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Quick Switch
2002-12-06, 03:46 AM
After the joint Autobot faction conference falls apart due to the machinations of Soundwave and Thunderwing's Seekers, Prime calls a halt.

He is preparing to embark with Redstreak (and perhaps with Jetfire and the mysterious team which arrived with him) to Crystal City, for a design only the Autobot leader fully understands.

Quick Switch and Hound seek to contact Prowl, to perhaps unravel the mystery further of what drove their Autobot brethren away...and what can be done to bring them back.

Meanwhile, Blaster and Soundwave (and their children) fight a bitter battle inside Iacon itself, as each tries to settle an old score. Call it...Auto-Bop: Remix.

2002-12-06, 04:17 AM
Hound paused as they switched frequencies and over to standby on channel Alpha- nine. He flashed a nervous smile and then concentrated.
"No, you're right Quick. Prowl is... well- he's a great thinker-a strategist. He is... also a great..."
Hound paused uncertainly and closed his optics for a moment, redirecting his thoughts.
"Prowl is... going to look at every possible option open to him. Like he told me in the games. Things just aren't so simple now. This time there is a real problem at hand, and already Autobots are hurting each other. But if someone will help, it will be him. I still... trust his directives. He doesn't want a war either."
The click came signaling the switch.
"Prowl, sorry I interrupted you. I know much is going on, and I don't understand this at all. But I do understand this my friend... you and Rodimus Convoy came here to Iacon with good faith to see proof of Optimus' leadership. Trouble was, Soundwave was involved. He's a Decepticon. But I'm not. You know my photographic memory better than anyone! If you'll allow, I'll come to you by myself and unarmed. You have Ratchet. He can use my memory chips to see the truth of our history that way. You've been through it with me, and you know truth. Please, consider and allow this to happen so that the real Autobot history can be known to Rodimus Convoy."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-06, 10:10 PM
"Commence the beatings!? We were about to leave without you...these guys are set to maximum....If I didn't have those spare leashes they'd all be scrap right now..."

2002-12-07, 06:30 AM
"I went fast as I could," Redstreak said to Springer. "But I'm ready to move out when you are...and unleash hell on Thunderwing but good."

2002-12-07, 12:06 PM
Frost and Gale had found one of the gardens inside Iacon and decided to stay a while. They sat down on a bench near some sort of fountain.

"This place is beautiful, I wonder if Phyrexia ever looked like this" Gale said as she looked across the garden.

"Maybe it did, before Yawgmoth found and twisted it. We made sure other worlds won't end like Phyrexia" Frost replied.

"I know, but haven't WE doomed at least part of the Omniverse to a similar fate? We both know Void used her attack to stop Yawgmoth, and that attack is still raging, growing bigger. It will only be a matter of time before..." Gale started.

"Before Dominaria is destroyed as well? Don't worry, we'll find a way to make amends for our action that day"

"I just hope we find it in time" Gale said with a sigh. At that moment she felt something against her foot. She looked down and saw a petrarabbit.
"How cute! Come her little guy" she said as she picked up the robotic rabbit. Frost smiled. Sometimes I envy you Gale, being able to forget about your worries just like that she thought as her mind kept working on possible scenarios for the future.

Outside Iacon, Shock was making good progress on her nest. Not surprising, she usually finishes building them in under 30 minutes.

OOC: anyone wishing to interact with Frost and Gale are free to eavesdrop on their conversation if they want

2002-12-07, 07:47 PM
Karandras watched Shock carefully. Odd creature wasn't here last time so why was it here and why was it making a nest or some weird thing he didn't know he could only guess at this point. He stayed perched a top the building like an eagle watching the bird below. "Perhaps contact is in order" he said to himself standing up stepping forward and floating down to the surface.

2002-12-07, 10:37 PM
"To the armory then..." Trailbreaker mumbled under his breath, as he followed along. He rapidly flashed a smile to cover the grim feeling that ran through him. Then he chuckled heartily and clasped a hand on Jazz's shoulder. "Let's go throw a little lightning at Thunderwing."
Hound tapped a finger on the console as he finished the message, deep in thought. Then he turned to Quick Switch with a set look, and then he broke into a warm smile. "Thanks for your help Quick. Now...... we wait. Don't give up- Prowl got the message and he'll be thinking on it for a while. If I know him, he's got his hands full at the moment. Can't stay here though- he has my radio frequency when... ....or if he's ready to respond. In the meantime, we need to get that headache fixed and go do a little patrol around Medbay and check on Mirage."
Jetfire watched quietly as Redstreak left, then got up. I'll gather some things Optimus, and then if you'd like, I can give you a ride back to Iacon. The minicons will accompany us of course. If there's anything you would like to take, please help yourself my friend. I'm afraid I haven't done much with weapon development, but I have a fair stock of energy tablets as well as living crystals that would be useful for replacing the laser focuses in the Iacon armory weapons and medical procedures if you wish.

God Jinrai
2002-12-07, 11:52 PM
If Optimus had not a battlemask covering his former visage, Jetfire would have seen a faint smile cross prime's face...

"As I expected, jetfire... You've always been the gentler minded scientist... and that is one of the reasons I respect you as much as I do.. as for transport back to iacon... I can manage on my own... I realize your shuttle mode is quite large, but I don't think you'd be able to fit my trailer into your holding bay... at any rate... Let's get moving... "

Prime glanced at a small container on the lab table scooping it up, and shifting it into a small storage block in his leg...

"Those energon tablets may very well come in handy in grave situations..."

"Comettor, You and the rest of the astro patrol, remain with jetfire, and travel with him... Sonar, Runway and jetstorm, you're with me. Grindor, Sureshock and Highwire... it's your call on who you'll travel with. the both of us will have extra room... I'm heading outside to prep for departure..."

Prime stepped outside, and saw Sparkplug sitting at the command console of his battlestation...

"Something's not right, Prime... I can feel it... either thunderwing REALLY IS oblivious to our power, he and his troops lack the means to USE us, or he's so confident of victory that he won't NEED minicons to win this one... Any way you look at it... things just aren't right..."

"I must admit, I agree with you there, Sparkplug... but for the time being, we can't worry about that. Hopefully with the addition of jetfire and the minicons here to our forces, we may stand a stronger chance of dealing with thunderwing..."

Prime sighed slightly as sparkplug stepped away from his seat at the command console... at prime's mental command, the base reverted to its trailer mode...

now... it was time to wait...

2002-12-08, 01:02 AM
Jazz brushed his chest looking at Trailbreaker "Lightening? I plan on given him some fire and missles, I dunno about you" He grinned

"Meet me at my Lab I am gonna grab a few new weapons I worked up for taking people out of the picture quickly"

Jazz grinned "Alright well let's go" Jazz exited the med bay going towards the armory.

Karandras' feet set down on the planet still watching the bird make its nest raising an eybrow within the mecha. Interesting he thought, definatly not a transformer.

2002-12-08, 03:59 AM
Minerva: -straightens- "We've finished. Sixswitch is repaired."

Nightbeat: "Good. Now we can take care of Thunderwing once and for all."

2002-12-08, 10:52 AM
Shock had noticed Karandras' descent, but she wanted to finish her nest first. For her, it was some kind of instinct, she always built her nest in her bird form, and she never took a break as she built it. After a few breems, she was finished. She then turned her attention to Karandras who was standing on the ground, looking at her. She moved to the edge of the platue she was on, and looked down at Karandras.

"What-do-you-want? Identify-yourself" she said to the Eldar in his Mecha, her voice clearly that of a female.

Small lightning arcs started jumping across her form. With what had happened lately, she would make sure that any agression would be repayed dearly.

