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StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-27, 10:25 PM
With the talks of what action to take on-going, we enter in the midst of a heated discussion.

We see Grimlock, Prowl, Scattershot and Rodimus Convoy at an informal meeting. Metroplex is on full-alert.

Despite Rodimus Convoy's forces being few, they are loyal and know that they're fighting the good fight.

2002-12-27, 11:02 PM
Karandras shook his head as he slid through the door the idle Scamper had opened for him entering Metroplex with one of their defenders looking on, he didn't even go to stealth that is pathetic.

He looked through the halls. "Where to go where to go" he asked himself looking up then down each corridor from where eh had made his way in. Wonder which way.

Bluestreak watched a security moniter as the others spoke amongst themselves idly when a flash came to the screen focusing in on a corridor just near Scampers exit.

He looked back at the others "Hey guy's there has been a security breach... who ever we sent Scamper to stop he got through"

Ratchet had four of the five Technobots repaired as best he could with the tools he had before him. It definatly lacked what the Iacon med lab had and it was hard to make due.

2002-12-27, 11:12 PM
"Don't worry Bluestreak, I have it covered," Metroplex told the soldier.

Sixgun stood at the end of the corridor, directly opposite the door that Scamper had 'left' open. The security hadn't been breached. Far from it. Metroplex had merely been testing the waters. Now, the tall guardian robot stood sternly, twin cannons aimed at Karandras.
"Going somewhere?" he asked.

2002-12-28, 01:19 AM
Karandras looked the robot infront of him over quirking an eye brow in his suit shaking his head the mecha doing the same. "Well it all depends, if you are anything like the last defense unit that I came across I'll walk right through you and if not, well then I will..... walk right through you" the ever cocky Phoenix Lord replied.

2002-12-28, 09:00 AM
"Not likely," Metroplex rumbled, for the four minds of the city and his guards were as one. Suddenly a blue hazy forcefield sprung into life, effectively blocking his advance, as the door behind him begun to close.

"Now," Sixgun continued.
"Perhaps we can talk."

2002-12-28, 09:33 AM
Blaze had completely examined the damage to Skylinx' interior, she was certain it had been a bomb. She would have a talk to Rodimus' boys about that later. "Hmm, I could go search for someone. But they very well might shoot me on sight. I'll rest first, if anyone finds me while I'm resting, they'll be in for a hot time if they are hostile... she thought as she transforms to her bird form and takes up a sleeping position. She tucks her head beneath one of her wings and goes to sleep. To the casual observer, she looks like a fire.

2002-12-28, 12:34 PM
Karandras looked at the forcefield then at Sixgun then back at the forcefield.

"So you think that I need a door way to get through places. I can just as quickly make my self a new door then go through that one. But if you wish too talk so be it"

Karandras looked directly into the eyes of the approaching defender not ready to back down to him or anyone until he met who he was after.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-30, 10:33 PM
Rodimus sat at the head of the table, his closest friend sat opposite. Prowl sat off to one side of the table. Scattershot leant against the frame of the door, Rodimus motioned for the Technobot to join the three at the table.

"So, we are agreed....a small strike force, take the energon plant grab as much energon as we can, with as few casulaties as possible..."

"Hmm....me guess that best plan for now, but Prime not stupid, he'll be waiting for this..."

"As much as I hate to say it..." Prowl faultered slightly "...Grimlock's right, I doubt Prime's gonna let us waltz in there and take what we want"

2003-01-04, 04:31 PM
Rodimus nodded.
I don't know that that was ever in doubt, but right now, we're out of options. Prime has showed that he wants a war, and maybe it's time we gave a show of strength, to show that we mean business? If we can make the assault without too many casualties on their side - show as much restraint as possible, then maybe more will begin to doubt Prime's ways."

"Rodimus, there's something here you should take a look at."
"What is it, Metroplex?"

The monitor on Rodimus's desk flickered on, showing Karandras behind the force field, with Sixgun standing by.

"An intruder. I didn't want to interrupt the meeting, but I feel I have no choice now."
"Good idea. I'll go see what he wants. Grimlock, assemble a strike team, I'll join you shortly. Prowl, could you remain here and hold down the fort?"

With that, Rodimus stood, and left the room.


"Lower the field, Metroplex."

The blue forcefield flickered out of existence, and Rodimus stepped forwards, his experession neutral, Sixgun at his side.

"Yes? What do you want?" he asked of Karandras

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-07, 09:33 PM
Grimlock stood as Rodimus left the room.

"Scattershot you and Technobots ready to cause Autobots and Prime serious headache?"


Prowl followed after Rodimus Convoy.

"I'll go and join Bluestreak in the control tower."

2003-01-07, 11:28 PM
Karandras looked over Rodimus as he did Sixgun.

"What I want is some fighting some killing and some other stuff that robots could not do for me. Oh and a to Know why you're trying to cause a civil war within an army in a civil war. Autobots fighting Autobots seems just so well stupid. You guys are supposed to be wailing on the bad guys, the Decepticons"

Bluestreak spun in the chair he had sat in idley for so long. "Man what I would do to be in Iacon right now"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-08, 01:31 AM
"Heh, not much happening around here at the moment, that's for sure, but how eaxctly did you manage to miss our intruder?"

Prowl walked over to the console Bluestreak was sat at, he noted the monitor was off.

"Getting some R and R eh..."

2003-01-08, 05:55 AM
Bluestreak looked at Prowl the spinning ceasing as he looked up at him. "Errrm...." he looked at the screen then back at Prowl

"Well I just turned it off now, also Metroplex wasn't the quickest at picking the guy up when he landed on Metroplex so I am not entirely to blame" which was a half truth he hadn't really been paying attention too the moniter even when it was on more trying to get his mind off the fact he was fighting his friends.

"So why you up here?" Blue streak asked Prowl.

2003-01-08, 09:39 AM
High above Metroplex, in the upper reaches of Cybertron's thin atmosphere, six winged shapes cruised lazily downwards; the five jetbots in a loose V-formation while the sixth, a plain black starfighter, circled above them.

"You think they've noticed us yet?" the red F-4 Phantom asked over their comm link, wings dipping slightly.

"I'd be worried about their security if they hadn't, Fireflight," the white Concord replied. He rolled slightly to look up at the black starfighter circling overhead. "Will you be staying with us for a while, Slipstream?"

Slipstream dipped her nose a bit in a kind of jet-shrug. "Maybe. For a little bit, at least. We'll see what's going on first, and take it from there."

"Fair enough," Silverbolt replied over the comm. "Let's hope those down below try to contact us first before deciding they want to shoot at us..."

2003-01-08, 12:59 PM
Rodimus raised an eyebrow.
"Trying to cause a civil war? Prime pretty much started the civil war himself. My men were attacked, and that's something that I don't take kindly to."

The Seperatist leader took a step back.

"Why should we be fighting the Decepticons? That's precisely the attitude that made Prime into what he has become. A bloodthirsty monster, and that's unnacceptable in an Autobot leader."


"Prowl, Bluestreak. I'm detecting six aircraft in the upper atmosphere above my position. Five signatures register as the Aerialbots. The other is an Autobot, but unknown to me," Metroplex reported.

2003-01-09, 12:06 AM
Karandras looked at Rodimus raising an eyebrow.

"So they let any jerk off lead this crew, how pathetic. I have studied every cranny of Cybertrons past, maybe not your dimensions but this ones and I'd say your a good meter away from the mark with that comment"

The Phoenix Lord shook his head. "Listen ya dunce I would probably be doing these Autobots that follow you a favour by rubbing you out of existence Asuryan knows you're gonna end up killing them all"

Not fight the Decepticons, Optimus attacking other Autobots? I wasn't even here for it and I can put 2 and 2 together so why can't this imbecil. He emits the same energy as Prime with the Matrix so why isn't he as wise?

Bluestreak looks down at the screen "On it Roddy" he calls reaching a hand up turning it on getting a read out.

"I ummm don't know who he is either? Heh." Bluestreak muttered feeling this was something he should know.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-09, 10:56 AM
"Aerialbots, state your destination and purpose...and your company"

Prowl sent out the message on the Autobot frequency, hoping that the Aerialbots' intentions were friendly.

2003-01-09, 11:11 AM
"Listen, I don't have time to waste with you. You obviously think you know more than me about Transformers history, and don't care who knows it. You're conceited, arrogant, and idiotic. Frankly, you'd be better off with Prime."

