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2002-11-02, 09:25 PM
In the aftermath of the leadership duel between Hatemonger and Teratron, many new faces have arrived at Metrotitan, drawn by the spectacle of the leadership duel in nearby Polyhex. Meanwhile, Astrotrain was sent to Titan to reprise his role as the Sky God, in order to appropriate some Power Crystals for the Decepticon cause.

On his return, Skywarp led a band of Thunderwing's warriors to Metrotitan, in order to persuade Teratron to join them. Unfortunately for them, things didn't go according to plan, and Teratron ordered their arrest. After a fierce fight, and just when it looked as if Skywarp's men were doomed, the resourcefull Seeker used his teleportation ability to make good his team's escape, and left Metrotitan to report their failure to Thunderwing.

Meanwhile, Scourge, Mindwipe and Shockwave left Metrotitan, with the aim of finding, and killing Thunderwing.

2002-11-02, 11:30 PM
Hatemonger stood waiting for his orders from Teratron.

The Iron Wolves upset at not being allowed to assist with Astrotrain sat around bored.

Cyrotek was hanging off the ceiling in dragon mode waiting as well for Hatemonger's orders.

2002-11-03, 03:56 AM
"Decepticons on Metro-Titan come in this is Blaster calling from Iacon With a message from the big man Optimus himself hurry up and get your butts to the comm. Oh and Teratron and Sound-ge... err heh heh Soundwave if either of you hear this it's you he's lookin' for so you might aswell pick up yourselves"

2002-11-03, 02:16 PM
Predaking continued patrolling the outer limits of the Decepticon territory surrounding the two Decepticon citycons. Dozens of breems had passed with no sign of anything that could have been considered as a threat towards the Decepticons. Yet the enormous Predacon monster enjoyed roaming the outdoors instead of being crammed inside Metrotitan with the other Decepticons... not to mention that this gave him a chance to hone his hunting skills. Dozens of different native animal like creatures that inhabitet Cybertron had suffered brutal end by the triggerhappy beast... Even a cyberbeast that had been foolish enough to crawl to the surface from the tunnels of Cybertron's underground region had had its bodyparts threw around the landscape after attacking Predaking...

RVZ Prime
2002-11-03, 03:15 PM
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A unidentified approaches the Decepticon base. Imidiately the city is on full alert.

Metrotitan: You are entering Decepticon air space. Identify yourself!

The futuristic looking fighter jet doesn't respond and Metrotitan opens fire. Amazingly, the jet doges the blasts fired at him! A few blasts later, the jet transforms and a pilot jumps out of the cockpit and transforms into a gun! The robot lands on the ground and dodges a few more of the attacks, before getting near the city entrance. Metrotitan stops fireing. He sees the Decepticon insignia on him

Because you wear the decepticon symbol, I will give you one final chance to identify yourself!

The robot gets one one knee and the gun transforms back to a pilot.

Forgive me for not introducing myself proporly, but I wanted to get your attention. My name is Star Fire and this is my Targetmaster partner, Dead Eye. We are from the planet Earth. I have been captured there for a year until Dead Eye helped me escape. We wish to see the current commander of the Decepticons tp pledge my alliance to him and him only.

2002-11-03, 04:34 PM
Kal still looked at SoundWave as the readings went down.

"They are gone now...!"

Kal looked at SoundWave.

"I guess this can wait till later"

Kal, still in his jet mode, flew off inside metrotitan.

He saw Hatemonger and others.

"Whats happening!"

2002-11-03, 05:08 PM
Beep beep.

Teratron heard. It must have looked a bit strange to the other Decepticons in the room: he stumbled through a turn and hurried from the room, seemingly unprovoked. In fact, the reason was the activation of his personal comm. Outside, he leaned against the wall next to the door and responded.

"I'm listening, Prime."


Soundwave watched Kal's disappearance with the same disinterest as he always wore. He shrugged - after all, hos far is a confused lab rat going to get? At the hearing of his radio's buzz, he silently clicked on the indicated frequency and listened. Arms folded, by himself in a dark alley. Nothing unusual.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-03, 08:01 PM
Disorder ran into the main conference room. He saw the repairs being made and shouted

"Does anyone know where I can find Astrotrain?"

RVZ Prime
2002-11-03, 08:28 PM
Star Fire is allowed entrance to Metrotitan en gets in. He walks down the halls with Dead Eye on his shoulder. He takes a look aroud and walks past the conference room and hears some bot shouting: "Does anyone know where I can find Astrotrain?" He continues to walk ahead and some other decepticons walk past him and take a look at him, but he ingnores them. Dead Eye is a little nervous and looks around. He hasn't seen this many big robots before.

What is it, little buddy? Don't be afraid of the big bots here. I know that alot has changed in the time that I have been gone, but I'm sure that we will fit in soon. If only the Decepticons would have been more active, I am sure that we would have had a mission by now. Hmph. Guess I will have to make my own. Let see. What can I do? Better yet, what can we do?

Star Fire wonders around inside Metrotitan for a while.........

God Jinrai
2002-11-04, 02:09 AM
"Terratron... I've a great favor to ask of you... a favor that may be the only way to convince rodimus convoy that thunderwing's words are lies... There are things I've not spoken to you of... but I beg you... trust me. I require the presence of laserbeak and ravage at a conference between myself and rodimus convoy. Those two hold all the information of the events that took place since the destruction of unicron... you may be thinking that I should use eject, rewind or one of my communications officers' cassetes... but rodimus would likely claim them to be "doctored"... hence, I beg you... Send Ravage, Laserbeak, and if possible, Soundwave to verify that the information that will be displayed to be the absolute truth... Once rodimus is dealt with, I will gladly bring you up to speed on why thunderwing is such a great threat... if he dares to approach metrotitan in the meantime, however, I beseech you... do NOT let him in... do not come into physical confrontation with him... Prime out"

2002-11-04, 02:58 AM
Teratron futily nodded to Prime's transmission and responded.

"As you'd like it, Prime. I'll deploy Soundwave and the cassettes to Iacon shortly. Teratron out."

He clicked the channel partially off, leaving his connection with his fellow Decepticon intact.

"Did you hear that, Soundwave?"

The communications officer stepped from the shadows only a few meters away, speaking directly to his commander instead of into his radio.

"Every word. We're really going to just do what he tells us to?"

Teratron raised a hand and tilted his head to the side, as if to question why Soundwave would ask a question like that.

"Oh, come, Soundwave. I know you don't trust me, but do you really think I'm stupid?" He grinned. "I haven't survived this many vorns by doing what Autobots tell me. I told Prime I'd help out because I have my own ideas for this meeting."

For an instant, they stared silently at each other.

"You know what I'm thinking," Teratron deduced. "Don't you?"

Soundwave's optics glowed. "Precisely. But you know, Ravage fell battling Unicron."

"So be it," Teratron replied with a shrug. "One will do the job. Now go. I want to make sure that you're present at this meeting's outset. And Soundwave..."

Soundwave strode off for the Medbay, not looking back to Teratron even as he spoke.

Be imaginative!

2002-11-04, 03:21 AM
Hatmonger looked to Teratron.

"Do you think Soundwave could use some protection just in case the Autobots are not as trustworthy as they seem?"

Hatemonger asked.

2002-11-04, 02:05 PM
Adeara growled as Skywarp and his cohorts teleported away. "Damn teleporter...damned coward." With that, her sword vanished and she dropped from attack mode to defensive mode in a blink. Seeing Teratron leave, but Astrotrain remain, she turned to the City Commander, and bowed, once. Then she stood and waited to see if he said anything to her.

* * * * * * * * * *

StarBlade heard a lot of noise, more than before. "What was that?" Without waiting for an answer, she took off down the corridors headed straight for the noise. Once there, she saw a massive hole, many Drones, a small femme-con that gave off a weird reading to her sensors, and Astrotrain. "Hah! Just the triple-changer I needed to see!"

Lord Zarak
2002-11-04, 05:25 PM
Getting no answer from the drones repairing the main conference room, Disorder left the conference room, and tried to contact Astrotrain on the radio

"Astrotrain this is Disorder, are you ok?"

2002-11-04, 05:50 PM
(The Battlecons overhear Hatemonger and see an opportunity here that should not be missed. They practically walk as one towards Hatemonger and Teratron.)

Darkside: "We could not help but overhear that you may need some kind of escort in dealing with those dirty Autobots. If that is the case, then I would like to make a suggestion. Let us handle it."

(At this point, it must be said that the entire Battlecon group split a devious grin at PRECISELY the same nanosecond as Darkside. The thought of getting some action at last even manages to calm down Yellowjacket, who was grumbling about wanting to drink his enemy's mech-fluid a few minutes ago.)

2002-11-04, 06:07 PM
Hatemonger smiled at the vigor showed by the Battlecons.

"If you deem it approrate, I would like to take these Decepticons under my wing they are very similar to some of my other men. I like it." Hatemonger smiled.

"That and I think their headlong methodlogy would combine nicely with the Iron Wolves." He finished.

2002-11-04, 08:44 PM
Kal transformed at looked at Hatemonger and Teratron.

"If posssible, i would also like to help!"

Quick Switch
2002-11-04, 08:51 PM
Astrotrain stood shaking from the exertion.

"Yes, my Lord," he replied to Teratron. He pointed at Ramjet.

"Report to the Central Lab. You will undergo a brainscan or you will be terminated."

He answered Disorder's message.

"I am fine, Disorder. Stand down for now."

Astrotrain, haggard, turned to Adeara and Starblade.

Without thinking, the City Commander patted the shapeshifter femme on the shoulder with one hand. He smiled.

"You...are loyal after all. I misjudged you. Escort Ramjet there to the central lab. If he refuses to undergo a brainscan, kill him."

Astrotrain looked at Starblade.

"Indeed I am a Triple Changer, Commander of this City. You are?"

2002-11-04, 09:56 PM
Adeara kept her face neutral as Astrotrain showed he trusted her finally. Snapping to attention, she nods. "Yes, Astrotrain." She turned to Ramjet, and grabbed his arm, tightly. "You will come now, or you will be turned into a pile of molten scrap. You understand?" She then proceeded to drag Ramjet to the central lab, as Astrotrain commanded. She passed the other femme-con, and ignored her.

StarBlade nodded slightly to Astrotrain. "I am StarBlade. I was once Megatron's assassin, before the attack on the Ark. I was seperated from Megatron and the rest as the Ark crashed. I have only recently returned here, and wish to be returned to active duty, once I meet with our new leader, and see how he wishes to accept me." The slim, black and grey femme gave a sort of dark smile. "I'm fast. Faster than most would think. And I'm silent. So maybe I'll get my old assignment back."

2002-11-04, 11:22 PM
Teratron pressed a hand on the side of his head. For a moment, he almost wondered if it was all worth it. A destined leader from creation he may have been, but all of this administration and passing duties was tiresome!

"Mmf. Fine. Hatemonger, you shall be commander over these... soldiers. And this--"

He glared down at the miniscule Kal with a hint of contempt.

The vermin that inhabit my city!

"Uh, this as well. But no, Hatemonger, I don't think you'll need to accompany Soundwave. It may create suspicion with Optimus Prime if I send an entire battalion at the request of one Decepticon. If the situation gets hot, I'm sure Soundwave can take care of himself."

He began walking with an outstretched arm, hoping to lead the group away from the conference room. The Metrodrones were beginning to pile up behind the huddle of Battlecons...

"That mission I'd been meaning to tell you about. I'm afraid it may have to be put on hold a while. However, I want you to keep your men in perfect condition at all times. I imagine we'll have a new foe shortly enough, and your team's combat capabilities will be essential to winning the day."

2002-11-04, 11:26 PM
Kal's face showed an angry grin while looking at Teratron.

So this is the leader....

Kal then turned his head from the view of Teratron.

Quick Switch
2002-11-05, 12:04 AM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Starblade, is it? I have heard of your type; the Empire needs more of you in service. I am pleased to welcome you on a traditional basis. For now, be alert. Kill any who seem suspicious."

Astrotrain smiled.

So efficient, these two.

"I will be in my quarters if you wish to speak with me."

Astrotrain nodded once more, then left the room for his office.

2002-11-05, 12:19 AM
Hatemonger looked at the Battlecons, Cryotek, Kal and The Iron Wolves.

"Very good Teratron." He smiled.

"When the Time comes I will lead them to victory for the Decepticons." he looked at down the hall.

"For now to the Holo-Chamber, I have a few missions for us to work on let us go train." Hatemonger said walked down the hall.

"Finally it's not action but will let us do something." Deadshot sighed.

"I agree my blades were starting to rust from waiting around.

"YEAH YAH I can shoot stuff!" Mowdown cheered.

Cyrotek looked at Hatemonger.

"So what is this situation?" He asked.

"Simple, it will be a cybertronian battle. You will learn more as I set it up." Hatemonger smiled.