2002-12-08, 12:44 PM
As Vindicare lurked in the shadows of Iacon he thought
In the end it was a good idea hidding on that supply shuttle......these autobots look like they hold a great sense on honor
Vindicare then spots Shock making what looks like from his hidding spot to be a birds nest Strange bot he thinks to himself. Time to go find the leader of these people to offer my services..
With that Vindicare slinks back into the shadows.

2002-12-08, 11:12 PM
Karandras stepped back reaching his arm back grabbing the pulse laser off his back quickly turning it into a scythe holding it with on hand in the middle the arm behind his back the blade 15 feet above the head of the Zephyre the other arm in front to protect. The moved one leg infront of the other and to the side to keep balance.

The fact Shock was emitting electricity from himself and being defensive got Karandras read for an attack.

"Does it matter who I am?" He asks the tension building.

2002-12-08, 11:15 PM
... Self diagnostic system: Online...
... Internal Circuitry: Nominal...
... Weaponry: Active; Standby Mode...
... Carapace: 95% integrity...
... Fuel: 75%...

As Sixswitch's system rebooted, each system check flashed accross his vision. As he became fully concious, he transformed from fighter jet mode, and sat up, shaking his head.

"What the slag happened? Last thing I knew, Sky Lynx exploded, then I was flying above it..."

He paused, then swallowed.

"Rodimus Convoy. Ouch, that crash hurt... He musta thought I blew up Sky Lynx."

The sixchanger looked around as his gaze flicked accross the unfamiliar faces of the Headmasters, before resting on Springer.

"Springer..." The Wrecker leader was familiar to him - his first battle on Earth had been under his command.
"Where am I?"

2002-12-09, 06:39 AM
Grindor, Highwire and Sureshock became very excited and raced out after Optimus. Jetfire chuckled, then picked up Comettor and the rest of the group and wandered into the chemical room to gather his supplies.

"Okay, duty calls, let's go." Jetstorm said with a smile as he hopped down to the bench and then to the floor to follow Optimus.
Sonar jumped down to the bench and then looked back up at Runway. He cocked his head to one side and paused. Runway was looking out over lab with a sad look.
"Come on," Sonar called as he jumped to the floor, "we'll come back soon."
Runway was silent. He watched Sonar leave and zipped across the room to a very tiny, yellow and red, crystal plant. Carefully, he picked a seed pod from it, stowed it away and then followed the others.

Outside, all 6 minicons gathered by Prime's trailer.
Trailbreaker laughed at Jazz as they headed toward the armory. "We'll give him whatever it takes, and knowing Wheeljack, he's got the "whatever" part mastered. But speaking of lightning, I have to tell you about this bird I met earlier named Shock..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-09, 10:55 AM
"Where dreams are made..."

As cheesy as it sounded, for most bots, it was true. Debris was a place of legend, not many were permitted entry, but those who were, were a calibre of warrior high above the rest.

"...you're at Debris old friend, formally, welcome to the Wreckers."

Springer extended a hand and lifted Sixswitch to his feet.

"Unleash hell Red? Doesn't seem like quite enough to me...We need strategies, although a full-on assault's sounding good..."

Quick Switch
2002-12-09, 01:12 PM
Quick Switch smiled wanly at Hound.

"Right. We...need to get going, though. I can feel that headache coming back..."

The Six Changer began to walk out the communications room, balancing with one hand on a wall leading out of the chamber.

2002-12-09, 01:42 PM
"To-be-honest-I-could-care-less-about-your-name. All-I-wish-to-know-is: are-you-with-Optimus-Prime's-forces-or-are-you-one-of-Rodimus-Convoy's-men?" Shock states as she studies Karandras closer. Hmm, his voice sounds a bit elvish, but that's probably just coincidence. Who ever he is, he seems to be a good fighter

2002-12-09, 02:14 PM
Sixswitch shrugged, and took the hand, getting slowly to his feet.
"Well, everything seems to be in order," he smiled at Minerva and Brainstorm.
"Good job guys."

He turned back to Springer.

"I got a feeling that Thunderwing's the main problem here, not Rodimus Convoy. I reckon Prime was concentrating on the wrong man."

2002-12-09, 09:11 PM
"Prime's only made one request of me; that no one dies." Redstreak looked down at Sixswitch then back at Springer. "It's not gonna be easy to bring everyone back alive, but I made a promise I intend to keep...but still, a frontal assault may be the only real way to go. That said, when we get there I'll project a shield over us, it should provide at least some protection. With my powers at our disposal, we should do all right."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-09, 09:32 PM
"No-one dies!?"

Springer bust into a brief fit of laughter...

"These guys here are battle ready, they know what they go out to do every time they're called upon. They know that their life is in danger, but the one thing about the Wreckers...we're all about impossible odds...no-one gets left behind...We don't need no special powers, we need our wits, and heavy weaponry..."

Springer paused to look at the (slightly dumbstruck) warriors around him

"...and we've got the heaviest hitters around..."

God Jinrai
2002-12-09, 09:48 PM
Alpha Convoy chuckled slightly...

"Indeed, Springer... this assembly of the wreckers seems to be even deadlier than any before... even during Impactor's..."

Alpha went silent, as if he had made a grave mistake mentioning impactor's name... it had been over ten earthen years since impactor's death...

2002-12-09, 09:51 PM
"Well trust me on one thing," Redstreak added, "you just got yourself another heavy hitter, and when we get there, you'll know exactly what I mean."

He smirked lightly. "What say we get out of here and make this thing happen...and bring down the house on Thunderwing once and for all."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-09, 10:08 PM

Springer's eyes grew sullen as did his tone...

"...Impactor was a great leader in battle, truly the best. He died heroically. I only hope that you all here today honour the true Wrecker spirit..."

Springer paused.

"Roadbuster...I entrust that you're fully prepared ... the rest of you, you can learn a lot from this guy."

"We leave as soon as you're set."

2002-12-09, 11:54 PM
OOC- Shoulda been a bit clearer on this ravage_m2k but I wasn't so I shall explain it now. Karandras sounds nothing like an elf especially while in the Mecha since his voice sounds robotic. Their langauge is like Elven but they are nothing like Elves otherwise..... cept maybe the pointed ears and they look kinda similar, other then that nothing.

IC- Karandras looked at the bird still ready to strike at any moment if this bird even made a hint of attacking he would go all out to make sure it didn't get up when he was done with it.

"And if I told you I have no alliegence to either what would you say to me?" He asked

Jazz looked up at Trailbreaker "A bird? Named Shock? I think you got chocked somewhere, or do you mean one of those weird elemental thingies that showed up?" he asked pressing in the command code opening the armory door and stepping through looking over the weapons.

"What should we take?"

Wheeljack was adjusting something in what looked like a large bulky backpack with a generator. A tube, metallic meant for trans proting energy going off into a large laser esque weapon. He retracted his hand closing the back place and then beginning to look over the tube connecting the pack and the gun for holes.

2002-12-10, 04:14 AM
Inside Debris

Roadbuster: -narrows optic band and bows head at memory of Impactor-

Chromedome: "We're ready, Redstreak."

Nightbeat: -checks charge in plasma blaster- "I want Thunderwing's head on a pike."

Siren: "But-"

Nightbeat: "This time, he's not coming back. We've blown him up, TWICE, we've seen him fragment. If the one here is anything like ours, then I'm making sure he never bothers us again."

Siren: "I know. Thunderwing's beginning to sound like the killer in one of those Friday the 13th movies." -thinks for a second- "Although concidering his face, a hockey mask would be a vast improvement........."

Roadbuster: -looks over at Nightbeat- "Then gear up. And what you said in Unicron still goes, Nightbeat."

