planet (and then, realizing that massive explosions from the Power Crystal detonations had taken place shortly before he had retreated) calculated the probable location of the main village.

After flying a few more hundred yards, he found it; Titanese society had certainly advanced from when last Astrotrain stumbled upon it. Sleek, scientific buildings jutted into the sky.

Perhaps the Autobots contributed help to the science-lovers? the Decepticon pondered. No matter. When I'm finished with this place, it'll be a reactionary's paradise!

Astrotrain landed on the outskirts of the village. Transforming to his robot mode, the Triple Changer strode confidently into the village, as no defensive weaponry was sighted....

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2002-10-11, 01:45 AM
Titan, Capital City:

Under the leadership of Talaria, the civilization had made gains, if not exactly flourishing. The previous all-powerful Religious Order of the Sky Gods was officially banned, and the acolytes jailed. Among their number was the Chief Priest, Jero. Talaria's leadership has met with bitterness and hostility to the new generation, young Titanese of 2016 who eagerly listen to the tales of Jero, sitting in the Titan City Prison, exhorting of better times had in 1985.

And these youths believe him. Science has not led to progress, but stagnation, even if their are better buildings to show for it. The people hunger for a salve for the psyche, and the soul. Jero promises them a way. He merely waits for a sign, and an emissary of the powers.

Astrotrain will not disappoint...


Striding into the main square of Titan City, Astrotrain opened his arms wide and bellowed:

"People of Titan, The Sky God has returned!"

The numerous Titanese citizens in the bustling square are paralyzed. Many of the older generation flee, and head to the Capital Building, where Talaria's government is located. The young, however, are swayed, and fall to their knees as a show of respect.

One youth, more fanatical than the others, bows low. Astrotrain points.

"Boy, where is the Chief Priest known as Jero?"

"Priest Jero is imprisoned by the aethists in the Prison!" The boy replies.

"Come with your God, Boy! You are now Chief Acolyte, Member at Large of the New Church! Rally your comrades and free your Priest! Let no heretic stand in your way!" Astrotrain booms.

The boy rises and, with robes flapping, summons a mob of twenty like-minded youths, who descend upon the prison, batting aside the guards (all female) and holding them. Inside the main cell block are the priests and Jero.

Jero has aged since the many decades since Astrotrain's arrival. His purple skin has become more sallowed. His beard is white and long, body frail. His rich robes are gone, replaced with a gray tunic. He stirs.

"What is the meaning of this?" Jero rasps.

"The Sky God has returned!" The Chief Acolyte screams with glee, unlocking the cell.

Jero staggers out, ecstatic.

"You see! My prophecies were correct! The Great Sky God has returned, to lead Titan against the aethiest Talarians!"

The boy-mob acolytes cheer wildly, jeering the captive female guards, and throwing them in the prison. The older priests are released, who express their thanks through prayer and weeping.


Later, Jero is brought before Astrotrain, still standing imperiously in the square. Jero bows low.

"Astrotrain, mightiest of the Sky Gods... you have returned!"

"Indeed, Jero," Astrotrain inclines his head. "You have served me well...and have kept the faith, through all adversity!"

The acolytes cheer wildly. Jero rises, and smiles weakly.

"I...am sorry that I failed you last time, great one. This time, I will not be lacking!" Jero balled his fists.

"The error has been forgiven," Astrotrain replied, both beings understanding that the events of Astrotrain's retreat need not be said.

The Chief Acolyte brought forth Jero's old robes.

"Oh Chief Priest, your robes!"

Jero gingerly stepped into them. He swelled to his full height, regal and commanding. The populace quavered, but the mob of boys began chanting with glee. The old priests assembled behind their leader.

"And this," the young Chief Acolyte brought forth on a purple cushion Jero's tri-progned sacraficial dagger. Jero took it up with his right hand and raised it high, crying:

"The Order of the Sky Gods is hereby re-established! The Talarian regime has ended! Heretics are now Enemies of the People, and shall face the wrath of the Order!"

Many of the older Titanese became grim, but said nothing. Some of the boys ran to the Government building, and dragged out Talaria, and some of the other old rebels. Talaria had aged; though she remained striking, her hair was gray.

Talaria, struggling, lashed out at Astrotrain.

"YOU! Mechanical meddler! You bewitch the youth of my people with your religious myths to support a theocracy of corruption! Have you no shame!"

"Silence, heretic!" Astrotrain spat. "Your regime has failed on promises it could not deliver- but now I, Astrotrain- Supreme Sky God, have returned to guide these Chosen People to a better life...and you are powerless to stop me, worm!"

Talaria flinched at Astrotrain's speech. Jero pointed with his left hand.

"Talaria, aethiest, scientific revolutionary, rebel to the Order of the Sky Gods and blasphemer of the Sky God: you are condemned to death!" Jero snarled.

Meanwhile, all Titanese in the Capital City flocked to the square. The old were pale and nervous, the young joyous, flocking around Astrotrain, touching him and weeping with delight. Astrotrain tolerated the contact, since it mostly came from children. Good for the image of the benevolent deity.

"Let her be sacraficed unto me, as your atonement, Jero!" Astrotrain smiled, optics blood red. Jero's face split into a revenge-filled grin. Talaria blanched.

"So it is spoken, so it is done!" Jero called out. "Bring Talaria to the Sacraficial Area!"

Talaria was hauled away, and all the Titanese ran to the spot by the old church. Jero and the priests walked solemnly chanting, Jero holding the dagger aloft. Astrotrain strode along behind, still surrounded by eager children.


