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2002-11-02, 09:15 PM
Having journeyed into the Autobot Matrix, Prime was made aware of the insidious threat of the Chaos Matrix. Due to that mysterious artifact, he was also granted the knowledge of the location of Thunderwing's base, and he summoned a small task force to journey there post haste, in a bid to snatch the Chaos Matrix from its bearer in a sudden raid.

However, things didn't go according to plan, as Thunderwing contacted Rodimus Convoy, who arrived at the scene, only to have a tense face off with Prime, and to schedule a meeting, to talk with the Autobot leader. Meanwhile, Thunderwing made his escape aboard the Quintesson ship.

Now, Prime and his loyalists return to Iacon, and prepare to meet with the Chaos Matrix influenced Rodimus Convoy.

2002-11-03, 12:12 AM
Roadbuster, Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Minerva, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -heading for Debris after Springer-

God Jinrai
2002-11-03, 02:51 AM
Optimus rolled grimly into Iacon... reverting to robot mode, he bowed his head... "All of you... until Rodimus arrives... prepare yourselves. What I'm asking of you may be unbearable for many of you, but I MUST try to show him the truth... Blaster, get me a private comm with terratron... I need to discuss something with him... as well as soundwave. when the scanners pick up omega supreme, as I'm nearly certain Rodimus will be using HIM as his primary mode of transport, you're all either confined to quarters... or you may all meet in the central assembly hall. I can't risk anyone going after rodimus. even if he IS thunderwing's pawn... he's just that. a pawn. if I can get through to him... perhaps he'd understand... perhaps not. if worse comes to worse, and Thunderwing persuades him to strike... you're all to scramble immedieately via the emergency access hall from the central assembly hall. I've also gotten in touch with an old friend... and he's given his word that he stands by my side. if forced to... we can repell them... but I pray it doesn't become necessary."

With that, Prime headed for his quarters, in hope of getting some sort of rest before the debate...

Alpha on the other hand, let out a frustrated sigh, slamming his fist into the ground... But as soon as that rage had surfaced... it faded... and the autobot headed for the central assembly hall

2002-11-03, 03:55 AM
Blaster nodded "Roger Wilco and Doner then done!" He turned and made his way as fast as he could to the communications room. "Soundwave!?!" Blaster asked himself "That lame sound-system doesn't even deserve the time of day" Blaster muttered thinking about getting the casettes rebuilt looking at Fastforward. "Time to work open channels to Metro-Titan we got a job to do"

Fastforward looked up confused. "Isn't that the Decepticons" He asks.

"Yep we're asking for Soundwave and Teratron the big boss men Prime wants to talk to 'em" Blaster replies pressing a few keys and transforming the arms of the chair flipping in and connecting to his side.

"Decepticons on Metro-Titan come in this is Blaster calling from Iacon With a message from the big man Optimus himself hurry up and get your butts to the comm. Oh and Teratron and Sound-ge... err heh heh Soundwave if either of you hear this it's you he's lookin' for so you might aswell pick up yourselves"

Wheeljack nodded as Prime spoke turning towards his lab thinking. "I might aswell build something to pass the time" he says slightly gleeful it had been a whil since he could build anything with all the repairs going on. Perhaps anew anti-air weapon to deal with those pesky Seekers.

2002-11-03, 06:28 AM
Kup follows the Headmasters to where Springer is.

2002-11-03, 07:39 AM
Taikoon is helped towards Iacon with Jazz. He's pretty weak by now, his motions sluggish, optics dim. Obvious signs of a transformer starving to death. Inside, he was calm though. He knew that he couldn't handle the local fuel, and he had lost his energon pills in the fight, the last of his food.

"Jaz... friend... Your fuel... not good... make Taikoon... not good." he tries to explain.

2002-11-03, 10:32 AM
Void drifted down as the others were leaving. As she was the combined form of the Elementals, she could sense the various energies. And was affected the most. Hmm, one of these signals is from Optimus's Matrix of Leadership. There is a faint signal to the south..pure evil. And there is another source.. chaotic, twisted, powerful.. Maybe I should follow.... NO!, I must.. remain loyal.. to Optimus Prime

Void dropped down to one knee. Her right hand on the ground to support her. Her internal struggle continued.

2002-11-03, 12:57 PM
Sixswitch swept in low over Iacon, transforming to robot mode and landing in front of the main gates. He stood there for a moment, waiting for Quick Switch to transform, and join him.

Meanwhile, the Cosmobots, now back in their individual robot forms had already landed, and headed towards the Astrometrics lab, in case they'd be needed in the near future.

2002-11-03, 08:23 PM
Muzzle: -"driving" Nightbeat- "Guys, I don't like this."

Lug: -"driving" Hosehead- "So how do we fight it? Can we fight it?"

Quig: -"driving" Siren- "I think we can. It's not so much willpower or wanting peace."

Siren: "Oh, great. Now we're taking tactical advice from a bookworm?"

Muzzle: "Shut up, Siren. Quig's right. Look who's joined Rodimus. Metroplex. The Technobots. Springer hasn't joined, but I think he's wavering."

Siren: "What about those who served under Optimus initially that have joined Rodimus?"

Brainstorm: "They're probably like me. Sick of this war."

Minerva: "You're not the only one who's sick of it. But I can't join Rodimus. We need peace, but not at the cost of common sense."

Nightbeat: "And therin lies our immunity to this Chaos Matrix. We know what the Decepticons are planning. But there's another problem......"

Hosehead: "What's that?"

Nightbeat: "Remember how Quick Switch sounded back there? Or how Roadbuster's been sounding? If this whole thing is trying to make us feel one way, then when it can't it might try to swing us around the other way. Anger. Hatred. Watching Barney reruns. These are the ways of the dark side."

2002-11-03, 08:41 PM
Blaster got an immdeate response from Teratron though no sound of Soundwave.

"Relaying message now" Blaster said "Optimus this is Blaster Communication line with Teratron is now open and waiting for you"

Jazz looked around the metal Cybertron sruface "Well what type of energy could we feed you?" he asks Taikoon

2002-11-03, 11:29 PM
Taik shook his head, not sure of the translation. He taps on Jazz' wrists and repeats a word a few times as he leans against Iacon's doorway to rest. He states the word, then taps again.

2002-11-04, 09:14 AM
Kup then catches up to the Headmasters

"Hey Roadbuster..where are you all gonna go?", Kup asks, "can me and Recoil join?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-04, 10:39 AM
*Springer rolling into Debris*

"Roadbuster, check the armaments, then monitor the cameras, we need to watch what's going on, VERY carefully....Maybe war is the only direct way to peace, question is, which side REALLY wants it?"

2002-11-04, 07:28 PM
Redstreak watched as Prime wandered off. "Not good," he whispered, then took a seat next to Blaster. "I don't see this going very well here, m'friend. Prime's gonna need all the support we can give him, lest he lose out to a chaotic Rodimus Convoy..."

Quick Switch
2002-11-04, 09:02 PM
Quick Switch transformed to robot mode and joined Sixswitch.

"My friend, we must guide Prime now more than ever. There are traitors everywhere, and I trust no Decepticon. We'll guard the door to his quarters."

Arming his photon blasers, the loyal six changer marched off.


The Combatrons drove with the Headmasters.

"Mind your tongue, Nightbeat," Onslaught chuckled. "Or you'll soon be without it. There are certain Autobots who wouldn't like your attitude."

2002-11-05, 12:08 AM
Roadbuster: -rolls into Debris, transforms, starts checking armaments and watching the monitors- "Sure, Kup. Come on in."

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -roll into Debris, transform to robot mode-

Nightbeat: "You could be right, Onslaught. You could well be right."

2002-11-05, 12:20 AM
Blaster was unable to transform still relaying messages from Iacon to Metro-titan and taking them back for Prime but still answered Redstreak

"Man Prime'll pull through against this Hot Rod wannabe there just ain't no way he can lose"

2002-11-05, 12:23 AM
And, just a few decameters behind Jazz and Taikoon...

"Excuse me!"

Soundwave pushed himself to his feet. It had been a while since he'd flown; the landing set him off. He strode confidently toward the two Autobots before him, speaking casually as he did so.

"Optimus Prime asked that I come to help out in a meeting he's holding with a Rodimus Convoy. Of course, I imagine that your technicians would not have yet had the time to reprogram the city's security system to allow Decepticon entrance. And, as I see you two are on your way in anyhow, would you awfully mind shutting down the alarm for a moment?"

He grinned beneath his faceplate. Hot stuff, yeah.

2002-11-05, 12:29 AM
Jazz turned his head to look back at Soundwave shaking his head "I trust you about as far as I can throw you Soundwave no way"

He turned to face the Decepticon communications officer opening a link to Iacon.

"Blaster come in this is Jazz. I have Soundwave standin' here infront of me saying Prime asked for him to come is this true?"

Blaster was just about to Transform when Jazz radioed in causing Blaster to stop and reply. "Roger, they got some shindig goin down for the meet between RC and Prime"

Jazz gave Soundwave an unsure look and nodded "Follow us and you get in.

2002-11-05, 04:44 AM
The weak TAikoon whirled around, almost animal like as he half crouches, staring at Soundwave... and he just stands there, too weak to even think, wobbling a little bit. hIs arm grops out to Jazz for support as he stumbles. " Errr... Torpor... "

2002-11-05, 09:39 AM
Kup transforms and enters the derbis as well

"..how cozy", Kup snickered, "damn I still feel those stinging...anyone have an extra energon reserve?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-05, 06:28 PM
Onslaught chuckled, and the Combatrons drove on...

2002-11-05, 08:03 PM
In Iacon's command centre, a computer monitor started flashing. Apollo walked over and read the monitor.
"It's from Earth... An emergency distress call from someone called the EDC."
"Earth Defence Command. Something big must have come up," Mercury commented.
"I'll contact Prime," Vanguard said.

"Vanguard to Optimus Prime. Iacon is recieving a distress signal from the EDC on Earth. What should we do?

RVZ Prime
2002-11-05, 08:52 PM
Slag and Snarl (in robot mode) walk past the command centre, when they hear the distress signal from EDC coming in. Slag and Snarl walk into the command centre.

Slag: Trouble on Earth

Snarl: *Hunh* Good. Been a while since Dinobots have crushed Decepticons.

Me, Slag, will burn all Decepticons. Me will crush them all!

If only Grimlock were here.

While Vanguard is contacting Prime, Slag talks right through it.

Me, Slag, want to go to Earth!

*Hunh* Me too. All Dinobots must go.

God Jinrai
2002-11-06, 12:18 AM
Prime was rather distressed to hear that the EDC was again in a jam... with a sigh he spoke into the com...

"Cosmobots... gather the remaining non-essential forces left here, and contact fortress maximus... he should be on a return vector to cybertron. I'll have a shuttle prepped for the intercept course... from there, fortress can get you all to earth in one fell swoop. Optimus Out"

2002-11-06, 12:38 AM
Vanguard nodded.
"Consider it done, Prime."

He turned to his team.

"Right folks, you heard the man. We're going to Earth."

He turned to the two Dinobots, and grinned.

"Slag, Snarl. You're welcome to join us too. See if you can find Swoop and Sludge, and meet us at Shuttle Bay 4 as soon as you can."

Turning, he led the Cosmobots out of the room.
"Wow, we ARE getting an auspicious ride to Earth," Sun Runner commented.
"And for a change, it's not me who's hauling you lot around."
"Yeah, because you can't make it to Earth," Thorr teased.
"I wonder what Earth is like..." Mercury wondered, for the Cosmobots had never been to the planet before.
"Well, we'll soon find out," Apollo said excitedly.
"I can't wait."


Outside the city of Iacon, there is an area known as the Great Crystals. Mineral deposits of metalic ores rise hundreds of feet above the surface of Cybertron, forming rugged pillars. Here, many native robo-creatures live, the smaller ones feeding off the ores on the surface of these pillars, and the larger ones feeding off the smaller ones. On Earth, it would be called a jungle.

In the centre of the Crystal Forest, there is a lake, not of water, but of liquid metal, of an element not found on Earth. Strangely translucent, it is teeming with aquatic creatures that live off it.

Sludge was standing thigh deep in this pool, in robot form. Occasionally, his head would dip under the water, and come up holding a robo-fish. He of course didn't eat it, but he found fishing to be an entertaining past time. On the shore sat Swoop, in robot mode, talking to his friend, and fellow Dinobot.

"Me Swoop bored."
"Me Sludge bored too, wonder where Slag and Snarl are."
"Me too, and me still miss Grimlock."
"Still? It only been a few cycles."
"Yeah, you right. We Dinobots need new leader now though."

The pair continued in this vain, talking long into the small hours.

2002-11-06, 06:04 AM
Redstreak looked at Jazz with interest. "Shindig, eh?" He says. "Sounds like something we need to check into."

RVZ Prime
2002-11-06, 08:32 AM
As the Cosmobots walk out of the room, Slag transforms to robot mode.

Slag: We are going to Earth to crush Decepticons!

Snarl: We must tell Swoop ans Sludge.

Snarl and Slag walk over to the control panel

Slag: How does this work? Slag want to sent message too. Maybe this help

Suddenly the alarms go off

Snarl: Me think that is wrong button. Too much sound. Turn it off!

Slag presses the button again, but it doesn't go off.

Slag: AAARGH! No working! Maybe this help! Me kick control panel butt!

Slag gets his Thermoblade and makes a deep cut in the control panel. The alarm goes off, but the contol panel is useless now

Snarl: *Hunh* That work, but now control panel broken. We must go to Swoop and Snarl. Tell them we go to Earth to crush Decepticons.

Snarl and Slag run out and head for the the centre of the Crystal Forest.


As both arrived there, they see Swoop and Slude at the lake.

Snarl: Hey! All Dinobots must go to Earth. We go crush Decepticons!

Snarl: Must hurry. We leave soon. We must go to shutlle bay, ahhhhh. Me forgot.

Slag: Me, Slag, knows. We go to shuttle bay, aaaahhh, eight. Yeah. We go now!

2002-11-06, 12:27 PM
Swoop cheered.
"Us Dinobots get job? Me Swoop glad. Me Swoop was bored."
"Me Sludge was enjoying fishing, but we go to Earth."

Sludge transformed into robot mode, and waded out of the lake.

"Us go now?" Swoop asked the other Dinobots, as he took off, and flew back to Iacon, eager for the mission at hand.


"Begin engine activation sequence."
Sun Runner reached forwards and tapped a button.
"OK, run a systems check," Vanguard said in response.
"All systems nominal."
"Good, then all we need to do now is wait for the Dinobots."
"Why did you invite those big dumb bozos anyway?"
"They know Earth. They've lived there. We haven't."
"Us asking the Dinobots for advice?" Thorr pondered aloud.
"Yeah, strange isn't it? Besides, I've a feeling we're going to need their considerable skills in battle."

RVZ Prime
2002-11-06, 01:08 PM
The Dinobots have arrived in Iacon and are heading to the shuttle bays.

Slag: Me, Slag, lead the way. Me am now leader of Dinobots. Me smartest. We go to shutlle bay 8!

Snarl: *Hmh* Slag no smarter then Snarl. Me say we go to wrong shuttle bay. Me say we go to shuttle bay 4. Me remember now.

Slag: NO! Me, Slag, know that we go to 8!

The Dinobots arrive at shuttle bay 8

Me no see shuttle. Me not see Cosmobots too. Maybe they leave without us?

No. Me, Slag, knew that we must go shuttle bay 4, but you say we go to 8.

Snarl: Me not say that. Me say we go to 4. Me don't care. We hurry or we miss flight to Earth. Me don't want to miss shuttle. Me want to crush Decepticons!

The Dinobots hurry to shuttlebay 4. They see the shuttle and get get inside. In the shuttle, Slag and Snarl transform to robot mode and take their seats.

Me, Slag, tired of waiting! We go now to crush Decepticons on Earth!

2002-11-06, 01:52 PM
Sludge walked behind Slag and Snarl as they bickered, and got the team lost. He didn't care though, it was good to be back with his Dinobot friends. Sure, they'd have to fight on Earth, but that's what the Dinobots were good at... And he liked fighting, didn't he?

He turned to Swoop, who he was walking alongside.

"Huh," he grinned, "And they say me Sludge stupid."


Vanguard turned as the Dinobots entered the shuttle.
"Ah, good, you're here. All set?" he asked the group.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-06, 03:32 PM
"Me Swoop say you Sludge right, you are stupid, but not as stupid as Slag. I should lead Dinobots, me Swoop smartest and me Swoop can fly!"

RVZ Prime
2002-11-06, 03:51 PM
Slag: Me Slag, ready to go to Earth. Me ready to kick Decepticon butt!

Snarl: All Dinobots ready to go. *hunhhh* Start engine and go!

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-06, 04:32 PM
Springer sat at his command post in Debris watching the monitors.

"Looks like something's going down at Prime HQ..."

Flicking between the monitoring stations, he saw the Dinobots bumbling about and the Cosmobots waiting at one of the shuttle bays.


Springer stood up and addressed the Headmasters that had made their way into Debris.

"As, no doubt, you know, myself and Springer are the last of the eilte group the Wreckers. As you have proved yourself time and time again in the midst of battle, I wish to extend an invitation to all of you to join our group..."

2002-11-06, 04:55 PM
Thorr nodded.
"Alright, alright, shaddap already, we're going."
He hit the console, and the thrusters flared into life, accelerating the shuttle up and into the atmosphere of Cyberton, for the short jaunt to the location where Fortress Maximus was waiting for them.

"Mmmm. Me Sludge think it not matter who leads. We all Dinobots," Sludge said slowly.

Soon, the huge shape of the Maximus ship loomed into view as they curved around Cybertron's orbit.

"Apollo to Fortress Maximus, We're approaching your location now, and request permission to come aboard."

2002-11-06, 05:54 PM
Nightbeat: -hearing Springer's invitation, looks over at Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm- "Well, guys? I want to join, but I won't speak of all of you."

Chromedome: "I'm in."

Hardhead: "Ditto."

Hosehead: "Yes."

Siren: "Why not? It could be fun."

Brainstorm: -looks at Chromedome and Hardhead- "I'm in."

Minerva: -looks at the others, sighs- "I'm in as well."

Nightbeat: -grins- "It's unanimous, Springer. We're in."