*OOC If its ok with the Mods I think I will open up a new thread for the Battlecons, Kal's. Iron Wovles, Cryotek and anyone else that joins us training.*

2002-11-05, 05:12 AM
The warship Flamberge tore out of hyperspace, into the vacinity of Cybertron.
The ship's commander spoke: "Stormhawk, scan those co-ordinates we were given."
"Aye, Commander Warcry," the seeker responded. He turned the ship's powerful sensors towards Thunderwing's base. "Sir, I'm reading some Transformers near the base. However, the base itself seems to have been abandoned. What do we do?"
What, indeed? Warcry thought, First this bounty hunter of Thunderwing's toys with my men on Earth, now we arrive to find his base abandoned. Perhaps we were wrong. Perhaps he is not the best Decepticon leader to approach, after all.
Warcry reached a decision. "Open a channel to Metrotitan, and request permission to land. I'd say just go there, but I don't think a ship of this size would get a good welcome if we show up uninvited."
"Metrotitan?" Stormhawk asked, "but what about Thunderwing?"
"To the Void with Thunderwing," Warcry snapped. "We will offer our services to Teratron, instead."
The seeker nodded, and opened a channel to the Decepticon city.

2002-11-05, 06:01 PM
Kal overheard Hatemonger and Cryotek talking.

"A battle, a Cybertronian battle how intriguing. I look forward to it!"

2002-11-05, 08:41 PM
(Darkside was annoyed by Teratron's decision, though he wasn't going to say anymore about it.)

Specter: "Should I have told him that I could have cloaked our whole group?"

Darkside: "No point. He's the one calling the shots, and he decided to let the tapedeck fly solo."

Outlaw: "That's the way the ball bounces. Still, you'd think he'd expect a double-cross."

Darkside: "What? Autobots pulling a double-cross? That's rich."

Yellowjacket: "Smashy smashy smashy smashy smashy smashy smashy smashy..."

Darkside: "Roadkill, disengage Yellowjacket's mouth."

Roadkill: " I can't. He's got this look in his eye. You know. The kind that usually preceeds a whallop right between the optics."

Darkside: Aye caramba...

(The Battlecons follow Hatemonger in car mode. They're pretty much too bored to stay humanoid right now.)

2002-11-05, 11:29 PM
Starblade nodded. "Of course. The problem, Astrotrain, is that I have been away a long time, and I am certain that new members have joined our ranks since then. I fear I may mistake a member for an enemy, and attempt to kill them, even with our Logo in obvious view. How will I know?" A thought occured to her. "I will need to speak with our new leader in order to offer my loyalty, and find out which of my brethren still function. Is this possible?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-06, 01:18 PM
Astrotrain turned as he walked out of the room.

"I cannot offer any promises but Lord Teratron- the Decepticon Commander- is generally quite open about meeting new/old members of our troops. His office is located by mine, in the command wing."

2002-11-07, 04:18 AM
"Sir, Metrotitan offers no response to our hails," Stormhawk reported.
"Understandable," Warcry responded, "under the circumstances. Very well. Thunderflare and I will go directly to the city. Stormhawk, stay here, and keep the ship in orbit."
Both seekers acknowledged their orders.
Warcry and Thunderflare transformed into their jet modes, and flew off to Metrotitan.

2002-11-08, 11:35 AM
Blitzwing wandered the streets of Polyhex in tank mode. Since the leadership duel, he didn't have much to do, so he just drove, thinking. Back then, he had been unreasonable, and even though it went against his nature, there was something he had to do.

Transforming to jet mode, he flew out to Metrotitan. The jaunt took no more than a minute, whereupon he transformed and landed back in tank mode. Driving up the ramp, he spoke to the city.
"Metrotitan, where is Astrotrain?"
"Commander Astrotrain is in his quarters."

Blitzwing drove along the main corridor, that being wide enough to take three of him side by side simultaneously, before turning down a narrower corridor, and transforming into robot mode in front of an elevator, before entering and heading for the command level.

He walked through to Astrotrain's office, his presence drawing a few curious glances, but nothing more, and knocked.

Quick Switch
2002-11-08, 05:46 PM
"Enter," Astrotrain called, leafing through reports filed by the Alpha Drones of the sectors which were damaged when Thunderwing's Seekers escaped.

Astrotrain laughed as he picked up a memo from Mixmaster:


Astrotrain, I just spent the last few cycles running some tests on these things, and I have to tell you, it rocked my rotors and jolted my gyros. These things are composed in a manner with which I'm not familiar, and so far I haven't been able to match them on the human Periodic Table of the Elements (but really, does that matter?). I tried breaking them down, but they became unstable (and I got reamed out by Scrapper in the process) and threatened to blow. So, no more tests.

In my professional opinion, these Crystals are powerful. Very powerful. Here's a direct quote from Bonecrusher about the applications of the Crystals for Demolitions:

"I mean, we could use a fraction of these things and blow a hole straight through to Cybertron's core. There's no way Metroplex, Fortress Maximus, Omega Supreme or any of the other big Bots could stand up to these things, fired from a rocket or placed strategically. I could wipe Iacon off the map with these."

...So there you have it. Conclusion: we got this war in the bag, Astrotrain. The Autobots have no way to counteract these things; shock, even I don't know how to counteract these things. Used with caution, these Crystals will give us victory.


P. S.--Megatron would've been proud.

Note from Scrapper:

Mixmaster almost blew up the lab when the Crystals became unstable. His sanity is still in question.--Scrapper

2002-11-08, 05:56 PM
Blitzwing stepped into the room.
"'Train. I..."
The brash triple changer paused. He wasn't used to apologising. Normally he didn't give a slag what others thought of him, but this time, it was different. Very different.

"I want to say sorry for the stuff I said back in the auditorium."

There. He'd said it. He meant it. He could turn and walk out right now.

He sat on the edge of the desk.

"Truth is, bro. I was jealous of you. Jealous of the power you'd got. There was me, just hovering in the background, while you were there, in the know, knowing stuff, getting told secret stuff, and being important."

He paused again.

"Thing is, I know now that it was petty, and stupid anyway. I can't lead. I'm not a leader, I'm a warrior, and that's what I do best. You're not a warrior, you're a leader, and Megatron and the others... They didn't know. No one knew, until just these last few months. You surprised a lot o' people 'Train. Octane woulda been proud. So yeah, I'm sorry."

He shuffled uncomfortably.

Quick Switch
2002-11-08, 06:12 PM
Astrotrain put down Mixmaster's memo and listened quitely as Blitzwing spoke.

He rose from his desk, and stood in front of his brother unit.

"Blitz, it's OK," he smiled wanly. "I understand how you're processing things right now. We're Decepticons- why wouldn't we be jealous of each other? It's healthy."

The Triple Changer sighed.

"The past is past. You were feeling snubbed, and I didn't help matters by acting like Starscream- all high and mighty. I'm sorry about that."

He smiled again.

"Try running a City for a few months and see if your oil pressure doesn't skyrocket."

Astrotrain withdrew Octane's deflecto-shield from subsapce and held it out so Blitzwing could look at it.

"I...took this from the spot where Galvatron killed him, Blitz. Vaporized him, for giving sound advice against a crazy plan. I made him a grave-a grave for his ashes- back on Earth where Metroplex once stood. It should still be there..."

Astrotrain put out his hand.

"I need your help, Blitz. As a fellow Decepticon, Triple Changer...aw, frag that. How bout just as a brother and a friend? I need you here, with me. To keep me grounded, and level. What do you say? Will you help me out?"

2002-11-08, 06:22 PM
Blitzwing nodded.

"Nah 'Train. Jealousy aint healthy. Look what happened to Starscream in the end? He shoulda been happy with what he had. He was the Air Commander of the whole slagging Army, but the idiot wanted more. He got it too, but only for a few hours."

He took the shield from Astrotrain's hands.

"One day, I want to go see it. His grave, I mean. I never did say goodbye."

He looked up, grim determination to put the past behind him on his face.

"Sure I will bro. On the condition that you never mention this conversation to anybody. Ever."

He paused, then grinned.

"I've got a reputation to keep up, you know."

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Quick Switch
2002-11-08, 06:38 PM
Astrotrain sat on the edge of his desk, reflective.

"Starscream...I tell ya, he sure was a piece of work. And being possessed by his ghost wasn't a oilcakewalk."

Astrotrain snorted, and pointed at the shield.

"I was planning on keeping that, but if you think you'll use it..." he shrugged. "It doesn't matter, as long as either of us never lose it."

He laughed.

"Sure, sure. Reputation is important. Good, I'm glad you're with me. These'll be tough times. Lord Teratron will need both of us to stave off that traitor Hatemunger and that coward Shockwave."

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2002-11-08, 06:52 PM
Blitzwing grinned.
"Nah 'Train, keep it. I was just lookin'."

He handed it back quickly.

"Bah, politics. I haven't got any time for it. Just tell me what to shoot, blow up, or steal, an' if it suits the cause, and me, I'll do it," he grinned.

"Besides, one of us at the top is quite enough.

Quick Switch
2002-11-08, 07:12 PM
Astrotrain took the shield back and placed it back in his subspace compartment.

"All right then," he replied. "If you just want to go back to plain ol' warrior, I can't stop you."

He laughed.

"Galvatron drove you away from the Cons once, and I certainly won't do anything to get you to leave a second time."

Astrotrain walked back around and sat at his desk.

"Unless you had anything else you wanted to speak with me about, I need to get back to work. Why don't you go pick out a room in the general quarters section? There are plenty of spots available."

2002-11-08, 07:30 PM
Blitzwing grinned.
"When I got back, Hatemonger arranged for me to have somewhere to stay. That's one thing I don't agree with ya on. Hatemonger's a good General. He reckoned he could lead the Decepticons, and we've always allowed for potential challengers to step up and challenge for the leadership. At least he went about it the right way."

The triple changer headed for the door.

"Good luck with the work man, I don't envy you."

With a lopsided wave of his hand, Blitzwing left the room, and strolled off down the corridor.

Quick Switch
2002-11-08, 07:40 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"You might be right," he muttered. "Maybe I was too harsh with Hatemunger. We'll have to see how the good General acts in the future."

Astrotrain activated his comm button, set for the main lab frequency.

"Report," Astrotrain barked.

"Astrotrain!" Scavenger's plaintive whiney vocoder broke over the airwaves. "Oh well, nothing too major. Except that Long Haul and Boncecrusher are playing catch with some of those Power Crystals you brought back. I was saying to myself, 'Now, Scavenger, I wouldn't be handling those Power Crystals if I was me. Which of course makes a lot of sense when you think about-"

Astrotrain cut him short.

"Shut up, Scavenger," he snapped. "Get Scrapper or Hook on the line!"

"Hook here, Commander," the surgical engineer replied easily.

"Has Mixmaster re-stored all of the Crystals?" Astrotrain shook his head wearily.

"Of course. Scrapper just removed the Crystals that Long Haul and Bonecrusher were playing...catch with. The incident won't happen again."

"Damn it, Hook! Can't you and Scrapper keep tabs on the rest of the team? I want all of those Crystals back in storage in a few cycles, or heads will roll. Understood?"

"Understood." Hook terminated the transmission.

Astrotrain sat back in his chair, wistfully.

2002-11-08, 07:51 PM
Warcry and Thunderflare walked, unnoticed, into Metrotitan. There was no one in sight, in the corridor they were in. Warcry located the nearest data port, and plugged in a portable console.
"Thunderflare, watch the hall. Tell me if you see anyone coming," he ordered.
He connected to one of Metrotitan's sub-processors.
Now, to locate the commander's office. Hopefully, the city won't even notice that I'm here, until I'm done.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-08, 11:11 PM
Disorder, not fully satsified with Astrotrains answer that he was 'ok' had left what he thought a reasonable, and respectful amount of time before seeking him. Walking towards Astratrains office, he saw a Decepticon walk out of the office. He looked down at him and muttered
"Purple..what is it with purple robots...?" under his breath

He knocked on the door of Astrotrains door, and waited.

Quick Switch
2002-11-09, 10:22 PM
"Enter," Astrotrain called out. He shook himself from his reverie and waited.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-10, 01:12 PM
Disorder walked in on Astrotrains command, and was staggered by the haggard look on his face.

"I....was wondering if there is anything I can do, such as find the rebels for you."

2002-11-10, 02:49 PM
Blitzwing transformed into tank mode, and joined the throngs of Decepticons moving along the city's wide main corridor. Now that he had made peace with his brother Astrotrain, he was left again with nothing to do. Personally, he hoped that he'd get to fight someone again soon. To say he was bored with peace would be an understatement.

Quick Switch
2002-11-10, 05:36 PM
Astrotrain smiled thinly.