Ten minutes later, all the Titanese- even the former government members and guards (who were held by the mass of male acolytes) were seated in a wide ampitheater; talking tunderously Elder priests ringed the sacraficial area. Talaria was tied down on an ornate stone slab, filled with astronomical runes and symbols. Her futuristic unfiorm was replaced with her old clothing, worn as a rebel. Jero stood on a clearly marked side of the slab, muttering incantations.

Astrotrain was seated on a massive granite throne, gazing down upon the proceedings on a special part of the ampitheater. The young children were clustered at his feet.

Suddenly, the crowd became hushed. Jero stood opposite Astrotrain; the priest gazed upward. Astrotrain nodded from his throne. Jero raised up the dagger.

"I, Jero, Chief Priest of the Order of the Sky Gods, offer up this sacrafice of Talaria, Archheretic, to the Supreme Sky God!"

"Your sacrafice is accepted, Priest!" Astrotrain bellowed. The children leaned forwardly eagerly. What fun!

Jero began to mumble the incantation, making circular movements of the dagger around Talaria's chest. Talaria writhed and attempted to break free.

"No...you cannot do this! You are leading our people astray, Jero! Your theorcracy will only cause the destruction of our people! Astrotrain is simply using you know, as he did the last time!"

Jero began chanting faster and faster. Talaria screamed:

"People of Titan, do not be swayed! Help me!"

But the old stayed silent, cowed by fear. The pleas fell on the deaf ears of the young.

"Damn you Autobots, for forsaking my people!" Talaria arched her head back in one last scream.

Jero plunged the knife into Talaria's right breast; blood splattered his robes. A blood pool formed on the altar. Jero raised the knife, which contained Talaria's heart. Jero smiled, and bowed to Astrotrain.

The people burst into a great roar of glee. Hats and shawls flew in the air; Titanese grasped each other with happiness. The former rulers were silent.

The children, howerver, looked up at Astrotrain and clapped with joy.

Astrotrain himself gazed down at his subjects, optics flashing.

And the Sky God smiled.

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2002-10-15, 01:08 AM
The Ceremony had ended; however Telaria's corpse remained on the altar as a reminder of the New Order on Titan.

Astrotrain, along with Jero and the Acolytes, examined the secret Power Crystal mines.

"So, these are all the deposits, Priest?" Astrotrain crossed his arms.

"Most of them, Mighty Astrotrain," Jero answered, stroking his beard. "Telaria's rebels only found a fraction of the real Power Crystal deposits."

"Have the executions been carried out?" Astrotrain looked up at the mine, where some Power Crystals had formed stalagmite/tite formations.

"Yes, Sky God!" The fanatical Chief Acolyte anwered. "The heads of the blasphemers were mounted in the Government Building this afternoon, on your orders!"

"Very good!" Astrotrain smiled down at the young fanatic. "Begin the mining of the Power Crystals immediately. I have use for them, in my celestial home. Do not delay!"

The Chief Acolyte, along with a contingent of normal Titanese, began haresting the Crystals, putting them carefully into sealed baskets.

Jero remained to supervise; Astrotrain returned to Titan City, to sit on his throne and bask in the praise of the Titanese.

This is even better the second time around! the Triple Changer mused.

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2002-10-16, 03:41 AM
Astrotrain sat on his throne, surrounded by throngs of sallow-skinnned Titanese children. The grizzly backdrop of the sacrificial altar made the contrast all the more striking.

A few young men (those not considered official acolytes) stood a few feet away. The older Titanese sat on their knees.

The counter-revolution, such as it was, had ended in a relatively quick bloodletting. The acolytes stationed in the City had executed the remaning ministers located in the Government building. The guards who resisted their brutalizing were also put to the knife. Some did submit, and were released freely into the population, though relieved of their responsibilities. The bodies of the former officials/rebels were heaped next to Talaria's body still on the altar.

The Triple Changer gazed donward, still incredulous about the whole affair.

What a strange trip it's been. And yet, the opertation has proceeded smoothly enough. Lord Teratron will be pleased once I return.

Astrotrain held out his hands in a gesture of benevolent wisdom.

"People of Titan, I, the Sky God, must now leave for a time to return to my celestial home."

"Why, Sky God?" A tiny girl asked, close to tears. "Will I never see you again?"

Astrotrain reacted as if he had been swatted by Omega Supreme, or grappled by Sky Lynx. (He'd been through both, and if asked, Astrotrain would tell a casual listener- in the old days it had been Blitzwing or Octane- that the pain index was remarkably similar in both instances, though Omega didn't wax philosophic while beating the tar out of him; the pretentious Lieutenant Commander dinosaur-lynx, however, went on and on...)

"I...shall return shortly, little one," Astrotrain frowned.

By the Matrix...these worms actually do revere me! I am the surrogate religious figure!

Astrotrain stood, and lowered a pinky finger to the girl, who grasped it eagerly; almost hugging the cold digit. Astrotrain had to fight off conflicting waves of utter revulsion (that flesh creature was actually touching him) but at the same time a pecular sense of parternalism.

The Titanese were worms, after all; but they were Astrotrain's worms. Which made all the difference.

Astrotrain raised his arm, and the girl reluctantly let go. The people clustered around her chattering.

"She's been touched by the Sky God...she's got a great destiny ahead of her...maybe we should make her our Oracle..."

Astrotrain's cynical CPU hummed back into full throttle.

Once Jero arrives back at the City and becomes aware of my little symbolic gesture, he will probably incorporate the youngling into the Sky God cult. Better control over the people that way. Better for everyone involved.

