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StoneCold Skywarp
2002-12-27, 10:26 PM
Teratron dispatched General Hatemunger with friendly human allies to Earth to remove the Autobots, possibly with excessive force...

2002-12-27, 11:55 PM
Hatemonger watched the view of space pass by as the Decepticons traveled to Earth and thought.

I hope this mission will be a success, but why did the Autobots strike first? It is not in their nature to break treaties something must not be right, Prime would have at least told us of the Insecticons actions. Hmm this will need to be looked into at Earth..

He leaned back and relaxed slightly waiting for the ship to arrive at Earths atmosphere.

2002-12-29, 07:26 AM
The Conquesticons' shuttle floated above the ocean, safely hidden from the Autobots' view.
In the rear compartment, Chancre finished patching up Overkill's wing.
"There you go, good as new," he said.
Death Knell and Stryfe sat in the shuttle's cockpit, watching the Autobots through the shuttle's sensors.
Why haven't they left yet? Death Knell thought, what's going on here that I'm not seeing?

2002-12-29, 12:58 PM
Kal looked up at Hatemonger. He could see he was looking a bit uneasy.

"What is wrong Hatemonger. You seem puzzled!"

2002-12-29, 01:12 PM
"Nothing Kal." Hatemonger replied.

"Just analyzing the situation." He added.

RVZ Prime
2002-12-30, 10:29 PM
"Thank you, Chancre. Flying without a wing would have been very hard for me. I'll be heading back to the cockpit now."

Overkill gets up and heads for the cockpit. He arraives in the cockpit and sees that Death Knell and Stryfe are watching their monitors closely.

"So. Anything new happening on this mud ball?. I am getting really bored. There used to be alot of things happening in the old days, but at the moment, it way to quiet on this planet. Sure, the Dinobots were a nice distraction, but nothing else has happened since then" Overkill said.

Lord Zarak
2003-01-01, 12:53 PM
"Analyzing the situation? Bah!" said Overlord. He strode over to Hatemonger.
"When are going to fight? Earth is ours. We should protect it with all means neccessary!"

2003-01-02, 09:20 AM
Death Knell replied to Overkill.
"Those Autobots didn't just come here to stop us. They're up to something, I'm sure of it. And when they act, we'll be ready for them. Trust me, things will start happening again very quickly. The battle for Earth is only just beginning."

2003-01-03, 03:02 AM
Hatemonger looked up at Overlord.

"Analyzing it yes, why would the Autobots attack? They would be the last to break the truce, something is not right and I do not need to be bringing one back in a casket. Whatever it was Autobot or possibly something else wiped out all of the Insecticons. We need to use a degree of caution, perhaps small but there never the less." He said looking out the window.

"When we arrive on Earth I want us to split into two teams. Myself, Cyrotek and the Battlecons, the other will be commanded by Blitzwing and Overlord, Disorder, Kal and the Iron Wolves will follow him. Is this understood, and Blitzwing do you feel up to the task if not I will have Overlord command?" Hatemonger asked.

2003-01-04, 01:25 AM
Darkside: So he will at least want prisoners, eh? "Outlaw, Roadkill, how are you two at prisoner aquisition?"

Outlaw: Well, naturally, I could stun him with my Tesla Coil, but it's so much more fun to screw around with his micro-processors using microwaves and EMP.

Roadkill: "That doesn't guarantee that the subjuct survives. I recomend sawing off some limb to prevent said prisoner from hurting himself."

Darkside: "By 'hurting himsef', you mean 'flying off the handle and getting blown apart by Yellowjacket', right?"

Roadkill: "Exactly."

Darkside: "I like it."

2003-01-04, 01:34 AM
Sixblade looked at the Battlecons.

"Myself I like to shatter joints." He took Darksides arm and carfully and slowly moved through a series of motions.

"Any of those will keep you foe from trying to fight you." He smiled "I also know countless more moves if you wish me to show you." he said.

Deadshot sounded cold and errie again, "I like to shoot prisoners in the non-vital areas so they suffer as they are captured like the scum they are."

Mowdown of course was far from everyone elses view.
"Prisoners slag that I say mow em down anyway! Sides the less prisoners the less paperwork!"

2003-01-04, 04:36 PM
Blitzwing strode onto the main deck of the shuttle, and sized up the new Decepticon warriors. The Iron Wolves, he knew a little of. A military unit, capable and experienced, much like himself. Darkside's troops, he wasn't so sure of. He knew nothing about them, and in his eyes, lacked experience. As for Kal, he wondered why Hatemonger didn't just crush the fleshling when he had the chance.

He walked up to Hatemonger.
"Hey boss, what's the plan of action once we get to Earth? I dunno, but these Autobots aren't likely to be too happy about letting us run amok again."

2003-01-04, 05:37 PM
Hatemonger spoke to Blitzwing, in a tone of a commander to a capable and strong subordinate. He stood up to address Blitzwing and everyone else on teh shuttle.

"When we get to Earth, we will try and reason with the Autobots. Simply put, if they attack us then they have completely shattered the treaty. Once they do that we can use any force we deem as needed. I will give the Autobots a chance to explain their actions." he looked at everyone in the room.

"We know from experance how the insecticons tended to do things they really should not, so I would not be amazed if they treaded somewhere they were not suppose to." He paused for a moment and collected his thoughts.

"Also, we broke into two command units to make leadership a lot easier. When I first returned to Cybertron with the Decepticon forces commanding several gestalt teams and my men got to be a bit tedious. This way we can work together as well as attack from multiple angles without me trying to cordinate the entire assult. This is something I think you will be most capable of Blitzwing." He smiled then looked at Railgun and Doubleshot.

"I am going to try and see what else these minicons do. Using them during the battle with Unicron, I felt like a new con. I only wonder what else they can do and I will try to keep them safe myself." He said.

"Now is there any questions? Oh one last thing, I am not sure if there are any other Decepticon forces in or around Earth but it can't hurt for us to keep an eye out for them. Snake, Fadakki *Pardon my misspelling* were there any other Decepticon troops on Earth when you left?" He asked and sat back down.

Lord Zarak
2003-01-04, 07:50 PM
"If we are to ask the Autobots their reasons for their apparant unprovoked attack, will you designate some negotiators? They could approach the Autobots without arms." said Disorder.

"We could locate their position, and strategically place ourselves, so that in the event of a further unprovoked attack, we can provide covering fire, to protect the negotiator"
Overlord basically spat out the last word. He wanted to attack the Autobots hard, fast, to destroy them. Earth was Decepticon territory. He wanted it to stay as such.

2003-01-04, 08:55 PM
Hatemonger looked at Overlord.

"I see your concern and I wish to slag the Autobots as much as you, but we must prove ourselves the better transformer. We at least keep our word. Besides any Autobots attack then we have tried all we could diplomatically. Do any of you have the capablity to record our meeting with the Autobots?" He asked.

He then looked at Disorder.

"Your logic makes perfect sense, we will decide that when the time comes." Hatemonger said to the large transformer.

Lord Zarak
2003-01-05, 01:56 PM
Disorder nodded his acknowledgement, whereas Overlord just glared.
"As you wish, Hatemonger. As you wish."

2003-01-05, 03:33 PM
Hatemonger looked at Overlord and smiled.

"Look at it like this, if the Autobots attack you can slag as many as you want I won't even try to stop you, letting loose the hounds of war as they say." He smiled evilly.

Quick Switch
2003-01-05, 03:59 PM
The shuttle broke through the boundaries of the Sol System...

Fakkadi turned and addressed Hatemunger...

"No, General. The Insecticons were the only Decepticons present, and they have been destroyed."

2003-01-05, 04:22 PM
Hatemonger looked at Fakkadi.

"Thank you sir." He addressed the military leader and turned back to the Decepticons.

2003-01-05, 05:13 PM
Cyrotek stood tall, he had been quiet for most of the trip. Much of what he would have said was already said. Still he had some thoughts on his mind.

Can we trust the humans, did the Autobots really attack the Insecticons, is this maybe a trap or a trick to make the Decepticons look bad?" he wondered.

I will just have to keep my optics peeled and make sure nothing happens to anyone if I can help it.

He then spoke up.

"Do any of the Battlecons know how to rig simple technology my targetmaster bird Ciro could easily be give a monitor and recorder of sorts by modifiying his logic functions slightly if anyone would like to assist me in installing one?" he asked.

Lord Zarak
2003-01-06, 11:44 AM
Overlord smiled.
"I'll qoute you on that, Hatemonger."

2003-01-06, 04:12 PM
"Fine by me. He looked at everyone on board. However, we the glorious Decepticons will not fire the first shot, let the Autobots." Hatemonger smiled.

"Promise me this, as I said before if they attack destory as many as you wish." He smiled.

Cyrotek stood up.

"I'll do as you say, however the first Autobot that fires is a dead Autobot." He sneered.

Deadshot and Mowdown seemed a little unhappy about being told to hold their fire.

"Well if it's needed, yes sir." Deadshot sighed.

"Awww, but yes sir." Mowdown frowned.

"I don't use guns anyway." Sixblade smiled.

2003-01-06, 07:32 PM
Darkside: "Simple technology? Yeah, that bird is simple. And nothing compared to a Hydran spy-drone. Any of us could make the adjustiments, except maybe Yellowjacket."

Yellowjacket: "Heh heh heh..."

Darkside: "He barbecued and ATE the last drone we let him use."

Roadkill: "I could make a few improvements to that thing myself."

Darkside: "Good idea. Give Roadkill the bird."

Roadkill: "Excuse me?"

Darkside: "I mean, let him see the target-master."