Nightbeat: -nods-

2002-12-10, 10:11 AM
As Vindicare returned to the hanger of the supply ship that he sneeked onto in the first place to see if there we any computer logs he could "access" to gain some information a warning message falshed across his optic sensers.......---high power transformer signales detected-- along with a few far off co-ordinates location...

these must be investigated Vindicare thinks to himself
but without a ship how am i going to leave he thinks as he glances at the supply ship that has been left going while the drives go for an oil break

that last things the ship drivers see is a data log being flung at them from the ship taking off.......the data log contains a longwinded apology and a assurance that the ship will be return (in what state is the questions......)

2002-12-10, 01:19 PM
Upon hearing Karandras for a 2nd time she noticed his voice sounded nothing like elfish. [I]Hmm, how could I have thought he sounded like an elf, do I miss the elves that much?" she thought as she listened to the Eldar.

"No-alliegence-to-either? Then-you-have-nothing-to-fear-from-me" she replies smiling as the lightning arcs on her form diminish back to their normal size(as in about 1 milimeter thick)

"I-apologize-for-my-reaction-earlier. There-was-a-battle-recently-between-Optimus -Prime's forces-and-Rodimus-Convoy's. One-of-my-sisters-was-aboard-the-ship-belonging-to Rodimus-Convoy-when-it-retreated. She-may-be-their-prisoner-or-worse.... I-fear-the-stress-about-that-got-the-better-of-me" she continues as she kicks off from the platue and decends about half the distance to the ground. Then she transformed to her robot form. The mouth of her avian form opened up to a 90degree arc, showing Shock's face. The rest of the head formed a kind of helmet. Her wings fold behind her back, attached to her shoulders. Her arms and legs extend from their hiding place in her bird form. Her feet brandishing the talons of her bird form.

"My-name-is-Shock. You-seem-to-be-a-warrior, I-believe-Optimus-Prime, my-leader, might-need-warriors-in-the-near-future" she says as she lands.

2002-12-10, 04:27 PM
Karandras let the tense feel slip away as he pulled his legs back to parallel and brought his arms back to his side keeping the Scythe in his hand just encase she tried anything in an offensive attack.

Two Autobots fighting eh? Alot has happened since I last showed up, now would be the perfect time to strike up an alliance with Rodimus, Optimus would not let me in for the simple fact of my last visit. Even Demi-Gods must follow the orders of his race's leaders Karandras thought to himself

"That is too bad for your sister, if i go there perhaps I can be of some assistance in finding her for you" he called as she transformed, which he saw as odd, she looked like no Transformer he had ever seen even in the logs back on the craftworld, perhaps taking a few notes, no now was not the time.

"Optimus needs warriors hmmm? Well if you see him you can tell him I am p for working for him, for the right price" he grins the fact he was a bounty hunter now aswell showing through.

2002-12-10, 07:56 PM
Redstreak looks over the Wreckers again and nods to them. "Let's go then," he says. "No delays, nothing to stop us...we may be the only ones who can salvage peace between Rodimus and Optimus."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-10, 09:10 PM
"Hey, hold up there slick..."

Springer turned into the light, shadows cast an imposing figure on his face.

"...when did you take charge of us?"

Springer watched the rest of the group through one eye, he'd noticed that none had moved when Redstreak had ordered them to move out.

"See, there's one thing that unites all Wreckers....we win..we come back alive...we leave nothing in one piece, when we're through with Thunderwing, he'll know what we mean... WRECKERS, TOOL UP AND MOVE OUT!"

God Jinrai
2002-12-10, 09:28 PM
moreof his own accord than springer's command, Alpha Convoy transformed into armored rig mode...

"Anyone care for a lift? It'll at least keep you at full strength in terms of energon...and besides... which looks less likely to be a full assault force... the wreckers... or a lone armored semi rig?"

at that moment, alpha recalled the cloaking device that alpha trion had given him... if nothing else, they would be able to get inside thunderwing's base without a hitch if all worked properly...

2002-12-10, 09:38 PM
"Ah, so-you're-THAT-kind-of-warrior. I'll-relay-the-offer-to-Prime-if-I-see-him. I-would-need-your-name-though.
I-appreciate-the-offer-for-searching-for -my-sister, she-should-be-easy-to-spot. She's-the-fiery-one-in-our-group, literally. I-doubt-there-are-many-beings-with-flames-across-their-forms. At-least, not-on-this-world..." Shock replied to Karandras


Inside Iacon:

Gale was having fun playing with the petrarabbit. Frost had started searching for the local library or whatever they called those here, she wanted to study this homeworld of theirs. After searching for several breems, asking directions along the way, she found a room with the designation: data archive. Hmm, this is supposed to be the place she thought as she opened the door and went inside. "Hmm, how does this work..." she muttered as she saw the inactive console. The next moment the "inactive" console flared to life. "Welcome to the data archives, please specify query" a voice said. "Hmm, what to ask..." Frost muttered as she sat down in front of the console. "Do you wish to see the index?" the voice asked. "Yes" Frost replied. "Complete, or specific?" the voice asked. "Specific, everything related to the period spanning from this moment, to 200 human years ago" Frost answered. The time we spent with Malzra before we came here Frost thought. "Query noted: everything from last 4 Vorn, processing, results being listed" the voice replied. she studied the index, picking the most important topic first: Thunderwing.

2002-12-10, 10:49 PM
Soundwave received Blaster's shoulder charge squarely, making no effort to dodge. He did, however, bring his hands up to take the brunt of the impact. While they struggled for control, Soundwave planted one foot rigidly in the floor behind, allowing him to bring the opposite knee up toward Blaster's vulnerable torso.


Laserbeak dodged quickly back into his corner. Another missile struck nearby, firing debris into the air. He glanced around uneasily, panicking for a solution.

I-I can't take them all by myself! I... I gotta... gotta run!

Choosing a random moment that seemed especially opportune, Laserbeak shot from his hiding place and took to the air, flying back down the corridor for the hole that had brought him into this mess.

2002-12-11, 01:05 AM
Redstreak shrugged. Whatever, just so long as we go...I could care less who's in charge. I know what we've got to do.

He transformed and revved his engine, waiting for the rest to get moving.

2002-12-11, 02:14 AM
Blaster came back with the hit to his mid-section stumbling back pulling back up quickly before Soundwave could lay another shot in. He steps back to put a small bit of distance between them then throwing a quick punch to the side of his Decepticon Counterpart's head.

"AFTER HIM!" Cubbie cried as the recovering Stripes looked up at the approaching Laserbeak shaking his head growling and firing off a few shots and a missle at the condor.

2002-12-11, 05:23 AM
"Easy there Quick," Hound said quietly as he slipped over to the six-changer's side. "Take your time and just relax a bit. We have time, and I'll stay with you while the medics work with that headache. I know you want to stay on patrol, so if you want, I can keep my thermal detectors and tracking on with a simulated map. You can keep watch that way while they're having a look at you." Hound flicked a smile as he tried to cover his concern, then he tried to shift the topic. "Someday Quick Switch, you'll have to get to Earth. I think you'd like it there. The mountain sunrises are really something to see."
Trailbreaker laughed heartily at Jazz in the armory. "You look like a 6 year old human going into a candy store!"
He paused, and then continued.
"Shock is a bird robot. but I don't know about elementals. She was actually quite nice and I showed her around Iacon a bit. .....Talks a bit fast though. Anyway, that was right before everything happened. Don't know what happened to her after.

As for what we should take... I'm not too good with anything other than my usual ammo, but you might want to add some concussion-style guided missiles to your arsenal Jazz."

2002-12-11, 05:04 PM
Soundwave took the shot directly to the side of his head. His body collapsed, but it seemed that it was an intentional motion and not by the force. He landed on his hands, and as he fell onto his back and into a roll, he swung his feet around in a helicopter motion, hoping to make contact with the Autobot's body.