Even so, as Astrotrain walked out of the village toward the Crystal Mines, a small amount of coolant leaked from each optic.

Ignored by the people and unseen by Astrotrain, the little girl wept at the attention shown to her by the giant robot.

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2002-10-17, 02:21 AM
Astrotrain approached the Power Crystal caves; at the entrance Jero and the acolytes directed the efforts of the mainstream Titanese efforts to collect the crystals.

"Report!" Astrotrain commanded.

"All goes well, O Sky God!" The Chief Acolyte turned and bowed. "We have harvested at least twenty loads for your transport!"

Astrotrain crossed his arms. The load holders were large industrial strength drums, about as large as Rumble or Frenzy in height.

"That will do for now."

Any more and the trip might become hazardous. Besides, the Constructicons will have to take a look at them...but after I present them to Lord Teratron.

Astrotrain transformed to his shuttle mode.

"Store them in my hold! Now!"

The acolytes whipped the Titanese workers into a frenzy with threats, and soon all twenty drums were painstakingly loaded. The workers left the hold, and Astrotrain shut his aft hatch.

"Very well, Priest. Your workforce has done well. When I return, I expect an even larger harvest for my use."

"It shall be done!" Jero bowed with a flourish, followed by the acolytes and workers.

Accelerating slowly, Astrotrain roared off from Titan at a steady ascent, and soon was nothing more than a speck on the horizon.

"What now, Priest Jero?" The Chief Acolyte asked.

Jero signaled to two other acolytes, who restrained the Chief Acolyte.

"What is this? The Sky God appointed me Chief Acolyte!" the Chief Acolyte struggled mightily.

"You are a fanatic and enemy of the Order! Your vigor is too great, and that vigor, young fool, must be tempered...by your death!" Jero laughed, and pointed toward an empty mine.

The two smirking acolytes dragged the former chief to the opening of the vertical shaft, which plunged hundreds of feet into the core of the planet.

"Throw the revolutionary in!" Jero ordered imperiously, flicking his hands out in a gesture of shooing away a pest.

With a great heave, the two acolytes did just that.

Letting out a strangled scream, the former chief acolyte hurtled into the shaft, and his last scream became magnified as he fell.

The two acolytes returned to the mine site, and with their brethren, proceeded to acost the Titanese laborers back to work.

Jero crossed his arms as a smile played across his withered face.

The Sky God would have approved...

Jero laughed as the harvesting of the Power Crystals continued...


This story is dedicated to the original Classic Tranformers Episode "The God Gambit" written by Buzz Dixon.

2002-12-11, 05:57 PM
A lone shuttle entered through Titan's atmosphere and deactivated the stealth field surrounding it as it landed near to the temple of the Skygod. The door of the shuttle's cargobay opened and formed a ramp that led to the ground.

Then a shadow was laid down on the ramp and Divebomb stepped through the doorway to the ramp and jumped down from it, taking a glance at this surroundings.

"So... this is Titan."

"Looks boring." Headstrong snorted as he exited the shuttle, followed closely by Tantrum who had disapproving look on his face.

Headstrong and Tantrum had barely the time to jump down from the ramp before Rampage bounced out from the shuttle in his tiger mode, his optics glowing of interest. "Boring? Look at all those fleshy creatures to hunt down!"

"Calm yourself Rampage." Razorclaw snarled and jumped out from the shuttle, not bothering to walk down the ramp. "We have a mission to perform. Fun has to wait."

Quick Switch
2002-12-11, 10:15 PM
Mindwipe exited the shuttle and transformed to bat mode, his sensors were more acute in this form.

"Blah...the dead...speak to me easily here...yes..." the Headmaster turned his bathead toward the temple.

"You must admit Razorclaw- Astrotrain has succeeded where ewery other Decepticion has failed...conquering an entire civilization." The hypnotist flew down out of the shuttle next to Razorclaw.

In the main Skygod Temple, the High Priest Jero was busy writing the new Covenant of the Sky God on a small series of tablets

"And ye, verily, the Sky God said unto the Faithful: "Destroy the heretics!"

"And lo, the Faithful obeyed, and the heretics were cast out forever..."

Jero stopped writing as the shuttle landed. He left the temple and was surprised as more of the gods had appeared. They wore the same symbol as the Great Sky God, so they were to be trusted.

Jero placed his hands in his robes.

"I am Jero, Chief Priest of the Great Sky God. What brings you here to Titan? Do you come on business of the Sky God?"

2002-12-12, 11:19 AM
Razorclaw stepped forwards and pointed his sword towards Jero's head, his golden visor glowing eeriely.

"Bow before the Envoys of the mighty Sky God for he has send us to see that his will shall be done!" Razorclaw spoke as the other Predacons crossed their hands and looked down at the high priest...

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 03:38 PM
Jero hastily prostrated himself before the Predacons and Mindwipe.

"Of course, Mighty Ones! What does the Sky God command of me, his servant?"

2002-12-12, 04:03 PM
Razorclaw grinned amusedly behind his mask as looked down at the pitiful creature bowing before him.

"The Sky God demands powercrystals as sacrifices... as a price for his good will and protection towards the people of Titan to continue in the future. Have you been carrying out the will of the Sky God priest?" Razorclaw spoke, noticing that some of his troops had hard time not to start laughing.

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 04:10 PM
Jero slowly rose so he was kneeling on the hard Titanese ground.

"Oh yes, Envoy! The Sky God took twenty barrels filled with Power Crystals with him on his last visit to us, and my Acolytes-with the regular people- have been harvesting at least the same number, though it has taken longer."