(Roadkill's handy-dandy toolkit for the mechanic on the go is out and ready. He is fully capable of transforming target-master into a complex spy machine.)

2003-01-06, 08:21 PM
Cryotek looked at the Battlecons.

"Ciro see the Battlecons and shut yourself down, they will take care of you." He said petting his targetmaster on the head.

Crio squaked and flew to Roadkill and powered down.

Cryotek walked over to Roadkill.

"Is he more advanced than you think be careful." and with that Cyrotek sat down, he realised he could have done the upgrades himself but why bother when he would get someone else to do it?

2003-01-06, 10:47 PM
(Behind his back, Roadkill mimics Cryotek's annoying arrogance and the other Battlecons laugh. Roadkill stops abruptly and grins. He doesn't say anything, but we can guess what's going on in his head.)

Roadkill: Such a low-tech machine... I will help you... Nyah ha ha ha ha ha haaa!!! :D :D :D

(Roadkill begins looking around :glance: at his fellow Battlecons. Grins are exchanged as they surround Roadkill, looking over his shoulders while he works.)

Roadkill: "Pish-posh and pockycock... Who built this thing? Doc Brown? Pass me the wire-sabers!"

Specter: "You mean the scissors, Roadkill?"

Roadkill: "Scissors? What happened to my- Oh, there they are."

(He whistles while he works, tells jokes, and mutters the occasional "Oops!" for effect. Specter also makes a grandstand of it all, providing sound effects and a few recordings of Vincent Price, morbid fellow that he is. Finally, after he is done 'hammering away'...)

Roadkill: "The operation is a success!

Darkside: "Success!"

Specter: "Success!"

Outlaw: "Nice work, doc."

(The target-master, Ciro, is now a fully-equipped spy-bird, none the worse for wear, and definitely better than Laserbeak or Buzzsaw. Attached to the bird's neck is a small notice: a bill. It reads, "Amount due for services: One arm and one leg.")

Roadkill: "Good service hardly comes cheap."

(And he knows what Cryotek will think of this. He won't want to pay. But if it's something you should never do, it is this: Never stiff a street doc.)

2003-01-06, 11:05 PM
Cyrotek glared at the Battlecons and was ready to storm over after taking the note and tearing it up when Hatemonger stopped him and looked at the Battlecons.

"Consider the upgrades a normal part of the service with the Decepticons." he smiled and held Cryotek back who finally relented ready to swat one of the battlecons.

2003-01-07, 07:53 PM
Blitzwing slammed his blade home into his scabbard loud enough to draw stares from the other Decepticons in the room, before stalking over to Hatemonger.
"Boss, what the hell are those scrap piles playing at?" he grumbled, gesturing to Darkside's troops.
"Too much rabble, that's the problem," the loudmouthed triple changer remonstrated, not really caring who heard him.

2003-01-07, 08:24 PM
Hatemonger looked at Blitzwing.

"They are the Battlecons, they have proven to be a very formiable team, albeit they are a bit young." He looked at the Battlecons and Blitzwing.

"I think they will be a good replacement for the sad actions of Bruticus. We will see on Earth. Otherwise Darkside, please attempt to keep your troops in order, I am happy in your teams mechanical skills but the jokes are unnesscary." He smiled.

"Besides Blitzwing, they are more than willing to attack once given the word. True soilders to the end." he laughed.

2003-01-07, 08:43 PM
(Roadkill chuckled a bit over Cryotek's reaction to the bill. He did that alot with 'customers', especially the ones who knew his reputation for collecting arms and legs. As for Hatemonger...)

Darkside: "Of course I will keep them in line. Right, guys?"

Other Battlecons: "Right."

(They give a sideways glance to Blitzwing and then ignore him. They know why he's angry. The Battlecons sit down and wait for the craft to land. Specter gets the idea of planting a holographic bullseye on Blitzwing's back, but he brushes the idea of with a "Naaah...")

2003-01-07, 08:54 PM
"Good," Blitzwing replied, casting a contemptuous glance at Darkside.
"Because this is our big chance to redeem ourselves and get a bit of a standing in the Decepticon army. I don't intend to foul it up."

Lord Zarak
2003-01-07, 10:36 PM
True soilders to the end."

"That remains to be seen" remonstrated Overlord.
"Until they have been in combat and taken an enemies life force, they are untested, unproven, and NEVER a soldier to the end."

2003-01-08, 03:16 AM
"I assume you were a rookie in our ranks once as well Overlord." Hatemonger said.

"This will be their chance." He nodded.

2003-01-08, 09:40 PM
Darkside: "Oh, don't worry yourself so much. Autobot compassion is a weakness that can always be counted on in a battle, so unlike the vicious killers that we see here. I'm sure that your many long years of experience have told you so."

(Blitzwing suddenly got the impression that he'd just been zinged.)

Darkside: " Can you not see it in your mind already? Can those who talk peace ever truly stand up to such 'cool, calculated bastards'? I think not."

Outlaw: "Where'd you pick that one up?"

Darkside: I read it somewhere.

2003-01-08, 11:45 PM
The pilot of the ship then announced to the entire crew, "Attention! We are now apporaching Earth!"

Snake stood up and looked out the viewport as the round blue marble of Earth appeared.

"Take us down", he said.

2003-01-09, 05:02 AM
An alarm on Stryfe's panel started blaring.
"What's going on?" Death Knell demanded.
Stryfe replied: "A ship just came into sensor range. I'm reading several Transformer life signs on board. Unfortunately, I can't tell how many." He looked at Death Knell, "More Autobots, perhaps?"
"Not likely," Death Knell responded. "They wupped us before. They don't need any more help for that. More likely, Decepticons, come to defend their world. But we'll soon find out. Raise the cloak, and power up the engines! We're going lurking."
He looked over his shoulder at Overkill. "Toldya things would start happening quickly, didn't I?"
The shuttle cloaked, and took off to watch the approaching vessel.

2003-01-09, 05:21 AM
Hatemonger looked at Earth.

What a pretty planet, pity we must wipe it out. He thought looking at it.


Overlord's words made the Iron Wolves remember their pasts.

Deadshot smiled.

"I remembered my first kill, shattered the Autobot's skull with one shot. He expression of shock on his dead face makes me laugh to this day." He smiled sadistically.

"I tore an Autobots oil line with my blades and watched as he twitched and spewed oil everywhere." Sixblade smiled.

"Umm I didn't see them die, I kinda blew them all up." Mowdown laughed.

Lord Zarak
2003-01-09, 12:38 PM
"This will be their chance."

"For our sakes, let us hope they do not fail."

2003-01-09, 01:47 PM
"We're now entering Earth orbit," Blitzwing reported, from the nav console he'd moved over to. I'm detecting the Autobot battleship Fortress Maximus still in orbit."

He punched a few keys, and turned to Hatemonger.

"I reckon it'd be best if we landed in Carbombya. We have the advantage of that Super Energon stuff there, and we can establish a base of operations."


"Vanguard..." Apollo said in a guarded voice, before transforming to satelite mode.
"Yes? What is it?"
"I'm detecting another ship entering orbit. Analysing now."
After a pause, he continued.
"Detecting twelve Transformer and several human lifesigns. I think it's the Decepticons."
"Fortress Maximus must be aware of it. I'll let him know."

Vanguard activated a nearby wall communicator.

"Vanguard to Fortress. We've detected a Decepticon shuttle entering orbit. Your orders?"

2003-01-09, 01:54 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Yes Blitzwing, that is a sound plan. As long as our humans companions do not mind?" He asked.

2003-01-09, 02:15 PM
"Of course not", Snake said. "In fact, that was where we were planning to go from the beginning. Pilot, take us down."

The ship began to descend to the planet.

2003-01-09, 03:35 PM
"Excellent." Hatemonger replied.

He sat down and watched the atmosphere as the ship began to desend.

2003-01-09, 08:21 PM
Bean thought he heard the Cosmobots discuss something, but he couldn't hear what.

"Hey, what's up!" he called from his vantage point on the floor. He wasn't sure if the Cosmobots heard him though.

2003-01-09, 08:35 PM
Thorr spun around at the voice, and glanced down at the floor.
"Decepticons, that's what. They've got as much right to be here as us. More even, because of that treaty, but I'll be damned if I like it. I just know they're up to no good."

Sun Runner nodded and turned to his comrade.

"Yes," he replied slowly. "They usually are. At least they're predictable in that sense."

Quick Switch
2003-01-09, 08:41 PM
"Well, General," Fakkadi said, turning in his seat to peer up at the massive Decepticon, now begins the need for 'aggressive negotiations' to remove the Autobots from Earth."

2003-01-09, 09:55 PM
Battlecons: "Excellent."

2003-01-09, 10:12 PM
"More Decepticons? Just what we don't need. First we got a bunch of bugs turning the White House into a snack, and then a three member Gestalt attacked the EDC base back there. What's next? Trypticon doing a Godzilla routine through Tokyo?" Bean remarked, more a comment then a question.

2003-01-10, 04:22 AM
"Yes Faddaki, I shall begin them." He told the Earthen leader.

he stepped to a communication control and opened a frequency on many channels to reach the Autobots.

"Autobots on Earth, this is General Hatemonger of the Decepticons. Myself and my men are here to speak to you about direct violations of the peace treaty as ordered by Lord Teratron. We are not here to be the aggressors and wish to meet with you to discuss your actions." He paused for a moment and asked on board where a good place on Earth to meet was.

