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2002-10-22, 11:50 PM
Rodimus Convoy rode through the streets he had once called home as he rode up to the Iacon Command Center, which recognized his laser core imprint and allowed him inside. He transformed and began to search the base...making his way to the central unit of the center.

Autobots...this is Rodimus Convoy...your one true leader. I have come to end a cancer which dwells among us...meet me at the command center near Metroplex and all will be explained...Rodimus out!

Rodimus then transformed and made his way to Metroplex.

Quick Switch
2002-10-23, 03:30 AM
Delibarata quietly watched the exchange between Thunderwing and Rodimus Convoy. Then laughed.

"He is a magnificent pawn. And by the time the Autobots recover their senses from this delustional warrior, it will be too late. What is our next move?"


Quick Switch heard the transmission...but couldn't believe it.

What? Who dares....who dares to call themselves the true leader besides Optimus Prime? A...Rodimus Convoy? He's just another Hot Rod!....Of course...that young whelp will haunt the Autobots in all manner of forms.

"Optimus, what are you going to do in stopping this charlatan, and how can I help?" Quick Switch snarled, still in his beast mode running aside Prime in trailer mode.

God Jinrai
2002-10-23, 03:57 PM
had prime been in robot mode, he would have shook his head in disghust...

"This...quickswitch... is HE whom I mentioned not long ago... I don't know about his intentions... much less why he claims to be the true leader of the autobots... but this much I do know... If he's in the way of stopping thunderwing... we tear right through him... the chaos matrix MUST BE DESTROYED!"

In the background, a second mighty engine roars.. nearly as loudly as optimus prime's... and a second semi rig combo roars up into the pack of autobots....

"Optimus Prime... I've no time to explain myself, and who I am... but I bring with me my mentor... Alpha Trion... along with... friends whom you may have heard had become displaced... "

Prime recieved the comm as the rig roared into the pack...

"Acknowledged... Autobots, we've some extra reinforcements we hadn't anticipated... and from the looks of it... enough firepower to tenatively blow thunderwing's base clean off of cybertron!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-23, 04:04 PM
Quick Switch snarled again.

"As you command, Optimus! I will rip open Rodimus Convoy, or any other Transformer, that gets in our way! The Matrix will be destroyed!"


The Combatrons drove alongside Alpha in their vehicular modes.

"Greetings, Optimus Prime," Onslaught chuckled. "I look forward to working with you."

2002-10-23, 05:09 PM
enough firepower to tenatively blow thunderwing's base clean off of cybertron!" [/B]

"As if we didn't have the firepower to do that already" Blaze said from above the pack.

"Blaze, we know your mastery of fire is that strong, but at least try to be a bit humble about it!" Frost snapped. "Must you be so.. so.."

"Insufferable?" Blaze finished.

"Yes, that's definatly it!" Frost replied. "Elementals assume attack formation, Blaze and Shock, try to keep your powers in check" she commanded.

"Why boss? Blaze asked as she took up position to Frost's right.

"Yeah-why?" Shock asks as she takes up her position on Frost's left.

"This isn't Phyrexia, that's why" Gale replied as she took up her position behind Frost.

"Gale is correct, if you two used your full powers it would do more harm then good. I doubt destroying several square miles each would be considered beneficial in this case" Frost said.

"Ok, I'll try to keep it down a few notches, can't garantee anything though" Blaze said with her bird head grinning.

"Same-goes-for-me" Shock said in her usual fast voice.

Gale shuddered. She knew only too well how devastating her attacks were, and she was the weakest member. I hope this world doesn't end like Phyrexia did

2002-10-23, 05:14 PM
Roadbuster: -still on way with Springer to their original destination, hears Rodimus Convoy's announcement, switches to Rodimus' frequency- "Bite me, fanboy! The day I take orders from a schmuck like you is the day I become a Decepticon!"


Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -following along behind the Combatrons-

Siren: "Uh, boss.... they do realize that we're unarmed, right?"

Muzzle: "One can hope."

Nightbeat: "Although if Thunderwing gets taken down, I wouldn't mind grabbing his cyclone cannon. If this version has one, that is."

God Jinrai
2002-10-23, 07:01 PM
alpha convoy barely heard the dialog between the headmasters and spoke up..

"Pull onboard then... I'm ONLY a rolling armory, my friends...."

he grinned to himself as he lowered the access ramp for the box trailer, some sparks flying as the ramp leveled off so the headmasters could drive on-board

2002-10-23, 11:59 PM
Jazz got the communication from Rodimus groaning "Too Late, this guys seems to be with ThunderWing gotta get to Prime ASAP tell him that we've got Quintessons on the radar"

Jazz pulling a tight e-brake turn turning into a 180 the back wheel spinning not moving for a second then speeding forward.

"QuickSwitch SixSwitch Optimus One of you come in Rodimus went with some Quintessons and I'm guessing Thunderwing is with them. Sunstreaker is back tracking to the Quintesson ship I get the sudden feeling he thinks Rodimus and them are still there"

Fastforward heard the communication blinking "Where'd that come from. Gotta jam it" he said to himself immdeatly going through every wave length to jam Rodimus Convoy's transmission.

Powerblade looked up and nodded "Metroplex" he muttered standing up and heading for Metro-titan.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF PRIMUS!" Ratchet screamed standing up "Whats going on here, Rodimus?! Metroplex isn't even Autobot controlled anymore" he said to himself standing up and transforming "I must stop this round up everyone who tries to get there"

He rolled out through Iacon's corridors moving toward Metro-titan.

"How much longer Redwing?" Blaster asked his and Wheeljack's shuttle and pilot at the time.

Sunstreaker groaned as the transmission comes in "Oh man this is not good" he says to himself beginning t turn the shuttle around missing the Warcons ship.

Quick Switch
2002-10-24, 01:39 AM
Quick Switch heard the transmission from Jazz.

Wonderful...Quintesson involvement. Could this situation have gotten any worse?

2002-10-24, 04:49 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -get into Alpha Convoy's trailer and transform-

Nightbeat: -looks back at Minerva- "Aren't you going to come in?"

Minerva: "I can't. I don't want a gun. I'm a doctor."

Nightbeat: "What if he's got a stun blaster in here?"

Minerva: "If he's got one, I'll take it. I hope I won't have to use it, though."

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehhead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -rearm-


Roadbuster: -switches back to original frequency- "What're we going to be facing when we get where we're going, anyway?"

Quick Switch
2002-10-24, 05:41 AM
"Thunderwing and his squad, and evidently some Quintessons," Quick Switch replied to Roadbuster, still running in beast mode, adding a snarl. "Be prepared."

2002-10-24, 07:55 AM
Somewere near the area where Optimus Prime is...a car starts following the autobots....the car looks wrecked but it can still drive fast and quietly.

OOC: sorry for my long absence...yikes i missed a lot.

2002-10-24, 01:44 PM
Roadbuster: -still following Springer to coordinates, over commlink to Quick Switch- "Then you better hope you get there before the Wreckers do. 'Cause if we get there first, there won't be enough left of Thunderwing and his people to recycle!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-24, 07:06 PM
"I'll hold you to your word, Roadbuster!" Quick Switch replied.

2002-10-25, 01:16 AM
Nightbeat: -listening to the conversation between Roadbuster and Quick Switch while looking for a stun blaster for Minerva- "Aren't there only two Wreckers left?"

Chromedome: -transforms- "I think so. This could be bad, couldn't it."

Hardhead: "Probably. Not sure for who, though."

Nightbeat: -grabs a stun blaster for Minerva- "If Thunderwing is anywhere near as powerful with the Chaos matrix as he was with the Creation Matrix, Roadbuster and Springer'll be dead by the time we get there." -sighs- "Oh, bloody hell.... Minerva, stay with the main group. The rest of us and anybody who thinks they can keep up are going to join Roadbuster and Springer!"

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -transform-

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -leave Alpha Convoy's trailer and floor it to join Roadbuster and Springer-

2002-10-25, 01:49 AM
The robot sends a transmission to Prime as he stops and stops following the other aautobots

"Prime.....its me.....Kup..long time no see leader..so wahts up?...im fine...just woke up a few hours ago somewhere here...where are you all going? can you fill me in on the events", the robot said as he sends the weak transmission to Prime as he tries to conserve some of his energy.

Quick Switch
2002-10-25, 02:19 AM
Delibarata moved to the comm area of his Spiral Ship, as the indicators suddenly flashed.

"Thunderwing, my ship's radar is picking up Autobot energy signals, heading this way..."

The Judge's main face glared at the Decepticon aristocrat.

The computer bleeped again. Delibarata whirled around again.

"A specific signature has been detected..." Delibarata gasped. "It...it is Optimus Prime! He is leading the task force here!" The Quintesson Judge whisked away from the radar.

The Sharkticons and Alligatorcons qualied as soon as the Autobot Leader's name was mentioned.

"What are we to do, Thunderwing? Can the Horrocons defeat the Autobots on their own? We are rather overextended here!" Delibarata tried to keep the panic out of his voice.