Rodimus turned to Sixgun and Scamper who'd just arrived.

"Reactivate the containment field, and escort him out of here. Have Metroplex bring exterior guns online. If he tries to get back in..." Rodimus left the words unspoken, but both bots nodded their approval.

Then he walked off down the corridor, out of earshot of the three bots standing there.

"Grimlock, I'm ready whenever you are. Meet me at the entry ramp. We move out shortly."

2003-01-09, 04:57 PM
Such an ignorant fool, gonna end up killing off his whole race in this dimension. I would be better off with Prime.... if I hadn't tried to kill him already too Karandras grinned looking at Scamper and Sixgun.

"Soooo...." Karandras asked reaching a hand back gripping the weapon he had placed there again watching the two. "Gonna come and get me or what?"

Bluestreak awaited the Aerialbots response eager to hear that they had info to stop the war.

2003-01-09, 05:02 PM
"Unnessesary," boomed Metroplex, raising the force fields, this time in three directions. Then, the fields started moving, the immense power propelling Karandras towards the door, which had slid open once more. Sixgun has his formidable weaponry trained on Karandras also, just in case.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-09, 08:54 PM
"hmm....very well Rodimus"

Grimlock went to leave the room, he stopped and addressed Scattershot again.

"You coming?"

2003-01-10, 12:39 AM
"Good to hear from you again, Prowl," Silverbolt replied over the comm. "We heard you could use a bit of assistance in the current situation and decided to drop in and say hello."

"As for me," Slipstream answered for herself, "I found this lot wandering around lost on the other side of the planet after the whole Unicron debacle. Had nothin' better t'do at the time and figured I might as well lead 'em home."

"We had to take the scenic route though," Slingshot muttered.

"Wasn't my fault!" Fireflight replied defensively.

"Pipe down, you lot," Silverbolt broke in before the rest of his team could start bickering. "So, Prowl, do we have clearance to land?"

2003-01-10, 04:50 AM
Karandras frowned "What not even fisticuffs? How dull come on, you have to be getting bored just let us go for a few minutes. I promise to have 'em both down in time and I'll be happily on my way"

The Phoenix Lord grinned watching Sixgun.

"Or are these two little guys all for the flower power?" he asked motioning to Scamper and Sixgun with his hand.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-10, 09:03 PM
"Sure thing Silverbolt, you might wanna touch down at the entry ramp, I've a feeling Rodimus might be in need of your abilities"

Prowl opened a comm channel to Rodimus

"Rodimus, the aerialbots have joined our cause, they're going to meet with you and Grimlock at the entry ramp, Prowl out"


Grimlock trudged through the halls of Metroplex, eventually he reached his destination.

"Hmm...first here."

Grimlock lifted his sword and found a wayward rock that was nearby, he dug the sword into the rock halfway and lifted it above his head. With a deft flick of his sword the boulder zipped into the air, before it hit the ground the boulder was sliced clean in two pieces.

Since Optimus had been destroyed at the hands of Rodimus in their universe Grimlock had grown battle weary, his desire for peace had risen, but this universe had shattered those hopes. Grimlock had been thrown deep into conflict again, and conflict felt good.

2003-01-10, 09:13 PM
Rodimus walked through Iacon, deep in thought. He wasn't happy about this development. He'd gone to Prime in good faith, hoping against hope that Prime was true to his word, and it backfired. Several of his men were hurt, badly, and he couldn't get the niggling feeling that it was somehow his fault out of his mind. His own fault for being too trusting of Prime.

His thoughts were interupted by Prowl's communication.
"Acknowledged Prowl, thanks. I look forward to meeting with them."

A few short minutes later, and he was outside Iacon, and walking over to where Grimlock stood.

"You've been looking forwards to this, I can see," he told his lieutenant, and long time friend, gesturing to the shattered rock beside him.
"I only hope this will send the desired message to Prime."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-10, 09:36 PM
"If Prime as big a fool here as me expect, me doubt it...he stubborn, not see that his own ambition insane. Prime deluded with power."

Grimlock pushed one half of the rock over and again he plunged his sword into it.

"Guess we wait for Aerialbots now."


Sixshot and Skywarp flew through Cybertron airspace towards Metroplex. Neither spoke on their way, in the eyes of Sixshot, Skywarp wasn't the best of company, he was took wreckloose and carefree for Sixshot's liking. Skywarp thought that Sixshot needed to lighten up, and was too serious.
Sixshot sent a message ahead to Rodimus Convoy/Metroplex

"Rodimus Convoy this is Sixshot, I come with a request from Thunderwing."

2003-01-10, 10:54 PM
"Yes, I guess we..." Rodimus broke off as his internal radio activated with Sixshot's message.
"Acknowledged, Sixshot. meet me at the Metroplex entry ramp."
He switched off his radio, and turned to Grimlock.
"Another visit from Thunderwing's troops," he told his companion by way of explanation.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-10, 11:08 PM
"Acknowledged Rodimus"

Sixshot landed on Cybertron's surface and transformed to his robot mode, Skywarp landed and followed suit. The pair made their way to Metroplex's entry ramp.

"Rodimus Convoy, Thunderwing sends request for a transformation cog, we understand that Metroplex houses a spare transformation cog. We require this for the protection of our consolidated armies."

Grimlock simply growled softly under his breath, grasping his sword.

2003-01-10, 11:14 PM
Rodimus glanced sideways at Grimlock.
"Protection? I assume that you also have a city sized Transformer. Yet one that is unable to transform yet. This puts you at a tactical disadvantage. If I may ask..."

He glanced sideways at Grimlock.

"... For some technical details on your new citybot?"

Pushing his buttons... I certainly wouldn't trust me if I asked it.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-10, 11:26 PM
"As I'm sure you understand, we are currently not at liberty to divulge such information, though I'm sure that Thunderwing will be happy to deliver what you require in person, should you help us now."

Skywarp just stood, slightly un-easy, Grimlock was staring at him...

2003-01-10, 11:35 PM
Rodimus shrugged.
"We are allies. It would be only proper to assist you." he cast another cautious glance at Grimlock, then turned to look up at Metroplex's central control tower, and activated his radio.

"Rodimus to Prowl. Our allies have arrived seeking our assistance. They require a transformation cog, and I have agreed to give them Metroplex's spare one. If you could get it out here as soon as you can, I'd appreciate it."

He signed off, and turned back to Sixshot.

"You'll have to excuse me and Grimlock. We have to leave shortly. My other Lieutenant, Prowl, will be here shortly with what you've requested."

"Rodimus to the Aerialbots. What's your ETA to my location?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-11, 12:02 AM
"No need to have him walk all that way" Skywarp finally spoke "I'll be back shortly"

Skywarp vanished, Sixshot saw him re-appear in the command centre next to Prowl.

"Woah!" Prowl was taken slightly aback by Skywarp's apperance next to him.

"Very well Rodimus" Prowl continued to the holding chamber, Skywarp following closely behind, for Metroplex's remaining transformation cog.

"Why do you need it anyways?" Prowl figured he could at least try to get an answer from Skywarp.

"I'm not at liberty to say..." Sixshot mimmicked Sixshot's voice.

"Right...." Prowl's instincts kicked into gear "....well, here it is"

Prowl removed the cog from it's holding space carfully, the cogs were notoriously fragile, and handed it to Skywarp who vanished almost immediately.

"Interesting..." Prowl opened comm-channel Alpha-Nine

**Hound, this is Prowl, I fear that Thunderwing's planning something big, though I don't have any concrete evidence as yet. Prowl out**

Prowl sent out the coded message hoping it would reach it's intended destination, it wasn't his nature to be a double agent, or a spy, but he felt it his duty to his leader.

2003-01-11, 12:33 AM
Bluestreak watched Skywarp carefully then watched Prowl take him. He still lived by his motto alliance or not he was still yet to meet a decepticon he didn't dislike.

He shrugged looking back at the screen to where the Aerial bots were coming in sighing. "Why is it Prime had to go and become evil and insane" he asked aloud hoping Prowl maybe heard him and had an answer.

Karandras got pushed out with out too much of a fight looking teed because of that.

"Bah, wussy transformers afraid of a little tussel" he grumbled turning around jumping to the air looking around.