Roadbuster: -grabs an energon cube, tosses it to Kup-

2002-11-06, 06:38 PM
Hot Rod sat back in a chair inside Iacon base leaning back and really doing little, spending his time talking to Lockpick, "It really stinks I really wanted to kick Thunderwings skidplates and now the fake Rodimus guy runs along and distracts us. Dang it you know how bad that guy makes me look... and I don't think Optimus trust me anymore. maybe he has good reason especially with what happened to me with Javelin... but... ugh..."

2002-11-06, 10:06 PM
Soundwave followed Jazz in a confident stride. As he passed through the city's main gate, his gaze floated interestedly up to the ceiling and walls.

"Autobot architecture fascinates me every time. How it holds together, I mean. The dome shape is long obsolete by now. Making a fortress out of this place? Unbelievable."

At the end of the entrance, he spotted a reception desk. (He noted that the guards flanking it did not look so pleased as he did.)

"Hmm. Don't remember that being there. But then, it has been such a long time since I've been inside Iacon."

He glanced down at Jazz, conversing more with himself than the Autobot.

"Oh, come on. You really can't think I've never seen the layout of your precious capitol before. But my, it's been a while... Well, where's this conference room? I'm so anxious to see Optimus Prime again."

2002-11-06, 11:08 PM
Originally posted by Reflector
"Oh, come on. You really can't think I've never seen the layout of your precious capitol before. But my, it's been a while... Well, where's this conference room? I'm so anxious to see Optimus Prime again."

"I'm a covert ops man Soundwave I am a spy in a sense just like you but I bring bombs along on my raids I know almost all the decepticon fortress schematics and only require a few bombs for each" Jazz smirked as he continued to help Taikoon.

"Now we need to find a way to get you re-energized" Jazz said to the dragon.

Blaster finally transformed and shook his head at RedstreaK "Naah man I heard the whole thing I still say Steeljaw could get the job done better then laser breathe it's Prime's choice"

Wheeljack entered his real labratory just away from Cybertron the lights flickering on as he moves deeper in over to a counter immdeatl grabbing all the parts he can even opening a few machines and pulling them to where he worked. He was going to retriekve the brain modules of the five dead casettes of Blaster's and rebuild them. Prime would not need Soundwaves casettes if he worked fast enough.

Quick Switch
2002-11-06, 11:20 PM
Quick Switch stood outside Prime's chamber, alert; both photon blasters were out. Prime felt he had to deal with the Decepticons; so be it. But that didn't mean the Six Changer wouldn't keep up with the security detail.

God Jinrai
2002-11-06, 11:23 PM
just outside cybertron orbit, a massive blue, red and grey battle fortress slips from hyperspace...

"Fortress here. Understood. Prepping landing bay 2 for the oncomming shuttle. Vanguard, you may land at your discretion. once aboard, I'll set coordinates for the sol system. Fortress out."

with those words, one of the frontal bay doors slowly slid open. Atmospheric shielding was in place, and the shuttle bay was pressurized. all that was left was for the shuttle to land.

2002-11-07, 10:18 AM
The area where Void is was getting dangerous. Fire, ice and lightning scoured the general area, wind was raging like a tornado all around her. All this happened because Void lost control, not surprising when your mind is in disarray.. (picture an area total darkness with the 4 Elementals in their robot forms)

Blaze: Damn you Frost, why must you always be so rigid? We should be on Thunderwing or Rodimus' side. This Chaos Matrix is powerful, if we could capture it...

Frost: NO Blaze, we swore an oath to serve Optimus Prime. His word is law, so we destroy the Matrix! If you don't agree that's YOUR problem.

Blaze: That's it! You've had this coming for a long time sister!

Blaze charged at Frost and knocked her down. Frost quickly countered with a leg sweep flooring her sister. Blaze quickly got up, grabbed Frost's leg and hurled her away. After recovering from the landing, Frost got up, charged Blaze and floored her. And on and on it went, neither gaining the upperhand for long.

Shock just stood there cheering for both of them, ecstatic about the fight. Gale stood with her hands together, praying that Blaze and Frost would stop fighting soon.

Gale: Please stop. This isn't right. If only I had the strength to stop them...

Just then she felt something deep beneath them, something powerful. She reached out with her part of Void's mind to where she sensed the power. As she got closer, Gale realised how familiar the energy was to Malzra's, ordered, powerful, omnipotent. She saw a golden sphere and touched it. Instantly she was hurled back to the fight. The area had changed however, darkness was replaced by a golden light. Blaze and Frost had stopped fighting. Then a voice spoke.

Daughters, do not fight among yourselves. Resist the power of the Chaos Matrix, essense of Unicron. Should you fail, I fear the worst for the universe

The Elementals gazed around, looking for the source of the voice.

Frost: This energy can mean only one thing. Show yourself Planeswalker!

I am no Planeswalker. I am Primus, my children consider me a god. The Chaos Matrix carries the soul of my nemesis Unicron, should he be revived your world, and all worlds will be doomed. Go! Aid Optimus Prime, or all will be lost..

The tornado surrounding Void lessened, the fire ice and thunder had ceased, Void could be seen lying on the ground her color switching between black and gold a few times before staying black again. She rose, and seperated into the Elementals.

Blaze: This Primus is right, we shouldn't be doing this. Sorry Frost.

Frost: Apoligy not needed, we all need to blow of steam at times.

Gale: It's good to see you two make up, now let's help Prime! she said as she transformed to her bird form and flew up into the sky. Blaze, Frost and Shock followed her as she made her way to Iacon. Frost's mind was racing though. So this Chaos Matrix contains the soul of a God? This is getting very familiar, and I don't like it one bit..

2002-11-07, 05:11 PM
Taikoon allows Jazz to help him, and he repeats the earlier words and guestures, and tapping on Jazz' wrist in frustration of the language barrier.

2002-11-07, 07:06 PM
"Acknowledged Fortress, engaging final landing sequence now."

The small shuttle arced underneath the huge fortress, and passed through the open portal into the shuttle bay, landing with little more than a bump. Thorr shut off the engines, as Apollo pressed the door release button.

"OK, everyone out," Vanguard ordered as he stood up. Sludge stepped towards the door, looking at the other Dinobots.
"Me Sludge say let's go!" he said excitedly as the Cosmobots left the shuttle ahead of him.

"Vanguard to Fortress. We're ready to depart for Earth."

RVZ Prime
2002-11-07, 07:29 PM
As Slugde wlaked out of the shuttle, Slag and Snarl got out of their seats and walked out of the shuttle too. Slag transfomed to dino mode while Slag reamained in robot mode

Snarl: Sure is big in here. Me have never been in a ship as big as this one. Ship is much bigger the Omega Supreme.

Slag: Me , Slag don't care about size of ship. Me want to go to Earth and crush Decepticons!

Snarl: *hmmh* Maybe Slag should follow Sludge. Me going to look around in ship.

Slag follows Sludge while Snarl walks a towards the same direction, but taking his time to look around.

God Jinrai
2002-11-07, 11:04 PM
"Understood, Vanguard... preparing for the jump to light speed... "

the landing bay door sealed shut, and one could barely make out the low whine of the lhypserdrive comming online... Fortress put the ship into light speed, transforming into his command module mode, interlocking with the ship systems.... while cerebros.. or as he was once known, galen headed for the landing bay area aboard one of the two vehicles that combined into the secondary bot, Cog.

2002-11-08, 10:35 AM
Staying confined to quarters for Hound lasted all of about 10 Earth minutes. It had taken him a long time to recover, but now he was feeling himself again, and after hearing Prime, the uneasy feeling and impending trouble made it impossible to sit still.
He slipped out into the halls of Iacon and walked quietly down the halls with no particular direction, wandering the perimeter halls of the city and watching out the windows. After some time, he snapped out of thinking to realize he was nearing the hall leading to Prime's chambers. Far down the corridor, he spotted Quick Switch who had noted him as well. It was clear he was on guard duty, so Hound shot him a quick, friendly smile and a single, silent wave and headed towards the assembly hall, reluctant to go back to his quarters.

2002-11-08, 11:29 AM
Vanguard's team knew that they could be called on to do a quick drop into Earth orbit, so they stayed in the drop bay, ready for action. Each felt nervous, even Thorr, who, despite being the most warlike would still prefer peace at heart - even if you wouldn't think it sometimes.

Suddenly, the bay doors opened, and a small bot aboard a mobile vehicle entered.

"Ah, Cerebros," Vanguard walked over.
"Thanks for being willing to take us to Earth, it's much quicker than going by shuttle, and it's appreciated."

Sludge turned to Slag as he walked along the corridors surrounding the cargo bay. Even he knew not to stray too far.

"Me Sludge want go to Earth fast. Earth people need Dinobot help."

He had a strange affection for the planet. Despite their seemingly brutish exteriors, the Dinobots did have emotions, and Sludge felt a connection with the place of his creation.


Sixswitch turned to his fellow six-changer.
"So, what do you think will come of this meeting?" he asked conversationally.

God Jinrai
2002-11-08, 03:32 PM
"Not a problem, friends. but there is one thing that we need to do beforehand... on my way out on patrol, I caught sight of a certain decepticon sixchanger departing from the sol system... I traced his trajectory and managed to take a pretty good guess where he was comming from.... If any of you recall the situaion on Titan, one of jupiter's moons, then you'll know precisely what I'm speaking of. you see... titan's inhabitants were initially divided... the normal, goverement following folk, and the rebellious "cult of the sky god"... when astrotrain first showed up those many years ago... that cult took over titan for a time... eventually they were repressed and astrotrain abandoned them... but if what I fear is true, then Titan's resources may now be at decepticon disposal... we MUST check it out!"

2002-11-08, 03:51 PM
"But Cerebros, we have a distress call from Earth. Can the Saturn affair not wait?"
"Alternatively," Apollo spoke up, "Let us take our shuttle to Earth with the Dinobots. You can handle Titan I'm sure. You do have the city, and two independent Transformers."

Lord Zarak
2002-11-08, 05:14 PM
"Me Swoop want to help humans. They are kind to us Dinobots. We must show same kindness" chorused Swoop, stating his intentions with regards to earth.

Quick Switch
2002-11-08, 06:00 PM
Quick Switch's composure faltered as Hound, smiled, waved and passed by.

Hound- now there's an Autobot you can trust. Sure, he misses Earth- but his loyalty has always been with Optimus Prime. And he's still a nice guy to boot.

The Six Changer shrugged.

"The meeting? I don't have high hopes. Probably more Decepticon lies. I've heard that Soundwave was sent here to talk with Optimus. When has he ever brought glad tidings?"

RVZ Prime
2002-11-08, 06:50 PM
Slag: Me, Slag want to go to Earth too!

Snarl caught up with the rest and hear what the others are talking about.

Snarl: *hunhh* If we ingnore Earths call for help, Earth is doomed. Me not think Earth will be happy if we not go to Earth. Me say we go to Earth. Make quick work of Decepticons, then Dinobots stay on Earth when Decepticon threat over. Then you rest go to Titan and Dinobots stay on Earth and will wait for help. Me think some Autobot techinicians make new base for Earth for Autobots to stay on.

2002-11-08, 10:41 PM
Jazz watched Taikoon tap his wrist shaking his head. "I just don't understnad man but I know someone who may" Jazz looked back at Soundwave.

"Decepticon you are good at that mind stuff why not come here and tell me what my buddy is sayin'"

RVZ Prime
2002-11-09, 12:14 AM
Meanwhile, back in Iacon.

First Aid is heading for the med lab where Remedy is. Remedy is about to operate on a Autobots when First Aid walks in.

First Aid: Hey, there Remedy. How is it going with the damaged bots? Managed to get some of these online or repaired even after the Unicron attack?

Remedy: Not much. There are just to many. I have been working on some, but I will first concentrate on this big guy.

First Aid: Hey! That's Skyfire! He will be a great addition to the Autobots again he gets back online.

Remedy: Yes he will. He is not only a great soldier, but a good scientist too. That will prove usefull to the Autobots too. Care to help me on this. COnsidering his size, he will be alot of work, but with you, it might speed thing up a little.

First Aid: Yes, ofcourse. Lets get to work right away.

First Aid walks over to the other side of the table that Shyfire is on. Remedy tells him to screw the plate loose that covers his head. First Aid does this while Remedy gets ready to operate on his brain module.

Remedy: Hmm... No wonder his data didn't process well after taking the blows he has taken to the head. Almost every wire is loose or burnt here! This will take some time to repair.

Remedy: Okay, First Aid. Meld this wire to that one. That should do it.

First Aid starts melding the final wires together and when he finished it, he screws back the head plates on.

First Aid: Well that should take care of his head. I think that it will work properly now. We have triple checked everything, so no worries about that.

Remedy: Right. The rest is working fine. Limbs are checking out okay, so we don't have to worry on that. Except for his chest. There is a big hole in it. Another pain to repair.

First Aid: I think big is a bit of a understatement. It's huge! Did Unicron did this?

Remedy: Doesn't matter who did it. What matters that we are going to fix it. I got the parts right here, so that wont be a problem. Okay, lets get repairing.

Remedy and First Aid starts to get to work. First Aid acts as the assistant as Remedies skills are a bt better then the skills of First Aid.

First Aid and Remedy are finished.

Remedy: Okay. All we have to do now is close his chestplate and start to recharge him and he is one online bot again. He will be online when we start to recharge him so he will be able to speak.

First Aid apllies the recharge cable and at the same time, Skyfire's blue eyes light up.

Skyfire: Wh. where am I? Last....... last thing I remember was...... Unicron. He........ his blasts were to much........ so powerfull.

First Aid: You suffered some major damage to your Cerebral proceccors in your brain module. Not to mention the wires not being attached to your central-core at all. The final blast that you took was through your chest. It went right through you.

Remedy: First Aid, I think that is enough information for now. We will let Skyfire recharge for now. He will be as good as new in a day or two.

Remedy and First Aid walk out of the room where Skyfire is recharging. In the hall, Remedy and First Aid congratulate eachother on a job well done.

First Aid: Im going to notify Optumus Prime about Skyfire coming back online.

First Aid goes looking for Prime, while Remedy goes back to chck up on Skyfire.

2002-11-09, 03:38 AM
Redstreak looks at Blaster and chuckles. "Maybe so. Whatever the case, though, we would do well to plan ahead in case Prime and Rodimus can't work things out. Last thing we need are more surprises."


Alpha Trion looked around, staying with Convoy for the moment. The stage was certainly set, and he could feel something big on the horizon.

2002-11-09, 04:24 AM
Kup catches teh energon and drinks it, he gets up and feels energized

"AAAHHH!!! Thats the stuff, thanks ROadbuster", Kup said he then turned to Nightbeat, "Tell Springy to count me in as well"

2002-11-09, 05:02 AM
Blaster nodded to Redstreak looking over the comm-boaard for anything in-coming seeing nothing looking back at Redstreak. "Hey man I'm ready to stand beside Prime no matter what me Steeljaw and Fastforward are loyal to Optimus no matter what happens"

Wheeljack had finished on of them still a casette, light blue the colours of Rewind with a little white. The one he was working on now had the working of what seemed like Steeljaw but a brighter orange then Steeljaw and what looks like Black stripes.

"Keep working gotta get these guys up for Blaster"

2002-11-09, 08:33 AM
Taikoon leans against jazz, and slips to the floor, going almost completely still. His armor was grey-tinged in unhealth, optics dull. He was still staring at his own wrist, thinking about the life-filled energon that may have been flowing in there...

2002-11-09, 11:44 PM
Hound's light footsteps echoed down the small joining corridor as he headed towards the main tunnel leading to the assembly hall. Normally mindful of making even the slightest noises, his thoughts wandered with the concern over the impending meeting, the echos were forgotten.
"Boy it's quiet in Iacon tonight," he thought to himself as he approached the large hall leading to the central meeting area. "Feels like a storm about to break. Gosh I wish Prime didn't have to deal with that bad news blue..... boombox?" Hound's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Blaster's voice coming from the communication center. He chuckled as he followed the voice. A little distraction and perhaps some news seemed like a good idea, and Blaster was usually a good source for both.

Hound walked into the room and upon seeing them, shot a friendly wave and a grin at Blaster and Redstreak.
"Hello Blaster, Redstreak... How are things? Any news?"

2002-11-10, 12:55 AM
Soundwave peered incredulously at Jazz, a touch on contempt mixed in with his bemusement.

"Helping Autobots? Certainly not a regularity in my agenda... But then, this is supposed to be the 'second golden age,' isn't it? Oh, fine. Let's see what it has to say."

He crossed his arm across his chest to perpendicularly support the opposite elbow, and plopped his head into his open hand. He looked down on Taikoon, focusing intensely. After a few moments, he snapped abruptly from the trance and slowly glanced back at Jazz. His optics grew narrow and bright.

"This is rich. I'm sure you can tell by the look of him that he's dying. Less obvious, I have good and bad news. The good is that I know the remedy. The bad?"

He paused, hoping that the suspense would torture Jazz.

"It's you. He can't tolerate raw energon. He needs something that's already been refined, but not combusted. That would be something coming from your system. Of course, I could donate just as well, but our friend doesn't seem to trust me quite as much."

His hidden grin passed from Jazz to Taikoon.

"Isn't that right?"

2002-11-10, 03:26 AM
Nightbeat: "Sure, Kup....."

Roadbuster: -to himself- 'Springy?'

Nightbeat: -looks over at Springer- "Kup wants to join as well."

2002-11-10, 05:38 AM
Taikoon doesnt respond, but he does watch the two mechs, a miserable, obviously hungry look on his faceplate as he lays on the floor of the corridor.

2002-11-10, 08:14 AM
Jazz looked from Soundwave to Taikoon then back to Soundwave. "Well Since I don't trust you either and would rather see you bein' kicked around in your tapedeck transformation I'll do it myself" Jazz said reaching a hand out to the Dragon to help lift him up.

"You might aswell find Optimus what ever he needed your ugly blue frame for was important" Jazz turned making towards a medical bay having an idea.

Blaster turns his head to look at Hound and smiles.

"Hey whats happenin myfavorite green hologram thrower anything new on your front? All we got here is a few transmissions between Optimus and our favorite decepticon Teratron" Blaster says the last part sarcastically.

