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2002-11-05, 09:06 PM
OCC For the sake of battle I am going to borrow some cooler Autobots for the sake of the fight don't worry its a big hologram so they won't get hurt or anything

Oh and anyone is welcome to post here, in particular anyone with Autobots thats a tad bored PM me and I will give you the F0 :)

Hatemonger lead the group of Decepticons consisting of the Battlecons, Iron Wolves, Cryotek and Kal outside of Metrotitan and Trypiticon to an large ruined area of Cybertron. There Hatemonger stood in front of a computer terminal and behind a large amount of shielding.

"Battlecons, Iron Wolves, Cryotek Kal. Here I am going to run a similation for all of you. The situation is a battle here on Cybertron. Soon enough you will find what you run into most amusing. Work as a team or don't but survive. You weapons are offline in reality as soon as you stepped onto the field, but in the hologram they will seem normal so do not worry about that."

Hatemonger pressed a few more buttons and a buzzing area of Cybertron appeared in the field. Autobots in car mode whizzed by and Autobots did their day to day buisness.

"Now the basis of this mission is terror, destory and destory more, however their is data indicating a large force of Autobot defenses may react to the planned events also, even though terror is fun there is also a powerful energy reading, this seems to be an energon recovery unit that would be most useful to the Decepticon cause located here. *with that a small mapped appeared in each of the Decepticons optics* if you can recover this leave at once." Hatemonger yelled.

"This is your mission I will monitor you here." Hatemonger out and with that the simulation began.


Cyrotek looked at the other Decepticons.

"I think our first order of business should be to find a leader for this exercise." He said.

"Idontcare who leads. I think my men can offer enough of a rukus to keep the Autobots busy for some time." Sixblade smiled.

"I agree Sixblade but keep in mind that although terror is one objective we need to find the energon recovery unit as well." Deadshot said.

"Just let me out there to smash things!!!!" Mowdown already had his guns ready.

"Easy killer, What do the rest of you think." Cryotek said looking at the Battlecons and Kal.

2002-11-06, 03:34 PM
" I think...."

Kal transformed into the fighter jet.

"It's time to stop talk and start carving terror into the autobot's souls. I m going after the energon recovery unit, anyone whos with me, join me!"

Kal's engines roared as he set off.

2002-11-06, 03:49 PM
Cyrotek growled.

"Kal why don't you wait until the Battlecons have assisted in decided a course of action. I really don't need to fight a whole army of Autobots." He snarled.

"I agree, but for now I am going to find a sniper position and cover everyone. Sixblade inform me of whats going on." he said transforming into a hummer and tearing away.

2002-11-06, 03:56 PM
Kal thought about it then he turned back.

"Did i say we were going to fight them. I will use myself as a diversion while one of yous can cause another distraction which will get us that unit!"

Kal slowed down and transformed.

"Snipering is good, it causes a lot of distraction but they will know where it came from. We need something else too."

Kal lifted a few grenades from his back.

"If you can fire them at a crowd, it would cause confusion. Then snipering would be more effective!"

2002-11-06, 07:04 PM
"And we don't know what else is around here." Sixblade said standing up.

"Deadshot can cloak to match his environment perfectly gun included and with his scope can scour the area. We know nothing about the forces around here, and I would like to see if the Battlecons have any ideas before moving on." Sixblade said waiting.

2002-11-06, 07:18 PM
Specter: "Oh goody. Holograms."

(Specter was indifferent about this exercise. He was about to play mind games with the very things he uses on a regular basis. Then again, it could be fun. Darkside takes that moment to speak up.)

Darkside: "We act independently, but defer to greater wisdom, should it present itself."

(Darkside was already formulating plans. He had a knack for strategies and decided to have fun with this one.)

Darkside: "Specter, Outlaw, Roadkill - diversionary tactics. Yellowjacket, you're with me."