"Where to now?" He asked himself looked all over Metroplex and the surrounding areas spotting one of the reasons he came back. Sixshot.

"And the hunter finds the prey he came to the metal forest to seek" Karandras whispered immdeatly lowering back to the surface. He would watch them for now and strike later.

2003-01-11, 11:43 AM
"ETA is at thirty seconds, Rodimus," Silverbolt commed back. One by one, the jets swooped in towards the entry ramp, their noses pulling up as they bled off speed before transforming and landing neatly on their feet. Slingshot and AirRaid raced to be the first ones in, followed more sedately by Skydive and Fireflight, and finally Silverbolt landed with a thump behind them, his heel boosters scorching the ground slightly. Behind the Aerialbots, the black starfighter circled down lazily before transforming as well, revealing a tall, slim black femmebot.

"Aerialbots, reporting for duty," Silverbolt said to Rodimus with a slight salute, stepping forwards.

2003-01-11, 04:09 PM
Rodimus grinned
"Glad to have you on board Silverbolt. We can use all the help we can get. We're moving out to strike at an energon facility soon. Your air support will be a great asset to us. In the last few months, Optimus Prime has been becoming increasingly volatile. Recently, agents of his attacked my troops, and some of them are still recovering in Metroplex's med bay. This act is a declaration of war, a war in which we need supplies and energon. Hence our forthcoming strike."

He paused as he noticed Slipstream behind the Aerialbots.

"Care to introduce me to your lady friend?"

2003-01-12, 05:23 AM
"Sounds like our boss all right! Heh heh!"

Scattershot clanked up the hall slowly. His wounds were no longer directly visible, but they were not properly healed either. Instead, his frame was pocked with occasional gunmetal plates. One could tell by the uneven intervals in the riveting and the angle of the sheets that it was an operation done by an amateur... He stopped as he finally caught up with Grimlock, turned loudly on his heel, and saluted the Dinobot.

"The Technobots are ready to move out, except Afterburner. That whiner's still recovering from his injuries."

He chuckled in an gregarious manner, but with a touch of grim seriousness in his optics. Like he has no reservations to doing something unpleasant to somebody who would tell him he can't come...

2003-01-12, 05:42 AM
"Of course, my apologies," Silverbolt said, gesturing the black femmebot forwards. Slipstream sauntered up to stand by Silverbolt's side, her head about level with the gestalt leader's shoulder, and tossed off a lazy, casual salute towards Rodimus.

Silverbolt smiled slightly. "Rodimus, this is Slipstream. Slipstream, Rodimus."

"Nice t'meetchya," Slipstream remarked, then grinned. "I'm hardly a lady, but flattered you'd think so nonetheless."

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-12, 11:07 PM
Skywarp re-appeared next to Sixshot, his teleportation being less that instantanious due to his cargo.

"Thank you Rodimus, to our continued efforts" Sixshot saluted Rodimus Convoy before transforming and taking back to the air.

**Thunderwing, this is Sixshot, we have secured the part we need, returning to base**


Grimlock looked at the battered Scattershot, who'd managed to follow him to the meeting point.

"Okay Rodimus, we all ready now..."

2003-01-13, 12:00 AM
OK, let's gooo!

Rodimus smiled at Slipstream.
"Lady or not, I'm glad you've joined us," he told her, then spun around as Scattershot approached. He looked over the Technobot leader, and frowned.

"Are you sure you're..." he paused as he caught the tone of Scattershot's voice.
"Alright then. We move out at once."

He turned, transforming into vehicle mode, and revving his engine.
"Autobots, transform and roll out!"

He accelerated away, knowing that his troops would follow.


Several cycles later, the attack force approached the energy supply depot. It looked deserted. Merely a smattering of workers tending to the giant storage facilities.

"Alright Autobots. We go in, take what we need, and get out. I want to avoid civillian casualties if possible, so keep that in mind. Scattershot, Silverbolt, strike from the air. I'll lead the ground based troops through the main gates. Autobots, attack!"

With that, Rodimus shot forwards towards the large, but lightly defended gates to the facility.

2003-01-13, 04:23 PM
During the attack on the facility, a smallish gestalt flies in and lands on the opposite side of the facility from which Rodimus is firing.


(ooc: Zeus is the Strikebot gestalt. For all Strikebots' profiles look here:http://forums.tfarchive2.net/vBulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2171&pagenumber=2

Zeus proceeds to lay down fire on the building from a distance with his Laser Concussion Rifle and arm-mounted High-Speed Laser Pistols.

2003-01-13, 10:17 PM
"Who's that?" Scattershot ejected.

"I dunno," Strafe replied. "But I don't like the look of him. Bet he's one of Prime's new secret weapons. Permission to take him out, sir?"

"Permission deni-- Strafe!"

Too late. Strafe had already broken formation, and the bulky tub of a ship Scattershot was in no condition to pursue. He grunted and briefly tipped his wings in the opposite direction, signaling the other flyers to stick to the predetermined flight path.

"Come in, Rodimus," Scattershot called internally. "Problems already. Strafe's off to attack that Zoos fella. He may require ground support shortly. The rest of us are sticking to the plan. Standing by."

As quickly as a starcruiser working within an atmosphere might, Scattershot dipped his left wing and dove toward the ground. His electron pulse cannon opened fire on the ground below, pocking the outer walls of an artillery cannon, and as he pulled up, the roof of a bunker. Narrowly avoiding contact with the ground, he swooped up and began banking around to his next target; his rear scanners hoped to catch the Aerialbots scoring two points.


"I've gotcha now, you oversized garbage can!"

Strafe dropped his nose, bringing his form (relatively) screeching down on Zeus. He fired two pairs of laser bursts from his dual nose cannons, and pulled around to make another pass.


Meanwhile, outside the gates...

If this were the specific moment Primus decided to reallocate names by merit to every one of his children, Lightspeed and Slow Poke likely would have switched. But then, it's not easy to meet your potential when a tank is your walking partner...

"Can I ask you an honest question, Nosecone?"

The driller didn't seem to register being spoken to for a few moments, but when he did, he replied with an interested coo.

"Do you think we're doing the right thing? Something about this feels wrong... Stealing supplies from other Autobots just doesn't sit well with me, I guess."

"What do you mean, Lightspeed?" Nosecone drawled. "Rodimus is our leader, and he's decided that this is necessary. Besides, don't you remember the attack outside Iacon?"

"It doesn't matter!" Lightspeed shouted. "We should still have our ethics, shouldn't we? Autobots do not steal, especially not from one another!"

Nosecone hummed a single, drawn out note as he pondered Lightspeed's philosophy. However, he soon cut himself short as they drew upon the gates.

"Hup. Work to do."

Nosecone continued on toward the gate, fired a missile to open up a starting point, and immediately dug his drill in. It wasn't thick; wouldn't take more than a minute. Behind, Lightspeed transformed with a sigh. He pulled his blaster, flipped a switch, and dutifully opened fire on a pole supporting one of the two guard towers flanking the gate.

Quick Switch
2003-01-13, 10:39 PM
"Scrap it all to the Pit!" The depot administrator slammed his clipboard down on his work desk. "Understaffed and underappreicated! My workers need time off, and we need more storage space!"

Another robot, a floor supervisor, scampered up.

"All ready for ya, boss. Just finished loading a new shipment in the main area. Then the graveyard shift can leave."

"Hey! Hey!" One of the energy loaders was craning his neck to see in the distance. "We got visitors, sir!"

"What's he yammering about?" the administrator sat back in his semi-plush chair, hands over his face. Everybody was keen for a wartime economy, until people didn't want to cut back once war happened.

Zeus' arrival caused the loader workers to pause; some pointed at Rodimus' approaching troops. The few floor supervisors tried to give orders, but no go.

"We're under a-" and suddenly the energy loader who first sighted Convoy's troops didn't have an upper torso, smoothly cauterized by Zeus' laser rifle. The loader's body clattered to the floor. Other loaders started screaming and running pell-mell as Zeus' other pistol shots fired about the building, some were hit falling dead where they lay, most escaped.


At the main gate, the two loaders in charge of sentry duty exchanged glances, shrugged, and ran as Rodimus and company charged (or flew) forward towards the depot.

"We shoulda done somethin'!"

"Like what? Gotten melted like that lookout? Sorry, but suicide isn't in my union contract!"