"We can still lift on and regroup at a later time to collect the Seekers and Rodimus Convoy! And my Ship's weaponry could be used from the air more effectively on the ground!"

2002-10-25, 04:50 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -on an intercept course to meet up with Roadbuster and Springer-

Nightbeat: "Brainstorm, kick in the afterburners and get to them now!"

Brainstorm: "Roger, commander." -kicks in afterburners, speeds away-

Chromedome: "We didn't fare that well against Thunderwing when he was boosted like this last time. And this time he's got friends."

Siren: "What's to worry about? Nightbeat saved us last time, he'll save us this time."

Nightbeat: "But this time, we're not in deep space aboard the Ark, nor do we have a shuttle with spear gun to harpoon him with, then let it drift into space and self destruct. Although his friends, from all reports, do have a ship......"

Siren: "What are you thinking?"

Nightbeat: "We do the first annual Cybertronian reinactment of the crashing of the Hindenburg, with Thunderwing and his cronies as the passengers and crew........ I just hope we've got the firepower to pull this off."

2002-10-25, 07:33 PM
OO c- *pokes Philly*

Finally, Lockpick stops "Wait.Let's set up now..." she opens her box and pulls out... flat black spray paint. She starts to spray it all over her. "CAn ya get my back?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-25, 09:07 PM
Springer kept charging forwards he'd listened to all the communications, he knew the risks ahead, the possibilites that this new type of matrix provided Thunderwing.

He'd gone so long without a battle that none of it mattered, as the battle soon approached the sun dawned, over the crest of Cybertron. As the sky filled with light Springer realised that the Wreckers were fast approaching the pre-arranged co-ordinates.

Transforming back into his robot mode, but continuing pace Springer noticed that the only sounds that could be heard were the roars of the engines behind him, and his own heavy footfalls on Cybertron's surface.

The war was already raging in Springer's mind, his only focus? Taking down Thunderwing, tearing the matrix from his chest and casting it into deep space...

2002-10-26, 03:11 AM
Redstreak looks at Prime. "Just give the word and I'll imbue you with my powers," he says. "Though certainly things are looking good on the reinforcement front."


Alpha Trion remained in Convoy's trailer, sitting silently. Things were coming together for an awesome confrontation, and he worried what might happen.


"Not long," Red Wing says. "Maybe ten minutes. My vectors are straightening out, so I think I've got a lock on the coordinates."

2002-10-26, 05:30 AM
Roadbuster: -transforms behind Springer, pulling the grenade launcher from his leg holster and the linear blaster from subspace, charging along behind Springer-

Brainstorm: -catches up, transforms, lands next to Roadbuster, starts keeping pace with the Wrecker- "Nightbeat and the others are coming. He said that just you two alone would probably be dead by the time the rest of us got here!"

Roadbuster: "It would be a good death....."


Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -catching up with Roadbuster, Springer, and Brainstorm-


Minerva: -keeping pace with Prime, Magnus, and the others-

2002-10-26, 05:42 AM
Blaster nodded after Red wing spoke.

"Almost time to beat down Decepti-creeps" Blaster slapped his hands together the metal ringing out in the cockpit.

Wheeljack nodded continuing to imput the data of what Red Wing had lost.

Jazz sped as fast as he could towards Optimus and the others.

"Gotta move to get into the action" he said flipping into another gear and speeding up


Sunstreaker landed the small Autobot shuttle outside of Metro-Titan standing up and exiting looking around.

"Been a long time since I had to look at this place" The autobot says to himself stepping forward "They best not have messed up my quarters that badly." With that Sunstreaker begins to approach.

2002-10-26, 04:11 PM
You people realize that for this angle to work some of the Autobots have to either be affected by the Chaos Matrix or just willingly join Rodimus...RIGHT?!?

Rodimus proceeded to speak from Metroplex.

Rodimus: "Autobots...do you not grow weary of the constant war? Is it not time for us to lay down our arms and have final peace? Final Victory? I can give that to you! There is but one Autobot leader that can give peace to us all...that can end the destructive wars that haunt our homeland, threatening its very existance! Its time to make a stand Autobots...its time to make a change...my fellow Autobots...find your true selves and stand with me! Till all are one!"

At that moment, Metroplex transformed into Robot mode...

Metro: "I stand with you Rodiumus..."

Elsewhere: Pointblank heard the words...and the feeling gnawing at him became too much...without saying a word...he broke from the ranks of the Wreckers and went to Rodimus Convoy.

Pointblank: "We're in..."

Rodimus: "It has started then..."

2002-10-26, 07:00 PM
Awakening finally from a long recuperative Slumber to Rodimus' words, Sky Garry is shocked at this... Optimus is the enemy? He couldn't beleive it. He talks with Shotbomber, but they decide to remain loyal to Optimus, if need be.

Taikoon, in his draconic mode, is curled up somewhere near Autobase, in a nearly catatonic state from lack of fuel.

2002-10-26, 07:39 PM
A goldish tank drives up, and screeches to a stop near Rodimus. Transforming, Torque stands before them. "Rodimus..." he says with a smile. "I knew you'd come back."

2002-10-26, 11:17 PM
The feeling within Sunstreaker began to change as he came closer to Metro-Titan. Rodimus was the true leader he had to be he was the Chosen One. Prime emptied the matrix... almost destroyed it. He had to stop Prime "Till all are one" Sunstreaker said transforming and rolling towards Rodimus.

"How much longer now Redwing My trigger finger is gettin' itchy like a gangsta" Blaster said holding his Electro-Scrambler "There are Decepticons tryin' to re-start a war so hurry up with the flyin so those Decepti-creeps can start the Dyin'"

Wheeljack looked at Blaster "A little too enthusiastic don't you think?" He asked of Blaster.

"Hey man I was just gettin' used to the whole peace thing then these fools have to go mess it up" Blaster replied.

Jazz transformed in mid-drive beginning to run as the other Autobots were close enough to see now. "Here I come guys don't you worry" Jazz hopped over a small crevice then transformed back into the Porche continueing towards the strike force.

2002-10-27, 03:21 AM
After Kup catches up with the other Autobots, he picks up a signal with the voice of Rodimus Prime

"RODIMUS?!....I thought he was still Hot Rod?", Kup thought as he drove off.

2002-10-27, 03:37 AM
Roadbuster: -still charging forward, goes back to Rodimus' frequency- "I know what my true self is, Rodimus! And it doesn't want to follow you, either!"

Brainstorm: -running along behind Roadbuster, thinking to himself- 'Rodimus does have a point......'


Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -catching up with Roadbuster and Brainstorm-

Hosehead: "Boss, what Rodimus is saying does kinda make sense."

Siren: "After everything we've been through, Hosehead, you just want to give up?"

Hosehead: "Well, no.... but aren't we fighting for peace?"

Chromedome: "The way he's advocating is wrong! It won't work! The Decepticons will wipe us out if we stop fighting!"

Nightbeat: "Uh, guys......."

Hosehead: "It worked for Ghandi."

Nightbeat: "Guys."

Chromedome: "I studied the history files, too, Hosehead. Ghandi died for his beliefs, but he wasn't in the middle of a war!"

Nightbeat: "GUYS!!"

Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -unison- "What?"

Nightbeat: "Thunderwing is using him to break up his opposition! If the Autobots coming to attack him are divided, they won't be nearly as effective! THUNDERWING'S ARMY IS BEING BUILT BY RODIMUS!"


Minerva: -listening to what Rodimus is saying-

God Jinrai
2002-10-27, 04:29 AM
"...Which is PRECISELY why I can't afford to lose any of you whom are with me now!" shouted prime

"If Rodimus rallies the support I fear he will... I will need every last one of you if we're to destroy thunderwing! ALL OF YOU! I beg you... follow your sparks... do..what you know to be right... and true..."

With those words, Prime lurched forward at an even more rapid pace... suddenly separating from his trailer, transforming, and opening fire on the blast doors to thunderwing's base... the trailer transformed, weapon systems comming online and commenced firing on the same blast doors

2002-10-27, 05:07 AM
"I see your point there leader", Kup said as he quickly catches up to Prim and transforms and starts firing the blast doors as well.

2002-10-27, 09:13 AM
As soon as Blaze saw Prime and the others attacking the blast doors, she transformed from her bird to her robot form and sent a fireball at the door intent on melting the doors down. The other Elementals transformed as well.

"Gale, Shock, be ready to take care of any defenses. Blaze and myself will deal with those doors" Frost ordered as she threw a ball of glowing blue energy, on contact the ball would instantly freeze the door. With Blaze overheating the doors and me freezing them, they will crack in no time

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-27, 09:30 AM
The WarCons ship had stopped moveing entirely, There intended Victims had just passed them up and they were probably laughing at them as they went.

Muck: That was a bust...What now Leader...

Apocalypse folded his massive arms and lowered his head a bit thinking, This went on for several minutes until he brough his head up and began to pass the commands through his Neural link with the others

Tempest,Muck,Fury,Shell: Yes SIR!