"Please excuse me for a moment while I find a suitable place to meet." He said

2003-01-10, 05:32 AM
Death Knell and Stryfe listened to Hatemonger's message.
"Fellow Decepticons, are they?" Stryfe asked. "Perhaps we should drop the cloak and introduce ourselves. I'm sure we could tell them quite a few things about Autobot treaty violations..."
Death Knell shook his head. "No, let's see how the Autobots respond first, before we make any rash decisions. Besides, just because they are fellow Decepticons, does not mean they are our allies. We don't know this Hatemonger, and we don't know who he works for. And I'll be damned if I let us get snared by another of Thunderwing's servants. We stay cloaked, either until we confirm that they are Teratron's men, or until they engage the Autobots. We will watch them. Very closely."

God Jinrai
2003-01-13, 07:18 PM
Cerebros had lain unconscious in the launch bay for only primus knew how long... his systems registered fine upon landing aboard maximus... and then he suddenly blacked out... At any rate, he rose to his feet, catching sight of the dinobots heading further into the ship's command block.

It was then that cog relayed the message from the decepticons to him...

"Slag it... we try to stop a bombing, and they accuse us of breaking a peace treaty? when we are just as entitled to be here as they are? Cog, Patch me in on this Hatemonger's comm channel... "

Cog did so, and Cerebros began his retort

"Hatemonger, this is Autobot Defense Force Secondary Commander Cerebros... What happened here on earth is quite simple. The insections, in league with a terrorist organization, attempted to wipe out the Earth Defense Force's Headquarters in Toronto. I was dispatched after the dinobots and Cosmobots had already engaged in battle to ensure that they were stopped. we were NOT, I repeat, WERE NOT the instigators of this battle. if you have a problem with the truth, come take it up with me personally. Cerebros OUT."

"Leave it to a decepticon to get under my skin..." cerebros muttered... he'd not let loose such anger since Mega Zarak had tried to destroy Master Star and THEN Nebulos...

Quick Switch
2003-01-13, 07:33 PM
Fakkadi shook his head and looked up at Hatemunger.

"Autobot evasion, Autobot evasion," he said. "This Cerebros will protect the infidel EDC to the last it seems. Be wary General, this one does not seem to understand the finer points of diplomacy."

RVZ Prime
2003-01-13, 08:13 PM
Overkill: You know, Death Knell. You didn't hesitate one second to help me out against the Dinobots. I do respect your descision to wait for a while. You are the bots that took me in and repaired my wing, so Im not going to complain here.

And what's so bad about Thunderwing anyway? He likes action, right?

2003-01-13, 09:33 PM
"I read you Magnus sending the transmission now"

Blaster transformed into his tape deck form the arm of the chair re-attaching to his sides as he began to transmit the message

"All Earth bound Autobots come in. This is Blaster comin' at ya on Cybertron from within Iacon. All Earth bound Autobots it's time to head home to Cybertron. We got major problems and right now it ain't Earth. So our bosses don't care how just get back here asap"

2003-01-13, 09:37 PM
Darkside: "I don't like his tone."

(The other Battlecons knew what that meant. Darkside was a tough leader, sometimes lenient and sometimes cruel. One thing he never tolerated was insolence. He took it from nobody. So now, he was beginning to think darker thoughts in anticipation of stomping that Autobot and his pals flat.)

2003-01-14, 01:46 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Do not get snide with me Autobot. The concerns of the EDC mean nothing to me. The point is you attacked Decepticons, a blatant violation of the Autobot-Decepticon peace treaty, need I remind you that Earth is now Decepticon territory. I will meet with you personally however." He looked at Faddaki.

"Sir, where on Earth would you recommend for an Autobot-Decepticon meeting?" He asked.

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 02:03 AM
"I will gladly offer accomodations in Carbombya City; we have many fine stadiums in my contry which would fit all of you quite nicely. It would serve as a great public forum to those loyal to the Decepticon cause. You need not worry about Autobot attack there."

2003-01-14, 03:34 AM
"Of course", Snake said, turning to Fakaddi.

"We are fortunate that the Insecticons were destroyed, so that they are not here to tell their side of the story, yes?"

He started to chuckle, then paused.

"Of course, if it could be arrainged..."

2003-01-14, 03:55 AM
Hatemonger nodded.

"Excellent as long as can defend ourselves if we need to." He added.

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 03:56 AM
"Very well," Fakkadi nodded, shooting Snake a bemused glance, "I've sent out some coded signals to my Generals, and they will be preparing the stadium for our arrival."

2003-01-14, 04:18 AM
Snake suddenly began to chuckle.

"My friend", he said to Fakaddi. "I have a plan. Come with me, please?"

2003-01-14, 04:56 AM
Death Knell replied to Overkill: "Thank you for your gratatude. There was nothing wrong with Thunderwing, per say, but his agents were very uncooperative. He was difficult to find, so my commander chose Teratron's side, instead. And we wait for a reason. No matter who this Hatemonger answers too, I will help him out if he fights the Autobots. But, if he works for Thunderwing...it only makes sense to let his forces take the brunt of the assault, before helping them. Just because I would choose them over the Autobots, does not mean I am going to go out of my way to save their lives. Not until we know more about them, anyway."

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 05:56 AM
"Of course," Fakkadi nodded. "Pardon me, General." The dictator got up to follow his fellow comrade-in-terror. "What is it you wanted to discuss?"

2003-01-14, 08:36 PM
Once they were outside of hearing range, Snake said, "The EDC and Autobot fools are obviously lying, but on the slim hope that they are not, it's clear to me that the only ones who know the truth about the situation are long since dead. The Insecticons."

Snake moved closer to the nearby window.

"But...what if they were to reappear...but say that what we were to say were the truth?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 08:58 PM
Fakkadi nodded.

"I see your logic here- the Insecticons would do it to spare being executed as rogue robots in hopes of joining back up again with the Decepticons."

He looked at Snake.

"And even the story comes out they were acting as rogues, it won't matter- because Earth is still Decepticon territory...we can't lose, Snake. Do you know where the Insecticons are?"

2003-01-14, 09:00 PM
(The Battlecons notice Snake and Fakkadi wandering off. Obviously, they were up to something, but neither Darkside nor anyone else could hear the conversation. Consquently, nobody heard Darkside mumble...)

Darkside: "Why bother with secrecy?"

(If they were up to something sneaky, Darkside couldn't see anyone objecting to it, so why hide it from everyone else?)

2003-01-14, 09:27 PM
"Unfortunately, they were destroyed, as you may remember", Snake said. "Because they were deemed an "unacceptable risk" to our operation. And even if they were alive, I find it highly doubtful that they would assist us."

Snake turned from the window. "Which leaves us with two options. First, we rebuild and reprogram the Insecticons in secret. This would have the advantage of being able to use them here, then allow us to use them for our own purposes once our business here is completed."

"There is, of course, another option we could do, although it's potential risk factor is...high. The bombs used to destroy them only disengaged components and shut down minor systems. Should we be able to collect the parts, we might be able to reassemble them faster, and with a little rewiring, make them our complete and total slaves."

He turned to face Fakaddi.

"Which is it to be, my friend?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 09:31 PM
"Not much more risk," Fakkadi said, "since the explosion site is probably abandoned of any Autobots. Why would they guard the Insecticon corpses? Yes, having them as our personal tools to subjugate Earth for our whims is the best course. As soon as we return, I'll have my Generals scramble vehicles to recover the parts in secret."

2003-01-14, 09:42 PM
"Yes", Snake said. "That would be wise."

He headed for the door.

"Now let's get back before our friends suspect something."

Quick Switch
2003-01-14, 09:51 PM
Fakkadi nodded, then followed Snake out to meet again with Hatemunger's task force.

2003-01-15, 08:09 PM
Of course, the Battlecons heard nothing of the secret conversation. They just had their suspicions...

2003-01-17, 05:23 AM
The battered ship finally landed on an air field near the glittering palace of Carbombya City.

"We're down", the pilot said.

"Good", Snake said. "Let's get this over with. " Then, turning to Fakaddi, whispered, "Send out the troops."

2003-01-17, 05:47 AM
Hatemonger looked around the city.

"Intersting design, not like the modern humans, more of an Arabic design." He said outloud.

"A wonderful looking city." He smiled and walked out of the ship.

"Decepticons lets go." He yelled to everyone on board.


"Everyone out of the pool!" Mowdown ran out of the ship

"Yes let's get the Autobots and leave this dirtball." Deadshot grumbled.

"Intersting, looks like alot of places for me to get the jump on the weak." Sixblade smiled.

Cryotek had never been to Earth before.

"Intersting, a planet heated by a Sun." He thought Earth was the oddest thing.

Quick Switch
2003-01-17, 05:52 AM
Fakkadi strode outside the ship, where he was met, as always, by his faithful General in Chief.

Holding a quick conversation in Arabic, the General saluted and departed to a staff jeep, which left to head in to the Command Bunker.

"It is done, Snake," the dictator replied, "the General is seeing to it that the preparations are being met. Perhaps you'd like to recover from the trip in the Palace? Of course, my doors are always open to friends."

2003-01-17, 05:59 AM
Snake nodded, then walked towards the palace, followed by Lazarus, who looked Fakaddi in the eye.

"Don't screw this up", he said. "In case you haven't noticed, we've got Autogoons in our backyard."

Quick Switch
2003-01-17, 06:06 AM
"Who will soon be removed, thanks to General Hatemunger," Fakkadi said briskly, walking past Lazarus and next to Snake.

"This should work perfectly..."

The three neared the Palace.

2003-01-17, 02:27 PM
Darkside: "Earth, the beginning of human life."

Specter: "Earth, the living, breathing planet."

Outlaw: "Earth, the home of the highways."

All Battlecons: "BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL!"