(They split up, ready to rumble. Darkside and Yellowjacket pull out their respective guns. Darkside's is an Anti-Matter Cannon and Yellowjacket has out a Plasma Vulcan and RPG Launcher.)

Darkside: "We'll be heading for that rocovery unit now."

(The other Battlecons have begun an insurrection of terror. Specter disguises them all as phantoms, horrid ghosts of long-dead Autobots, adding in a few extra ones to make it hard on them all. If the program really reacts the way any normal Autobot would, they'd believe that they're all phantoms. Phantoms who had fire Plasma Guns, that is!)

Specter: I love terror. I think next I will create demons of shadow and mech fluid.

2002-11-06, 10:22 PM
"Well if that is how it is!" Sixblade yelled and ran out slashing Autobots left and right.

"YAHHH!!!" Mowdown opened fire leveling a city block laughing the entire way.

"Hmm might as well enjoy it while I can." Cyrotek laughed firing his liquid nitrogen filled missles into a building watching it shatter.

Deadshot started to fire into crowds smiling as he brought down one Autobot after another.

Else where in the city.

"Prime we seem to be being attacked by Decepticons!" Red Alert yelled into a com-link.

"I see that." Prime said. "See to it that you use all the Autobots in your city to stop them. Good luck, Prime out." With that Prime faded out.

"Yes sir!All avialible Autobots including the following Aerialbots, Protectobots, Technobots Omega Supreme scramble!" Red Alert yelled as all hell broke loose.

2002-11-07, 06:06 PM
Also the choas began in the hologram world Hatemonger had his team training he was smiling.

"This should get them working as team!" he thought to himself.

In the City the Autobots were reacting.

The Aerialbots took to the sky.

"Silverbolt I have a lock on the Decepticons location." Skydive said screaming through the sky above the Decepticons.

"Excellent work Skydive, I am sending the coordinates to the Protectobots and Technobots, I am sure Omega will arrive soon to back us up as well but for now let's merge into Superion!" Silverbolt transformed and the other four Aerialbots merged with their commander becoming the mighty Superion.

"Decpeticons, leave the city or face the might of Superion!" He said hovering over. Cyrotek and Sixblade.


"Slag." Was all Cytotek could say as he looked up at Superion.

"Decepticons I think we are going to have some large problems heading our way get ready." He screamed into his com-link as the din of sirens could also be heard heading to the Decepticons vicinity.

2002-11-07, 11:46 PM
"Problems, they can only reveal answers!" Kal screamed, transforming into his jet mode as he rushed with his cannons out firing at Superion.

2002-11-08, 04:40 AM
Superion smiled.

"Your bravery is higher than your intellgence Decepticon." He growled firing at Kal.

The Protectobots and Technobots arrived on the flanks of the Decepticon group.

"Great we should have them boxed in." Scattershot yelled.

"Technobots merge into Computron." He screamed over the din of cannon fire as the five Technobots merged into the super warrior.

"Scattershot's right, Protectobots merge into Defensor." Hotspot yelled as they merged into their super robot form.


"Wonderful now we have three gestalts to contend with." Cryotek growled and got onto his com-link.

"Iron Wolves, Kal, Battlecons we need to regroup and re-organize this assault. We are out gunned especally with three gestalt teams in the area." He said and waited for a reply narrowly avoiding being slagged by the various amounts of firepower that were flying around.

2002-11-08, 02:53 PM
(The Battlecons regroup.)

Darkside: "Show those fly-boy Autobots how it's done! Merge into the Dreadnaught!"

(And they do just that. The dark Decepticon of pain is back for another round. Dreadnaught flies at Superion with a fist-first flying ram attack!)

2002-11-08, 03:05 PM
"Hold on Dreadnaught!" Cryotek yelled into his com-link.

"Hatemonger said we need to work as a team and I think I am understanding this there are three gestalts we need to worry about not just one but all three." He said.

"However I have an idea." He watched as Computron and Defensor began to run at toward them and fired his ice beams onto the streets making a large patch of solid ice.