The missile exploded against the ceiling just as Laserbeak passed, obliterating the hallway and again raining metal on those below. Meanwhile, the Decepticondor continued on his path, pushing his engines as hard as they would allow. He weaved along his course, occasionally thinking that he should make himself less of a target. For the most part, though, he just wanted to find that exit.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-11, 08:57 PM
"load 'em up and ship 'em out"

Springer clambered into the slightly cramped carrier section of the rig and sat against one of the walls.

"Just don't try anything stupid...Thunderwing's no doubt expecting us already"

Quick Switch
2002-12-11, 10:26 PM
Quick Switch smiled as coolant fluid poured from his braincase from the exertion.

"Thanks, Hound. I'll go slow."

With that, the Six Changer reduced his speed to a only a few steps at a time, a much easier pace.

"Yes...that sounds fine. I hope First Aid is available...I don't want any of those new Autobots examining me."

He paused, thinking of Hound's question.

"I've been to Earth," he said, his calm expression turning somber. "It was nearly one Earth year ago when I was forced to flee Earth on Fortress Maximus with the Dinobots and Wheeljack... You see, I was stationed at Metroplex when Galvatron invaded. As a matter of fact, I went with Wheeljack on a covert mission to re-convert Metrotitan back into Metroplex...but we failed. We were close, though," he said softly as he remembered his chaotic escape from Trypticon's fury...and the hell that was the collapsed, burned out Metroplex.

2002-12-12, 12:01 AM
Blaster knew that Soundwave was tough enough to take a shot to the side of the head and as he spun around Blaster jumped up above the feet his own coming down at his counter-part's chest.

"Gotta be faster then that Groundwave" he quips as he is laying on the ground.

"AFTER HIM!" Fastforward yelled over the explosion and turning opening fire on Laserbeak who was flying back towards Blaster and Soundwave.

Jazz turned to Trailbreaker "Maybe they were spies for someone? Thunderwing perhaps?" Jazz asked walking over to a large assortment of weapons.

"Concussion weapons? Man I'll take concussion, explosion, plasma, proton you name it I plan on using it" he grins grabbing his custom flame thrower then the large missle lanucher reaching it over his back and connecting it. It made transformer awkward but it packed a punch.

"What are you bringin'?"

Karandras watched the fast talking electric bird flipping his arm holding the scythe over his arm connecting it to his back and dropping the arm to the side.

"The name is Karandras. Do you know where Rodimus is stationed?"

2002-12-12, 01:52 AM
Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Minerva, Chromedome, Hardhead, Brainstorm, and Roadbuster: -squeeze into Alpha Convoy's armored carrier-

Nightbeat: "I hope this works."

Siren: "I hope we get there soon. Hosehead's elbow is in my audio receptor."

Hosehead: "Then get your foot out of my face!"

Minerva: -staring into the yawning blackness- "Uh, Hardhead..... can you move your shoulder cannon?"

Hardhead: "Sorry, Minerva." -shifts position-

Minerva: "Thanks."

Brainstorm: "You're sittng on my hand!"

Nightbeat: "Now I know why hate playing Twister....."

God Jinrai
2002-12-12, 02:54 AM
"Alright then... "

With that, Alpha started out of debris... gradually building up momentum, trying to give his passengers as smooth a ride as possible...

"Springer... my only question is this... do we head to the last known location of thunderwing's base... which may be abandoned by now... or to metroplex?"

2002-12-12, 03:50 AM
Redstreak rolled out alongside Convoy, his weapons array cocked and ready. Once they were within range, he decided he would put up a shield so as to protect them from any surprises. He would have some other tricks up his proverbial sleeve as well...

2002-12-12, 06:02 AM
Hound sighed and smiled at Quick, thinking to himself Well, so much for that, 'dumbbell'. Then he flicked a smile as they reached the medical center doors. "Happier things Quick Switch- Earth is full of them. Someday I'll take you to this mountain creek I know.
But for right now, I'll try to get First Aid for you, even if I have to track him halfway across Cybertron. Come on, would you like to climb on a waiting table while I find him for you?"
Trailbreaker shook his head. "No, I'm sure she wasn't a spy. But as far as things I should take? I think maybe just my rifle ammo and perhaps a small armor-piercing missile launcher with magnetic interferance. What do you think?"

2002-12-12, 02:26 PM
"Ah-Karandras, I'll-relay-your-offer-to-Prime. As-for-Rodimus'-exact-location-I-have-no-idea. His-ship-headed-in-that-direction" Shock states as she points to where Omega Supreme had dissapeared over the horizon.
"I-must-warn-you-though. Rodimus-is-guarded-by-at-least-one-titan. However-that-may-not-be-your-greatest-threat-though.. According-to-Prime, Rodimus-is-a-mere-pawn-of-a-daemon-called-Thunderwing" Shock added.

Inside the Data Archive:
Frost had been examining all the data she could find, at least the stuff she could access, it seemed most of the data regarding Thunderwing was secured. She moved on to other matters of importance. She found a word she didn't recognize, one of several she had found already. "Computer, what is 'Physics'?" she asked. "Physics is the science of how the universe works" came the reply. "Any references to events that can destroy worlds?" Frost asked. "Query noted, processing, several results found, listing" the computer replied as the results came on the screen. Frost searched the results for anything that matched Void's attack, the one thing Void could wield that individually they could not. And how to stop it.. She studied the information regarding 'Black Holes'.
Black Holes are formed when stars of a certain density and mass implode on themselves. They literally form a hole in space. The gravity of this hole is so enormous, that nothing can escape it, not even light, which travels at 300.000 miles a second. Black Holes grow larger and larger over time. This is it... Void's attack..... maybe the answer lies here... Shock thought as she scanned the info. It didn't mention any countermeasures. "Computer, list all known countermeasures against Black Holes, specifically: shrinking them, stopping them from expanding or closing them" she asked.
"Query noted, processing. No results match" came the reply. Frost's face turned grim. So close... So close... But at least they know what it is... She thought as she headed out of the Data Archive.

2002-12-12, 03:43 PM
Sixswitch nodded as the others boarded Alpha.
"I'll catch ya up," he muttered as he went over to the missile storage rack, and reloaded his two launchers. He then charged his blasters quickly, before turning on his heel and leaving the room.

Transforming into jet mode, he took off into the sky, quickly catching up with the ground based Wreckers. Swooping in low, he transformed again, into scout car mode, and landed on the move, drawing level with Alpha Convoy, on the other side to Redstreak.

"Alright guys. Let's roll."

Quick Switch
2002-12-12, 03:44 PM
Quick Switch smiled, his expression lightened.

"You're right, of course. I'd like to see that river some day. All my memories of Earth are from fighting the War there. I wasn't able to enjoy time among the humans or explore their home like you were."

The Six Changer gently leaned on Hound as he climbed onto a waiting table, and leaned back against the med bay wall.

"Thanks, Hound, I've got it. I'll find Mirage as soon as I'm looked at. I promise."

God Jinrai
2002-12-12, 03:56 PM
Alpha's scanners suddenly alerted him to a situation in the area near thunderwing's old base...

"Scrap that, springer... scanners just indicated three ships landing in the vicinity of thunderwing's "former" base... prep yourselves for engagement... I'm going in full throttle... when the trailer opens, it's your game... I'll transform and join you once everyone has moved from my battle platform..."

2002-12-12, 04:30 PM
Party time, Redstreak thought, and gunned his engine. As they neared the conflict zone, he generated the shield over both himself and Convoy, and started probing for a target.