Karandras landed just outside of Iacon on the roof of a destroyed building waitng for something to happen, the blunder of following those five to earth was a mistake he should wait here where he knew real fun was too be had.

Wheeljack had now finished two more casettes a Dark Brown and camo green one and the one with colours of Steeljaw.

"There now All I have to do is get to the Iacon morge and find their brain modules hoping they are still intact" The Scientist said to himself Transforming and the Casettes coming into his driver seat as the door to his lab opened and he drove out towards Iacon.

2002-11-10, 04:16 PM
Soundwave held up his hands in a mockingly defensive manner, taking a few steps away from Jazz.

"Touchy! Help a body, and what do you get? Threats, insults, and a shove for the door. So much for Autobot hospitality."

Finally, he noticed that Jazz had already left. Soundwave glanced around at the rather empty corridor and began wandering the city-fortress. Oh, he knew where to find Optimus. He just wanted to 'splore first.

2002-11-10, 05:11 PM
Taikoon leaned heavily on Jazz as he's taken towards medical bay, more likely being drug than actually supported.

Quick Switch
2002-11-10, 05:48 PM
Scamper II scurried up to Quick Switch.

"Soundwave's on the way, wanting to speak with Optimus." The small, friendly robot nodded to the two Six Changers and left down the same corridor he had come.

"Get ready, Six," Quick Switch muttered.

2002-11-10, 06:09 PM
Redstreak chuckles slightly at mention of the term 'Favorite Decepticon.' "We've nothing major going on here unfortunately," he adds. "Prime's been kinda quiet with a lot of things lately, and it's rather unsettling. I don't even know if he has any patrols out right yet."

2002-11-10, 06:20 PM
Sixswitch nodded, standing up straight, from the position he'd been before, leaning against the wall.
"I was born ready," he quipped, checking the internal diagnostics on his weapons systems.

Quick Switch
2002-11-10, 07:11 PM
The Six Changer smiled.

"You keep me level," Quick Switch chuckled to his counterpart.

2002-11-10, 09:15 PM
The Elementals arrive at Iacon and land on one of the higher parts of the building.
"This seems to be a good spot for our nest. High ground, good view of the area and easy access to the rest of the building" Frost remarked.
"Yeah, let's hope we can find enough materials" Gale said as she started searching the area. "I don't think we have to worry about that. We can probably find what we need on a nearby battlefield, there's plenty of those around here" Blaze replied as she inspected something that had collapsed. "Hey. Where's Shock?" she asked.

Shock had left her sisters after they had landed. She headed inside Iacon, intent on exploring the building.

2002-11-10, 09:55 PM
Hound made a mock grimace at the mention of "favorite Decepticon" and then broke into a grin and chuckled with Redstreak.
"Favorite indeed. I'd like to give him a gift or two."
The grin faded into a concerned smile.
"No news as of yet, huh? One thing's certain, I know how the human kids feel being locked in their rooms. (*quiet chuckle*)"

Hound glanced back at the door and then around the room with a more serious look.
"There's an oppressive feeling in the city, and I couldn't stay put- too edgy I guess. I'm not sure about the patrols, but I did notice Quick Switch standing guard by Optimus' door- and someone else was standing beyond him on the other side. I didn't want to distract them so I didn't go down- just figured I'd head toward the assembly hall to see what's happening and then... I heard voices- thought I'd drop in. Hope I'm not interrupting?"
Hound flicked a questioning smile.

2002-11-10, 10:53 PM
Sunstreakers was flying towards Iacon as fast as he could swerving in and out of rubble or launching himself over it using inclined plains made by fallen rubble as ramps.

"Sunstreaker to Iacon, Come in. I am Approaching Iacon and I need to talk to Optimus on the double"

Blaster groaned "Fastforward who is that"

"Sunstreaker" the Casette replied.

"Whats that low down Traitor want?" Blaster asked pulling away from Hound and Redstreaks conversation. Blaster transformed as the signal reached him

"And what is it you want you traitours slag" Blaster asked in the most serious voice had had in a while the happy rap like voice gone.

"Blaster listen I know I was with Rodimus I need to talk to Optimus, he is not as peaceful as he says just come on" Sunstreaker replied

"You try anything funny I'll personally take you apart" Blaster said not taking nicely to the fact someone Prime had trusted for so many years had betrayed him.

"Alright, I owe ya man" Sunstreaker said

Jazz entered the medical lab "Well I guess this what humans feel like in Vampire movies" He shakes his head watching Taikoon.

"How can I get energy out it all gets used up in my system and as far as I know the only time I ever leak energy is when in vehicle mode but I thats nto fast enough" Jazz looks around for something he can use to syphon energy from him to his friend.

Wheeljack transformed back into a robot almost immdeatly as he entered Iacon running down the halls and into the morgue.

"Alright" He said looking around spotting what he needed the 6 cassettes storage for parts running over there and pulling them all out and setting them on a lab table going straight for the brain components.

"Hmmm" his hummed out Grandslam and Raindance brain components were far to damaged to be repaired now if ever. He had four Casette bodies and only three brains. The body he had dubbed Boltz was not going to be used it seemed when it hit him there were Six Autobots recovered.

"Well he may not like it but I know for a fact the component is intact and he wants to be alive fighting decepticons sooo...."

Wheeljack walkiver to a large box object built to hold a mini-bots remains pulling it out and walking over to the lab table pulling the Brain component out and going to work to shrink it so it keeps everything needed but is small enough for a casette body. Soon Blaster would have a whole regiment of casettes again and it is what they need.

2002-11-10, 11:00 PM
Redstreak eyed Sunstreaker and Blaster's confrontation, his weapon at the ready. "If you think you're going in to speak with Prime by yourself, you're mistaken Sunstreaker. I'm accompanying you, just to make sure."

2002-11-11, 01:59 AM
Taikoon is set gently on a medical table, but doesn't move.

2002-11-11, 02:26 AM
"Now there's a real interruption," Hound thought to himself as the yellow robot came in. He watched Sunstreaker's arrival with detest. Betrayal of loyalty and Optimus' trust wer the things he despised above almost all else. Immediately upon hearing of Sunstreaker's coming, Hound grabbed his machine gun and stood to one side of the doorway. Yet something bothered him. Sunstreaker was nearly frantic, and not being cautious- not like he usually would have been. Something seemed to ring true to what he was saying. Hound slipped behind Redstreak and Blaster and shadowed them.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-11, 09:11 PM

He sighed to himself, his once proud crew had been deminished by promises of peace and tranquillity to a rag-tag bunch of headmasters, and an over-eager youth with a hero's name.

This was not a good time for Springer.

2002-11-11, 09:48 PM
Sunstreaker shook his head at Redstreak "You can put me in restraints if it makes you feel better I just have to see Prime"

Sunstreaker replied to the Blutstreak look alike. Blaster looked up at Hound and Redstreak. "You two might aswell take 'im I got a job I gotta do here"

Sunstreaker just groaned turning "Just hurry up and get me to him"
Jazz looked around for something, anything. He had given his energy to fellow Autobots before but he had a Medic set it up. He looked around for anything he could use trying to remember the process.

"Don't worry Taikoon I'll get you energy if it's the last thing I do"

Wheeljack heard people in the Medical lab across the way too bad he didn't have time for that, Someone was alread dealing with them he hoped. He had finish adjusting the brain component and inserting it into Boltz.

"That should do it" He picked them up "All they need to do is charge in Blaster and they are good to go" he said to himself turning and running for the Comm-Room.

2002-11-11, 10:20 PM
OOC: Remedy is an NPC, free for use by all

2002-11-11, 10:22 PM
Taikoon gives no reply. He's awfully still. Time is running out.

RVZ Prime
2002-11-11, 10:26 PM
First Aid walks in to the Med Lab.

First Aid: Hey, whats going on here? What happened?

2002-11-12, 12:21 AM
"I see no reason for restraints," Redstreak says to Sunstreaker. "We both know what I'm capable of doing if need be." He pulls his gun out and slings it over his shoulder. "Come on."

2002-11-12, 04:06 AM
"Ooh, that's nice."

Soundwave leaned in toward the wall and folded his hands behind his back. He wanted to have a closer look: on the wall was an artist's representation of the post-war celebrations held in 2005. Yep, there was Rodimus Prime in the background, holding his hand high and shouting to the sky. In the fore were Autobots in a circle, hands in the middle. He recognized Springer. Oh, and a Junkion. What was his name? Not that he was significant...


Soundwave glanced at Laserbeak on his shoulder. The condor nodded in the opposite direction. At the end of the hall was a broad double door, protected by two proud-looking Autobots. Soundwave shrugged and continued on in their direction as a little fellow scuttled by.

"And this would be Optimus Prime's quarter, wouldn't it?" he idly asked the Six Changers.

Quick Switch
2002-11-12, 04:14 AM
Quick Switch's optics narrowed, and his grip on the blasters intensified.

"Indeed, this is the Great Optimus Prime's Quarters, Soundwave."

Quick Switch activated his internal comm.

"Optimus, the Decepticon communications officer is here to speak with you."

Quick Switch then flicked his gaze back to Soundwave.

"Place Lazerbeak back in your cavity, Decepticon. He has a nasty habit of injuring my Leader in inopportune times."

2002-11-12, 05:06 AM
Sunstreaker nodded to Redstreak

"Just try and make it a clean shot straight through if you have too I don't want my pain to be charred when I go into my tomb" Sunstreaker mokes motioning for Redto lead the way.

Jazz looked at First Aid "We don't have time, I need you to get energy out fo me and into my friend here" Jazz motions too Taikoon

Wheeljack ran past Sunstreaker and Redstreak into the Comm-Room. "Blaster, I have something for you" He said immdeatly two casettes in each hand.

Blaster looked back at the scientist "Hey man I wondered where you went to whatcha got for me"

"Open your chest" Wheeljack said

Blaster shrugged "Alright if you say so" He went to open his chest where his cuircuts where held when wheljack shook his head.

"Your Cassette storage" Wheeljack said again.

"Oh" Blaster replied confused opening the casette door as Wheeljack leaned over sliding the four casettes in and slamming it shut catching him offguard and pushing him back.

"HEY MAN WATCH IT!!!" Blaster called "What did you just put in me" He immdeatly asked bewildered.

"Stinger Cubbie Stripes and Boltz your four new casettes now you gotta get to Prime and convince him to use these unstead of Soundwave's" Wheeljack rambled out as fast as he could.

"Alright on my.... Wait that was a Decepticon frequency
how'd you find that line" Blaster asked standing up.

"Before we got you to Earth I had to intercept Decepticon transmissions" He said happily.

"Alright man I guess I'm gonna be followin' Red and Sunstreaker" Blaster turned and moved out of the door.

2002-11-12, 08:04 AM
Hound had slipped out after Redstreak and quietly followed him and Sunstreaker down the hall. Puzzled by Sunstreaker's behavior, his curiosity was building. Moments later though, he heard heavier footsteps behind and spun to see Blaster following. Although a bit surprised, Hound flicked a quick smile, as he waited for Blaster to catch up.
"Blaster! I thought you were staying in the comm room? Ah, never mind- I want to hear what SunStreaker has to say. C'mmon..."

RVZ Prime
2002-11-12, 08:22 AM
First Aid: Okay, Jazz. What I need you to do is lie down on the table next to him. I'm going to do a energy transfusion. It will probably work and save Taikoons' life.

As Jazz gets on the table, First Aid gets the equipment he needs for the transfusion.

First Aid: Ok, Here goes!

God Jinrai
2002-11-12, 12:33 PM
not a moment after quickswitch mentioned soundwave's arrival, the twin doors flew open... the chamber was a bit dark... only a desk was visible, and a small energon lamp illuminated a fist that rested on the table. Blue optics were the only other visible sight of optimus prime...

2002-11-12, 03:00 PM
Sixswitch said nothing - wasn't expected to, but glanced at Soundwave with interest. He had gone up against the Decepticon spy before - a contest that he had won. A tiny smirk crept on to his face at the memory.

Quick Switch
2002-11-12, 04:50 PM
Quick Switch held out his hand.

"After you've restrained your pet, give me both your concussion blasters, Soundwave."

2002-11-12, 05:39 PM
Hot Rod started spinning around in his chair, "Bored... bored... bored." He mumbled. He stoped spinning to complain to Lockpick again, "I should be Prime's consultant on Rodimus Convoy... I should still know him better then anyone. You know I could very well drive over to that meeting. But Prime wanted to go it alone..."

2002-11-12, 05:50 PM
Blaster shook his head at Hound "Gotta talk to Prime about using Soundwave over me, I'm better suited plus I just got four new casettes that would run circles out of Soundwaves out of date decepticon worm bait" Blaster said with a grin.

"Left Wheeljack and Fastforward back at the Comm-Room"

"Better hope Wheeljack doesn't try an experiment" Sunstreaker quipped.

Wheeljack sat in what normally was Blaster's chair waiting for the communications officer to return.

"So, what is there to do in here?" Wheeljack asked.

"Nothing" The little casette replied slightly annoyerd with this factor himself.

Jazz nodded to First Aid "Man this better work"

Karandras hovered over where the meeting was taking place just to see what was up, he had easily hi-jacked the planets signals. Still using radio waves, it made it much easiar for Karandras to get into then the warp or psychic communications of the future.

2002-11-12, 06:43 PM
Lockpick was trying to rub some of the paint she had sprayed on herself in view of a possible mission, irritated for the fact that it got cancelled at the last minute. She glances up, a scowl on her face as she sighs "You know you could've insisted.,.. but if this guy has this dark matrix thing maybe its better you stay away from him." she rubs at the scarred armor, scowling at the paint in the grooves. Maybe I should get detailed or something... no, I don't need it. There's no point.


Taikoon's body shifts as the energon starts to flow into his veins. His unconcious face turns into a scowl at first, then it relaxes again, colour returning to the mech's body... a good sign... Taikoon would live.

2002-11-12, 08:21 PM
Redstreak said nothing at Sunstreaker's quips. Instead, he led the way down the hall to Prime's quarters. His interest as they made their way down was no longer in restraining Sunstreaker, but protecting him from anyone fanatical enough to move against him. If he was a spy, he was their prisoner and most valuable. If he had turned back, his value could be even greater.

He stopped short when he saw Prime's door open. "Something's up," he said and crept to the other side, then peered into the dark room, not seeing anything other than a faint blue glow. He decided he would need to use his infrared.

2002-11-12, 09:30 PM
Soundwave frowned furtively at Quick Switch's request. He looked to Laserbeak (who returned the silent contempt equally) and shrugged.

"Attacking at inopportune times... and this is peace! Laserbeak, return."

The condor folded in on himself; a moment later, Soundwave plucked the black and red cassette from his shoulder and deposited it into his open chest compartment. One hand pushed the door shut as the other grasped the front end of his shoulder cannon. He flipped the weapon over into Quick Switch's waiting palm.

"I left the other at Decepticon City. I'll expect that one back when I'm released, hm? With the way we've been treated so far, I'll be surprised if you acknowledge that I even surrendered it by then..."

With a cold glance at Sixswitch on the other side of the doorway, Soundwave stepped through the mighty passage and passed easily deep into the office.

"What a layout. So very... gothic."

His optics scanned the room - perhaps for the glint of light on the barrel of a gun emplacement - before setting on the exposed optics. His shone a malevolent red in return, as though to challenge the Autobot's.

"Optimus Prime. Amazing, isn't it? Seeing each other without either feeling the necessity to even fire a shot... Oh, I'm Soundwave. I thought maybe you'd forgotten that you'd called for me. I see you've at least neglected to inform your troops..."

He fell casually into a seat across Prime's desk and glanced down at the lit hand.

"So, what's on the schedule this cycle? Round of Ballobot?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-12, 11:14 PM
Quick Switch narrowed his eyes at Soundwave's contempt, and shunted the concussion blaster into his own subspace compartment. He then re-retrived his own photon blasters and cocked them.

After making certain that Soundwave had indeed contained Lazerbeak, he sourly watched the communications officer strut into the corridor.

"You'll get the weapon back, Soundwave. We Autobots keep our word," the Six Changer nearly spat in hatred.

He flicked a glance towards Sixswitch.

"Don't be fooled. All of Soundwave's tapes are deadly. Lazerbeak has nearly killed Optimus at least once, that I've heard about. Soundwave is the most treacherous of any Decepticon. His brutality is lengendary."

However, one disturbing thought began to form at the back of Quick Switch's CPU:

Since when had Soundwave showed sarcasm before? Or a sense of humour?

"I don't like it," Quick Switch frowned, muttering darkly.

2002-11-12, 11:28 PM
Nightbeat: "So what's the first order of business, Springer? Are we going to position ourselves to that when this Rodimus Convoy and his little friends try to spring a trap on us, we can ruin it?"

Roadbuster: "I still think we should deal with Thunderwing, first."

2002-11-12, 11:41 PM
Sunstreaker watched the Sixchangers talk and listened now at their close proximity.

"Yep and if it wasn't for Bluestreak Trailbreaker Ironhide Bumblebee and Chip he'd 'ave succeded" The yellow autobot spoke. "How Long is Prime gonna be with Soundwave?" He then asked of Sixswitch and Quick Switch

"Awww man too late" Blaster muttered shaking his head.

2002-11-12, 11:50 PM
Sixswitch grinned.
"I've come up against him and his tapes before. He didn't seem all that then," he replied, somewhat cockily.

God Jinrai
2002-11-13, 12:00 AM
"... your tone disapoints me, soundwave... you know PRECISELY why you are here. You are the only comm officer with data tape units still functioning that haven't been tampered with or mind wiped since unicron's attack. Much as I hate doing this, I'm asking you to display laserbeak's data playbacks from near the end of the battle with unicron. "

Optimus rose to his feet, somewhat taller than the decepticon spy/comm officer

"If you've a problem with that, then leave. I'll find some other way of showing rodimus the truth... without sinking to the level of thunderwing to do it.... And soundwave... I know Thunderwing...or at least one of his "emmisaries" has paid metrotitan a visit in the last few cycles... do yourself a favor... don't let terratron join him.... as you know far too well of thunderwing's actions in the past."

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 12:03 AM
Quick Switch was about to reply to his fellow Six Changer when Sunstreaker butted in. The assault warrior glanced at the vain Autobot.