It didn't matter, because the two were crushed when the destroyed tower fell on top of them with a remorseless crunch.


In his office, the administrator was starting to sweat. His workers were dying around him, the outside of the depot-and the building itself- was looking like a warzone, and the main force hadn't even arrived yet.

"Close the blast doors," he whispered.

The floor supervisor nodded, ran to an access panel, and in moments large blast doors had shut over the main doors of the depot.

"This won't hold, boss," the supervisor looked over at his haggard superior. "They got combiners out there!"

"No, it won't," and the administrator removed from his desk a riot baton, "but at least it won't be too easy for them. Damn the Decepticons! Damn them to the Pit! How many workers are left inside?"

"Three," the supervisor replied.

"Get 'em riot batons and shields. I won't surrender this facility, not to Decepticons!"

"Don't think the're Decepticons," the supervisor retireved the gear and distributed it to the three panicked loaders, "think the're Autobots!"

"We haven't had a working radio for years! Damn cutbacks! We're isolated, Optimus Prime's forces won't even be able to get here in time!" The administrator walked toward the front of the facility and stood riot baton in hand. "We go down swingin'!"

"You heard him boys, soon as they come in, you let 'em have it!" The supervisor stood next to the administrator and wielded a large crowbar.

The hopeless vigil began.

2003-01-13, 10:56 PM
Rodimus growled.
"That stupid oversized crazy idiot's going to kill the civillians inside. Aerialbots, stop him!"

He carried on driving, passing through the gates as the right tower collapsed. Grimlock, Lightspeed, Nosecone, with me. Scattershot, help us get these blast doors open."

Rodimus transformed into robot mode, leaping forwards as he adjusted to the rapid deacceleration, then opened fire on the swiftly closing blast doors.

Quick Switch
2003-01-13, 11:08 PM
Rodimus' shots hit the blast doors with a thud; the power dented the doors mightily, but they continued to close.

Inside, the three workers tried to close ranks in front of the two depot officials, but they could see Rodimus firing at the doors only a few feet in front of them, and their courage was at the breaking point.

"Holy Matrix, creation of Primus..." the first whispered,

"...forgive us our programming errors..." the second continued,

"...now and at the hour of our deactivation." the third finished the incantation.

"Great Maximus," the supervisor intoned reverently.

The administrator was not a spiritual construct, but he recognized the unit's hope in the face of overwhelming fear. "Steady now," he barked, "steady."


Outside the depot, the wounded loaders were trying to flee- many were horribly mangled by the pistol/rifle fire, and the building shards impacting the ground from Rodimus' fire.

"Damn murderers!" one screamed, who was missing most of the left side of his face. "Death squad! You aren't soldiers!"

"They aren't Autobots! Can't be! It's a Decepticon trick!" another, missing both his legs, and sitting in a pool of mechanical fluid, wailed in terror.

And so the workers added their own shrill voice to the battle, in some form or fashion.

2003-01-14, 12:44 AM
Karandras watched the Devestation from above shaking his head from within the shuttle form the scanners and cameras picking up everything.

He had elected not to go after Sixshot yet there would be time for that later. He wanted to find out why Autobots were fighting and killing eachother and stealing from each other. It didn't sit right at all.

The big one was destroying the place what a fool. If he wasn't insane he didn't know what was.

"To each their on path I guess" the Phoenix Lord muttered shaking his head.

"Computer save what we are seeing now this is something I can look back on and hand off to Optimus at the right time. This is gross robots or not" Karandras said beginning to access Autobot frequency to get an distress call to any of the functioning ones who weren't insane.

2003-01-14, 03:50 AM
"ZEUS NOT UNDERSTAND!!!" the giant gestalt screams.

Immediately, Zeus split into his constituents: Skyre, Crack, Boom, Blast, and Roar.

"Take evasive action, Strikebots! Blast, Boom; you two level this facility. Try not to hurt any of the humans but if they're in your way...keep the objective in mind!" Skyre orders, hesitantly. I really hate killing innocent humans but we MUST stop this madness between Rodimus and Prime...this is just another step... "Roar, keep whatever you want...and Crack, it's you up front again, buddy!"

"Roger that, sir!" Crack says, greedily. He immediatly forms two small daggers from his AT Field, one for each hand, and a smaller buckler for defense. "I will rip this facility apart with my ba--well...with stuff in my hands at least! WHOO HOO!!!"

Skyre flies over to Rodimus and transforms into robot mode, his blue cybertronium alloy glowing in the sun as brightly as the day he was created. "My fellow Strikebots have created a perimeter around this facility and are awaiting my orders. We're here to serve the Autobots and Separatist cause lead by you, Rodimus. Anything you need?" I just want this war to be over so we can go back to partying again...hopefully Prime regains his senses soon...

2003-01-14, 05:59 AM
"Acknowledged, Rodimus," Silverbolt commed back, then flipped his comm over to the frequency shared by his team. "You heard him, boys, we've got a rogue gestalt to stop." One by one, the jets fell in behind Silverbolt as they lined up to make a strafing run on Zeus. As they approached, the gestalt suddenly split up into its component parts, which then proceeded to surround the compound. The Aerialbots pulled up, surprised, and started to circle overhead.

"What now?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-14, 10:51 AM
Grimlock had seen enough of the carnage lying around him, innocent robots lying in various states of dis-assmbley.

Bots were running round missing limbs, casings...the sights were un-imaginable to him, but not totally alien.

"You say you do this in name of Rodimus Convoy!?"

Grimlock addressed the robot that hovered above his leader.

"Perhaps you not right to fight our battles, we come here to get energon, not destroy innocent lives..."

Grimlock had finally snapped, the anger and frustration boiled inside him, he transformed to his robot mode and noted the blast doors ahead of them.

"Me Grimlock say we need to get out of here fast"

Grimlock charged forwards with all his strength behind him, shoulder charging the blast doors.

2003-01-14, 05:37 PM
Roar emerges from the side of the facility carrying a large load of energon cubes. "Skyre, look what I found!"

"Very good, Roar. Head towards Metroplex and unload. You can come back later for clean up."

"Roger that, Skyre!" Roar shouted enthusiastically. Being in the midst of battle makes me queasy, anyway...

Skyre radios to Blast and Boom, "Blast, Boom, are those charges set?"

"We have infiltrated the staton. Remote charges set and ready to detonate on your mark, sir," radioed Boom.

"Good! Transform and remove yourselves from the facility. Immediately report to me." ordered Skyre. "You hear that, Rodimus? This whole facility is ready to be destroyed at my leisure, but I need your opinion. Tell me what you want the Strikebots to do with our current situation."

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 05:46 PM
"The depot's been breeched!" The supervisor called out to the administrator, as he saw Energon being carried away by the Strikebots.

Then, of course, Grimlock burst through, ripping the doors of their hinges, causing them to fall backward, crushing all three of the workers in a spectacular display of strength. A sickening crunch followed.

The super and admin barely manged to hurtle themselves out of the way.

"Grimlock!" the super screamed.

"Go ahead! You won't take anymore Energon without a fight, you brute!" The admin tried to steady himself, but couldn't. He weakly held up his riot baton in front of him as Grimlock stood at the threshold of the depot. He rose, finally, shaking next to the Dinobot leader.

2003-01-14, 07:47 PM
"I want you to get the slag out of here. You've caused enough damage. Go guard the perimeter, or something."

Rodimus was incensed, and let the Strikebot leader know full well what he thought of the Gestalt's actions. Meanwhile, he entered the facility at a more mundane pace than Grimlock, weapon drawn.

"Don't be foolish," he told the supervisor.
"Stand down, and no more people will get hurt. I guarantee it."

He turned, and opened a comm signal to the Aerialbot leader.

"Silverbolt, send two of your men down here, they can transport the captured energon back to Metroplex. I need the rest of your unit to keep tabs on these other Transformers. They're untrustworthy."

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 08:53 PM
The supervisor tried to wipe the sweat and grime off his face, and dropped the crowbar on the floor of the depot.

"Rather late for that, isn't it? We're the only ones left who aren't hurt!"

The administrator tossed his riot baton down also and stepped up to Rodimus.

"Look, I don't understand. This is an isolated depot, way outside the war zone area. Normally you all send a messenger or something from Iacon telling us that you need to requisition Energon. Shock, I would've signed the forms myself letting you take what you need to stop the Decepticons!"

