View Full Version : [Original RPG] The Entrance of Doubledealer

Lord Zarak
2002-10-18, 02:15 PM
I have chosen this guy, and want to get him into the game, so I am gonna do what a few others in the past have done and have a thread dedicated to him, his intro etc in the hope that he can get into a current or future thread. Here goes......

Thunder rumbled across the planet. Lightning followed.

It was a desolate night on the planet of Nebulos. Still recovering from the scars that were still deep: many resented the coming of the Transformers. Lord Zarak had gone, as had many others. Because of his actions, Knok had been cast out of regular Nebulon society. A great scientist, he had fallen from grace because of the help he gave to Lord Zarak. He now lived a hermits existence in the woods of Nebulos.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-18, 09:03 PM
...did you get permission for this thread from one of the other GMs?

Quick Switch
2002-10-18, 09:12 PM
(OOC: Sorry, but I believe Bombshell played this guy before, and that he is dead. Am I mssing something?)

Lord Zarak
2002-10-20, 06:07 PM
Er, I think the word here may be


Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 02:45 PM
Thread closed, due to Doubledealer's fate already resolved.