With the Acknowledgement of Apocalypses command the WarCons ship was started on a new course, The Earth

OOC: Man I am behind, I hadnt realized that the other thread was closed. I had been sitting there for days wondering why no one was posting in that thread and just now did I see the lock Icon..I must try and not get behind like this.

2002-10-27, 02:36 PM
Sixswitch snarled, and leapt, but bounced off the solid doors, his tiger claws not even denting it. As he hit the ground, he transformed into tank mode, his turret swivelling, intent on pounding more firepower into the doors.


Omega Supreme heard Rodimus Convoy's message over the comm frequency.
"Till all are one." he repeated, then shook his head. Suddenly, he felt a sensation deep in his spark, as if it had been jolted by some unseen force.
"Till all are one." he said again. Stronger and louder this time.

Suddenly, he stood up, tearing the support wires away from his body, and raised his arm. A whining sound emerged from his plasma cannon, and as it reached a crescendo, a bolt of blue energy blasted into the ceiling of the med bay, causing it to come crashing down. The chunks of metal bounced off the huge Guardian, but the medics scurrying for the door weren't so lucky as they were crushed.

He transformed into rocket mode, and boosted out through the hole he had just created, alert sirens blaring through Iacon signalling his departure.

Seconds later, he sighted Metroplex, and Rodimus standing next to him. He powered himself towards the surface, transforming into his robot mode, and landing with a crunch onto the surface of the planet.

"Logic acceptable, support acquired." he told his new leader.


"Peace?" Thorr growled.
"That's what Prime's been trying for for the past ten million years, and now this fool thinks he knows better?"
"Calm down Thorr," Apollo told his team mate."
"He's right though," Sun Runner said.
"We can't support Rodimus Convoy."
He turned to Vanguard.
"Can we?"

"No," Vanguard replied without hessitation.
"We must stick by our leader."
"So we best get to him as soon as we can," Mercury said.
"Right," Thorr said, "lets go."
Vanguard nodded, and the five Cosmobots took off for Prime's location.

2002-10-27, 06:17 PM
Taikoon stirred a little bit in his sleep, tail twitching. .. near, there was fuel nearby. Fuel he could use. Fuel he NEEDED. His eyes open, a hungry bright red. With a hiss, the dragon unwrapped his head, and snapped it upwrads out of the crevice he had been sleeping in...

Right at the jumping Jazz.

Quick Switch
2002-10-27, 07:25 PM
Quick Switch transformed to drill tank mode, and the massive drill bit sank into the doors as Quick Switch drove forward.

"You think this'll stop the Glorious Forces of Optimus Prime, Thunderwing?" The Six Changer bellowed. "You are mistaken!"

The drill bored through along with the other attacks...


Meanwhile, inside the Base...

Delibarata was becoming frequently more anxious.

"Thunderwing! The Autobots are at the blast doors! Where is Rodimus Convoy and his forces? Power up the ship!" The Quintesson Judge snarled to his aides.

The Sharkticons and Alligatorcons scrambled on board, and powered up the ship, and trained the cannons on the blast doors, waiting for the Autobots to pour through.

"Our position has become unstable! Board and we shall flee!" Delibarata entered his ship and sat on the Captain's chair. "Take off as soon as you see the damnable Optimus Prime's rig burst through!"

A Sharkticon activated the anterior cannon on the apex of the corkscrew, fired, and blasted a hole through the roof, causing a hole large enough for the ship to escape.

2002-10-27, 09:42 PM
(OOC: Are Thunderwing and Rodimus Convoy in the same place?)

Roadbuster and Brainstorm: -standing outside of Thunderwing's base-

Roadbuster: "We have to get in there!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-27, 10:31 PM
Springer watched as the calm ensued into chaos before his eyes. He was a trained warrior, as such he always studied his surroundings, took in every little detail mattered, in the heat of battle, it could easily mean the difference between life and death.

"Roadbuster, fall back, something's not right..."

Springer noticed the lack of any defensive weaponry, the lack of retaliation, it was almost as if Thunderwing wanted the Autobots to breach the defensive walls.


"Thunderwing, the Autobots....they're falling for it..."

Sixshot was in an almost stunned disbelief that the foes he'd battled against for so long were easily divided by the promise of peace as opposed to Prime's offensive attitude...

"...how easily they are swayed..."

God Jinrai
2002-10-28, 01:11 AM
"RAAAGH! ENOUGH! QUICKSWITCH SIXSWITCH! ALL OF YOU! BACK! NOW!" Prime roared, his optics burning red


with the mighty roar, Bumblebee, in his armada esque incarination, along with highwire, sureshock and grindor transformed, latching onto the powerlink points on prime's combined form... jetstorm, runway and sonar had a different course of action to take... combining into the mighty blade, known as the Star Saber...


Prime's massive cannon was level with the blast doors, and a massive burst of plasma burst forth... as well as several bursts from subspace around him... his auxilliary weaponry, such as the hip cannons and shin mounted rocket launchers opened fire as well, set to blow the door as well as anyone close by to kingdom come

2002-10-28, 01:24 AM
Redstreak didn't move, instead closing a shell of some type in around himself. Prime's attack, regardless of radius, would be ineffective. He didn't like ducking for cover; instead prefering to stand by his leader at this, a key moment.


Red Wing swings around, and sets down. "I believe we have arrived," he says.

2002-10-28, 02:57 AM
Jazz looked down as his leg was snatched mid jump. "WHOA!" He cried out. "What in the blue he..." he looked down seeing the dargon knoweing immdeatly.

"Taikoon Man it's me Jazz. Not some Decepticon let me go"

Blaster nodded. "Alright! Lets rock some Decepticon seekers back to the 1st great war" He hopped out of Redwing immdeatly running to the others firing at Thunderwings base.

Wheeljack kept working "Just a minute or two more Redwing" he said continuing to punch in data.

Ratchet aswell as Sunstreaker and Rodimus Prime had fallen under the powers of the Chaos Matrix going to Rodimus Prime to follow him into battle.

Karandras watched the WarCon ship begin to turn away frowning. "Could always chase them" he said to himself marking their trajectory, earth most likley. He could beat them there easily if he really wanted that confrontation but then again it could be 30 guys on board or it could be one.

Quick Switch
2002-10-28, 03:01 AM
Quick Switch drove backward and watched the display...


Delibarata was sweating now.

"Where is our support!?!" he barked.

2002-10-28, 03:35 AM
The dragon bit down once, before forcing itself to release his friend as he crawls out of the crevice, head panning back and forth, his body taught. "J... Jazz?" he asks, voice confused "so hungry... " he sniffs at Jazz' leg again as though about to eat it.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-28, 03:45 AM
The WarCons ship drew ever closer to earth, But still hours of travel would be needed. But once they touched down...They would show the Universe just what they are made of, The Alien Technology made them extrodinarily tough.

OOC: Oh! I hope I get a good fight!, So badly do i want to use the Warcons like they were built.

2002-10-28, 05:20 AM
Roadbuster: -grabs Brainstorm, drags him back at Springer's warning-

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, hardhead, and Minerva: -come running over to Roadbuster, Brainstorm, and Springer-

Nightbeat: -looking at the fortress- "Not as far away as I thought."

Brainstorm: "We should be in there."

Chromedome: "Exactly my thought."

Brainstorm: "Rodimus will need our help."

Chromedome: -does a double take- "What?!?!?!?"

Brainstorm: "Chromedome, Hardhead.... you both know what this war did to Master Star... to Cybertron.... Why are we still fighting? War is pointless!"

Hardhead: "Brainstorm, we can't! This is war! No quarter asked or given! If we lay down our guns, we'll be slaughtered!"

Brainstorm: "But..."

Minerva: "Don't let them try to sway you, Brainstorm!"

Nightbeat: "Minerva!"

Minerva: "Rodimus is right! Surrender is the only way! We can trust the...."-thinks for a moment- "Decepticons?"

Nightbeat: "Sounds wrong, doesn't it."

Minerva: -confused, nods-

Nightbeat: "I can feel it too. Something in that Chaos Matrix must be trying to mess with our heads. Some aren't affected, because there are no thoughts or longing for peace in their minds..... Right, Roadbuster?"

Roadbuster: -looks over at Springer, misses Nightbeat's comment- "So which one do you want to kill, Rodimus or Thunderwing?"

Nightbeat: "Part of me wants to lay down my gun and join Rodimus. Siren and Hosehead are probably the same way." -looks over at Chromedome and Hardhead- "What about you two?"

Chromedome: "The war will end when the Decepticons are defeated."

Hardhead: -nods in agreement-

2002-10-28, 11:02 AM
The Elementals withdrew and took up position in the sky behind Prime. They adopt a T formation with Blaze to Frost's right, Shock to Frost's left and Gale below Frost. Should things turn for the worse, they'd be prepared.

2002-10-28, 11:53 AM
Kup steps back and follows Prime's orders..but suddenlly he feels something inside of him......and within a second., a light starts coming from inside of him and he falls to his knees in pain and screams....it feels like his internal circuits are feeling the effects of the neucleon again.....all he can do is kneel on the ground and scream in pain while the fight still goes on

OOC; thope this is ok...I just dunno what to do yet

Quick Switch
2002-10-28, 01:43 PM
Delibarata contacted the Imperial Magistrate on Quintessa...