The supervisor shot Rodimus and Grimlock a glance.

"You all are from Optimus Prime's army right? Based in Iacon? Unless your Decepticon spies, or something. No Autobot ever fires on civilians!"

The administrator looked out at the ruin of the depot.

"You're soldiers slaughtered my men," he said. "Has Optimus Prime turned insane?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-14, 11:16 PM
"I wish I knew..." Prowl idled back into the comm room of Metroplex "...it's been evident that Prime's been acting strange however."


Grimlock stood, clearly towering over the two bots infront of them, he silently purveyed the room.

A silent machine.

2003-01-15, 02:57 AM
"Guard the perimeter, he says! HA!" Skyre snorts. Skyre transforms into jet mode and reaches a safe altitude. "Blast, Boom, are you at a safe distance yet?"

"Roger that, Skyre," radios back Boom. "Orders, sir?"

"Well...Roar's unloading the newly captured energon onto on of our more 'trustworthy' allies. I have discovered from the supervisor of this facility that this is a resource depot for Prime. We must do whatever it takes to neutralize Prime."

"Roger, that, Skyre!" Blast screams enthusiastically. "You know what that means, Boom!"

"BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" Boom screams maniacly.

"Wait! We must get confirmation from Rodiums before blowing this facility." Skyre said, calmly.

2003-01-15, 05:02 AM
"Copy that," Silverbolt replied to Rodimus over his comm. "I'm sending you AirRaid and Fireflight, the rest of us will keep an eye on the rogue combiner team."

Within seconds, AirRaid and Fireflight peeled away from their formation and spiraled downwards towards the facility, AirRaid complaining the whole time about being delegated to cargo duty. The other three Aerialbots continued to circle above the depot, keeping a close watch on the Strikebots.

Slipstream glided around overhead, unobtrusively tailing Skyre from above and behind him.

Quick Switch
2003-01-15, 06:20 AM
Vortex happily spun along on his rotors, eager to be whippiing through Cybertron's sky, buzzing low rooftops (and scaring quite a few residents in the process).

Blast Off, meanwhile, soared high in the fringe of the skyline, and activated his targeting device for an accurate picture of the coordinates sent to him.

"Don't trouble yourself too much, Vortex; accuracy over eagerness will get the job done," Blast Off jibed his comrade with good wit.

"Nah, too slow! Gotta get in their- what the?!?" at that moment, Vortex fastly accelerating, broke over the horizon of the devestated energy depot. "Must've been a sneak attack, and how! Look at the carnage!"

"Indeed," Blast Off reflected, detached. He zoomed in, making sure his scope was picking up the ruin below. "It appears that the rebel Convoy has attacked this facility...the Aerialbots...Technobots and other combiners are present...large amount of casualties-"

"Yeah, ya think! Only two civilians left standing! Looks like Galvatron hit the place by himself!" Vortex said, stopping to hover just outside the limits of the gates, "didn't know Autobots were so oilthirsty!"

Blast Off put himself into a slow crawl high above the scene, zooming in to make an accurate assesement of who was present. "Grimlock and Convoy are present- the command element of the traitors," he reported crisply. "This is intriguing news, for once Teratron is not responsible for another war crime."

"We could've done better- no survivors! Whoops," Vortex laughed nervously, "forget I said that. Old programming dies hard ya know!"

"Blaster," Blast Off intoned via comm, "preliminary investigation concludes an energy depot has been attacked by forces led by Rodimus Convoy. Extensive civilian casualties and structural damage; energy looting in progress."

2003-01-15, 11:06 AM
Rodimus nodded.
"Technobots, start loading the energon cubes onto Air Raid and Fireflight. I want to be out of here as soon as possible."

He turned, and motioned Grimlock away from the group. Once they had gotten a distance away, so that they couldn't be heard, he spoke in a hushed voice.

"This couldn't have gone any worse old friend. I said that I didn't want any casualties, but that moronic gestalt ruined all that. What do you think? Are these other bots allies of Prime, sent here to discredit us? If so, how can we turn this in our favour?"

2003-01-15, 08:41 PM
"I assure you, Rodimus," Skyre interrupts as he swoops down and transforms from jet form to robot form, "that I am NOT sent here by Prime. And I in no way intend to discredit you nor your followers, even though some may be quicker to think light of our presence." Skyre gives a sharp glance to the sky towards Slipstream's silhouette. "We have a tactical advantage here. Why not blow the facility and take the energon. It would help to neutralize Prime's energy resources AND benefit our own supply."

"BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" Boom continues to chant psychotically over the comm.

"Blast! Calm him down before I'm forced to put him under suspend mode!" yells Skyre. "Don't mind Boom, Rodimus. He just loves his job, and gets antsy when he's not allowed to do it."

"Back from unloading, sir," Roar says as he transforms from Moonrover ATV form to robot mode. "Any orders?"

"Join Blast and Boom at the remote detonation site. And see if you can calm Boom down." Skyre replies.

"Affirmative, sir. Roar out." Roar proceeds to transform into ATV form and head towards the site.

"Crack, transform and head to sub-orbital altitude. I want you to keep an eye on these Aerialbot fellows. I don't trust this Slipstream fellow, and that Silverbolt guy seems to be running the show, although he is under some sort of influence from Slipstream. Just observe and radio back to me on this private channel periodically," Skyre requests to Crack, now wandering around the perimeter of the facility.

"Roger," says Crack, melancholily, "but if we need to bust heads, you know who to call first!"

"Roger that, Crack," Skyre says. "So how about it, Rodimus? Blow the facility?"

2003-01-15, 09:43 PM
"Maybe I'll blow you up instead, you fool," Rodimus said in a low voice.
"You and your team are a blight on the Autobots. You have no right to wear that badge. I might not agree with Prime, and he may have made the first strike, but we are still Autobots, and killing innocent civilians is not the Autobot way, and it especially isn't mine.

Rodimus was so angry that his optics were blazing.

"Now get out of my sight, before I do something I might regret."

Rodimus made to walk away, then stopped.

"And before you go, you can remove all the bombs you've planted here."

Quick Switch
2003-01-15, 10:01 PM
The supervisor scratched his head.

"So, wait, you're not from Prime's army?"

The administrator said quietly,

"I don't care who they are now, I just want them to go, and take that psychotic combiner team with them! I'll declare this depot an Open Zone, if it'll help end the suffering!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-15, 10:01 PM
Grimlock stood solemn, the carnage was not what he wanted, despite his warrior's heart, this devastation was un-neccessary.

"Rodimus right, you not autobot, you got more in common with Quintessons, mindless destruction. You not welcome here, me Grimlock suggest you leave before you forced to."

Grimlock brandished his rocket launcher, motioning for the two factory workers to seek cover, in case these new robots were stupid enough to confront the two autobot powers.

Quick Switch
2003-01-15, 10:05 PM
The depot officials carefully moved out from between the two parties and watched a few feet away per Grimlock's body language to take cover.

2003-01-15, 11:27 PM
Scattershot, having landed and transformed, folded his arms over his chest; his acid pellet rifle jutted above his shoulder. Strafe and Nosecone hurried along in their task of loading the energon into Air Raid and Fireflight. Scattershot simply watched, supervising, and made a conscious resolution to not acknowledge the presence of the unfamiliar members. For now, at least.

"I wonder where Lightspeed is," Nosecone pondered sluggishly.

"Ah, you know him," Strafe replied. "He's probably off polishin' himself in front of a mirror or somethin'."

Lightspeed was never known to do such things, of course. Strafe just likes talking.


I wasn't meant for a soldier's life. I mean, it's easy for them to brush it off and act like savages. They're all old hands at this, and the other Technobots are roughnecks.

Lightspeed walked along slowly, trying his best to dodge the scattered rubble left behind by his associates. It wasn't that the path was necessarily rough, but it is difficult to make it far quickly when one is gawking at every inch of terrain on each side...

Not me. I'm a thinker. Look at me - out here at some harmless warehouse, pillaging like a brute, when I should be in a laboratory working out equations. That's what I was made to do! I...

For a moment, there was optic contact. Or at least, there should have been. Those staring at Lightspeed from the ground were blackened, the nearby mouth screaming a silent plea for salvation. An arm stretched forth, nearly touching Lightspeed's foot. The corpse ended abruptly and jaggedly at the waist. Lightspeed was taken aback, but could momentarily not help staring.