(Darkside, Outlaw, and Roodkill get out of the ship and look things over a minute. Then, they are followed by Yellowjacket, Specter, Specter, Specter, Specter, and Specter.)

Roadkill: "Cut that out!"

Specter: "What?"

Roadkill: "Stop making all those holo-dupes! What do you think this is, a clown car?"

Specter: "Geez... Can't a bot have a little fun?"

Darkside: "Later. We're on business right now."

Specter: "Yeah? Like what? We still haven't gotten any action and I'm getting bored out of my CPU."

Darkside: "Don't ask me. I'm not 'Mission Control' here. Not this time."

(Darkside walks over to Hatemonger.)

Darkside: "We need to get busy here, Hatemonger. The boys are getting restless again."

2003-01-17, 02:28 PM
Blitzwing strolled down the ramp, following Hatemonger and his enthusiastic troops.
"Not my first choice for a vacation, but it'll have to do," he complained.
"We're gonna need some sort of base of operations. Preferably somewhere away from the flesh things. We wouldn't want to step on any by accident."

He glanced around the milllitary airbase, and looked towards the perimeter, and the distant city beyond.

"Somewhere like this, actually."

2003-01-17, 04:14 PM
Hatemonger nodded.

"I agree Blitzwing, for now though I think we may want to get away from the fleshlings, just in case we cannot trust them." He said looking around.

"Blitzwing, can you scan the country side for any caves?" He asked.

RVZ Prime
2003-01-17, 04:41 PM
Overkill gets out of his chair and walks over to Death Knell and Stryfe who were still monotirng the situation. Overkill recognises one of the Decepticons that is getting out of the ship. Overkill points to the monitor, recognising one of the transformers.

"Hey, I know that bot. That's... what's his name again? Oh, right, Blitzwing. I know him only from the stories I have heard of him. Do we still watch and wait?" he said

2003-01-17, 04:54 PM
Several hours later, the General in one jeep, along with several troops in two other jeeps, arrived at the sight of the Insecticon's destuction.

"Fan out, men", he said. "They've gotta be around here somewhere."

Two hours of scanning the area later, and they had failed to find even a single scrap of Cybertronian metal.

"His excellency will not be too pleased to hear this", one of the troops said.

"I know", the General said. "Contact the palace. He will want to know."
Snake, Lazarus and Fakaddi had retired to the dictator's private room, and were enjoying a polite conversation, when the comm light began to blink.

2003-01-17, 05:20 PM
"Alright boss, I'll see what I can find," Blitzwing replied to Hatemonger's order.
"But it's a big desert. Could use some help lookin'."

With that, he transformed into jet mode, and shot up into the clear blue sky. Immediately, his sensors began to buzz with contacts. He radio'd Hatemonger.

"You know boss, for a barren desert, this place sure has a lot of caves. Probably because of all the oil holes the fleshlings make. What kind of place were you hopin' for?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-17, 05:25 PM
Fakkadi pressed the comm button.

"Yes? This had better be important!"

Fakkadi's Vizier quietly entered from the shadows, listening to the conversation.

2003-01-17, 05:29 PM
Hatemonger radioed back to Blitzwing.

"An area large enough to hold us and a allow us to set up a commication center with Cybertron. I figured with the caves it will be a pain for the Autobrats to find us." He then turned to Sixblade.

"Transform into jet mode and assist Blitzwing." He told the Iron Wolf.

"Yes sir!" He barked and transformed into jet mode tearing off towards Blitzwing.

2003-01-17, 06:11 PM
"Um...it is, sir", the General's voice boomed over the speaker. "It seems that the corpses of the Insecticons have...been appropriated."

"WHAT?!", Snake shouted. "BY WHO?!"

"We...don't know, sir", the general replied.

"WELL, FIND OUT, DUMMY!", the former COBRA leader said, slamming the terminate button, cutting off the communication.

"Now what do we do?!", Lazarus shouted.

Snake, apparently calmer, said, "I have an idea. When we first agreed to ally ourselves with them, I had a tracer planted on them, that would allow us to track them wherever they went."

He walked up to the computer screen and began to type.

"If we're lucky...", he said. "We might be able to find out where they went. And who took them.":

After a few seconds, some data appeared on the screen.

"They were captured...and placed on a ship...and the ship left Earth", he said.

"But where would a ship from here go with seven wrecked Decepticon bodies?", Lazarus asked.

"That's what we've got to find out", Snake said. Turning to Fakaddi, he asked, "Who were the Decepticons here before we left planet?"

2003-01-17, 07:24 PM
"Y'know, if Prime did indeed sign Earth over to the Decepticons, then Fortress doesn't have much choice but to leave."
"You can't be serious!" Thorr exploded. "They're Decepticons, they'll slaughter the population of the planet."
"Even so, a treaty has been signed. If we ignore that, it makes us little better than the Decepticons," Sun Runner broke in.
"Right," Vanguard agreed. "I guess we'd best prepare to return to Cybertron."


"Aye aye General," Blitzwing replied, continuing his flight path. Shortly, he detected Sixblade on a paralel course. He kinda liked the Iron Wolves. Experts in war, and not prone to goofing around. Hopefully they'd be an asset to their mission in securing Earth.

"Hey Sixblade," he contacted him over the radio.
"Any sign of a suitable... Wait a second, I've found something. About a mile away, on a 30 degree course from me. I'm checking it out."

Blitzwing peeled off on his new course, and covered the mile relatively quickly. Diving down towards the ground, he transformed into robot mode and landed. A huge messa towered up from the desert sands, its top rising a hundred feet in the air, and perfectly flat. The cave entrance in front of him was perhaps fifty feet high, and he couldn't see into the darkness. He activated his light beam, and entered the cave.

"Blitzwing to Sixblade. I think I've found our base. Looks to be several thousand square feet under here, and it's huge. Even Overlord can fit in here with no trouble. Want to come check it out?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-17, 07:24 PM
Fakkadi growled,

"How would I know? Astrotrain had his forces here many months before you arrived. Beyond that, I have no idea!"

2003-01-17, 08:40 PM
Sixblade got onto his comlink.

"I am on my way." He flew in to the location in jet mode then dove transforming smoothly to helicopter mode then transformed into robot mode when he got a safe diastance to the ground and landed gracefully.

"Wow, this is impressive. Secluded, large and if we do this right should not look out of the ordinary." He got onto his com-link.

"Attention Decepticons, Blitzwing has located us a base of operations, beaming you the coordinates now." He said sending off the location of the cave.


Hatemonger looked at the rest of the cons.

"Shall we then." he said taking off towards there location.

"Woo a place for space!" Mowdown took off to the sky as well.

"A place for space?" Deadshot shook his head and followed.

"Hmm, intersting." Cyrotek transformed into Dragon mode and followed the group.

2003-01-18, 12:10 PM
Sitting atop of Talon, Rally had heard the conversations going around. "Maybe the Decepticons won't stomp over Earth as easy as you think. A few friends of ours wouldn't exactly let them go about their business unhindered, right Talon?" she said. "Indeed, Rock and the others would give them a warm welcome" Talon replied with a slight grin. "I bet I know who'll fire the first shot" Bean added from down below. "What has been happening on Cybertron lately? Is the alliance still holding?" Rally asked.

Lord Zarak
2003-01-18, 12:13 PM
Overlord and Disorder also followed. Overlord, as big as he was had no need to transform. His strides being the largest of almost any Transformer. Disorder transformed, taking the first opportunity to do so.

2003-01-18, 06:35 PM
Do we still watch and wait?"
Death Knell pondered that for a moment. "What have you heard of this Blitzwing?" He asked Overkill. "Would he work with disreputable bots? If you think he and his allies are trustworthy, perhaps we should introduce ourselves to them..."

RVZ Prime
2003-01-19, 12:10 AM
"Well, I have heard that he is a very lethal warrior. He changes from a tank into a fighter jet. He 's a triple changer, just like me, but you probably know that allready. Dunno why his comander is though. I don't even know who IS the commander nowadys!
I think that you can trust him,though. Don't know about the rest. I wonder what they're up to? " Overkill said.

"Well, It's up to you. Going over to them sure beats sitting in this ship and if they don't like us that much, well, we just have to show them who 're the best 'Cons on this planet. US!"

2003-01-19, 03:16 AM
Death Knell pondered that for a minute, then decided, "Very well. I'm just as tired as you are of sitting and doing nothing. Even though it will be bending my orders slightly, we will pay our Decepticon brothers a visit. And woe onto them, if they turn out to be enemies."
Death Knell laughed cruelly, "Stryfe, land us outside their base, but keep the ship cloaked until we're safely down. The Decepticon symbols on the hull should keep them from attacking, then."
Stryfe nodded, "Bringing us around."
Death Knell looked back at Overkill, "Now, then. We'll be seeing more than enough action, soon."
One way, or another.
The shuttle flew towards the cave.

2003-01-19, 03:20 AM
"We must find out", Snake said. "But how can we find out without alerting the Autobots or anyone else?"

Quick Switch
2003-01-20, 03:27 AM
"Without contacting Astrotrain directly...I can't think of a solution," the dictator said. "We don't exactly keep manifests of their movements."

God Jinrai
2003-01-20, 04:54 PM
Fortress hovered silently in orbit around the planet... there'd been no confirmation as to where the meeting was really to take place... and to make matters tougher, there was disillusionment that the earth belonged to the decepticons... Prime had mentioned to Cerebros that the reason for itt was appeasement, and that deep down, he had every intent on driving the decepticons off planet if it meant his own life...

"Dinobots, Cosmobots... report to the command center... we need to discuss some matters of pertinence..."

cerebros summoned the second phase of the armor, and merged with it into the full sized robot known as fortress. and so he took his seat at the command console... and waited...