"Excellency, I regret to inform that...I may be returning soon."

The Magistrate's raspy vocoder sliced through the tense air from the comm.

"Failure was not an option, Judge Delibarata! How do you account for this?"

Delibarata began pacing.

"Excellency, I contacted Thunderwing and secured the alliance. I have Galvatron's body and he is ready for transport back to Quintessa. The new Techno-Orgnics Primacron developed were let loose, but they haven't leeched enough power yet to be effective."

Primacron's voice broke in, in simian shrill-like fashion:

"That's because you didn't accelerate the growth potential as I told your idiot warriors to do! My genius is once again perverted by stupidity. Feh."

Delibarata burned at the insult from the scientist.

"Be that as it may," the Inquisitor broke in the discussion. "Do you have a failsafe to retreat?"

"Of course I do," Delibarata snarled. "Standard escape pods. I have a flight vector once the Autobots break through. I'm merely waiting for Thunderwing to board. And...I also have the new technology the Magistrate has made standard procedure."

"Very good. If possible, escape via your ship. If not, use the new devices. Do not be taken alive." The Magistrate commanded.

"Yes, my Master," the Judge replied. He then looked out the viewport and saw the blast doors being pounded, drilled through and melted...but they still held, for now.

2002-10-28, 06:14 PM
Hot Rod did as he was told, transforming and getting the stuff on Lockpick's back and started to go on, "Well actually we may not be able to get the Choas Matrix but we should be able to help still. From his current position Hot Rod could see the Autobots gathered near Thunderwing's base. "For example we can hurry up and help the Autobots open that door... I mean if Prime doesn't open it himself." But Hot Rod was having such a good time getting the stuff on her back that he didn't hear Rodimus Convoy's transmission.

"Blast I knew it." Ultra Magnus pounded his fist in the palm of his other hand. "It's got to be a copy of Rodimus Prime, I passed Hot Rod and Lockpick on the way here. "Alpha Trion... what should we do? Stay here with Prime or check out this Rodimus Convoy?"

2002-10-28, 06:21 PM
Lockpick nods. "I can do that. Doors all follow the same basic flaws for opening. Course, after that pounding its likely broken." she finishes with the spray paint and takes a breath "Let's go." she transofmrs again and flies towrds the others gathered there. "Hey guys. Why don'tcha let me have a go at that door?"

2002-10-28, 07:20 PM
(OOC: I'm going to auto the Technobots for a while, if no one minds.)

At Metroplex...

"I don't get it," Strafe started. "I thought Rodimus Prime was turned back into Hot Rod when Optimus got revived coupl'a years back."

Afterburner folded his arms over his chest and listened to Rodimus' speech.

"He was," Lightspeed replied. "But this is Rodimus Convoy. They look and speak exactly the same, but this one is a bit different..."

Nosecone raised an optic-ridge and turned to his fellows.

"I don't get it," Strafe repeated.

"Whatever," Scattershot interjected as he brushed past them. "Rodimus is our leader. Always has been, always gonna be. I don't care how many names he's got; if the first one starts with 'Rod', we follow him."

Lightspeed gasped. "But Scattershot, Optimus Prime is an excellent warrior and tactician! He's universally revered as the Autobots' greatest leader!"

"So," Afterburner began, ignoring Lightspeed. "You want us to just stop fighting, Scattershot?"

Scattershot grinned. "Naw. Rod's got big ideals, but he's going about it the wrong way. The war ain't over. We'll follow Rodimus, but we'll do it our own way."

Afterburner smiled at the compromise. The Technobots collectively glanced at each other for consensual approval, then charged up the hill between themselves and Rodimus Convoy. They raised their hands, opened their mouths, and chanted...

"Till all are one!" Grand's voice cried over Maximus' external loudspeakers as the ship roared over the Technobots' heads. "My brother told me many great things of your legacy, Rodimus Convoy. I will take his place, by your side!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-28, 09:14 PM
The Combatrons continued to drive with Alpha...

"What is your plan, Alpha? Simply assist Optimus Prime in blasting Thunderwing to oblivion?"


Delibarata bellowed down to Thunderwing.

"Thunderwing! Summon Rodimus Convoy and his forces! We are outnumbered and tactically weak! If you do not summon him, then at least board my ship so we can flee!"

The twenty Sharkticons and Alligatorcons manned various cannons and were aiming, waiting for any Autobot breeches...

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-28, 10:51 PM
The WarCons ship reached and broke through earths atmosphere, their Destination Seattle...Their Goal...War, Would they get what they wanted?

God Jinrai
2002-10-28, 11:19 PM
"No, Combaticons... the door alone is not the problem... those turrets ARE however!"

Alpha convoy skidded to a halt, opening the driver side door that alpha trion would be able to escape into the shadows...

"Onslaught, it's your call... remain as individuals, or combine. it matters not. but those turrets and the ship need taken down!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 12:15 AM
(OOC: The blast doors are still up, yes?)

Onslaught ordered the Combatrons to stop.

"All right. Combatrons, combine!"

Bruticus formed in after a few seconds.

"Thunderwing shall perish!" Bruticus roared, moving forward to rend some of the door turrents off the wall with his bare hands.

2002-10-29, 12:52 AM
Jazz shooks his head looking towards the battle explosions showing it had started then back to Taikoon. "Man we gotta get you some Energy is there anything left on your ship" he asked

Wheeljack unplugged the small computer from Redwing "Alright that should do it now lets get to fighting" He said hopping out so Redwing could transform.

Blaster continued to fire on the still standing but slowly cracking blast doors.

Sunstreaker stood near Rodimus Convoy Ratchet beside him.

"What are your Orders Rodimus?" Sunstreaker asked.

Karandras shrugged as the Warcon ship drifted to earth the Eldar sensors still picking them up easily. "Guess I teleport" he said to him self closing his eyes his body touching the ship already so that was definatly coming with him. The blue light encased the entire shuttle vanishing from it's place and a few seconds later landing only a mile away from the Warcon ship. "Now then" pressing afew buttons in the shuttle and standing up athe mecha gear fell from the ceiling. Karandras put it on as the mecha traqnsformed and jumped up taking on Karandras' smirk and floating towards his target.

2002-10-29, 01:37 AM
Thunderwing: "Decepticons...we are under Autobot attack...finish your meetings with Teratron and return to assist as quickly as possible..."

Thunderwing turned to the few that remained with him.

TW: "They want me...the rest of you are unknown to them...I shall go forth onto the battlefield and show them what true power is all about...remain here and join me only when the others return."

Thunderwing then sent a message to Rodimus Convoy: "RC, the Autobots under Prime are preparing a massive assault against us...I shall make a stand, but I don't know how long i will be able to hold out...
Rodimus Convoy looked at those who were now gathering near him.

RC: "My Autobots, a Decepticon known as Thunderwing has made me aware of an unprovoked attack by Optimus Prime. It is time to make a show of force...to show Optimus that he must make peace once and for all...Autobots...transform...and roll out!"

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-29, 02:26 AM
The side door of the WarCons ship opened up, And the five Massive Decepticons approached the door, Jumped out and Transformed into Vehicle mode. When they hit the ground they made a crater from which they emerged from and began fireing their weapons on everything, Bolts of Plasma, Missiles, Bullets, Massive Tank shells, Electric surges and Charged Particle Blasts ripped forth through the buildings. This was the WarCons Declaration of War, And would surely draw the attention of any Auito-bots or Decepticons that defied Lord ThunderWing in the process.

OOC: this is going to be fun!

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 02:59 AM
Delibarata barked at the Decepticon aristocrat from his chair inside the Spiral Ship.

"Thunderwing, don't be a fool! Stall them into Rodimus Convoy's forces arrive!"

The Judge turned to his robotic minions.

"Shoot any Prime loyalist that comes near us as soon as Thunderwing opens the blast doors."

2002-10-29, 05:00 AM
Nightbeat: "Guys, I just had a horrible thought...."

Chromedome: "What?"

Nightbeat: "We know we're being affected, but we're fighting it off for the most part, probably because we're not from around here. But what about the ones who are from around here?"

Siren: "Roadbuster seems to be doing okay."

Nightbeat: "Roadbuster has no thoughts of peace in his mind. Although we're all dead if the matrix starts twisting his mind to evil."

Hosehead: "Should I just make my will out now, or later?"

Nightbeat: "Let's wait until he snaps for that. I'm worried right now about who all Rodimus has managed to turn. If there's a lot of them and a few of us, it'll be like the Alamo around here."

2002-10-29, 05:01 AM
"Prime is the true leader," Alpha says to Magnus. "We must stay at his side or all will be lost."


Red Wing looks around, trying to gauge the situation. Seeing Blaster firing at the blast doors, he decides to do the same, firing from his arm cannons.


Torque smiles at Rodimus. "Now that's action." He then transforms.