Mindwipe thought about shushing some of the Predacon warriors from laughing, but decided against it.

Vhat's the point? At least Razorclaw didn't kill this Jero the instant he saw him.

Mindwipe spoke to Jero, stepping forward next to Razorclaw:

"Blah, you hawe done vell. Stand, for you are the most important sewant of the Great Sky God."

Jero stood, shakily.

"Do you require rest, Mighty Ones?" He asked Razorclaw.

2002-12-12, 04:16 PM
Razorclaw's sword disappeared to subspace as the Predacons leader decided that there was no need to intimidate the priest anymore.

"We accept your humble offering priest in the name of the Sky God." Razorclaw spoke and transformed into his lion mode.

"Show us the way to the palace of the Sky God."

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 04:23 PM
Jero smiled, and placed his hands in his robes.

"Thank you Envoys! You are as merciful as you are powerful!" Jero turned and pointed a few hundred feet away.

A large temple, still being worked on, was fit to house several Transformer sized beings. A large statute of Astrotrain in robot mode, hands on hips gazing imperiously over the landscape, stood in front. It was pretty much to scale.

"There is the Palace of the Sky God! Rest there, O Great Ones!"

Mindwipe fluttered along after Jero.

"Impressive," he said aloud.

2002-12-12, 04:30 PM
"Good enough." Headstrong snorted as he walked slowly towards the palace in his rhino mode.

Razorclaw switched his speech to cybertronian so that Jero could not understand what he was saying. "What do you think of this Mindwipe? Perhaps we should go to see how much these creatures have gathered powercrystals for us... what is our point staying here if we load our ship full with the crystals they have already storaged for us?"

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 04:34 PM
Mindwipe turned and communicated in the same language to Razorclaw.

"Because, Razorclaw, Astrotran suspects an Autobot attack. It's been too long since he dominated the planet. They are bound to show up here, sooner or later. And when they do, our job is to repel them. For better or worse, we are the Guardians of Titan for the time being."

2002-12-12, 04:44 PM
"Bah... politics." Headstrong snorted at Mindwipe and Razorclaw's discussion, which caused Razorclaw growl angrily.

"I understand Mindwipe... shouldn't we still have our shuttle boarded already so it would be ready if we need to leave with haste?" The Predacon commander spoke as they walked towards the temple of the Sky God...

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 04:49 PM
Mindwipe nodded.

"Excellent point, Razorclaw. Would you mind dispatching, say, Divebomb and Rampage for the task?"

2002-12-12, 05:05 PM
Razorclaw gave his Predacons an order to stop advancing and spoke. "Jero... the Sky God would appreciate if you show the way for Envoys Divebomb and Rampage to your powercrystal storages... also I recommend you to spare some of the loyal supporters of Sky God to help them."

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 05:16 PM
Jero nodded.

"Of course, Great One. On the outskirts of this city, you will find a complex of caves. The Power Crystal veins are there, and you will find most of the population of the city harvesting them for you. All the barrels are placed outside the city- for we do not possess many heavy machines-for storage."

2002-12-12, 10:16 PM
"That is enough for now." Razorclaw said and gestured his group to continue on their way towards the temple of the Sky God while Divebomb and Rampage took off to the direction where Jero had told the storages to be.

Needless to say... Rampage wasn't very happy being forced to do such boresome labor and made sure that Divebomb didn't miss his complaining.

When the two Predacons finally arrived near the storage, Divebomb was already a nervous wreck... ready to slash at Rampage if the tiger would let one more complain from its mouth. Luckily for Rampage this never happened as his attention was turned to the powercrystals.

"Oooo... shiny..." Divebomb whispered, excitement in his voice.

"Reminds me of human rockvideos..." Rampage thought aloud as he watched light being mirrored from the crystals to every direction possible.

"Should we start working Divebomb?" Rampage asked and received no answer. "Divebomb?"

"Divebomb! Snap out of it!" Rampage roared and slammed his claw against Divebomb's back, causing the eagle to tumble over.

"Huh? What was that for?" Divebomb said angrily and transformed into robot mode. "Hrmph... no sense just standing here... let's finish of what we came to do..."

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 10:38 PM
The Acolytes (on the Predacons instructions) stopped the regular Titanese from working and let them watch the strange animalesque envoys load the Power Crystals in their ship.

2002-12-15, 07:06 PM
While Rampage and Divebomb were working with loading their shuttle with the powercrystals, Razorclaw, Headstrong and Tantrum were relaxing from their flight within the temple of the Sky God.

"You have to admit that these flesh creatures are fools Mindwipe." Tantrum chuckled in Cybertronian. "Just look at them doing everything we want with no questions..."

Quick Switch
2002-12-16, 08:07 PM
Mindwipe leered, still in bat mode- not a pretty sight.

"Blah, indeed," he said.

"Don't be so crude Tantrum," Vorath spoke up from within Mindwipe's head. "These Titanese are valuable allies. I'd love to get a chance to study those Power Crystals...the Autobots should have kept this world when they had the chance."

Jero, performing some incantations, brought forward the little girl touched by Astrotrain. He set her down at Razorclaw's feet.

"Here, O Great Envoy, see the Child who the Sky God touched with his own hand! She is Blessed, truly!"

The little purple skinned girl peered up at the awesome lion with jaw agape, and managed a tiny wave.

2002-12-16, 10:25 PM
Razorclaw stared at the girl quietly, no emotion visible on his face. Yet from the corner of his optics he was looking at Mindwipe... not at the girl and Jero.

After few seconds had passed, Razorclaw spoke seemingly to the girl... in cybertronian...