"I've read about that incident in the Transformer Archive. I have no idea the length of Optimus' conversation with Soundwave."

He paused.

"Something I can help you both with?" he asked Sunstreaker and Blaster.

2002-11-13, 02:00 AM
Redstreak had wanted to grab Sunstreaker before he spoke, and pull him back to the doorway, but he was too late. Though it puzzled him how he got looked right past. "Sunstreaker here needs to see Optimus," he answered for the yellow bot. "He's just come from Rodimus' camp, and says he wishes to return his loyalty to Prime."

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 02:09 AM
Quick Switch nodded-how had he manged to miss Redstreak? His optics must have been playing tricks on him.

"Redstreak, right? Yes, well, Optimus is in a meeting with Soundwave at the moment. I'll pass on the information to Optimus about returning to the true Autobot cause. Or, you all can wait, though I don't know how long Optimus and Soundwave will meet."

2002-11-13, 04:55 AM
Hound did a double take at the mention of the new tapes and nearly stopped in his tracks. He chuckled quietly, and then replied under his breath as they walked down the hall "Well, there's no comparison between you and Soundwave, Blaster. To quote the humans... "You rock.""
He saw Redstreak and Sunstreaker up ahead stopped at the door talking with the sixchangers and he slipped behind Blaster to the opposite wall and flattened himself there. Seeing he had not been noticed, he quickly covered himself with a hologram the color and length of the hall. He popped his sonic radar from the back of his wrist to try and listen to what was going on in the room.

2002-11-13, 05:54 AM
Blaster nodded to Hound "'Course I Rock" he chuckled looking around when Hound disappeared "Man why do you do that stuff?" he asks laughing.

Sunstreaker nods to QuickSwitch "Listen I know a few things about Convoy, mainly he isn't as peacful as he portrays"

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 07:10 AM
Quick Switch's grim visage changed into one of almost savage glee.

"I knew Rodimus Convoy was a Decepticon pawn from the start! A filthy Decepticon fellow traveler...a traitor. And the others have accused me of fanaticism!"

Quick Swtich leaned forward uncounciously toward Sunstreaker.

"Tell me what you know, Sunstreaker. With this information, we can destroy Rodimus Convoy's power over his forces! Nothing will stand in the way of Optimus Prime reclaiming the mantle of Autobot Leader!"

The zeal radiating off the loyal six changer would have been picked up by someone as oblivious as Skids.

2002-11-13, 09:54 AM
Sunstreaker watched Quickswitch amused by how he was acting.

"Chill out Sparky and listen, his pure Hatred for our Prime clouds his thoughts, his promises for peace are hollow and have about as much promise as all the peace we have been promised in the past except Prime's worked this time with Teratron, and thats when I realised Rodimus didn't promise peace just war with my former leader. Also he is planning on bringing forces to the meeting, in otherwords not alone, but yeah he is Thunderwing's pawn... Unicron's rather."

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 02:38 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

"As I suspected."

Sparky? Where did that come from?

2002-11-13, 11:29 PM
"All right, easy there fellas." Redstreak says. "No need to get all hot and bothered. Jumping to conclusions," he glares at Quick Switch, "can be a tremendous mistake. We've no idea of 90% of what Rodimus might be up to. And if he's naive enough to be allied with Decepticons, it's his problem long term, because we all know what allying with them brings, and it isn't peace and harmony."

Quick Switch
2002-11-14, 02:29 AM
Quick Switch shrugged.

"It doesn't matter what you or I think- what Optimus Prime says is what's important. Remember that. We warriors have a responsibility to follow the counsel given to us by our leaders."

And if we don't, we'll all end up like Afterburner- whose very motto helped lead the Technobots to treachery. Who are we to know the burdens of the command element? Convoy is a traitor until Optimus decies otherwise. Optimus is wise. The Matrix will show him the true path of enlightenement. And he has more exprience then any of us standing here by a few million years.

2002-11-14, 03:31 AM
Meanwhile, back in Debris......

Minerva: -sits down, looking disconsolate-

Chromedome: -walks over to Minerva- "What's wrong?"

Minerva: -looks up, smiles weakly- "Hi, Chromedome." -looks down at floor again- "Nothing..... really........."

Chromedome: -sits down next to Minerva- "You're not so keen on this whole Wrecker thing, are you?"

Minerva: "Is it that obvious?"

Chromedome: -chuckles- "Brainstorm's handling this better than you are. He's had a few million years more practice than you have. But you should have seen him his first day aboard the Maximus. You've never seen a bot look so sad."

Minerva: "Sad?"

Chromedome: "He didn't mind helping to build the transectors, but going into combat was something he never wanted to do. Shipping out with Fortress and the rest of us meant he had to fight."

Minerva: "Oh."

Chromedome: "You don't have to fight, you know. I don't think Brainstorm is going to. You're both being affected by the Chaos Matrix, and if it keeps trying to take control when either one of you are around..... that could be bad in combat."

Minerva: "So why haven't the rest of you been affected?"

Chromedome: "At a guess? Hardhead and I like fighting too much. As for Nightbeat and the others.... well, we both know how Nightbeat feels about taking orders from anybody."

Minerva: "Muzzle's the same way."

Chromedome: "And Siren's worked with Nightbeat for millenia, and despite his general attitude sometimes, he won't go fight with Rodimus' team. And Hosehead's just loyal."

Minerva: "True. But don't any of you want peace?"

Chromedome: "We do." -looks over at Roadbuster- "Well, most of us do, anyway. But we also know what the Decepticons will do if we do what Rodimus says. They'll kill all of us without a second thought." -looks around Debris' main control room- "Besides, now we've all got rooms. We have a place to stay."

Minerva: "I suppose so." -looks around- "Looks like a batchelor's apartment in here, though."

Chromedome: "Beats me. What's a batchelor?"

2002-11-14, 03:59 AM
Soundwave waved a dissuading hand in Prime's direction.

"No need to worry about those two ganging up on you. Teratron fancies himself a commander superior to Thunderwing, and thanks to his time with your Matrix, he's not well-liked. Not to say that Teratron is the brightest robot to grace Cybertron..."

He glanced around the office again, then back out the door behind at the curious Autobots peering in.

"Enough chat, I suppose. Down to business. When's this conference?"

2002-11-14, 05:06 AM
"So....are Thunderwign and Rodimus Convoy on to something together or somethin?", Kup asked Nightbeat, Roadbuster and Springer

2002-11-14, 10:03 AM
"So if Prime told you to go kill yourself you would? I trust Prime's leadership but if he ever told me to do that he'd get my resignation papers" Sunstreaker said looking at the door.

"Man how much longer does he have to talk to that Samsung reject" Sunstreaker asked rhetorically watching the door.

Quick Switch
2002-11-14, 01:49 PM
Quick Switch scoffed.

"Be serious, Sunstreaker."

God Jinrai
2002-11-14, 05:20 PM
"that would be as soon as rodimus bothers to arrive... frankly... I've been expecting him for some time, butconsidering the nature of the situation, I highly doubt he'll heed my request of only he and I facing off in discussion... At any rate, Head for the Central Courtyard of Iacon.. I'll be along shortly, but there's something else I need to attend to first..."

The door to prime's quarters swished open...

"Sunstreaker, Your report?"

2002-11-14, 05:49 PM
Redstreak was about to make another snap at Sunstreaker and Quick Switch when Prime's door flew open, startling him slightly. "Here's your chance, big man," he said sarcastically to the vain Autobot. "I'll have my eye on you."

Quick Switch
2002-11-14, 06:42 PM
Quick Switch came to attention as Prime appeared, and waited to see how Sunstreaker's report was received.

2002-11-14, 06:46 PM
Sunstreaker looked at Prime

"I just thought I'd tell you after a little while with Rodimus I've found out his hatred for you clouds any chance we have ever had for peace for the simple fact he wants you dead, also he was taking into concideration of bringing back up firepower to the meeting, you want my opinion he's lost his mind to the chaos matrix in everyones eyes but those follow him and thats because the chaos matrix has them too"

Blaster stood beside the hologram covered Hound watching, now just here to see what Sunstreaker had to say any hope of using his Casettes for this mission were thrashed.

2002-11-14, 07:45 PM
Taikoon's colour slowly returns, and his optics soon flick on, to peer about groggily, activity returning to the mech.

RVZ Prime
2002-11-14, 07:52 PM
"Well, that should do the trick. I'm not going to transfuse any more energy or else you will be too low on energy, Jazz" First Aid said.

"Taikoon, you should take it easy for a few cycles and let yourself recharge, okay?"

2002-11-14, 07:56 PM
"Bah," Sixswitch grumbled. "Matrix, Schmatrix, there's too much of this quasi-religious slag going on around here recently. I don't give two hoots. It'd be nice if we could all just chill for a while. Seems to be that you've all permanently got your circuits in a tangle about this or that. At the end of the day, we're all Autobots, right?"

2002-11-14, 08:21 PM
Blaster nodded to Sixswitch "You're right man but the problem is there is an Autobot out there from another Universe that thinks Optimus is a killer and will not stop until the killer is dead, now as much as I would love to sit back and relax aslong as that Autobot is out there we can't relax cause he is gunning for our Optimus"

2002-11-14, 08:31 PM
Confident all was well inside, Hound closed his wrist receiver. He started taking a few quiet steps back from where Blaster was standing and then hunched down in his tracks as the door opened. He saw Quick Switch snap to attention while the others looked up and over, and Optimus appeared at the entry. He froze solidly in place and didn't move a finger. It wasn't the group in the hall that concerned him, it was Soundwave- who he knew was still in the room. Hound knew how well Soundwave could hear, and he knew that the hearing ability could be trouble.
"Reject Samsung?" Hound wanted to laugh at the thought, but kept a straight face. "He's not even that good. Don't give him that much credit Sunstreaker...JVC maybe."

A moment later, he couldn't believe his ears as he listened to the discussion between Sixswitch and Blaster. "I hope Sixswitch listens to Blaster- for everyone's sake. If he doesn't clue in, we may not be left at the end of the day." Hound caught himself frowning and regained the straight face.

2002-11-14, 08:36 PM
"I'm not so sure," Sixswitch told Blaster.
"I mean, if he wants to kill Optimus so bad, why didn't he just do it back at Thunderwing's base, instead of agreeing to this meeting? I mean, think about it, why would someone as eager for Optimus's head as you say he is come to this hotbed of loyal Autobots?"

2002-11-14, 08:49 PM
"Maybe he's got something else up his proverbial sleeve," Redstreak suggested. "Remember, he could kill Prime and still have to deal with all of us fighting for his glory. Neither of these guys can kill the other and just presume to take over the entire force."

Quick Switch
2002-11-14, 09:17 PM
Quick Switch remained in place, silent.

I'm afraid not, Six. The times are not as simple anymore. None of thee Autobots who return to the fold once Rodimus Convoy is defeated will ever be able to remove the stain of treachery from their frames.

The six changer, did however, feel that he was being watched by unseen optics- his sensors had been on the highest alert since they'd returned to Iacon. Of course, it was probably nothing.
So he ran a standard scan, and it came up negative.

By Primus, am I going haywire? All these lunatics running around...people doubting Optimus- that would never have happened ten years ago...I know I am mocked by my own kith and kin for being so loyal. But in these times, can we really be so cavalier? I wish Ironhide was here, damnit. He'd knock some sense into these units. Red Alert, too. They knew-as I know- this maxim: show a united front or be destroyed from within and without. Prowl wouldn't be so bad either to have around to remind these Bots....except he turned traitor, too...

2002-11-15, 02:02 AM
Seeing Quick Switch glancing around the hall and the puzzled look that followed, Hound figured that Quick Switch must have sensed his presence. Hound concentrated on switching to his internal communicator and patching into Quick Switch's radio, hoping that the sixchanger wouldn't react and reveal the link.
"Quick Switch... just stand and listen like we're not talking. It's Hound, I'm here and listening my friend. Wait until Soundwave leaves, then we'll talk more."

Quick Switch
2002-11-15, 02:13 AM
Quick Switch remained in his potion...though he had received Hound's transmission, and would most assuredly not betray his confidence. He'd wait to discuss things with Hound later.


The Combatrons rolled into Iacon without much fanfare.

"Hurrah," Onslaught sighed wearily after the robots had transformed to robot mode once they reached the Autobot command center.

"Geez, that drive've better been worth it!" Brawl fumed.

"Cool your turrents," Vortex replied easily.

"He's right you know. I'd recommend taking a stroll through Iacon, since we hadn't seen it since...well, the last Great Invasion millions of years ago." Blast Off muttered.

"I recall that event well," Onslaught said, and the Combatrons began to walk through the streets of Iacon. "I lead a column of Megatron's finest warriors and smashed the Great Gate of Iacon myself. We were repelled, of course; no force could stand against Optimus Prime. Indeed, after that failure, I respected Prime all for it."

"How so?" Swindle asked, reflective.

"At the same time he managed to stop my textbook perfect advance, rear units under his command also stopped an air attack orchestrated by Shockwave and Starscream. Brilliant..."

Finally, the Combatrons reached the Autobot headquarters.

"Shall we?" Blast Off asked.

"Proceed," Onslaught replied. "We shall make ourselves known to Prime, and see if he has...a mission for us."

2002-11-15, 10:39 AM
"Sir, come look at this."
"What is it?" the Shift Commander at Iacon Command moved to look at the monitor of his subordinate.
"A blip on radar, heading right for us."
"Don't worry, we're expecting this visit. Sunstar to Optimus Prime, Rodimus's shuttle has been detected on long ranged scanners."


"OK," Rodimus told his group.
"When I go to this meeting, Prowl shall accompany me. The rest of you stay aboard Sky Lynx. Torque, you take charge. When you hear my signal, that will be the time to move amongst the Autobots here, see who you can get on our side."

He stood up, facing straight ahead.

"Sky Lynx, are we in short band communications range yet?"

2002-11-15, 02:38 PM
Blaze, Gale and Frost were busy buildig their nests, 3 rather large heaps of metal shaped like a bird's nest. They had not noticed the shuttle.

Shock had made her way to the central courtyard. She was thinking about alot of things. How similar this world and Phyrexia were, and yet so different. She was broken out of her thoughts as a group of Minicons ran by. She thought the were small children. Children? I thought only organics had those.. Our homeworld is still so alien to us

Quick Switch
2002-11-15, 02:49 PM
Dirge, Skywarp and Thundercracker continued to follow Convoy's shuttle to Iacon...

2002-11-15, 07:14 PM
"Understood, commander." Torque says. "The Technobots and I will be ready for what comes."


Redstreak waited for Optimus to finish with Sunstreaker patiently. He wasn't sure if the yellow Autobot was even fully gathered again after the surprise he had dealt with, and his leader's thoughts, especially following the announcement of Rodimus' shuttle nearing, would be essential to their next move.

2002-11-15, 07:31 PM
Sunstars message came through Blaster's chest almost immdeatly after being sent. "Seems the bad Guys are here, if what Sunstreaker says is true be ready cause the action is gonna get heavy"
Blaster turned "Gonna go tell Wheeljack to get his butt in gear just incase" Blaster then began to walk.

Sunstreaker nodded "Well Prime what are your orders?"

Wheeljack also heard the communication get relayed through the main center "Hmmmm, well I'll wait for Blaster then get out there"
the scientist said to no one.

"Finally a little bit of action" Fastforward muttered

Jazz sat up feeling slightly off from the sudden energy loss looking at Taikoon "Hey Bud you okay?" Jazz asked.

Karandras stayed perched on the destroyed building watching the shuttle approach followed by three jets.

"An autobot shuttle followed by 3 decepticons? Whats wrong here" He asked himself watching carefully to see what happens when they land.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-15, 07:44 PM
"We most certainly are Rodimus. I've cleared all available frequencies, so they are free for your use." replied Sky Lynx.

2002-11-15, 08:31 PM
Rodimus nodded.
"This is Rodimus Convoy, contacting Iacon command, here as requested for my conference with your leader, Optimus Prime. Request permission to land outside Iacon."

Quick Switch
2002-11-15, 09:07 PM
Dirge flew along with Skywarp and Thundercracker.

"Go ahead and give the Autobots your credentials," he said to Skywarp. "Might as well tell 'em we've been sent here without getting blasted out of the sky..."

2002-11-15, 10:18 PM
Taikoon sat up as well, rubbing the spot on his wrist where the transfer tubing had been, and he looks at Jazz, optics flashing brightly as he smiles "Work good... Taikoon... feel better. Am more Autobot more than before.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-15, 10:36 PM
Skywarp flew along...

"When did they program you with a sense of humour Dirge?"

Skywarp acknowledged that their presence may not be deemed as 'friendly'

"Autobot City Iacon, this is Skywarp. We have been sent as mediators for the meeting between Rodimus Convoy and Optimus Prime. We are here on behalf of Thunderwing as a peace envoy to both sides."


Quick Switch
2002-11-15, 11:37 PM
Dirge thought about it.

"Good question. Perhaps Thunderwing was feeling punchy when he brought me back? Anyway, let's just hope we get inside."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-15, 11:47 PM
"Dirge, one way or another we'll be at that meeting...one way or another..."

Skywarp had more than enough tricks up his sleeve to allow Dirge, Thundercracker and himself access to that meeting.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-15, 11:51 PM
"Rodimus, you do realise that we've got an envoy following us..."

Prowl had been monitoring the security systems and noticed the three jets had been following them from Metroplex.

"Wonder what they're upto"

Quick Switch
2002-11-16, 12:01 AM
Dirge grunted.

"That's easy for you to say. You can teleport."

But Dirge knew Skywarp's point, and stayed quiet afterwards.

2002-11-16, 02:08 AM
"First Rodimus coming to Iacon now Decepticons, were those three planned to be here even?" Wheeljack asked the casette

"Unless I missed one of Blaster's communications, No they weren't" Fastforward replied.

Blaster stopped as Skywarp's request came through his chest turning around and looking at Optimus "Well and that sweet the sucker seekers wanna join us" Blaster muttered.

