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2002-11-24, 04:33 AM
Sitting in his bluish-black palace, the elegant warlord Shadowlord drank, somewhat to his health, for the longest time, since the era of Megatron he'd been unalligned... now eventually he would chose, and what he would chose his region would chose the same.

The Decepticon race, the Viikians longed for battle, he could see it in their optics. They'd not fought since the Tralandrian War, so many of Vorn ago.

All of the Tralandrians, lay in their graves, scattered at the bottom of the acid ocean, Daress. The memory made Shadowlord spit, two Earthen Decades of pure war and Massacre, for what: Freedom... So many Viikians dead, yet so many living, the balance of war.

He was satisfied with not allying with a leader, however if he had to, he would, there was no-doubting that, like anyone would anyways.

2002-11-24, 05:42 AM
Deathvolt approached Shadowlord. As one of his most trusted comrades, he was someone who could approach him without suffering his eternal wrath.

"My lord", he said. "The search is proceeding well. We have sent out field agents to ascertain the current situation. We should be getting reports momentairily.

He handed Shadowlord a holobook, which contained the history of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict.

"As you are no doubt aware of", he continued, "The history of the Transformer race is one of legend. However, there appears to be something of significant importance occuring now. I can feel it."

2002-11-24, 06:09 AM
Shadowlord took the holobook, scanning it with his optics...

"...excellent Deathvolt, once again you've proven yourself..." he replied, continuing to read the holobook

2002-11-24, 06:31 AM
"Thank you, my lord", Deathvolt said. "Perhaps we should begin to find out more about their current happenings."

He tapped his communicator, trying to raise one of his field agents.

Nothing but static.

"I have a bad feeling about this", he said. "My lord, I appear to have...lost contact with our field agents."

2002-11-24, 07:56 PM
Shadowlord placed the holobook down onto the throne's armrest.

"...yes, we shall have one of our covert operatives spy on the current affair at hands..." he replied to Deathvolt's suggestion.

He continued, "and have a Recon Drone, model no. A-15, scout out the field operative's location..."

2002-11-25, 02:40 AM
"Excellent plan, my lord", Deathvolt said.

2002-11-25, 10:02 PM
"...thank-you Deathvolt..." Shadowlord replied, bring the holobook into scaning range...

2002-11-26, 04:00 AM
"Um...sir?", Deathvolt asked. "If you don't mind me asking, what exactly are your plans, sir?"

2002-11-26, 11:49 PM
"...my plans are to eventually join the Viikian Forces with a Decepticon Group... but first I will need to get the leader's attention, and I have just the plan to do that..." Shadowlord grinned...

2002-11-28, 04:08 AM
"We may have difficulty, my lord", Deathvolt said. "At last report, there were two different leaders, Teratron and Tunderwing. How could we trust either of them?"

2002-11-29, 10:17 PM
"...only time will truely tell..." Shadowlord replied.

2002-12-13, 01:53 AM
Suddenly, A Message drone entered the room. Deathvolt looked at it, as it chattered in it's own language.

"The spy droids have just been informed of an attack nearby", he said. "Several Autobots have begun to attack the forces of Lord Thunderwing. Should we intervene?"

2002-12-27, 02:14 AM
"...we shall intervene... ready the Dragoon Aerial Squadron, and Omega Ground Units... we leave now..." Shadowlord relayed to his friend, Deathvolt.

The Dragoon squadron was made up of five futuristic jets, carrying lots of firepower with speed. Their main weapons were two dorsal Vulcan Lasers, which could incinerate objects with concentration... though they overheat alot...

The Omega Ground Units were built for seige, in their mobile modes carrying one large mortar and three small anti-aircraft missile launchers. When they activate their base mode they become fighting machines with two gatling guns plus the main mortar, however they loose manueverabilty and are not abled to attack aerial based units...

2002-12-29, 04:13 AM
Deathvolt went off to prepare the two assault units for battle, rubbing his hands in anticipation. Finally, a chance to deal a crippling blow to the enemy.

But one thought couldn't help but coarse through his CPU.

Just WHO was their enemy?

Shadowlord had specified that they heald no allegiance to either side of the war, and thus were likely to attack either side that they saw as the weaker threat, then ally with the other to wipe them out.

This thought didn't set well, as he reached the hangar area, and set about rallying the troops.

2003-01-01, 03:59 AM
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