I just don't know what to think. Nosecone was right, I suppose. I should have just quit while I had the chance. But I couldn't leave the Technobots to fight by themselves. They need me...

He looked up. Atop one of the lower buildings was a cylinder, a tower to cool energon for long-term storage, marked with a maroon Autobot symbol. It should have been red, of course, but blast marks scorched its once shining surface. The tower nodded back and forth loosely; all that suspended it was one cable remaining intact on its cradle. And then, as though it had been waiting for Lightspeed's attention to die, it broke. The tower crashed down onto the building and burst into flames. The roof collapsed, neatly containing the inferno, but the horror was not to be restrained.

No! I can't! All my life, I've been living for the Technobots. This and that, never any happiness because they need me. No more! So Rodimus didn't want this to happen. I know that. But... I just can't live alongside this brand of killers. I--

Lightspeed could not move. He looked at the ground, finding his leg ensnared in the desperate grip of a crippled worker. The two stared at each other silently for a moment. Lightspeed never realized that the other mech was, in fact, trying to stop him from surely robbing the plant with his friends. Lightspeed grunted painfully, and finally swooped down, took the worker in his arms, and dashed off.

"Don't worry, I'll get you outta here!"

2003-01-15, 11:40 PM
Blaster now began to relay the message to Vortex and Blast-Off "Mission accomplished boys head home"

Karandras watched the human 20th century space craft and heli-copter come in and scan.

"Hmmm" he said looking over everything else noticing one of the attacking Gestalt coming towards him, Crack. "Did they spot me? No probably not and even so only 1 would be no threat to deal with."

Quick Switch
2003-01-16, 12:54 AM
"Nice work Lightspeed!" Vortex chortled as he flew away, "too bad you and your buddies didn't save some more of these guys before your crazy friends over there killed most of 'em! Hah, hah! Technobot losers!"

Blast Off silently chuckled to himself. The introspective Lightspeed-most of the Technobots really- were an excercise in caricature, spawned as the bastard children of Grimlock. Yet there they were, trying to make a difference amongst the chaos they caused. Blast Off suspected that a few of them had killed some workers simply by following orders. He laughed. The Autobots were pieces of work, in the truest sense.

"Acknowledged, Blaster," the shuttle replied to the message. Blast Off smoothly coasted on impulse power alone, arced back down, then flew the rest of the way on medium engine power back to Iacon.

2003-01-17, 01:42 AM
"Whoa, Grimlock, buddy," Skyre said calmly, even though his cardio-gyros were spinning out of control, "keep cool, man. No need to pull out the heavy artillery. We're all allies here working towards the same goal." Skyre's private channel buzzer started ringing.

"...Crack to Skyre, Crack to Skyre, do you read me, Skyre?" Crack's voice sounded over the comm. link.

"Roger that, Crack. Any news to report?" Skyre inquired.

"Sir, I have encountered an unknown contact. He's seen me, but I've not made audial contact, yet. Orders, sir?" Crack replied.

"Make neutral contact. Start no conflict but offer no friendship. Radio back with any new developments." Skyre ordered.

"Roger that, sir. Crack out," Crack replied.

Crack headed towards Kanandras. "State your name and business, in the name of the Strikebots," Crack said, almost like an official, "and be warned our wrath is swift and harsh."

2003-01-17, 02:50 AM
Karandras shook his head at the Autobot.

"From what I can tell the only thing your wrath is harsh too is civilians you idiot. Now why don't you run back to Rodimus down there cause unlike civilians I fight back and don't push over easy."

Karandras didn't speed up or slow down just kept slowly moving in circles scanning the destroyed area over. "Well they know I am here now" Karandras muttered.

Bluestreak turned around "Wonder where Prowl went" he asked allowed. He hadn't seen him since Skywarp came.

He spun around to face the console again still on from when the Aerialbots came with their friend. "Wonder where everyone went"

Ratchet now finally had time to move out and get to the fallen Sky Lynx. He pressed the side of the door the damaged peice sliding up a kit with all the tools in his hand.

"Abnormally hot in here wond..... What in the name of Primus is that" He cried looking at the red bird within Skylynx.

2003-01-17, 10:15 AM
Woken up by Ratchet's scream Blaze turns her head to the medic. "I was wondering when one of you boys would show up. My name is Blaze" she said in a friendly tone. "And you are?"

2003-01-17, 02:22 PM
"Rodimus to Air Raid, how's the loading coming on? As soon as it's complete, I want you two to head back to Metroplex with the energon. Grimlock and I will finish things up here."

He switched to another channel.

"That applies to your men also, Scattershot."

Rodimus started walking forwards, threatingly.
"I've told you before. We are no allies. Now leave, before I give Grimlock permission to tear you into little pieces."

2003-01-18, 08:37 AM
"We're nearly done here," AirRaid commed back to Rodimus. He and Fireflight were sitting on the ground in jet modes while the others went about loading the energon into them. "A couple more minutes and we'll be on our way."


Meanwhile, Silverbolt, Slingshot and Skydive were still circling overhead, keeping a close watch on the other Strikebots. "Slipstream, can you keep an eye on that one going sub-orbital?" Silverbolt commed the black starfighter.

"No worries," Slipstream commed back, "I'll make sure he doesn't get the drop on ya or anything." She ignited her thrusters and headed upwards at a steep angle, quickly gaining altitude. "Seems like our little friend has found someone else to bother for the moment, anyway," she commed back to Silverbolt, after spotting Crack heading towards Karandras. "I'll keep an eye on 'em both and let y'know if anything happens."

2003-01-18, 09:01 AM
A screen on the upper left corner of the main one which was locked on to Crack flickered on and showed the approaching Slipstream.

"Two of them? How did I miss that radio for back-up?" he asked himself opening all channels he can access listening for transmissions.

Two verse one? This could be fun if things go my way He thought keeping check on where they both were according to his position.

2003-01-20, 04:08 PM
With the last two cubes loaded into Air Raid's hold, Strafe slapped the hatch shut with an enthusiastic shout. Nosecone methodically rubbed his hands together.

"All done, boss!" Strafe cried.

"Scattershot to Rodimus Convoy," the Technobot leader called. "Energon loading complete. Ready to move out on your order."

2003-01-20, 09:33 PM
Rodimus nodded tersely. Despite being far from happy with the situation, they had what they came for.
"Acknowledged Scattershot. Autobots, prepare to return to Metroplex."

With the order given, he turned to Grimlock.

"Well old friend, we've done what we came to do. Now, we best go. Once we're in comms range, order Metroplex onto full alert. Just in case certain undesirables follow us back."

The rebel leader turned, and walked towards the entrance, when he nearly stumbled over something. He glanced down, and saw the body of one of the workers caught in the blasts of the rogue gestalt. Kneeling, he pressed the release catch on the fallen worker's chestplate. Inside, the spark was glowing a sickly purple colour, signifying an energon leak somewhere in the chest cavity. Rodimus's expert eye saw the problem in an instant, and he used his wrist lasers to weld the ruptured energon pipeline back together. Soon, the spark was once again shining normally.

Closing the chestplate, Rodimus picked up the fallen robot, and carried him easily over to the administrator, and laid him at his feet.

"One of your men. He's alive, but he needs time to recover. I'm deeply sorry about what came to pass here today."

Without another word, Rodimus turned, and transformed into vehicle mode.

"Autobots. Let's roll for home!"

Quick Switch
2003-01-20, 09:45 PM
The administrator nodded slightly in return at Convoy's comment.

"Doesn't mean much now, but at least he said something," he muttered.

The supervisor crouched down to the fallen worker.

"Boss, that leader put this loader back together OK. We should start cleaning up."

"Yeah," the administrator nodded, "yeah. Let's start up on the cleaning operation."

And with that, the workers of Energon Depot Gamma slowly began to put the shattered facility together.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-20, 10:54 PM
"We didn't do what we set out, but end result the same. Stupid bots almost cost us our reputation as good guys..."

Grimlock transformed to his lumbering T-Rex mode and made for the exit of the compound.

2003-01-20, 11:05 PM
"But...but...Rodimus...I...never..." it was too late. Rodimus was out of audial range. "Roar! Start helping these workers clean this mess up. Salvage every last possible worker. I want this place to be back to normal as soon as possible. Boom, Blast, help Roar in whatever he needs, and keep your explosives away from this place. If a firecracker goes off in this place from now on I will PERSONALLY rip out your optics!"