"What do we reply to them?" Sunstreaker asked "I don't trust them to be honest, letting them land would be a mistake"

2002-11-16, 03:19 AM
Roadbuster: -watching the monitors- "Springer, the army of Peace, Fluffy Bunnies, and Hippie Goodness is approaching Iacon." -sees Seekers inbound- "Oh, good. They brought their lawyers......" -swings away from monitors- "What do you want to do, boss?"

God Jinrai
2002-11-16, 03:21 AM
"The same as they've been, Sunstreaker. All personell are either confined to quarters or to the assembly hall to watch the talk..."

Prime picked up skywarp's call, and immedieately spoke up as he started outside...

"Skywarp, take your "peace mediators" and leave Iaconian airspace immedieately. Rodimus and I had an agreement that only he and I would be present.... any outsider... is a violation of that agreement. and I Highly doubt Thunderwing would want to start another war, now would he?" prime replied... deep down, he knew very well thunderwing's true nature... but on the surface, to ensure that rodimus and he would be alone in this conference, he had to play smart.

2002-11-16, 04:02 AM
Redstreak knew he had to get out there, especially if the seekers refused to back off. They were not to be trusted, nor would it be safe for the Autobot leader to go out alone.

"Wait up Prime," he says. "I'm coming with you." He then starts after his commander.

2002-11-16, 04:07 AM
Sunstreaker looked at Redstreak then down the corridor turning and beginning to walk towards the assembly hall. "Gotta see this" he muttered.

Blaster watched Sunstreaker walk past him and leant over and nudged Hound "Come on dude we have a confrence to watch" Blaster said turning and following Sunstreaker "Hey Wheeljack this is Blaster if you wanna watch the confrence"

Wheeljack nodded "On my way" He said standing "I'll be back with Blaster" He said to the casette exiting.

Fastforward grumbled about being alont again then sat back.

Quick Switch
2002-11-16, 04:35 AM
Quick Switch nodded.

If Prime didn't desire help, he wouldn't push the issue. However...he glanced over where he thought Hound might be, and waited for the jeep to reveal himself.


Dirge cursed.

"By the Pit. What a wonderul development," he grumbled bitterly.

2002-11-16, 08:51 AM
Hound paused long enough for a small distance to occur between Redstreak, Blaster, Sunstreaker and himself and the sixchangers. Still uncertain of Soundwave's position, he listened and hearing nothing, he clicked back in on Quick Switch's internal radio, not wanting to reveal himself. Friendly and warm overtones didn't hide the concern underneath in the words.

"Hey Quick Switch...must make this short, but I saw the look you got when Sixswitch and Blaster were talking up. I... felt it too. Six is a bit brash and hasty, but he has good directives. The humans would call it "having a good heart." How strong they are I dunno, and there's no time left to talk with him, but he's shown he is a team player. Be cautious today. I just hope everyone can stay steady in the support of Optimus. We all want peace but... Sunstreaker I feel, spoke the truth, and it worries me.

Had to catch myself- but you know too--- you stared Rodimus Convoy in the face and saw the dark there, stayed true. We've all made two guiding choices... the first was to become Autobots. Even those that left us chose to become Autobots. The ones that followed Rodimus Convoy still have some goodness inside- even if they've made a terrible choice. The second was the choice to stay with Optimus and protect the matrix. The others failed in having the loyalty to stay, Autobots though they are. They didn't have strong directives- "faith" I guess. We must remember both if we are to see this day through successfully. If force is needed we will have to use it- but try to remember about the good inside. I've lost many friends in the past, and I fear many more to come- but our true Autobot goals must stay strong and never fail. I'm on my way out to the meeting area now, though I won't be near the others. Take care my friend."

Hound slipped down the length of the wall and as he rounded the corner to head to the meeting area, the hologram wall vanished.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-16, 12:35 PM
"Hey Rodimus, you want me to take out our old 'friends'? asked Sky Lynx

2002-11-16, 01:04 PM
"I know they're up to no good, but we are striving for peace, remember. I would trust them as far as I could throw them, but Thunderwing's put me in a difficult position. Maybe he's testing my desire for peace?"

He grinned.

"With a bit of luck, Prime will deny them entrance to Iacon. Thanks for the information though Prowl. Now we can expect company in some form at the meeting. Alright Sky Lynx, bring us down outside Iacon's gates. Prowl and I shall head to the meeting, the rest of you stay here for now."


Sixswitch shrugged.
"Guess we're not needed anymore, eh Quick?" he grinned, shunting his blasters into subspace.
"I'm gonna head for my quarters, the meeting sounds boring."

2002-11-16, 01:42 PM
"so are we gonna slag em now?", Kup asks Road buster

2002-11-16, 06:29 PM
Torque watched quietly as Iacon came into full view during Sky Lynx's landing procedure. In some ways he wasn't sure why he had decided to turn his back on Optimus, but he remained confident that the leader he did follow was the right one.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-16, 07:10 PM
"Brace yourselves folks for a smooth landing" boasted Sky Lynx, still as arrogant as ever as he skilfully piloted himself down towards the surface of Iacon.

He landed without a bump.

"Do believe I told you so" said Sky Lynx immediately after the landing.

2002-11-16, 08:04 PM
"So you did," Rodimus humoured the boastful shuttlecraft.
"Now, Prowl, if you'll come with me, we'll be on our way. The rest of you, remember what you need to do."

Rodimus walked down Sky Lynx's access ramp, and transformed into truck mode, revving his engine, and driving towards Iacon.

Quick Switch
2002-11-17, 12:29 AM
Quick Switch's optics took on a glassy sheen, as Hound's message filtered through his internal receptors. As much as his metallic face was able, a level of haggardness entered it.

He responded silently to the reflective scout:

Thank you Hound. Your message is reassuring as it is pragmatic, like always. I am glad to know there are those who still keep the faith for the ways of tradition: reverebce for the Matrix, respect for our leader. I feel more balanced now...thank you.

Quick Switch frowned.

"Possibly, but I'm heading to the assembly hall. This meeting is pretty important, Six. Even if Prime doesn't need protection...I have to be there. I'll talk to you later."

The Six Changer smiled slightly, then walked briskly off to the Assembly Hall.


The Combatrons also filed into the assembly hall.

"Something about a meetin' Onslaught?" Brawl asked.

"From what I can understand, this is rather important." Onslaught replied. The Combatrons filed in single file and stood at the back of the room waiting for the two leaders to arrive.

Quick Switch entered and nodded.

"I'm glad you decided to join our Cause, Onslaught. The Autobots need your expertise."

Onslaught nodded.

"Thank you, Quick Switch. Evidently you're Prime's new bodyguard, what?"

"Yes," he replied, "though Optimus does not want an escort for this meeting. I will stay and observe."

"Excellent, then," Onslaught nodded. "We are in good comany then, eh men?"

"You bet," Vortex chortled.

"Can't complain," Blast Off answered.

"Sure," Swindle smiled.

Quick Switch took up a position next to Onslaught and waited.

2002-11-17, 01:52 AM
Torque looks to Scattershot. "We sure do," he confirms as Rodimus exits. "But if it's all the same, my friend, I hope we don't have to do it."

2002-11-17, 03:45 AM
Nightbeat: -looking at the monitors- "Looks like the LawyerCons are leaving."

Roadbuster: -swings back to monitors- "Well, that's one less thing to worry about." -growls- "I still say we should get somebody in position and put a particle cannon shot through Rat-boy Convoy's head. End this whole thing here and now."

Nightbeat: "Not gonna work, bubba. He's not the holder of the Chaos Matrix. I still say it's Thunderwing." -walks over to chair, slumps down in it- "Besides, pegging a round through Rodimus' head would be the worst thing to do at this point. It would make him a martyr in the eyes of those he's converted. Who knows, Thunderwing may well have recruited him in the hopes that one of us would do that."

2002-11-17, 07:01 AM
"It aint the worst thing, NIghtbeat...", Kup said as he leans on the wall, "Infact..hey I like the sound of me shooting a hole through that imposter's head"

2002-11-17, 09:13 AM
Trailbreaker lay sprawled on his bunk in his room, down a side residential wing in Iacon. It was quiet and peaceful, but he lay there with his arms behind his head and a frown on his face. Not long ago, this wing would've been loaded with fun and noise... things like Prowl yelling at others to keep it down, or Sideswipe and Sunstreaker bickering.... and now it stood disturbingly quiet. Only Mirage, Wheeljack and Hound remained quartered in the corridor. Hound never seemed to be able to stay put, Wheeljack was always in the lab, and Mirage... well, Mirage was broody in nature most of the time. Still, the hunter was fun to pull pranks on. At least he was, until one day Trailbreaker got back to his quarters to find a rather foul-smelling creature boxed and gift wrapped on his bunk.

Trailbreaker's thoughts wandered.
Talk about boring! He glanced towards the radio with a longing look. Too bad we don't have something like Spike's goldfish, or a cat, or a parak... He stopped midthought when he saw a figure pass his doorway. A bird-looking figure? What was that thing? Fascinated, he eased up and headed toward the door.
Mirage sat in his quarters checking his weapons and ammunition while waiting for news from Optimus. He glanced out the window of his quarters over the city and to the distant areas beyond. How much longer? He wondered silently to himself. The war had been long, and although happy to be home once more, he wasn't content. He wanted nothing more than to be free to roam and to follow his directives without the prospect of more battles. The weight hanging over Iacon bothered him, and yet he stayed, because he knew others were relying on him.
Earlier he had seen Hound go roaming, as his friend so often did. Mirage knew the feeling of the discontent and had been well aquainted with it in his service to the Autobots. He and Hound shared much- he admired the scout's loyalty, but knew also that he would rather be on Earth. Mirage was aware too, that just his staying in Iacon with the other Autobots made it easier for Trailbreaker (trouble though he was occasionally) and Hound to focus on what needed to be done. Still, he craved the open air and course hunting fields in the distance. Maybe there will be peace tonight. He thought wistfully.
Hound eased his way through the ventilation shafts of Iacon upwards and on an angle. The last part was a tight squeeze, but he knew he could make it. Bored during his recovery time, he had spent every moment he had exploring. The shafts and vents he had found to be a good deal of fun and made frequent use of the downshafts like human children did on slides.
He pushed open a grating and squirmed through onto a pipe high above in the meeting area hall, easing it quietly shut with a foot behind him. In an instant, he formed a matching hologram of an extended air vent to cover himself. Below
he could see his fellow Autobots and he frowned as he spotted the Decepticons as well, and thought to himself, "We need them I guess, but I don't like this."

2002-11-17, 02:54 PM
Sixswitch ambled along the corridors of Iacon, lost in thought. Truth be told, he didn't understand the current situation. How Rodimus Convoy came to be in this universe, the intricacies of the Chaos Matrix and Unicron, and how the Decepticons fitted into it all. He was almost certain that they had something to do with it. He just knew that the Autobots couldn't trust them, despite the alliance.

Another thing he couldn't understand was some of the Autobots' almost fanatical loyalty to Optimus Prime. From what he had seen so far, Prime was a decent leader, if somewhat impulsive - but certainly nothing to be fanatical about. He shrugged, and put the thought to the back of his mind.

His 'promotion' to Prime's bodyguard was somewhat strange too. It was so sudden and unexpected. Why Prime would choose a newcomer as his bodyguard baffled him. Sure, he was a good fighter, but Prime needed utmost loyalty in a bodyguard, and there was no way that he could be certain that Sixswitch had it... No way.

One thing was certain. Autobots shouldn't be bickering with other Autobots, and despite his distaste for the leadership struggle, and his ignorance about it, he knew that there was something wrong...

He realised that he was feeling somehow smothered by the forced innactivity that his duty brought. He turned down another corridor, and left the building through a side door. Sure, he was supposed to be either at the conference, or in his quarters, but neither appealed to him. He transformed to fighter mode, and took off.

A short flight brought him to the wide metal plains a few miles outside Iacon. He landed and transformed to tiger mode. Then he started to run.

As he reached his top speed, he gave a cry of joy, exhiliration, and freedom. The wind whipping around his body was brilliant, the thud of his feet on the surface of Cybertron was a joy to hear. It was as if he had adopted the mindset of the tiger that his robotic form emulated - wild and carefree; he was a young bot after all, and he was enjoying every second.

Quick Switch
2002-11-17, 09:34 PM
Dirge, still circling Iacon with Skywarp and Thundercracker, activated his eerie engines to let but a trace of their normal potency filter out; a true song of fear. It was mostly out of frustration.

He noted Sixswitch leaving Iacon proper.

Why do you celebrate, young unit? Is it because you revel in your youth? Hah. Youth is fleetng, and soon despair of age will grip you. None can escape it. Skywarp hides his fears by joking. Thundercracker by indifference. Everyone knows fear. None can conquer it. Not even I can, and yet, it is how I flourish in battle. Fear will undo even the bravest warriors...

Dirge paused in his reflections.

The writing is on the wall. I sense the apprehension of the Autobots; they are caught between two vices: the awesome power of Thunderwing and the pawn Rodimus Convoy. And yet, the Decepticon Lord, Teratron, remains to be defeated. The Autobots will fail, destroyed by their own or by us. It is inevitable. Fear is inevitable...and death, too, is inevitable. All things must end. I will look forward, once the battle comes, to destroying many Autobots. Snuffing out such happy beings as Hound, Blaster, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack...yes. It will be...joyous.

Dirge laughed then, slightly; a sound which was not pleasant to any receptors.

2002-11-17, 10:24 PM
Blaster took a seat in the Assembly hall Sunstreaker sitting beside him.

"How do you think this is going go?" Sunstreaker asked.

"Dunno man you're the one who worked with this Hot Rod reject not me, so I should be asking you how it is gonna go" Blaster gave in response.

Sunstreaker nodded "Rodimus' hatred is going to cloud any chance we have for peace I know that much and that means he or Prime are going to end up dead" Sunstreaker replied glumly.

Blaster shook his head "Prime won't let it come to that, so lets not sweat it"

Sunstreaker shook his head "I really hope you are right"

Wheeljack slowly made his way from the main communications room towards the confrence hall passing the his temporary lab within Iacon. No one was there but he heard voices coming from the medical lab next to it peering his head in Jazz, Taikoon and First Aid were all here.

"Hey guys I don't know if you know but Prime and Convoy are about to hold the confrence"

Jazz looked at the scientist "Be there in a sec Wheeljack"

2002-11-17, 10:59 PM
The two bots drove up to the bridge to Iacon, which was swiftly drawn accross, and the door slid open. As they entered the portal, they drew a few hostile stares from the gate guards.
"Don't worry, it's to be expected," Prowl told his leader over internal radio.
"I know," Rodimus replied. "It doesn't mean I like it though."
"You aren't expected to. Now, unless I miss my guess, Prime's either in his office, or in the command room. We'll try his office first."
"Lead on," Rodimus replied, and Prowl drove ahead, Rodimus following behind.

On their way, the two passed several Autobots heading in the other direction.
"They must be heading to the assembly hall," Prowl said.
"Right, so much for Prime honouring his word on a one-to-one discussion."
"You really don't think much of him, do you?"
"No," Rodimus replied with finality. "I don't."

The two transformed to robot mode, several hundred metres down the corridor from Prime's office, and walked towards it.

"Think he'll have us enter seperately? Maybe have the crowd boo us?" Rodimus asked sardonically.
"I doubt it."
"So do I, I was joking. Never mind, here we are."

The two stopped in front of Prime's office, and Rodimus rapped sharply on the door.

God Jinrai
2002-11-17, 11:47 PM
Rosimus' pounding on the door recieved no answer... for Prime was where he said he would be... in Iacon's central courtyard... alone... activating his comm, he broadcast across iacon's speaker system...

"Rodimus Convoy... wherever you are, I'm waiting. Iacon's central courtyard was the location we agreed upon, and as such it's here that I stand in wait for your arrival."

Prime bowed his head... already confusion had set in... and he feard that perhaps he WOULD lose his autobots... but no matter what... he had to fight on... if it meant going it alone, thunderwing and the chaos matrix had to be destroyed!

2002-11-18, 12:00 AM
Redstreak stops short of the courtyard. "Hang on," he says to himself. "Just stay back here and see what happens...don't be the cause of a war." He stood quietly, his body full against the wall of the corridor, and watched without comment.

2002-11-18, 12:04 AM
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2002-11-18, 12:07 AM
Rodimus nodded.
"Right, let's move."

The two turned about, and headed for the courtyard.

Arriving at the large double doors, Rodimus took a deep breath, and another. Time to be calm, and collect his nerves. Prowl waited patiently alongside his leader, fully aware of what Rodimus was thinking. Many a time, he had been the same way, when he had to deliver bad news to his superiors, or let the Autobots know that one of their number wouldn't be returning from a mission.

Rodimus turned his head, and smiled as he recognised in Prowl the same qualities he knew he himself possessed. The leader to the Lieutenant. Either of them would do the job equally well, but fate had chosen Rodimus. With a nod, he turned, and hit the keypad next to the door. It slid open, and without a second thought, Rodimus stepped through.

Instantly, Prowl stiffened. Rodimus had been right, there was a figure standing off behind Prime in the courtyard, a transformer that Prowl was not familiar with. He glanced at Rodimus.
"Not yet," Convoy muttered under his breath as the two walked forwards.

"I am here Prime, as you asked," Rodimus spoke.

2002-11-18, 12:23 AM
Trailbreaker eased down the hall and turned the corner. He glanced around, puzzled.
Now, where did it go? Am I seeing things? He wondered to himself.
A moment later, he heard Prime's announcement. He felt his combustor jump, as an awful possibility
occurred to him. He jogged to the hall window which opened to the main courtyard. Standing not far off was a female figure with an avian-looking head. Prime stood a ways off out in the center, and it was clear that neither had seen the other, but Prowl and Rodimus Convoy had entered and had seen her. Trailbreaker debated... Gotta get it away... fast, then get myself out of here. Wait, I've heard of these things... they like Prime- helped him before. Trailbreaker leaned out and in an overly loud but friendly voice called, "Ma'am? Prime needs this area for a meeting. Come with me and I'll show you the city." He plastered a grin on his face, hoping she'd react pleasantly and that the others would understand it was an accident.