2002-10-29, 05:52 AM
Sunstreaker shook his head, he knew this was wrong now, Thunderwing was a Decepticon, he knew what their plan was and Rodimus was taking their side, how could he be so blind he was following the wrong guy but something forced him to still follow Rodimus... the chaos matrix. He couldn't help it he transformed and began to drive to his destination Ratchet right behind him.

"Come on Auto-Buddies tear that door down then take the decepti-fools to the floor" Blaster said firing another blast.

Wheeljack fired a missle from his shoulder launcher at the door exploding against the surface.

Karandras shook his head as he came toward the five Warcons. "Now boys didn't your creator ever teach you to fight with finesse" he said as the extended feet of the Zephyer connected with Muck's roof.

"If I must teach you the beauty of battle when done with finesse" he said grinning hoping these five were even up to the task as that one Sixchanger did pulling the laser off his back changing it to it's wraithbone scythe mode. "I will" he finished with a grin.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-29, 06:10 AM
OOC: Hey Blaster, Where is this guys stats?. I would like to know about what I am up against, And I just cant find this Kanrandas stats in eitheir autobot or decepticion profiles.

Muck did not like haveing someone on his back, with his great strength flipped Kanrandas off of him by shakeing himself Violently. And as soon as his burden was gone Transformed into Robot mode, Likewise the others Did as he did. As each of them stood their back weapons adjusted themselves over their shoulders (head is inbetween them) and took aim at their foe.

Muck: Finesse? Who needs that when you have enough strength and firepower to outdo a vast army?

2002-10-29, 09:36 AM
(He's neither, try the Misc profiles)

Sixswitch reversed up to a position alongside Optimus Prime, his cannons tracking to face the doors, while continuing to add his firepower.
"It's like trying to crack a nut with a newspaper," he commented, to no one in particular.


"Vanguard, I'm detecting something on long range scanners," Apollo told his leader as they neared Optimus Prime's position.
"What is it?"
"A force of Transformers, heading this way, they have Autobot signatures.
"Doubtful. More likely their members of Rodimus Convoy's group."
"Look!" Thorr yelled as they got into view of Optimus's task force attacking Thunderwing's base.
"It's Bruticus!"
"We must help Prime," Mercury spoke up.
"Cosmobots, merge into Proximus, and prepare to attack."

The five came together, sparks of energy crackling around the limb joints as they merged into the giant gestalt. The glowing red thermal sword appeared in Proximus's left hand as he dived down and landed between Bruticus and Optimus Prime.

"Stand down Decepticon!" Proximus ordered sternly.


"Command, acknowledged," Omega replied in response to Rodimus's order, as he transformed, servos whining as he shunted parts of his structure into subspace and reconfigured to form his laser tank mode. Gunning his engine, he accelerated after his new leader.

2002-10-29, 10:02 AM
Kup's pain stops and he just kneels for a while trying to get his energy up again.

2002-10-29, 11:31 AM
Taikoon turned in the direction of the autobots joining Rodimus. He flexes his wings... something was stirring... the link? He then turns in the direction of Optimus, then back again, ignoring Jazz' inquiries. Then, the dragon takes off into the air, flying fast.

He dives over Rodimus and the others, glancing at each one, but pausing to regard Rodimus closely, the autobrand shining brightly on his forehead. His magenta wings flicker, then flap as he lifts away, moving towards Optimus.

Then, he stops, pausing. The dragon turns back, moving to dive and land before Rodimus Convoy, transforming to land forcefully, enough to drive him to his knees before RC. Standing slowly, he lifts his hand, the signal to STOP. He had no weapons, but a curious look on his face, urgent in nature.

2002-10-29, 04:30 PM
Nightbeat: -sees Proximus land in front of Bruticus- "This could be bad..... Chromedome, Hardhead, with me!"

Nightbeat, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -run over and stop between Proximus and Bruticus-


Minerva: -sees Kup writhing in agony, runs over to examine him-

2002-10-29, 04:33 PM
Jazz watched Taikoon take off towards Rodimus shaking his head. "NO TAIKOON WRONG PRIME!" He cried stading up and transforming driving right into the arms of the devil in the form of Rodimus Convoy.

"We'll get you your energy some where else just not from him!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 06:05 PM
Bruticus turned, shocked, as Proximus landed next to him.

"Proximus," Bruticus hissed, not even trying to hide the hatred. "Bruticus no longer Decepticon! Bruticus Combatrons now! Bruticus will destroy Thunderwing, not Proximus! Bruticus will be the most mighty warrior for Optimus Prime!"

Bruticus dropped the mangled weapons he had rent from the door, and brought up his hands defensively.

"Proximus not ready to fight with bare hands! Proximus has to use sword!" The Super Warrior launched a guttural laugh.

(However, Bruticus was aware of the Headmasters, and luckily for them, did not step on the Autobots as he turned to face Proximus.)

2002-10-29, 07:08 PM
Ignoring Nightbeat, Proximus glanced at the angry Combatron gestalt.

"So, it is a battle of strength eh?" Proximus asked, in his curiously refined voice.
"Very well."

Shunting his sword into subspace, he, likewise readied himself for a fight.

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 08:08 PM
Bruticus growled and put up his hands, waiting to see if the Autobot combiner will make the first move- Bruticus remembered the last time he'd battled Proximus and been the agressor (it hadn't worked out well).

"Bruticus ready to take on any challenge," he rumbled.

2002-10-29, 08:15 PM
Frost has seen enough. The last thing we need is two titans fighting

"Elementals, merge!"

With that command, the Elementals started transforming. Gale's head receded into her torso which split in half. Her wings folded over their respective halves. She formed a pair of legs as she merges with Frost. Blaze and Shock transformed into arms, their wings folded around their forms. Blaze becomes the right arm and Shock the left. As the merger neared completion, the color of their combined form changed to a pitchdark black. Void was reborn.

Void glided down towards Proximus and Bruticus

"Cease this at once! You can settle your differences AFTER we have destroyed the Chaos Matrix!" She commands in a voice that seemed to come from the grave itself.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-29, 08:31 PM
Springer stared forwards...

Maybe this Rodimus Convoy is right, maybe we've been looking in the wrong place to repel the Decepticons once and for all

"This attack is too confused, we're not even confirmed that our target is here..."

2002-10-29, 11:30 PM
Blaster opened his chest up firing another blast at the door. Steeljaw spewed out transforming two missels immdeatly firing towards the door.

2002-10-29, 11:53 PM
"You heard him. Technobots, transform!"

The five did so, as ordered, and began after Rodimus. Scattershot blasted into the sky with Strafe in tow; Afterburner and Lightspeed drove together behind Sunstreaker and Torque, with Nosecone trudging along at the rear.

"I don't believe this," Lightspeed cried. "We're actually going to attack Optimus Prime?"

Afterburner grunted. "You wanna tell Scattershot he's doing the wrong thing?"

"It certainly feels wrong..." Lightspeed replied.

"Rodimus!" Scattershot beamed down. "Some...thing's in our way. Orders?"

2002-10-30, 01:39 AM
Kup looks up and sees Minerva approaching him.

"wha..whats going on now?", Kup asks Minerva

God Jinrai
2002-10-30, 02:24 AM
"Thank you, Elementals... Proximus! Bruticus! Stand down! NOW! I've a very bad feeling that we've got incomming... in the form of our former allies... thei revolution... it's begun..."

Prime separated from his battle trailer, sending Grindor, Sureshock and Highwire their own ways, and bumblebee lifting from the massive shoulder, taking his post on the battle station...

The three minicons remaining, however, combined into the warrior known as Perceptor... or as he'd come to be called, quickstryke, for his immense agility and speed (ooc note: I changed the name only because if someone in the future were to take G1 perceptor, I want no confusion) BIC:

Alpha Convoy brought his nova cannon online, and caught the mighty star saber as prime reverted to his normal robot mode... tossing the blade back to prime, he spied something on the near horizon.. approaching fast. Activating his sighting on the nova canon, he quickly identified the incomming threat...

"On your toes! Technobots are at the forefront!" Alpha shouted

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 02:57 AM
Bruticus turned to face Prime and nodded.

"Bruticus understand. Bruticus crush Technobots!"

With that said, the Combatron Super Warrior withdrew his missle launcher from subspace and prepared to launch his standard sub-sonic brainwaves if the Technobots attempted to combine...

2002-10-30, 03:00 AM
Proximus nodded at Prime's distinct command.
"I hear and obey." he said, though glaring at Bruticus all the while. Drawing his missile launcher from subspace, Proximus moved to add his weight of fire to the assault on the doors.

2002-10-30, 05:51 AM
Minerva: -watching the Technobots charging towards them- "I'm not sure anymore, Kup. I think we're looking at the end of everything......"


Nightbeat, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -feeling very short right now-

Nightbeat: "They're fine for the moment. C'mon!"

Nightbeat, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -run over to rejoin Siren, Hosehead, Brainstorm, and Roadbuster-

Roadbuster: -looking at Springer- "Then our best option is to get a look inside. If they're not here, we can look elsewhere." -looks at building- "Any ideas on how to get in?"

Siren: "Not really. That building looks pretty solid."