"Deadshot, get a sight on Superion, fire at upper chest. Mowdown, just consentrate your fire everywhere you can on the gaint. Sixblade can you do a run through one of his legs? Dreadnaught continue with your onslaught. Kal offer some aerial support and I will try to keep the other two gaints down!" Cyrotek yelled.


"Dataum Ice in street, response opps!" Computron had that one large error of being a genius but having the reaction times of a dead monkey. The gaint tried to stop on the ice he really did but ended up skidding into the now skidding Defensor as well.

The two gestalts met with a large smash, of course they didn't suffer that much damage other than a few bumps but their accident might allow the Decepticons to large to work together. Hatemonger thought typing commands into the computer.


Sixblade got ready as he watched Deadshot get a bead on Superion.

"When Dreadnaught, Kal, and Mowdown attack, tell me when your ready to fire, when you fire I will take out his leg." Sixblade stood ready.

2002-11-08, 03:45 PM
"You'll find i'm full of surprises Superion!"

Kal lurched upwards toward the head of Superion and began firing. Kal opened a com-link to others.

"If we could stop them from merging we could take them down more easily! I have an idea. Antagonise the others make them fire at you, but actually let them get each other."

2002-11-08, 04:39 PM
Cyrotek heard Kal's idea.

"For now I think we are best off taking out each gestalt one by one." he fired more ice beams at Defensor and Computron.

"This way we can pick them out one by one, but let's finish off Superion first." He added.


Deadshot waited gun steady a special high explosive high acid round locked into his chamber.

"This round should make your day very back Superion." He smiled waiting for his shot.

2002-11-08, 05:14 PM
"If you insist, but for now i am landing!"

Kal transformed on top of Superion's head. He took out his guns and started firing and then he took out an explosive and planted it on the head of Superion.

Kal transformed into his jet mode and flew above Superion's head once more, now he was in the safety limit. He dropped a few bombs on Superion's head.

"Bombs Away!"

2002-11-08, 06:44 PM
"Kal you twit, did you think about the fact that Dreadnaught is right next to Superion!" Cyrotek growled.

"If we going to win this simulation and come out with little psycho damage we might want to try and be more careful." He yelled.

"We take out the gestalts and whatever other big guns they send at us then we get the energon recovery unit." He said doing what he could to keep the other two gestalts slipping and sliding.

2002-11-08, 06:52 PM
"The explosion won't effect Dreadnought. It isn't that powerful, it will only effect Superion, guys like you probably could but guys like me can't."

Kal went back for the explosive.

2002-11-08, 07:06 PM
OOC Warp you got PM.

Cryotek nodded.

"Ok then make sure the explosive has a detonator charge you control, we can use this to our advantage when we all attack him."

Cryotek thought to himself, why by the inferno I am I suddenly offensive coordinator?

2002-11-08, 07:59 PM
(Superion is soon to be duck soup as Dreadnaught turns up the heat.)


(Dreadnaught's right fist lights up with a nitro-napalm inferno. The fuel for Darkside's flamers have been redirected to make these fists of fire. Being close enough to spit on Superion, the Dreadnaught decides to deck it hard with a Haymaker-Supreme!)

2002-11-08, 08:12 PM
Kal took the explosive back and armed it with a remote detonator.
He then through it back.


2002-11-09, 12:36 AM
Cryotek watched.

Sixblade, Mowdown, Deadshot are you all ready.

"Yes." Sixblade said silently.

"WOHH YAHHH" Mowdown cheered.

"Of course just tell me when to fire." Deadshot said.

"Kal, Iron Wovles Dreadnaught attacknow!" Cyrotek yelled as the Sixblade and Mowdown ran at Superion and Deadshot had his finger on the trigger.

2002-11-09, 01:27 PM
Kal's cannons came out of hiding.... They started to fire on Superion's chest. Kal wanted to make sure the explosive didn't trigger just yet.