"Truely... blessed be the child and the innocence of youth. Unlike this so called priest who believes being more than a mere vassal for the Sky God he so desperately worships." The leader of the Predacons spoke to Mindwipe even though from the point of the Titanese... he was speaking to them.

Quick Switch
2002-12-17, 01:09 AM
Mindwipe hissed through his metallic fangs as the eloquence of Razorclaw's speech hit him. Vorath too, was silent- not because he was ignorant; on the contrary, the Nebulan Science Minister was more than passable speaking in Cybertronian- but he too was touched.

Jero, of course, heard gibberish.

"Listen Child! 'Tis the God's Speech!" for that was the old priest's understanding of Cybertronian.

The girl, though not understanding the words, caught the soothing lilt of Razorclaw's first lines of dialogue, and smiled. She liked this big person.

Mindwipe's optics softened; an extraodrinary event, usually the color ranged from light magenta, when Mindwipe was deep in mystic communication or meditation, or bloody vermillion when engaging his formidable hypnotic powers. Now, they became a smooth cherry. On the bat's head, the display was even more surprising.

"Can...can we really destroy this race of poor sentients? Over explosive crystals? There...there must be another way to defeat the Autobots if they arrive.." the Headmaster spoke in Cybertronian to the Predacons.

For once in his life, the hypnotist was troubled. Unlike most Decepticons, the idea of genocide did not appeal to him.

2002-12-17, 02:08 PM
"Are you getting soft Mindwipe on your old age?" Tantrum grunted. "They are just fleshlings. Just fodder."

"Do we have the right you ask? It depends on the point of view. If you ask Teratron the answer is certainly yes. If you ask that hypocritical piece of junk Optimus Prime... it is no." Razorclaw replied to Mindwipe and turned to look at the bat.

"I am a soldier, a warrior by nature... a Decepticon by mind. I do what I have to do. Even if it means we have to destroy this world in order not to let it to fall to the hands of the enemy. And I do not deny that I enjoy my job. Yet, the people of Titan are not the enemy... they are civilians and in my personal opinion... they do not deserve to be destroyed for being on our way. But on the other hand... We cannot let these crystals to fall to the hands of the Autobots if we wish to survive ourselves." Razorclaw continued.

"Aww... *snort* I am so touched..." Headstrong sobbed...

Quick Switch
2002-12-17, 02:58 PM
"Blah!" Mindwipe grunted, waving his wings angrily at Tantrum. "Of course not!"

He listened to Razorclaw.

"Exactly. That is my point. I, too, understand my obligations as a Decepticon...but if there is some way we can save these people...take them off this planet...and somehow blame the destruction of Titan on the Autobots...we already have the Priests behind us...but if we do this, the regular Titanese will help us forever."

Mindwipe's optics glowed as he thought.

"The Autobots would be devestated. What a publicity coup for Astrotrain and Lord Teratron- 'Noble Decepticons saving race of humanoids from greedy Autobots'!"

2002-12-17, 04:33 PM
"Ah... hahahahah! I like your idea!" Razorclaw chuckled. "The irony... yesss... truely, the Autobots would indeed be devastated by such a turn of the events. One question still remains... how we are to do such a massive operation? Evacuating the people of Titan demands atleast Trypticon here and even he might not be enough."

Quick Switch
2002-12-17, 05:24 PM
Mindwipe thought.

"True. Trypticon will have to be detached for this mission...Astrotrain himself might have to oversee this mission, but I doubt he can leave Metrotitan at the moment...wait. The Stunticons aren't doing anything- send them here in a large shuttle, with Trypticon of course, to assist in the operation."

He nodded, sure of it.

"I know it is a large expdentiure of energy and resources, but this will reap divedends. Besides, we already have the Power Crystals...why not take full advantage of the situation? Razorclaw, will you make the call to Astrotrain to detach Trypticon and the Stunticons to Titan?"

2002-12-17, 08:32 PM
"No... you do it. Both Astrotrain and Teratron have more respect for you. It is better to do it that way... I will have Divebomb to prepare the communication systems of our shuttle for you." Razorclaw said and opened comm-link to Divebomb.

>"Razorclaw here. Ready our shuttle's interstellar communications... we need to contact Astrotrain."<

>"Roger that Razorclaw. There! It will be done within less than a breem!< Divebomb responded...

Quick Switch
2002-12-18, 04:27 PM
Mindwipe nodded, hopped out of the Temple, and flew off towards the shuttle.

Quick Switch
2002-12-20, 04:57 PM
Mindwipe entered the suttle and hopped past Divebomb to the controls.

"Blah, much obliged," he said to the eagle Predacon. Mindwipe transformed to robot mode and began his transmission (encoded, of course) to Metrotitan.

"Commander, this is Mindwipe. We have secured Titan and the Power Crystal mining is proceeding without problems. I wish to request the Stunticons be dispatched to the planet via shuttle, along with Trypticon. Do you copy?"

The bat was afraid to say more...

2002-12-21, 07:39 PM
"Well?" Divebomb asked from Mindwipe. "Did they agree?"

Quick Switch
2002-12-21, 11:38 PM
"I believe so," Mindwipe answered. "Astrotrain just sent a confirmation signal via binary."

2002-12-26, 08:00 PM
"Heh. Well... I'd assume you are not calling for Trypticon every day Mindwipe." Divebomb chuckled and began walking out of the shuttle.

"By the way... the cargobay is full. I and Rampage are going to get back to our brothers." He spoke and jumped off the shuttle, transformed into his eagle mode and sped off towards the temple of the Sky God.