"Disorder, your dediction is quite enderaring. I appreciate your offer, and soon, I will take you up on it. For now, Lord Teratron has sent Soundwave to discuss a conference on the state of our affairs, so hostile action at this point would not be opportune."

He rose, and placed his hands behind his back, gazing out a viewport.

"However, if you would like to only begin -searching- on your own initiative, then feel free to do so." The City Commander turned and faced the young robot. "If you find the Combaticons, alert me immediately, and keep their movements posted."

2002-11-10, 08:55 PM
Warcry managed to pull up a map of Metrotitan's office wing.
"There," he said, pointing to Astrotrain's office on the map.
He and Thunderflare walked towards the office

2002-11-10, 09:15 PM
>"Metrotitan... sitting around... doing nothing. This is getting rather tiresome... or what you think?" Trypticon's voice boomed through inter-com as the gigantic Decepticon city decided to try having a chat with his only peer currently serving in the Decepticon army.

Quick Switch
2002-11-11, 01:15 PM
Metrotitan replied on a secure channel:

"Agreed Brother, agreed. The little ones sit and wait...sit and wait. Peace is just a recourse for eventual war...why not simply end it now?"

2002-11-11, 05:30 PM
StarBlade left after hearing Teratron's location. She needed to see him now, so she grabbed the first drone she saw and demanded the location of Teratron's office. Getting the information, StarBlade took off for his office, and knocked politely on the door.

2002-11-12, 03:54 AM
Teratron's Office...

A blank stare was on his face. No emotion, no movement, no perceptible sign even of thought. Just nothingness. A void, a simple neutral territory that took little work to maintain and only existed because something had to.

The hands, however, were busy. They scuttled over the table before him: piecing trinkets together, mixing chemicals, connecting wires. The two worlds coexisted within feet of each other, vitality and emptiness. The output? Impossible efficiency. The kind a dozen trained technicians couldn't reproduce.

Thump thump.

Fluid motion. The hands changed direction, placing the tools neatly in the proper compartments. The eyes stayed fixated on the wall. The hands slid the table into the empty recess beyond, and the usual wall - decorated with plaques naming whom the nearby body parts once matched - returned to its place, perfectly hiding what had been. And, while the eyes did not see it, an electromagnetic shield covered the hidden cubicle to prevent its detection by any means. The feet carried him back to the desk, and the hands picked up a report on Astrotrain's Power Crystals. The eyes abruptly began to move; the audials finally detected the intrusion.

"Enter," the voice commanded.

2002-11-12, 05:51 AM
Warcry and Thunderflare quietly stepped up to Astrotrain's office. They silently pressed up against the door, and heard the converstation between Astrotrain and Disorder, heard them talking about the Combaticons.
"Should we let ourselves in, Commander?" Thunderflare asked.
"Of course not, you idiot!" Warcry snapped, "Breaking into the city commander's office isn't the best way to get him on-side with us. And we need to convince him, if we are going to have a chance of convincing Teratron. No, Thunderflare, I think it best if we knock."
With that, Warcry rapped on Astrotrain's door.

Quick Switch
2002-11-12, 11:40 PM
Astrotrain flicked his gaze at the door as the knocking sounded.

"Enter," he called out.

2002-11-13, 12:32 AM
Warcry motioned for Thunderflare to stay outside.
He entered Astrotrain's office, taking in the scene around him, until his eyes found Astrotrain. He was about to offer a polite greeting to the city commander, when he realized that he recognised the Triple Changer from somewhere. Not his appearance, or his voice, but something else.
But what...oh, my...that could be it. Those Transformer lifesigns we picked up...
He asked Astrotrain: "You were in the Earth system not too long ago, weren't you?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 12:51 AM
Astrotrain narrowed his optics.

"First, if you don't mind, identify yourself. I don't believe I've seen you here before. Who are you assigned with?"

2002-11-13, 01:17 AM
Warcry shook his head. That was rude of me, not to introduce myself. I've got to remember, don't let surprise get the better of me. It's been too long since I've seen active duty, don't want to appear rusty.
He replied to Astrotrain's questions, "Sorry, I should have done so earlier. I appoligise for my rudeness. My name is Warcry, and I command the battleship Flamberge. My crew and I were in the Galactic Core region until recently, so it's not surprising that you didn't recognise me. I can give you my crew roster, if you wish. The reason I ask if you were in the Earth system is because my ship was there recently, and we detected life-sign readings very similar to yours on a moon of one of the system's gas giants."

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 01:29 AM
Astrotrain nodded slowly.

"And I am Astrotrain, City Commander of this facility. Yes, a crew roster will be needed, to run against the databanks of the Empire's archives."

Astrotrain crossed his arms.

"For secuirty precautions, of course. Who dispatched you on your mission?"

2002-11-13, 02:42 AM
Warcry visably flinched.
Control, remember, control. You've prepared four million years for this. You knew it would come up sooner or later, even if you had gone to Thunderwing. Spin it well, and you should get through it alright.
His composure returned, almost as soon as it slipped.
Perhaps no one noticed.
"Well, Astrotrain, we weren't so much dispatched on a mission as we were told to leave and never come back. Four million years ago, just after the Ark disappeared. Your archives should have record the...unpleasantness that lead up to it. Basically, my immediate commander was unhappy with the Decepticon leadership of the day, and tried a coup. An ill-advised and spectacularly unsucessful coup. One of the higher-ups in the army decided that no one who served under my ex-commander should be trusted, so he sent us all away. We settled in the Galactic Core, and founded our own small empire. Unfortunately, we were only a small band, and there were many races who didn't take kindly to our conquests. Basically, after spending so long fighting fleshlings, my crew and I decided to come back and fight the Autobots, instead. So, here we are."
Warcry pulled a data chip from subspace, and handed it to Astrotrain: "My crew roster."

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 04:57 AM
Astrotrain took the disk.

"Very good. However, I am going to need more proof of your involvement. There are very few Decepticons who are still alive who would remember your exile. I will speak with our chief communications officer, Soundwave, about this matter. In the meantime, quarter your crew in one of the main conference rooms."

Astrotrain summoned a squad of Metrorones.

"Escort the crew of the Flamberge to a conference room until further notice."

The Alpha Drone in charge of the squad saluted.

"As you wish, Master."

Astrotrain smiled.

"I'm sure this situation will be resolved smoothly enough. However, permit these security procedures. Traitors have appeared in an increased magnitude of late. Now, please follow the Alpha Drone to the conference room he has selected for you, unless you have further questions."


Minwipe slowly flapped along with Shockwave to Metrotitan...

2002-11-13, 05:16 AM
Warcry responded to Astrotrain, "Only one more thing, Commander. Two actually. My ship is still in orbit. She is rather large, and I didn't want to anger you by bringing her down unannounced. Could you ask your citycon not to shoot her down, so my lieutenant can land her nearby and join me?"
He smiled. "Second, you never did answer my original, albiet uncouth, question. Was it you we detected in the Earth system recently?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 05:25 AM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Of course. Metrotitan, enter the Flamberge into your databanks and beware of its pending status as neutral/potential ally during re-entry on Cybertron."

"Done, Commander," Metrotitan replied.

The Triple Changer frowned.

"Be advised that your remaining officers leaving the Flamberge will be escorted into Metrotitan once it lands on Cybertron. Now, as to your question, Warcry...indeed, recently I was in the Earthen solar system, however, the nature my involvement in that system is Classified."

2002-11-13, 05:34 AM
Warcry nodded. "Of course. My Lieutenant will comply with your escourts. The other member of my crew that came to Cybertron is waiting outside your office for me, and will accompany me."
He paused. "As for your classified mission to the Earth system, I think you should know that, shortly before I left for Metrotitan, my ship detected an outbound Autobot task force. Their likely destination was the Earth system. Just so you know."

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 05:42 AM
Astrotrain glowered in rage.

"Is that so? Well then, the Autobots will never find what they are looking for...thank you for the information..."

Astrotrain sat at his desk and began typing furiously on a comm pad.

2002-11-13, 06:00 AM
"No problem," Warcry said to the now-occupied Astrotrain. Then, to the Alpha Drone, "Shall we go?"
Now, hopefully, while Astrotrain's protecting whatever it is he's up to in the Earth system, he'll also make it easier for my Conquesticons to carry out their assignment...

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 07:13 AM
The Alpha Drone spun on its heels and marched off, and the other Metrodrones surrounded Warcry and the crew members already inside Metroplex.

"This way," it whirred.

Coming to a stop in a nearby corridor, it beckoned inside a rather large conference room.

2002-11-13, 09:29 AM
>"True... Instead of waiting we could strike at the Autobot installations... I have had Wipe-Out spying at the Autobot moves close to Iacon. It looks like the Autobot ranks are cracking... a new leader has emerged and some of the Autobots have rallied to support him. I have no names or other information. But I find it strange that if Wipe-Out has been able to get this information... what does Teratron know himself? And why he has not acted? To me the situation sounds perfect for an attack..." Trypticon spoke to Metrotitan through intercom.

2002-11-13, 02:04 PM
Blitzwing transformed back into robot mode outside his quarters, and entered, where he flopped down on the recharge unit, and lay back. It had been a hard day - admitting he was wrong wasn't easy for the brash triple changer, but it had to be done.

He smiled as the recharge unit did its work, and energon flowed into his body.

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 02:44 PM
Metrotitan replied via comm:

"Indeed. I am not certain; Teratron keeps to himself and does not share counsel easily."

2002-11-13, 02:58 PM
>"That is true for certain. Are you not able to listen radio traffic inside you?" Trypticon asked from Metrotitan.

>"Or better yet... just spy on him... he should after all be within your sensor range my brother... I wonder if my curiosity is the reason for the high command to place their headquarters inside you instead of me." Trypticon added with a slight chuckle.

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 05:45 PM
"I am indeed, however, there are certain things we should not know. Remember, we are only the vessels for the little brothers."

He paused.

"However, any knowledge my children uncover...I will pass on to you."

The City was amused at its comrade's last comment.

"This is probably true."

2002-11-13, 06:09 PM
>"Fine enough Metrotitan. Fine enough." Trypticon replied with a chuckle.

>"Hrmph... I wonder what in abyss Predaking is doing back at our territory borders... I have had him in my radars for hours... if he is not brought back to the base soon, the triggerhappy fool will erase all life from our border sectors... unless he uses up his energon before that." The deadly Decepticon assault fortress added.

2002-11-13, 06:10 PM
The blade sliced downwards, beheading a corpse, which fell lifeless to the floor. The attacker didn't pause, spinning on his heel, smashing another in the face with his elbow, then firing two rounds into it from point blank range.

Looking up, he saw two jets diving down towards him, and laughed. The warrior sprayed the air with blasts from his rifle, then transformed into jet mode, racing up to meet them. He launched a missile, which blasted one out of the air, and the warrior flew through the debris, swiftly falling to the ground. The other jet banked sharply, but not sharp enough as the warrior's wing mounted machine guns cut him to pieces.

Flying over the desolate city, he saw a three tank patrol below him. Diving down, his first two missiles blew a crater in the ground, and one in the lead tank. As he landed, he transformed into his tank form, crushing the second vehicle beneath his treads, while simultaneously blasting the third apart with his cannon. Finally, he transformed into robot mode, and leapt clear.

"Metrotitan, total time?" Blitzwing asked as the holographic enemies dissapeared.
"Total time, five minutes. Breakdown: Round 1, 1 minute, Round 2, two minutes, Round 3, two minutes."
"Hmmm, not bad. Thanks Metrotitan," the Decepticon commando told the city as he sheathed his weapons in subspace.
"Record time, and update records for Decepticon Blitzwing."

With a satisfied nod, Blitzwing left the room.

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 06:12 PM
"Excellent point. I will prod the Commander to return Predaking." Metrotitan replied.


"Commander," Metrotitan rumbled.

"Yes?" Astrotrain replied.

"Trypticon has alerted that Predaking has been rampaging out of sheer boredom."

"Has he? Well, tell Trypticon to recall him, then," Astrotrain replied absentmindedly. "Have Razorclaw come to my office to file a report when the Predacons return."

2002-11-13, 06:25 PM
Predaking halted suddenly as a transmission from Trypticon reached the monster's mind. Immediately Razorclaw ignited the command protocol that caused the hulking gestalt to separate back into the five invidual Predacons.

"About the time." Tantrum snorted. "Predaking was already eating up my reserve tanks."

"Can't argue with the number of preys we had!" Rampage laughed and looked proudly at the craters and wasted mechanical beings scattered all around them.

If Divebomb had been able he would have rolled his eyes in response to Rampage's comment. Dimwit...

"*snort* Back to base then?" Headstrong asked, turning his rather massive head towards Razorclaw.

"That's the plan." Razorclaw growled and took the lead, heading towards Metrotitan in his lion mode...

Quick Switch
2002-11-13, 06:31 PM
"I have detected Predaking halting and returning to our location," Metrotitan rumbled.