2002-10-30, 07:33 AM
"I see....", Kup said as he gets up but stumbles down again, he gets up again and looks around, "And to think I would have gotten over after my rejuvenation of the neucleon and the Kandaras guy possesing my body a years ago....damnthe last thing I could remember before seeing you all again was i was stuck in a pod and got out of it...would you be so kind of repairing me now..before I get slagged in this battle"

2002-10-30, 11:48 AM
Rodimus felt charged with a feeling of well being as he sped toward their goal. The Autobots HAD been at war too long, and Prime was the cause of it all, with his stubborn refusal to seek peace and make concessions to Megatron and his successors. It was with pride that he looked around at the small force under his command. Already, many had agreed with his views, and surely there'd be more once word got around of his determination to win here today.

"Rodimus Convoy to Scatttershot, and all Autobots. I shall attempt to speak to Optimus Prime, but be ready to fight if needs be."

"Orders, acknowledged," Omega Supreme, who was driving alongside him in tank mode replied.

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 02:39 PM
Thunderwing merely smirked. How could he not? Rodimus Convoy's forces were on the way, and in a moment they would repulse Optimus Prime's rabble of a 'force'.

And soon, Skywarp would report back to him about the fool-proof negotiations he was certain were being concluded at the moment with Teratron. Surely he would see the worth of the proposal being offered?

"Show some spine, Quintesson!" Thunderwing snapped. "I will not retreat until all other actions have failed. Look you- even now Rodimus Convoy's forces are at the mark. Panic will defeat you, Delibarata."

Delibarata, safely ensconced in his ship, merely grunted and watched from his viewport.

2002-10-30, 03:54 PM
Sixswitch backed off from the doors, and transformed into robot mode, his blasters snapping into place on his arms.
"Optimus, we can't fight the Autobots... Can we?"


Proximus turned his head as Rodimus's force approached, but kept firing his huge missile launcher at the door to Thunderwing's lair.


"Come on Prime, be reasonable. I don't want to have to fight the other Autobots," Rodimus said tensely to himself, then he activated his radio.

"Optimus Prime. Hear me now. Stand down at once, we Autobots desire peace, while you desire bloodshed and war, and we will not stand for it any longer. I Rodimus Convoy will lead us to a new era of peace and prosperity."

He transformed to robot mode, his rifle appearing in his right hand.

"Omega Supreme, transform into defense base mode."
"Command acknowledged," the Guardian rumbled as he braked hard, transforming and expanding as he formed the defence base, tank turret tracking around the perimeter. A direct opposite of Prime's trailer base, and a clear message to Optimus Prime.

2002-10-30, 04:21 PM
"OK... so we stick with Prime all the way." Magnus took Alpha trion's advice seriously, and now since Rodimus Convoy was approaching, it had started to come together, "Look you guys worry about the turrets... Lockpick, get that door open..." He took a position to guard her from the Autoguns, "Hot Rod don't just stand thereget over to Rodimus Convoy and do something!"

Hot Rod definatly was confused and angry he shouted out to Rodimus Convoy, "Hey! What the heck?! You can't be me..." however that's all he could think of to say.

God Jinrai
2002-10-30, 04:59 PM
Prime grew more irritated by the moment. Rodimus was closing and fast... and this did not bode well for dealing with thunderwing... Raising the starsaber high, he charged the door, praying to primus the mighty blade would cleave the doors down... and with that mighty swing... indeed the doors did at last give way... it was then that prime responded to rodimus...

"No, rodimus... YOU are the one who is misguided! Would YOU stand by, allowing the decepticons galactic domination, free to destroy countless worlds, syphoning the very life from them, and for what? their mere lust for power and domination! DARE YOU STOP ME from trying to rid us all of the accursed artifact that started these recent events? INCLUDING YOUR ARRIVAL HERE ON CYBERTRON? Don't you find it slightly odd that you stand now on cybertron, occupied both by autobot AND decepticon? For a time, there WAS peace, Rodimus! But even now! Even as we act, that peace is falling apart! The chaos matrix must be destroyed, and balance must be restored before reality itself is torn apart!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 05:24 PM
Quick Switch transformed to robot mode, and cocked his photon blasters.

He nearly screamed his frustration to Rodimus Convoy.

"Liar!! How dare you rebel against the legitimate leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime! You are a traitor! All traitors must perish!"

Bruticus aimed his missle launcher at the heart of Omega Surpeme's Guardian base mode.

"Bruticus blow Omega Surpeme to ashes! Prime just give word!" he rumbled.


As the doors gave way, Thunderwing smirked.

"At last, combat which befits my station."

Nearly pulsing with anticipation, the Decepticon aristocrat (exhilirated thanks to the Chaos Matrix) readied his two powerful particle rifles. If those failed well...he'd just have to crush Optimus Prime with his bare hands.

Delibarata, watching from the ship, activated a feature on the ship via voice command.

A cannon came down and pointed at Thunderwing.

"Let's hope I won't have to use this," the Quintesson muttered.

2002-10-30, 05:25 PM
OOC - Hey Rodimus. Read my last post. Taikoon is standing in front of your pathway wanting you to stop.

Lockpick transforms as they reach the blast doors, and she pushes and wriggles through the crowd "Stop shooting a moment and let an expert try." she snaps.

Once/iff people comply, she will go to the cntrol panel and drop to her knees, swiftly undoing the panel and setting it to one side, before diving deep into the circuitry within. "Lesse... hrm. not that hard. Tweak this..." she pulls a hand out and taps rapidly on the keypad, slappnig it a few times since it was damaged. Then she reachse to her chestplate and... removes her autobrand on a thin slab of metal.

She holds it over the keypad, and it flickers and flashes with cycling colours and her other arm and hand entangles the wires and circuits within as the Master Theif works her magic.

Course, this is all retconned if people still fire.

2002-10-30, 06:04 PM
Seeing the arrival of Rodimus Convoy's forces Void turned to face them. She smiled, though apart from her red optics her face was almost invisible. She gave them a clear warning. "If you value your lives, do not attack us! We are not the true enemy, Thunderwing is! If you wish to fight, attack HIM! If you attack us, you will pay with your lives!" Void was deadly serious.

2002-10-30, 06:22 PM
(OOC: Sorry Lockpick, I wasn't controlling RC then... Should have been paying closer attention)

Rodimus looked at Taikoon standing before him.
"You can join with us, or you may follow Prime, I don't have time to waste at the moment."

He raised his voice.

"Look at yourselves," he cried to Prime's forces.
"You've become blinded by his words, and his past. Once, Optimus Prime was a strong, and noble leader... But now. Now he's become drunk with power. Megatron's motto was once 'Peace Through Tyranny', and it seems that Optimus is swiftly succoming to that viewpoint. Does this make him any better than a Decepticon? Listen to him. He claims that there is an artifact that is affecting me, yet it is he who has changed. Perhaps it is you who is affected Prime, have you considered this?"


Omega's turrets tracked around, to aim at Bruticus.
"Attack and die, Decepticon," he told the Combatron gestalt firmly.


Sixswitch glanced at his fellow six changer as Quick Switch launched into his tirade. He never had realised the extent of his fanatiscim, and it was disturbing to say the least. Nevertheless, he ignored it, and instead stood behind Prime resolutely, awaiting his leader's next words.

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 06:45 PM
Quick Switch began to shake.

No...no this can't be! Prime would never lead us down the wrong path...inconceivable!

"You lie charlatan!" Quick Switch tried to maintain eye contact with the calm Rodimus. "You are nothing more than a pawn who seeks the leadership which Vector Sigma has sought to bestow upon Optimus Prime! You're... you're..."

The Six Changer had to steel himself for the next words.

"You're just another Hot Rod! I will never permit anything to happen to Optimus Prime! One Hot Rod caused the death of our Leader, and I will not stand idly by for another to do the same! You bear the "Rodimus" mantle but that is not who you really are."

Quick Switch's voice became steely.

"You have dark desgins upon us. Perhaps you desire the Chaos Matrix yourself, instead of having it rightly destroyed as Prime wishes it! Your very actions betray you- you seek to defend your puppetmaster, Thunderwing!"


Bruticus laughed.

"Bruticus think not."

God Jinrai
2002-10-30, 06:50 PM
Alpha Convoy spun as he heard noises comming from within the ship. someone was comming... that someone was likely their enemy... thunderwing.. ducking behind debris nearby, he crouched in hiding, waiting for thunderwing to make his appearance... and strike. hopefully dealing enough damage that he would be unable to stop a strike at the chaos matrix... an attempt to tear the sicekning artifact from his very being...

Prime glared coldly at rodimus...

"If truly you believe me to have become a new megatron... then how is it that I still wield this!"

The torso plate flipped down, the hatches opened, revealing the shining light and crystaline core of the autobot matrix. not a moment after it was revealed, prime spoke again...