Quick Switch
2002-12-28, 04:15 PM
Mindwipe flapped after the Predacons back to the Temple.

2003-01-01, 05:45 PM
A warpgate was opened near Titan and after few seconds had passed, an enormous form of a Decepticon battlefortress Trypticon entered the through it, heading for the moon nearby...

Meanwhile within the temple of the Sky God...

"A sensor alert from our shuttle... a spaceship over mile long has entered through a warpgate few thousand miles from Titan." Divebomb said, turning to look at Razorclaw. "The beacon signal is Decepticon one."

A satisfied smile grew on Razorclaw's lion face. "Trypticon. They were faster than we excepted or what do you say Mindwipe? Perhaps it is the time to go and greet our allies..."

Quick Switch
2003-01-02, 01:32 AM
The Stunticon shuttle folllowed through Trypticon's warpgate, smoothly gliding toward Titan on impulse power alone.

Dead End had a certain elegance when he was entrusted with a ship's helm...

"I hope we don't get a lot of attention," Breakdown muttered uneasily. "You know how I'm sensitive to that fact."

"Don't remind us!" Wildrider grunted, rubbing his sore spot from the infamous scuffle between the Stunticons a few months back.

"This is Shuttle Smokey, Titan Command," Motormaster rumbled. "No Bandits in pursuit, I repeat: no Bandits."


Mindwipe nodded, still in bat mode.

"Let us away!" and the hypnotist flapped out of the Temple to meet Trypticon and the Stunticons at the landing site.

2003-01-03, 09:13 PM
"It has been confirmed Razorclaw. Motormaster just contacted us." Divebomb said and looked at his team leader.

"Send them landing coordinates and then head after us and meet us back at our shuttle." Razorclaw commanded and led his Predacons after Mindwipe while Divebomb was left behind to contact Trypticon and the Stunticons with the communication device that he was carrying.

After setting up the transmitter, Divebomb contacted the arriving Decepticons. >"Divebomb to Shuttle Smokey and King 'Con. Proceed in landing to coordinates that are being transmitted to you. We'll meet you there."<

Quick Switch
2003-01-05, 03:42 PM
"Confirm," Motormaster replied to Divebomb, and Dead End guided the shuttle to the landing site.

2003-01-05, 09:18 PM
>"Roger that. Divebomb out."< Divebomb replied to Motormaster and headed towards the landing zone where the other Predacons and Mindwipe were already waiting.

Followed by furious roars of his brakethrusters, Trypticon landed next to the Decepticon shuttle that were used by the Predacons and Mindwipe to reach Titan earlier.

Even in his battlestation mode Trypticon towered easily over even the tallest buildings the Titanese had and dwarfed the Decepticons that were gathered near to the landing area that had been instructed to Trypticon beforehand.

"Greetings Trypticon. I trust your journey here went well?" Razorclaw greeted their massive ally.

"I wrecked several space pirate ships within subspace... other than that there wasn't any obstacles at all. I'd vague that we don't have to deal with space pirates within the subspace routes from Cybertron to Sol systems for few years now." Trypticon's voice boomed from his outer speakersystems. "But what interests me is why I was summoned here?"

Razorclaw turned to look at Mindwipe and nodded. "Perhaps you should enlighten Trypticon and the Stunticons?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-06, 03:00 PM
The Stunticons disembarked, and Motormaster elbowed his way to the front of the group across from Mindwipe and the Predacons.

"Astrotrain put a Headmaster in charge?" the truck scoffed.

"Heh, a Headley," Drag Strip guffawed.

"Who cares about being in charge? We're still on this backwater planet anyway..." Dead End huffed.

Mindwipe flapped his wings in an agitated manner.

"Silence, fools!" Vorath piped up from inside Mindwipe's braincase. "Commander Astrotrain has dispatched Mindwipe, the Predacons, and now Trypticon along with you rabble to protect this planet," The Nebulan Leader ex post facto replied.

"Blah, much obliged Vorath," Mindwpe smiled a toothy grin, fangs showing prominently. "Indeed. Astrotrain has dispatched us here to safeguard this planet against Autobot attack. This planet holds a massive supply of a pivotal energy source which we can use against the Autobots. It must not fall into their hands."

"In't this kinda overkill?" Motormaster scratched his head. "Us, them animal bots, an' Big T?"

"No, it is not. If the Autobots arrive, we are to join battle. If we finish operations here, we are to evacuate the planet before they arrive," Mindwipe answered. "Razorclaw, should we construct a defensive perimeter around the Mines?"

2003-01-06, 06:12 PM
Razorclaw shook his head, turning to look at Mindwipe. "What for? Why to waste resources to build something here when we are destined to withdraw if the Autobots show up."

Quick Switch
2003-01-06, 08:19 PM
Mindwipe shrugged.

"So it will look like the Autobots we aren't simply setting them up when they arrive here...if we are to make the destruction of Titan look convincing, we have to make it seem as if everything is normal- minus the Titanese population being there of course; they'd have already been evacuated to our shuttles."

2003-01-07, 07:36 PM
"Hrmph... doesn't the very fact that we have Trypticon here suffice? Do the Autobots really need more proof that we are serious than that?" Razorclaw asked from Mindwipe and turned to take a look at the enormous Decepticon battlestation parked only a hundred meter or so away from them.

Quick Switch
2003-01-07, 09:16 PM
Mindwipe scowled.

"I merely wish to make certain we do not become overconfident," the bat flapped his wings airily. "Should we begin the evacuation of the Titanese?"