"Very good," Astrotrain and stopped typing. "I may just have a job for the Predacons...yes...yes indeed!" Astrotrain began laughing and his optics glowed. "Something the Autobots won't suspect, if they know what I think they know! Hah!"

2002-11-13, 10:06 PM
Hearing the voice, StarBlade opened the door and entered Teratron's office. "Teratron, my name is StarBlade. I was seperated from Megatron and the Decepticons during the attack on the Ark. I recently returned from Earth, and wish to offer my services and loyalty."

2002-11-14, 04:50 AM
After recieving clearance to land, Stormhawk brought the Flamberge down, settling her about a quarter mile from Metrotitan.
He activated the ship's internal security system, which included, among other things, a high-yield plasma bomb that functioned as a last resort self-destruct.
Just in case someone unauthorized tries to take command of the ship. After all, just because these Decepticons are our allies now, does not mean that we can trust them. Anyone who tries to snoop around in here will get several nasty surprises.
After securing the Flamberge, Stormhawk stepped down from the ship's ramp, and waited for the escourts that had been promised.
Warcry and Thunderflare settled into the conferance room they had been assigned.
"Any idea how long they'll keep us here, Commander?" the seeker asked.
"None," Warcry responded. "All I know is that Astrotrain wanted to verify our story before he lets us sign back on. I have no idea how long that will take.
"Anyways, you survived over three million years of wars against the Insectoid Horde, and others. Spending a few days in a comfortable conference room isn't going to kill you."

2002-11-14, 10:54 PM
Some time passed before the Predacons made it back to Metrotitan. While the other Predacons headed out for the recharging, Razorclaw made his way to Astrotrain's office.

The leader of the savage hunter team stopped before the door that led into Astrotrain's quarters and activated the comm panel next the door.

"Razorclaw here. You wanted to meet me?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-14, 11:49 PM
Astrotrain nodded as the Predacon leader entered, and the door shut behind the taciturn Decepticon.

"I did indeed. Sit. This might take a while."

2002-11-15, 04:42 PM
Razorclaw calmly walked over to Astrotrain's desk and looked at the city commander through his golden visor, slightly puzzled of what the triplechanger had in mind.

"I am listening."

Quick Switch
2002-11-15, 08:55 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Very well then. Razorclaw, this mission that I am entrusting to the Predacons is of the utmost importance. You will tell know one of this. Only myself and Lord Teratron will be aware of your activities."

Astrotrain tapped some keys on his desk, and a viewtrex screen showed an image of Titan.

"This is the moon of Titan, one of the planet Saturn's moons located in the Sol System of Earth."

Astrotrain leaned forward.

"Many years ago, I stumbled across this planet, and the inhabitatns worshipped me as their leader, the Sky God. I have recently re-activated the cult under the Chief Priest who served me before the Autobots thwarted my plans the first time."

Astrotrain smiled.

"I have recently returned from Titan and begun the harvesting Titan's best known resource, known as Power Crystals."

Here, Astrotrain stopped again and stared pointedly at Razorclaw.

"You will say nothing of the Power Crystals to any of the rank and file. These weapons will provide us the key to victory over the Autobots."

He continued.

"Your mission is to journey to Titan, and oversee the completion of the harvesting of the Power Crystals under the direction of the Chief Priest, who has the materials to store the materials. Your transpot ship will be the shipping device. Take as much Energon as required for your troops' survival. Have the Titanese build a headquarters for you, if necessary. Your official title will be Envoys of the Sky God. Predaking will be adressed as the Avatar of the Sky God, should you need to use him for intimidation purposes to get the people to work. Don't slaughter the population. Act benevolent. A cult already pacifies the local population. I will not tolerate excessive brutality while the operation continues."

Astrotrain crossed his arms.

"Take a transport ship and leave for the Sol System as soon as possible. I have a feeling that the Autobots will soon discover my activity there. If you encounter Autobot visitors on Titan, destroy the moon and return to Cybertron with the transport ship and Power Crystals. The Autobots must not receive the Power Crystals for their own uses. Understood?"

Astrotrain paused, waiting to see if Razorclaw had any questions.


Mindwipe landed at Metrotitan, and transformed to robot mode. He cradled Scourge's wings in his hands, and waited for Shockwave to land next to him.

"Blah, this won't be pretty," he muttered.

2002-11-16, 09:12 AM
Razorclaw placed his hand thoughtfully against the lower part of his faceplate and looked at Astrotrain.

"Three questions Astrotrain." Razorclaw spoke.

"First. Do you have a stealth device for any of the transport ships within Metrotitan's hangar?"

"Second. These powercrystals... do they possess enough power to detonate the moon if we need to?"

"Third. Mindwipe. His help would be essential when we are speaking of... educating these inhabitants of Titan without using brute force."

Lord Zarak
2002-11-16, 12:39 PM
Shockwave transformed in mid-air and landed beside Mindwipe.
"Teratron will not be happy. It is logical that we tell him immediately. Do you agree Mindwipe ?

Quick Switch
2002-11-16, 11:44 PM
Astrotrain thought.

"Not at this time. However, Trypticon has stored a number of Junkion ships seized from Galvatron's attack on the planet many years ago. They will not arouse suspiscion."

Astrotrain nodded.

"The power crystals possess enough energy to destroy the entire moon. I am sure of it....Mindwipe's status is not certain at the moment. When he returns, he will be sent with you. For now, I suppose, study data about the moon, and go over battle strategies should any Autobots arrive after you."


Mindwipe nodded.

"Blah, of course. Let's go." The Headmaster walked into Metrotitan, heading for the office.

2002-11-17, 06:15 AM
ooc--Quick Switch, the Flamberge has cloak-equipped shuttles. You could just assume that info was on the data chip Astrotrain recieved.

ic--Stormhawk waited impatiently for his escourt to arrive.
If someone doesn't show up soon, I'll just have to go off on my own, do some spying

2002-11-17, 06:23 PM
"There is no need to waste time. Predacons are natural warriors. Besides we have enough time to study Titan on our journey to the moon." Razorclaw stated.

"So... the crystals possess enough power to destroy the whole moon? I assume a rather large deposit of these crystals is needed to start such a chain reaction that will be the end of Titan?" Razorclaw added.

Quick Switch
2002-11-17, 08:58 PM
A Metrodrone squad, led by an Alpha appeared on the runway by Stormhawk and the Flamberge.

"Follow," it said simply. The Drones turned toward Metrotitan.


Astrotrain frowned.

"I believe so, Razorclaw. All of the Crystals are stored in natural underground caves...."

Astrotrain flicked some keys on his desk console.

"Ah yes, some new arrivals led by a Decepticon named Warcry have a ship, known as the Flamberge. Their Captain, Stormwhawk, should know the security bypass codes. Contact him and commandeer one of the shuttles for your mission. The Autobots will not be familiar with its registry. Stormhawk should be being escorted into a conference room which holds the rest of Warcry's troops."

2002-11-18, 04:50 AM
Stormhawk followed the drones to Metrotitan, and towards the conference room.

2002-11-18, 03:06 PM
"Understood Astrotrain. Is there anything else before I go to seek for this Stormhawk?" Razorclaw asked.

Quick Switch
2002-11-18, 05:33 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Do not tell Stormhawk or any of the crew the purpose of your mission. Evade all questions is asked. They are new to the present structure, and loyalties are not quite certain as of yet."

2002-11-18, 06:04 PM
Razorclaw's opticband flashed brightly. "Naturally. But this does bring out a new question..."

"It would be ignorant to assume that Stormhawk does not have tracking devices in his own shuttles." Razorclaw speculated.

Quick Switch
2002-11-18, 11:01 PM
Astrotrain smiled.

"On your way to the hangar after speaking to Stormhawk, a few squads of Metrodrones will be ready to sweep the craft, externally and internally. The shuttle will not escape our every scrutiny."

2002-11-19, 06:37 AM
Stormhawk arrived at the conference room, and entered.
"So, how'd the meeting go?" he asked the other Flamberge crew.
Warcry held up a hand to demand silence, then pulled out a small metal cylinder, pressing a round button on the top. The cylinder began to whirr softly.
A bug-killer, Stormhawk realized, just in case anyone is listening.
"The meeting went about as expected," Warcry responded. "He didn't execute us on the spot, but neither did he decide to trust us implicitly. But, I did find out that Astrotrain himself was the Decepticon we detected in the Earth system, and that he was on a rather important mission at the time. He seems to have appreciated being told of the Autobots headed there, though, so perhaps we have gained some slight trust in his eyes."
Stormhawk paused and considered that for a moment, then asked, "How much did you tell him, sir?"
"As little as possible," Warcry answered. "He knows of our exile from Cybertron four million years ago, but nothing more. He has no idea about our plans, nor does he know how we...pursued other options before deciding to join Teratron's group. I didn't tell him about the Conquesticons, but he's sure to realize that half of the crew listed on our roster is missing. Don't know how he'll take it when he finds out we left them at Earth, though. He'd probably think we're spying on his opperation there. Which, of course, we are. Though Death Knell was ordered to make it appear as though he was sent to fight the EDC."
The crew of the Flamberge continued to talk, planning their next move.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-19, 03:25 PM
Shockwave, along with Mindwipe arrived at Teratrons office. Shockwave knocked, and waited alongside his companion.

2002-11-19, 07:20 PM
"Undestood. I will go to meet this Stormhawk." Razorclaw spoke out, walked out from Astrotrain's office and headed for the conference room...

Quick Switch
2002-11-19, 09:33 PM
Astrotrain nodded, and returned to his paperwork.

2002-11-20, 11:16 AM
Not so long after Razorclaw had left Astrotrain's office he arrived to the conference room within the Decepticon giant Metrotitan. Silently he scanned the room, taking notes of the various Decepticons there until he was sure who were the newcomers.

The Predacon leader's gaze fell on the most likely 'con to fit the description of Stormhawk...

"Stormhawk I presume?"

2002-11-20, 10:10 PM
(OOC: Ack. Zarak, Angel, sorry for delay.)

Teratron nodded to Star Blade approvingly, but at the same time he sized her up with a touch of contempt. He was indeed glad to have another soldier offering him service, but simultaneously, she was an odd sight.

Strange in her being a femme. I thought that experiment was over by this time...

"Very good," he answered blandly. "You may find yourself a room in the barracks, and feel free to use Metrotitan's facilities. Talk to a recruitment officer to get yourself re-established as a soldier. You'll serve me well, I'm sure. But as you see..."

He held out his hand to Shockwave's knocking at the door.

"I am a busy mechanism. Enter."

Simultaneously, he gave Star Blade a dismissing nod and returned to glancing idly at the report on his desk.

Quick Switch
2002-11-20, 10:15 PM
Mindwipe entered, brandashing Scourge's wings.

"Blah, your Lordship. This is a message from that upstart Thunderving."

He carefully laid said wings on Teratron's desk.

"His aura...is...vell, hard to describe, sir. The Ancients have...varned me about him. They have grave reservations..."

2002-11-21, 06:04 AM
Stormhawk heard Razorclaw call out his name. The seeker stood up, stepped away from his crewmates, and walked towards Razorclaw, meeting his gaze head on.
"I am indeed Stormhawk. And you would be...?"

2002-11-21, 01:50 PM
Razorclaw just stared at Stormhawk through his emotionless faceplate. "The name to know is Razorclaw. I came with a request from the city commander Astrotrain. You're to give one of your stealth equipped shuttles to my use."

Lord Zarak
2002-11-21, 02:51 PM
"Thunderwing is powered by the Chaos Matrix, Teratron. His obsession with Matrices has not diminished. The Chaos Matrix led to our discovery: his sense so hightened he could sense Scourge, who was one of Unicrons creations" added Shockwave.

"Logic dictates that he be destroyed, and the Chaos Matrix with him."

2002-11-21, 07:10 PM
Stormhawk shoots an annoyed look at Razorclaw.
"And what, precisely, would you need a stealth shuttle for?"

2002-11-22, 08:38 AM
Razorclaw didn't move an inch, just looked at Stormhawk, a slight grin growing to his face behind his faceplate. "Classified. You want explanation? Go to meet Astrotrain. Now, that shuttle... are you going to risk your station by disobeying orders of your superiors?"

2002-11-22, 10:20 PM
Stormhawk was not impressed.
Of course, after talking with Warcry, the two of them had been relatively sure that this request would come. He knew precisely where Razorclaw was going.
But that didn't mean that he was going to take that attitude from him. Oh, no. If Razorclaw was going to play it like this, Stormhawk would gladly play his part.
"Astrotrain isn't my superior yet, Razorclaw. And niether are you, I might add. I don't take kindly to demands from strangers. You want a shuttle, ask for one. Don't demand. And if you're real nice, I might even tell the onboard security systems not to destroy you. Now, would you care to rephrase that last...request of yours?"