2003-01-20, 06:33 PM
Hearing Cerebros' announcement, Bean thought it was a good idea to join them. As Bandit that is.

"Talon! Would you mind seperating from the car? I kinda need it" he calls to the gryphon that Talon currently is.

"Not at all Bean, just a moment while I allow ms Vincent to get off my form" Talon replied as he sinks through his legs allowing Rally to jump off.

"Just call me Rally, you don't have to call me ms Vincent all the time" she said as she jumped to the floor.

The next moment Talon seperates from the gryphon body, which promptly returns to it's normal car mode. Talon kept himself aloft with his wings. At a mental command from Bean, the car transforms into a bidedal robot without a head. Bean transforms into the head, becoming the mind of Bandit, freelance Headmaster. Talon lands on his left shoulder. Bandit picks up Rally, and sets her on his right shoulder. Now just to follow these guys to the command center. They can't expect to hold a meeting without the only senior Headmaster, Targetmaster and Minicon on board, now can they? he thought.

2003-01-20, 06:45 PM
"Well, here we go," Mercury grinned, hoping down from the packing crate he'd been sitting on.
"Yup," Thorr said. "Dunno what Fortress plans on doing though."
"Not much he can do," Sun Runner said. "Like I said before."
"We'll see," Vanguard said, as Apollo transformed back into robot mode, and the five trooped out of the drop bay.

After a quick walk, they caught an intra-city lift, and took it all the way to the command centre. Vanguard pressed the door activation key, and let them inside. Thorr glanced at Bandit, who'd followed the five to the centre, but said nothing, instead stepping inside after the others.


"Mmmm," Sludge said, having heard the message.
"What you Slag and you Swoop think we do? We want to go to Cybertron. Not fight Decepticons here on Earth. But we Autobot. It our duty to fight Decepticons."

2003-01-20, 10:49 PM
"Try this again" Blaster muttered transforming.

"All Earth bound Autobots come in. This is Blaster comin' at ya on Cybertron from within Iacon. All Earth bound Autobots it's time to head home to Cybertron. We got major problems and right now it ain't Earth. So our bosses don't care how just get back here asap. Hurry up and respond we need conformation you boys are commin!"

RVZ Prime
2003-01-21, 04:32 PM
Slag: If we, Dinobots, go back to Earth to bust some Decepticons, then me, Slag, don't care. Me like to fight!

Snarl: Hmm... I don't know. We are needed on Cybertron, but I think that Earth needs our help too. I don't have problem with going to Earth. Prime vowed that Autobots would protect Earth from Decepticons and we are Autobots.

God Jinrai
2003-01-21, 11:49 PM
Fortress shook his head at Blaster's transmission...

"Just wonderful... that's MORE TIME YET that we have to deal with those blasted decepticons running earth... and the titan base likely is already heavily fortified... BLAST IT!"

Fortress' fist came down hard on the command console, and he activated the response comm... Alright, blaster... We're leaving Earth as we speak... leaving it to those blasted decepticons.... to destroy it... siphon it dry... dominate its people..."

Fortress trailed off after he cut the transmission..

"I suppose the decision is made FOR us. we're heading back for cybertron. "

Fortress tacked in a set of jump coordinates, and hit the maximus ship's hyperdrive... the ship lurched forward on course for its destination... cybertron...

2003-01-22, 12:48 AM
Death Knell watched the Autobot ship blast out of the atmosphere.
"Well, there goes the action. Nothing left to do now except say hello to our fellow Decepticons."
The shuttle landed and decloaked. The ramp slid down, and the Conquesticons walked out. Death Knell saw Overkill standing in the ship, and called out, "You coming, buddy?"

2003-01-22, 03:22 AM
Hatemonger heard the rumblling of a shuttle nearby in his audio sensors and went out to investigate.

"We appear to have visitors." He said walking out.

"Decepticons cover me." He said and looked out and noticed it was a Decepticon shuttle.

"Well seems we have allies here already, Decepticons identify yourselves." He barked waiting.

2003-01-22, 05:04 AM
Death Knell looked over Hatemonger.
Looks strong, lots of firepower, very arrogant. Must be the general who was transmitting earlier. And he comes out by himself to investitgate our ship. Either he is very brave, or very stupid. One to watch, either way.
"My name is Death Knell. I am the leader of this group. With me are Stryfe," he gestured to the arrogant mech on his right, "and Chancre." Nodded towards the crazy doctor. "We are the Conquesticons. And that," gestureing at the robot near the ship, "is Overkill, an associate of ours. We were wondering if you might want our help with whatever errand you have been sent here for."
He paused, then went on, "At the very least, we owe you for driving off those Autobots. They had the gall to interfere in the training exercise we were conducting, and caused us quite a lot of trouble."

2003-01-22, 06:00 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Excellent, pleased to meet you, we are here for some events that have occured on Earth. Also, I am glad to see your on our side." He laughed as Deadshot and Mowdown could be seen lowering their weapons and dropping down from the bluff.

"I am guessing they are with us?" Deadshot asked.

"Yes they are followers of Teratron." Hatemogner said.

"Now come inside I have many questions to ask you." Hatemogner said and returned to the cave.

2003-01-22, 06:08 AM
Hmm...He seems freindly enough. For now.
He followed Hatemonger into the cave, gesturing for Stryfe, Chancre, and Overkill to follow.

2003-01-22, 08:32 PM
Yellowjacket: "Grrrrrrr...."

Darkside: "Yes, I know. Those spineless Autobots left us with no one to kill. Kind of makes you wanna scream, doesn't it?"

(He does. The cavern reverberates with Yellowjacket's voice. It's kind of like when Garfield the cat yells. Just then, the Conquesticons and Co. pass by.)

Darkside (Mumbling): "Specter, stealth recon. Don't forget the bugs."

(Specter vanishes and exits the cave. He silently inspects the craft that Death Knell had come from and then returns.)

Darkside: "Find anything interesting?"

Specter: "Not really."

Darkside (low voice): "Did you do as I asked?"

Specter (low voice): "Yeah, I bugged 'em too."

Darkside: "Right, in that case... Yellowjacket!"

Yellowjacket: "WHAT?!"

Darkside: "Go take up a hobbie, like 'Cruelty to Animals' or something. Your insanity is driving me nuts."

Lord Zarak
2003-01-22, 09:31 PM
"Shut your yap, fool!" growled Overlord. "That is, unless you wanna get slagged?"

2003-01-23, 08:53 PM
(Yellowjacket assumes that Overlord is speaking to him and pulls a Garfield.)

Yellowjacket: "Ah, stick it in your ear!"

(He could go off at anyone at this point, which is why Darkside allows him to roam free for a while.)

Darkside: "He'll be back, of course. He needs to get ammunition from somewhere."

Lord Zarak
2003-01-24, 12:41 AM
*Overlord brings a gun out of sub-space*
"Do you want this in your ear?"

2003-01-24, 12:53 AM
"Knock it off, you two," Blitzwing ordered the quarelling troops, seemingly oblivious or uncaring of the fact that Overlord towered above him.

He then turned to Darkside.

"Set up a perimeter. Once Hatemonger's decided whether this will be our permanent base or not, you can start building more permanent defences on top of this rock."

"Overlord, you'll need to go into production of standard defences. Anti aircraft guns and ground defence turrets, that sort of thing. I don't think we're gonna see much Autobot opposition, but it can't hurt to be careful."

Lord Zarak
2003-01-24, 01:01 AM
"Fine" replied Overlord, "just dont expect me to back that fool up in battle. If he gets slagged thats fine by me. Gives me more reason for an Autobot to join him" he said, gesturing to Yellowjacket

2003-01-24, 04:24 AM
Hatemogner heard the argueing and walked over.

"Enough both of you. I except you both to save one another in battle if you need it, or you will answer to Teratron not me." He growled.

"I have lost enough friends and allies due to arguements about who has the bigger cam-shaft so no more." He then looked at Blitzwing.

"Yes Blitzwing this is an excellent site, for now it will be our base of operations." he smiled and walked around inspecting the area.

2003-01-25, 03:17 AM
"We have little choice, then", Snake said to Fakaddi. "We need to contact him. He holds the key to securing Earth for us."

2003-01-25, 08:01 PM
(Yellowjacket didn't view Overlord as a threat, not since he was battle-ready on a 24/7 basis. Overlord's one gun wouldn't mean slag to a face-full of Phalanx Cannon. Yellowjacket said nothing to the other Decepticon. He only growled, much like an enraged Predator. Darkside was fairly certain that Yellowjacket hadn't heard the new orders, so he had give the order himself. Once Yellowjacket was out of site and planting guns and such with the other Battlecons, Darkside gave Overlord a stern gaze of contempt.)

Darkside: "You were that close to starting Great War III. Try to show some restaint on that temper, because he won't."

(And with that, he left to join his fellow Battlecons in the setting up of deadly arsonel, which was mostly handled by Yellowjacket since he was the expert in artillery. Anything Overlord might've said to Darkside's back was ignored.)

Lord Zarak
2003-01-31, 03:26 PM
Overlord put his gun back into sub-space when he saw Death Knell

Can understand why he is called that. He may be a good ally.

He turned to face Blitzwing:
"K, fair enough. Hook me up with some extra energon and I'll get to it"

2003-01-31, 08:45 PM
Fortress: We're leaving Earth as we speak... leaving it to those blasted decepticons.... to destroy it... siphon it dry... dominate its people...

Bandit had been leaning against a wall the entire time. He hadn't been invited by Fortress, but he had followed the Cosmobots to the command deck anyway.