"No, rodimus! It's YOU who are the hypocrite! It's YOU who SIDE with the decepticons in an attempt to destroy the bretheren that still seek peace for all sentient beings on their own terms! YOU are the one at fault, rodimus! Omega supreme! Technobots! Pointblank, All of you! Listen to what is being said here! And remember! Not long ago, the chaos bringer had returned... by the hand of the Liege Maximo... we ALL fought valliantly to bring an end to the Chaos Bringer... but Maximo managed to escape... it cost Galvatron his life... to ensure that Uicron's body would never be brought back to life again... but now, this.. the essence of unicron... contained within a mockery of both autobot AND decepticon matricies, threatens all life... in our reality, and those we know nothing of! Hear me, my bretheren! We are not your enemies! Rodimus.. I WILL NOT SLAY MY AUTOBOTS! NOT UNDER YOUR COMMAND, MY OWN, OR THE COMMAND OF ANY DECEPTICON! THE PROBLEM MUST BE TORN ASUNDER AT THE ROOT! and THAT ROOT IS THUNDERWING!" Prime screamed at the top of his vocorder... praying that his words would get through...

Pointblank drew peacemaker, sighting up quickswitch, speaking softly to no one in particular...

"You just don't get it, do you, sixchanger... Rodimus is right... the war has gone on for far too long... it needs resolution... even if it means co-existing with the decepticons on their own terms... it's better than living a life of endless battles...

2002-10-30, 07:02 PM

Built upon years of hate, of battling, and the abhoration he felt when confronted by Prime, Rodimus found it hard to stand here and talk to his enemy.

"You who seek to vanquish now lay that blame at the foot of another? You who have hunted Decepticons since your creation now claim to the contrary? You claim that I am but a pawn, but that is what you have made your troops into. Pawns to be manipulated in your quest to destroy the Decepticons. Look at him!"

Rodimus gestured at Quick Switch.

"He's a fanatic Prime. Is that how you'd have all your troops? As brainwashed fanatics?"

He looked around. His troops seemed unwavering.

"I say again Optimus, stand down," he levelled his gun.
"Or I'll make you."

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 07:06 PM
Thunderwing hefted his primary weapon, the cyclone cannon and grinned.

"Do you hear that, Delibarata? Prime is trying to talk sense to our 'ally'. How trite."

"Beware," Delibarata answered. "It just might work. Even that fanatic six changer's shaking."

The Decepticon aristocrat knew someone was watching him, but didn't care. If he showed himself, the opponent would quickly find that we was outclassed...


Quick Switch's rage cooled somewhat as he heard Prime's words.

"That's right...freedom...for all sentient beings..." the Six Changer muttered softly. Of course, he lowered his gaze from the Matrix- no mere assault warrior such as himself was fit to gaze upon it. That honor belonged to the leaders.

Quick Switch's head snapped up at Pointblank's words.

"Oh, and I suppose you have the solution, Targetmaster? Co-existence with the Decepticons? What is your major malfunction? Teratron wishes to expand the Empire, and wipe us out! Thunderwing is already a demi-god, and seeks more power! How can this war be ended unless one side is victorious!"

He shook his head slowly in disbelief.

"Don't be so haughty, Pointblank. When have you or I known peace? The simple answer is: never. We are warriors, created to fight for the Autobot ideal- which you have perverted by falling under the Decepticon's thrall. Perhaps you didn't have the courage to fight the honorable way, so you chose the easy path and joined this...this appeaser!"

The Six Changer burned at Rodimus' accusation of fanaticism, but said nothing. Prime knew he was loyal; that was all that counted.

2002-10-30, 07:45 PM
Hot Rod narrowed his optics, this Rodimus Convoy guy was making him look bad by the moment. But there was one gamble he could take. Hot Rod rushed out and placed himself in the way of Rodimus Convoy's gun, "Ok you want to slag Optimus, you'll have to slag me first! I know Rodimus better then anyone. And he would never do anything to willing hurt Optimus Prime!"

Ultra Magnus stepped back This is getting much more complicated then I planed...

God Jinrai
2002-10-30, 09:01 PM
"Out of the way, hotrod... if he has reason to believe that I truly am some villain.. that I am the root of all evil on cybertron.. let him act then... for he and you... think alike... Actions... Speak louder than words."

With that, prime returned his cannon to subspace, tossing the starsaber skyward, the blade separated into its component minicons...

"You know nothing of me, rodimus... it would do you credit to learn of me before you would dare accuse me of trying to be the downfall of the autobots! I know of your comming... and I also know that all is not in your realm as it is here... I offer you this then. At the central courtyard in iacon... tommorow... ten megacycles from now. There will be an open forum and debate... if you have truly the courage... be there... bring as many or as few troops as you like. My troops will be confned to quarters as a sign of good will... but be warned. Any violence at the debate will be taken as an act of treason against the autobot cause, and will require the agressor to turn themself in and remain in the brig until the debate is over."

2002-10-30, 09:39 PM
As soon as Hot Rod leapt in his path, Rodimus paused. He studied the young warrior - almost a mirror image of himself, and smiled despite the gravity of the situation.
"No Hot Rod, I will not kill you. That isn't the Autobot way - as you well know."

Looking up at Prime, he once again faltered. He desperately wanted to hate Prime - no, he DID hate Prime, but what this one said was true. He WAS a stranger to this universe, and he didn't know this Prime. Despite his fully justified hatred, he was a leader of peace, and if he could avoid bloodshed and loss of life for the Autobots, he had to take the chance. Following Prime's lead, he holstered his own weapon.

"Very well Prime. We shall meet again tomorrow."

He turned to his troops.

"For now, we return to Metroplex, and wait."

Omega Supreme transformed to rocket mode, and his access door crashed down, allowing Rodimus to climb aboard, before firing his engines, and arching up into the air.

Sixswitch lowered his guns as Rodimus turned away.

"What do you make of that, Prime?" he asked of his leader

God Jinrai
2002-10-30, 09:46 PM
prime sighed deeply

"The beginning of the end, I'm afraid... if we can't stop thunderwing without murdering our own king.. then we've stooped lower than the decepticons... All of you... Transform, and return to Iacon..."

seconds later, prime's vehicle mode sped back for iacon, pondering just what rodimus would do the following day...

Alpha had thunderwing in his sights, but broke away when all the others were away from the ship... this wasn't the last he'd see of thunderwing... not by a long shot...

Pointblank simply tossed peacemaker skyward, transforming into vehicle mode, opening the cockpit for his nebulan partner to drop into... without a word, the duo silently sped back for Metroplex...

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 10:01 PM
Quick Switch lowered his weapons, and transformed to his jet fighter mode.

"This isn't over," he muttered, and, engines roaring, returned to Iacon.

Bruticus also flew back to Iacon smug in the satisfaction that, if push had come to shove, he would have prevailed over Omega.


Thunderwing lowered his weapons also.

"Interesting. I'll have to have a word with young Convoy. Delibarata prepare to take off for Metroplex! The time for games is over!"

The Decepticon aristocrat clanked up the hatch. As Delibarata activated the ship, and it soared to Metroplex, Thunderwing seated himself in a chair.

"What do you intend to do when we arrive there?" Delibarata mused. "This is a rather bold move."

"Indeed," the Decepticon aristocrat steepled his fingers. "But the Autobots are caught in a lethargy. If I can manage to invoke more control over young Convoy with the Chaos Matrix, perhaps our agenda will be more suited...and after I finish my discussion with him, we will pay a visit to Metrotitan. Skywarp would have reported back by now...."

"Your conclusion?" Delibarata remarked.

"Teratron obviously didn't like the deal. I will simply present a stronger argument." Thunderwing replied.

The ship lifted off and spun toward its destination...

2002-10-30, 10:23 PM
Sixswitch nodded.
"Too right," he commented to no one in particular, before transforming to jet fighter mode and following Quick Switch to Iacon.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-30, 10:38 PM
"Okay, what the hell just happened here..."

Springer had watched the events unfold, but nothing was exactly clear...it would appear that this Rodimus Convoy claimed rightful leadership to a peaceful age of Autobot leadership. Prime wanted to destroy Thunderwing, had the perfect opportunity, but failed to do so...

Springer's mind was awash with confusion, he'd fought so long for peace that he strived for battle...Prime knew his talents on the battlefield, but Rodimus' words rang almost true to him.

"Wreckers, return to Debris...Roadbuster, your friends are welcome to join us...without Prowl or Pointblank we need all the help we can get..."


Sixshot had watched Thunderwing's anger grow, the Chaos Matrix had it's grip, but Thunderwing flaunted it perfectly...this was no creation matrix, determind to warp Thunderwing's mind to it's own devices, the Chaos matrix knew it's path...Thunderwing was the perfect vessel...

2002-10-30, 10:48 PM
Hot Rod knew he at least kept the two from killing each other right then and there. He headed back, this whole situation was a pain in the neckplate for him.

Ultra Magnus looked back at Lockpick, "Did you get that door opened?"

2002-10-30, 10:51 PM
Jazz ran up to Taikoon putting his arm as far up the back of the Dragon he could reach. "Come on don't waste your time with this Rodimus the real one is Hot Rod there, lets get you back to Iacon and refueled.