2003-01-07, 10:05 PM
"Keep your cool Mindwipe. I was merely offering you my opinion of this situation. You are still in charge here." Razorclaw said and opened his jaws to yawn like lions on planet Earth.

"I couldn't care less when we evacuate these flesh creatures... but if we going along with maximizing our cover... I say we don't evacuate before our long range radars spot Autobots heading here." The Predacons leader said and turned his gaze towards the hypnotist and then towards Motormaster...

"Or what do you two have to say?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-08, 01:17 PM
Motormaster shrugged.

"Don't matter to me. The Stunticons can take the Autobots any time, any place, and twice on Sunday!"

Dead End laughed.

"Isn't that a vote of confidence!"

Motormaster wheeled on Dead End.

"Shut up!" He roared. "I won't tolerate this kinda of stuff in my squad!"

Mindwipe hastily broke in:

"Blah, yes, that sounds reasonable, Razorclaw. We'll just have to be alert- if and when the Autobots decide to reclaim this planet."

2003-01-14, 09:50 AM
Razorclaw nodded. "Yes. I think it is enough that we keep guard here. How many times Galvatron built any installations to the worlds he was raiding? I can't think of any. Besides... shouldn't the Titanese put more trust upon us if they see us engaging our common enemy without any assisting equipment to hide behind?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 05:38 PM
Mindwipe nodded.

"Blah, good point. The Titanese would trust us more. It's just...well, as you can see, I'm not built for combat as easily as the rest of you."

"Don't understimate Mindwipe's false show of cowardice," Vorath spoke up. "His hypnotic powers have been used quite well in combat- in certain situations. Remember, Astrotrain didn't mean for you to lead the charge against the Autobots- just help run this unit."

Mindwipe paused.

"True. In any case, Razorclaw, I agree."

Motormaster crossed his arms.

"Galvatron didn't build much, I reckon. More like tore everything up, and whooped on his troops when they had some sense to try to reason with him."

2003-01-15, 09:19 AM
"Bah... I could have used some action and now you say we can't even attack the Autobots if they show up." Tantrum grunted with frustration in his tone.

"True. But in his last months of existance Galvatron did redeem himself in my optics." Razorclaw responded to Motormaster.

Meanwhile Divebomb kept examining on of the powercrystals in his hands. "You sure the shuttle load of these is enough Mindwipe? Should fill Trypticon with these too?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-15, 09:46 PM
Motormaster shrugged.

"I guess. D'be better if Megatron was back in charge, though. Wish he weren't dead," the truck muttered.

Mindwipe pondered.

"Blah, good question. I'll ask Trypticon- how would you feel about storing potentially dangerous Power Crystals in your hold for the voyage home? They would do well in our hands against the Autobots, though I can't say it's without some risk to you, Trypticon."

2003-01-15, 10:28 PM
"I never really served under Megatron. We... the Predacons were created after he left to pursue the Ark and when he was revived we were running Shockwave's biddings on Cybertron. I never met him in person before he was turned to Galvatron but I have heard many of our Decepticon brothers praising him." Razorclaw spoke to Motormaster.

Meanwhile, Trypticon didn't consider Mindwipe's suggestion for long. "I fear nothing Mindwipe. Transporting those crystals should not provide fatal if my defenses are not penetrated first... which is something I hardly see happening. If the Empire needs these crystals I will obey."

Quick Switch
2003-01-15, 10:38 PM
Motormaster beamed.

"The Boss was always great. I mean, he created us first of all- even had his gang snatch bodies for us an' everything. Megatron always respected 'bots who put forward effort- and the Stunticons always did what was asked of 'em! I made it a point when Megatron said 'do this' it got done!"

Motormaster smiled.

"Megatron was the best, Razorclaw. Hot damn, was he tough as nails. I mean, sure, I'm King of the Road and everything, but he was somethin' else."

"Please, try not to be too modest- as if matters," Dead End rolled his optics.

Mindwipe nodded.

"Thank you, Trypticon. We'll begin loading the Power Crystals in a moment."

2003-01-17, 07:59 PM
The loading of the power crystals into Trypticon had began and even the Predacons, although with some resistance on their behalf before getting educated by Razorclaw had started to carry their share of the power crystals into the cargoholds of Trypticon.

Meanwhile Trypticon himself had commenced several of his service drones to keep watch on the crystals boarded inside him in order to detect even the slighest danger they might provide.

>"Tell me Mindwipe... would I be able to fire these crystals? If their destructive capacity is what I have been told of... I could destroy Fortress Maximus or Metroplex with few shots with these..."

Quick Switch
2003-01-18, 05:39 PM
Mindwipe thought.

"Blah, I don't really know. Astrotrain said they were very powerful...but I don't know about side effects."

2003-01-18, 07:07 PM
>"Well then... I suppose we must take these crystals to Cybertron to be experienced upon then as we don't have any scientists onboard."< Trypticon boomed through his speakers.

>"Tell me... how do these Titanese feel about our presence?"<

Quick Switch
2003-01-20, 03:22 AM
"Blah, the Titanese are greatful for us being here," Mindwipe replied.

2003-01-25, 08:11 PM
"It is done Mindwipe. Trypticon has been loaded with a number of power crystals that still allows the evacuation process of this moon taking place if needed." Razorclaw, this time in his robot form, spoke.

"I took the liberty of having the shuttles within Trypticon's hangar to be prepared for possible transportation purposes as well. Yet there is one thing that keeps me wondering..." The Predacons leader spoke, his optics shifting slightly in color.