"Just tell me when Cryo!" Kal yelled into his comlink.

2002-11-09, 05:07 PM
Cryotek ran from Defensor and Computron.

"When Dreadnaught attacks we all do." He readied two torpedos for luanch.

2002-11-09, 07:39 PM
(After finishing with Superion, Dreadnaught scopes out the other gestaults.)


(Dreadnaught's hands stop flaming and start sizzling with megavolts of energy. He knows that they aren't really doing this, as pre the holograms, but the reaction is the same.)

Dreadnaught: BE GONE!!

(The Battlecon gestault thrusts his hands out at Defensor and Computron as if he meant to punch them, even though he was a little too far away. However, that was not the plan. From each hand fired a megavolt beam formed by Outlaw's abilities. Enhanced by the Dreadnaught, it surged toward the two other gestaults. This was the signal to attack.)

2002-11-09, 09:05 PM
OOC Hey Dark slow down :)

"Ok fire!" Cryotek yelled.

"Yeah hoo!" Mowdown screamed firing his weapons at Superions chest.

Deadshot fired one round into Superions chest as the gaint clutched he wound.

Sixblade dashed through Superions knee sicing through where Skydive was joined.

"Awrrrggg, Superion disengage!" He screamed as Superion transformed into his seperate componets.

"Slingshot get Skydive to the med lab. Aerialbots retreat for repairs." Silverbot commanded smoke pouring from where Deadshot's round hit.


Dreanaught charged the other two gestalts but didn't check his radar.

"Decepiticon found, will be terminated." With that Omega Supreme grabbed at Dreadnaught's head as Defensor fired his flame cannons at his side and Computron opened fire with his acid cannon.


"Dreadnaught disengage, we need to reground and figure out how to hand those three." Cryotek yelled.

2002-11-09, 09:36 PM
OOC: I didn't really charge them. I just fired at them.


(Dreadnaught disengages...right back into his Battlecon components. Omega Supreme loses his grip, since the Dreadnaught head is large than Darkside's.)

Darkside: "Regroup, for now!"

(Darkside covers their withdrawl by firing at Omega's head three times with his Anti-Matter Cannon. The other two bots, the gestaults, are not close enough to stop them.)

2002-11-10, 02:56 AM
OCC no prob Darkside :)

Omega growled in pain as the blasts cracked his face shield.

"Decepticon will pay!" He growled as the Decepticons retreated into a street.


Cryotek looked at the Battlecons.

"You go find the energon recovery unit. Kal, the Iron Wolves and myself will held the gestalts and Omega busy with run and gun tactics. Good luck!" With that the broke off to keep the large Autobots busy.

2002-11-12, 03:22 PM
Darkside: Search and recover... This will do fine. "Battlecons, activate scanners."

(The eyes of the gestault glow briefly as their scanners begin to sweep the area. They take thermal and energy source readings, echo location feedback, and make use of both tactical sensors and mass detection units. In less than a minute, an energy signature matching what they are looking for is found.)

Roadkill: "Gotta love all the neat equipment installed by our creators."

Darkside: "Let's roll."

Yellowjacket: "Gonna bust me some fender bender menders..."

Outlaw: "Like he said...I think."

(The Battlecons transform and head down a street that seems to be in the right direction. Right now, it's Outlaw who is tracing. And with a professional cop mentality, he's hot on the trail. For some reason, Yellowjacket is playing a tune on his built-in CD player, "Cyburb Assault" from Twisted Metal.)

2002-11-12, 03:52 PM
Cryotek looked at the Battlecons.

"Slag it we are better off going into together." he yelled transforming into Dragon mode and flying above the Battlecons.

"Let's roll!" Deadshot hollared transfoming into Hummer mode driving up behind the group.

"WOO!" Mowdown cheered playing something by Slayer in his head.

Sixblade just transformed into heli-coptor mode and kept an eye out for any other massive targets that might make an apperance.