2002-11-18, 12:50 AM
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2002-11-18, 12:54 AM
Soundwave was leaning against Iacon's famous Golden Spire, square in the center of the courtyard. His optics drifted up to the Autobots observing. It seemed that some of them were glaring at him. At least, he'd like to think so... He looked down as a fresh voice entered his audials. Yeah, there he was. The mech of the hour: Rodimus. He glanced at the terminal that had been set up for him. It was a large, silver block with a niche cut out for his enlarged tapedeck mode. On the top was a black sphere, a protected projector to display the film on a radian of the courtyard's round wall.

"Shall we begin, then?" he stated plainly, still unwilling to move away from the wall.

2002-11-18, 01:21 AM
Taikoon stood, and heads with JAzz and the others, looking more alert every second.

God Jinrai
2002-11-18, 01:50 AM
"Indeed, soundwave... Rodimus, I've called on Soundwave as a sign of good faith... instead of having blaster be the one to show the results of the war with unicron.. and aftermath of the events...
Soundwave... if you would."

Prime sighed, and feared the worst...

2002-11-18, 02:33 AM
Wheeljack and Jazz entered the Assembly Hall only a few moments afterwards, a few people were in there but they immdeatly went too the two they knew best.

"Anything happen so far?" Wheeljack asked



Blaster then Sunstreaker replied.

Jazz walked past the scientist and took a seat "Good show now lets see what's gonna happen here" Jazz said to which Wheeljack nodded stepping forward and sitting down

2002-11-18, 04:33 AM
Mirage fixated on something he saw through the window, and stood up. The lights were unmistakable and he scowled. Seekers--- on patrol, looks like... or maybe just waiting. That's a bad sign. Mirage settled his weapon into its holder and headed for the door. Meetings I could do without, but I think just maybe I should see what's going on in the assembly hall.
Mirage walked down the long empty corridors and approached the hall.
Hound surveyed the gathering group below.
Combatrons.... Quick Switch, Blaster, Redstreak, Sunstreaker, Wheeljack and Jazz... and a dragon?
Hound stared a bit at Taikoon, not having seen him before, but with the red autobot symbol on him and his sitting next to Jazz, the loyalties were clear. Hound glanced down again at Jazz, and fought back an incredible urge to cause some mischief. If it had been a less serious time, he would have tried pinging a small paper ball off of his head, like Spike had taught him to do once, long ago. As it stood, he stayed motionless and silent, waiting to see what would happen.

2002-11-18, 06:04 AM
Still back at Debris......

Nightbeat: "Still won't work, Kup. Do you honestly think his cause needs a martyr? The argument will be made that we wouldn't want peace, and that we had to resort to murdering him because he was right, etc, etc. The ones who are 'riding the fence' would probably go over to Convoy's cause. If this is going to work, we have to prove him wrong, prove that his way will get us all killed.. Although it'd be simpler to wipe out Thunderwing."

2002-11-18, 09:34 AM
"yeah you got a point Nighbeat...Thunderwing might be the cause of this all...if we slag his tin metalic ass and make him into scrap metal...maybe some of the problems of the universe will be solved", Kup said, "But I dunno...we shoudl ask Prime for the plan"

RVZ Prime
2002-11-18, 09:42 AM
As First Aid is cleaning up the equipment that he used for the energy transfer, Streetwise walks in the Medical Lab.

Streetwise: "Hey, First Aid. Are you coming. The is something happening down at the Assembly Hall. Hotspot, Groove and Blades are allready there."

First Aid: "What's going on?"

Streetwise: "Not really sure, but I believe that Rodimus Convoy is coming to Iacon."

First Aid: "Are you sure? Alright I'm coming."

First Aid puts down his equipment and walks with Streetwise to the Assembly Hall.

2002-11-18, 11:23 AM
"Ma'am? Prime needs this area for a meeting. Come with me and I'll show you the city"

Shock turned to Trailbreaker.
"I-apologize. I-didn't-mean-to-disrupt-anything. I'd-love-a-tour-of-this-place. My-name-is-Shock" She said in her fast voice as she got up, left the courtyard and joined Trailbreaker.

2002-11-18, 01:39 PM
Trailbreaker was a little taken off guard by the incredible speed of Shock's voice, but smiled and helped her through the window. "It's okay, you didn't know what was happening in there. My guess is the Chief just walked in on ya. Heck, I didn't know what was happening in there until he made that announcment!"

Trailbreaker paused and studied his guest for a moment before continuing down the hall with her. "Pleased to meet you Shock! I'm Trailbreaker, and welcome to Iacon. You found the main courtyard, and back there was the residential wing. Do you need a room for your stay here? There are plenty open. And can I offer you something to consume? There's an energy station just up ahead for mechs, but it also has some organic foods preserved as well... if you take any of that."

Trailbreaker also worried as they walked down the brightly lit hall and dropped his head in concern. Letting my manners get ahead of me. She should know... "Shock, this is a bad time for us, but if I heard right in the lounge, you and your sisters would already know about that. I'm glad you could come to visit, but things could turn bad. You could be in danger here."

Quick Switch
2002-11-18, 05:38 PM
Onslaught crossed his arms as Soundwave made his entrance, and Prime gave the go-ahead.

"Very well then," he muttered. "This should be interesting. You were in combat, Quick Switch?"

Quick Switch glared at Convoy and Soundwave equally and flicked his gaze momentarily to the Combatron leader.

"Yes, I engaged myself against some of Unicron's drone fighters. Uninspired foes, but the use of wave tactics made them interesting."

"Yes...my troops were actually engaged battling on Unicron's head-as Bruticus of course- and it was quite an experience."

"I'm sure it was," Quick Switch replied, leaning forward waiting for the presentation to begin.

2002-11-18, 07:06 PM
Sixswitch was aware of the Seekers' presence above him, but chose to ignore it. If the alliance was to work, he assumed that the Autobots had to be somewhat permitive in Decepticons flying through their airspace. Besides, he hadn't yet been told to attack them.

He put the thought to the back of his mind, and sprinted onward.

2002-11-18, 08:41 PM
As Trailbreaker pulls her through the window, Shock made sure she kept her lightning under control. She didn't want to zap him. "Pleased-to-meet-you-too-Trailbreaker" she said as she followed Trailbreaker.
"I-don't-think-we'll-be-needing-rooms,-my-sisters-are-already -building-their-respective-nests,-and-I'll- build-mine-when-I-get-back-to-them-later. -As-for-the-food,-I-appreciate-the-offer,-but-as-far-as -I-know-neither-myself-or-my-sisters-need -sustenance,-we've-been-active-since-the -day-Malzra-revived-us.-That-was-200-human-years-ago,-I -don't-know-how-long-that-is-in-your-culture's -time-system" She continued.

Shock grinned.

"As-for-the-dangerous-part,-you-don't-have-to-worry-about me.-Me-and-my-sisters-can-handle-ourselves-in-a -fight.-In-fact,-we-were-part-of-Malzra's-attackforce -that-was-sent-to-the-Phyrexian-homeworld -to-put-an-end-to-Yawgmoth-and-his-invasion-of Dominaria"


Outside Iacon, several floors above the main entrance, Blaze, Frost and Gale were still busy building their nests.

Quick Switch
2002-11-18, 09:33 PM
Dirge continued to fly along...he noted Sixswitch's continued prescence.

He clicked on a secure Decepticon channel (Seeker subfrequency) and sent this message:

"Say Skywarp...what if we goad that young six changer there into battling us? Somehow make him instigate a fight? That might be interesting, and it'll scrap this peace conference."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-18, 10:31 PM
"A song as shrill as war would sound so sweet right now..."

Skywarp had a poignant moment, it happened from time to time, but he always tried to beat it back.

The air around Iacon was unusually turbulent that day, it wasn't un-heard of on Cybertron, all the years of war de-stabalised even the most rigid of balance mechanisms. Something was in the air, and it was coming fast.

"Hold steadfast for the moment Dirge, look who's down there with Prime..."

Skywarp saw Soundwave below at the meeting.


Prowl was almost dumbstruck, here was Optimus Prime, his leader talking with and siding with one of his greatest enemies. Peace treaty or not Prowl found it hard to believe that Soundwave's presence was anything but bad.


Still at Debris

Springer stood up, he knew the risks involved, he knew they probably wouldn't come back alive, but he also knew that some sort of action had to be taken.

"Tool up."

Springer headed towards the armoury to pack enough weapons to take out a planet......he only hoped he would come back alive.

Quick Switch
2002-11-18, 10:57 PM
Dirge transformed to robot mode and hovered a few hundred feet above Iacon.

"I see what you mean, Skywarp," he replied. In an instant, a Transformers-sized video camera (affectionately known by Dirge as "Reflector II") was clutched in his palms. He placed an optic up against the cushion and steadied the lens on the conversing Prime and Soundwave.

"This is the ultimate hardware in taking home movies," he droned. "Sound quality will be excellent. We'll hear every word..." Dirge pressed the "ON" button, a light glowed red, and so it began.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-18, 11:14 PM

Skywarp still felt like something in the air around them wasn't right, but he couldn't place his feeling, nor did he pay any attention to it. His plan had been set in place.

2002-11-19, 01:06 AM
Redstreak continued to watch, but a low rumbling from above caught his attention. He couldn't see anything right off, and his mind was too distracted with Prime's well-being to care very much about what it might be. So he returned his gaze to the courtyard, watching, waiting for anything to go wrong...


Torque had the seekers on radar. He didn't trust Decepticons, he never had, and even with Thunderwing being an apparent ally, he found himself second-guessing. Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Dirge were three of the most experienced Decepticon warriors in existence, and he knew special heed needed to be paid to them. But all the same, backing up Rodimus was of greater importance, and his finger danced near a missile-launching button nervously.

2002-11-19, 01:46 AM
Rodimus glanced at Prowl.
"Unsettling, isn't he?" he commented sardonically.

"Ironic, isn't it Prime? We seek peace with some Decepticons, which you disapprove of, yet you make peace with this one. Do I detect a hint of hypocracy?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-19, 01:57 AM
Prowl just stood there. He double checked his weapon was close by.

"Just a touch..."

2002-11-19, 02:17 AM
Blaster listened to Rodimus grinning "Do I sense a hint of stupidity?" He asked rhetorically getting a chuckle from Jazz and a smirk from Sunstreaker.

"Blaster you realize this moment is serious, this could mean war or peace" Wheeljack said.

Blaster shrugged "So what man? If there is a war that guy" he raised his hand pointing at Rodimus "Is the one we are going to be trying to take down"

Sunstreaker smiled "And if he was anything like our Rodimus, hit at his mind and he is gone"

Jazz nodded in compliance "May be dirty but the faster we break his confidence the more lives we save"

"If that's an option, besides he'll probably expect that" Wheeljack said.

God Jinrai
2002-11-19, 02:42 AM
"...you just don't get it, do you, rodimus. Must I merge the both of us with the matrix for you to understand?!? THUNDERWING IS THE ENEMY! I have no qualms with decepticons NOT under his command! Those who would side with him, I would sooner see dead... why? Because they are the ones seeking to dominate and wipe out all life in the universe... all because of the wretched chaos matrix! Blast it, rodimus! Which of us is TRULY being unreasonable here? Which of us is the puppet, mastered by the puppeteer? "

Prime fell silent... his optics dimmed...

"Soundwave, commence playback."

2002-11-19, 02:51 AM
Still in Debris.....

Nightbeat: "You heard the man, guys. Lock and load." -looks over at Minerva- "Not you. You wait for us here, Minerva."

Minerva: "I'm not waiting-"

Nightbeat: "Yes you will. If we're going where I think we're going...... we might not come back."

Minerva: "Thunderwing?"

Nightbeat: "Probably. Just keep an eye on the monitors. I bet it'll be quite a show."

2002-11-19, 05:51 AM
Trailbreaker ambled along with Shock, pointing out the different halls and rooms as they passed them. He was fascinated by the being walking next to him... the way she moved... looked at things. Occasional little prickles ran up and down his nerve receptors on his left side as she walked alongside him, but he ignored them, finding the distraction of playing host a pleasantry he had missed.
"I'm glad you are all well off, Shock! And I'm also glad you can defend yourselves. I had heard tales from the others, but it's always best to check. You may find you need to use your talents I'm afraid." Trailbreaker's face began to cloud over and then he shook it off rapidly and smiled. "Shock, this layout is a side effect of the centuries of warfare here. The hallways in this part of the city used to be all living quarters, but it was too easy to attack just one area. So now they are interwoven for safety. These small blocks of private chambers give way to small rooms... like this data observation area, some small lounges and storage areas. Wheeljack's lab is all by itself down that yellow corridor there, and that pathway lined with red leads to the medical center."

From time to time, they passed a large recreation lounge or small security station. Occasional courtyards and terraced metallic gardens could be seen as they wandered. They paused at one that he particularly liked and studied it momentarily, until Trailbreaker felt a pang of guilt.
"Shock, I've enjoyed showing you this much, but I should return to the others and see what's going on. Do you want to come with me?"
Mirage allowed the doors to slide open and walked into the assembly hall. He glanced around, spotted a bunch of Autobots he recognized, but slipped to the back... preferring instead to watch in quiet and do some thinking.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-19, 03:21 PM
"Hey Torque, your finger is close to a button...you do realise what button it is dont' you?" asked a concerned SKy Lynx
"I know there are seekers around, but we shouldn't do anything to provoke them."

2002-11-19, 03:38 PM
Rodimus stood directly opposite Prime.
"Listen to yourself Prime. You're irrational, wound up. What happen to the cool, calm and collected Autobot leader that these Autobots used to know? What happened to the Optimus Prime who valued all life? Who even saved his arch nemesis Megatron from death on a few occasions? You accuse me of being manipulated, but you have changed Prime. You are walking the thin line of insanity."

He raised his voice slightly, making sure that the Autobots in the Assembly Hall could hear.

"You who once knew mercy, kindness, and tolerance now say that you offer none?"

He lowered his voice, and turned to Soundwave.

"Yes, please begin the playback. I'd be interested to see what you have to show us."

Quick Switch
2002-11-19, 06:22 PM
Quick Switch scowled at Convoy's comments.

Damn him. He's spreading half-truths and outright lies ...I have to remember what Hound said, though...there may yet be good in this traitor. But so far, he hasn't convinced me.

2002-11-19, 06:31 PM
"War-can-change-whole-worlds-as-well -as-buildings.-The-world-of-Phyrexia-had -been-totally-geared-towards-invading-Dominaria. -Though-Dominaria-will-never-have-to-fear-the-Phyrexians- ever-again" Shock said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"I'd-better-stop-right-there,-the-ful-story -would-take-too-long-to-tell.-We've-both -got-places-to-be.-You-have-to-be-with-your-friends, -and-I-have-to-join-my-sisters"-she-continued.

She looked out over a nearby garden and sighed a bit.

"Don't-take-this-the-wrong-way,-I've-enjoyed -the-tour.-This-place-is-beautiful,-especially -the-gardens,-but-deep-down-I-wish-they-were-organic. -Your-homeworld...-OUR-homeworld-is-so -alien-to-me-and-my-sisters" she finished.

2002-11-19, 09:07 PM
"Don't worry," Torque replied in a hushed tone. "I'm just making sure they stay where I can see them, and that if they try to screw around, that we can counterattack right fast. Believe me, if I was going to provoke them, we'd all know it..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-19, 09:15 PM
Prowl waited for the show reel to begin. He was all for peace, and was heavily disturbed by Soundwave's presence.


"Wreckers, new and old, we head out to Iacon."

Springer was determined to settle once and for all where his loyalties lay. One way or another he would settle it for himself, perhaps the others thought his actions rash...he didn't care.
Armed to the teeth Springer set out for the Autobot City.

2002-11-20, 12:44 AM
Blaster caught Quickswitch's immdeate distaste for the Alternate universe Convoy's words. Quickswitch more then anyone seemed to hate this and Rodimus. He was so loyal and persistent about Optimus it was Zealous. Though Blaster would follow Optimus and not follow Rodimus he would never be like that. He was just too relaxed. He knew Jazz was the same way though not sure of Sunstreaker as he had already betrayed and Wheeljack, well Wheeljack would probably never stop following Optimus either.

"Quickswitch man, Chill. I know the things this alternate universe Prime reject is saying is hard to swallow as it is as off base as baseball player stealing home but let Optimus deal with it, if this video doesn't convince him I don't know what will" Blaster said.

Jazz watched Prowl, more then Rodimus or any others. He was Prime's liuetenant next to himself and Ironhide on Earth. Probably his cheif tactical officer. Why did he go to Rodimus? Did he beileve Prime would not lead us to peace? It Disturbed him.

Sunstreaker focused on Rodimus. He lied to get other Autobots to follow him, he didn't promise peace. He promised war with his fellow Autobots because of a Vendetta he is bringing from an alternate universe. He was surprised it sat so well with Prowl, it disgusted him how bad someone like Prowl had been lied to. He was such a great Autobot at one time.

Wheeljack was probably the only one interested on the Outcome of the meeting not the people participating. While the others focused on war he focused on the chance it could be averted.

Quick Switch
2002-11-20, 03:33 AM
Quick Switch turned and looked at Blaster, startled out of his thoughts.

Gravely (yet softly) he replied to the lacsidasical cassette guardian:

"Yes, it is, Blaster. He sounds like...like...Beachcomber," the assault warrior drew out the name of the Autobot peacnik geologist with a modicum of distaste, although the rather narrow-minded six changer knew the comparison wasn't entirely accurate yet felt good. To say the two had ideological differences was...well...being overly apologetic.

"Don't worry," Quick Switch said to the communications officer, "I won't act unless Optimus orders it. I serve only Optimus." he nodded grimly then resumed watching the meeting.

2002-11-20, 04:40 AM
Taikoon sits beside Jazz, quiet once more, watching all of this with the air of someone who wasn't quit esure what was going on.