"Me and Rally can relate to that, maybe even more then anyone here, since Earth is our home after all. But don't worry, those Decepticons won't have such an easy time on Earth this time around. We know a few friends on Earth that will be a big pain for them if they try anything. When we have the time, we'll come back and flush those Decepticons out from whatever rock they'll be hiding under" he said in an attempt to cheer things up a bit.
"If Rock and his friends havent already finished them off by the time we get back" he adds with a grin.

2003-02-01, 06:43 AM
Death Knell noticed Overlord just as he put his gun into subspace.
Impressive. Very impressive. Definitely one to watch. I'll have to have a word with him, if the opportunity arises.

2003-02-01, 03:50 PM
Hatemonger looked at the Iron Wolves.

"Deadshot, Mowdown, Sixblade for the being set up a defensive lookout, if it is not wearing a Decepticon symbol or is not Snake or Fadaki kill it." He smiled.

"Yes Sir!" The three cons yelled and ran out of the building.

Cyrotek looked at Hatemonger.

"Pity the Autobots left, now what are going to do?" He asked.

"We wait we can still set up operations here for now, I am sure the Autofools will come back at some point." He added.

2003-02-05, 04:38 AM
Snake recived the coordinates, and used them to signal this Decepticon.

2003-02-05, 04:48 AM
Death Knell's personal comm went off with a beep.
"Who is this? How did you get this frequency?"

2003-02-05, 05:06 AM
"This is Snake", the terroritst replied. "And I recieved this frequency from Warcry, who said that you are needed for a mission, by order of Teratron."

2003-02-06, 03:48 AM
Death Knell's optics narrowed.
Another human! I have had quite enough of them to last ten thousand vorns. I cannot wait until I can leave this planet for good. Preferably with many dead humans in my wake.
But, aloud, he said: "Very well. Anything to serve the Empire. Just what does this mission entail?"

2003-02-06, 04:30 AM
"The retrieval of one of your ships that is currently on it's way to Earth", Snake said.

2003-02-06, 04:37 AM
Death Knell nodded. "What do you want with this ship? And where do you want it delivered?"

2003-02-09, 12:00 AM
"We would like it delivered to Carbombya", Snake said. "And it's cargo...is none of your concern."

2003-02-09, 01:01 AM
Death Knell shrugged. "Very well. If there's nothing else, I have business to attend to. When the ship arrives, I'll bring it to Carombaya."
And perhaps bring your death with it, human. I don't like being dictated to by lesser beings. Especially ones with a history as treacherous as yours.

2003-02-11, 12:46 AM
Hatemonger stood and watched his warriors begin to turn the cave they found into a base.

Hmm this is getting a bit odd, why did the Autobots leave? Could it be a trap? How is Teratron and the Decepticons on Cybertron doing? he thought then decided to talk to Teratron on his com-link to give a report.

"Lord Teratron, Earth is back in Decepticons hands soon after we arrived the Autobots left for Cybertron, how is everything there. Here all is well, we are building a new base of operations and we met up with a new gestalt team the Warcons" Hatemonger turned to help assist with wiring a new computer system. "Hatemonger out." He said helping Cryotek lift the unit.

2003-02-12, 02:49 AM
(Darkside walks up to Hatemonger.)

Darkside: Conquesticons, not Warcons. Biiiig difference there.

(Then he gets back to work.)

2003-02-12, 04:14 AM
Hatemonger laughed.

"Don't worry Darkside I know you are the Conquesticons, I meant the troops from the shuttle in space." He smiled.

2003-02-13, 07:05 PM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link again.

"Ok is there any Decepticon leadership online on Cybertron? Astrotrain, Teratron by the inferno Galvatron even." He groaned hoping for a response.

2003-02-20, 10:07 PM
The Decepticon warship Flamberge rippled out of hyperspace, carrying her special cargo towards Earth. The ship's autopilot began the landing sequence, heading for the Decepticon base.

2003-02-21, 09:44 PM
Cyrotek was looking at radar when he noted a blip.

"Hatemonger there appears to be a Decepticon starship entering the atmosphere." He yelled.

"Get me a com-link to the ship." Hatemogner said.

"Decepticon starship what is your purpose here?" He asked.

2003-02-22, 07:42 AM
The Flamberge's autopilot replied to Hatemonger's call in a dull monotone.
"This ship has been sent by Astrotrain to rendezvous with the Decepticon Death Knell, who is to deliver our cargo to the human rulers of Carombya. All other information relating to this mission is highly classified."

2003-02-22, 01:40 PM
Hatemonger growled at this response.

"Astrotrain, I was left in command of Earth what are you doing with little secret meetings on the planet." He growled.

Quick Switch
2003-02-22, 03:29 PM
Astrotrain answered the reply tersley:

"General, hold your tongue. We are about to head to war with the Autobots. Earth is the last thing on my mind at the moment. Any more remarks and you'll be relieved of command. Wait for re-deployment."

2003-02-22, 11:30 PM
Hatemonger growled at Astrotrain.

"If we are going to war with the Autobots then why do you have us rusting on Earth." He said to the triplechanger.

"Anyway where is Teratron? I'd rather speak to one that knows something of military action than you." he said. "If he wishes us to stay on Earth then so be it."

Quick Switch
2003-02-23, 02:37 AM
"Lord Teratron is away," Astrotrain replied evenly. "Keep your personal opinions to yourself, or you'll be relieved of command."

2003-02-23, 03:12 AM
Hatemonger snarled.

"You have a mighty big mouth yourself Astrotrain when your a galaxy away triplechanger." he then hung up the com-link.

"Why do they allow idoits to run the Decepticon army armada now?" Hatemonger came close to punching the counel before stopping himself from ruining a rather valuable pick of equipment. Instead he grabbed a large rock in his hand and crushed it.

He looked at Blitzwing.

"I certainly hope something happens before our joints rust." He laughed.

2003-02-23, 04:55 AM
Stryfe watched Hatemonger's arguement with Astrotrain, and the subsequent flare of temper. He turned to Death Knell and said, "Tell me again why we signed on with these guys?"
Death Knell shook his head. "Don't ask me. I'm just a soldier. Ask the cap', if we ever see him again. we've been here so long, I got the feeling we'll never get back to Cybertron. But I assume Warcry had his reasons."
Death Knell walked up to Hatemonger.
"General, as you seem to have found out, my men have been reduced to a lowly delivery crew. With your permission, we will take the ship to Snake & co."
And hopefully get back to our actual job sometime soon!
Outside, the Flamberge came down for a landing, beside Death Knell's shuttle.

2003-02-23, 05:16 AM
He nodded, not mad at the soilders under his command, but more Astrotrain for again doing stuff under his nose.

"No problem soilder do as you need to." He told Deaht Knell.

2003-02-23, 05:46 AM
Death Knell nodded to Hatemonger.
"Thank you sir. We'll be back as soon as possible."
He gestured to Stryfe. "Get our shuttle into the Flamberge's shuttle bay. Don't need our allies helping themselves to our cloaking device while we're gone. Oh, and sweep the shuttle for bugs, too."
Stryfe walked off to take care of his duties.
Death Knell turned to Chancre. "You, get the Flamberge's nav computer set up for a trip to Fakkidi's location in Carombya."
As his troops got to work, Death Knell stood by the Flamberge's ramp.
At least we get to do something. That's more that the others can say.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-25, 04:42 PM
Overlord strode in, bearing ammunition, and overhearing Hatemongers side of his conversation

"Forget it Hatemonger . Whoever you are talking to doesnt want us where-ever the action is. We might as well fortify the whole planet, get some scrap metal wannabe warriors and go back home. Hell, we could even set up a computer and put it on automatic. We could always space bridge our way back here. Anyway, being here aint so bad. You never know when Thunderwing will return on one of his occaisional near-suicidal quests to get a Matrix. At least we are as safe as....well, safe. Ish."

he put the ammunition down.

"Where do you want this stowing?"

2003-02-25, 06:12 PM
Hatemonger nodded to Overlord.

"I agree, what say you Blitzwing we leave this planet or no? by the way where the slag are the Battlecons?" He asked.

Cyrotek walked ove with the Iron Wolves in tow.

"I think I am rusting!" Deadshot groaned bored.
"I agree Hatemonger let's get a ship and get off this rock. Let the humans fend for themselves." Cyrotek added.

Hatemonger waited to hear Blitzwing's reaction.

2003-02-26, 03:51 AM
Cyrotek decided to wonder around the care and turned his optics on to analyze the cave walls.

"Hmm intersting, various alloys and metals I think I can use this to an advantage for all of us." He said quietly and walked back to find Hatemonger.

"Hatemonger old friend, I have an idea." He said to the Decepticon General and spoke to him.

Hatemonger could be heard laughing.
"Excellent Cyrotek I love the idea. Talk to the Ironwolves and if they are willing do it." He smiled.

"Willing to do what"? Sixblade looked up from what he was building to ask.

"Simple my dear Iron Wolves. Do you wish to become a gestalt team with unique ablities?" He asked.

"Do we!" Mowdown chirped up to be cut off by Deadshot.

"Could be intersting but what do you mean Cyrotek?" Deadshot asked.

"Simple, this cave and the area around this base is rich in various metal's that can be made into parts. With these parts I can make you a gestalt team with an interesting skill each of you can be the main system of the gestalt depending on the battle situation." He smiled.

"Hmm sign me up then." Deadshot said.

Hatemonger looked over "That makes two what do you say Sixblade."

"Sure just as long as I have my weapons." He said.

"I can do that now just follow me to the repair bay and I will get to work." With that the four Decetpicons walked off.