2002-11-23, 04:13 PM
Razorclaw's optics narrowed dangerously behind his golden visor, only the slight glow that came through betraying his emotional state. "Have it your way then. I did not make a demand. I only carried out an order from my superiors."

"And frankly... I don't care what you think of it. If you don't want to cooperate. Fine with me but don't make the mistake of thinking I am going to grovel in front of you, begging for your acceptance." Razorclaw snarled, turned away from Stormhawk and headed out from the conference room like nothing had happened.

As the Predacon reached the entrance of the conference room, he stopped and opened direct comm-channel to Astrotrain. >"Razorclaw to Astrotrain. The prey ignored your orders. Further instructions?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-23, 04:37 PM
In his office, Astrotrain slammed his fists down on his desk in frustration as Razorclaw's message came through.

"Damn it! Megatron, give me strength.." the Triple Changer muttered.

He opened a reply channel to the Predacon leader, nearly shaking with rage.

"I am authorizing you to use excessive force. The Autobots must not reach Titan. If Stormhawk refuses to comply...use some negative reinforcement."

2002-11-23, 05:55 PM
>"Acknowledged. I will contact Metrotitan... perhaps we should have Trypticon targeting Flamberge just in case. Razorclaw out." Razorclaw replied and send a signal to his team to relocate to his location.

Then he opened a direct link to Metrotitan. >"This is Razorclaw. Metrotitan, send few Metrodrones to deal with Stormhawk and his crew. With caution... we need to make him understand that we are not going to play the game by his wishes."

2002-11-23, 08:52 PM
Warcry walked up to Stormhawk, rage in his eyes.
"What the slag do you think you are doing!" If he wasn't trying to whisper, he would have been shouting so loud that he would have been heard on Earth.
"These Decepticons are our allies! Not our enemies! Now go, Stormhawk. Fix this mess you have made, NOW, our I'll destroy youy myself!!!" As Warcry spoke, his wrist blades slid from their sheaths on his forearms, extending to their full length. He raised his left blade, pointing it at Stormhawk's head. "GO! Now!"
Stormhawk, frozen with terror, somehow managed to get out, "Y..yes...sir." He slunk away, to appoligize to Razorclaw.
I may need to invest in a new ship captain, Warcry thought, this one might not survive much longer.

2002-11-24, 07:20 AM
The rickety spacecraft approached the giant metal ball of Cybertron.

At the controls, one of Fakaddi's men was piloting the ship, as Lazarus, Fakkadi and Snake conversed in the longue.

"Sir", came the call. "We're approaching Cybertron. Our signal has been located near two city structures. I reccommend we set down near them."

"Acknowledged", Snake said. "Begin the descent, and prepare for anything."

"Yes, sir", the soldier said.

"Well, gentlemen", Snake said, moving towards the door. "Let us prepare to land."

Quick Switch
2002-11-24, 06:58 PM
Fakkadi donned his ornate space suit.

"Very good. Request clearance to enter Metrotitan or Trypticon, soldier."

The comm officer sent a coded signal to Metrotitan.

"Teratron," the City rumbled, "humans are requesting entrance. What is your response?"

2002-11-24, 09:12 PM
"Hmm... did you change your mind? It would certainly save your hide if not anything else." Razorclaw spoke as he turned to look at Stormhawk who was approaching him.

2002-11-25, 12:09 AM
Teratron glared maliciously at the wings. His optics lit up a fiendish, hate-filled ruby shade.

"This is..."

He slammed a fist on his desk, bouncing the dismembered limbs.

"Intolerable! If Thunderwing wishes to flaunt his abilities by slaughtering my soldiers, he may find himself decorating my wall! We will mobilize to destroy him and his band of rebels at once. Shockwave, I will require your services soon. When we have reliable information on Thunderwing's location, you shall author our strategy of attack. Thanks to Onslaught's defection, our ranks are left without a tactician... Dismissed, both of you."

While the troops were filing out, Teratron absorbed Metrotitan's transmission. He frowned.

"Humans? Mmm. Grant them access. Have a squad of Metrodrones prepared to slaughter the crew and smelt their craft for parts. Oh, unless Fakkadi is aboard. Treat them with respect if so."

Quick Switch
2002-11-25, 12:24 AM
Mindwipe bowed low, then left.

He laughed.

"Blah, well, aren't you back in the good graces of Command." He wagged a finger. "Don't ruin your second chance..." the bat chuckled as he strolled towards Astrotrain's office...


Metrotitan detached a squad of Metrodrones, who marched out to the ship.

"What is your pupose here?" The Alpha commanding asked.

Fakkadi nodded slightly.

"I am Abdul Fakkadi, President of the great nation of Carbombya, Friend Nation to the Deception Empire. Commader Astrotrain knows of me."

The Alpha cocked its head, checking its databanks.

"Request for entry granted. House your troops in the Nebulan section. The leaders of your party will see Lord Teratron when he deems fit. Follow me."

Fakkadi bowed, then set off after the Alpha Drone.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-25, 12:43 AM
"If I were not a logical being, Mindwipe, I would call you jealous. Logic has again proven that I am needed by the Decepticons once again. I will also be able to show the leadership abilities I have." said Shockwave to Mindwipe as they walked out of Teratrons office together.

2002-11-25, 04:57 AM
Stormhawk glared daggers at Razorclaw. He had not reconcidered. He still did not trust these Decepticons, no matter what Warcry said. But he knew that he had no choice but to cooperate.
"I am afraid I...overreacted earlier. I appoligize. You may use one of my shuttles. When can I tell the ship's defence computer to expect you?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-25, 12:53 PM
Mindwipe's optics glittered.

"Blah, don't act so modest. Tell me what you think..." the Headmaster laughed heartily again. "You've been waiting for this moment for months, I can tell."

2002-11-25, 03:27 PM
"Now. My team will leave as soon as it is possible." Razorclaw answered to Stormhawk's question as the doors of the conference room opened again and the four other Predacons walked in.

2002-11-26, 12:16 AM
StarBlade nodded, and sketched a salute. "I've already spoken with Astrotrain." Seeing the other come in, StarBlade turned and left. He obviously did not like me. But I will prove my usefulness. I swear it. StarBlade began to walk about, relaxing a little.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-26, 12:37 AM
"Months? Months do not come close to how long I have waited for an opportunity to arise, such as this. I would be illogical not to take it."

Quick Switch
2002-11-26, 01:03 AM
Mindwipe turned grim.

"Know this, Shockwave. Don't attempt any sort of reprisal or coup, because that will get you killed. I think you should be content with the status quo, don't you? Considering all you've been through. You're a pragmatic sort, after all."

Lord Zarak
2002-11-26, 01:22 AM
"For once, your counsel is wise Mindwipe. If Teratron needs my help, it is because it is needed: I shall give it. It would be unwise to go further than that."

Quick Switch
2002-11-26, 04:33 AM
Mindwipe laughed.

"Blah, I'll take that as a joke. My counsel has always been vise...you simply have been selective until now in applying my advice."

2002-11-26, 04:52 AM
Snake and Lazarus had followed Fakaddi inside, wondering what had happened.

"Tell me", Snake asked the Metrodrone. "Who is it that we're going to see?"

2002-11-26, 06:03 AM
Stormhawk nodded to Razorclaw.
"Very well. I'll alert the defence systems immediately."
Stormhawk turned so that he was facing away from the Predacon leader, and pulled out a comlink.
"Stormhawk to Flamberge defence computer. A group of Decepticons are going to be coming on board soon, to borrow a shuttle. Grant them access to the shuttlebay only. If they attempt to access any other area of the ship, then carry out your previous orders, and destroy them. Understood?"
"New orders recieved and processed," the defence computer replied.
Stormhawk turned back to Razorclaw.
"You may now access a shuttle."

2002-11-26, 01:17 PM
"For your own sake you better not risk the lives of me and my men." Razorclaw said coldly and marched out from the conference room with other Predacons after him.

>"Razorclaw to Astrotrain. We have the shuttle. You can send the metrodrones to check it. Any word of Mindwipe?"

Quick Switch
2002-11-26, 05:15 PM
The Alpha Drone turned to Snake.

"Human, you are going to see Lord Teratron, Leader of the Decepticons."


Astrotrain depressed his comm unit in answer to Razorclaw.

"Mindwipe is being divereted via Metrodrone to the hangar as we speak. Astrotrain out."

The City Commander resumed his gleaning of the hourly reports which Metrotitan fed him.


Mindwipe, acosted by a Metrodrone, stopped.

"You are needed at once at the hangar bay, Mindwipe," it said.

The Headmaster hypnotist nodded.

"Wery vell. I am en route. Shockwave...as always...our discussion was...stimulating."

Mindwipe set off for the hangar bay.

2002-11-26, 07:10 PM
"Teratron?", Snake asked in surpirse. 'Isn't Galvatron the leader."

2002-11-27, 02:48 AM
Stormhawk glared after Razorclaw as he departed.
This isn't over, not by a long shot. One day, Razorclaw, you will pay dearly for embarassing me like this.
Stormhawk returned to the conference room, his thoughts full of revenge.

2002-11-27, 03:00 PM
The Predacons arrived finally to the shuttle they were supposed to use for their mission. Several metrodrones seemed to be investigating it when they arrived.

"Delay after delay..." Headstrong snorted.

"That ship doesn't look any better than those Junkion ships stored inside Trypticon." Rampage chuckled.

"Heh... yeah. If that junkheap tries to do anything to me I swear I rip Stormhawk's fuelpump out through his audio receptors." Tantrum grumbled as he looked at the ship.

Divebomb took a glance around the area where the shuttle was located and landed next to Razorclaw. "Mindwipe is not here yet."

Razorclaw just kept his optics following the actions of the metrodrones. "Then we wait."

Quick Switch
2002-11-27, 03:23 PM
Mindwipe arrived, grim.

"Blah, vat is this about? Since ven to the Predacons need my talents?"

2002-11-27, 08:15 PM
"Just climb into that shuttle Mindwipe. You will learn everything you need on the route to our destination." Razorclaw spoke and jumped into the shuttle through open cargobay door.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-28, 03:34 PM
Overlord grumbled with the recent lack of activity. The Combaticons had defected, and it appeared that no-one was looking for them. The only thing that had actually happened was Scourge dying: he heard about that when rumours started flying around that Scourge, Mindwipe and that imbecile Shockwave had gone on a mission, and the only bit of Scourge that had returned were his wings.

Shockwave probably caused Scourges death Overlord though for what seemed like the hundreth time: he knew it wouldnt be the last.
He walked over to where a smaller, though quite large, Decepticon was sitting.

"Get up!" said Overlord

The smaller 'bot didnt do anything.

"Get up, you insolent piece of slag...Decepticons do not sit on the floor feeling sorry for themselves!" he cried.

"What makes you think I am feeling sorry for myself, eh?" spoke the smaller 'bot, after a wait of half a minute.
"I was thinking. Emphasis on the 'was'"

Overlord went into a mad rage.
"You dare talk to me like that?!" Overlord picked him up with one arm and pinned him against the wall, faces close together with a finger pointed:
"You have no idea who I am do you? I am Overlord, the strongest Decepticon Powermaster: you would do well to remember that. I am your superior: remember that also." He dropped his victim.
"Now, identify yourself."

Disorder looked up defiantly.
"My name is Disorder. Is that all, Overlord? I was trying to think of how to capture the Combaticons and bring them back here, but for some reason, I haven't been able to."

"Maybe if you acted like a Decepticon, and not just wore the insignia, you may have had some progress" replied Overlord, deliberately ignoring the indirect reference to himself. "Come with me, I may find some use for you." Overlord turned and left without waiting nor looking back to see if he was followed. Disorder did follow.

"Where are we going?" asked Disorder, but he got no reply.

2002-11-29, 12:00 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link to Teratron and Astrotrain.

"The new warriors preformed flawlessly. The Battlecons should make a perfect replacement for the Combaticons, the Technoorganic one Kal has alot of punch for his size and the Iron Wolves did excellent as I expected. When you are for me to help you let me know. Hatemonger out." He said and continued to walk down the hall to see what was going on with the other Decepticons.

Quick Switch
2002-11-29, 01:57 AM
Mindwipe grumbled but entered the shuttle.


Astrotrain replied to Hatemunger:

"Very good, General. I'm expecting an efficiency report on the new warriors, to cross reference your data. Get it to me as soon as possible."

2002-11-29, 03:04 AM
Hatemonger looked at everyone.

"I will be back in awhile." and he walked off and found an empty desk and began to write.

Memo to Decepticon Command.

Holographic mission was a success, mission parimeters included: Strike on Autobot city and retrieve of an energon processing unit.

Each member showed their own strengths.

Kal- Odd techno organic creature, listened to orders well. Has an aircraft mode seems highly skilled in explosives.