2002-11-15, 03:10 PM
OOC: I thought occurred to me. What's this energy unit suppose to by like?

2002-11-15, 06:04 PM
Kal transformed into the Jet Fighter. His weapons came out of hiding and began firing.

"Let's get em!"

2002-11-16, 07:05 PM
(Some distance from where they had started, the energy recovery unit stood. It was almost silo-like, resembling a generator of sorts. To Darkside, it looked kind of like another device he'd heard about, something called a DVA System or some weird name like that. He couldn't remember, but the deja vu was a bit unsettling.)

Darkside: "There it is. Keep an eye out for enemy units. They wouldn't leave it unguarded."

2002-11-16, 09:45 PM
Mowdown transformed and Deadshot used him to set his rifle on.

Sixblade and Cyrotek stood in hall way.

"Battlecons collect the unit, we will gaurd the hall." Sixblade yelled ready to attack any units that came toward them.

A few Autobots fired at the group but Mowdowns heavy armour protected them nicely as well as the sheer amount of firepower he fired back at the Autobots.

"MAWHGAHAHHAHAA Burn babby burn!" He howled shooting.

2002-11-18, 07:56 PM
Darkside: "Shall we?"

Roadkill: "Yes."

Darkside: "Battlecons! Merge into-

Yellowjacket: "Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa!!!"

(Yellowjacket is shooting up Autobots, not paying attention to Darkside.)

Darkside: "AHEM!"

Yellowjacket: "Can't merge now. Killing Autobots."

Darkside: "Yellowjacket! FRONT AND CENTER OR NO AMMO FOR A WEEK!"

Yellowjacket: :eek: :eek: :eek: "Okay! You win!"

(Again, they become the Dreadnaught.)


(The huge gestault picks the energy conversion whatsit while blasting at an Autobot with his laser eyes.)


2002-11-18, 08:18 PM
Cryotek, Kal and the Iron Wolves ran in front of Dreadnaught.

"Dreadnaught only enage those that get in your way, we will cover you get out of the city and we will regroup there we will have what we came for and the mission will be ours!" Cryotek smiled freezing several gaurd drones.

2002-11-20, 05:40 PM
(Dreadnaught activates thrusters to make it possible to fly at a tolerable speed and altitude. The coversion unit is held by his left arm, resting on his shoulder. Gyro-stabilizers compensate for weight abnormalities as Dreadnaught pulls out his Beam Cannon.)


(He flies out towards the city limits, prepared to blow anyone who comes too close to smithereens.)

2002-11-20, 08:19 PM
Deadshot checked his radar.

"Dreadnaught turn left and head directly out of the city there is little Autobot resistantce in the way." He said and looked to Cyrotek.

"Good plan, Kal go offer him air support we will all meet up with you." He said as they left the building.

2002-11-21, 06:48 PM
Kal jumps and in mid-flight transforms.

"One more air assault comin' up!"

2002-11-22, 05:21 PM

(Dreadnaught turns left and fires upon the lands below, be they populated or not.)

2002-11-22, 05:35 PM
Cryotek looked at Dreadnaught.

"Dreadnaught get out of the city we have what we need for the mission the endless death and destruction can come later!" He yelled as the Iron Wolves offered support for their charge out of the city.

2002-11-22, 07:55 PM

(At the very least, Dreadnaught's words are...disturbing. He's very morbid in his wickedness, and probably liking his camrades less for giving him a bum rush. Dreadnaught flies faster towards the edge of the city.)

2002-11-23, 05:34 PM
Cyrotek, Kal and the Iron Wovles ran with Dreadnaught outside of the city.

"Now Dreadnaught for obeying orders you can have some fun." Cryotek smiled.

"Set the Unit down and launch a nice volley of fire back into the city then we meet with Hatemonger and complete this little exerise." Cyrotek said as Mowdown already opened fire on the city again.

2002-11-24, 09:14 PM
Kal, in jet mode, started firing upon the city.