"Well looks like we won't be leaving Earth for a little while." Hatemonger said typing into a computer brining the basic defense system online. He then looked to Overlord and Blitzwing.

"What do you think we need to add to our defense system and base of operations?" he asked.

2003-02-26, 04:38 AM
At Carbombya, Snake began to pace, wondering what was taking so long.

"They should have been here by now!", he shouted.

Lazarus looked at Fakaddi

"Are you sure that this guy can be trusted?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2003-02-26, 04:40 AM
"Have faith, my friends. Allah is watching over this project himself. I can sense it."

2003-02-26, 04:41 AM
"What?", Lazarus said, hiding a smirk. "You've got the Force or something."

Snake growled.

2003-02-26, 04:42 AM
As he waited for the Flamberge to be prepared, Death Knell watched Hatemonger deal with his troops.
Perhaps he'll be a decent commander, after all. Not as seasoned as Warcry, but, then, few are. Perfectly competent, though.
His musings were interupted when Stryfe and Chancre walked up to him. Stryfe reported, "All done, boss. The course is set, and I cleaned up the shuttle. Full of bugs, of course. We're ready to go."
Death Knell nodded. "Then, by all means, let's go! I want to get this business of deliverly boy for humans done, as soon as physically possible!"
The Flamberge lifted off, heading for Snake's location in Carbombya.
Whatever command is planning had better be good. Dealing with these human vermin is so distasteful.

Quick Switch
2003-02-26, 04:45 AM
"No," Fakkadi said, "not those decadent Western films. The Koran. Faith in Allah. And our purpose."

2003-02-26, 04:51 AM
Lazarus was about to reply, when a junior aide raced into the room.

"Sir!" he shouted. "Long range scanners detect a ship incoming."

"It's about time!" Snake shouted.

"Should I scramble our jets for an intercept, sir", the aide asked.

Quick Switch
2003-02-26, 04:54 AM
"No need," the dictator replied, waving a hand. "This vessel is expected. Grant it clearance to land!"

2003-02-26, 04:57 AM
"But...sir...?", the aide began, only to stop when the helmeted figure of Snake stood in front of him.

"You heard him!" he shouted.

The aide scrambled for the door, as Snake turned to Fakaddi.

"Soon...", he muttered.

Quick Switch
2003-02-26, 04:59 AM
Fakkadi stroked his iron gray goatee, and smiled serenly.

"Soon, my old friend, the Insecticons will be ours again. And it will be glorious."

2003-02-26, 05:06 AM
"Yes", Snake said. "But with an Autobot presence..., we will need to operate under a cloak of secrecy."

2003-02-26, 05:06 AM
Gleefully ignoring whatever transmissions were being sent from the Carbombyan military, Death Knell piloted his ship to their destination.
The Flamberge extended her landing gear, dropping to the ground gracefully in front of Fakkidi's palace.
The ship's landing ramp extended, and Death Knell walked out, followed quickly by Stryfe and Chancre.
"Where are these humans?" Death Knell demanded. "We don't have all day!"

2003-02-26, 05:09 AM
The aide burst back into the room.

"Sir!", he said. "Why have you allowed Decepticons to land on the soil of Allah?"

Quick Switch
2003-02-26, 05:12 AM
Fakkadi backhanded his aide savagely.

"Whelp! The Decepticons are our allies! For your arrogance, donate your entire salary as alms for the poor this month!"

Fakkadi regained his composure.

"Come, my friends. We shall meet the Decepticons."

2003-02-26, 05:17 AM
Lazarus moved to follow Fakaddi. Snake did as well, but not before turning a gun on the insolent aide and pulling the trigger.

"Insignificant germ!", he said, holstering the gun and moving off.

Quick Switch
2003-02-26, 05:26 AM
Fakkadi walked out of the Presidential Palace and stood with an honor guard to greet the Decepticons.

"Asalamilakim, Noble Decepticons, and welcome to Carbombya! I believe you have something for us!"

2003-02-27, 01:36 AM
Cryotek layed down the three Iron Wolves and shut them down.
He then took out a laser scalple and began to get to work.

2003-02-27, 04:20 AM
Death Knell looked down at Fakkadi, both literally and figuratively.
"Greetings, President Fakkadi. Yes, we have something for you. Do you care to inform me what it is, so that my men can retrieve it for you?"

Quick Switch
2003-02-27, 05:04 AM
"Vital mechanical parts," Fakkadi replied simply.

2003-02-27, 05:33 AM
Keeping secrets, are we? Not if I can help it, human germ!
"I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific," Death Knell bluffed. "The Flamberge's autodefences will instantly obliterate any organic lifeforms you send in to get them."
In fact, if the computer overheard that, it might just do it, to make it seem like I'm telling the truth.

2003-02-27, 05:35 AM
"We do not have time for this!" Snake shouted. "Give us the parts we need or suffer!"

2003-02-27, 05:42 AM
Death Knell crossed his arms. "Do not think to threaten me, human! Even if you're puny forces could harm me, you wouldn't survive to see it! So, please, make this easier on all of us, and tell me what parts you need. I'll get them, then leave your territory. That's honestly all I can do for you."

2003-02-27, 05:47 AM
Snake grumbled, but realized that he had no choice.

"Onboard that ship are seven Decepticon corpses. We require them."

He pointed to Death Knell.

"Now give them to us!"

2003-02-27, 05:54 AM
Death Knell glared at Snake.
One day you will pay in blood for annoying me so, human.
"Very well." He snapped his fingers. Stryfe and Chancre made several trips in and out of the ship, until they had removed the stasis pods containing the seven deactivated Insecticons.
"These self-destructing scrapheaps are what you wanted, I presume?"

2003-02-27, 05:55 AM
Snake walked over to one of the pods, and wiped off the condensation on the glass, exposing the battered and broken face of Bombshell.

"Yes...", Snake said. "We thank you four your assistance."

2003-02-27, 06:00 AM
Death Knell nodded. "And we thank you never to ask us to play delivery boy ever again, human. Good day."
Without another word, the Conquesticons boarded the Flamberge, lifted off, and headed for Hatemonger's base.

2003-02-27, 06:06 AM
Snake growled and watched the ship depart, then turned to his friends, as a work crew arrived on the scene.

"Take these pods to the repair hangar and begin to restore them to working order."

The crews attached the pods and sped them off.

Meanwhile, Snake and Lazarus moved back to the palace.

"My friend", Snake said to Lazarus. "I'm sure that your computer program that you developed might be of use to us."

"Yes', Lazarus said, taking a computer diskette out of his pocket. "But I'm not sure if it works."

Before Lazarus could go on, the former COBRA leader snatched the disc out of his hand.

"What you think is immaterial," he growled, obviously annoyed after dealing with Death Knell. "We must now contact Astrotrain, and let him know that we have recieved...his cargo."

Quick Switch
2003-02-27, 06:33 AM
Fakkadi strode into his palace, and sat on one of his many thrones in the control room.

"Be thankful to Allah the Insecticons are ours again," he said quietly, to the bickering terrorists.

2003-02-27, 06:40 PM
Hatemogner walked outside of the cave to see what offensive weapons the Battlecons mounted before their disappearance.

"Hmm well at least they did an adaqute job of arming the outside of the base." He chuckled in fact he almost thought it was a bit of overkill but this didn't matter to him much.

"There's enough weapondary outhere to arm a small army." he thought and looked at a holoskimatic of the base.

"Logistics and computer systems online, Repair area online. Weapon Defenses online, security online." He got onto his com-link to Blitzwing and Overlord.

"Comrades how long do you think it would take you to get a fairly powerful shield unit online?" I paused "I don't totally trust this planet so I don't think it will hurt much." He added.

He looked around the country side and then went back into the cave.

Lord Zarak
2003-02-27, 10:25 PM
"Give me a few vorns to get something worked out. There may be a few components in the shuttle we could rig together" replied Overlord.
"What do you think Blitzwing?"

2003-02-27, 10:42 PM
(Just then, the Battlecons return, flying low to avoid detection. When the land in the area, everyone notices that they are all smoking and burnt in places.)

Darkside: Before you even ask, re-entering the atmosphere did this while we were merged as the Dreadnaught.

(And with that, Darkside gets down to business.)

Darkside: Roadkill, begin repairs. Start with Yellowjacket.

Yellowjacket: Ouch...

Roadkill: No problemo.

Darkside: Outlaw, prepare to send a transmission to the homeworld for parts aquisition. After this setup that Yellowjacket did, I think our supplies are beginning to run dry.

Roadkill: Hey! That launcher over there has my Reaction Charge!

Yellowjacket: Oops.

Specter: Hey Darkside, tell them to build me a Vibro-Blade, Earth-katana type.

Darkside: You heard him, Outlaw. When we're done here, this world'll be turned inside out!

2003-03-01, 10:07 PM
The jeeps pulled up in front of the palace, as Snake and Lazarus moved out of the head jeep, a work crew came down and looked at the hooded figure. Snake merely nodded, and the work crew went to work unstrapping the stasis pods and getting them into the palace.

"Soon", he said. "We shall be ready."

2003-03-02, 10:57 PM
Cyrotek stood in the lightened room, laser scalpel in his hand and the three Iron Wolves shut down and in some pieces around him.

"Ahh my friends when you are finished you will have some awesome fighting power." He smiled welding together new gears for Mowdown.

"Soon you will be ready for battle." he laughed.

2003-03-03, 05:55 PM
The seven bodies were placed in the hangar bay, the bodies being worked on by dozens of mechanics.

Among them walked the helmeted figure of Snake, admiring the work that was proceeding around them.

"You!" he shouted to one of the workeres working on Kickback. "How much longer?!"