2002-12-12, 04:34 PM
Jazz nodded "Good enough to me Trailbreaker, let's go grab Wheeljack and go 3 on alot with Thunderwing and his group of misfit Decepticons!"

Jazz exited out of the armory stopping to let Trailbreaker get what he needs and catch up.

Wheeljack as now doing something to the gun part cnnected to th large back pack sparks flying up as he re-adjusts a few diodes and wires to increase the all around capacity of the large weapon.

"Demons? Oh this planet is interesing. I thought I left those behind in my universe. Well then it is time for me to pay the demon a visit too after all I love killing those. Especially those bred of Chaos" Karandras rambled as he looked towards where she had pointed. "Well then I am off. I have a date with Rodimus" He jumped up into the air and flew off towards the city Metroplex.

2002-12-12, 09:06 PM
May your destiny end with honor she recalled that pre-battle prayer from the final battle. Somehow it seemed apropriate. I just hope he doesn't face a 2nd Yawgmoth.. she thought as she headed inside Iacon.

2002-12-13, 12:05 AM
As the supply ship slowly approched metroplex Vindicares radars was bringing up more and more blips....

That must be Alpha, Sixswitch and Redstreak.....the others must be inside the rig....
But what are those other three ships.......i think the stelthy approch might be in order

After setting the supply ship on autopilot, Vindicare open the side hatch and leaped out, transformed into panther mode and landed lightly on his four feet..

From what my data records show.....there going to need all the help they can get

....with that Vindicare pounded off into the shadows in chase of the others.

2002-12-13, 12:24 AM
'3 on a lot' is the understatement of a lifetime. Trailbreaker thought darkly to himself. But he reached out and snatched a select couple of weapons and ammunition, then jogged after Jazz.

2002-12-13, 01:21 AM
Jazz pounded on the make-shift labs door as it opened Wheeljack was throwing the back pack on.

"Come on Wheeljack! to quote an earth comic book hero it's clobberin time!" and with that transformed speeding down the hall to the exit.

"Perfect timing I just finished the adjustments on my...." Before Wheeljack could finish Jazz was long gone.

"No one seems to care about the sciences anymore" Wheeljack said with a laugh transforming pulling the weapon into his car mode and waiting for Trailbreaker.

Jazz was ready fro combat, though it wasn't what he loved doing he had to help stop this maniac.

2002-12-13, 02:36 AM
Trailbreaker was nearing the entrance to Wheeljack's lab when Jazz came roaring out. He jumped to one side and brought up his outer leg as the white and balck Porche came racing past him.

He glanced up to see Wheeljack waiting for him. He smiled and waved. "Hey Wheeljack! Sorry I'm a bit behind again. Shall we try and catch up with Jazz?"

2002-12-13, 04:38 AM
Wheeljack laughed "Well transform and let's go you'll never keep up on foot" He said revving his engine.

2002-12-14, 04:42 AM
Trailbreaker laughed as he transformed. "Okay, okay Wheeljack! Turn those cyber-horses loose- however many you've got in that engine of yours. Last one to catch up with Jazz gets cleanup duty in your lab for the next mega-cycle!"
Outside Optimus' trailor, the minicons were milling around, quietly talking to one another in preparation for the trip.

"High Wire, we're finally going to get back to Iacon!" Sureshock whispered excitedly under his breath. "Video games again- the television and lots of r & r!"
High Wire laughed quietly. "What?! You call this place work? Why don't you admit all you really want are the extra energon snacks."
Grindor grinned at his teammates. "I wouldn't be so certain we're headed for Iacon. Sounded like something bigger is up. Optimus might need us someplace else."
Sureshock got a mock-disappointed look, and Highwire clapped him on the shoulder.
"You're right Grindor," Highwire nodded quickly, "Gotta go where we're needed, but I wish we could've ridden with Jetfire though. I like flying."
"Not too late ya know" Grindor mused as he watched Sparkplug work. "But I want to stay here. This equipment in the trailor is fascinating."
Highwire shook his head. "No, we do need to stay together, Jetfire was right about that."
Sureshock glanced up toward the trailor with curiosity. "You heard Optimus, doesn't matter who we go with! You two are missing the important question here... do you think he's got an energon generator back there someplace?"
"Oh sweet Primus... look at these monitors and consoles!!!" Sonar had ventured a climb up to the edge of the trailor and was looking around at the equipment in awe.
Runway laughed heartily. "Sonar, something tells me you won't mind the vacation from the gizmos and gadgets in the lab much with this as an option."
"Absolutely not- the lab will be around when we get done, but how often will we get access to this?! ...Too bad Jetstorm can't lighten up a little and look at this side of things."
Runway folded his arms and glanced over to the side of the lab where Jetstorm was standing alone and waiting. The solitary minicon jet stood gazing out into the vast ruins of Crystal city that surrounded the lab, watching as the daylight slowly began to fade and the most distant sparkling rubble darkened.
Runway sighed.
C'mmon buddy... get your processor on the right track Jetstorm. We're counting on you. We might be needed, and soon.

RVZ Prime
2002-12-14, 03:57 PM
First Aid and Streetwise walk into the med lab and First Aid sees Quick Switch laying on the table.

"You do not look well, my friend. Are you able to tell me what's wrong with you?"First Aid said.

"I don't like this. The Autobots finest are hurt and others are deserting. Maybe we should start recruiting from their forces? " Streetwise said as First Aid tended to Quick Switch.

"This is not good. Alot of my tools gott destroyed in the battle. Oh well. These will just have to do." First Aid said as he looked at some damaged and old tools.

Streetwise:"I'll be on the look out, First Aid. I'll contact Hotspot, Groove and Blades and tell them to get over here and help me, guard the Medical facility

2002-12-14, 10:43 PM
Sunstreaker looked around the large amount of boredom had set in. "What the hell is takin' Optimus?" he asked himself looking at the metal ground below him.

Quick Switch
2002-12-15, 01:45 AM
"My head," Quick Switch replied. "I have pains...bad ones...sorry I can't be more specific, First Aid."

RVZ Prime
2002-12-15, 01:18 PM
First Aid:
"That's ok, my friend. I "ll take a look at it"

Streetwise contacts Hospot

"Hotspot. First Aid and I need you, Groove and Blades at the Med Lab. First Aid is going to operate on Quick Switch and we need to protect him and the Lab, incase any of those deserters get smart and attack the facility."

"We're on our way, Streetwise. We'll be there in a moment."

"First Aid. The others are on their way to this place. You can start with the operation"

First Aid
"Thank you, Streetwise."

First Aid turns his attention to Quick Switch.

"You'll be offline for a short while, Quick Switch. Don't worry about any sudden attacks or anything. The Protectobots are here to guard you and the Med Lab and if anything happens they will guard us. All I need from you right now, is to trust me." First Aid siad.

Streetwise goes out of the room and stands next to the door. He sees Groove, Blades and Hotspot heading towards him in the distance.

First Aid gets his equipment and starts working on Quick Switch

2002-12-15, 05:16 PM
(OOC: Laserbeak's actually flying for the exit, Blaster.)

Not too far to go. Soundwave received the kick soundly, but managed to get his hands between the Autobot's foot and his own chest to absorb some of the impact. He groaned in the brief moment before his rage overtook his pain. Calling on all of his enormous strength, he pushed his hands up in a caber-toss motion, hoping to at least throw the Autobot off-balance so that he could return to his feet (or at best, to crush Blaster into the ceiling).

2002-12-15, 06:02 PM
Having returned after finding First Aid, Hound now stood quietly in a corner of Medbay watching his scanners and transferring the moving heat signals to a small hologram map in front of him. He glanced over toward the table where Quick Switch was being looked over, wondering how well the news of being offline would sit with him. Hound looked back at his map and clicked in on Quick Switch's internal frequency.