2002-11-20, 05:58 AM
Mirage paused when he got to the back of the assmbly hall. A funny little desire to be with the others crept over him, so he glanced towards some of the familiar figures around and took a step towards where Jazz was sitting. Suddenly, he caught himself and stopped. The split had affected him too. Before, his willingness to serve and be with the others had given him warm receptions, without much hesitation or question. But now... now, he felt the unease from the others, whether it was real or imagined.
"No, better to be alone", he thought as he stood focused on just a few points in deep thought, at the back of the assembly hall as he listened to Rodimus Convoy's words. His dark blue optics narrowed as he focused on the conversation.
"Hmmm. He's got a point. Chief's not really what he used to be, or even thinking the way he used to... but then, are any of us? ...Wish this was all over and done with. Is Prime right or is Rodimus Convoy? And is this necessary? Wish I could understand all of this... " Mirage folded his arms and leaned backwards against the wall.
....place-is-beautiful,-especially -the-gardens,-but-deep-down-I-wish-they-were-organic. Trailbreaker picked up on the sadness in her voice and smiled warmly at Shock. After being with her awhile, he had found it easy to understand her, and he knew the undertones' truth quite well.
[i]"You are right Shock, war can change worlds- as well as lands and people. Once in a while though, it is nice to have friends to take the processor off it.
I really want to hear more of these other places, sometime, Shock! And I know someone who'd agree with you on the organic thing. Please bring a welcome and our greetings to your sisters, and please, take care.

2002-11-20, 10:34 AM
"Im ready to go with you guys as well", Kup said to Springer

2002-11-20, 02:40 PM
"I-look-forward-to-that-time. I'll-be-sure-to-tell-my-sisters-the-warm-regards.-You-take-care-too" Shock said as she headed towards Iacon's main entrance.

Outside, Blaze, Frost and Gale were almost done with building their nests.

2002-11-20, 05:38 PM
Hot Rod stared at a screen for quite a while. "That's it... what these bot need is the truth to be slammed right in thier faces. They need the true Rodimus Prime!" He looked back at Lockpick, "... That's me... but, not now I need the Matrix to be Rodimus. However..." Hot Rod looked down, "I never enjoyed it, the responiblity, I like being Hot Rod, I like being carefree. It's not easy to lead the Autobot forces you know." He looked back up, "But let's get the more important things... you need some work done."

2002-11-20, 05:42 PM
Lockpick watches him with a very odd look on her faceplate, puzzled at his words. Rodimus? Matrix? She lets it slide and juds nods in agreement to support him, then chuckles "I like you being carefree too. But then I usual rub against authority."

Then she blinks. "I need work?" she stands as he does, glancing down and brushin gat her scarred body "Uh... I guess so... heh. Kind of let myself go huh?"

2002-11-20, 05:57 PM
Hot Rod smiled, "I never said it looked back... kinda gives you character. But it's gotta hurt. You know what, Perceptor owes me a favor, he's can completly repair you, body frame and all. Then you can get a good wax job..." Hot Rod stopped, "...So you can get shiney!" He started to shake his head, "stupid, stupid, stupid." Actually Hot Rod had nothing to worry about only humans would see that as possibly offencive, Hot Rod just spent too much time with them...

2002-11-20, 05:59 PM
Luckily , this girl hasn't even seen a human yet. Lockpick's mouth quirks into a bit of a smile, a hand running down the scar crossing her face, and she nods "Th... That sounds good to me. I AM a bit stiff." she states, moving with him down towards wherever Perceptor would be. I wonder if they even MAKE some of the parts inside me these days..."

2002-11-20, 06:17 PM
"I really don't know, but Perceptor can do the job, either him or Wheeljack, but Wheeljack doesn't owe me anything." Hot Rod then started off, "He has a lab around here somewhere... you know hw could change your whole look." Oh great he did it again..., "I mean if you feel like it! I like you just fine the way you are..." oh great, "I mean with out all the damage..."

2002-11-20, 06:21 PM
Lockpick bites her lip at poor Hot Rod and smiles, turning to look up at hIm "I think I get the idea, Hot Rod. " she thinks, trying to remember what she looked like before... what happened. "Hrm. Well, let's see what the techs can do, and then go with that. "

She peers into the lab a bit cautiously...

2002-11-20, 06:41 PM
Hot Rod sighed, he was out of that hole he dug. Upon reaching Perceptor's little room he opened the door and walked it. Perceptor himself almost fumbled an experiment he was working on. "Can't you knock?"

Hot Rod spoke, "Perceptor this femme need an overhaul..."

"I can veiw that with my optic sensors..." He started to take a closer look, "Hmmm I suppose I can do it... wait she's the one that came with the ship, maybe when I have finished with her I can get started on that ship. I would very much like to study it..."

2002-11-20, 06:44 PM
Lockpick stood nervously, and tried not to instinctively lower her head in a submissive posture. She stood, hands by her sides, trying to remain relaxed. At mention of her ship, her optics filcker "Sure, I'll help you out when we're done here. It has some... quirks that I'd have to disable in case of a problem."

She then smiles at the scientist "But first things first, me I suppose." she brushes her armor again, and is led off to get the overhaul.

2002-11-20, 08:28 PM
It never occured to Hot Rod how serious this really was, during this time he retreated back to do some fighting simulations.
Ultra Magnus started the work he was used to fileing out reports, reports that some poor lackey had to write. Ultra Magnus finished and wondered how wish it was of Prime to leave byhimself, he should have at least taken Alpha Trion with him... his wisdom would be very useful when conversing with Rodimus Convoy. Ultra magnus decided to check on the poor mech stuck with all these reports...

Ultra magnus walked down the hall and taped on an office door. It opened.

"Yes commander..."

Ultra Magnus spoke, "I just came to check on a few files... I thought you'd have them."

The mech opened and computer bank and got things ready, "What are you searching for, sir?"

"Your name first of all..." Magnus smiled.

"Philcom... sir."

Magnus narrowed his optics, "Right... I remember you, how long have you been up to all this?"

"Ever since I came online sir..." Philcom responded.

Magnus sighed, his attemp at concern may have failed, "Right look up information on known instances on indementional travel... Mostly on how it could relate to the current appearance of this Rodimus Convoy."

"Right." Philcom uploaded the first batch of data, "Seems like it's a common thing these days..."

Ultra Magnus looked at the data, "Yes... First we have the current Decepticon leader coming from another universe... or time. And now Rodimus Convoy wants the Autobots. It's like an invasion."

Philcom looked up at the city commander, "Possibly."

Magnus's mouth angled downward, "Someone... has got to stop it."

The time Perceptor had was not wasted. He worked on the femme continously. It took a lot of improvisation. During the process he realized that her original Cybertronian form was quite altered by whoever did this to her. Perceptor remembered hearing something about slavery, he knew this girl had been through a lot. And he also gave her a refit, but he decided to try something new. He replaced her power recifyer chip and made a blank one, he had also left internal weapon, supply, and power ports open. Spaces that were part of her slave past were emptied, but he knew that the damage to her mid he could not fix. Hot Rod was a part of that repair, Perceptor knew.

Perceptor was done... it was a lot faster then anticipated. Mostly because actually he didn't finish. The rest would be up to Lockpick herself. She would cohhose what weapons or she would carry, maybe she could even fit an elector magnetic power in. She could even choose her own color scheme. Perceptor called Hot Rod in.

Hot Rod stopped what he was doing and ran over and upon seeing the rebuilt Lockpick his optics widened, "It's like Seeing a rusty bathtub restored with CLR..." He realized he sounded a bit like Wreck-gar. "...Even her paint has been washed away..."

Perceptor smiled, "Actually I'm quite proud of this... I call it a Protoform*."

"A protoform?"

"Yes..." Perceptor loved the part where he explained himself, "She keeps he same basic look and learned abilites as before. But... now she litarally gets to choose who she is and what she is. If this project is completed the use on new Transformers would be greater... new ones might even be able to choose whatever vechical form they want. And who knows as technoligy progresses, they may possibly be able to upgrade themselves!"

Hot Rod smiled, "Nanietical cells are only a theory good docter... will she be awake anytime soon?"

"Yes, quite shortly." Perceptor sat down.

Hot Rod joined in Perceptor's joy, "Well I don't care about all this Protoform buisness. All I know is that you did a great job..." Hot Rod stared at lockpick as she was now, "She's lovely..."

2002-11-20, 11:59 PM
Soundwave nodded groggily to Prime's request and began away from the wall. Of course, he didn't want to make it seem that Decepticons do what Autobots command of them these cycles, so he held his hands out and spoke loudly enough for those watching to hear.

"Autobots, I have come to Iacon to give you the past ten years of history among the Transformers. This information is purely of Decepticon origin, and as such, holds no bias to either party. Within my chest is Laserbeak, a Decepticon spy who has made his life's hobby keeping tabs on Autobot affairs - even after our exile from Cybertron and Earth. We will present several pertinent clips of Laserbeak's logs that will best suit this point. Enjoy the show."

He nodded cockily to the crowd, as though he had just put on quite a performance for them. A moment later, he jumped into the air and transformed, landing himself neatly in the empty space in the projector. A broad white rectangle instantaneously appeared on the arc of the round wall, and in a few moments a scene became visible: a shattered Cybertron far below the camera's point of view. Laserbeak's pre-recorded voice began the narration.

"Log session: 14912. Cybertron date: point two-five vorns post Megatron's declared Orn of Liberation. In the confusion of battling Unicron just a few cycles ago, our forces were left weakened and scattered, allowing the Autobots to move in and take control. We did our best to fight them off, but Shockwave declared surrender when our casualties got into the thousands. The Decepticons evacuated the planet with as much as they could carry, but Soundwave left me behind to keep tabs on the Autobots."

The view zoomed in on the street below, where Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus hoisted a large generator and began lugging it aside.

"They've already begun the repairs to the planet and are making admirable progress. I will attempt to contact Soundwave once I'm out of sight. End log."

The screen flashed white for an imperceptible instant, and next was a scene with very similar action in an entirely different setting. This time it was Earth, where Optimus Prime was holding up a long beam while Grapple welded it into place.

"Log session: 15124. Cybertron date: point two-seven vorns since the now-questionable Orn of Liberation. The Autobots, now led by the revived Optimus Prime are busy repairing the damage they've done to the Earth during that mess with the hate plague."

The narration abruptly stopped. The camera dodged behind a bush and watched Chase and Strafe run by. When they were out of sight, the camera popped back out and Laserbeak continued.

"More importantly, though, is that the Decepticons have faced what would seem to be their final fall. In Galvatron's absurd scheme to destroy Earth, the Autobots have somehow bounced back and driven the Decepticons away. I managed to get left behind, lucky me, and stowed away on an Autobot shuttle to Earth. I doubt I'll see the others again. They're tired, disorganized, and without a constant source of energy. Galvatron spoke of returning to get vengeance, but I'd be surprised. Will report again when something noteworthy occurs. End log."

Again the screen went blank, and again it quickly returned. The image again was of Earth, but now the blue sky was clouded, and the surrounding human city was decimated. Laserbeak's voice sounded panicked; the view seemed shaky.

"Log 151... slag, I dunno! Th-the city's being terrorized. It's the Autobots! They're wrecking the place!"

Indeed, Gears then walked across the street slowly, his blaster to the herd of humans before him on the ground. He appeared disdained, but he continued anyway.

"It's horrible! Optimus Prime demanded that the humans sign a doctrine that would let him pump heat energy from the Earth's core. The humans refused, and this is what Prime gave 'em for it! I count at least 10,000 dead humans already, and I think they're after me."

As Gears finally reached the other side of the street, he met Optimus Prime looking malicious and unpleasant. At Gears' salute, Prime backhanded him to the ground, then looked to the humans. They were terrified, of course. One tried to run, but Prime blocked him in with a girder, and the human stared up at him in horror.

"You will be my messenger!" Prime voiced-over. "If your representatives do not accede to my whims, this--"

He raised a foot above the pack of humans, and one sharp collective scream was cut off by a thunder of metal against Macaddam. The camera was turned away for the event itself; to keep Laserbeak's camera clean, not in disgust.

"--shall be their fate!"

The human nodded while cowering to Prime and scurried off. Then, just when it seemed Prime was looking in Laserbeak's direction, the screen turned white again. This time, however, the soundtrack continued, portraying many screams of fear. The camera turned to the distance, where the brown and orange sky played host to a menacing mushroom cloud.

"Oh... Primus!"

The screen was abruptly turned white, truly ending the session this time. While the next segment was in processing, Soundwave cried his confusion.

"What is this? This can't be... I'll need a moment to stop playback."

Before the moment was up, however, the next segment had begun. This scene was Iacon's war room, where the Autobot officers surrounded a meeting table. Optimus Prime stood at the head, flailing his arms wildly as he spoke.

"Log 15176," Laserbeak whispered. "Cybertron date: point two-nine vorns post Orn of Liberation. I've snuck into a briefing that Optimus Prime has called. He's obviously over-energized again. He's been like this every cycle for nearly an orn now. Wasting Cybertron's resources on his fancies. I've heard rumors about these plans of his, but I guess they're true. Listen:"

The camera zoomed in on Prime, whose voice became clear... sort of.

"--cons out of our way, we can finahlly focus on something I've been thinking about for a long time. I'm gonna go underground, WAAAY underground, and find one of those thingies... what are they called... fusion reactors! Yeah, I'm gonna find a buncha those. An' you know what? I'm gonna activate 'em! We can use that big engine Galbatron left us to make Cybertron fly across the galaxy! And then we can use it as a launchpad for invading other worlds. Take their energy, destroy their homes, colonize their... homes! Till all ar..."

Prime's voice faded off as the other Autobots' verbal dissent increased, and Laserbeak spoke once more, a bit more confident that he would not be heard.

"End log."

Finally, Soundwave dove out of the machine and transformed. He looked about the many unhappy Autobots defensively, but one seemed more peeved than the rest.

"Prime, I assure you, those tapes are not Laserbeak's. It... I... I can't explain what happened. Something is wrong here!"

He slowly began to back away, ready to run in case shots were fired.

Quick Switch
2002-11-21, 12:10 AM
Quick Switch summoned his photon blasters from subspace and walked forward next to Prime.

"Decepticon wretch," he growled, optics smoldering, aiming at Soundwave. "Did you think your lies would fool us? You've blasphemed Optimus Prime for the last time!"

He turned to look at Prime.

"Let me terminate this coward, Optimus!"

2002-11-21, 12:11 AM
Redstreak had to strain to hear a few times, but otherwise got the gist of Soundwave's information. The sheer shock from hearing Prime utter words of hatred and the sudden policing of humans was too great to measure. It was incomprehensible that Prime could ever do things like that, but it was just then that he remembered that Rodimus was not from this reality. A shared kinship between them, perhaps, but that was not for Red to decide. Something about Laserbeak's recording was suspicious, and he wanted to know what, but didn't dare move until he saw what was going to happen in the courtyard first.

God Jinrai
2002-11-21, 12:22 AM
Prime sighed internally to himself...

"Soundwave... I thought you among all other communications personell, then, would always ensure that those under your protection... your cassets... were never tampered with. By all means, leave now, Soundwave. As you see, I rather expected this to happen. Blaster? step forward."

Prime's optics glowed brighter...

"The far past is not what is to be discussed here. but it will be addresed before this meeting is over. in a manner that even soundwave himself could not corrupt. What matters at this instant is the events of the last solar cycle... the past human year here on cybertron... the events that have brought us to the here... and the now. With yo now among us, Rodimus Convoy."

Prime turned his head to blaster, as the red tapedeck entered the courtyard of iacon...

Quick Switch
2002-11-21, 12:26 AM
Quick Switch frowned, and lowered his blasters.

But wait...why continue with this? I know Prime didn't do any of that. Why not just have me shoot him here, now? I've got the evidence! Stop it. You're questioning him again. Optimus must have a reason for allowing that fiend to walk out of here. Even better: I'll walk Soundwave out.


Onslaught crossed his arms quizically, the rest of the Combatrons were stunned.

"Interesting footage," the squad leader commented softly.

2002-11-21, 12:57 AM
Blaster had immdeatly began moving when he saw the bogus replay by Soundwave moving forward.

"All new lows Soundwave" Blaster said staring at his decepticons counterpart.

"Steeljaw" Blaster said to his last survivng casette that had been there for the past year.

"Prepare to relay all that you have seen in the past year"

Blaster did as Soundwave did jumping up and transforming landing in the projector as Steeljaw began to play, starting at Metroplex.

At first voices Blaster Jazz and Sunstreaker dominate, mention of Thundercracker within Iacon and evacuation orders that decepticons were attacking. A little proof of who attacked who Blaster thought.

He then began to relay what Soundwave was here to do, the Unicron battle.

The main battle, Surrounded by random Transformers attacking himself, Brawn, Eject, Rewind, Fastforward and Ramhorn. Unicron off in the distance transforming. Steeljaw turns and pounces on a Unicron follower pinning him to the ground and slicing his arms off at the shoulders before looking up at Unicron again watching him. Brawn was calling to move out as Eject was injured and they had to get to Blaster. The casettes moved into the mini-bots and drove towards where Blaster said his location was. Steeljaw watched out the back window of Brawn. Decepticons fought alongside Autobots agains Liege Maximo and Unicron. It was only a few more moments as the Casettes filed out Steeljaw moving towards Blaster all but Fastforward were killed by falling debris of the re-destroyed Cybertronian moon. Steeljaw's head bobbed sad as he brothers were killed he then looked back at Unicron. Explosions happening all over the chaos bringers body, one of his horns removed. Steeljaw looks away as a large explosion comes from Unicron not seeing what it did because he turned away. Steeljaw looks up The chaos bringers mid-section is destroyed. Only a few moments after teh explosion bright lights from near by shot up at the damaged body of Unicron. Steeljaw looks down and over as Prime and Teratron stand near eachother unleashing the power of the matrices. Steeljaw looks back up as the Matrices begin to destroy the horribly damaged body a flicked appears in the explosion and begins to move away.

"Blaster, Stop and zoom in on that light moving away from the body" Optimus said quickly so Blaster would stop on time.

"Gotcha" the video stopped and began to move in towards the light making it become bigger and a bit blurrier.

2002-11-21, 01:01 AM
Sunstreaker, Jazz and Wheeljack stared at Soundwave with immense anger. Jazz muttering a few choice human words about Soundwave.

"First chance I get I am pounding that purple boom box" Sunstreaker said, the look on his metal face said it all.

Wheeljack wanted to test an Invention of Soundwave, one that would deal with him for good but that would not help the treaty.