"A couple of hours," the worker said. "We don't know much about Cybertronian technologies."

"Well, you'd better learn quickly!" Snake shouted. "If they are not online by the end of the day, I will have your head."

2003-03-03, 06:56 PM
(Roadkill arrived on the scene, the master mechanic of the Battlecon regiment.)

Roadkill: Step aside, lads! I'll show ya how it's done.

(And with his field mechanic tools, Roadkill began accelerated work on Insecticons.)

Roadkill: I've been looking over the schematics of many different Cybertronians as of late. This job can be done!

2003-03-03, 07:28 PM
Snake was startled at the appeareance of this mysterious person.

"HALT!" he shouted. "Identify yourself!"

2003-03-03, 07:51 PM
(Roadkill stood bolt upright in a military fashion and gave his name, rank, and favorite cerial. No no no... I mean, well, you'll see...)

Roadkill: Roadkill from the Battlecons, field mechanic! I thought you could use some real mechanical know-how here!

(He was speaking like a soldier too. Whether or not it was on purpose was anybody's guess.)

2003-03-03, 08:29 PM
'Well, yes. We could use some help," Snake said, gesturing to the guards nearby to lower their weapons. "But we would like to know where this help is coming from."

2003-03-03, 09:26 PM
Roadkill: Well, now you know.

(He gets back to work as if nothing had happened. Of course, he did have a final thought on the matter.)

Roadkill: Bah! You'd think Decepticon willing to aid in a sneaky scheme would be trusted from the start. Oh well, back to the interositters...

2003-03-03, 09:42 PM
Snake took one look at Roadkill, then turned to the other workers.

"Well." he said. "Get back to work!"

He gestured the head guard to him.

"Keep an eye on him", he said. "If he tries anything, kill him."

The guard nodded, as Snake walked back to Fakaddi's office.

2003-03-03, 09:48 PM
Roadkill: Feh. I heard that! Ungrateful pain in the processor... A veritable genius come his way and he thinks I'm up to something. Gahhh.... Sometimes, I really hate my hobbies...

(He mumbled quite a bit, but as the guard would notice, he wasn't pulling any fast ones.)

2003-03-04, 04:52 AM
Snake walked into Fakaddi's office, where he and Lazarus were discussing something of a trivial nature.

"Excuse me for interrupting," he said in as calm a tone as he could. "But you didn't radio for assistance in repairing the Insecticons, did you?"

Quick Switch
2003-03-04, 04:55 AM
"No," Fakkadi said, getting off his throne. "I did not. Who is working on them now?"

2003-03-04, 04:59 AM
"Some Decepticon named Roadkill," Snake said. "I do not know his intentions, but if he can help us repair the Insecticons faster, we can accelerate our plans. I say that we allow him to help us repair them, then when he is finish, eliminate him."

"You sure that's wise?" Lazarus asked, snuffing out the cigarette that he was smoking.

"I'm not sure, but I get the impression that he isn't leaving, so we might as well let him keep doing what he's doing."

Quick Switch
2003-03-04, 05:29 AM
Fakkadi re-seated himself.

"Yes...the Insecticons will easily crush him, if he moves against us."

2003-03-04, 05:29 AM
The Flamberge returned to Hatemonger's base.
Death Knell reported to the general. "Sir, our delivery boy duty is over. Is there anything you would like us to do? Slaughtering certain annoying allies, perhaps?"

2003-03-04, 05:36 AM
"Yes," Lazarus said. "If he doesn't do anything to frag our plans."

Snake turned his helmeted head towards his friend.

"I did not invite you to join me so you can nitpick my plans," he said angrily. "You are here because you know have the knowledge to bring them under our control. I will make sure that you do that."

Quick Switch
2003-03-04, 05:48 AM
"The Commander is right," Fakkadi said, wagging a finger at Lazarus. "You need more faith."

2003-03-04, 05:49 AM
"Faith is for losers," Lazarus said simply.

Snake growled.

2003-03-04, 02:27 PM
Hatemonger nodded to Death Knell.

"Currently there is little to slaughter. But we are upgrading the base in case of any events on Earth. It seems war is close to breaking out on Cybertron again so I want us to be ready in case something happens here. We are trying to get a shield generator online for the base. Also, Cryotek is upgrading the Iron Wolves. Overlord, Blitzwing and myself have been doing upgrades to the weapons and logistic units here." He puased for a moment and entered something onto the computer.

"You and your men may do as they wish if you have any idea for defensive or offenseive measures here. Share them and build them." He said and went back to setting up a link to Earthling communications.

2003-03-04, 05:31 PM
(Roadkill, totally unaware of the conversation between Snake and Fakaddi, continued working as usual, demonstrating that he was only good at repairs, but had alot of finesse with it.)

"Aren't you done yet?

(Radio transmission from Darkside.)

Roadkill: No, of course not. These guys are way behind schedule. Their stupid little plan would never succeed if I wasn't here to bail them out.

"How many have you been working on?"

Roadkill: All of them. Either someone makes a mistake or they aren't working fast enough. I've been this way, that way, and all points in between.

"Do they suspect anything?"

Roadkill: Of course they do. They're Decepticons. I would too.

"Get back here once you're done."

Roadkill: Fine, fine. Just don't rush me.

(Snake probably suspected him of sabotage. However, if he inspected every single Insecticon here, he wouldn't find any faulty parts or mislaid screws. Roadkill didn't operate like that. If you wanted sabotage, you talked to Outlaw. No, Roadkill was a mechanic and a genius. His latest idea came from a movie staring Marlen Brondo. The idea was very intriguing.)

Roadkill: To the House of Pain...

2003-03-06, 05:58 AM
Snake walked back inside the hangar, looking at the guards.

"Has he done anything?" he asked.

"Nothing, sir," the guard said. "Although he did contact someone."

"Any indication of hostile intent?"

"None that we could see."

2003-03-06, 02:32 PM
Blitzwing stalked around the base, electro-spanner in hand. Truth be told, he was bored, but the post of second in command on Earth was a prestigious one, and he enjoyed serving under Hatemonger.

"Hatemonger!" he called from across the chamber.
"I've got some supplies from our shuttle, but we could use more. Do you think Overlord could start production on some laser turrets for us? I've just added anti-aircraft turrets to the top of the mesa. No flyers'll get close to the base without a severe headache now." he grinned.

2003-03-06, 07:00 PM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Excellent work." He then looked over to Overlord.

"Overlord do you think you can out put some weapon systems for us. We can ore this the metals in this cave to assist you if you would like?" he asked the massive Decepticon.

Cyrotek smiled the upgrades to the Iron Wolves were almost complete.

Hmm completed the software change in their operating systems, upgraded their superstructures to take the gestalt transformation, made their armour heavier than before. Added the needed parts I should be able to bring them back on line soon." he thought and laughed triple checking his work.

2003-03-06, 09:49 PM
Roadkill: At last, my greatest creation is completed! :D

(The other guys in the room look at him funny.)

Roadkill: I've finished all the delicate stuff that you guys were having trouble with. All you need now is a little armor repair, extra power pack for this guy...

(He indicates the Insecticon he just got up from.)

Roadkill: ...and to switch on! I guarantee that they'll run perfectly, as far as their programming, performance, and power is concerned. I also made an adjustment to their systems to allow a more efficient use of the energy they take in. They'll last longer that way. Ta-ta!

(He transformed and drove for the door, not in any particular hurry. In fact, by L.A. standards, he was well under the speed limit!)

Lord Zarak
2003-03-06, 10:46 PM
"Yeah, I can rustle up something. Shame there aint nobody we can test fire on them. Let me get to an open space, and I'll start." Overlord said in reply to Hatemonger.

he transformed into his tank and plane, and with his powermasters at the helm, set off.

2003-03-06, 11:53 PM
"Excellent hopfully the Iron Wolves will be back online soon..." Right as Hatemonger started to say that his com-link rang.

"Hatemonger I've got the Iron Wolves back online." Cyrotek smiled. "Their new weapon systems are online and the gestalt componets are in place if you would like to give them the once over."

"Yes bring them up." Hatemonger added.

A few moments later Cyrotek came up with the Iron Wolves, each one looked notably different due to the additional gestalt compenents and upgrades.

"I like this more armour!" Mowdown cheered.

"As long as it does not slow me down when I cut up bots." Shixblade added.

"He gives me more protection from Autobot firepower." Deadshot said looked at his frame.

"Well there are assembled." Cryotek said "what do you want them to do?"

"Hmm can they merge and bring Overlord ore for new weapon systems?" He asked.

"Yes, yes then can I would recommend Shixblade or Deadshot though for this transformation unless you like senseless devastation?" Cyrotek laughed.

"What do you mean?" Hatemonger asked.

"The Iron Wolves are now a varible gestalt team, any member can be the core to the gestalt and gestalt form reacts to whoever is leader, Shixblade is the hand to hand expert, Deadshot is the more balanced of the three and Mowdown is the one to use when you need it wiped out right now. IN fact they can change during battle as well." Cryotek added.

"Excellent then, Shixblade take the lead and assist Overlord." Hatemonger ordered.

"Ok men you heard him, Iron Wolves merge into WARMONGER!" With that the three robots transformed into a large gestalt team and Shixblade brought out an energy blade.

"Scanning area for ore samples, mission ore collection for weapon manufacturing." Warmonger ran off with Shixblade at the helm this was the fastest of the three forms.

"Excellent work Cyrotek." Hatemonger clapped his hand on the warriors shoulder, "Blitzwing let's continue final systems build" Hatemonger smiled and walked back into the base. Warmonger slashing into the side of a mountain and heaving up a massive cube of Earth.