Battlecons- I will save you of the drawl of needing to wade through each Battlecon's own ablities and will draw on the more used Gestalt mode they possess named amply Dreadnaught.

Dreadnuaght has massive strength he had no problems carring the energon processing unit and fighting at the same time. Has a frightening amount of firepower and can draw on the other Battlecons unique skills allowing to to create holograms and illisions amoung other things.

Only possible concern he showed was an occasional lack of following orders. He seemed far more concerned with the destruction of the Autobots at times rather than the mission at hand. But if pressed enough he did as told.

Also at times seemed to have a few odd moments, I am not sure what these are connected too but he would seem to lock up. Possibly his new design still has a few design flaws possibly a check up by Soundwave for mental errors and a structure and system check by Shockwave and the Constructicons is in order?

Otherwise, the Battlecons should be a perfect replacement for the now departed Combaticons. His sheer fighting sprit along should make him a perfect fit with our troops.

Iron Wolves

Each listened to their orders perfectly and with deadly accuracy and skill.

Sixblade- Same as when I served with him before, a cold cunning hand to hand fighter. Slaughtered many bots by his blades in the mission. Only flaw is he will not use long range weapons. However you try and tell him this :) He can ravage more enemies without a gun than many battlions and this is how he would perfer to do it.

Mowdown- Since upgrade he is even more wild however he listens to orders so this is not a massive concern. Firepower has increased tremedously. Can be used to front a heavy assult or to back our warriors.

Deadshot- Even colder than before. Still loves to snipe his foes in the critical and near always a slow and fatal death. Still listens to orders perfectly.

Overall the three Iron Wolves should also be a fitting addition to our ranks.

Cyrotek- Showed surprising onfield leadership capablities. Did a good job of keeping Dreadnaught on mission perimeters when he wanted to slag the city rather than leave. Overall did an excellent job. Possibly a Decepticon to watch for possible promotion in our ranks.

Overall I feel the new crop of Decepticons should be an excellent addition to our forces.

For the honor of our lineage.


He finished writing the report and submitted it to Astrotrain and Teratron.

He sent the report then left to meet with his men and recruits.

2002-11-30, 06:28 PM
Razorclaw sat down on the commander's seat in the shuttle while the other Predacons manned the controls of the ship.

"The ship is ready for the launch Razorclaw after Tantrum is ready with the engi-" Divebomb said after few minutes of preparation.

"Engines are heated up boss!" Tantrum shouted from his position, interrupting Divebomb's speech.

Razorclaw's opticband flashed brightly as his crew reported the ship status.

"Lift off!"

Quick Switch
2002-12-01, 03:31 PM
Astrotrain began sifting through Hatemunger's report.

"More thorough than what I first envisioned. Perhaps Hatemunger is more than just a standard field commander?"


Mindwipe sat in a chair and crossed his arms, waiting for the shuttle to take off.

2002-12-02, 05:22 PM
Roadkill: "Working with Hatemonger is okay, but I want to get down to business with my ultimate plan!"

Outlaw: "You mean your latest ultimate plan?"

Roadkill: "That's what I mean." :D

Darkside: "Alright, I'll bite. What is this sneaky plan of yours?"

Roadkill: "Well, it's not really so much a plan, but a new weapon that I have thought of.

(The other Battlecons are all ears now.)

Roadkill: "I first thought this up when I saw those Predacons running around. I thought of creating...a monster."

Specter: "You've been watching Frankenstein again, haven't you?"

Roadkill: "Not lately. I was referring to a machine that was like the Predacons, but more monstrous. I also heard about the Terracons, and I'm sure this idea could work."

Outlaw: "You want to create something like the Terracons?"

Roadkill: "No. I will create a different kind of creature. A Decepticon with brute stength, vicious tendencies, destructive weaponry-"

Darkside: "Uhh, Roadkill?"

Roadkill: "What?"

Darkside: "We already have Yellowjacket for that category."

Roadkill: "No, no, no. Not like that. Oh, you'll see...eventually..."

(The Battlecons continue to have this kind of conversation until Hatemonger gets back or somebody else bugs them.)

2002-12-02, 05:30 PM
Hatemonger was thinking to himself and got onto his com-link to Teratron.

"Lord Teratron, I have been thinking do you think maybe we should go and retrieve the Combaticons before the Autobots possibly obtain useful data from them? I could assemble a team of Decepticons to accomplish this mission? Or to do something?" Hatemonger asked the Decepticon commander.

2002-12-03, 11:31 AM
The shuttle boarded by the Predacons and Mindwipe took off and rocketed through the atmosphere of Cybertron before taking its course to the Sol system and Titan...

Quick Switch
2002-12-03, 05:08 PM
Mindwipe grunted.

"Blah, so, do you vant to tell me vhat this is all about?"

2002-12-03, 09:48 PM
"We go to Sol system. To a moon of Saturn... Titan to be specific." Razorclaw stated.

"Our task is to supervise the completion of the harvesting of the Power Crystals that contain immense amounts of destructive energies. We should be cooperating with the Chief Priest of Sky God... the religious leader of the Titanese. We are to be adressed as the Envoys of the Sky God... if needed... Predaking shall act as the Avatar of the Sky God." Razorclaw explained.

"Oh... and Astrotrain wanted us to avoid slaughtering the population as well..." He added, causing Rampage and Tantrum to frown loudly.

Quick Switch
2002-12-03, 09:55 PM
Mindwipe nodded, reflective.

"Blah, and Astrotrain must be this 'Sky God' who has subjugated the Titanese. Brilliant."

He steepled his hands.

"Vith the might of Predaking, and of course my extra-sensory powers, ve should have no problem continuing Astrotrain's mission."

2002-12-04, 06:57 AM
"How much longer, Metrodrone", Snake asked. "We're getting restless."

Quick Switch
2002-12-05, 12:23 AM
The Metrodrone escorted the human carvan to Teratron's door.

"His Lordship is busy. You will be summoned when he sees fit."

The Metrodrone turned and left.

2002-12-05, 05:58 PM
As the Metrodrone left, Lazarus grumbled.

"You know, I'm fast beginning to regret coming here", he said.

"Keep your shirt on", Snake said. "We'll get what we want...soon enough."

2002-12-06, 01:02 AM
Teratron snapped his fingers.


The door opposite his desk slid away, revealing a group of humans and a Metrodrones waiting expectantly. He frowned contemptuously and looked back to the reports on his desk. Humans.

"Greetings, Fakkadi. Forgive me, but you'll have to stand. Metrotitan is not equipped for accomodating your kind."

In a storage building across the city, piles of old wood, metal, and cotton furniture were stowed away, waiting for their turn in the smelting pool. In another construct within the confines of the command sector, all doors were sealed with heavy metal plates and an excessive amount of rivets. Though they could not be seen, the plaques beneath read so-and-so "Witwicky".

"What brings you here?" Teratron asked idly as the Metrotitan led the humans into his lair.

Quick Switch
2002-12-06, 03:11 AM
Fakkadi bowed low to the Decepticon Lord.

"Lord Teratron, I, Abdul Fakkadi have come to you because of certain developments on Earth."

He paused.

"The Autobots have detached a team to Earth; Fortress Maximus is there and other Autobots I do not recognize...my operation to consolidate Earthen rule against the infidel EDC was halted after the Insecticons were destroyed by the Autobot intruders."

The dictator wanted to stroke his goatee, something, to get his mind off the humiliating task ahead of him. A proud man, he had done what the Decepticons had asked of him. But the situation had changed.

"I realize that the war effort against the Autobots takes precedence...but if a small detachment of troops could be sent to Earth to remove the Autobots...my Army will be able to mobilize my other dictatorial allies in the Middle East to re-launch the campaign and destroy the accursed EDC forever. And my friend here," Fakkadi indicated Snake (and to a lesser extent the terrorist Lazarus) "will be able to re-open his ties with the terrorist underworld. Earth will be the first consolidated allied nation of the New Decepticion Empire."

He cleared his throat.

"The oil conversion rates to Super Energon quotas that Astrotrain had in place will be able to be resumed as soon as the Autobots are removed from the planet. My Generals are even now dealing with insurrections among...fanatics who wish to see my New Order fall as we stand before you now. You know, Lord Teratron, that Commander Astrotrain has dealt favorably with me, and I have done all what the Decepticon Empire has required of me, as a loyal ally."

He promptly became quiet; he didn't want to press the point.

2002-12-06, 04:06 AM
Snake and Lazarus just stared into Teratron's face, not knowing what the giant Decepticon had planned. Fakaddi had proven his point, but they were both unsure about how he would take it.

2002-12-06, 11:16 AM
"Indeed Mindwipe. Indeed." Razorclaw said, his optics staring into the horizon as the stealth field protected shuttle rocketed through the space towards their target...

2002-12-09, 03:45 PM
Hatemonger stood there waiting Cyrotek snarled as the Iron Wolves sat waiting for the orders to go wipe something off the map.

"Why are we sitting here?" Cyrotek groaned.
"My joints are going to be covered with rust if we wait around any longer."

"I agree when will we get to blow something up!!!???" Mowdown yelled rather loudly as always.

"In due time. Teratron is meeting with some fleshings apperently I am sure after his meeting all will be resolved." Hatemonger said looking at a holoscreen of various power outputs of the Iron Wolves and himself alone and with is mini-cons.

2002-12-09, 05:36 PM
(The Battlecons groan in a Beast Wars Megatron-like fashion simultaneously.)

Darkside: "We weren't built for patience."

2002-12-09, 06:11 PM
Kal paced back and forth then he stops and cracks his fist into a wall.

"And i am not designed to wait this long"

2002-12-09, 06:40 PM
(Outlaw starts fiddling with his built-in radio equipment. Several stations begin playing at random.)

"...So I sez to the guy, 'Hey, watch where you're pointing that thing. Some of us don't wear cups, okay?'"

*Laugh track plays*


"It's coitens for you, Rocky, coitens!"


"Come on down to Bob's Chicken Ranch. We shoot him, you buy him."


"Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for a rogue police cars with the license plate ZZPL-AZ..."

Outlaw: Alright! It's my favorite radio show!

Specter: What show is that?

Outlaw: The ME Show! Ha ha ha! They're still looking for me!

2002-12-09, 06:55 PM
Mowdown was instantly intersted in whatever it was that Outlaw was listening too.

"OH senseless carnage I like that!!!" He chriped running over.

"Oh slag it." Deadshot groaned smacking his head.

Sixblade just smiled and chuckled.

Quick Switch
2002-12-09, 08:47 PM
Mindwipe nodded.

"Vat is the projected ETA to reach Titan?" The hypnotist asked. "Time is of the essence. Ve must harwest enough crystals before the Autobots arriwe."

2002-12-10, 08:28 PM
"An hour." Divebomb replied to Mindwipe's question.

Razorclaw tapped at the armrest of his seat thoughtfully. "When we passed Earth... the computers picked up a presence of a massive spaceship. We may have an Autobot problem in our hands soon..."

Quick Switch
2002-12-10, 08:44 PM
Mindwipe shrugged.

"Good. You all vill be able to destroy any Autobot interlopers."

2002-12-10, 10:16 PM
Teratron folded his arms over his chest and absorbed Fakkadi's words silently. He nodded promptly following a moment of deliberation at the presentation's end.

"Autobots on Earth? Hm. Yes, I know what you mean about insurrections... For the honor of your nation" (he cringed internally) "I shall dispatch a team of my finest warriors to Earth to eliminate the Autobots. Then we'll see about getting that super-energon pipeline flowing again."

He pressed a button on his desk, activating the visual comm.unit.

"Hatemonger, I need to speak to you."

2002-12-10, 10:43 PM
Hatemonger recieved Teratron's message and looked at the Iron Wolves and Cryotek.

"Men I will be back, Teratron has summoned me." He said and walked down the hall toward Teratron's lair.

He stood outside the door and pressed the button and as the doors slide open he said....

"You needed to speak to me Sir?" He asked.


"Where you think the boss is going!?" Mowdown chirped to Deadshot.

"Hopefully somewhere to get us something to kill." He smiled.

Quick Switch
2002-12-11, 12:35 AM
Fakkadi bowed.

"Thanks be to Allah, Lord Teratron. Abdul Fakkadi expresses his most profound gratitude."


Astrotrain activated his comm unit.

"Shockwave, Ramjet, report to my office at once."


Ramjet (who had been stewing awaiting for Soundwave to administer his brainscan) rose muttering and set off for Astrotrain's office.

2002-12-11, 01:38 AM
Hatemonger glanced down to see Fakkadi .

"Sorry about that." He said stopping and moving to avoid stepping on the middle eastern leader.

Quick Switch
2002-12-11, 02:25 AM
Fakkadi hastily moved out of the way.

"It is nothing," he replied to the larger Decepticon.

