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2002-10-24, 06:00 AM
I haven't read the hulk in years, well over 10. the last I read he was gray and an enforcer in las vegas, to show you how out of touch I am.
but I had this thought tonight. for all the people that have wanted to get rid of the hulk over the years, why haven't they just tried to hunt down and kill bruce banner? that would be much easier, wouldn't it? or has that been a storyline I wasn't aware of? I remember major glenn talbot had the whole hulkbuster team whose sole purpose was to destroy the hulk. didn't they know it was bruce banner at the time? if not then I can see why they wouldn't.
but just think of all the destruction the hulk has caused over the years. if he hasn't killed anyone because of it, even accidentally, that's just not believable. I think it would make a great storyline for the government to decide that the hulk was just too dangerous to have around anymore, and the best way to deal with him was to have bruce banner killed as bruce banner, before he could turn into the hulk. that would be interesting, I think. for bruce to be on the run from government operatives out to kill him.
then again it'll be my luck that this has already been done as a storyline and I sound like an idiot now proposing it.
also, back when he changed into the hulk by getting angry, wouldn't it have been funny for him to have become a pot smoker, so he'd always be mellow and it would be harder for him to change?

2002-10-24, 11:21 AM
They've admitted now that the hulk has kiled tons of people on his rampages, and as for the banner thing there was an alternate universe kind of thing called the punisher kills the marvel universe where the punisher tracks the hulk for days til he reverts to banner, then just wanders up and puts a bullet through his head.

2002-10-24, 05:29 PM
On top of that, recently mercs have been tracking the Hulk and have been trying to kill Banner as Banner...but that was like 6 issues ago, so who knows what's going down now :D

2002-10-26, 03:19 AM
You can go on marvel's website and read a few issues there.