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2002-12-06, 09:38 AM
what issues of what comics does the onslaught saga span?

2002-12-06, 05:12 PM
Oh gawd... well, there's all the run-up stuff, but the actual saga involves:

Onslaught: X-Men
X-Factor 125-126
X-Man 18-19
Fantastic Four 415-416
Avengers 401-402
X-Men 55-56
Iron Man 331-332 [I think...]
Captain America 453-454
X-Force 57-58
Uncanny X-Men 334-335
Incredible Hulk 444-445
Cable 34-35
Wolverine 104-105
Thor 502-503 [I think - the last 2 issues before it reverted to Journey into Mystery, anyway]
Onslaught: Marvel Universe
Excalibur 100 [Plus 101 fits in nicely, and 102 is a nice epilogue]

Plus a few issues of Amazing Spiderman, Web of Spiderman, Daredevil and probably one or two others...

As well as this, various X-book titles have brief mentions and appearances from UCX 323 onwards, as well as brief one-page set-ups in the likes of Avengers [on the last page of #400, Nate Grey turns up and warns the Avengers about Xavier]... There were also some 'repurcussion' issues, such as X-Factor taking Xavier in, and the "Tales of the Marvel Universe" one-shot.

Some issues are more central than others, I believe the core of the crossover concerns X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Cable, X-Man and the one-shots....

Oh, and there was an Onslaught Epilogue one-shot, but this more set up the "Search for Xavier" arc than anything else...

2002-12-06, 06:20 PM
Not sure if Quicksilver got all of them, but follow this link and they list which ones were Onslaught Impact 1 & 2...


Keep in mind, I've only read a few of the core titles myself, so they may be missing some.

2002-12-06, 08:47 PM
slow down quicky, you know way too much way too easily, im not just looking for like 1 pagers or anything but i am looking for the issues of the comics which actually had the logo onslaught chapter 6 or something stuck on the front cover

2002-12-06, 11:25 PM
"Chapter...?"... then you want Essential X-Men #47-53, IIRC

"Impact 1" and "Impact 2", it was... then you want, basically, pretty much every Marvel monthly dated August & September 1996... I think some titles, like Silver Surfer, weren't part, and neither obviously was the 2099 family... I kow Pryde & Wisdom ran about this time and wasn't included... and while they're very involved in the Onslaught saga, Excalibur 101-102 don't feature the logo... Just featuring the 'Impact' logo isn't really a very good criterion, as the one-shots bracketed the 'Impacts', and are the two most essential books in the crossover... I think even some of the books with the logos are rather periferal as well - check X-Force #58, for example, which just concerns the team's fate after Sinister fires them and nicks Nate...

Anyway... Marvel's Bullpen during "Impact 1" is as follows:

- CABLE #34
- X-MAN #18

- CABLE #35
- X-MAN #19


These are the main "epicenters" of the action, but the "impact" effects Onslaught's quest for control is having on the rest of the Marvel Universe in books like WOLVERINE, THOR, INCREDIBLE HULK, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, GREEN GOBLIN, SPIDER-MAN, X-FACTOR, GENERATION X, SPECTACULAR SPIDERMAN, X-FORCE and IRON MAN!

I forgot Generation X 18-19 above, but I couldn't tell you enough about titles like the Spidey family and Thor in the way of issue numbers. But I know some issues just involve battling Sentinels and the like.

Oh, and before someone points it oout before me, you could kinda say the first [unconscious] nod to Onslaught was in Uncanny X-Men #287, when Bishop, Malcolm and Randall discover the playback of Jean Grey...

Nova-Ting Ranger
2002-12-07, 02:14 AM
I read that in a issue of punisher, the flying SHIELD fortress went down in an onslaught impact one.

Didn't they put all of these into paperbacks like 5+ years ago?

2002-12-07, 02:17 AM
Yeh, six of 'em... I think they're rarer than the originals, though, and print everything, which means you can't save money by cutting the less relevant bits... Aside from the one-shots, Onslaught's quite cheap to get together, especially if you live in the UK and track down the Essential reprints :)

2002-12-07, 10:15 AM
alright thanx, i'll have to rummage through my local comic shops, cos i did have em all in crappy newsagents form but my brother threw em out

Darth Shrapnel
2002-12-09, 12:14 AM
So, is it easier/cheapper to get the TradePaperback? Or should I search for the issues individually?

2002-12-09, 04:00 AM
Originally posted by Darth Shrapnel
So, is it easier/cheapper to get the TradePaperback? Or should I search for the issues individually?
You may be better off looking for the individual issues. It's tough enough to locate one volume of the six, much less all of them. My shop said that they got a set in once and it didn't even last a day. Now if Marvel would actually reprint something that didn't come out 3 months ago, we'd be in business...

2002-12-09, 01:06 PM
Yeh, I'd say cheaper to get the actual issues... The one-shots are relatively pricey, but I got 'em both for about $15 on ebay... Then, my recommendation would be to get the core titles, then the other ones to kinda flesh out the stories as you go along... it's possible to understand the story from the core ones mentioned above, and I did actually manage to get the gist from the two one-shots alone... Onslaught: Marvel Universe rocks... "Don't confuse me with details.." God, I love Mark Waid...