I...didn't...how could I have done this?! What was I thinking?! I must make amends...

"Crack! What's your status?" commed Skyre on Strikebot private frequency.

"Well, sir, the contact is NOT friendly, but not hostile. I've also managed to pick up a little tag-along," said Crack as he gave a sharp glance towards Slipstream's general direction, "but no worries," he said now over general Autobot frequency, "I can handle her if she tries anything....funny. As for this Kanandras, I'm not sure what to think..."

"Tell that Kanandras guy you are too busy for his antics and make contact with Slipstream. Find out as much as you can about Kanandras and if necessary, destroy him," said Skyre coldly.

Great...more destruction on our part...

"ROAR! How are repairs coming along with the facility? Do I need to speak with the administrator?

2003-01-20, 11:42 PM
Karandras wasn't down this time he caught this transmission from Crack.

"Oooh gonna kill me eh? Well come on then make it quick I still have to find that one Decepticon and finish what we started"
Karandras stood up in the ship walking over to the equipment putting it on.

"Computer transform" Karandras said and the ship unfolded into the robot mode pulling the large gun that was on the roof of the ship now on the back of the robot, off the back and pulling it infront of him holding it upright as it changed into a scythe.

"Come on then you silly transformer come and get me, come and destroy me" the robot was now speaking, Karandras voice with
robotic overtone.

He spread his legs apart as he hovered in air grabbing the lower half of the scythe ready to strike.

2003-01-21, 12:55 AM
Crack took off like a rocket towards Slipstream. "Slipstream, come on. I know we've had our differences, but we need to cooperate on this one. This Kanandras guy is getting really testy. I can have reinforcements here in 5 minutes if need be. We GOTTA take this guy out, I mean, he's a Decepticon for the love of Primus!!!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-21, 01:08 AM
Prowl rejoined Bluestreak in the Comms tower.

"Any word back yet from Rodimus?"

Prowl was slightly un-easy that there'd been no word from his commander.

2003-01-21, 01:28 AM
Bluestreak looked back from the scanner to which he was just staring at not really watching.

"Ummm nope nothing yet, where did you go?" Bluestreak asked.

"Oooo Reinforcements? Goody!" Karandras said with glee as he slowly moved after the Autobot gestalt member and Slipstream.

"A decepticon? Riiight see any insignias? Do you have a malfunction in your logics circuits or are you blessed with a lack of such circuits to begin with?" Karandras called to the fleeing transformer.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-21, 01:45 AM
"After Skywarp took the cog I ran some chceks on Metroplex, looked through a few logs, y'know..."

Prowl opened a frequency to Rodimus Convoy.

**Rodimus, this is Prowl, I trust all went well**

Prowl sat down in a chair, he was almost as bored to tears as Bluestreak was.

2003-01-21, 01:51 AM
Bluestreak nodded to Prowl "Ooooh. You know what this place needs some sort of entertainment. I know it is meant for battle and stuff but when there is no battle it is just so dull. No energon bar, no entertainment just work... it's so dull"

2003-01-21, 09:36 AM
Slipstream banked off to one side and climbed away from the approaching Crack. "Sorry mate, you're on your own for this one. I generally don't shoot at people unless I'm -sure- they're a Con, which this guy doesn't seem to be."

2003-01-21, 01:30 PM
Rodimus was driving along, some distance behind the Technobots, and even further behind the Aerialbots. Grimlock was flying in robot mode above him.

"Rodimus to Prowl. We have the energon we needed. We also ran into some new... trouble, which scuppered the raid some. The Aerialbots will be arriving at Metroplex shortly. Have the energon unloaded and delivered to the reactor rooms ASAP. Oh, and gather any troops left there for a meeting. Let Scattershot and Silverbolt know when they arrive too."

He switched frequencies, to talk with Grimlock.

"Grimlock. What do you think Optimus's next move will be? Will he attack Metroplex?"

2003-01-21, 09:32 PM
"Uhh...uhh...uhh..." Crack stammered, dazed, and feeling betrayed. In desperation he radioed Skyre. "Skyre! Skyre! I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!"

"What is it Crack?" Skyre radioed back on Strikebot private frequency. "What seems to be the problem, now?"

"This Kanandras fella just went into full out attack mode because I got a little stern with him. What should I do?" Crack replied. His voice sounded a little shaky.

"GET OUT OF THERE, NOW!!! YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T TAKE A FORCE LIKE THAT BY YOURSELF!!!" Skyre said, very worried about his little ally. "See if you can escape into space if you need a place to hide out for a while, then circle back to us."

"R-roger that, Skyre. Crack out." Crack replied.

Crack flew into the outer atmosphere and entered sub-orbital idle.
"I'll just hang out here for a while, see if he just leaves..." Crack said to himself.

2003-01-22, 12:19 AM
Karandras laughed at Slipstream and Crack.

"Never have I seen transformers been such wusses" The Phoenix lord "And just because I bear no Decepticon symbol doesn't mean I Won't butcher you at my first opportunity"

Karandras looked at the fleeing Autobots then at the ground where the other stood, Skyre and the rest of his crew.
"Have fun hiding, I've got bigger things to do" He began to decend down ready to attack the Autobots below.

Quick Switch
2003-01-22, 02:17 AM
The administrator turned at the Strikebot's appearance.

"No, we don't need or want your help damnit! Just go!"

2003-01-22, 09:37 PM
Ratchet watched Blaze "I am calling security that's who I am" he said.

"Metroplex security to Sky Lynx immediately please we have an intruder!"

2003-01-23, 03:20 AM
"Crack to Skyre, Crack to Skyre...WATCH OUT!!! An enemy approaches!!!" Crack screamed in his comm. "WATCH OUT!!!"

"Huh...?" Skyre looked toward the sky and saw Kanandras descending upon him and his fellow Strikebots. "Oh, crap... look what I've done, now..."

"Crack attack from above, see if you can flank him," Skyre said on Stikebot private channel, "do anything you can to buy us some time. If all else fails let him tail you for a while..."

"GREAT!" Crack said to himself. "Decoy duty AGAIN!!!"

"ROAR, BLAST, BOOM, TAKE EVASIVE ACTION, WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!" Skyre screamed to his ground-borne allies. Roar immediatly started firing long range missles at Kanandras from his missle turret mounted on the top of him in ATV mode. Skyre, Blast, and Boom all transformed into vehicle modes and sped away in the direction that they had seen Rodimus and company go. "Rodimus! Rodimus!" screamed Skyre over general Autobot frequency, "Autobots under attack near Energon Depot Gamma!!! Requesting backup. Attacker identified as Kanandras. Please respond!!!"

2003-01-23, 03:29 AM
Karandras was amused that they would try to use something other then a laser weapon on him. He just looked behind him where one of the last standing pieces of the energone depot stood and then grinned.

"Oops" Karandras said to himself sliding to the side at a high speed as the missle soared past towards the tower. "Great shot idiot" Karandras yelled as he continued to descend towards the rest of the Strikebots.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-23, 10:57 AM
"Prime might be a fool but he not got a death-wish, he knows that we supported by Thunderwing. Me doubt he would strike against us at Metroplex, perhaps he wait and see what our next move is. News of this slaughter no doubt reached Iacon by now though, perhaps he just biding his time?"

Grimlock wasn't really sure what was happening, he was mulling things over in his head trying to think of where they can go next and how best to achieve their ultimate goal.


Prowl looked over his shoulder at Bluestreak

"Yeah kid, I know, sometimes you just gotta be patient."

2003-01-23, 12:42 PM
Slipstream continued to circle high above Karandras and the Strikebots, highly amused by the whole affair. "Hey, Silverbolt," she commed to the Aerialbot leader, "some bot is attacking those Strikebot gestalt guys... ask Roddy if he wants me to help out one or the other, or if we should just leave 'em to their fun."

Silverbolt sounded somewhat surprised, but quickly relayed the message on to Rodimus.

2003-01-23, 01:02 PM
"Intruder is not the right word. Involuntary stowaway is more accurate. I didn't WANT to be here, but since something moved this ship rather abruptly I got stuck inside. I am not hostile, unless someone provokes me" Blaze replied as she transformed to her robot form. "You seem to be a medic or mechanic, judging by the coloring of your uniform. If you would be so kind as to let me pass, you can start fixing the damage inside the ship. I'll wait outside the ship for the guards to take me away" she said as she stared directly at Ratchet.