He lightened his voice tone with a very quiet, warm chuckle."Hey Quick, I hope you're not thinking of arguing. I'll stay here while First Aid fixes you up, I promise. If something comes up on the scanners, I'll tell Streetwise. Then if needs be, First Aid can bring you online. Rest easy now and you'll be feeling back to your best in a little while."

Quick Switch
2002-12-15, 06:56 PM
Quick Switch nodded at Hound and First Aid. He smiled.

"Do your work, Doctor. You can go ahead and shut me down if you like."

The six changer lowered himself until he was laying on the exam table.

RVZ Prime
2002-12-15, 07:27 PM
First Aid: "Verywell. You're going off line in 3, 2, 1... "

Quickswith is now off line.

First Aid: "Hound, be on the look out, like the Protectobots. I can't bring Quick Switch online immeditely when needed. I can only repair the damaged parts, but he is the one that has to reboot his systems. I know that he is an advanced transformer, because of his Six changer abilities, so it shouldn't take long." First Aid is lost in thought for a moment..
It has been a VERY long time since I operated on a Sixchanger. I hope I still know what to do. Hmm... this cival war amongst the Autobots have made me a bit unsecure. Oh well. The Autobots need Quick Switch, so I can't fail now.

First Aid goes to work on Quick Switch. He gets a small laser torch from the table next to him and starts making a small incision (sp?)in his head.

"Well, I found the source of where the coolant fluid is leaking from and it seems to be the major problem. Hmm... this will require alot of precision. Lets just hope that nobody attacks the facility. Hound, is there anybody that can be alerted when they are needed or are they all after Rodimus Convoy? I need this Lab to get the best defence right now. Defensor can't help, since I am operating on Quickswitch. Due to Switchs' very complicated transformer technoligy, I can not be disturbed at any time." First Aid saidhe continues his work on Quick Switch and stops the flow of the coolant fluid that goes through the pipes in his head.

"You're lucky I had coolant fluid pipes in stock or we had another problem on our hands."

2002-12-16, 07:18 AM
Hound glanced up and over to First Aid with a little surprise at being addressed, but flashed a smile then stepped to the side a little to reveal the hologram map. "I'm watching as best I can, First Aid." He responded acceptingly. The operation fascinated him, and every once in a while he glanced over to watch the steady hands of the medic work.
Hound stayed silent, but a thought stuck in his mind.
Gotta get him new tools. Soon as Quick's awake, I'll go looking.

A bit of time passed, and he became lost in thought doing the surveillance. Hound was watching intently as a handful of red dots moved on the map, and jumped slightly when he was called again. He glanced over, got distracted by the operation and then corrected himself. "Sorry. Ah- the city? It's very quiet out there for the most part. They went after Thunderwing? So that's where Springer took the crew you were with. No wonder then... I bet the others followed. On hand in the city- let me think...
Well, Blaster disappeared right after the meeting with Soundwave. I never saw him during the battle, so he might be around. ...Mirage should be someplace in here maybe recovering by now?
I think Taikoon is still wandering around Iacon someplace. Streetwise and his crew will look after the center, and I'm here. There are some Decepticon Combaticons walking around, but supposedly they're allied with Optimus. I think that's everyone. I could be mistaken though. The place is pretty empty; however, if something happens you just keep working- no matter what."

Hound paused and looked at his map again. He hid a puzzled frown as he watched the blips move.

RVZ Prime
2002-12-16, 08:24 AM
"I hope you don't mind talking to you during this operation, Hound. I just want to be sure that all goes well. If not for these primitive tools, this operation would have gone much faster." First Aid said.

First Aid replaces the old coolant fluid pipe with the new one. After replacing the pipe he closes the incision that he made in Quickswitchs' head and turns him online again.

"Well. All we can do now is wait for him to reboot his systems. I hope everything has gone well. Six changer technoligy is very dificult and if a medic is not carefull, he can end up doing more wrong then right. I made no mistake, I'm sure of that. By the way, Hound. I did get your message about Mirage, but for some strange reason, I couldn't reply. To much static in the air, I guess. I hope he's ok now. Maybe after Quick Switch recovery, the protectobots can look for Blaster. Maybe he needs our help."

Quick Switch
2002-12-16, 07:56 PM
Onslaught and his troops continued their patrol.

"Even the Protectobots were more exciting when we fought them then all this walking," Brawl grumbled.

"I don't mind the walking...it's nothing happening that's getting me," Vortex rejoined.

"Show some spine, men," Onslaught tutted. "We're on patrol...I'm sure we'll run across some Autobots to 'chat' with soon enough."


Quick Switch slowly returned to online status. He blinked his optics a few times, and rose slowly. The six changer clutched his head with his hands, let go, and smiled broadly at First Aid.

"The pain...it's gone! My mind is normal again...thank you First Aid!"

RVZ Prime
2002-12-16, 08:23 PM
"I'm glad that I could help you out, Quick Switch, but be carefull with your head for a while. You don't want to damage that to much." First Aid replied.

Streetwise walked into the Medical Lab and saw that Quickswitch had recovered.

"It's good to have you back. Sorry to drop in like this, but Hound, Quickswitch, do you two have any plans? Are you going to join the others in the search for Thunderwing? if you are, then I will be willing to join you and I'm sure I speak on behalf of the others. The only thing we have been doing so far is patrolling. Now I'm not saying that I don't like peace, but sometimes, I just need a little more then this. " Streetwise said.


Sig removal- Quick Switch

Quick Switch
2002-12-16, 08:26 PM
Quick Switch got off the table and thought.

"I'll probably stay on-base, in case Optimus needs me. These times are dangerous, First Aid. Security at home leads to security abroad. What are your plans, Hound?"

2002-12-16, 08:41 PM
Shock had found Gale and headed over. "So-you've-got-a-new-pet?" she asked as she noticed Gale kudling the petrorabbit. "Yeah, isn't he cute?" Gale replied. "I-recall-you-said-the-same-thing-about-your-last pet. Before-it-turned-out-to-be-a-werewolf" Shock said with a grin. Before Gale could even respond to Shock, Frost joined them, her face still a tad gloomy. "What's-up?" Shock asked. "They have an extensive library here, they even have info about something called Black Holes, they very similar to Void's attack. No countermeasures known though" Frost said with a sigh. "Cheer up Frost, they know what the things are, so now we just have to find someone who is researching the things and ask for their help" Gale said.

2002-12-17, 04:29 AM
ooc: sorry, worked all day and just catching up- Ravage, my inbox has room now- sorry!
"I hope you don't mind talking to you during this operation...."
Hound shook his head and smiled. "Not at all First Aid. I just don't want to be a distraction."
*pause to listen*
"Yes, the static was pretty bad, but I think the battle detonations may have had something to do with that. It's no trouble- besides, you were busy with Six Switch. Mirage is fixed now then? Oh oh- I see- he must be in one of the recovery rooms."
Hound waited a while as Quick Switch came online and got a relieved look as it became evident how much better the six changer felt. He glanced back at his map and the handful of blips that he was watching, then let it vanish as he turned around. "Plans? Aaaah- yes." He flicked an uncertain smile as he headed toward the door. "I think it's best to stay on guard here, for when Optimus either calls or returns. I--- don't think it's wise to leave the city unmanned. As a matter of fact--- Streetwise, Quick, there are several figures not far from some of the storage rooms. However, they seem to be moving in a somewhat coordinated fashion in the halls and their heat signatures match my memory for the Combaticons.

As for plans, I do have some, since it looks like things are quiet right now. I won't go too far, but I think I'll make a run to the city outlimits for medical equipment for the lab. I should be back quite soon though."