2002-11-25, 05:13 PM
(For a brief moment, Cryotek gets this death-glare from Dreadnaught that would make 30-weight oil run cold.)


(Dreadnaught said "impolite" in a fashion that could be interpretted as "grounds for termination". He lets out a monstrous howl and separates into the Battlecons again.)

Yellowjacket: "Yaaah ha ha ha ha haaa!!!"

Outlaw: "Let's do this like we did L.A.!"

Roadkill: "Yeah! All the way!"

Specter: "They don't stand a ghost of a chance!"

Darkside: "Right! MOVE OUT!"

(The urban assault team rides back into town for some killer road-rashing, demolition derbying, and destructive mayhem! Darkside's got his Anti-Matter Cannon out, firing at all the tall buildings in sight. Outlaw and Specter are racing each other with their stunt-driving and shooting at whoever gets in their way. Roadkill is taking some secluded positions for some sniping. And...as for Yellowjacket...)

Yellowjacket: Eh heh, eh heh, eh heh heh heh heh heh! Aaahh, ha ha ha ha haaa!!!

(The ammo king is blazing away at anything that moves...and anything that doesn't! The only thing he's sure not to hit is other Battlecons!)

2002-11-25, 06:01 PM
Omega Supreme, Defensor and Computron finally got their bearings back from the Decepticons team work.

"Gestalt team returns to city, dataum termination of enemies." Computron said running to the area the Battlecons were fighting in.

"I concur desturction excess. Termantion of targets nessecsary." Omega Supreme yelled.


Cryotek smiled watching fires burn but then saw the gestalts running towards the Battlecons.

"OK Battlecons, looks like they are calling the big guns to wipe us out we have what we came for let's get out of here." He smiled and looked at the Iron Wolves and Kal.

"We do not leave until they get back here, understood?" He said to the groups readying in case he had to attack any of the large Autobots.

"No Prob." Deadshot had his rifle lined up.

"WOOO!!!!" Mowdown cheered ready to fire at anything that was not Decepticon.

"As is needed." Sixblade said waiting for someone to get close enough for him to attack.

2002-11-27, 05:24 PM
Darkside: "Oh, we can't leave just yet."

Specter: "Not without leaving something for our fans to remember us by."

Outlaw: "Even if they are just holograms."

(They form into the Dreadnaught once again, but this time...something is different. The sky turns black, the air turns misty, and there's a rather large mountain where the Dreadnaught was standing. This was one of Specter's own holograms and illusion techniques, one that he based off of an Earth film. Suddenly, a gigantic winged demon emerges from the mountain and screams its rage. Its hands were alight with fire and crackling energy. And then, the hologram begin to rain fire and lightning bolts upon the gestaults and Omega Supreme. But lo, this part was not an illusion! It was really the Dreadnaught, firing its own personal arsenal and generally showing off its destructive abilities. After the holo-program ceases, Dreadnaught flies back with his fellow Decepticons.)

Dreadnaught: NOW WE LEAVE.

OOC: I'm sure you can guess what film that was.

2002-11-28, 06:39 AM
OOC I'll post more in the AM :)

Cyrotek smiled.

"Exclellent work let's get out of here and end this little game."

2002-11-28, 05:32 PM
Suddenly the hologram dissappeared and the room the Iron Wolves, Battlecons, Kal and Cryotek was is reappeared.

Hatemonger came out of the terminal with his two Minicons at his side.

"Excellent work all of your." He smiled.

"I hope this little excerise allowed you to get some of the boredom out of your fuel lines." He said walking over to the group.

"I think now we should talk to the rest of the Decepticons and see if there is anything we can do." He said as he started to leave the room with everyone following.

2002-11-28, 06:16 PM
Darkside: "Yes, yes, yes. Let us get on with the real deal."

(Darkside and the others follow Hatemonger out of there. And in the back of his mind, so far back that he was almost unaware of it, a very miniscule thought pulsed through his synapse stating "Phase One Complete".)