2002-11-21, 02:54 AM
Mirage narrowed his optics as the film and dialogue floated in. He frowned, yet stayed fixed in place, studying the reactions around him.
Above in the rafters, Hound barely stifled a gasp. Although he had expected some form of trechery, his mind reeled from the shock he was observing. He gripped hard at the piping, while he tried to sort out all that was going on.
Trailbreaker whistled contentedly to himself as he approached the assembly hall, for all purposes, unaware of the dynamics taking place around him. He saw Blaster heading towards him in a hurry and sidestepped quicky. It was clear that something was very wrong. For a moment, Trailbreaker debated whether to follow Blaster or go into the hall, and then he felt a guilt pang. Walking around a little had been enjoyable and it had served its purpose, but if he kept it up, he'd just be wasting fuel. He cast a quick glance over his shoulder back to the corridor where Blaster had departed, then went inside the hall.

2002-11-21, 02:57 AM
Lockpick stirred a little bit then. Then she stopped, and her optics flickered on, coming to full awaken state in a trained instant. She flicks her new, deep blue optics back and forth, then sat up slowly. A gasp escapes her... no pain, no aches... a glance downwards and Lockpick nearly falls off the medical table in startlement. "Wh... Woah..." she finally states, woozy, and she puts her feet off the table, still looking a bit uncertain. "Wow... " she fingers the odd material over one arm with caution and curiosity, but obvious happiness in her voice.


Taikoon watched with Jazz, and his optics flash and flicker in horror and surprise, and he glances towards Optimus Prime a moment, one hand going NOT to the autobrand on his arm, but the one just below it, a dragon's head. He whispers something in a low voice in his native tongue, optics darkening slightly. My people, give me the strength to do what's right. He then looks from Optimus to Rodimus Convoy and back, standing slowly as he slips away.

2002-11-21, 03:29 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, Brainstorm, and Roadbuster: -following Springer to Iacon-

Siren: "At least we're not going after Thunderwing."

Chromedome: "I think I'd rather go after Thunderwing."

Nightbeat: "Trust me, he'll probably be there. He's going to want to be there for this..... whatever happens."

2002-11-21, 11:02 AM
Rodimus clenched his fist, then breathed out slowly.
"What matters at the moment is you, and your tyrannical nature Prime. Why would this Decepticon lie, if this alliance is in place?"

He paused, pacing back and forth. His spark pounding now. Twisted between his distrust of Soundwave, and his probably deeper distrust of Prime.-

"You would attack and threaten humans? Those who we as Autobots are supposed to protect? It's worse than I thought. You've become what I suspected all along."

He spun to face Prime.

"Why should I trust one of your loyal Autobots Prime? Give me one good reason why I should trust you, when all evidence points to the contrary?"

He then glanced at Quick Switch, weapons drawn.

"I knew it Prime. I knew you wouldn't come alone. Just like I knew that your troops would be the aggressors in any conflict here."

God Jinrai
2002-11-21, 05:14 PM
"Blaster.. Qucikswitch... both of you. leave. The same goes for you... Prowl."

Prime had spotted rodimus' lieutenant, and his former second in command over near the entryway where rodmus had emerged initially...

"If it's my DEATH you want, rodimus... if my life is what you demand in this sick bid that you place for"peace"... with a decepticon whom has manipulated YOU... just as the Qunitessons manipulated the decepticons in 2012... then by all means... kill me. Strike me down, and claim what you deem to be "rightfully yours"...

Prime knew now that there truly could be no reasoning with rodimus... one way or another, rodimus had won this confrontation... and his disposition at present would either cause him to strike... and attempt to slay optimus... or to simply turn tail and leave, having proved what he felt was true for so long

2002-11-21, 06:28 PM
No way he just said that, Redstreak thought and readied his gun, its barrel now partly visible, and pointing at Rodimus' head. "Make a move, I dare you," he muttered to himself. "You try and shoot him and just see where it gets you..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-21, 07:27 PM
Skywarp felt the air turbulance change again, stronger this time...

The sky around him grew black, out of no-where clouds drew in...it was a storm, but no typical storm, it was powerful....it tore through time and space as if it were wet paper.

There were silent screams rocketing through the tunnel...the light was blinding, yet pleasing to the eye.

There was a brief moment, those gathered in the courtyard were taken aback, a massive crack was heard throughout Iacon, it was deafening.

Something materialised in the centre of the courtyard, Prowl was almost blind-sided by it.

"It....can't be...I thought he was gone...."

The red sword had dug in the ground, it wasn't rocking back and forth, it was still, despite all the energies surrounding it.

Out in space, tiny pieces of debris floating in Cybertron space disappeared...nothing massively noticeable.

Then came the roar, not like the cracks of thunder before hand, this was a deep rumble....not unlike turning over the engine of a high-powered car.

His body flew through the air, almost tearing the Seekers out of the sky as he flew past, he hit the ground with an almighty thump, but he was steadfast. He wrapped his knuckles around the sword and held it aloft.

Grimlock was back.

2002-11-21, 07:35 PM
Rodimus stepped back, away from Prime, the fleeting image of a gun barrel in a window strangely non-corporeal now. To him, Grimlock had never left, to him, the Dinobot Commander was one of his most trusted Lieutenants. Looking at Prowl, he was puzzled for a moment, before surmising that in this universe, Grimlock had been killed. So who was this standing before him? Was it his Grimlock?


Sixswitch skidded to a stop so fast that he almost fell over. Something was happening at Iacon. The lightning and thunder made that plainly obvious. He transformed into scout car mode, not trusting the air turbelance enough to fly, and accelerated back towards the city.

2002-11-21, 07:39 PM
Redstreak's optics widened and his weapon lowered.

"Grimlock..." he whispered, in hushed awe at the Dinobot leader's sudden appearance.


"What the hell?" Torque said from within Skylynx. "Skylynx, rewind that and give me a freeze-frame image." He silently cursed not being able to see inside the courtyard...as such he had to actually search for what the others were looking at before their eyes.

2002-11-21, 08:32 PM
Taikoon made his way down towards the courtyard quickly, a set look on his faceplate. He steps out into the open, and glances from Optimus to Rodimus a few times, his alien frame glittering in the light. "There is... way to know for sure." he states, words coming slowly "Taikoon can... get neutral med... medical- no... mediators... to choose... who is right." he looks from one to another , optics bright.

2002-11-21, 08:59 PM
Perceptor and Hot Rod look at each other and smiled again, Perceptor looked back at Lockpick, "You'll also notice you're a bit lighter then before, unneeded equiptment has been removed."

Hot Rod continued for Perceptor, "It's like a new begininng, you can choose your own internal weapons and even you paint job!"

"Now, Now... it's an important decision." Perceptor knew this needed to be said. "It's will take another overhaul to change anything after you decide it... perhaps you should wait a while and think on what you want this frame to be equipted with..."

2002-11-21, 09:20 PM
Lockpick looks at Hot Rod, not having smiled yet as she states, amused "You sound more excited about this than me..." she glances down at the armor "I DO think I'll get a paint job for now though... the same dusk-red as before. I think." she decides.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-21, 09:55 PM
Skywarp was in awe of the commotion caused below, the storm prevented any possible sight of what was happening, but he knew this was his chance to set the plan in motion.

With all the probable chaos ensuing below Skywarp seized his opportunity. Within an instant he'd vansihed...

Skylynx didn't know what hit him, as soon as Skywarp had appeared he had vanished again, leaving behind his present. A small detonation device was left behind on board. Skywarp left with no time to react, the explosion wasn't powerful enough to take Skylinx offline but caused some nice charring inside, and left Skylinx virtually immobile.

Skywarp re-appeared flying alongside Dirge...down there.

Skywarp motioned, as best he could, for Dirge to focus on the returning Sixswitch...

2002-11-21, 10:11 PM
Rodimus heard the explosion outside, and the well being of his allies was the first thing to spring to his mind.
"Sky Lynx report!" he ordered.


"Torque! Scattershot!" he shouted, more urgently this time, before turning to Prowl.

"What just happened out there?"


Sixswitch saw the explosion, and billows of smoke pouring into the sky. He was also aware of the Decepticons up above Sky Lynx, and jumped to an immediate conclusion. He had to risk it now, he just had no choice.

Transforming to fighter mode, he shot up into the air, and accelerated towards the seekers. Without thinking, he brought his missiles and blasters online, and opened fire, twin missile trails shooting towards Skywarp and Dirge.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-21, 10:26 PM
"I don't know, but look..."

As the storm cleared up, and Grimlock slumped slightly, Prowl pointed towards the sky.


"Incomi....." was all Thundercracker could get out before the hail of gunfire tore into him.
Skywarp took similar punishment, but Dirge (still in robot mode) managed to evade the fire, and shot back.

"Enough Dirge, let's get outta here...we know where we're not wanted"

Skywarp et al took off back towards the spiral shuttle


Prowl started again.

"You don't suppose Sixswitch did that..."
The sky was clear now, but filled with a dark black cloud pouring out of their transport.

2002-11-21, 10:32 PM
Strafe leaned in to look at the image on the screen with Torque. He narrowed his optics slightly so as to have a better look, but of course, it served very little use on a monitor. Still, that wouldn't stop him from trying.

"What was that?" he mimicked.

Closer to the rear of Sky Lynx, Lightspeed suddenly lunged forward and ricocheted into the wall. He spun around and suspiciously scanned the spot where he'd been standing. Nosecone lifted his head from its rest on the back of his seat.

"Something wrong?" he asked sleepily.

"Felt like something hit me," Lightspeed replied, still wary. "Thought I saw something move, too..."

Before Nosecone could even shrug, he found himself rocketed out of his seat and crushed vehemently into and subsequently through the hull wall. Flames burst out after him as he landed, unconscious, on the ground below. Lightspeed and Afterburner suffered the same (though through different sections of the ship) and Scattershot and Strafe were catapulted through Sky Lynx' forward window.

Scattershot lifted his head slowly. The right half of his optic-band was cracked and broken. He shakily placed a hand on his subordinate's arm and weakly shuffled it back and forth, hoping to invoke some revival.

"Strafe," he whispered hoarsely.

There was no answer. Strafe remained face-down and silent, the tips of his wings jagged and his white armor charred and brown. Scattershot slowly looked over his shoulder at the debilitated Sky Lynx, still suffering through the agony of flames with so few orifices by which to escape.

"Slaggit," he rasped.

Scattershot attempted to activate his radio, but the antenna would not eject. He reached up to his head to examine the damage. The armor on the right side was missing, luckily allowing him to pry the antenna free with his fingers.

"Ro--*KZZZT*--us." The transmission was interrupted by a tiff of saturated coughing. "Sky Lynx... I dunno. Must--*KZZZT*--n a bomb or somethin'. Blew us all straight outta the ship. Sk--*KZZZT*--ookin' too good. I'd be surprised if he's alive. Strafe is down, can't say *KZZZT*--nconscious or dead. No sign *KZT* Torque or the rest of the Technobots. I can't get up to look for them. Never saw it coming. Suggest withdrawal, Rodi--*KZZZZT*--tershot out."


Soundwave stepped back with one foot, effectively twisting his body to the side while keeping his optics focused on the Autobots. He dropped his hands but kept his elbow hydraulics tensed. Guess why.

"You... I... I know I can't explain this to you."

He spoke directly at Prime, but loud enough for the rest of the Autobots to hear. Not that he expected anyone to be listening to him at this point.

"I'll clear all of this up when you Autobots aren't so bloody-minded." He angled his optics at Rodimus. "You may wish to get down. The shots that are about to be fired are in my direction."


2002-11-21, 10:43 PM
"Slag it," for the first time, Rodimus was moved to swearing, and his rifle was out of subspace and in his hands.
"Grimlock are you alright? I've got to go help Sky Lynx's group. Prowl, follow me when you're ready."
Rodimus kicked the door behind him open, transformed into truck mode, and shot away through the corridors of Iacon.


Sixswitch whooped as the Decepticons beat a hasty retreat, and banked about, circling the wreckage, before diving down towards it. To Rodimus, screeching out through the gates of Iacon, it appeared as though Sixswitch was diving down for another pass at the shuttle.
"And Prime claims to seek peace. By what means? Treachery?"

Skidding to the side, Rodimus's momentum caused him to swerve. Transforming at the same moment, rifle in hand, he spun around and unleashed a hail of fire at the sixchanger above.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-11-21, 11:01 PM
Grimlock stood up slightly...

"Grimlock's head hurts..."

Amidst the chaos around him Prowl allowed himself a little chuckle...and watched Soundwave back off, he was pre-occupied with Optimus Prime, he knew he didn't have to worry about him now.


The sound was almost as distinguished as the roar that brought Grimlock screaming into reality. This was a different cry however, familiar moreso than the roar of Grimlock.

"Wreck 'n' Rule"

Springer transformed to his robot mode and flew forwards, standing a few hundred metres ahead of Rodimus Convoy.

"Take him down..." Springer took out two of the laser rifles he'd picked up from the armoury and opened fire.

2002-11-21, 11:30 PM
Redstreak finally stepped from the shadows and raced up to Optimus Prime, weapon at the ready. He surveyed the scene, then saw Springer open fire, so he did as well.


"We gotta get in there right now," Torque said to Scattershot. "I'm getting all kinds of readings, and I've lost track of the seekers. I think Rodimus needs our help, and needs it right now."

2002-11-21, 11:35 PM
RC is outside Iacon, with the damaged Sky Lynx, and Technobots - Torque is out there too, in what state of repair is up to you.

RC is firing at Sixswitch, and only now has Springer and the Wreckers appeared on the scene, and attacked RC. Redstreak can't see the fight outside Iacon.

God Jinrai
2002-11-22, 12:16 AM
"All of you! HOLD YOUR FIRE!"

Prime transformed abruptly, tearing off after Rodimus... on his internal comm, he radioed sixswitch as he tore out from the central entryway, outside...


2002-11-22, 12:17 AM
"COME ON" Sunstreaker said as he was now moving to get outside where the battle was happening. Jazz and Wheeljack right behind him.

"Slow down man I don't think this'll be a quick battle" Jazz said.

"I don't care I want a peice of a certain member of Roddy's crew" Sunstreaker transformed speeding forward.

"He isn't even worried about his paint or frame" Wheeljack said jokingly transforming and following him.

"Man as much as I want peace and to silence Rodimus Thunderwing is the real enemy" Jazz suggested transforming and moving forward.

"So do I Jazz but there is a battle outside our city and we have to fight" Wheeljack suggested.

"I know man" Jazz finished.

Blaster had not even made out of the courtyard after the explosions began outside of Iacon and Grimlock landed. A battle was happening around Iacon and Blaster knew who he wanted. The one who had tried to screw Prime with doctored footage.

Blaster turned to the blue decepticon tapedeck pulling his Electro-scrambler out.

"Man I'm gonna getchoo once and for all this time decepticon slime" Blaster muttered about Soundwave immdeatly moving towards him.

Quick Switch
2002-11-22, 01:18 AM
Quick Switch didn't acknowledge Grimlock's entrance, instead, he bolted after Prime.

Transforming to his ultra fast stealth beast mode, the six changer snarled:

"Autobots, converge on Sky Lynx! We can capture some of the traitors if we're fast enough!"

The nearly mad with hatred beast hurtled himself towards Sky Lynx. Quick Switch let out a savage howl of glee.

They will not escape!


Dirge, cackling madly, transformed back to jet mode and followed Skywarp and Thundercracker.

"I got all of it, Skywarp! All of it!"

The Seeker increased his speed, letting out more terror-inducing engine wails on the Autobots below.

"Thanks a lot, Autobots! You've sealed your own doom! Fools!

2002-11-22, 02:17 AM
OOC - Ignore my post about taikoon, since youy ahve already.

2002-11-22, 02:53 AM
In his shock and confusion, Hound knew there was only one place he wanted to be, and it wasn't in the assembly hall. He backed into the vent cautiously as the horrible impact of what Optimus was offering hit him. He had been loyal to the matrix bearer since signing on, and if things went badly, he was going to be there as well. As he slipped down the air vent, a massive auditory explosion hit, and rang through. He grabbed for his auditory sensors and slipped, sliding all the way down and out into a residential hall into a less-than-graceful muddle. With sensitive processors still ringing, he made for the main hall near the courtyard, passing himself into a wall hologram as he went.
Mirage stood unamused by what was being relayed on the screen, at last concluding, "Prime can handle Rodimus Con..." he was cut off mid-thought by the rupturing blast that echoed through the hall. A quick glance at the screen told him it wasn't from the courtyard. He saw Prime depart and Quick Switch charge out after him. The look in the six changer's face Mirage knew well... the bodyguard was going hunting.
Trouble... Mirage thought to himself as he jogged out into the hall avoiding Trailbreaker by inches. He shifted to his Formula 1 form and accelerated.
"Oh Primus! What the heck was that noise? And where...geesh! Watch it Mirage!" Trailbreaker called with an irritated tone as he dodged out of the way. He paused for a moment, and a sound hit his sensors, giving him chills. He knew what it was, and he felt a shiver go through his body. As the large hall was acoustically designed for carrying sounds, it had picked up the faintest bit of Dirge's engine whine after the explosive bang had subsided. Trailbreaker turned and raced down the hall in robot mode, heading straight for the main entrance to Iacon.

2002-11-22, 04:19 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster: -transform and aim their weapons at Rodimus Convoy-

Brainstorm: -transforms and just watches, torn with indecision-

Nightbeat: "Just don't move, Convoy. Put your gun down and kick it away from you. Please. We're not here to hurt you."

Roadbuster: -growls- "Wreck 'n Rule!"

Nightbeat: "Okay, most of us aren't here to hurt you." -looks over- "Siren, take Hosehead and Brainstorm and see how bad the damage to Sky Lynx is. Find any wounded and get them out."

Siren: "But-"

Nightbeat: "I know, They're traitors. But remember, we have to give help to those in need. Remember, we're the good guys. We're Autobots, after all. It's in our fuel."

Siren: "No wonder we almost lost the war...." -looks over at Hosehead and Brainstorm- "C'mon, guys."

Nightbeat: "Just don't forget to disarm them this time...."
Siren, Hosehead, and Brainstorm: -run over to Sky Lynx-

2002-11-22, 08:24 AM
Kup then catches up and transforms into robot mode and aims his gun at Rodimus convoy as well

"WRECK AND....what they said...sorry", Kup said then he looks at Convoy, "Now I dont know why youre here in this timeline young man...or dude. but please, we came here not to harm you, we want explenations"