Wheeljack nodded to Optimus' order and transformed "Come on Blaster get in and lets get back to Iacon I have an idea"

Blaster nodded opening his chest Steeljaw transforming and hopping in Blasters chest closing then almost immdeatly Blaster transformed and hopped into the open door oif the Autobot Scientist as he drove off.

"Well no repairs to do this time" Ratchet said to no in particular following Rodimus.

Sunstreaker pulled up beside [b]Rodimus[b] "So what do they do, I have followed Optimus for a long time now he is no Villian and I do not know what would make him falter to become one he had been deep in thought but that could not be the problem he was in the matrix" He asked his new leader.

2002-10-30, 11:12 PM
Rodimus sat inside the spacious hold of Omega Supreme, brooding, when Sunstreaker pulled up and transformed.
"I have no idea," he replied, placing a hand on his fellow Autobot's shoulder.

"I know it must be hard, accepting a new leader like this. Legend tells - millenia ago, of only one Matrix, held by each successive Autobot leader. Once, it was taken by a Decepticon warrior, and became corrupted. This in turn drove the Decepticon to madness. Perhaps that's what happened to Optimus Prime. Perhaps that's what eventually happens to all bearers of the Matrix..."

Quick Switch
2002-10-30, 11:28 PM
Quick Switch flew back to Iacon, and caught his counterpart's signature.

"Six, I know I might have come across as...well, a bit crazy back there," he began tiredly, "but I just want you to know how...well, incenced I was. Attempting to change millions of years of Autobot leadership in one fell swoop? Nonsense. Convoy might have a more persuasive message if he wasn't in the Decepticons pocket from the get go."

2002-10-31, 02:29 AM
Taikoon shook off Jazz and shook his head, stating something in his confusing mother language. He watches convoy and the others a moment, then reaches out towards Rodimus Convoy's shoulder to touch him.

OOC - if I succeed in touching him, PM me dude and we'll talk.

2002-10-31, 04:19 AM
Roadbuster: "What the bloody hell just happened?"

Nightbeat: "I'm not sure. Everything was coming to a head........ And then Prime stopped it. The one thing Thunderwing and Rodimus didn't count on. Prime was himself."

Siren: "So where does that leave us?"

Nightbeat: "At a guess? Under the ruins of Iacon after Thunderwing and Rodimus are done with us." -smiles- "On the up side, we've never been assigned quarters, so we have nowhere to stay."

Minerva: -sarcastically- "Cool, I always wanted to be homeless."

Nightbeat: "Well, that ship that just took off from this base we've been trying to get into and is now heading towards where Rodimus and his merry little band of brainwashed lackeys went might be a clue. Or, better yet, something to shoot down."

Brainstorm: "With what? Roadbuster's the closest thing we've got to somebody with battleship-class weaponry. And that's assuming they have no shields."

Hosehead: "Call it a hunch. They'll have shields."

Nightbeat: -sighs- "All right." -looks over at Roadbuster- "So where is this Debris?"

Roadbuster: -shaking his head in disgust at what's just happened- "C'mon. I'll take you there."

Roadbuster, Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Minerva, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -transform and head for Debris-

2002-10-31, 04:36 AM
Kup sees the headmasters leave. He gets up and follows them as he transforms into alt mode.

2002-10-31, 11:01 AM
(OOC: Back post, for Taikoon's benifit)

As Rodiimus turned to leave aboard Omega Supreme, the huge Dragon form stopped him, and said something incomprehensible, before reaching out toward him.

Rodimus sensed no malice in the robot, and so didn't draw away, but instead, spoke quietly.
"We must leave now," he told the dragon-bot.
"If you want, you can follow my ship," he pointed at Omega Supreme's rocket form.
"Back to our base."

2002-10-31, 03:30 PM
Originally posted by Sixswitch

"If you want, you can follow my ship," he pointed at Omega Supreme's rocket form.
"Back to our base."

Jazz shook his head "Man this is un-cool, gonna follow the imposture" Jazz muttered watching Taikoon

2002-10-31, 04:20 PM
The fingers touched Rodimus gently, and there's a strange flicker between the two. Then, it was gone. In robot mode, taikoon's arm fell as Rodimus stepped away again. He hunched over, blinkin, frowning in confusion and puzzlement. As the others left, he remained standing there.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-31, 09:44 PM
Springer opened a comm channel to Roadbuster...

"You ever think there's more to life than war...?"

The confusion of what had transpired earlier played massively on Springer's mind...the question he'd just asked Roadbuster was one he'd been asking himself the entire journey.

Springer began to long for a return to the Golden Age of Cybertron as much as the next bot. His elite group, The Wreckers, fought long and hard to wipe out the Decepticons...perhaps that mission had been wrong all along....


Prowl watched Omega Supreme's security monitors closely...

"Y'know, I almost can't believe I'm here..."


Pointblank wasn't much in the mood for talking either... Prowl stood from his chair and walked to Rodimus Convoy.

"So Rodimus, what's your plan?"

2002-10-31, 10:00 PM
"My plan. I don't really know. I was expecting Prime to fight back there, but he asked to talk instead? I smell subterfuge here, friend. I know that he's power hungry, but at the same time, I want to believe that he seeks peace too. What are your thoughts?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-10-31, 10:08 PM
"Prime has always been a bit rash to act with full-force....recently more so...though I don't understand fully your reasoning behind your actions entirely..."

Prowl looked around...he was always slightly nervous with a crowd.

2002-10-31, 10:40 PM
Rodimus shook his head.
"Prime is crazy, mad with power. Can't you see that Prowl? We Autobots have always believed that fighting is not the way, we are merciful, and compassionate, yet his hunger for battle is unsated. He didn't even attempt to make peace with Thunderwing, he just went in all guns blazing."

2002-10-31, 11:43 PM
"But have you ever dealt with Thunderwing you have to know he also plans something" Sunstreaker said to Rodimus. "You can ask anyone even some Autobots that followed you Thunderwing is not all he shows on the outside. Thats physical too"

Jazz watched Taikoon Closely "Come on man lets get back to Iacon

Wheeljack opened his door as the entered Iacon Blaster hopping out transgforming.

"So what now we got pulled out when we had them on the ropes" Blaster said

Wheeljack transformed almost right afterwards "Well Prims must have a reason talk to him"

Quick Switch
2002-11-01, 12:27 AM
The Spiral Ship flew towards Metroplex.

"This is Lord Thunderwing, asking permission to land to discuss a peace delegation. My query is vested to the rightful leader of the Autobots, Rodimus Convoy. Respond when convenient."

Thunderwing clicked off on the comm, and awaited an answer.

"How diplomatic you are Decepticon," Delibarata chuckled.

Thunderwing shrugged.

"My ancestors were always excellent diplomats, and remember Quintesson: diplomacy is merely another avenue for war. The humans call this concept "realpolitik". Trite, really, because we'd thought up the concept millions of years before they managed to attach a name to the concept."

Delibarata merely laughed.

2002-11-01, 02:39 PM
Roadbuster: -over commlink to Springer - "I've had dreams about it once or twice. Horrible nightmares I never thought I'd be free of. It's not that peace is a bad thing, I suppose....... But there wouldn't be anything for us to do. They'd ask us to disarm, and it's like the human saying, 'You can have my guns when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.' We're gonna destroy the Decepticons. That's the only way there'll be peace."

2002-11-02, 11:38 AM
On the ground, a huge, familiar, white city stood gleaming in the dim light of Cybertron. Metroplex, known as the most stalwart Autobot defender, and firm believer in Rodimus's leadership.

In the air, a large rocket was making it's descent towards the city. As he landed, Omega Supreme's boarding ramp opened, and Rodimus Convoy, the faction's leader emerged, and stood proudly gazing at Metroplex, before transforming and driving up the city's now open access ramp.

"Welcome back Rodimus," Metroplex said, his deep voice sounding like a low rumble.
"How did it go?"

"It was... Intriguing," Rodimus replied.
"Tomorrow, I meet with Optimus Prime for a discussion. We'll see how it goes."

Meanwhile, Omega's ramp was still down, giving the others a chance to depart.

2002-11-02, 02:36 PM
Kup catches up to Roadbuster and asks, "Wherever you guys are going I'll follow you guys since I dunno where to go..so where are you gonna go?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-02, 04:16 PM
Thunderwing replied to Skywarp's message via comm.

"Meet me aboard the Quintesson Spiral Ship, we are en route to Metroplex for a meeting with Rodimus Convoy...board in flight."


Dirge, in jet mode, flew along with Skywarp.

"Well, that was interesting..."

2002-11-02, 05:32 PM
Sunstreaker and Ratchet de-boarded Omega Supreme following Rodimus to Metroplex.

Blaster made his back to the main control room of Iacon where his Cassette creation sat Fastforward. Ratchet had helped him make this one maybe Wheeljack could replace the others.

Wheeljack began to walk through the halls of Iacon looking for Optimus

2002-11-02, 09:33 PM
Continued in

The Chaos Effect: Divided Loyalties - Optimus Prime
The Chaos Effect: Divided Loyalties - Rodimus Convoy