Quick Switch
2002-12-17, 04:50 AM
Quick Switch smiled.

"Good idea, Hound. Stay safe."

The Six Changer turned to Streetwise.

"What do you say, Streetwise? If Hot Spot will authorize it, I say the Protectobots should check this out."

Even though Onslaught seemed pleasant enough...his crew now turning 'Bot...it's difficult to take. The interaction between the two rival squads should be interesting.

2002-12-17, 06:07 AM
Hound nodded to Quick Switch and slipped out into the hall. He transformed and headed down the vast corridor network of Iacon, towards the outer borders of the city frame that he knew would deal in the more advanced medical technology. Almost anything could be bought for a price there, and almost anything could be sold.
Down a recovery wing in Iacon, Mirage came back online. He sat up and shook his head for a moment, trying to recall what had happened.
The battle... got hit.
He felt his side as the events came back to him. A faint odd sound suddenly caught his attention though, and he looked up. A few more very faint bangs echoed into the room through the ventilation grating. He studied it for a moment, and then the noises suddenly clicked.
Explosions! Missile explosions! He got up and keyed into the security frequency on his radio, glancing at the numbers by the room door as he went out and headed away from central Iacon into the smaller corridors. "Security alert. This is Mirage near D7, I'm hearing missile explosions echoing up the air ducts. Going to check it out, please advise."

Quick Switch
2002-12-17, 03:08 PM
Quick Switch flicked his optivs to Streetwise as Mirage's message came over the main comm system.

"We need to check this out- might be a job for Defensor," the Six Changer said.

RVZ Prime
2002-12-17, 03:48 PM
Hot Spot walked in the Med Lab along with Groove and Blades.

Hot Spot: "Well. I'm glad everything went well here. Good to see you beck on your feet Quick Switch. So, anything new?"

"Hound detected some heat signatures matching the ombaticons signature near the storage rooms and Mirage just send out a security alert. He heard some missiles explosions and may need our assistance."Streetwise replied.

Groove: "The Combaticons? Were they not on our side now?

"Yes, they are and if you ask me, the missile explosions have priority right now. Maybe you can check out what the Combaticons are up too. Where did you say Mirage was?"

"He is near D7" Streetwise replied

Hotspot turned his to Quick Switch
"What do you think, Quick Switch? Your rank is the highest at the moment. In my opinion, the explosions take priority, but it's your call."

Quick Switch
2002-12-17, 05:17 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

"The Combaticons are most assuredly with us. I spoke with Onslaught a few days ago, and his troops are adjusting."

He turned to the Protectobot leader.

"Hot Spot, I agree; the explosions are the higher security risk," the six changer whisked his photon blasters out of subspace, and cocked them. "Protectobots, move out for section D7!"

The security expert/assault warrior ran briskly from the room toward the section in question...

RVZ Prime
2002-12-17, 10:22 PM
Hotspot: "Protectobots! Transform and roll out! We're heading for Sector D7."

Blades: "Great! About time we got some action!"

The protectobots transform and follow Quick Switch.

2002-12-17, 11:28 PM
Blaster was pushed back by the Decepticon his back colliding with the wall.

Blaster shook his head sitting up. "You're gonna get...." He was cut off by the sound of crumbling as he looked up the section of the wall he collided with was beginning to crumble.

"Old peice'a...." and he was silenced again as he was buried in the walling rubble part of the roof being pulled down with it.

The casettes were now inrange to see what was happening.

Boltz looked at Stinger.

"We gotta get him out of there!" The Casette formally known as Brawn cried the scorpion nodding.

The chase for Laserbeak was over as the ran towards the pile of rubble. Cubbie Stripes Fastforward and Steeljaw were still trying to regain their bearings from the raining rubble.

2002-12-18, 04:30 AM
Hound stopped as he reached a junction. Something weighed on him and he paused to consider it. He scanned for thermal energies and the map readings came back the same in the area of Iacon that he was in.
I suppose I might have glitch mites again, but I've never had no heat readings in a form before."
He puzzled to himself as he considered an empty hole in his thermal map reading along with two heat signatures alongside it.
Didn't want to tell Quick... he would've worried. This'll be a minor detour I suppose, but if I've got something wrong with me, I really should find out before I get to the allyshops."
Minutes later, Hound transformed and glanced at the doorway to the resource center in front of him. He stood to one side as the door slid open, and saw three avian female figures inside. Had he been a security officer, he probably would've had a gun ready, but instead he just gave a smile and nodded with a light wave. A moment went by before he remembered having heard about bird figures in a passing reference once. He tried to cover with a friendly greeting while he worked on remembering what he had heard.

2002-12-18, 08:42 PM
The three Elementals were interrupted in their conversation by Hound and turned to face him.

"Greetings, what brings you here?" Frost replied.

2002-12-18, 10:14 PM
Soundwave chuckled, casually reaching down to pick up his blaster. He folded is arms over his chest; his optics lit up.

"Goning to get what, Autobot? Oh, no, don't bother finishing. I can read minds, you know. 'Away' is the word you were grasping at, I believe. And yes. I am going to get away. Send my regards to Prime."

He began sauntering down the hall ominously. His optics caught the pack of oncoming Autobot tapes quickly, and he grinned to himself. He glared triumphantly at each one as they edged past him, apparently uninterested in further trouble. When they'd past and Soundwave was done posing, however, his pace quickened. There was still a city of Autobots to deal with. Faster. He broke into a jog, hopped over the scrap Laserbeak had left for the Autobots, and opened a radio frequency.


2002-12-19, 07:12 AM
Hound looked the three figures over. He wasn't sure about the Elementals, but they didn't seem hostile. "Well, I was on my way for supplies, but my maps of thermal waves showed two figures and a hole. I was confused so I thought I'd best check it out. I haven't met you three before. What brings you to this resource outpost?"

2002-12-19, 01:44 PM
Inside Alpha Convoy's trailer:

Nightbeat: "Alright, guys, get ready."

Siren, Hosehead, Minerva, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -looking like a Twister game gone horribly wrong in the cramped confines of Alpha's trailer-

Minerva: "I'm starting to cramp up, big brother...."

Roadbuster: -next to the doors, having managed to fold himself into a compact package- "You guys aren't used to this, are you."

Chromedome: "We're used to a little more room, is all...."

2002-12-19, 03:33 PM
"Thermal, as in heat? Then I am the 'hole' in that map of yours. My body isn't warm enough to emit heat. As for what we are doing here, Shock would be happy to tell you. By the way, my name is Frost" Frost replied, the light falling on her blue crystaline skin forming rainbows. "Just-some-R&R-until-the-attack-against-Rodimus'-base-begins. We're-going-to-be-a-part-of-it, our-sister-is-there-right-now-and-we-are-going-to-get-her-out. Even-if-we-have-to-tear-the-place-apart-to-do-it" the yellow form of Shock continued, the lightning on her form increasing it's pace toward the end of her speech.
"And what better place to relax, then a nice garden. A shame it's not organic, but it looks wonderful just the same. The name's Gale" Gale said, still holding and petting the petrorabbit.

2002-12-22, 06:53 AM
"Awe gee, I'm sorry to hear your sister is there, but I'm certain she'll be fine. They are still Autobots after all... And well, with any luck - we won't need to attack.
But in the meanwhile, I must apologise, for I have to go. I need to run an errand for the medical lab. It was a pleasure meeting you all, and I'd like to talk more with you all when I get back. I'd like to hear the story, and it's not often that I run into others that like organics as much as myself."
Hound paused as he turned toward the door and glanced back with his usual friendly smile.
"Oh! Say, do Streetwise, Quick Switch and Hotspot know you're here to help? You may want to check in with them to let them know you're here if trouble comes up."