2002-12-11, 04:17 AM
"Excellent." Hatemonger said to the fleshing while waiting for Teratron's reply.

"Who might you be?" He asked.

2002-12-11, 04:41 AM
Snake just glared at Fakkadi, then looked up at Teratron

"Excuse me, Teratron", he asked. "But how is it you will accomplish this? My best warriors couldn't do it. The Insecticons couldn't do it. How can you do it?"

2002-12-11, 04:52 PM
"Indeed I did," Teratron began. "It appears that there are Autobots on Earth, causing havoc with our human allies' operations. This, of course, is a violation of our treaty with the Autobots, which clearly states that Earth is to remain a Decepticon world indefinitely. Since the Autobots have broken the pact, it is our place to reprimand them."

He paused to glance briefly at the humans.

"Take your troops to Earth and deal with the Autobots. If necessary, you are permitted to use lethal measures. Dismissed."

He looked down again and chuckled at the relatively diminutive Snake. However, his optics flared in hidden rage, portraying how well he was cloaking his disgust for the fleshling's insolence.

"Nonsense. Hatemonger is the commander of a squadron of elite Decepticon warriors and assassins. The Insecticons were fine warriors, but their abilities are laughable in comparison."

Lord Zarak
2002-12-11, 05:43 PM
"On my way" replied Shockwave. He made his way through Metrotitan towards Astrotrain's office.

Quick Switch
2002-12-11, 05:49 PM
Fakkadi bowed again.

"I am Abdul Fakkadi, Hatemunger, ruler of Carbombya, Decepticon ally from many years ago...and continuing in the present... and we were leaving," the dictator grabbed Snake and dragged him out of the office. "Now is not the time for petty spite," the Carbombyian leader snapped. "We should prepare our troops to leave Cybertron and return to Earth immediately, and await Hatemunger's troops imminent arrival."


Ramjet arrived in the office.

"What do you want?" The jet asked smugly.

"Sit," Astrotrain commanded. Ramjet sat. He pressed his console. "Acknolwedged Shockwave."

2002-12-11, 08:22 PM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Yes sir!" He barked and looked down at Snake and Fakkadi.

"I will assemble men and meet with you within the hour." He told the two men.

He then got onto his Com-link.

"Blitzwing, Battlecons, Kal, *OCC Question OP2005 are you still in command of Blitzkreig?, Disorder and any other available Decepticon, if you wish to join me in battle reply within the hour." Hatemonger smiled and walked out two the Iron Wolves and Cryotek.

"Men get your weapons we are going to Earth." He smiled.

"YEEE HAW! WE are gonna blow stuff up!" Mowdown cheered.

"Excellent I just sharpened my blades." Sixblade smiled.

"All ready sir." Deadshot smiled.

"Yes Hatemonger why are we going to Earth?" Cryotek asked.

Hatemonger looked at the Blue Decepticon.

"I will explain all soon for now get ready to board a shuttle to Earth." Hatemonger said as the four Decpeticons ran to the launch bays.

He then looked down to his mini-cons,

"Doubleshot, Railgun you two ready?" He asked the minicons both beeped in approval.

"Excellent then lets get ready to move out."

2002-12-11, 09:45 PM
(Naturally, the Battlecons were tuned in to the conversation and ready to roll.)

Darkside: "Ha ha ha... Of course we are ready for battle. We're so ready that we put the Stunticons to shame!"

Yellowjacket: "Annihilate!! Waaah ha ha ha ha haaa!!"

(Yellowjacket's got a new pair of weapons out of his collection. A highly-focused Laser Cannon and a Phalanx Cannon. More than that, the artillery king has got a bandelier of grenades for all occasions.)

Specter: "They won't know what hit them. I've been waiting for a chance to use these..."

(Specter reveals retractible spiky knuckles on his hands. They're really good in a fight. And now, in no time at all, the Battlecons await their transport into battle.)

2002-12-11, 09:56 PM
Adeara, now relieved of Ramjet, had been walking back to her own quarters when she bumped into StarBlade, who was still walking about.

"Out of my way." "Watch it, scrapmetal." Both spoken simulanteously as they collided. Adeara growled.

"Scrapmetal, am I?" She shifted to her firebird form, forcing StarBlade back a few steps. The black and grey femme-con looked convinced of her danger.

"So you're organic. Great. Now we got organics in the Decepticons. What happened since I vanished?" Adeara, shocked by such a candid remark, returned to her Decepticon form. With that, they began a conversation, which only ended once they reached Adeara's quarters, where the Ta'Kaalen invited the assassin to share them with her. She didn't need that much room, and she could rest in a chair. StarBlade took her up on that offer, and the two became good friends in that short amount of time.

2002-12-11, 10:20 PM
ooc: i am not ravage

IC: Kal heard Hatemonger loud and clear.

"I am on my way"

Kal transformed and scanned for Hatemonger, upon locating his signal he travelled to meet him.

"I propose we are going to battle Hatemonger."

2002-12-11, 11:02 PM
Snake shoved Fakkadi away.

"I don't know about you, friend", he said, stressing the word, 'friend'. "But I think that we're being suckered. It's not in the Decepticon's nature to cooperate with humans, no matter how convienent it is for them. Something is going on."

"May I suggest caution?", Lazarus asked. "We can't be too careful."

2002-12-11, 11:29 PM
Hatemonger stopped and walked back to see Teratron alone.

"Sir before I go on this mission I must ask what do you want done?" He stood before the Decepticon commander.

"Do you want it done diplomatically or do you want me to wipe the Autobots out?" He asked.

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 12:05 AM
Fakkadi scowled.

"Watch your tone," he muttered. "Why should I be concerned? I've completed every bargain to the letter- I've provided Super Energon, and waged war on the EDC. My allies have conquered the Middle East in the name of the Decepticons! My loyalty is unquestionable. I hid the planes Dirge and Thrust from Autobot scrutiny, and then granted Octane and Trypticon asylum from that maniac Galvatron years ago. Astrotrain has kept his word so far, and Teratron likes results. I've given them what they wanted every time."

The dictator shook his head.

"Teratron wanted to stomp you flat for your insolence. Couldn't you feel his impatience with your grandstanding? You're not running COBRA anymore, Snake. Times have changed. You don't have Destro to kick around anymore. If anything," Fakkadi pointed at Snake and Lazarus, "Teratron should question where your loyalties lie."

He crossed his arms.

"I have nothing to fear. Decpticons control Earth through that treaty they signed with the Autobots. I am the most powerful man on that planet at the moment. And we have not been harassed in any way. And now, with this Hatemunger in command, the Autobots will be thrown off my planet, so I can get back to the business of conquering it for the Decepticons."

2002-12-12, 12:41 AM
Cryotek happened to walk by Snake and Fakkadi towards the end of their converstation.

"I apologize for overhearing you human. But what resources do you have in terms of say a military presence that we may use?" Cyrotek smiled.

2002-12-12, 01:01 AM
"I'm only raising a valid point, my friend", Snake said. "It's not that I don't completly trust the Decepticons. It's just that I don't think they trust us. They have had dozens of human allies in the past. Dr. Archeville, Shawn Berger, even your competitor, Ali. And where did their allegiance get them? Thrown in prison, mutilated beyond recognition and eventually dead."

"I agree", Lazarus said. "I don't think that they can be fully trusted. I mean, what's to stop them from killing the three of us once they've gotten everything they want?"

"And as for our millitary strength", Snake said, looking up at Cryotek. "I'm not sure that I can trust you with it. Not that I don't trust you, of course, but I think that only Teratron or Astrotrain need to know about that.

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 01:12 AM
Fakkadi nodded.

"I understand your sentiments. But think: all the people you just mentioned either tried to back out of their deal, or grab for more power. Fools!"

However, he paused at Lazarus' comment.

"Snake would have been dead years ago if GI Joe had managed to catch him. I do not know your background, Lazarus, but as a terrorist I would imagine you have many enemies. As for myself...I'm sure the EDC would bring me on trial for war crimes...that is, if I fail in dismantling it, which I doubt. At the end of the day, I place my trust in Allah...and do what I must."

The dictator looked up at Cryotek.

"We are important allies to your commanders. That is all you need to know. If you were cleared for the information, you would have already known it."

2002-12-12, 01:23 AM
Lazarus nodded. "As a terrorist, I have many enemies. I would assume that they would lock me up for life, or even executed."

"We would all be like that", Snake said. "But now that I think about it, the Decepticons seem less likely to do that to us...if we can manage to support them."

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 01:48 AM
Fakkadi shrugged wearily.

"And that is the trick, isn't it? But why worry about things we can't control? We have a planet to re-conquer, and we can get back to it as soon as Hatemunger arrives."

2002-12-12, 01:59 AM
Hatemonger looked at Teratron.

"Also, do you want us getting involved in the affairs with the humans? I respect humans who have strength which these 3 do. However should we be spreading our forces to engage more than just the Autobots?" He asked.


Cyrotek nodded.

"As you wish humans, I assume you have the typical assortment of Earthling tanks, planes and gunnery systems. I was only going to attempt to assist in a battle plan." He said and walked off.

Lord Zarak
2002-12-12, 06:44 PM
Disorder was about to reply when Overlord beat him to it
"Hatemonger, this is Overlord. Disorder is with me. I don't know about him, but its been boring without any action. Where do you want us to meet you?" asked the giant Decepticon.


Shockwave knocked on Astrotrains door and entered. He looked, saw that Ramjet was already there. He nodded, acknowledgement of his presence.

"I see that we are mobilising our troops. Logic dictates that the ensueing battle will be with the Autobots." It was a statement, not a question. He continued:
"One question is brought up by this mobilisation: Who broke the alliance?"

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 08:35 PM
Ramjet nodded slightly.

Astrotrain sat at his desk, gesturing a chair for Shockwave.

"Indeed, war is coming, but not on Cybertron. The Autobots have attacked human allies of Lord Teratron Earth, and destroyed the Insecticons, violating the treaty Lord Teratron sealed with Optimus Prime- Earth is a Decepticon world, and the Autobots had no business being there."

The Triple Changer leaned back in his chair.

"Therefore, General Hatemunger is going to teach the Autobots a lesson in aggressive negotiations. Lord Teratron is working out the details with the good General now."

Astrotrain steepled his hands, and looked squarely at the white jet and purple cyclops in front of him.

"But that is not why I called you both here." The chair swung back forward, bringing Astrotrain back to his desk firmly.

"Both of you have questionable records regarding your allegiance to Lord Teratron. Ramjet made a bungled attempt at a Seeker coup, which failed. Shockwave, you challenged the accepted order and Galvatron's Heir...but no more than that. The question is, should I trust either of you again? Do you deserve a place back in the main Decepticon hierarchy? Convince me."

Ramjet scratched his head.

"Let Shockwave go first. I've gotta think of something to say."

2002-12-12, 11:11 PM
Hatemonger spoke to Overlord and Disorder through his com-link.

"The Autobots have broken the treaty for this they are to be punished. I am organizing a strike team to meet with the Autobots and to attack if needed." He answered.

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 11:25 PM
A Metrodrone knocked on Blitzwing's quarters.

"Urgent message from Commander Astrotrain," it said.

2002-12-12, 11:31 PM
Blitzwing got up from the recharge unit, and stalked over to the door, before flinging it open.
"Yeah? What's he want?" he gruffly asked the Metrodrone.

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 11:38 PM
The Metrodrone cowered.

"Commander Astrotrain requests you accompany General Hatemunger's unit to Earth to take part in battle against the Autobots."

2002-12-12, 11:59 PM
"Finally, some action. Where is the General and his unit located?" Blitzwing asked the drone.

Quick Switch
2002-12-13, 12:06 AM
"General Hatemunger is just finishing a conference with Lord Teratron in his office," the Metrodrone said quickly. "His troops are probably in one of the main hangars, waiting for deployment."

2002-12-13, 01:28 AM
"Probably? Bah!" Blitzwing muttered, grabbing his weapons from a shelf, and stalking off down the corridor towards the command level.

"About slagging time," he muttered as he drew up to Teratron's office, and waited for the emergence of Hatemonger.

Quick Switch
2002-12-13, 01:46 AM
Fakkadi glanced up as Blitzwing passed him.

"More troops detached to help us, I'd imagine," he said to Snake.

2002-12-13, 01:47 AM
"Very well", Snake said to Fakkadi. "But let it be known that we do this despite the obvious risk to both ourselves and our organizations."

Quick Switch
2002-12-13, 02:02 AM
Fakkadi nodded.

"But we have no choice. If we lose our power on Earth we'll be unwanted exiles on Cybertron. This is the only option."

Lord Zarak
2002-12-13, 01:21 PM
"Conflict invariably leads to death" Shockwave began.
"Whether it be on the Decepticon side of the conflict or the Autobot side. It is logical to attmept victory with the minimum of losses, whilst staying loyal to the leadership. That is, not attempting a coup in the fragility of war." He stole a glance at Ramjet.