"Why the Autobots haven't tried to interfere?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-26, 06:44 PM
"Blah, excellent," Mindwipe replied to Razorclaw. He turned to Trypticon, and gazed up. "Let's begin the evacuation, and detonate the moon as soon as the Autobots arrive, to frame them..."

2003-01-27, 06:26 PM
"There has been no sign of the Autobots heading here. It would be a waste to destroy this moon when we still can harvest powercrystals here without being molested." Razorclaw said, looking at Mindwipe attentively.

"We could station Trypticon to guard this moon while using the shuttles we have to transport the crystals to Cybertron."

Quick Switch
2003-01-27, 10:07 PM
Mindwipe hissed softly, opening and closing his bat head for a moment. He then turned to Razorclaw.

"Blah, yes...that would be suitable."

Motormaster cracked his knuckles.

"We're ready to go, boss," he chuckled. "This was even easier than the time I beat Prime at chicken!"

"Yeah!" Wildrider piped up.

"That was really somethin'!" Drag Strip chortled.

"Yep!" Breakdown said, averting his optics away from the Predacons. They were scary. Scary looking, scary acting. Best not to even notice them. Maybe he get out of here soon! He didn't like the Titanese either. All those people just looking at him...

"Did you, Motormaster? I thought Prime won that round. But then again, what difference does it make?" Dead End shrugged innocently enough.

Motormaster went purple.

"Just shut up you ninny!" Motormaster backhanded Dead End, who was flung into Breakdown, Drag Strip and Wildrider, who tumbled to the ground in a heap.

"Ah...Razorclaw, the Titanese will ride with us. The Stunticons can have their own shuttle. Yes...Trypticon, if the arrangement is acceptable, you will stay until the Autobots arrive, then destroy the moon once all the power crystals have been mined."

2003-01-31, 04:14 PM
>"I am ready to stay if this is the will of the Empire." Trypticon boomed, while the Predacons with the exception of Razorclaw were laughing at the stumbling Stunticons.

"You mean that we use the shuttles to evacuate Titanese to Cybertron?" Razorclaw asked from Mindwipe.

Quick Switch
2003-02-01, 07:13 PM
"Blah, that was my intention," Mindwipe replied to Razorclaw.

2003-02-03, 03:05 PM
Razorclaw moved closer to Mindwipe and spoke quietly. "There almost one shuttle per each one of us within Trypticons hangar. I am reluctant to assign Tantrum or Rampage to pilot any of those crafts and..."

The Predacons leader nodded towards the Stunticons. "I don't trust their capabilities either, excluding Motormaster of course."

Quick Switch
2003-02-03, 09:55 PM
Mindwipe hissed, opening his mouth in a grimace; his fangs glistened.

"With modifications..." Vorath spoke up. "Mindwipe's body could pilot one shuttle, and I could pilot another...with some assistance of course."

"Vorath is right," Mindwipe said, nodding. "As a Headmaster, I retain complete control of my body even if seperated. If Vorath focuses on piloting one shuttle, my mind can focus on helping my body pilot another."

2003-02-07, 12:12 PM
"So be it. I getting tired of this moon anyway. It has been months since I last time sunk my teeth into an Autobot." Razorclaw growled.

"We take few lead shuttles and place remotecontrollers into the rest and use both autopilot and the remotecontrolling to have all the shuttles to Cybertron so we don't need to travel between here and Cybertron for the next two weeks. This leaves our little fleet more vulnerable against possible attacks but I think it is worth of the risk." Razorclaw continued.

Divebomb walked in, nodding at both Mindwipe and Razorclaw. "Has the high priest of the Titanese been contacted about the evacuation of Titan? And... do we have a good explanation why we are doing this? Those creatures that have been helping us with loading the crystals to the shuttles are getting restless."

Quick Switch
2003-02-07, 02:02 PM
Mindwipe nodded.

"Agreed. Let's get to work."

Vorath answered Divebomb:

"No, Jero has not been notified yet. After the shuttles are re-configured, Mindwipe will probably speak to him and we can load the citizens up."

2003-02-08, 09:21 PM
"Well... better hurry then. Re-configuring few shuttles is not that big job with the help of Trypticon's drones. Not to mention that Scrapper made class A+ job with making our remotecontrollers so easy to use that even Rampage can install one with no problem." Divebomb said grinning and shot into the air after Razorclaw, heading towards Trypticon's open hangar bay.

Quick Switch
2003-02-09, 05:07 PM
The High Priest Jero, walking with a band of followers happened upon the temple the Decepticons were using, for the moment, as the temporary command base.

"How goes everything, emisaries of the Sky God?"

"Blah, going well, Jero," Mindwipe answered. "Prepare your people for a journey. We are evacuating Titan, for fear of a rival God's forces. It is for the people's own good, you understand."

Jero blanched.

"Well, of course. I will gather the people at once." Bowing, the High Priest left with his clique and sent the word out.

2003-02-13, 03:12 PM
>"Razorclaw to Mindwipe. The shuttles are ready for launch." Came a direct short range transmission from the Predacons commander to Mindwipe.

Quick Switch
2003-02-13, 04:51 PM
The Titanese appeared- the young, the old, and everyone in between. Jero led them to the shuttles.

"Blah, board yourselves," Mindwipe said. With that, the Titanese slowly made their way to the shuttles.

"We're all loaded up, Mindwipe," Motormaster drawled from his shuttle.

"Blah, prepare for take off," Mindwipe said, boarding the original shuttle with the Predacons. "All Decepticons, prepare for lift off to Cybertron!"

In the smaller cargo holds in the shuttles, the Titanese huddled. Their new future was about to begin.