2002-12-22, 06:51 PM
Frost grinned a bit. "Oh, I am certain that IF Rodimus' forces try to harm Blaze, they will get burned. Literally. Where are this Streetwise. Quickswitch and Hotspot located? "

2002-12-22, 07:15 PM
"They'll be on patrol, but usually one of them will be near security."
Hound looked at Frost as he started giving directions.
"If you take a right out in the hall, follow the hall until you hit the junction and turn left."
Then he looked to Shock and continued.
"You'll follow that movement corridor until you see a second larger hallway leading to your right. Follow that to the security area."
He looked at Gale as he finished.
"Once you reach the first junction to the right here--- there are signs posted that will help direct you to security."
If you get lost, there are communicator intercoms on every wall in Iacon. Just look for the red boxes."
Mirage jogged toward a large billowing dust cloud. The explosions had stopped, but damage was evident. He pulled out his rifle and slipped into his invisble mode.

Moments passed and he caught a movement. He aimed carefully and slipped closer to get a better look.
"The Autobot tapes!"
The dust parted and he lowered his rifle and put it away. Blaster's leg and an arm had been exposed and Mirage hurried over.
"What happened?" Mirage asked Bolts as he started helping move the debris.

God Jinrai
2002-12-22, 08:28 PM
Prime had slipped into a stateof near unconsciousness in his vehicle mode... trying to clear his thoughts, trying to figure out how to deal with Thunderwing more permanently... and moreso... how to deal with the chaos matrix...

"The starsaber and requiem cannon will be great assets, but I fear that they may not be enough.... eand I'm not sure that jetfire and I combined would be enough... not even the matrix can tell me the depths of that accursed artifact's true powers..."

2002-12-23, 01:45 AM
And another cycle starts closing and little changes. Jetstorm thought silently to himself as he surveyed the ruins that sprawled as far as the optics could see. The minicon jet glanced over toward where Optimus' and the others were gathered, then frowned.
Hope they aren't waiting on me...
He glanced down at the ground for a moment. Three small crystalline plants had carefully been arranged in the shelter of some debris near to where he was standing. Jetstorm studied them briefly without much expression. One was close to splitting to two forms.
On the other hand, maybe Jetfire's right. Even the littlest changes can be beneficial.
He sighed quietly as he turned and walked towards Optimus.

2002-12-23, 03:14 PM
"Thank you for the directions, we will go there immediatly. We've kept you from your errand long enough. Goodbye" Frost said as she headed towards the security station. Shock immediatly followed her. As did Gale, after she had put down the petrorabbit.

2002-12-25, 02:07 AM
Fastforward was the first to reach the rubble looking up at Mirage shrugging

"Blaster was fighting Soundwave who just got away and the wall came down on him"

Boltz/Brawn spoke up almost immdeatly after "What took you so long to gert here Mirage? You've always been somewhat of a traitor? Where you buying that slagging decepticon time?"

Stinger/Ramhorn moved up smacking Boltz on the back with his tail moving towards the rubble "Drop it Brawn and help us get Blaster out fo here" the Scorpion said lifting the rubble with his pinchers.

Steeljaw growled climbing onto the pile of debris pushing it down with his paws.

Slowly moving up the hall was Stripes/Rewind Cubbie/Eject slightly wobbly not used to four legs and they had taken some bumps going after laserbeak

"This whole four legs thing is a real pain" Cubbie groaned shaking his head getting a nod from Stripes.

"Yes it is definately diffrent from being a Bi-ped"

Boltz was already lifting the largest rocks he could find not giving up no matter his size.

Fastforward looked up at Mirage "Gonna help us?" he asked the larger Autobot.

2002-12-25, 08:21 AM
"Soundwave!" Mirage stopped briefly to look around. There wasn't anything moving that he could make out however, and so he directed his attention back to the cassettes and mess in front of him. He listened silently to them, moving bits and pieces while still trying to keep a watch. When Fastforward spoke up, Mirage realized he needed to focus more on removing the rubble.

Instead of arguing or trying to defend himself, Mirage stayed quiet and began moving the larger debris as fast as he was able.
No use telling them I just came back online. Have to get Blaster unburied. The security crew should be here soon I hope.

2002-12-26, 06:31 PM
If you saw it, you'd say it was a shooting star. In a way, you'd be right. A twinkle in the distance of Iaconian skyspace rocketed among the innumerable stationery pinpoints of light in the darkness. Of course, this sort of thing was no uncanny image to the optical receiver of any citizen of Cybertron - satellites, high-flying transports, and bits of space junk were as old as the planet itself. A mechanoid may have begun to worry upon watching this dot as it approached and took a menacing, lightning-quick shape.

"Report location, Soundwave."

A moment of silence was broken by Soundwave's hushed monotone.

"Just reached the edge of the central courtyard. I'm making my way toward the center... Squad of approaching Autobots detected."

Teratron did not respond. His scanners followed his path as he swooped down toward the ground, but his expectations were quickly dashed (in a positive sort of way). A dozen orange blocks at the city's edge stared up at him with their dual gunmetal pipe-eyes, tracking his flight into the city. However, none took any forward action on him. They just waited peacefully, with a glint of powerful contempt as the reflection of the city gates' lighting hit their hides. Teratron shrugged to himself and, upon reaching the edge of the enormous dome, fired a pair of missiles.

"I'm coming inside, Soundwave."

The blast did little damage to the city's exterior, but enough that a fairly large Transformer could pass through the broken section of plasteel. The ground emplacements fired off a pack of laser blasts simultaneously. Only one, as Teratron passed through the point-of-no-return, transformed, and dove through the gap. His wings spread out behind himself, allowing him a gentle glide to the floor far beneath his point of entrance.

Soundwave promptly jogged up. He hunkered down to transform, but Teratron stopped him with an open hand. His optics glared at the distance, where Quick Switch and the Protectobots approached. He snarled.

"Autobots!" Teratron cried furiously. "Where is Optimus Prime?"

Quick Switch
2002-12-26, 08:01 PM
Quick Switch stopped short, photon blasters drawn. He sighted Teratron.

The Decepticon Lord? Here?

He spoke quietly to the Autobots next to him.

"Protectobots...prepare to merge into Defensor if it becomes necessary. I authorize it."

The Six Changer moved forward slowly towards the Communications Officer and his Lord.

"The great Optimus Prime is in his quarters, Decepticon. And he does not deign to treat with you, lest you explain the treachery of your Communications Officer, who showed faulty data to incriminate my Leader."

2002-12-26, 09:33 PM
After a few minutes other parts of Blaster came into view very little damage a few dents but that's it. His arms had begun to mover under the rubble trying to push it of the arm and a few muffleed choice words came from Blaster, thing he prob ably heard in music.

"Almost got ya out Blaster just hold tight" Fastforward said throwing a peice of rubble over his shoulder.

2002-12-27, 06:05 AM
After a bit more debris clearing, Mirage reached down and grabbed Blaster's arms and pulled up and back as hard as he could, putting every ounce of his strength into giving the big Autobot momentum.

"C'mmon... Blaster...." Mirage grumbled through clenched teeth as they started moving backward. "Rise and shine!"
After bidding the Elemental ladies goodbye, Hound made his way to the outer areas just on and over the borders of Iacon. Darker areas of the city where most forms of property could change hands depending on which corridor, structure or crevice one walked into. He stopped as he approached an alley opening and cloaked himself with a rougher-looking image.

In the war-strewn planet's history, medical equipment was highly valued and very scarce. Trader's Row lay ahead, and the place was well known to him. It was a place where care was needed to watch one's back, but the equipment he hoped to find would most likely only be found there.