"As you have said Astrotrain, I did challenge Lord Teratrons ascending, but I have accpeted him as the rightful heir of Galvatron: the Matrix metamorphosising him is proof enough of that. It is logical to follow the will of the Matrix.
I also have a proven combot record: I have led troops in many successful operations." Shockwave paused. "It would be impractical to entrust leadership of troops to an untested soldier."

Quick Switch
2002-12-13, 04:48 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Very well. Shockwave, you will replace Scourge as my other advisor. I trust you've worked well with Mindwipe in the past, and this trend should continue now. As for your first assignment, draw up a battle plan for Lord Teratron's first strike agains the Autobots for eventual attack. If I like the plan, I will present it to him."

Ramjet scratched his head again, missing the glance Shockwave gave him. He shrugged.

"Sorry. I screwed up."

Astrotrain smirked.

"I thought as much. You'll be my new bodyguard."

"What?" Ramjet asked.

"It's the old maxim- keep your enemies close. You're still a good warrior, if thick headed."

"Thanks, I guess," Ramjet answered.

"Anything else, Shockwave?" Astrotrain asked. "Speak freely."

2002-12-13, 08:18 PM
"So you're suggesting that we go with the lesser of two evils?", Snake asked.

Quick Switch
2002-12-13, 10:18 PM
Fakkadi nodded.

"It's worse to be in exile on a Decepticon planet than anywhere else...especially if the exiled individual isn't a Deception."

2002-12-14, 12:00 AM
The silence that accompanied the next few minutes was broken by Lazarus, who asked, "So, when do we leave?"

Quick Switch
2002-12-14, 12:55 AM
Fakkadi nodded.

"We should head to our troops transports, and wait for Hatemunger's contingent to arrive, then we can coordinate our re-entry on Earth."

Lord Zarak
2002-12-14, 02:08 PM
"Will yourself or Teratron be involved in any attack against the Autobots, and will our human allies be involved?" asked Shockwave, wanting the maximum information to make a plan.

2002-12-15, 05:30 PM
Teratron shook his head slowly and contemplatively.

"Deal with the situation as it unfolds to you. If you feel that the Autobots will not even respond to verbal contact, you are to make it clear that their presence is inexcusable... bluntly. Talk to them if possible, of course. If they refuse to clear out, you know how to proceed."

He waved one hand dismissively.

"The fleshlings are of little concern. Do not make any unnecessary motions to antagonize them, but their welfare and politics are low on my priority list. Once the Autobots are driven from Earth, return immediately to Cybertron. We'll soon be moving against Thunderwing, and I'll need the power of your men. Now go. Do not fail me!"

Quick Switch
2002-12-15, 06:30 PM
Astrotrain thought.

"If Metrotitan is mobilized, I will be commanding him and coordinating from the Control Center; unless Lord Teratron orders it, I will not take the field directly. However, Metrotitan will be used in combat, with Trypticon."


"I assume Lord Teratron will take the field. However, put in a contingency that Lord Teratron may decide to pre-empt me and coordinate from Metrotitan, or Darkmount...or any of the other command cities."

2002-12-15, 10:19 PM
Hatemonger looked at Teratron and nodded.

"Excellent sir it will be done." He said standing up.

As he left the room he got onto his com-link.

"All Decepticons accompanying me to Earth please respond so I may have a roll call." Hatemonger said and started to head towards the shuttle.

2002-12-15, 10:42 PM
Blitzwing had seen Hatemonger leave Astrotrain's office, and quickly strode forwards to catch up with the Decepticon General.
"General Hatemonger."
"I've been assigned with you on this mission to Earth," he continued as the General turned around.

2002-12-16, 12:05 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Excellent Blitzwing, your experance should be very helpful with the new warriors joining us." Hatemonger said looking at the soilder.

"Many of the men on this mission more than know how to handle battle but having a vet like yourself will be helpful." He looked at Blitzwing.

"In fact if you don't mind I may ask you to be second in command on this mission." Hatemonger added.

"But enough we can decide strategy later. For now lets go." He said and started to walk to the meeting area by the shuttle.

Lord Zarak
2002-12-16, 11:42 AM
"Hatemonger this is Overlord and Disorder, which bay do you want us to go to?"

2002-12-16, 12:07 PM
Blitzwing nodded.
"Sure, I'll be your second in command boss. What's going on, anyways?" he continued as he followed Hatemonger down the corridor. First some action, then a promotion to second in command - today was turning out to be a great day.

2002-12-16, 12:37 PM
"Disorder, Overlord meet us in docking bay B12." Hatemonger said.

"Well Blitzwing, it seems as though the Autobots violated the peace accord by attacking our troops on Earth. We are being sent to either settle the matter diplomatically or"

Hatemonger looked at his minicons and fusion cannons on his arms.

"With force, whatever is deemed nesscary." Hatemonger said walking towards the bay.

2002-12-16, 11:47 PM
Snake and Lazarus arrived back at the ship that had transported them here.

"So", Snake asked Fakaddi. "Do you think that Hatemonger would object to travelling in...this?"

2002-12-17, 03:43 AM
(Battlecon heads perk up at the sound of Hate's transmission.)

Battlecons (in unison): Message received! Yeeeehaaaaaaa!!

Quick Switch
2002-12-17, 03:56 AM
The Carbombyian dictator laughed.

"I suppose it is the equivalent of slumming it...but I doubt Hatemunger will be pretentious about a ship."

With that, Fakkadi boarded, strapping himself in.

2002-12-17, 08:09 AM
Hatemonger saw the old shuttle in the bay.

"It maybe old but as long as it flys." He smiled.

"If you humans would be so kinda to wait for everyone to arrive we can lift off." Hatemonger added and waited.

Quick Switch
2002-12-17, 02:47 PM
"Of course," Fakkadi replied to Hatemunger's request. "Not a problem."

2002-12-17, 02:57 PM
"Thank you." Hatemonger replied waiting.


Mowdown seemed shocked by Hatemonger's actions.

"Why does he suddenly care about a bunch of fleshings?" He asked. "I mean we could stomp them in a heartbeat." He groaned.

Deadshot spoke up.
"First Gunner boy, thought is not your primary focus so since when did you think? Second, never doubt the ablility of anything small or not." He said

"Well well well meh." Mowdown settled back into I can blow stuff up mode.

2002-12-17, 05:44 PM
Lazarus leaned over to talk to Snake.

"I'm glad he like's it", he said. "But I've just got one question. This thing barely got us here. How can we expect to get back in one piece?"

"We'll deal with that when and if the time comes", was the former COBRA leader's reply.

Lord Zarak
2002-12-17, 05:51 PM
Disorder and Overlord arrived at the designated shutttle bay.

2002-12-17, 06:58 PM
Hatemonger looked at everyone.

"Roll call, Battlecons, Overlord, Disorder, Cyrotek, Iron Wovles, Kal, Blitzwing this is everyone correct?" Hatemonger asked.

"If so then we should be ready to leave." he smiled.

2002-12-17, 07:59 PM
(The Battlecons pile into the shuttle, make "Hup, hup, hup!" noises like a SWAT Team.)

Darkside: "Ready, willing, able, and...ridiculous."

2002-12-18, 10:31 PM
"Teratron, come in."


"Repeat... Lord Teratron, come in."

The hulking Decepticon lifted his head abruptly, slammed his vid.comm, and snarled at the screen.

"What is it, Soundwave?"

The screen's momentary static shifted back to the scene of a dim orange hallway, with blue hands jolting into the view on regular alternations.

"The Autobots did not appreciate my demonstration. I've fended off a pack of attackers, but I can't imagine how many more are waiting for me in the city proper. I won't be able to dodge the anti-air cannons when I get flying without an escort. Backup would be appreciated."

Teratron's optics burnt.

"What?! This is outrageous! Request granted, Soundwave. I'll be there myself to see you home. Teratron out."

Soundwave double-clicked his response, and the screen faded to a spinning Decepticon symbol. Teratron, in his impatient rage, threw his desk over and jumped to his feet. The dark room lit up fully, and the ceiling split into two segments, leaving a broad rectangular gap in its wake. Teratron shot up through the hole and, once free, transformed into his sleek jet mode and blasted off for Autobot territory.

(OOC: This is the last post I'll be making for a few days. My grandfather died yesterday, so I'll be out until early next week. Assume, until then, that Gigs is flying and Soundy is running. Out.)

2002-12-19, 02:22 AM
Hatemonger looked at everyone assembled.

"Looks like we are ready to go." He smiled.

"Then let's be off!" He said boarding the shuttle.

(OOC Can someone PM with whats going on next :) Thanks!)

Quick Switch
2002-12-20, 04:58 PM
Fakkadi activated the shuttle, and it took off for Earth...

(OOC: Ravage, basically the shuttle is going to take off for Earth, and Hatemunger and his troops will deal with the Autobots- if they're still on the planet- once the shuttle arrives.)


Astrotrain received the message in his office. He responded via comm.

"Understood. I believe I understand what you are attempting Mindwipe...Lord Teratron is indisposed, however, acting on my authority, I will authorize the actions. You will receive the reinforcements."

Astrotrain terminated the feed, and summoned a Metrodrone.

"Scramble the Stunticons and a large shuttle, and tell them to go to these coordinates," Astrotrain handed a data chit to the small robot, who saluted and walked out. He also sent a message to Trypticon in binary about the mission via Metrotitan, and waited for the City to respond to him.

2002-12-20, 05:39 PM
Hatemonger looked at the controls of the shuttle looking at the humans.

"So who were the Autobots involved in causing you problems?" He asked.

Quick Switch
2002-12-20, 11:31 PM
Fakkadi mused.

"Fortress Maximus, and other Autobots whom I was not familiar with."

The shuttle continued on its path to Earth...

2002-12-21, 03:47 AM
"Pardon me for interrupting", Snake said. "But I do not remember Fortress Maximus being involved in our Earth Conflict."

2002-12-21, 03:53 AM
"Hmmm." Hatemonger rubbed his chin.

"Is there any video footage possibly from say a spy satillite that we could find?" Hatemonger asked.

Quick Switch
2002-12-21, 03:47 PM
Fakkadi frowned.

"Ah, well, some large Transformer. Footage might be difficult to come by, but my command bunker might have an uplink of the battle."

2002-12-21, 03:51 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Ok then we will see what we can do then." He then relaxed on the chair he was in.

2002-12-21, 07:37 PM
>"I am to travel Titan? Does Teratron authorize this?"< Trypticon's voice boomed inside Astrotrain's head as the enormous citycon responded to the message sent by Astrotrain.

Quick Switch
2002-12-21, 11:37 PM
Astrotrain sent a message in kind. "If Titan falls to the Autobots, the war will change."

2002-12-22, 05:34 PM
>"That is enough for me. Then I need to have my energy reserves filled for the journey." Trypticon radioed Astrotrain back.

Quick Switch
2002-12-23, 03:33 AM
"I am dispatching a squad of Metrodrones for that task. Requisition them as you see fit Trypticon," Astrotrain replied.

2002-12-23, 08:19 PM
(Yellowjacket starts acting like Hudson from Aliens before hitting terra firma. It's kind of unnerving, but funny too.)

2002-12-23, 09:48 PM
Kal walks around his face cold. His human side was freezing for some reason.

"What the hell is taking so long!"

2002-12-24, 12:48 AM
"Easy Kal." Hatemonger smiled.

"We will get there in time. I would rather have a strong ship that gets me to a planet than a fast one."

The Iron Wolves were having some fun with the Battlecons.

"Yeah yeah we get to Earth and bang bang bang!!!" Mowdown cheered to Yellowjacket.

Sixblade was busy disscussing how to disembowel enemies with Darkside.

Deadshot was holding a sniper lesson with the other Battlecons.

2002-12-24, 01:02 PM
Kal sat himself, the outcast of them all. He looked at the ship and began to prepare himself for the task ahead.

"Quite True Hatemonger, but i would still like to be ONE of the first there!"

2002-12-25, 12:57 AM
Hatemonger smiled and spoke of his war knowledge.

"True but usally the first out of the drop ship is the first one shot." He laughed.

2002-12-26, 07:57 PM
After spending nearly an hour to prepare his systems and equipment for a journey to Sol system, Trypticon was finally ready for the lift-off.

The massive citycon activated his alarm systems in order to warn other Decepticons as he began to redirect power to his gravity repulsor drives. He also sent out a warning message through the Decepticon intercom.

>"This is Trypticon. Lift-off in 10 seconds. Stay clear from my location."<

Quick Switch
2002-12-26, 08:06 PM
The Stunticons, in a nearby shuttle, also prepared for take off.

"Roger that, Big T," Motormaster drawled. "Stunticon shuttle- prepped for take off!"

"Like it matters..." Dead End prepped the engines for lift off.