2003-01-23, 04:47 PM
Ratchet stepped aside motioning for her to get out. "Well come one move quickly then you're wasting valuable time which I could be using to fix this big lug"

Bluestreak hummed leaning the chair he was in back causing the fron parts to raise up as he put his feet down on the desk infront of him.

2003-01-23, 04:57 PM
Blaze quickly stepped outside Sky Lynx and waited for the security detail to show up. "One thing, the damage inside that thing is from a bomb" she says as she passes Ratchet.

2003-01-23, 06:49 PM
Rodimus frowned slightly.
"I told you before. You're no Autobot. You're on your own here pal," Rodimus replied to the gestalt leader, before contacting Silverbolt.

"Negative Silverbolt. Tell Slipstream to return to base."

The convoy continued on it's path for home.

2003-01-24, 02:03 AM
"Roger that," Silverbolt replied to Rodimus' comm. "Slipstream, Rodimus says to return to base."

"Gotchya, I'll be there asap." The black starfighter circled around one more time before arrowwing off in the direction of Metroplex, engine flares glowing bright blue.

By the time she arrived back, the rest of the Aerialbots had already landed and were helping to unload the energon. Slipstream dove in, transformed, and dropped down to land neatly nearby.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-27, 09:22 PM
Prowl cringed as the chair creeked.

"Bluestreak, I've just received a security call from Ratchet, as you're SO bored, you wanna go check it out? I can monitor the energy storage from here."


Grimlock walked back up Metroplex's main ramp, Convoy not far behind.

"With Prime in mood he is, me not be surprised if he come after us now..."

2003-01-28, 06:14 AM
Bluestreak nodded to Prowl "On it!" he eagerly jumped out of the chair and made his way down to where they.... Ratchet was repairing Sky-lynx.

It took him a few minutes to get there stopping and peering at Blaze "Erm... are you the intruder?"

2003-01-28, 12:22 PM
"Perhaps you're right," Rodimus replied, transforming into robot mode.
"We should prepare for that eventuality anyway. Have Prowl bring our long range sensors up to full strength. I want to know the moment his force enters range. For now, I'm going to order Metroplex onto full alert.

"Metroplex, full alert mode. I want you to be ready to transform as soon as I give the word."
"OK Rodimus, bringing systems online now. But can you get the Aerialbots to hurry with that electron?"
"I'll see what I can do."

"Rodimus to Silverbolt. How's the unloading coming along?"

2003-01-28, 06:03 PM
Bluestreak: "Erm... are you the intruder?"

Blaze in turn looked at Bluestreak. Only one guard? Either he's alot stronger then he looks, or he has no idea what he's dealing with.
"I take it you are the security detail? Allow me to introduce myself. Blaze of the Elementals. Technically you could consider me an intruder. However, I didn't come here by my own free will, nor am I planning to cause any trouble" Not until my sisters show up anyway she thought. "I'm more of a reluctant stowaway. I was inside that ship" she motions to Sky Lynx. "When someone or something abruptly moved it before I could leave. You can rest assured that I am no threat to you, unless someone provokes me that is. If you wish to lock me in the brig, I'll go along willingly. Ropes won't work, as you can imagine" she replies to Bluestreak. Her face had a friendly look.

2003-01-29, 01:26 AM
Bluestreak nodded "Alright then too the brig, I'm Bluestreak. Are you with Prime still? Are you even a Transformer. If you are with Prime is he really lost it as much as it seems?" Bluestreak let his mouth run as he waited for Blaze to move infront of him.

Ratchet groaned as he looked over the scarred inside of Sky-Lynx.

"Well I'll be a decepticon. That... what ever that was was right a bomb not an attack"

Ratchet shook his head walking into the cock-pit looking around shaking his head then taking a seat in one of the chairs.

"Alright now is better then ever" he reaches down pulling out some sore of welding tool and begining to de-tach the panel at the front of the cock-pit to get into the Transformers head.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-01-29, 01:33 AM
"Acknowledged Rodimus"

Prowl set Metroplex's scanners to maximum range.

"Rodimus, it would appear we've had a security breach in the repair bay. Bluestreak's on the case, just to let you know."


Grimlock trudged into Metroplex. Part of him had hoped that the rogue group of Autobots had followed them, just so he could blast them out of the sky, part of him was glad they hadn't.

For the same reason.

2003-01-29, 05:16 AM
"Silverbolt to Rodimus, we're just shifting the last of it now," the Aerialbot leader commed back to Rodimus. "What would you like us to do next?"

2003-01-29, 12:54 PM
Bluestreak:Are you with Prime still? Are you even a Transformer. If you are with Prime is he really lost it as much as it seems?"

Blaze started walking in front of Bluestreak "Pleased to meet you Bluestreak. I'll answer those questions in order. Am I with Prime's side? Yes, I have sworn loyalty to him and that vow is only ended in death, his or mine. Am I a Transformer? If that is the name for beings who inhabit this plane, then yes. This world is my homeworld, according to my previous master, Malzra. And sofar we have found no evidence to prove that this is not our homeworld. As for Prime's mental state.. I do not know how he has acted in the past. He seems determined to destroy this 'Thunderwing' but he was willing to talk of peace with your lord Rodimus, even though that ment allowing Thunderwing to live and grow stronger" she answers.

2003-01-29, 04:31 PM
Bluestreak began to follow Blaze not pulling any hand held weapon out his shoulder mounted cannons were more then enough.

"Oh... I made that alliegence but I was promised a stop to all war by Rodimus and I came here it just seemed that with Prime the war was never ending and I just couldn't take it. Too many memories"

2003-01-29, 07:15 PM
Well...that's it then... Skyre thought to himself. We're fighting this one by ourselves again...damn my bullheadedness and eagerness for action...


"Roger that, Skyre!" said the rest of the Strikebots in unison over the comm.

All of the Strikebots transformed into vehicle mode and started firing at Kanandras with all they had.

Just then, Crack came blazing down out of sub-orbital flight, transformed into robot mode, and jumped on Kandras's back. "BRAGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Remember me?!" He started hacking away at Kanandras with an AT-Field generated sword.

2003-01-29, 07:17 PM
"I know the feeling I think. I've spent 200 human years in service of Malzra. 200 years preparing for the decisive battle. Malzra planned that attack to the tiniest detail, attempting to minimize casualties. Now, I like a good fight, but towards the end, I was growing sick of it. The Phyrexians just kept on coming and coming, when we defeated the strikeforce that was invading Dominaria, things only got worse... That demon Yawgmoth had been preparing as well, and what an extensive and deadly strategy it was. He literally attempted to MERGE the plane of Rath, where he had millions of his soldiers stationed, with the plane of Dominaria we were desperatly defending. The casualties were unfathomable. I was surprised to find anything left alive after that planeshift ended. And to think that THAT wasn't even the worst he had in store.." Blaze replied, her voice trembling towards the end.

2003-01-29, 11:41 PM
Karandras took several of the hits plus the one landing on his back and just feel to the ground with a loud crash into the surface.

"Unnnngh, attack from behind" he murmured with in the suit wincing as the pain racke dthrough his body. "Status?"

The computer beeped for a few seconds then responded "Minor damage to Back and Chest areas thrusters down auto-repair underway"

Karandras just groaned he was grounded in this battle not what he enjoyed.

"Oh well here we go" he said to himself pushing himself up then to his feet. "Where... ahh there" he turned his head to the wraith bone weapon he used it was a fair distance away... no matter he extended his hand out and with a thought the weapon flew back into his grip.

He pointed the weapon down wards the butt end of the weapon pressing up to the back of his arm. He then movies one leg forward and pushes off with the other one hunching over to lower resistance as he runs making his way to the oncoming Autbots.

He changes course running towards rubble of the energon facility jumping on to it then jumping off of that getting back to the same height as Crack and then a bit higher doing a flipe and curling up. Reaching the peak of the jump he uncurls right a Crack and comes down straight at him one leg up the other leg going straight for the head his arms spread out.

StoneCold Skywarp
2003-02-06, 09:31 PM
Thread to be continued in Chapter 4 - Clash of the Titans